WHOMP-age Week 5-13-19 [UPDATE5]


The WHOMPs begin… er, continue:






There have already been some rare blue auroras over Canada:


Stay tuned. More def inbound. And get some rest!


Watch this coronal hole appear:

Above a prime example of what’s called “solar dimming.”


What we were expecting:


Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.29.29 AM

They’re finally showing graphs closer to reality:

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.31.42 AM

Aaand we’ve had lots of timeline jumpage. The recent example of solar dimming is one example, and…



And this was pretty:


More later.

I feel so funky.


And we’ve had another timeline jump. Why? To keep you safe and learning in a positive way.





Look at the ones at the bottom.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 8.38.33 AM

Now look at all the CMEs we’ve had… and note that we’ve also had an equal amount of flares. That’s a lot of programming changes:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 8.39.03 AM

Something for everybody. Here’s one muon meter we forgot to look at:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 8.59.32 AM
About sums it up.
Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.40.01 PM
(That’s cotton candy, btw, atop a piece of wood. It’s coming for you…)

Btw… we reset the main pic for this post. We’re just that way.



For those who remember what the end of last August felt like (2018), here’s a little perspective:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.45.36 AM
These are energy averages over the past 45 days.


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 11.47.31 AM
And over the past year.



Aaaand another set of timeline jumps:


Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 10.54.47 PM

The PTW keep trying to make mischief and SOURCE keeps rolling on, keeping ten steps ahead. Nothing can stop The Event, or its culmination, The SHIFT. Trust that all is well, because… it is.

152 thoughts on “WHOMP-age Week 5-13-19 [UPDATE5]

  1. Feels like i’m about to explode. For real.
    And run naked up the road screaming like a mad woman.
    ‘She canno take any more Captain’!

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    1. lol – late last week i suddenly stopped what i was doing and announced i had the strong need to remove my clothes and run up and down the street screaming! yeah – the challenge is real – but we got this!

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  2. Here’s that Mother’s Day surprise:

    Solar minimum is here – but even now strangely beautiful auroras are dancing around the poles. GEOMAGNETIC STORM UNDERWAY NOW: A surprise geomagnetic storm is underway on May 14th.


    I had a vision years ago, it was less than a second, about being at a party with mostly unfamiliar people. The only more or less familiar guy was someone I’ve seen around, don’t even know his name.
    Something huge happened at the party, like the Flash. Alas no further details as the vision was so short but the feeling was : oh my & wow! A supernatural thing.

    This Thursday is my sister’s wedding. On the guest list are family, friends and her colleagues from work. There will be many people that I don’t know and didn’t know when I had my vision. New family inlaws, new friends and I have never met any of her co-workers.
    A week ago I saw a photograph of one of her co-workers. You guessed it, it’s the guy from my vision.

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    1. WOW indeed! thank you for sharing that stefan! i had something come to me several days ago – a reminder of the first dream i had of being in the “new” – which was about 12 years ago. in it – i had a feeling i had just “arrived”. i was surrounded by a group of children (i had no children at the time) – i knew one was mine. a girl (who looks like our daughter i have since had). 2 of the other children i recall seeing in the dream experience look like 2 of her friends she has now. i began recently to feel as though something was gonna happen this weekend – and have been seeing others feeling the same. so i was reminded of this first dream i had as my girl is having her b-day party this weekend. we will know in a matter of days if what we have seen are to be proven the real deal, won’t we?

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      1. If that guy is at the wedding tomorrow it’s a confirmation I’m starting to see into the future.
        Something I didn’t write yesterday: the sky changed. As in seeing something never seen before.

        In a lucid dream 2 weeks ago I saw the sky crack open, then multiple colours appeared like seeing a tv-screen with irridescent and pulsating strings of energy, which went away to be replaced by a nebula (from space). As if we could see through the sky right into space.

        Was this lucid dream the same as my vision? I can’t say for sure. All I know for certain is that the sky changed into something unseen.

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        1. You’re probably at the wedding but Lisa’s latest (J gives a link further down) mentions what one might call the sky splitting open: “A surprise geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of May 14th when a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, igniting auroras over northern-tier US states.” So there are the colors, too.

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    2. I’ve had this dreams of a “something flashing in the skies” while I’m at work, over and over agian, for years. From different perspectives. The skies would have a certain color. They do recently.
      Now the vision, while meditating, added more details. Like flash details, certain sky direction, the person involved, but the sky color is still the same and I’m still at work.
      I work Thursdays and Fridays – let us hope for a Thursday soon hahaa 😉

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            1. Southwest, more into west – sorry, my head is porridge recently…. or was ist a Freudian slip?
              In every vision it feels like southwest, facing the Alps (south Germany). But it comes almost linear towards me, so eastwest is not that wrong 🤔


  3. No discomfort?!
    As someone commented a couple of posts before, cats are LIQUID BODIES, and this has been scientifically proved.

    Can you sleep upright?

    By the way, we have been buckling up all the time, especially since January … Nothing can take me by surprise any more …

    ❤ ❤

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  4. Someone really needs to add some cushions for that saucey cat on that last pic…lol. Lots of dreams with trying to make me angry, fearful or panicked. Sorry NMIPs…just stop, stop, stop. 😊. *NMIPs are “no-more-in-power”.

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  5. Ugh. I can barely function under all this chaos. My body seems to know this and is making me sleep way more hours than usual!

    That aside, I’m holding on as always.

