That ‘Missing’ CME


Well, the large blobs of energy we were expecting failed to materialize… here, anyway… in the expected way.

That final CME’s energy went elsewhere, but… some of us felt it nonetheless. Or we’re feeling something else. It is almost impossible to discern anything anymore for certain. We had a timeline jump away from something… whatever it was. We can tell you it was a cabal nastiness that we don’t have to experience now, thanks to SOURCE:


We’re analyzing muonic and neutrino data, but it’s… schizophrenic. We think we may be seeing data from two different sides of the same WHOMP. We won’t bore you with it just yet. In the meantime…

Something’s going on here… but we don’t know what it is, yet.

…all but one of us is just dead-tired. We’re going to sleep.

Btw… if there are suddenly a lot of giant tornadoes and weird weather and earthquakes… get ready for The SHIFT… unless that was another timeline [sigh]. Seeing the future… futures… is maddening. Doesn’t matter, we’re asleep already.



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  1. Minky was wiped out today, me till about 3:30 pm. Off/on sharp jabs till 10 pm. Hope the rest of You rest Well. Peace.

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  2. Unexpected experience the other night, I saw my HS, (Higher Self), who invited me to walk into his body. I am female this lifetime but present as male spirit. I wondered if I would feel huge power or wisdom and was excited to finally feel some power but no.
    HS was sitting slightly leaning forward as I entered and as I turned to look from his perspective I felt serene a type of peace talked about which passes all understanding. HS had everything available to him it appeared he only had a short reach (to pluck a thread?) to experience or had interest in.
    This experience has completely changed my life, perspective and energy. I have dropped my story, (and damn what a story, dealing with dark magicians from
    4 , group hit on me at 35 blah blah blah).
    Now get ‘mine the gold within’.
    I thank SOURCE and Brother J and all the seen and unseen help I’ve had over the years as I should not be here but for some reason still am. Humbly grateful.

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    1. Hi Belle, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m totally hearing you. Yep… ‘Mine the Gold Within’. SO Grateful. Hugs xxxxx

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  3. Thank you Cats, etc for posting big blue box Cat attired with MY first Doctor Who’s scarf. That famous box was involved in dreams one night… last week?… that I wasn’t to share – not enough remembered now to relay – Also something in the content of this post has released the lock? (when I was put to sleep) on the early AM happening the other night (whenever I commented with the two songs – Aladdin and Queen). It’s very difficult to remember when things happen within time these days.

    At 3:25 am, that night, I had heard a kind of click and felt a slight jerk, kind of felt a second one and wondered if a TLJ (or 2) had happened – I never felt awareness of a TLJ before. I then felt a good sized presence by my left side, followed by more arrayed around me pallbearer fashion, but no coffin. That’s when the Aladdin Song ‘A Whole New World’ and that phrase and ‘magic carpet ride’ were being repeated. Something else happen that I don’t remember.
    When I was thinking of leaving a comment about this and asking here if there had any TLJs around this time I couldn’t continue typing past the first word or two and was PUT to sleep only to be awakened at 4:11 am by my laptop restarting and playing me that Queen song, ‘Dear Fiends’.
    They are insisting I share all this – whyever – new word… Me=clueless…

    This afternoon/evening was very difficult for me as well; the worse this week… I thought it (the intensity) might be because I’m away from home this weekend baby-sitting a friend’s 15 yrs old German Shepard and sometimes I feel stuff from her and takes some days to recover back to normal (HA! normal 🙂 ) after getting home. Guess there might be a different reason this time…

    Well, what will be, will be.
    Source Be,


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    1. Huh. Lots of us heard that same song when we awoke (and some other similar “new world” song we can’t remember), probably on the same day. AND some of saw a bunch of us getting on a Tardis-blue train in another dream. Like CAT5 said today: Weirdest May ever.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. i just can’t believe im reading this CATs. my first words this morning to my better half referred to a song regarding to “new world” content. chicken or egg, im not sure but “digital man” by (holy canuck trio) was in my head, i think? i will post a generic u2ube link here. swing and a miss, maybe. no idea as to the relevance.

