The Missing Monarchs… [UPDATE1]


…are NOT missing.

They are relocating to the New Earth, as are other species (and others, psst). So, if something disappears here, it’s probably moved on.

Also… we don’t know how yet, but the PTW keep trying to mess with THIS timeline. Look:


…but SOURCE isn’t about to let ’em. Why would anyone pit themselves against SOURCE? Talk about a learning disability.





We also had a little CME in another direction:


And Kiruna is freaking out:

It looks like someone is pushing the button on a chaos machine over and over again, but they aren’t getting their needs met.






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    1. Very interesting and thought provoking post. Thanks for sharing it!

      PTW means the “Powers That Were”.

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    2. I think it is the Powers that were, but please correct me if I am wrong.
      I am so happy to hear if we do not find animals anymore they moved on to home, this is the second year my ponds have not been filled with breeding Toads, I have one lonely male for two years now calling and calling each spring for a female. I just happen to have at least 5 species of frogs here and I watch them, I notice they are similar to salmon they return to where they were tadpoles to breed.
      the thought of being on earth with no more animal species is a very sad thought.

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      1. Here you go — ‘Todd’ has one of the best descriptions of what is happening to the Animal kingdom as our Earth constructs continue to diverge/split and ascend to New Earths.

        He specifically addresses the illusion of animal “extinctions” at 7:33, but I’ve marked it prior to that so you can get the overall picture of how everything is being ‘separated’ as the Timelines diverge:


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  1. Pathetic-beings That Were.

    If they want to try to mess with *this* Collective Timeline, I think I’ll just start Dragon Blasting their @sses again with my patented White-Blue Dragon Energy Fire….see how much they enjoy that kind of frying ‘chaos’.

    It feels so dam good, when I fly and do that sustained and continually repeating cleansing blast throughout the entire old Earth/Matrix.

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  2. C’mon, Dorothy….we can get there….there’s no place like home…


    11 hours ago
    “Please pray for me & the mid west. From Nebraska to mid Texas tornado 🌪 & warnings all day. Thank you.”


    shining my light usa:
    10 hours ago
    “Bless your hearts. Are you in Abilene Tx? We’ve had breaking news all morning about a widespread tornado. I’m 30 miles west of Abilene. “🙏💕

    Simply Put:
    10 hours ago
    @shining my light usa Proverbs 10:25
    “When the whirlwind passes the wicked are no more, but the righteous have an everlasting foundation.”

    debbie kelley:
    1 hour ago

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      1. OR, as in the dinosaurs case, they were removed prior to a cataclysm. No life is ever wasted. It is too precious to all beings in the omniverse — and represents a ton of work by many many groups. (That said, there have been frightfully few complete dinosaur skeletons ever found…)

        -CAT Eds.

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  3. Well dang! Does that mean I’ve wasted my time and effort in planting this beautiful butterfly garden, filled with milkweed and nectar blossoms for them? Actually, I’ve had about 20 caterpillars this month stripping the milkweed and have found 4 chrysalis’s. The caterpillars are gone so I imagine there are more chrysalis’s I can’t find hanging around. *sigh* Oh well, even if the butterflies have moved (or are moving) on, it’s a wonderful garden in which to nurture MY soul. For now.

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    1. In Lisa M Harrisons new video she says that they tried to create a pocket realm to put us all in. Which was deleted as shown with the two black lines a few days later.

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    2. @Anonymous
      2019-05-18 AT 9:08 PM

      fence by no means –
      codes, yes!
      isn’t “fence” an idiotic concept of separation, possible only in 3D?

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    3. It’s been going on like this, as if someone/something has been switching it on and off for some time now. Most interesting. Never observed before.
      I wonder if anyone has noticed if they have felt better or “worse” since the “grid” has been there.
      I personally feel better physically, but not very well emotionally …
      Could these be some new cleansing codes?
      I wonder, too …

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        1. After having intimate association with Lisa Harrison’s group in order to observe them —

          I’m STILL getting that they are being manipulated to a certain extent due to their ‘dark’ energy issues.
          They have not worked on themselves, have not cleared themselves and their internal dark viciousness, are still stagnating at lower frequency levels….and thus are prone to attracting dark entity attachments (tricksters).