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  6. Maybe I’m just seeing cats everywhere, but in the video between 5 and 10 seconds the coronal hole looks like a black cat with glowing eyes, (ears on the right side of coronal hole) – the bright area above that becomes a lion facing left with a sandy mane and there is a cute kitty face, from about 11 seconds, above the two bright areas on the right (it’s bright below the nose, with the eyes above it’s nose – looking towards the reducing coronal hole).

    What’s that term for the brain seeing patterns or figures in random things – Ha, don’t mind seeing cats everywhere… 🙂

    btw – extremely tired with head stuff beginning to build, nausea, etc. – did not really need civic housing crew talking, pulling weeds at around 6:30 am turning to leaf blower use around 7:45, blowing pea gravel back where it belonged. Bless their hearts – they probably didn’t want to be there either – Federal money people inspection of HUD housing today, fun…

    Be well, let’s see what interesting things today holds…
    love you all muchly,


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  7. I forgot to mention yesterday, I was blowing bubbles for my daughter (her favourite thing is to pop them!)

    I had just blown a really big load of bubbles and was watching her usual joyful reaction when the bubbles just stopped floating down and stayed suspended in the air for about a couple of seconds before continuing there descent down to the floor! It was just like someone had pressed ‘pause’!

    I was also watching the birds enjoying the sun and flying against the lovely blue sky whilst washing the dishes earlier today. They would fly normally and then suddenly woosh, it was as if someone had pressed ‘fast forward’ and they all suddenly flew super fast!

    Just sharing a few more observations of time oddities!

    Much love ❤️

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  8. Disturbing dream early this A.M.
    My husband and I were dropping in to wish Happy Holidays to Jewish friends just before Shabbat dinner. The husband and wife were very groggy and sleeping in recliners. Husband wearing white hat and wife wearing red hat. Dinner was in the oven and ready to be served when the sun set. We could not wake them or their 2 teenage children. Opened all the doors and windows in case it was a gas leak before trying to get them out on the lawn and call 911. What ever the cause it did not seem affect us. Very realistic, although we do not have any friends that match the above family. Cay

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  9. I couldnt sleep for a long time last night. Eventually i drifted off and haf me a weird dream. I think it was soul work. I was in a small dedicated, professional group. We sat in a circle. It was some kind of ritual, esoteric. We had to swallow an egg yolk as part of it? There was a sense of seriousness and i could feel the darkness, we had to overcome darkness in some way? The others were uncertain about me, they asked if I was up to it. I said “Yes. Besides, I have powerful friends!” (I was referring to Jesus and AAMichael).

    I don’t remember anything after that? I woke early and do not feel tired today, I almost certainly always would after such a lack of sleep.

    Seeing whist mist still and synchs off the charts. Meditated outside in the sun, I could make out the codes in my inner eye. Also I think I was almost pushing through to the NE.


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  10. What is that swarm of lights in the left upper corner of Lasco? Looks like a pack of alien crafts approaching. Perhaps to watch the Grand Finale?

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      1. The reason why I ask is because I haven’t seen this before: it’s a cluster, it moves in unison, doesn’t blink and is moving towards the centre of the Sun. It’s been visible now for 3 days.
        As of yesterday another object appeared on Lasco on the right side of the Sun. It is also moving towards the Sun, goes steady and has lines coming out of it, to the back and front.
        If you have 30 secs to spare, check it out. 🖖🏻


        1. Yeah, well… we don’t mean to appear blasé about the whole thing, but… our higher-order (ET) friends don’t need ships or instrumentality anymore. They *think* themselves where they want to go. Some of them transcend time with impunity (though there are rules), while others have been around since before we or the omniverse were created (since before time itself). Ships are just ships, with about 50% of them being lookiloo “neutrals.” We try not to disapprove of neutrals…

          -CAT Eds.

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  11. Gosh… Just had an amazing dream about the sky filled with purple and pink color and its so beautiful… And then the next minute it turns to thousand of little blue ball shape energy falling from the night sky and everybody’s going crazy and then there’s me clapping my hands with wide smile and shout ITS HAPPENING!!! Then i waking up shivering, Beautiful time to be here… Love yall cats… 💕💕💕

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  12. This is taxing.

    For the second time in a few days, I woke up in the dead of the night with some difficult breathing.

    NEVER happened before in ALL my life. Recently, I made a medical check-up. I’m healthy as a horse (I’m not saying I’m a horse, tho).


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    1. Unfortunately that has become ‘normal’.
      It comes, it goes, then goes & comes….part of the EXPANSION process of both your physical and energetic bodies, here. By your Team/Higher Self.

      I use nothing for it.

      As usual.

      (Besides just sitting here in Canada, looking at all the pretty Sapphire Blue ‘aura’ AND now ‘aurora’ lights 😉

      For the first time in 8 years I’m getting a few hours break from the Energies today — HOLY CRAP, is *this* what it’s like to feel almost human again???

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      1. The CATs were talking today at how nice it will be to get some sleep one day, and experience waking to a safe-n-sane world, letting kids and animals be outside without our guards up. Have any of us ever had that?

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Not since I was a child in the mid 50’s- late 60’s. I grew up in a small town in Alabama on 10 acres of woodland/pasture in which I wandered freely with my younger brother, 2 dogs and a cat. We carried machetes to make forts, caught salamanders, climbed trees and ate whatever fruit was ripe along the way. Doors were never locked and parents did not worry about us roaming miles into the woods. It was a fearless and magical time in nature. I wish that for every child. Cay

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        2. Uh, ya. I invited you all to come up to the farm for lattes. The chickens roam free over 5 acres of gardens, following in the footsteps of the gardener. It’s pretty cute. She’s like the Pied Piper of chickens. And yes, I’m incredibly blessed. When people come to visit, I’ve heard the exact words from them about being able to drop their guard. (the only problem is getting them to leave. Nyuck, nyuck nyuck) We’re all getting there! Thanks all youse guys for being there and doing the work.

