The Omniverse: The Final Frontier


Well, we said we had a surprise for you. You’re gonna love what’s coming: Your future is already in progress.

Is this enough adventure for you, Mark? 

But first, a question: What is the ultimate outcome for all of us at this moment in time? It’s simple: raising the human race to a Universal level of awareness. To be the brothers of our omniversal neighbors — equals, not slaves or subordinates. And after that…

The Omniverse: The Final Frontier.

(Actually , SOURCE is the Final Frontier, but that’s a different inspirational poster.)

We’re not sure when this will happen, but — if you choose to do so — you will be tasked with learning and growing while being SOURCE ambassadors and explorers of the Omniverse. We’re totally serious. You will help create Starfleet Academy, to be based on the New Earth [or whatever name we choose for the New Earth: Terra?]. Then, you will go on missions; explore strange new universes. You will seek out new lives and new civilizations. You will boldly go where no one has gone before. YOU will be in the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Then you will come back and teach at Starfleet Academy.

Yes, those who want to will become SOURCE Representatives of the Omniverse. Sounds grandiose, but it’s real (or as real as anything in the illusion). You will go in amazing ships to equally amazing universes, to zillions (there is an infinite number) of universes of the omniverse, and you will become the major beings who to go out and encounter these new universes, and their infinite galactic civilizations. This is what humans do best. This is your birthright.


If this doesn’t excite you, then you have no blood in your veins. All aboard.


NOTE: There’s a reason why SOURCE Being ships (those appearing around the sun) look like perfect spheres: they’re Thought Ships.

Look, NASA: the “glitches” are lining up.

That is, the ships themselves are created by pure Thought — as living beings. The ships are alive. And when thinking of something durable enough to come to life and transit a star, you probably want something very strong… and something very easy for a group to imagine… a sphere.

We’re not sure if our ships will look fanciful or be perfect spheres… but we do know that we’ll be on our way, one way or another.



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  1. Funilly enough, for the past few nights I’ve been dreaming of being on a space-ship exploring the cosmos and meeting new races. It’s usually with others.

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  2. You know the Event has happened when…you look out on to the driveway and the F-150 has been replaced by an NCC-1701 !!!!

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  3. I’d say …and boldly go where every evolved and well developed species have already gone before, – long time ago, btw. Space is not the final frontier and never have been, Consciousness is, and it is Consciousness not the mind made technology that should be explored and developed…. to begin with. And when one starts with Consciousness one quickly realizes that Source is the final frontier… although there are levels beyond, but that’s another story not to be spoken about.
    This is what confused me about star trek… they developed technology and yet ALL remained with the same level of under-evolved consciousness, i.e., limited in the very same way ppl are limited now. No telepathy, no meditation practices, no telekinesis, no energy healing abilities without technology, no right brain based (i.e., whole brain) education where the info is absorbed, not memorized and practiced in a linear fashion. They were still stuck in the left brain education and linear thinking just about everywhere and all the time. No ability to navigate their own energy, emotional and light body or at least have a well developed awareness of those. Most importantly- THEY STILL HAD HIERARCHICAL everything, political organization, enterprise crew interaction, interaction with other species, organization of education, etc. When they met the right brain or fully telepathic species they were clueless (and called them “incomprehensible”). How the heck is it possible? No psychic abilities??? Why were they still stuck with human form rather than freely choosing what shape or form to be? Nearly all holodeck activities or free time “creative activities” were based on the past (18-21 century history/art/etc), not imagination of what else is possible and what is beyond the known. And last but not the least, the entire plot rotates around strife, drama and danger – nearly every second if not every first episode starts with “… enterprise received a distress call from …fill the blank…” Shouldn’t they be done with all distress by the 24th century for goodness sake?


    1. On the contrary, exploring the Omniverse IS exploring Consciousness… because this is all illusion, created by Us, with our borrowed Mind (from SOURCE). All things will be possible. All things ARE possible. It won’t be a *literal* Star Trek future. Think flexibly.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Star Trek is an example of what a highly-evolved 3D society looks like. By definition, it deals in materialistic rather than spiritual concerns, practices, abilities, perceptions and thinking.

      ” Shouldn’t they be done with all distress by the 24th century for goodness sake?”

      Nope, not in 3D.

      You can look in on a 1st-grade class in 1950, or in 2050, and though the individual children will be different, the group you observe will still be functioning at the same level. Individual graduates have moved up to another grade entirely.

      Just a thought for those deciding to stay on the “Justice” timeline. Life will definitely improve once the PTW are removed (sort of like removing the worst bullies from the elementary school and sending them to a remedial facility elsewhere) but it will never function at a different level, by definition.


