Buckle UP, Force Infinity



We looked ahead as far as we could see and there is *huge* energy coming this week… we got chills on our chills… which of course is hintimated by all the CMEs incoming, but MORE energy is gonna somehow ride in on that energy, or something. Even “regular” people (normies) are gonna feel it… and start CHANGING, from the inside. The light’s either gonna go full ON inside them, or full OFF (and then they’ll go nuts — AVOID, watch for foam).

There are also two unusual late-spring storms due to hit the SF Bay Area, right in time with the CMEs. Interesting.

Also… we didn’t know exactly when to say this, but might as well too now. After this upcoming full moon, we see a big FLASH and a boom. This could involve the sun. It could involve something else (nothing bad, though). We can’t see anything else past that. Could be The SHIFT. Could be the big energy WHOMP. Could be Godzilla with our light latte. Note: We DO see us still being worked on by our ET and Spirit friends (and the sun and Gaia) after all this, on DNA/energy upgrades, etc., so… we’re not going to vanish. Either way: Buckle Up, Force Infinity. We need a nap.


[Btw… someone administered the Ping of Death to this post… totally shut down our computers by remote control… but the post was saved and went out anyway! Ha!]

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  1. Gonna be a BIG week. Yikes! Check out the site .

    On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 3:39 PM Schrödinger’s ÖTHER Cat wrote:

    > The CAT(s) That Lived posted: ” Hooboy. We looked ahead as far as we could > see and there is *huge* energy coming this week… we got chills on our > chills… which of course is hintimated by all the CMEs incoming, but MORE > energy is gonna somehow ride in on that energy, or something” >

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  2. Not sure how to feel about a flash and a loud boom. I’m very sensitive to sudden lights/noises and it could end up scaring me pretty badly!

    I’d like the SHIFT to be a gentle experience personally.

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  3. This kitty looks flattened (crumpled) inside the window pane …
    Or could it be an optical illusion?!
    Only a kitty can do that … Chapeau!

    I love adventures, thanks for the good news 🙂


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  4. Oh Wow, thank you CATs, will hold on tight…..!

    Took my daughter and mum to our beautiful country park today. Noticed quite a few impatient drivers on the road. Feel like I have to really watch out for other people’s driving to stay safe at the moment! Feel sorry for the animals and birds that stray onto the roads…

    Turned on the car radio which I hardly ever do whilst mum popped into a shop on the way home and Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'” was playing 🙂

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. Alas, when Bob Dylan wrote that, he was being influenced by a dark thing. Not one of the Nasties, but one of the minor ones. Sadly, the song has a different meaning than people think… but in its current play, it’s a flail.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. It’s never about the entire set of lyrics, just the Key Words that WE get right away. My song lyrics today were ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and ‘My Eyes Adore You’. Buzzy feet and numb lips for two days Now, sleeping lots. High Heart Hugs ALL.

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      2. Wow, I did not know that, what a shame.

        Well I will take the ‘times are a Changin’ lyrics’ and surround them in light to take on a positive meaning❤️

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  5. This just came into my inbox, new Sophia Love ❤️

    May 12, 2019

    Is there someone else who’d like to connect?

    Sophia, hello. I am here.

    (a solitary voice, a bit somber sounding)

    Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

    You are most welcome.

    I am Anatar. I come to you from Orion. I can tell you something about history; yours on earth and how it compares to mine here. I am not directly in your current “time”, yet the explanation of where I come to you from is a bit hard to describe. I do not necessarily abide by the “rules” of your density, which you’ve labeled 3rd.

    My origin is from a place that is a bit more fluid and malleable. You might say this is because I see it that way, but that would be an over-simplification. I EXPERIENCE IT THAT WAY, AND SO IT IS.

    Your definitions of dimensions and timelines and densities and frequencies tend to become vague and mixed together. This is not at all accurate and I desire accuracy in my presentation so I will remain in my declaration of being not in your current “time” and leave it there.


    What is it you’d like to share with us Anatar?

    A bit of a story about where I come from. It includes travesties and atrocities and wars and domination – then peace.

    This is the path of Earth as well.

    As we’ve asserted that my “time” origin differs from yours currently, lets’ go a step further back. I’d like to paint a picture that encompasses not only where you are but where you are going. From my vantage point, I have access to that vision. I suspect it will help to sustain hope and positive creation.