          So as usual, much of the intel holds true, but it’s interwoven with the most negative scenarios/stories in order to keep your vibration low.
          This “pocket realm” trap idea is part of this, so is the idea that every Being you come across is virally “infected” and has an ulterior, genocidal motive.

          Unfortunately, in general Lisa Harrison’s group fosters negative distrust, suspicion and division. And very limited scope of thinking — literally NOT thinking ‘outside the box’, as ironically her Borg-like cube construct shows us. For those with eyes to see.

          This is all cleverly woven into the Light…

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          1. [email protected]… I’ve never been drawn to or interested in this stuff. I find that looking outside of one’s inner knowing to be a less than useful activity. There are plenty of followers of others out there, but this is an individualized experience. Blossom’s latest channeling seems to confirm my take on it. I think, personally that planting more trees is the answer for me. Just sayin’

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          2. Nothing in what you’ve written here inspires me to believe a single word you’ve shared. When I feel into your words so deliberately crafted to seed doubt and suspicion leave me feeling cold and chilled to the bone. I just don’t understand how in this broad community of wonderful people coming together doing their best to inspire change and offering different perspectives to help humanity as a whole that there are those who do all in their power to undermine and target individuals so cruelly. This is not how we move forward or create the change we are all seeking. I wish you peace in your heart.

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          3. Oh, and what you say about LMH is completely false. How you can live with yourself saying these things shows the type of person you are.


          4. Sorry…I disagree! I do not see any darkness in Lisa Harrison and her group.


  4. This makes total sense. I was meditating outside last fall and had the random thought, “do animals jump dimensions?”, and I opened my eyes and a dragonfly appeared out of nowhere, literally just popped into the space in front of me. I felt it was smiling and it said to me, “a duh, of course we do!”.

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      1. @thatcrazytoaster1
        2019-05-18 AT 4:15 PM

        can it be… we all fell in the trap?
        thought the question you put was to actually deactivate that term
        in our mind!
        but we, brave students, rushed to re-activate it!
        same with all my American brothers: they only think, if Hollywood
        was thinking for them first!


  5. Thanks CATs wonderful post. There were so many butterflies last year, seemed to follow my daughter and myself on our adventures. I have seen maybe two or three white butterflies and one small blue one a couple of weeks ago but there are scarce!

    Birds however seem to be very drawn to us and our garden. A friendly blackbird, robin, two turtle doves are all hanging around with us in our garden. The black bird in particular makes a point of coming to say hello a few times a day and looks in at us through the window. I also have a pair of partridges that squawk at my back door! ❤️

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  6. CATs, you mentioned that there would be a lot of earth activity before the shift? Just saw this:

    ‘MARK ELKIN-HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE (unravelling the pole shift) posted
    Core is charging.
    We can expect significant seismic increase in the next 10 days as the core expansion phase is on the horizon from the level 7KP geomagnetic storm.’

    Couldn’t copy and paste all of it for some reason but he lists 11 earthquakes…

    Much love ALL ❤️


    1. I would like to get more info on this Mark Elkin? I looked on Youtube and all the info there is 3 months or more old. could you please tell me where to find it? Thanks in advance-

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        1. Yes do that ! turn the youtube off or throw the TV out or start an Artistic hobby, I am having a wonderful time painting portraits of Dogs and babies and the simple planting of flowers, I have some very over grown boxwood shrubs, 12 feet tall so I was overwhelmed with what to do with them so I clipped a tunnel through the middle to get to my (pretend ) new world where I am putting a little meditation garden spot, and since I walked away from all that distracting fear porn drama, I actually feel like a kid again.
          Some how I feel strongly that it is all going to be OK, if we just take care of ourselves and our own worlds and do what gives us joy.

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      1. @Ange444 Mark Elkin is on Patreon

        He has posted some ‘fear porn ‘though as I recently realised so do use your discernment. Perhaps the CATs are right, we should all be turning inwards…I still follow Lisa Gawlas and Blossom Goodchild and watch the odd video but nowehere near as much as I used to. My curiosity sometimes gets the better of me lol!

        I was just interested in Mark’s update as The CATs mentioned that there would be a lot of earthquakes, volcanoes and strange weather just before The Event…

        Much love ❤️


        1. Thanks. I know they don’t all resonate exactly, but I do like to see what else other people might be saying. Sometimes I get confirmations for what I am feeling myself. 🙂 And yes, it’s nearly time to go for a long walk outside in the beautiful day. 🙂

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  7. @ The CAT(s) That Lived

    Please watch that amazing timing!