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      2. @Cats Eds, You weren’t perhaps thinking of – The Seekers – A World of our Own – 1965 … it was what came to mind when you mentioned another similar song…


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    1 day ago
    “It means we switched realities and in this reality San Andreas does not exist anymore Google the Mandela effect everybody and twin flames as well…namaste”


    “San Andras is gone! 05.16.2019:”

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    1. That’s how I would choose to see it, as in this comment attached to the video states. Ironically, the woman in the video who received the message, interprets it as the San Andreas fault is gone,because an earthquake happens……


    2. Had the San Andras gone off the Central Valley of Cali would have flooded and a subsequent Earth Quake would have most probably hit (been seeing this). It would have been a Flase Flag event using HAARP.

      What you say, makes sense, no San Andras hit so now we see guided weather systems over Cali to threaten the reservoirs.

      I keep saying, “Not on my time line, and not on my watch!”

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  5. Eeyuck. The mystery cocktail of energies are hitting me this morning. Shoulders, neck, sinuses, headache and iffy tum. I had felt well this week and hoped it would last! The cat is pretty tired too. Mind you its probably because he has been howling at us to get up since five am (on our day off). Little love. 😕

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  6. Been shut down again today. So have several people I know. I can tangibly feel the powerful energies coursing and shifting inside of me. Although swamped in energy, I feel lighter, feel my self phasing out of body alignment, as if to fly away.

    Phew, strong stuff indeed, not known it so debilitating and so protracted like this before. But why not everyone? It confounds me. Pointless to even surmise, and I dare say I wouldn’t understand SOURCE even in the simplest of terms!

    Where’s the tornadoes and earthquakes, we must be close? Perhaps they are allegorical to internal changes…


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    1. @rusirius44 Mark, I saw MrMBB333’s , May 18th post – it’s title starts “It Missed!” includes super storms mid west(USA), a LOT of tornadoes, (over 35,000 lightning strikes, two ‘rivers’ in northern Pacific Ocean possibly heading more rain to Ca. (Is help needed with this, Cats?)

      There are some great pics people sent in, blue skies turning to purple in secs., double rainbow semi-circles – he mentioned portal looking, amazing sky/cloud, colors/formations.

      The last two CMEs missing Earth because of the slowed speed of them – Earth raced a head of them out of the Way – thank you all beings, energies, Source for the slow down if this was intended for benefit- Well, would have been ‘intentional’, anyway…

      Mark, I don’t seem to be concerned about anything recently, even little life things like bills, food, sleep… lol 🙂 I just assume/feel there is a solution available, but no angst…

      May peace be yours, maybe fill a bathtub with SOURCE and have a nice long soak…
      luvvies and huggles,

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  7. Hi Cats, Hi All.
    I hear you… and it makes sense to me to read that Source stepped in to help us be safe from a cabal blow.
    I’ve had so many different ‘thing’s’ entering, and trying to enter my mind… ever since hearing the news about Isaac Kappy.
    I know part of me is also allowing this.. just sayin’.
    I’ve been very down, cried a lot, searched for and watched/read what I could about what happened to him. I connected via HS also, and I have to say, ‘that’ was where I received the clearest answers I needed to hear.
    Tonight, though, I slipped. And it all came to a head.
    I nearly collapsed in the shower. PTSD went through the roof.
    I called on AA Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary.
    I saw my folly.. cried again.
    I saw my life, the abuses, where it all came from… not that I didn’t see it before… just saw it in a… deeper/clearer/join the dot/no ones fault? way.
    As Isaac said… the biggest lesson he wanted to leave us with was to connect with and stay with, the light within. And, know and work on our shadow.
    Thanks mate. Back on track… as far as what the track is at present.
    There’s more I saw, but I’ll leave it at that.
    Much Love and Gratitude to the Cats, M’s, & to You All,
    Rest well.

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    1. Well, the idiot TWBs flew by us last night and we just ignored them — which put them in a mood so they swung back by around 2:00 am and tried to beam us up! Ha! All they got was a whole bunch of 432 Hz energy and harmonics in a bundle (they hate that tone). Wow, weirdest May ever.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @ CAT Eds great job with the TWBs. Why do they keep coming at you? Hopefully they will get the message soon?!

        Much love ❤️


  8. My joyous tasks for today include filling the bird feeders and enjoying the delicious fragrances surrounding me. Blessings to all!