    That would be great. How do you know that this picture is an accurate one for Earth, for Earth right now?

    Because, dear human, the access to a bigger picture merely requires a stepping back from the journey. I stand way back as compared to where you are standing. You are in the midst of it, while I am not. My view expands past the decade you occupy.

    Okay. Please, go ahead then.

    The painful eruptions surrounding you now from Gaia and her people, do begin to slow down and eventually stop. They do.

    What I see is a trajectory and on it now you’ve almost reached the apex.

    Some of you are miles past the apex and looking further still
    What I speak to now is the majority, these are the un-awake ones. They have not yet reached a climax of grief – (yet) it fast approaches.

    In my history it went rapidly. There had been a quick escalation of damage and there was an even faster destruction of those elements causing the disruption.

    It looks to be the same for Earth but for one element, and this will encourage you. There is a great deal of light for you and thus even those currently cocooned in darkness feel the pull of it – what shows as a possibility on Earth is an even more fantastic transformation to the light because of the great switch.

    You all will have some surprises. You are assuming now to be sworn enemies with some very dark ones. Yet also, with this pull of the light, those dark ones feel a nudge of truth. Some will keep it buried, but not all.

    This level of light is unprecedented. The human is known primarily for his/her compassion, which presents in equal measure to his/her capacity for emotion. It is this human element that creates a brilliant display, a turn “on”, as if a switch for oneness was engaged.

    And you see this happening in the coming decade?

    It is close, so close. By the end of the decade, much will have been altered, decided and chosen. Remember here that I come to you from outside of your “time” and see the whole. These words may sound non-specific, yet they are the only way to describe what is seen without the use of visuals.

    I see something and have (seen it) since you began. It is a bell curve and on the left is black and the far right is blazing white/yellowish. I see movement along this curve. The mass (majority?) is in a gray area towards the top, while some seem to fly over continuously (sometimes there are wings) and others sort of trudge. Those on the path are in a gray/white area and sometimes they roll back to the black. I can’t tell if they then again begin to move to the right or stay there. It is unclear.

    This is real “time” – condensed somehow for your comprehension. This shows you get the picture. It is not precisely that, yet you are close. Does the image assist you?

    It does.

    Good. I wish only to assist. These times for humanity are so painful. Know that this part ends in peace.

    Is that all then?

    For now, it is, yes. Know that every (life affirming) effort made is a movement to the right and away from the dark. Trust that all will be well. It is known to be true.

    Thank you. I appreciate your information. Goodbye then.

    Goodbye human.

    (Note – a very clinical “feel” to this energy. Sophia)

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  6. May the Ping of Death boomerang back to it’s origin.
    Out now to buy some extra large Salonpas patches in anticipation of flash, bam, boom upgrades. Cay

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  7. Yay, for gremlins in reverse. ( post going out irregardless of… )

    Yup, the title pic is just how I feel – flattened and squooshed by invisible (glass), universal forces. Now, draw a horizontal dotted line just above the eyes, remove upper skull, eyes should pop right out from the inside – our house guest (Big Marine Vet, who until his recent ‘summer’ hair-cut sported a pink and yellow pony-tail ) offered to put my head in an crooked arm lock this morning and pull with the other hand – POP! – brain and eyes all over the ceiling, hardy har har, or as @J would say via Stooges, nyuck, nyuck, n-yuck… oh my, my CME sense of humor has run a-muck… decades ago I would have had to declare a PUN alert, as I couldn’t stop once started – I must have ‘cleared’ back that far… The youngest (as in oldest back, I can remember) was riddle form, the gist of which was… – what do you call twins sitting on their igloo ice couch without their trousers? Frozen assets… groan… I WAS young. May everyone find their innocent sense of humor wherever they left it, how ever many years (decades) ago… Innocent senses of humor that had no offence intended or taken… that would indeed improve the world no end… 🙂

    May everyone reside in ‘Good Humor’ this week, as best you can… Now I want ice cream – that may be a regional reference, East of Mississippi? thing (I live west of, now), does the company still exist?

    My daughter went back to work this evening – thankx, all who helped… 😘 I heard her laughing today and she was treated well and kindly today by everyone at the Drs/clinic. ✨

    HEY! look at the emoji I just found… 🐱‍🚀
    Much love to you all,


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  8. 🙂 I like the time stamp on the comment I just posted. 😉

    Here’s another cat emoji – it’s small I just want to see what it is larger – I’m sure it will be appropriate… 🐱‍👓 By golly, I believe that cat is holding a coffee mug.

