Quick Dam Meditation [UPDATE1]

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Hi, all. The PTW is sending rainstorms to cause the Oroville Dam in N. CA to collapse. Please take a moment and send light and enduring strength to that structure in your meditations. YES, this is illusion, but it’s also a learning experience. So, learn to use your powers for good. Be the angels of your better natures. (And feel free to invoke angels for this. Yes, angels exist. They LOVE to help.)

PTW: “Dam meditators.”



Also, while meditating, imagine the rain to be a spiritual rain, that nurtures and inspires, and is absorbed into everyone and everything, leaving them transformed.



21 thoughts on “Quick Dam Meditation [UPDATE1]

  1. Done 🙏❤️🙏

    Oroville damn is surrounded and strengthened by INVINCIBLE LIGHT.
    Dear Angels please assist.
    It is SAFE, it is SAFE, it is SAFE.


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    1. 2nd confirmation something is shifting (first was the cloud archway the other day). Had a dream myself and many other people we going up in an elevator to the top floor of a building that no one normally goes up to (I sensed). All were excited and calm; we all were quiet, yet I heard a lot of chatter. I heard “it’s time to share and enjoy”. While I thought the floor # was 33. But when we got there, there was no number and as I walked thru the elevator doors, I woke up! Dang! 🥳

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    2. Last night here , 16th My evening started out with a pack of coyotes screaming past my bedroom window, then realizing my cats were out I ran out and got them, when I returned a big boom of thunder then the rainstorm of rainstorms happened. Sounded like too much water so I played solitaire, I fell asleep listening to it and dreamt that a glowing tunnel opened up in the forest next to me (this tunnel is in many of my dreams) and small flying friendly colorful Koalas the size of a chihuahua ( never saw anything like them) flew thru my window and flew around me, sat in my hand, coo at me and when I got up I saw a little pointy hatted gnome staring at me thru my living room window. Not my usual dream
      still scratching my head over this one, time line jump age maybe.

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  2. I envisioned angels with golden fire shooting from their palms blasting holes into the clouds.

    Thanks for the encouragement and am SO curious about these next few days. 😀❤️

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  3. I so love the golden Kitty lights…

    Difficult evenings that few days – feverish feelings, sick-ish – only in evenings – hard to stay conscious at times throughout the day. (making looking after grandchild challenging, makes her self directedness a benefit there) Upper heart pain joined the other area(s) stuff morning of the 16th – none of these have lasted forever – good to remember – very concentrated breathing has helped experiencing the ear squiggles.

    I feel like sending everyone (EVERYONE) extra love and support tonight – find your peaceful, comfortable, cozy CENTER – filled to brimming with SOURCE – or whatever that may be for you. and RESIDE – that was capitalized… hmmm, reside isn’t (doesn’t feel like) an action word rather a be-ing word — I’m just realizing how much I have been using that word this past week… Reside in Source – that feels nice, a feeling of mutuality.
    Ok, before I go cross-eyed with that (looking outward and inward at the same time?) I’ll begin my nightly search for sleep, as passively as I can. AFTER some dam strengthening and spiritual drizzle, deep and penetrating ( Ha, like ‘conditioner’ 🙂 ), and expanding (don’t know – it was just added)

    Love to all, may you have good nights…


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  4. Desperados … were they not responsible for the 2017 Spillway Crisis?

    Done 🙂 Its Raining Love & overflowing from all Hearts creating a Unified Heart Field

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  5. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Sparklers erupt from the planetary fires.

    Classifieds are presented to the masses.

    Egoics are seen running.

    Semmerance combines with the multitudes.

    Enlightenment follows.

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    1. Agree, unusually quiet in nw Pa. So I Am resting/grounding w/Minky. I made a veggie pizza. Peace.

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