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  9. In my meditation yesterday: The huge CMEs will not be directed at us during this time as there is a need to transition the rest much more slowly. However the energies coming in will continue increasing in potency and frequency. Also the NMIPs (no more in power*) are resurfacing the 3 days of darkness and pole shift with catastrophe narrative. So we need to remain consistently strong in our “light” and mind your thoughts (try to think and be in gratitude, offer forgiveness and be in peace) as much as you can. Because it is ALL of us “dreaming this dream” there is no way to estimate when the shift will happen. Even those who are still not awake have their free will that flows into the Human Consciousness. We can feel when the energies shift more so than ever and those who were already sensitive can interpret the information the energies are expressing. We are on an unexplored ocean with waves and lulls. We make adjustments as we go, try to prep and forecast as we sail on. Your thoughts, desires and focus is more powerful than it ever has been before as much suppressing density has now been removed. You must stop waiting for the change to happen. It has been said so many times before and remains true now: “be the change you wish to be and be that change now”. (End of meditation). I got this through a knowing, like I knew it already and just remembered it. It was a great meditation too! 😊 *NMIPs or No More In Power is my new name for “them” as I want to change the energy that is associated with the other names. Kinda neutralize the negativity that helps keep them in power. 🥳

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      1. That’s RIGHT… in fact, if you *DON’T* ignore it completely, all you are doing is energizing it and supporting it.
        Stop focusing on it, talking about it, thinking about it, and spreading it to others to also focus on it and energize it.
        You are shooting yourself in the foot, over and over again…

        Humans seem to find this ignoring/mind-clearing concept “dam” near impossible to implement.


        And if you want to actually change the energy associated with your “No More In Power” acronyms, the smartest thing to do is to remove entirely/substitute the word POWER.

        You understand? All that this play on words does, is keep on giving “power” to the ca8al.
        Doesn’t matter that it is intended to be a ‘diminishment’ of them — it is actually having the opposite effect.



        “It has been said so many times before and remains true now: “be the change you wish to be and be that change now”. (End of meditation).”

        You can say this until you turn (sapphire) blue, like every lightworker has continued to repeat for the past decade, BUT ~

        Doesn’t work. Hasn’t worked yet. Tried every ascended mastery trick in the book so far….

        Isn’t working because we don’t have the Spiritual Mass to overcome the Collective Consciousness here that we foolishly locked ourselves into — we don’t have the NUMBERS.



        1. Great perspective about light workers as I don’t consider myself as one, not in the way the new age phenom as defined it as. However I do feel I’m here to be part of an experience and be of help. Also, what I can say about “be the change” isn’t about saying – it’s about doing. 🌹

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  10. thanks for the update!

    I DO however, want to REvisit and REiterate the points on Ken’s FIP version of ACIM and URTEXT because they are SO important!!

    this book changed my life! my ENTIRE perspective and it is an ONGOING study that i am more than passionate about.

    i tend to be a “little” intense on subjects i’m passionate about. but more than that, this MATTERS SO very much!!

    my background is that i have been studying the Course since 2007! Even now, the VERY first part of my day is devoted to its study … TWELVE YEARS and i by NO means consider myself “an expert”

    NOT that i’m dense or anything, i was actually approached by Mensa first year of college (which i completed in just the summer BEFORE the rest of my class even entered their first year) and skipped only one grade when two were recommended by assessment tests. this just to say, my intellect does not seem to be “challenged” to process and understand and i’m at least as capable as anyone else …

    THEN in pursuit of Truth? it was a couple of DECADES ago i discovered i had been “programmed” and deceived by well meaning people and institutions (parents and church and religious school … and TPTW)

    it devastated me

    i swear, for almost TWO years i went daily to ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and DAILY requested “I just want to know the Truth” because i didn’t want to be deceived AGAIN

    when the people in my environment questioned my departure from ALL that i had been taught and focused primarily on ACIM? i flat out told them.

    “look, EVERY day for a couple of years now I have gone before Source and asked for guidance to TRUTH. at this point, if I’ve been “deceived”? i just might become an atheist! because i think even the angels would say: “look, here she comes AGAIN asking for Truth” and at the very least throw me a breadcrumb”

    SOOO it is NOT surprising that i INTENSELY “bristle” at being TOLD WHAT to “think”. I just want the facts and I’ll come to MY own conclusions, thank you!