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  13. Another crazy lightning storm last night before the actual rainstorm got here the lightning made no noise but it flashed blue pink and purple had the ball lightning too and then that weird gray mist fill the house the minute I said hello to it; it disappeared then an hour later the actual thunderstorm showed up. 🤣

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  14. This morning I saw a MrMBB333 video (new) that contained video of blue ‘panel’ lightning that turned purple at one point – also discussed the current CMEs –
    Weird, wasn’t to post early this morning, but ok to now… timing’s everything??

    If you want to check it out on Yutbe, this was the title: Coming STRAIGHT at the Earth – ETA 36 hours | Strange lightning looks like “vertical panels” in sky!

    Be well,


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  15. Well, my 2 bits worth for today: We actually got some rain today for the first time in about 3 weeks and the temperatures are now back into the mid-60’s (typical for this time of year in the PNW) All the blooms are sighing in relief. Got the hit to go to Costco early today since I will be staying in the garden for the next few days. I don’t know what’s happened to me, but I am feeling better than I have in months. I seem to have opened up and somehow expanded. Other than the usual naps, it feels pretty darned blissful. I recently had the realization that almost 74 years ago when I was born a few weeks early that this is the time. Now it makes sense. There are apparently no coincidences. Btw, this occasion calls for a few nyuck, nyuck, nyucks! Kudos, Kg. We’ve got this.

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  16. 2nd comment for tonight: I finally came inside about 8:00. The quiet and sense of presence is so profound that I was reluctant to come inside. A friend called a little later and I was naturally high from the experience. I asked if he could feel the change. His reply was “feel what?” Needless to say it brought me down. It was a valuable lesson to me to keep my yap shut. This process is most definitely individually experiential. Sheesh!

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  17. Huh. If this energy doesn’t pick up, we’re gonna have to call this WHOMP a bit of a dud. Certainly not as painful as we were expecting… unless we’re jumping the gun, or simply not feeling it. We are of course all undergoing our own transformations, with requisite discomfort, but nothing too smack-down. Perhaps this latest incoming energy is more affecting of others.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I was thinking about this very thing the other day. As we all go through our transformation on our own timelines each of these waves will affect us differently. Some harder than others and then vice versa. I was leveled in the beginning of the year and now it seems my body has adjusted for it. Verses others around me are now just starting to show physical signs. It’s interesting to witness how all of this is unfolding. Not dwelling on it too much but an interesting observation. I’m trying to just stay cocooned and in my lane.

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      1. And maybe the harder whomps are not meant for the awaken ones, maybe they are meant for the ones who really need the jolt to initiate their transformation. Like an alarm clock that just won’t quit until you turn it off, getting louder and louder until you actually get out of bed.

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  18. I have seen HEAVY chemtrailing above my house many times, but not like today!
    They have so many craft out, spraying over spray, over spray, over spray. Something is definitely up, pun intended. This can’t be a coincidence.

    Had dreams of a purple sky, then a huge flash, followed by ET landings. Woke up feeling like a car crash. On another note, I may have had an activation, more news after more experimenting.


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  19. Was smacked down the last 24 hours. Major ‘crash’. Could barely talk at times. Function was next to nil. Feel half way better now, but nausea back on, and it looks like I’ve got the plague… or somethin’… far out.. just call me spotty.

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    1. @ Tea Kay, Mark, CATs yes felt this too this morning. So heavy, could barely get out of bed to stand up. Sky not so bad today but yesterday it was criss-crossed, layer upon layer of chem trails, none stop….

      Feeling lighter this afternoon after forcing my body to go and get myself and daughter out in nature for a bit, really helped!

      Much love ALL ❤️

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  20. This is one sad direction the increased energy can take people. If you’re reading this, and you identify with this instance, please note that you DON’T have to follow Isaac’s example. Everyone has been at the crossroads, at one time or another. The main difference with us is that we all made the choice for the short path. It’s steep at first, but it gets easier. There are two paths to SOURCE: LONG path, and short. Both get you to the same place, but the long path is… long. More lifetimes than you could comfortably count in an afternoon. (But this is what time is for: learning.) Just wanting to be on the short path is enough; Guides will direct you. All you need do is TRY to meditate, try to quiet your mind, find your way to SOURCE… which you’re already attached to, along with all of us. Just work on lighting your way. Change and advance at this time can come really fast. And when you make a little leeway, PLEASE don’t actively proselytize. That drives everyone crazy. Be a quiet example.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Are you saying this wasn’t the PTW’s doing? Perhaps I jumped the gun. Just seems like something they would do.


    1. Fwiw:

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      1. I can’t believe they actually killed him.

        Waited until everyone stopped paying attention and just axed him… They didn’t even bother to write a believable “suicide” note either. It reeks of PTW victim blaming.

        I cannot let this spiral into hate but god does it get me close.