    1) “””Pleiades 1 Messages, May 18, 2019

    GabrielRL > Special Walk-In Movement authorized.
    Caution for high transfer protocols.

    Transfer Overload Alert. Physical collaterals. Peak 22h39h.”””

    that would be your Kiruna graph up here, at 22:39!

    3) 22.39 — there was a plot of 3 black magicians, connecting vatican, queen lizzie and zio-capital, all underground in a triangle. The Violet Flame came in raging purifying fire, burning all to ashes. Please check, if you have time, they must be crawling on the floor, brains burned by Violet Flame, thinking like… vegetables.


  8. In a previous blog, someone asked whether animals, plants and/or people are being moved to New Earth …
    I think someone mentioned two recent videos on Lisa Harrison’s website.
    Yesterday, Saturday 18th, Lisa uploaded a follow-up – video 62 – where she shares the hypothesis that animal life and humans are being moved to NE. Here is the link to Lisa’s website:


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    1. We knew that 10 years ago. The ET’s were informing the highest frequency 1st Wavers of how the separation would occur.

      I used to have to constantly counteract the silly emo [email protected] from majority of Lightworkers like Celia Fenn, who didn’t have a clue from their level about what was REALLY happening at the higher levels of this ascension….”ooooh these poor sad extinctions, we must all meditate to *stop* it from happening…”

      The tolerance that was required was Superhuman.

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      1. I fully agree with you.
        I mentioned Lisa Harrison for whoever is interested.
        I have seen through the big climate change fraud years ago.
        There are hundreds of NEW species that are discovered on earth, and they look wondrous, unusual, fairy-tale creatures … Some are leaving, and Mother Nature produces others.
        Have you seen the multicoloured squirrels:

        I don’t like Lisa’s hypothesis of a pocket where were are put … Why so?
        It seems a hostile idea, an AI idea if you wish.
        I am not going into any pocket. Neither am I getting on a ship. I do not need a spaceship to travel. Humans have a light body – the MerKaBa – which they can use to travel.

        ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. We’re not going to be put in a pocket universe. This is a PTW attempt to isolate themselves from The Event. Alas for them, The Event is happening EVERYWHERE. It is an omniversal upgrade (it’s happened before). If the PTW are allowed to create a bubble/pocket for them to exist in, it will be deliberate: they won’t be in existence for long; that bubble will then POP and they will be gone forever. Oh, well. Sorry it didn’t work out.

          And anyone why creates fear of any kind is to be avoided. Someone else will help them.

          -CAT Eds.

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  9. OH, forgot to mention….
    Every single night… somewhere amongst all the other stuff that goes on… I’m at the beach, in and out of the BeautyFull water. Sunshine is warm, not burny. The peace and calm is nothing like I’ve felt ‘here’ before. Friends, laughter… Love.
    My Happy Place 🙂 xxxxx

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  10. This info is always super appreciated. I have found very few avenues of receiving new info lately, only one other youtuber has tidbits lately, and she actually says much of the same things you are saying, only she uses her own wording and filter of course, but it’s the same kind of picture that you get – I’ve wondered a lot lately, about the deja’vu feelings that I’ve had over my life, and if those were actually timeline resets? Hmm… I used to be able to “see” what was coming next for me,… but lately the last year or two or three, I have not been able to “see” what’s next… we do seem to be inside an odd loopy kind of time, don’t we. Nothing seems solid. Except those days when everything seems TOO solid… or dark. Can anyone recommend any other groups or youtube channels? I would like more like minded connections… but I do not do FB. Thanks in advance.

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    1. I’m here, as ever! Just lurking until I have something worthwhile to say. I still get tired easily, but I’m not sure if it’s from the ordeal or the energies that have been kicking our collective butts. Probably a combination of both. For a while there, it felt like every cell in my body was buzzing; exhausting, but kinda pleasant. Dealing with my dad’s estate is also taking a lot of energy, but I’m trying to take time for myself by planting my garden, lying in the sun, and going to the gym. Went to a nice yoga class today and feel a lot better for it. Good thing, because tomorrow needs to be another estate day. It sure would be nice to join the butterflies on New Earth right about now, but I guess I’m not quite done here yet. Thanks for asking and caring!