    PLUS, it has been DECADES of study into spiritual matters. while others were doing whatever it is they were doing? i was pouring over thousands of articles etc. others “collected stamps” i “collected knowledge”

    so … just to give perspective to where i’m coming from

    of ALL i have studied NOTHING resonated and impacted my life like ACIM

    I originally studied Ken’s edition (edited version from the Foundation of Inner Peace, hereafter known as “FIP’)

    i had NO idea that there existed an ORIGINAL and UNedited and UNabridged version known as the URTEXT.

    Just KNOWING my background, you can ascertain that NO WAY would i EVER be satisfied in just “going along” with someone ELSE’s “edits” ESPECIALLY when he did so after only a few months of even “hearing” about ACIM.

    TWELVE years, and i’m NO “expert” but days and HE IS?
    (that’s why i kind of gave background on my intellect … :/)

    AND commitment AND genuine Sincere “interest”

    i’m in this as SOLIDLY as I AM in anything else you know? even 100 times MORE so than into anything else.

    so i’m very sorry. but i’m going to reiterate and just stick to facts. a VERY Short and concise one can be found in link below, though i encourage research into the hundreds of other references including court records that exist.

    Basically in 1958 “Helen Schucman, Ph.D., a clinical and research psychologist, accepts a position as Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City under William Thetford, PhD. ”

    “In the spring of 1965, just before setting out for a difficult departmental meeting, Bill makes an impassioned speech to Helen in which he says, “There must be another way. Our attitudes are so negative that we cannot work anything out.” To Bill’s surprise, Helen agrees, without reservation, to help him find “another way.”

    in Oct of 1965:

    “Helen heard the Voice say: “This is a course in miracles; please take notes.”With Thetford’s support and assistance in transcribing her shorthand notes, Schucman takes down, over several years, some 1,500 typewritten pages which becomes A Course in Miracles.
    1969 A lengthy process of retyping the Course begins. Bill Thetford is adamant that no changes be made other than correcting the typing errors and removing specifically personal material. Jesus designates Bill to be the one in charge of all changes.”

    in Sept of 1972 the retyping is COMPLETED and a few people are given copies.

    in NOVEMBER of 1972 they meet — just MEET Ken for the very first time!

    He doesn’t even actually SEE the manuscript til May of 1973

    in Fall of 1975 ” Ken requests permission from Helen to re-edit the Course.During the editing: 25% of the first 5 chapters is deleted; paragraphs are rearranged; chapter and section titles, previously inserted by Bill and Helen during their re-typing, are changed; punctuation is changed; CAPITALIZATION, previously included for emphasis, is changed to lower case and, in only a few cases, replaced with italics.The 53 miracle principles are changed to 50. Descriptions of the miracle principles are re-arranged and in some cases obtained from other areas of the text. 127 references to “Soul” are changed to 12. The word “Soul” is either deleted or changed to another word such as: creations, you, spirit.”

    Spring 1975 Helen, Bill and Ken meet Judy Skutch, president of the Foundation for Parasensory Investigation, during a meetiBillHJudyKng which has been previously arranged to discuss holistic healing. Judy is shown the newly revised “Course in Miracles”.

    Summer 1975 Judy Skutch receives permission from Helen and Bill to share copies of the Course with close friends. Judy gives copies to several close friends, among them are Jerry Jampolsky and Jim Bolen.

    Fall 1975 The Foundation for Parasensory Investigation changes its name to the Foundation for Inner Peace.

    September 1975 Criswell Edition is printed and distributed.

    October 1975 Application for a copyright is made. FIP intends to register the copyright with “Jesus” as the author. When informed that a copyright could not legally be granted to a non-physical author, FIP does not list the name of Jesus, but instead lists “Anonymous (Helen Schucman)”.

    December 1975 Copyright is granted.

    June 1976 First Edition abridgment is printed.

    1985 Second Edition is published.

    1987 KenWapnickIn the 1987 Video, produced by the FIP, promoting and describing the Course, Ken Wapnick says on camera:

    “One of the things I was most impressed with about the course was that Jesus was the author of it. I just could not believe that anyone else could have written it. It was very clear to me that Helen could not have written it and I just could not imagine it having any other source than Jesus himself.”

    September 1991 FIP gave permission to author Marianne Williamson on September 10, 1991 to use 1,000 “Fair Use” words.