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        1. A sad followup:


  21. @Tea Kay, I’ve been getting ‘spots’ for months, very itchy coin shaped pink/red – for me I’ve found they seem to correspond to GRBs – like gamma burns – they are slow to go away, sometimes a week or more getting darker, but ‘dispersed’ looking, almost an area of dots before going completely. I had cleared almost completely until recent energies. For me they seem to like the joint areas, ESP ankles and elbows – anti-itch cream helps a little, but that may be psychosomatic – don’t care, any relief is ok with me… Hey, new term… Ascension plague, lol. Whatever happened to Calamine lotion, I enjoyed dotting my dots ( hmm, did I peel the lotion off?) when I was 16 and broke out in spots that were an early sign of typhoid – took about 3 months to get correctly diagnosed – you’re not supposed to get that in Ct USA in modern times. We signed up for such fun experiences did we not?

    much love,


    PS: I hear ya on the nausea ! ugh, also painful solar plexus and a couple of days ago added painful kidney and pancreas areas – hopefully upgrades – intensity is on and off – everything's been bearable… with Brother J and breath and SOURCE. ❤

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          1. If I’m not getting whomped , am I missing upgrades? I feel like I get something coming towards me everyday in meditation. Those sparkles that I mentioned a year ago. Also I take a bath everyday and have similar meditative experiences. I’m not worried, just going I’m keeping up!

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            1. No. Some WHOMPs are felt by some, but not all. We’ve not been feeling much of these latest ones… though we do wake up feeling groggy. We’re all always getting something, but it doesn’t always manifest right away.

              -CAT Eds.

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  22. Off topic yet it will take my mind off where the f is Wave X?: where can I find info about brother J. The real story of his life and death.
    No books please, don’t have a penny, just online links.
    Thank you.

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    1. Christine Preston on Secret garden II yt channel has channelings that might interest You. Peace In Joy.

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    2. Hey Stefan!

      If there is a book you’d like? I’d be happy to gift it! Books have been something I’ve trasured for years and would live to send you what you’d like! 🌸

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      1. Thank you Iota, that’s very kind but not necessary. I’ll find what I need online for free.


          1. We’re talking next to each other. I wasn’t talking about ACIM. I was talking about specific info on brother J which I already found today.
            Chillax Cat eds.


    3. Wave X is ongoing.

      There is no official “real story” about Brother J out there, as there are multiple timelines with slight variations. We lived as disciples during that time, so we have our own experiences and can answer most questions you might have. The best we can do is point you to the actual words of Brother J, channeled through an unlikely medium, a therapist named Helen Schucman in 1965. The books are all in one volume and are available at acim.org, or you can find an inexpensive copy on ebay: “A Course in Miracles.” There is a bootleg version of a rough draft online, but it’s not accurate. The combined text has all the books within. Here’s one for $5.35 + 0.05 shipping on ebay. Anyone can afford that:


      Also, if you order on acim.org, they have the books (in one volume) in 25+ languages.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yes, the only good copy is from “Foundation for Inner Peace” (via acim.org), like that one on ebay. The other books on the subject, by other authors (save for Ken Wapnick) are unnecessary… oh, Gary Renard’s first book, “The Disappearance of the Universe,” does intro The Course very well.


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      2. I ‘did’ the course in the late seventies?, in the three volume form – It was a challenge for me because of abuse I experience by church members, but got through it – oddly though I would stay home from church, ‘robe’ myself and feel out internally Christ time scenarios (only with myself – I just liked the energy)…

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      3. i do my lessons daily listening to it being read from the ACIM Book from Foundation for Inner Peace ( Ken Wapnick’s organization) followed by the daily lesson, (i just gave away my latest hardback to a friend i got interested in ACIM a couple of weeks ago)

        This year, i have followed along reading the URTEXT. Which is “an even early version that consisted of Bill Thetford’s original typing from Helen Schucman’s dictation”

        It used to be free online on “acourseinmiracles.com” (I have it downloaded on my computer as they allowed and suggested be done) but Ken of Foundation for Inner Peace sued continuously for Copyright of even cursory mentions of “A Course in Miracles” or tge acronym “ACIM” snd ANY quotes (these have been thankfully overturned by courts but not before causing casualty of this website

        (You can read a little here:


        The discrepancies in the two versions are startling. Since i have it on pdf I’m able to make notes. So i have undertaken the tedious process of highlighting and putting “notes” on ALL the words Ken changed and much he just ommitted. I’m on chapt 17 so this will take ALL year to do.

        Here is the link of the source i listen to that has a portion of each chapter with daily lesson at end

        I believe The Urtext can be found here


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          1. You need to read the main text either before, or concurrently with, the lessons (which you do, one per day), otherwise they don’t really do anything. It’s actually an advanced system of thought, one that was impossible to convey in a language such as aramaic. Note that the online texts are pirated copies that are incomplete.

            -CAT Eds.

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        1. Note that “acourseinmiracles.com” has nothing to do with acim.org, the organization Ken Wapnick was part of. This “urtext” you mention was an early draft stolen from Ken and Margaret. It is inferior to the final approved copy and has lesser value.

          -CAT Eds.


          1. That is completely wrong. The URTEXT is the ORIGINAL and Unedited manuscript.

            Ken edited FROM that.

            So that’s like saying that a pie was stolen from a slice

            When instead Ken abridged and “edited” FROM the URTEXT.

            Do you not know the history? In chronological order

            1. URTEXT (1965)
            (Complete – unabridged)

            2. A copy OF URTEXT given to Hugh Lynn Casey and archieved known as the HLC ACIM (Spring 1972)

            3. YEARS later (from URTEXT 1969) in 1973.
            Ken decides to “edit” the URTEXT… AND Copyright it. And goes on to attempt lawsuits against anyone quoting FROM “A Course in Miracles” or using the acronym “ACIM” which pretty much offended EVERYone with sensibilities WHILE simultaneously effectively making himself the ONLY one allowed to freely quote or use the ACIM acronym.