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  11. *LOVED* this one, what a rare beauty ~

    THIS is why, humans become so annoying to you when your Frequency rises higher and higher closer to SOURCE:



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    1. As Our frequency increases We become More aligned with Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Forgiveness, etc. Look at the Masters of Love: Yeshua, Buddha, Mary Magdalene, etc. If you are being more annoyed, something is wrong. Everything wrong or annoying to Me, Is Mine to deal with the Guy in the Mirror. Peace in Harmony.

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        1. Or, unless you’re *experiencing Source* (!) and your QHHT practitioner is dragging you down with inane questions and comments. One can see why he changed his practitioner. I know you guys don’t watch videos, but it was enough to make one’s teeth grind a bit… Got better later on though.
          ‘nuf said!


  12. I Spent a day in heaven, mostly gardening and doing a few things for my wife. Then alone at home fixing a little something to eat, and then my Dad’s presence (who passed in 2001) was felt in the kitchen. I said hi, a great feeling, yet there were many others. Then Mom, 2 nephews, some old family Friends, neighbors, 2 brother-in-laws, I said hi to some of the Co. of Heaven, Michael, Yeshi… Each greeting was met with blissful chills. I have never experienced such a happy/high feeling in my life. I was surrounded by total comfort, like a child between Mother/Father. I want it forever, then they let Me know they would all ways be there/here. The veil was really thin @8pm. est. Here in God’s Country. I’ll be doing much more barefoot gardening. Much Love/Gratitude to All.

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    1. @Christopher Schneider
      thank you,
      so amazed, happened to me too, right yesterday in the kitchen.
      I also said hi! to them, so happily, so simply…
      longing for the reunion
      would LOVE to know WHEN!

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    2. Potter County? 🙂 Thanks for sharing this – and it’s finally warm enough in CT for some barefoot gardening here, too.

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  13. Massive headache and nausea… somewhat disturbing dreams – not sure in what way? Some had to do with building, but I’ve been watching many videos the past week on building guitars and doing inlays – i was interested in wood working and marquetry earlier in life – I had had carving tools of my grandfather’s – don’t know what happened to them…

    All members of this household except myself and the little dog that sleeps with me are intending a 3 week trip back east(US), starting tomorrow… I find the timing interesting. (I thought it was to be later this summer – suddenly told last week it was this week). It will be the first time in 3 1/2- years I will have a place to myself. Wonder if anything will ‘happen’ in that time…

    peace to all,


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    1. A few of us also had disturbing dreams — nightmares, really. We think this was a final purge of something, unique to each individual. We’re being… polished… so we come together more easily.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Had a really disturbing nightmare…was in a tight hallway facing and trying to fight off a tall, very pale, naked man. He was pudgy, I kept thinking marshmallow and he had no genitalia. Someone was behind him trying to stop him. He had surgical instruments, scapel and some sort of scissors. He was cutting pits and pieces away from the neck and shoulders of the naked man. I say man because he was humanoid in appearance (sans genitalia) but didn’t speak or act human. Then I woke up, completely grossed out by the whole thing.


    2. Yaaay! My houseguest from heck will be leaving Wed. What a blessing! I’ll finally have that energy gone. It’s been quite an education. I discovered I wasn’t quite so loving and forgiving as I thought I was. As the Church Lady on SNL used to say “Well, isn’t that special!” (Self-awareness can sometimes be uncomfortable on the way)

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  14. Madonna, eurovision broadcast into millions of homes over the weekend with fanilies and children watching….Sending huge amounts of light to counteract and blast that nonsense ✨☀️✨

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    1. It’s actually good that happened. It caused a goodly portion of humanity to say, “What the hell was that?” and vow to not watch Madonna again. Talk about auto-jumping your own shark.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @CATs thank you ❤️ So glad to hear that. So I guess it was so over the top it made folk think and broke the spell? That is good news then!