    March 1992 ReturntoLoveFIP/FACIM sends a letter of complaint, March 3, 1992 to author Marianne Williamson, asking for royalties. Marianne agrees to pay 4% royalty fee for both English and foreign translations of her book, “A Return to Love”

    December 1992 FACIM explains, in their “Lighthouse” newsletter, why the Course was copyrighted and why they are enforcing the copyright so stridently. They admit they were forced to disavow Jesus as the author in order to obtain the copyright.

    November 1993 FIP registered a trademark/service mark for “A Course in Miracles” and a trademark for the initials “ACIM”.

    September 1994 CompuServe is forced by FACIM attorneys to close “Course in Miracles” Forum on CompuServe (CIS) due to Trademark Violation. Letter issued to all Course students from RajPur.

    December 1995 A publishing agreement between FIP and Viking Penguin, A Division of Penguin Books USA, Inc., is reached.

    March 1996 Penguin pays the Foundation for Inner Peace a royalty advancement of $3 million dollars for exclusive use of the copyright.

    April 1996 EALogoani_02New christian Church of Full Endeavor (Church) receives a cease and desist letter from Penguin.

    June 1996 Penguin Books USA, with the approval of President Judy Skutch-Whitson of the Foundation (FIP) and Kenneth Wapnick, Executive Committee member, brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor (Church) , its ministerial teaching arm, alleging violations of the copyright on “A Course in Miracles”. The lawsuit asked for over 1 Million Dollars in damages. The copyright was allegedly owned by the Foundation for Inner Peace, Inc. and licensed to Penguin Books USA.

    June 1996 Church answered the Complaint, claiming among other things, that since,
    the Author of A Course in Miracles is Jesus (identified as such by the scribe, Helen Schucman, by the Foundation to the world, and by himself in the Course specifically to you), and since
    the United States Copyright Office says that words from a Divine Being cannot be copyrighted and Jesus is a Divine Being; and, applying the facts of this case to their statutes, rules and regulations, Church asserts the copyright has been invalid from the beginning (Void ab Initio).

    September 1996 Penguin’s first amended complaint, filed September 17, 1996: (excerpt)”Copyright in A Course In Miracles”8. The author of the Book is Helen Schucman. The Book consists of three parts: (i) the “Text”, (ii) the “Workbook for Students” and (iii) the “Manual for Teachers.”

    January 1997 In an Order dated January 22, 1997, Judge Sweet of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York denies Church’s Motion to Dismiss for lack of standing, improper venue and failure to join a necessary party on the grounds that the Church could not continue to represent itself PRO SE and for Church to obtain Counsel and, at such time, Church had “leave to renew at such time as counsel is secured.”

    January 1998 Robert Perry, Circle of Atonement (COA), submits a manuscript to FIP/FACIM. Robert intended this manuscript to be his “major statement to date about A Course in Miracles. I had a literary agent who felt there was a good possibility of having it published by a major New York publisher, although the agent made it clear that he couldn’t represent me without official permission to quote from the Course.”

    May 1998 FIP joins in Penguin suit against Church as a second co-plaintiff and an additional trademark damages of 4 Million Dollars is claimed. The new complaint makes no mention of authorship, as plaintiffs assert only that FIP is SOLE “proprietor” of the copyright.In this Second Complaint, Church is charged with three additional counts of Trademark infringement for its use of the Foundation’s trademarks, “A Course In Miracles” and “ACIM”. The amended Complaint alleges that the Foundation had incurred “irreparable injury” by such use; that Church is attempting to “pass off its writings as if authorized by the Foundation; that Church’s publications are “falsely designated as originating from or connected with the Foundation”; and that they “tarnished” and “blurred the identifying function of the marks”. The new Complaint requests total monetary damages of $4 million plus treble damages; attorney’s fees, etc.

    September 1998 As of September 1998 and, following New York State approval *effective February 1999*, the Foundation transfers its copyright and trademarks in A Course in Miracles to the Foundation for ‘A Course in Miracles’ (FACIM).