            ALL of that is a matter of public record AND of court records AND ALL of that was overturned. Otherwise NO ONE here (or anywhere) COULD have quoted it. The zealouness with which people were prohibited FROM even quoting WAS what resulted in the lawsuits.

            Now… One lady did “steal” a copy of the original works FROM the court case. But Ken was not then NOR EVER the “owner” of the URTEXT he “borrowed” and FROM which his edits derived that resulted in HIS “edited” Foundation for Inner Peace version. Which wasn’t even completed til 1975. So how was it possible to “steal” from 1975 what was written in 1969? Assertions like this caused a great deal of division that the Course specifically teaches against.

            I prefer to stick to UNedited and Unabridged version instead of the “edits” of another…

            The changes in words. Outright ommissions of thousands of words. Removal of word “soul” hundreds of times is astounding.

            I listen to David read Ken’s version of text daily AS i follow along URTEXT. And im noting the hundreds of “changes” he made. Many of which change the WHOLE meaning for me.

            Here is a link that briefly follows the history



            1. Sorry, we have it from *BROTHER J* that the best and most accurate representation of *his* words, which The Course is, is available in the acim.org texts. You can argue with him if you’d like but it probably won’t get you anywhere. We don’t care what anyone else says.


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            2. We’ve read all of the texts and the acim.org version has the clearest meaning, which is why Brother J directed the edits. Writing is rewriting, and clarity is all-important especially when it comes to such a complicated topic going out to such an opinionated and critical audience of humans.

              -CAT Eds.

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          2. I’m sorry. I am NOT arguing. I AM stating FACTS:
            (i provided link with simple timeline, though there are HUNDREDS of other references that can be found)

            A Course in Miracles WAS written IN 1969

            Copies of the manuscript had been given out when completed

            Ken briefly MET Helen in Spring of 1975 and “heard” of it

            He talked them into letting him do edits late in 1975

            THESE ARE ALL UNDISPUTED FACTS WELL Documented and UNchallenged by ANYONE (including Ken)

            the FIRST and EVER challenge to the above facts are now YOUR assertion that:

            “we have it from *BROTHER J* that the best and most accurate representation of *his* words”

            you will forgive me (or not) BUT when NO ONE else on the planet including Ken himself challenged or disputed the above Facts?

            I’m NOT going with your claim that brother J told YOU specifically otherwise

            AND it IS my responsibility to assert the WELL known and UNdisputed facts in a public forum where others ARE very likely to take your word as true when the FACTS are otherwise.

            what WAS in dispute was EXACTLY YOUR point: (quoting you)

            “the only good copy is from “Foundation for Inner Peace” (via acim.org)”


            AND that: (again quoting you)

            “Note that “acourseinmiracles.com” has nothing to do with acim.org, the organization Ken Wapnick was part of. This “urtext” you mention was an early draft stolen from Ken and Margaret. It is inferior to the final approved copy and has lesser value.”

            THOSE precise points made people INDIGNANT

            1.)) WHO would dare to decide ANYTHING for another? it is NO ONE’s place to “decide” for another as in

            “there there you poor darling … do not stretch your little brain to attempt to understand complex subjects … let ME (Ken) OMIT what was Divinely inspired … let ME (Ken) change or insert the words that i like best … and then STEAL (the URTEXT was LENT to him to edit FROM it was NOT given to him to own EXCLUSIVELY and PROFIT from) the ORIGINAL manuscript (URTEXT) and FOREVER HIDE it from the world so that MY copy can be EXCLUSIVELY your ONLY choice) and the WHOLE world will ONLY have MY reference and NONE will be the wiser… there there … be a good little sheep and think ONLY AS I TELL you to”

            BECAUSE when you are LENT something

            IT IS NOT YOURS

            the VERY fact that you would attempt TO “hide” it
            (so that when a court FORCES you to bring it to light)
            is AUDACIOUS
            (as in HOW DARE you? Audacious)
            at best

            BUT NOW makes YOU (Ken) the thief
            for appropriating what WAS NOT and COULD NEVER be YOUR “property”

            those words were Divinely inspired

            they were for the ENTIRE WORLD ~ HUMANITY

            NOT “exclusive and private property of KEN”

            and the ENTIRE world was STILL waiting to hear on WHAT basis exactly did he EVER claim ANY ownership OF the Original URTEXT manuscript in fact?

            the courts upheld that Ken had NO right to claim Copyright over DVINELY inspired words that were channeled by and TO others (not even him) we’re sure sure brother J had “heard” of Ken, but we can ALL safely trust AND assume that if brother J had WANTED to give Ken HIS words to appropriate and OWN and profit from …. well … he would have

            the ONLY right he had to copyright were HIS edits


            so NOW we understand WHY he wanted to keep the URTEXT hidden …

            though the masses MAY love to be TOLD what to think (in small words and all)

            there will ALWAYS be those (like me) that will simply look at you deadpan seriously and flat out DENY you (Ken) ANY notion of inserting YOUR views (edits) into my Divine Sovereignty on ANY subject

            Particularly on a DIVINELY inspired LIFE changing subject?

            with ALL due respect (to ken and ALL)