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  15. Weird days.
    Legs are burning incessantly.
    My forehead tingles in different and very tiny spots, like a laser working on it.
    Seeing number 44 all the time, 10+ a day over the past 2 weeks.
    Heavy mood swings today.
    Have a feeling I’m under attack from all sides. Had to G+P earlier tonight as I was about to step out. Felt like an invasion. Sent the energy back to sender, felt much better afterwards. This is serious business. Thought we were home free but no sir, it’s on another level.
    All of this tells me one thing: we’re close to the finish line.
    Love and Blessings to all. ❤️

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  16. “To substitute is to ACCEPT INSTEAD. If you would but consider exactly what this
    entails, you would perceive at once how much at variance this is with the goal the Holy
    Spirit has given you and would accomplish FOR you. To substitute is to CHOOSE
    BETWEEN, renouncing one IN FAVOR of the other. For this SPECIAL purpose, one is
    judged more valuable, and the other is REPLACED by him. The relationship in which the
    substitution occurred is thus fragmented, and ITS PURPOSE SPLIT accordingly. To fragment
    IS TO EXCLUDE, and substitution is the strongest defense the ego has for separation.

    The Holy Spirit NEVER substitutes” ~ ACIM

    EVERYONE HAS to do
    what THEY HAVE to do


    EVERYONE is responsible for the CHOICES they make

    When I was a little girl, I was raised Catholic. And I BELIEVED

    In singing hymns, I would close my eyes and raise my face to the sky and sing from the bottom of my heart. I believed what I was taught SO strongly … I wanted to be a “bride of Christ” (a nun)

    imagine the SHOCK and heartache and feelings of betrayal when I was presented with FACTS that what I had been taught? Was FALSE.

    I locked myself in my apt and cried for 3 days and my heart hurt for ALL the little children in thousands, maybe millions, of schools and parishes being indoctrinated and LIED to.

    it was brutal

    I went on for at LEAST a couple of years DAILY asking the Holy Spirit: “I just want to KNOW the Truth”

    when I came across ACIM. I was beyond elated. It resonated on a deep soul level and I often remarked it “allowed me to have Peace in the midst of insanity”

    I found out it was an “edited” version by Ken W. (FIP) BUT was led to believe that the “edits” were simply, commas and periods, (grammatical in nature) grouping into paragraphs and chapters and deletion ONLY of private conversations between Helen and Bill. Mostly the first 5 chapters.

    I could live with that

    I heard of lawsuits and thought “that doesn’t sound Peaceful” …
    “that smacks of division instead of INclusion” hmmm…

    THEN I read it. (URTEXT)

    And I was SHOCKED

    I had been lied to AGAIN

    thousands of words by Jesus were deleted. ~ DELETED

    some, he said (and I quote) “MATTER” were just omitted

    this was no grammatical edit

    THIS was SUBSTITUTION and CHANGE of meaning AND Content

    I wasn’t studying Jesus’s words. I was studying Ken’s INTERPRETAION and SUBSTITUTION and OMISSION of Jesus’s words.

    I’m on Chapter 18 as I progress through the year, noting the “changes”, omissions, insertions, deletions and there are close to a thousand! Hundreds of pages “deleted”! and SO I went now to research MANY sources to find out WHY? And HOW had this come about?

    ONE of MY primary functions is Truth.

    To shed light on darkness and expose it.

    IF “brother J” WERE actually talking to people? He most DEFINITELY would have communicated. “STOP!”

    ‘“You can state your opinion AS Opinion BUT you CANNOT present AS Truth. What she KNOWS is NOT and can point to hundreds of Sources to back up her FACTS. And she will NOT stop! She CAN’T!. you are touching upon TWO things that are SACRED to her!

    One is the Course.

    IT SACRED to her!

    two is HER people.

    When you are on a PUBLIC Forum, where you are seen AS a TRUSTED Authority? And you EMPHATICALLY state that “brother J” TOLD you that HIS original words (the URTEXT) is “inferior to the final approved copy and has lesser value” and Ken’s version is “THE ONLY GOOD COPY”?

    AS IF:

    it was not just “ok” to SUBSTITUTE (see quote I began this with) AND CHANGE, DELETE, OMIT the words of Jesus. BUT that HE ENDORSED it? That HE said:

    “I CHOOSE Ken ONLY to:

    REWRITE MY Words
    to OMIT My words
    to CHANGE and SUBSTITUTE and INTERJECT meanings?

    BECAUSE (Why???) I was ‘confused’ when I first said them?
    I did NOT mean what I FIRST said?”


    Why study ANYTHING He says then? If tomorrow He might change His mind again, right?

    And I AM witness to this? I witness and am retorted again, and AGAIN?

    i HAVE to SPEAK!