      1. [sigh] We’re not talking about a literal Star Trek reality. It’s an opportunity to be a space farer for SOURCE. It’s not 3D. It’s not any D. It’s an opportunity. Give me a break. Stay on the Justice timeline, then. We’re letting it go.


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        1. Sorry for any misunderstanding about the direction of my post, I was not replying to you CATs. I was replying to Anonymous on the limits of even the highest 3D achievement, even if it did involve spacefaring technology.

          Your vision of space travel is entirely different from the traditional sci-fi version as it has been shown in popular media such as Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Babylon 5, etc. These are basically just high-tech upgrades of 3D.

          Were you describing what you have previously referred to as 5D?


          1. Maybe there is just a better metaphor more accurately describing the place we are heading for. I like star trek, but mostly for the few positive and constructive parts that were about places, spaces and beings that were outside of the enterprise, the crew and the federation realities. On the other hand I don’t think there is any movie in existence that focuses the entire plot (not just bits and pieces) on the evolution and expansion of consciousness and transformation of the entire species into total freedom of awareness.


      2. The operative word in this post (and all our other posts) is SOURCE. It doesn’t get any more spiritual than that. ‘Star Trek future’ is just a frame of reference, it’s not literal. We are being asked to be SOURCE Representatives… like angels. Think on that a while.


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  4. 🙂 ONEderful. 2.30am aest I spent over an hour looking at the Stars braving the chill of the night, felt so close to home & celebrated our return to cosmic unity.

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  5. Love you cats – meow/purr! I always wanted a t-shirt that said, “INNER SPACE: The Final Frontier.” Looks like I’ll be picking one up at TerraFleet School, or maybe receiving one as a welcome to the staff. We’ll see.

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  6. is this true?
    on oct 17 a huge white light will cover the earth and changes everything.


      1. I have seen a recent post on that mentioned the dates between 6-17 Oct when a quantum wave or sth of the kind is supposed sweep the entire Earth (and it’s supposed to last the entire 10 days). This lady states that she is from venus and her ETs gave her this time frame. Most posts on that site are to be ignored but some are quality info and to be read. I’d ignore this one. Prior to that, about a month ago, I watched a vedic astrology (based on actual constallations, not projected ones like now popular tropical astrology does) video on YT that in a very detailed fashion was talking about either an event or a series of important events between late Sep and mid Oct where things are gonna be shifted in a significant way.

        I personally do not believe and do not count on any announced event dates any more. Somehow it keeps being a subject to either constant change or constant misinformation.


  7. Greetings CATS & M’s!

    Many years ago, before I stumbled on Lynn & then made my way through the archives of your previous site (DRAAAAGONS!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!), I was having dreams of walking around where I previously lived in Sydney CBD and I was walking past a bomb blast and I had a Star Trek-like character grab me (& hurriedly pull me into a side-street & explain to me that I was “needed” in the Future – I was still pretty incredulous) & we were beamed out *just* before the blast-wave hit us.

    I woke up in the “Infirmary” of a ship, & things were “very” gently explained to me. To make my adjustment more easier, the “Elites” had decided to expend the (considerable) energy to “teleport” from “my” time, into the Future, the contents of my apartment (clothes & shoes & handbags etc that I wore in my “recreation” time) & my cat. It still took me quite a lot of “time” to adjust, but, I had my cat.

    However, in -this- time-line, there is not much I need from this timeline, (as what I/we have now will be superseded/upgraded) & I am not owned by a feline presently. 😥 Maybe I shall be owned by a pussy-cat in my Future. That would be nice.

    Oh, I also got to go back to “school” & University (accelerated learning) & I earnt & was granted Captaincy of my own Ship. Myself & my crew had LOTS of Adventures. 😎


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    Many times I have either dreamt of, or felt my galactic cousins, and every time I have felt pure joy and been tearful.

    What an incredible adventure that would be, to meet vastly different civilisatiobs, and to collate all that information.

    This is what unity is all about, reaching out and sharing love and respect. Teaching and learning.

    Did you know I abhor boundaries, and get itchy feet…



  9. The problem with this event is mainly this. It doesn’t matter whether one is aware of the event or not, things are becoming disturbingly and increasingly nonsensical, meaningless and un-engaging however you look at them. What is going on now is equivalent to a situation where one is forced to watch a movie which is plain stupid, boring and toxic. What has been going on up to now is also uninspiring, sad and ludicrous. There is a plain and clear realization, which is at this point undeniable, that this mess must discontinue, be interrupted, changed into sth better right now, right this moment. AND IT’S NOT CHANGING!!!
    We can’t quite relate to the past any more, so it is irrelevant, It’s hard to relate to the confusing present, so it is making itself irrelevant, and the future …. is simply not occurring. What is occurring is a rotation or flickering of various crazy options of the past and present. My question is …exactly how is this appropriate??? And in which way does this benefit the majority?