            I do NOT care WHAT Ken thought SHOULD be “edited”

            or to ALLOW him to make AN”Y assumptions FOR ME

            I will read myself and choose for myself … thanks anyway.

            he did it for profit plain and simple. it boils down to greed.
            and he brought lawsuits to protect HIS interest in a ruthless and brutal way
            other authors who TOO have profited from the ACIM discourse who ALSO stand to profit were of the few that wanted to grant him leeway

            i will grant him leeway

            he can own COPYRIGHT to his EDITS (the Foundation for Inner Peace version of ACIM)

            but HE will grant ME the freedom to study the ORIGINAL words MYSELF
            and to CHOOSE for myself
            and he will NOT be granted to freedom to CHOOSE for ME

            NOR to keep me from the right to KNOW what was ACTUALLY said
            because he is suing disclosure of ANYTHING but his OWN works

            i did NOT appoint him MY representative to:

            tell me WHAT to think
            NOR decide what I SHOULD think
            NOR omit and insert HIS words to replace the ACTUAL words spoken by brother J

            and to the best of my knowledge, neither did the rest of the world

            the original URTEXT contains EVERYTHING, so it contains personal conversations between Helen and Bill

            When Ken approached Helen about his idea TO “edit” it was presumably THESE specific edits in mind, insert commas here and there, gramatical etc.

            NOT to CHANGE, DELETE OR OMIT hundreds of pages of words given BY brother J
            AS given by brother J

            for the sake of … “edits” (read here ~ HE chose FOR You)

            NOWHERE was there EVER an assertion that Ken would NOW be granted FULL ownership of what BELONGED to HUMANITY

            NOWHERE was there ANY assertion of:

            “OF ALL of the ENTIRE population OF Humanity … KEN, alone mind you, is to have EXCLUSIVE and PROPRIETARY ~~~ UNCHALLENGED right to:

            (if URTEXT was hidden, how COULD anyone else “know”)

            (HE was reading the ACTUAL words …. THEN DECIDING WHAT they meant)

            i could go OFF on THAT point ALONE to DISQUALIFY him COMPLETELY !!! He DID so after just “knowing about ACIM” for a couple of months!!!!! it is ALMOST comical when people assert “oh … yea .. i READ (past tense) ACIM” as in ???????? WHAT? and NOW you are an expert? ANY chapter ~ Section ~ of the Book is SO complex and rich in layers and layers of meaning as to be a LIFElong study …

            NOT 90 days and NOW

            “I”M IN CHARGE of being the SOLE


            and SOLE AUTHORITY for the ENTIRE planet!”

            I don’t even think it’s POSSIBLE to read ACIM in 90 days!!!

            oh … and i’m appropriating
            AND HIDING the Original Work and Source
            AND I ALONE will speak OF and on behalf OF ACIM
            (because i will sue ANYONE else who does)
            and the ENTIRE planet will just have to take MY word for it


            1. NO ONE else will ever SEE the URTEXT if i can help it
            2. I’m appropriating it as MY Property
            3. ALL other quotes, mentions, etc WILL be aggressively pursued by legal action
            4. with ME as SOLE authority and Original work hidden … HEY … I’m UNDISPUTED because … well … who CAN dispute me?

            the courts (as humanity in general) ~ DISAGREED

            ALSO many claims were made as to “just the first 5 chapters had major edits that contained mostly personal conversation)


            AS i said, EVERY day, i study a section of ACIM of BOTH Ken’s FIP version of ACIM AND the URTEXT.

            i decided to highlight and make notes on the differences. i’m currently on Chapter 17 and what used to be a 30 minute to 45 minute study has turned into 90 minute PLUS


            there are SO MANY notes to make on ALL the CHANGES that Ken made! and these do NOT conform to grammar (i’m not even doing the grammar ones!!)

            here is just ONE an example of notes i wrote TODAY:

            (by the way, honest to God, THESE few sentences was where i STOPPED my notes JUST today!! it’s not like i went in SEARCH of an example! … there was NO need … these abound EVERY single day i sit to study!)


            “The thought of bodies IS the sign of faithlessness, for bodies CANNOT solve anything.
            And it is their INTRUSION on the relationship, an error in YOUR thoughts ABOUT the
            situation, which then became* “the JUSTIFICATION for your lack of faith. You WILL make
            this error, but be not at all concerned with that. The error does not matter. **** But do not USE the error to what SEEMS to be to your advantage, for this does DOES matter.****
            Faithlessness brought to faith, will never interfere with truth.

            ACIM Chapter 17 (Ken’s FIP version of ACIM)

            “”The thought of bodies IS the sign of faithlessness, for bodies CANNOT solve anything.
            And it is their INTRUSION on the relationship, an error in YOUR thoughts ABOUT the
            situation, which then becomes* “the JUSTIFICATION for your lack of faith. You WILL make
            this error, but be not at all concerned with that. The error does not matter. **** .****
            Faithlessness brought to faith, will never interfere with truth.”

            * (FIP Book changes the word AND tense from PAST (as in done already occurred) to “becoomes” as in present evolution into the future … NOT yet accomplished)

            that TINY change?
            IS content change

            the understanding of one? is NOT the understanding of another

            but there is more!