    I KNOW first hand the pain of betrayal (to have sincerely trusted and believed to BE true what was DECEPTION)


    I’m not here to convince ANYONE of ANYTHING
    I don’t need approval
    nor validation

    but I DO NEED to say:

    “THESE are the FACTS

    What Jesus said
    IS what Jesus meant

    the Course is VERY CLEAR on Truth being UNCHANGEABLE

    AND CLEAR on its stance on SUBSTITUTION

    and ANY voice stating otherwise

    IS NOT from Jesus.

    I stake my life on it!”

    After that? What people choose is THEIR business, concern, responsibility.

    I’ve met MY responsibility. However, unpopular and ill received it was. I met mine.

    I have NO more to say. I’m sorry for any disruption i caused by saying it.
    i really DO wish you Peace

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  17. Sophia Love ❤️

    “May 18, 2019

    Is there someone now who wants to connect?

    Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One. There are things to say.

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward. Please go ahead.

    There is a momentum felt now. It is the force of healing, the process of transformation. This is not unique to you, but occurs now for all of humanity.
    What happens here is a necessary step as you proceed towards the fact of Oneness.

    What these words are about is a method. There is a method, a procedure. It is necessary. It feels “time” consuming, yet those among you with a broader view see the whole. You know there is a process and this knowing allows for patience as it occurs.

    You cannot march into Oneness separately and determined to change. It is a gentle morphing. It is for this reason that this conversation occurs.

    The human is known for passion and for dedication to each other. What happens as Oneness emerges is an expansion of each other. What happens is a realization of allowing. These are what you might call the fine-tuning elements of Unity.

    Dedication, passion, allowing, all occur under the umbrella of free-will. Free will governs all.

    You might say – (instead of just “free will”) “free will within what supports life”. This is a grand statement. The term “life” applies here beyond a single life to growth of the whole of life. Perhaps “a dedication to allowing growth”, would be a better, more illustrative way in which the 3 elements/words are ordered.
    A full explanation would sound like a dedication to life that allows growth for all.

    In these words, you’ll find nuances that permit passion and promote freedom – freedom of expression. While at the same time they inhibit destruction – destruction of life.

    What becomes clear for you in the steps towards Oneness is that you don’t agree with everyone, yet this does not mean that they are wrong or that you must work to stop them on their plan.

    It is the passion of humanity, on all “ends” of its expression, that defines him/her and becomes the strongest component (as well as the Achilles heel).

    Approaching Oneness now is bringing a new atmosphere in. Some of humanity has become militant in its efforts to guarantee what is seen as necessary for freedom and growth. These methods, which include what is seen as justified aggression towards other humans and their efforts, are ill-conceived and do not move towards Oneness.

    Instead they fortify polarity.

    This is a tricky stage. All of you are feeling the pull of Unity and yet many of you interpret that someplace within strong opinions and justifications for separation and for hatred.

    In these moments it is vital to remember that words are every bit as powerful as actions and intention is steering them both.

    Oneness includes everyone and free will is the only form of governance it will operate within.

    Gentle. Gentle. Gentle.

    This does not mean you remove your passion or commitment to action. No.
    It means all work and effort be directed toward promoting positive change rather than ending what is obviously destructive to growth.

    I am here to tell you that the ending is guaranteed and more quickly accomplished if overtaken by Oneness and positivity. This, rather than beaten down or forced out with negative, aggressive, divisive words and actions.

    The end is seen, as is the beginning. The truth is known and gets louder every day. You will do your best work by increasing its volume with your life.

    Gently. Gently. Gently.

    It has been determined that you succeed. Rest in that knowing and move always with your strongest force – which is love.

    Oneness will ensue naturally and absolutely, for it is the only truth. I speak here of visceral Oneness, which is the main reason many of you have incarnated now.

    That is all.

    Thank you. Goodbye now.

    Goodbye Sophia.”

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    1. Yes.

      “It means all work and effort be directed toward promoting positive change rather than ending what is obviously destructive to growth.”


      “It has been determined that you succeed. Rest in that knowing and move always with your strongest force – which is love.”

      So… relax. And trust. All is as it should be…

      …which factors into our next post. Interesting.


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    1. This always works for me, I usually follow up with the link below to make sure the effect lasts:


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