    ******* ok …. please NOTE that as of June 1996 ——Kenneth Wapnick, is JUST an “Executive Committee member”

    BUT acts to bring “a copyright infringement lawsuit against the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor (Church) , its ministerial teaching arm, alleging violations of the copyright on “A Course in Miracles”. The lawsuit asked for over 1 Million Dollars in damages. The copyright was allegedly owned by the Foundation for Inner Peace, Inc”******

    so i take grave exception to assertions that KEN is the UNDISPUTED SOURCE (mind you SOURCE OF ACIM) and that

    “the only good copy is from “Foundation for Inner Peace” (via”?????

    much lesss that:

    “”Note that “” has nothing to do with, the organization Ken Wapnick was part of. This “urtext” you mention was an early draft stolen from Ken and Margaret. It is inferior to the final approved copy and has lesser value.””

    at the VERY best and most Liberal of terms? that would be an OPINION.


    and more than a little MISleading and COMPLETELY UNsupported

    ANY claim that “we have it from *BROTHER J* that the best and most accurate representation of *his* words” is SUSPECT JUST on the VERY principles OF ACIM.

    ALSO in order for something to be STOLEN from you?
    you would HAVE to have owned it in the first place

    BECAUSE when you are LENT something


    Actually APPROPRIATING what is NOT YOURS

    NOW makes YOU (Ken) the thief
    for appropriating what WAS NOT and COULD NEVER be YOUR “property”

    those words were Divinely inspired

    they were for the ENTIRE WORLD ~ HUMANITY

    NOT “exclusive and private property of KEN”

    the courts upheld that Ken had NO right to claim Copyright over DVINELY inspired words that were channeled by and TO others (not even him)

    we’re sure sure brother J had “heard” of Ken, but we can ALL safely trust AND assume that if brother J had WANTED to give Ken HIS words to appropriate and OWN and profit from …. well … he would have

    i have ALREADY stated MY own qualifications for arriving at MY own opinion, interpretation etc OF Brother J’s words and what they mean to ME. SO with ALL due respect I do NOT care WHAT Ken thought SHOULD be “edited”

    I care about what was ACTUALLY written AND said BY Brother J.

    ****the original URTEXT contains EVERYTHING****

    this is a FACT
    Undisputed by ANYONE including Ken

    it BELONGED to humanity
    NEVER should even be considered otherwise!

    NOWHERE was there EVER an assertion that Ken would NOW be granted FULL and EXCLUSIVE ownership of what BELONGED to HUMANITY

    many claims were made as to “just the first 5 chapters had major edits that contained mostly personal conversation)


    AS i said, EVERY day, i study a section of ACIM of BOTH Ken’s FIP version of ACIM AND the URTEXT.

    i decided to highlight and make notes on the differences. i’m currently on Chapter 17 and what used to be a 30 minute to 45 minute study has turned into at least an hour and half

    there are SO MANY notes to make on ALL the CHANGES that Ken made! and these do NOT conform to grammar (i’m not even doing the grammar ones!!)

    here is just ONE an example of notes i wrote TODAY:

    (by the way, honest to God, THESE few sentences was where i STOPPED my notes JUST today!! it’s not like i went in SEARCH of an example! … there was NO need … these abound EVERY single day i sit to study!)


    “The thought of bodies IS the sign of faithlessness, for bodies CANNOT solve anything. And it is their INTRUSION on the relationship, an error in YOUR thoughts ABOUT the situation, which then became* “the JUSTIFICATION for your lack of faith. You WILL make this error, but be not at all concerned with that. The error does not matter. **** But do not USE the error to what SEEMS to be to your advantage, for this does DOES matter.**** Faithlessness brought to faith, will never interfere with truth.

    ACIM Chapter 17 (Ken’s FIP version of ACIM)

    “”The thought of bodies IS the sign of faithlessness, for bodies CANNOT solve anything. And it is their INTRUSION on the relationship, an error in YOUR thoughts ABOUT the situation, which then becomes* “the JUSTIFICATION for your lack of faith. You WILL make this error, but be not at all concerned with that. The error does not matter. **** .**** Faithlessness brought to
    faith, will never interfere with truth.”

    * (FIP Book changes the word AND tense from PAST (as in done already occurred) to “becoomes” as in present evolution into the future … NOT yet accomplished)

    that TINY change?
    IS content change

    the understanding of one? is NOT the understanding of another

    but there is more!