            **** (Ken’s FIP version of ACIM completely leaves out this sentence

            “But do not USE the error to what SEEMS to be to your advantage, for this does DOES matter.”


            i’m just stunned at his “discretionary edits” which strike me as BLATANT omissions and CHANGES in meaning

            and i’d be very interested in hearing WHY brother J ( since you said “we have it from *BROTHER J”) ORIGINALLY not just said THESE words but asked for capitalization and emphasis, SPECIFICALLY stating:

            “this DOES matter”

            now changed his mind? so i guess it DOES NOT “matter” after all? did brother J elaborate in any way to Ken AS to WHY this was ONCE SO relevant? and NOW … NO longer is?

            because i recall one of the principles of Truth being its very nature to be UNCHANGEABLE.

            it was a DEFINITIVE measure of what IS REAL
            and what is NOT

            draw your own conclusions

            (BUT WITH facts)


        1. Not exactly. His spirit was “taken” from his body shortly after he was nailed up, so he wouldn’t suffer. He was already as high as it gets, spiritually; he didn’t have to “ascend.” (This is why he basically glowed; very high vibration.) His vessel/body was later turned to pure energy by Spirit (in a matter-to-energy FLASH), so it couldn’t be turned into a thing of worship.

          His was an example of what anyone can do if they put their minds to it. Granted, he was a first-generation SOURCE spirit — but a spirit in a body, nonetheless, just like all of us.

          He is now a kind of mental filter, a kind of global superpresence in the minds of about 2.5B people. Pretty darn amazing. For those interested in deepening this link, just Ground and Protect, and meditate for a little while till your mind is calm… then say to yourself, “Brother J, you are welcome!” And BOOM: There he is.

          -CAT Eds.

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        1. Yes, we have the audio books, too, but they’re kinda hard to follow. The Course is a course in advanced spirituality, one that takes time to really ponder, sentence by sentence. It is NOT a quick read! Besides the main text, there’s also the workbook (with 365 one-a-day lessons), as well as the workbook for teachers. It’s not for everyone.

          -CAT Eds.

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      4. @The CAT(s) That Lived
        2019-05-15 AT 10:41 PM

        “We lived as disciples during that time”…
        Isn’t that Wondrous?!?
        I was in the Priestesses corps…Mary Magdalene was leading the
        Order of the Roses of the Light, started long ago in Ancient Egypt.
        Do you remember how we were welcoming Brother J?
        “Our Cherished One”!

        ISN’T _ THAT _ WONDROUS?

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      5. Yay, thank you for the link CATs!

        I’ve been wanting this book for a while, but shipping was quite expensive to Europe.
        I just ordered it and it was the last copy, meant to be for me!

        Hope everyone is managing as smoothly as possible with all these energies. Sending you all love.

        Whenever I’m asked how I am doing nowadays, I just answer “riding the waves” that about covers it most accurately.

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        1. You mean The Course? If so, be sure you do the exercises in the Workbook one day at a time (designed for 365 days), otherwise they don’t really work. Also, read the text at the same time. It’s designed to be done concurrently.

          Oh, and if anyone starts arguing about The Course again (this is NOT directed at you, Nuni), or starts ranting about things that really don’t matter, we will delete their comments. We have enough to do.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Yes from the Ebay link you posted here.

            Thanks for the instruction recap, I’ll do that.
            Feeling a special type of excitement waiting for it to arrive! It has been appearing in my life for years, seems like I’m ready for it now.


  23. Nice to be back with y’all. Our internet went out completely yesterday mid-day – didn’t get help getting an app to connect with a wifi hot spot til almost midnight.
    Autistic granddaughter happier, but she used her mom’s phone to watch videos all night using up most of her data til Friday, precocious beastie. 🙂 Repairman is able to come this afternoon after a cancellation instead of tomorrow – thank you Universe! – Until NE our Autistic one is very unhappy without internet – it interrupts her ‘studies’, lol.

    On a more somber note, I had the same reaction to the the actors choice, I read his statement – I am glad he got to the level of self examination, however. I hope others reaching this point can find gentleness for themselves and get through without this result.

    @J shout out to ya, can you take one more pun? There is a book you may be a character in that you may have read in your looonggg life time (mine’s almost as long, hehe). Being from the PNW, the title of the book is… wait for it… ‘Nann’yuck of the North’ Yup, groan… 🙂

    Love Ya all, muchly,


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  24. I DOOO! wish the energy ‘hairs’ in my ears would stop! Esp, as there doesn’t seem there is anything I can do to relieve it – I know… BREATHE! lol – *sigh*, it is temporary – I seem to deal much better with pain that the ear squiggles…

    The intense energies did affect family yesterday, my daughter has, with your love, I’m sure, dealt reasonably well, with the resent loss, partly because she had a week to start dealing with the possibility, but the men here (her partner and our Vet house guest) held out hope until the physical confirmation of loss, Monday. The energies have helped raise to the surface suppressed/repressed issues relating to their past experience with similar losses and choose a type of beverage to deal with it, resulting in an injured rib (accidental). Not sure why this is being shared… Perhaps because even though there was a small-ish emotional explosion around something not shared until now after 5 yrs(I didn’t pry – it’s a small apt ) it seemed to resolve much more quickly that such things in the past and energy in the household did rise by the end of the day – So, I guess I’m saying if we experience such upheavals in those around us, it seems to be clearing things much more quickly with the energies, also…

    The repeat of the concept of gentleness keeps coming back, to resolve to be as non-judgmental towards peoples individual processes and processing of those around us – I can’t imagine how difficult things must feel to those without the years we’ve spend with our own processes/ing.