    Much love to all you Cats, Ms, Guides, helpful beings of all sorts and all the ‘Spectators’ I’ve felt and ‘seen’ incoming around Earth etc. over recent years – thank you for your assistance and attention over ‘time’. … … I find the energy behind my comments today ‘interesting’… I also find all the use of ‘s and …s hilarious… 🙂

    Thank you to all the readers and commenters and ‘Family’ that have shared consciousness through this blog.

    Sharing LOVE, desiring to experience SOURCE with you all.


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  9. Pooh, the cat emojis weren’t compatible with the platform – the first( that showed as cat+ space ship was much like the header astro cat) – the second was indeed a cat wearing a scarf, holding a coffee mug… oh well – I’ll stop cluttering the comment section now. 🙂


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  10. “The Shot Heard Around The World”…

    …maybe? Who knows.

    Btw, no more “talking” dreams the last days. Many and important until about one week ago.

    The “Calm Before The Storm”?

    OK I know, I read too much Q, sorry…

    I love your blog!!!

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      1. Yeah, so any of us are from so many civilizations originally that it’s fruitless to identify with any one. We are CATs with opposable thumbs this time around. And it’s time humans came into their own. We are actually highly respected outside our little (formerly negative) sphere.


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    1. Hm. That little girl is tapping into an adjacent timeline; we see stuff like this all the time, it’s kinda tough sorting it out, sometimes. What she describes won’t be happening on this timeline, not exactly. No worries.


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    2. @Mr M ~

      A large percentage of *Human* DNA, is Lyran-based.
      Right across the board.

      So just look at yourself in the mirror. There’s your “Lyran connection”, right there in front of you.

      This is why ‘SEPARATION’ concepts like you just introduced (& have continued to support like most humans),
      need to be dropped as of yesterday — completely released from your head, and let go for good…..because they are always Frequency-Lowering, and are no longer relevant at 5D awareness levels.


      1. I lost you @ ‘SEPARATION” , where did I introduced separation concepts, well, I i even dont know what you mean by that

        I have an affinity towards Lions , and thats it , what it means is anybody’s guess…

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  11. Whatever whompage occurs, I just hope it happens before noon before I have to go to work. Because honestly, who wants to be stuck at work during such a magical time?! I want to be w my fam n puppy. Here’s to waking up the world!!! 😁

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  12. I keep getting more Christmas references, really over the top like enough now! I think it might be linked to the dream where it was June and snowing, so not Christmas as such just weird unexpected wintery weather

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  13. I saw a strange cloud formation yesterday (early evening – sun is setting later now – woohoo!), couldn’t take a pic because I was driving and no one was in the vehicle to do it (a big No to distracted driving!). Clear sky, save a few little clouds here and there. Then right in front, slightly to the left a cloud shaped like an archway (yes seriously!) got my attention. It had another cloud, shaped like an ancient ocean ship except very lean, just starting to move towards the arch and was going to pass through it. I got the goosebumps and then a feeling of joy (it was gentle and very serene) and found myself smiling. When I looked back up to it (you know, driving – apparently you do need to watch the road…le sigh) it was a merely thin version of what it was before. Thanks Cats for the confirmation and heads up – I’m prepared for the Whompage and created a peaceful “space” around my neighborhood too. ✨ Hold yer light and keep on grounding 😁 ✨

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  14. OMG! I had the craziest 2 days(13th-14th)… energetically!!
    I could not function at all! Had a brain fog and wanted to sleep all day and all night for 2 days!
    I just felt like some force did not let me do anything… even think!
    My root chakra also was in pain….

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  15. Sorry, also forgot to mention…I have dreams about cats every night now…especially about kittens…They are so lovable and cute… 🙂

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  16. I hope I whompage frees us from all the dark pressing in. I’m ridiculously targeted. I’m ready for a flash…in fact I keep trying to Starburst from inside my heart chakra, but my heart feels like it’s in a cage and won’t budge. Whomp away!!! This Sun worshipper will be happy for the Cavalry to show up! Love to all and will miss you on Twitter when you leave that space. Thanks for the information and the laughs! ❤️⚡️

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