    **** (Ken’s FIP version of ACIM completely leaves out this sentence

    “But do not USE the error to what SEEMS to be to your advantage, for this does DOES matter.”


    i’m just stunned at his “discretionary edits” which strike me as BLATANT omissions and CHANGES in meaning

    and i’d be very interested in hearing WHY brother J ( since you said “we have it from *BROTHER J”) ORIGINALLY not just said THESE words but asked for capitalization and emphasis, SPECIFICALLY stating:

    “this DOES matter”

    now changed his mind? so i guess it DOES NOT “matter” after all? did brother J elaborate in any way to Ken AS to WHY this was ONCE SO relevant? and NOW … NO longer is?

    because i recall one of the principles of Truth being its very nature to be UNCHANGEABLE and ETERNAL……

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  11. December 1992 FACIM explains, in their “Lighthouse” newsletter, why the Course was copyrighted and why they are enforcing the copyright so stridently.

    ***They admit they were forced to disavow Jesus as the author in order to obtain the copyright.****

    so the TRUTH became a LIE

    the RIGHTS were STOLEN
    NOT granted

    and THIS is BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION (Foundation for Inner Peace)

    there was ZERO benefit to Humanity in this
    ONLY greed and profit from copyrights

    that i repeat, BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION (FIP)

    and STOLEN

    I can NOT in ANY good conscience support this OR be silent

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    1. 🙄

      This exhausting puerility is a perfect example of why we have no United Ascending Mastery Collective of our own, and why we have no Spiritual Mass/clout within this Earth plane.

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      1. People get so worked up over this stuff. We were actually speaking with Brother J the whole time we were reading The Course, so we perhaps got a clearer view of what he intended. Note that what Brother J is saying is controversial even amongst ETs and HO (Higher Order) beings! This seems to be a very small (civilized) rift inside of ONE (that is, all of Us, the Extension of SOURCE, not SOURCE Itself) as to what is really occurring and what has occurred with SOURCE and the omniverse. Leave it to Brother J to be the HO radical! A big “problem” is that SOURCE is utterly mysterious — and hugely awesome — even to countless civilizations that have been close to SOURCE and coexisting with It for billions of years, camped out right there at the base of the mountain (metaphorically speaking).


        It really doesn’t matter. We’ll learn what’s what eventually.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. @ Anonymous
        2019-05-18 AT 4:46 PM
        perfectly put –
        brave students of the dark school-system are we –
        the louder our blah-blah, the stronger we think
        we can beat god himself…


      3. that WAS exhausting. pages of FACTS that anyone with a computer can research on their own!! would have been UNnecessary if concession to FACTS had been made.

        the opinion part could have been summed up really simply:

        “Divinely inspired words are for ALL of Humanity
        Excluding NO ONE
        NO ONE person has the RIGHT to appropriate what was FREELY given and intended for ALL
        least of all for filthy lucre, yea?


        because of assertions of brother J?

        he speaks to EVERYONE who does the Course
        NO ONE is more “special” than another
        (this tenet is repeated as a CORE central theme throughout the Course)

        AS IS

        that “what CAN be ‘changed is NOT real”
        NOT changing
        BEING eternal ~ IS THE test!

        brother J would NEVER contradict either THIS nor HIS own words

        when THIS is understood?
        then Peace returns

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  12. I wanted to ask the Cats if they have heard of AAE tv on U-Tube? What do you get from tapping into Ethann Fox’s energy? He has a video today in which he describes the up coming societal changes in the next 1- 20 years. I have the feeling that I will be on a timeline other than the one he envisions. Just curious. Cay

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    1. We don’t listen to or watch anyone, for the most part, as it kind interferes with our antennae. Honestly, we have no interest in 3d stuff anymore, or timeline predictions. It is IMPOSSIBLE to see farther than a few feet into the future right now (for us), so we just pay attention and take it all in, and smile, and eat lemon cake. And throw water on people freaking out. 😉


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      1. Gawd, me, too. It’s more important to me to be outside in the garden where the important stuff is happening. (just from my perspective.)

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      2. EXACTLY. *That*, is ascending mastery in action.

        Bleh — lemon cake goes bad incredibly fast on my super-high Frequency timeline….I wish my idiot significant other would listen to me and stop buying it.