    Much love to you all, be kind –


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      1. @ Cats Eds – Just as I was reading this I ? sensed an almost not heard tone about 10 inches above the top of my head while there was fuzz tone in my ears. Hmmm – I was thinking /remembering a LOT about frequencies and other existences of my being today – some home sickness, not quite nostalgia accompanied the musings…


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      2. Many moons ago, I read somewhere to follow up the tones, to the highest pitch you could hear. One time doing so, I tuned into what I can only describe as the music of the spheres — gentle, lovely tones — which I never was able to access a second time.
        ‘Sounds like’ it’s time to start trying again… 🙂

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  25. Tired for the past several days
    like drifting through fog…
    Michigan is ground zero for tonight’s CME
    expected around 12:00 midnight. prepared for this
    event a few years ago keeping several months of food
    and water on supply in case of weeks/months of
    power disruption(s)…
    kind thoughts to all


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  26. This is awesome:

    “Giant lion climbs straight into safari vehicle in Crimea, giving a group of tourists the shock of their lives.”


    Looks like a big Merlin.

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    1. Um, I must be a cat too, a pussy, because I would be running for the hills!

      Why is no one concerned? It’s a bloody great Lion!!! Am I missing something here? I guess I must just come from a place of fear, I dunno?


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  27. Jeez.

    You CATs referred to the last part of August ’18.

    That was the beginning of the deep transformation I’m still in, and the end of the fear that had been cursing me like, forever.

    Incredible. Had I known this blog then…

    …but no. It’s alright as it is.

    It’s good to have a proof like this, tho. It is really happening. I knew that the same, but it’s nice.

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  28. Hm. We thought the new rain in N. CA was odd so we looked at it: it’s artificial. Now we’re looking into why.

    And… that recent “positive lightning” strike (in Florida?) was NOT natural, either. Looks like this was some kind of DEW test. We’re looking into the why’s of this, too.

    -CAT Eds.

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      1. Why can’t they see how futile it is, that they are not doing themselves any favours. Even at this point in the game it’s surely not too late to turn around and stop fighting the light. Why are they so persistent, what do they think they will gain by these antics? Just crazy ❤️

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  29. Thursday 8:17 just woke up.
    Dreamt of people putting up………….. Christmas decorations.
    Also saw Sinterklaas, like Santa Claus but earlier December 6.
    Sinterklaas was black however and his helpers were white, roles reversed.
    Something was moving under the sheets of the bed and a kitty jumped out.
    A high profile athlete, no idea who, was caught in the act with an ingenious method of cheating, had to do with drugs/steroids/blood.

    Today is the wedding, let’s see what happens.

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  30. Nice Work Cats & M’s 🙂 Thank you for all the updates. The heavenly Scent of a Rose in Bloom is in the Air even though I am feeling like the Cat in the new pic meow.

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  31. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t believe it!! He didn’t write that! NO F*cking way! 😥 He was just in my thoughts 2 days ago! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


  32. Hey CAT(s) & M’s & non-Earth peeps!!


    I won’t be able to physically view any of this from where I am in Melbourne, but, I most certainly feel “the wobbles”!


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  33. Har! today’s wry comment. I find myself obsessing about my obsessive compulsive houseguest from heck. Perhaps he’s being a wonderful mirror to me. Ya think? I need to ruminate on that a bit.

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    1. I was hoping DEWs were dis functional by this point. How is it possible they were doing a test??? Daaaang

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  34. That ‘lightning’ is NASTY in the extreme, doesn’t feel right at all – I don’t even want to describe what it feels like – don’t even want to watch that twice…

    I had happenings around 3:25 am to 4:11 am – it seemed ok to start a comment about it afterwards, but was PUT to sleep. I can share two songs that were background, sort of –
    The first was: ‘A Whole New World/magic carpet ride’ ( the phrases that were being repeated)

    The other was when at 4:11 am, my laptop suddenly restarted playing a Queen song – it would be obscure to most – only a little over 1 minute long, a sweet lullaby sounding song written by Brian May. the words are:

    “Dear Friends”

    So dear friends your love has gone
    Only tears to dwell upon
    I dare not say as the wind must blow
    So a love is lost, a love is won

    Go to sleep and dream again
    Soon your hopes will rise and then
    From all this gloom life can start anew
    And there’ll be no crying soon

    I love this song – you just want the energy to go on and on…

    I’ll do what I can for the Dam situation.

    Be Love,


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  35. Hm. We can’t tell if the final CME is here or not. Lots of meters are down. If you use the world as your meter, this latest set of CMEs seem to have been “JUSTICE” CMEs… but we’ll see.

    FYI, we moved this post up a little. Thanks to all those who helped with the dam.

    -CAT Eds.

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  36. Cats and M’s: Would be very interested to get your take on lisamharrison episodes #60 and #61 of Deconstructing the Construct on youtube. I found these fascinating about events in the “realms” from Feb. to the present. She promises another episode to finish the story, but as of this time (12:55 EDT, 5/17/2019) it has not been posted.


  37. Btw, those who like looking at STEREO images (195 Å) of the sun, keep an eye on the ships around the sun. They sometimes “take up station” around the sun and they’re doing so, now. Might be nothing, might be something. There’s always so much activity that it’s often hard to tell. However, we’ve passed the final turn and the horses are aiming for the finish…

    -CAT Eds.

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  38. Let me change that, the BIGGEST WHOMP I’ve experienced. I can barely read what im writing.

    Need to sleep, it’s craaaazy.


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  39. Thank you for the update CATs 🌟

    Just had a little meditation and have an overwhelming desire to tell you ALL just how much I love and appreciate ALL of you! ❤️

    Thank you 🙏

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