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    1. @Anonymous,


      Hopefully it WILL be changing, and within the present month at that, at least for the 1/4 of the population who are sick and tired of the nonsense. The remainder of the population… well, that’s just where their heads are at, so we will have to leave them to it. 3D will continue on without us.


      1. @ Unknown

        Thanks. I just realised the other day that there is absolutely nothing that keeps me anyhow attached to anything in here. That is to say, I am wholeheartedly ready and willing to leave this mess behind and all those who enjoy it any second. I just miss being surrounded by sane species- at all times.


  10. We here keep looking at riometers measuring noise of cosmic origin.
    On the other hand, bizarre particles keep flying OUT of Antarctica’s ice.
    Physicists thinks they are some sort of cosmic rays, high-energy particles that blast their way through space, into the Earth, and back OUT again!
    They have no idea what these “upward going” cosmic rays can be.
    I read about it in this post by Terran Cognito:
    Photos from Antarctica, Conversation with Thor about the New Particles Emerging from Antarctica ( All returns to All.
    Do you have an explanation, dear CATs and M’s?
    Love, ❤

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    1. I’ve read that just 30 min ago, while sipping my high noon coffee! But at msm national newspaper online.

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  11. I’m in.

    I asked my daughter, “if starfleet academy were real, would you go?” and she said, “in a heartbeat.” Then she looked up from her homework and got a weird look on her face. “Omgosh. Has Star Trek defined my whole existence? I am who I am because of that show?!”

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  12. nah.. that show reminded you of who you are))). Your daughter was probably reminded too. All this off Earth stuff is like a “hello from home”…


  13. If you think that the idea of “thought-ships” is crazy, I remember a life when I flew one! The ship wasn’t really necessary, as I was an energy being; I just needed a shell to hold my energy in form while I rested from my job as a scientist. Otherwise, I would have just flowed back into the greater universe… The ship was not just created by my thought, I flew it with my intent.

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      1. OK. Here is the whole story:

        I was regressed by a QHHT practitioner (Delores Cannon student). She asked me what I saw when I looked down.

        I saw the kind of leather boots women used to wear in the 1800’s and I was on a sidewalk in the city, wearing a dark, long dress.

        She asked me where I lived.

        I told her that I didn’t live here, that I had no home on Earth and wasn’t from here. I was a scientist who came down to the Earth periodically to “take the temperature” of the planet. Not in a medical way, but to determine the awareness of the planet: its level of consciousness. The temperature was determined by the quality and kind of emotions that I could feel (but not identify with).

        My job, which was a job that covered eons of time in Earth history, was to keep track of the Earth’s emotional readiness to ascend. I was a solitary scientist orbiting the planet and I would come down and materialize into a physical form to blend in with the native humans on the Earth at that time.

        I spent thousands of years doing this work. But I did not identify with the humans on Earth. I couldn’t understand them because this paradigm is driven by emotions. The Matrix is formed from negative emotions. In fact, duality (upon which the Matrix is based) requires a balance of negative to positive or it would fly apart.

        Emotions felt like toxic air to me. I couldn’t spend much time on the planet because of the toxic emotional energy that humans were emitting. If I stayed too long when I came down, I could be trapped by them and get caught in the karmic loop.

        My natural state was a kind of energy being; you might perceive it as a cloud or gas if you could see me. When I was not on the planet, I was in my thought ship. This ship was designed to keep my consciousness in one shape—it was like a glass for water: my shape/consciousness was poured into it and thus constrained from expanding too far. The ship was a perfect sphere and it was alive because as a thought-form it was conscious.

        As a thought-form, the ship could be easily steered by my thoughts. The ship and I were one. I was a lone scientist doing my job but I didn’t feel loneliness or the need for companionship. Time was endless and momentary all at once. There were probably others doing the same or similar jobs but I don’t think we were in contact with each other.

        This whole planet is a consciousness experiment that has gone a bit awry but is now ripe for change. Books on Amazon that talk about this:

        Unplug from the Matrix
        Avatars of Eden

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  14. Jeez, so many comments. Info’s starting to get lost in the shuffle.


    That 9.1 quake that Lisa Gawlas mentioned that ETs saw, it’s to take place AFTER The Event, on the 3D earth, along with some volcanism. This is not a New Earth thing.

    I’ll post this in other spots, too.


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