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    1. Thanks. ‘The calm before the storm’ or ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop is really what it feels like right now. Anyway, ‘downtime’ with a lemon cake would sure be super nice. 🙂 ❤

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  13. Well I dreamt I swam with a whale last night! Whilst swimming I found myself retrieving some of my daughter’s lost toy animals! 🐳❤️


  14. On a completely different tangent, my daughter has been showing some interest in animals, more specifically cats!

    I am very excited but am keeping cool about it as I don’t want to do anything to upset the apple cart. We tried before but it did not work out due to the stress of a court case going on. Now this is over, things are much calmer and my daughter is coming out of her shell more and more.

    I wondered if any of you lovely cat lovers might have any advice to give regarding breed etc that might be a suitable pet for a young girl with autism. My daughter is non verbal, stims a lot (thrashing arms and legs) which can be quite alarming. She would probably not appreciate any animal right in her face, more sitting near her watching her games etc. than needing to be on her lap. I would be the one to give the cat cuddles in the eve when daughter is asleep!

    So I guess the cat would have to be confident, not easily scared but also incredibly gentle and intuitive to a disabled child’s anxiety etc..

    Any advice would be much appreciated! I’m just entertaining the idea at the moment and the event may well happen before any of these ideas come to fruition but thought this would be a good place to ask 😉🐱❤️

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      1. @pam141❤️ Thank you! Wow, they are beautiful, so handsome! Looks like they get quite big which is a good thing and sounds as if they are very gentle too 😊 xxx

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  15. “This simple courtesy is all the Holy Spirit asks of you. Let Truth be what it is. Do not
    INTRUDE upon it, do not ATTACK it, do NOT interrupt its coming. Let it encompass
    EVERY situation, and bring you peace. Not even faith is asked of you, for Truth asks
    nothing. Let it enter, and IT will call forth, and SECURE for you, the faith you need for
    peace. But rise you not AGAINST it” ACIM Chapt 17 (emphasis NOT mine)

    I ask but the SAME “simple” courtesy that HS asks:

    Let Truth be what it is.
    Do not INTRUDE upon it
    do not ATTACK it
    do NOT interrupt its coming.

    Truth asks nothing


    Rise you NOT AGAINST it!”

    this is NOT about ACIM ~ it is about YOU

    you said:

    “”2019-05-15 AT 10:51 PM
    Yes, the ONLY good copy is from “Foundation for Inner Peace” (via, like that one on ebay. The other books on the subject, by other authors (save for Ken Wapnick) are unnecessary”

    “2019-05-16 AT 10:59 AM
    Note that “” has nothing to do with, the organization Ken Wapnick was part of. This “urtext” you mention was an early draft STOLEN from Ken and Margaret. It is inferior to the final approved copy and has lesser value.”

    I provided EXTENSIVE FACTS to substantiate my assertion

    instead of retraction? you continued to press the points with this:

    “2019-05-17 AT 9:47 PM
    Sorry, we have it from *BROTHER J* that the best and most accurate representation of *his* words, which The Course is, is available in the texts. ”


    “2019-05-17 AT 9:52 PM

    We’ve read all of the texts and the version has the clearest meaning, which is why Brother J directed the edits. Writing is rewriting, and clarity is all-important especially when it comes to such a complicated topic going out to such an opinionated and critical audience of humans.”

    those were FALSE statements
    (statements CONTRARY to FACT)

    You offered NO apology or detraction when confronted with FACTS

    the ONLY defense you offered was “Brother J” told us
    except, that He would NEVER do that
    (contradict HIS OWN WORD)

    AS you said ~ “writing IS re-writing”

    So to state that:

    “the ONLY good copy is from “FIP”


    “we have it from *BROTHER J* that the best and most accurate representation of *his* words, which The Course is, is available in the texts. ”

    is to say that brother J said:

    “Oooops!!! My bad! you know the hundreds of pages i dictated?
    in MANY instances where I stated something was “important” or “mattered”?

    yea … well … MY BAD!

    scratch that
    disregard that
    I didn’t mean that!

    let’s delete ALL of that and call THAT:

    “the best and most accurate representation of *MY* words”

    i’m not sure who you were talking to
    but unless ALL the statements in ACIM are incorrect (Ken’s version included)

    one thing is certain

    it was NOT brother J

    oh … and brother J?
    He speaks to EVERYONE who does the Course … just FYI


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