Activity @ 5-11-19 [UPDATE5]


Looks like the CME sluice has started to open:


Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.37.45 PM

Aaand it looks like we just had another flare/CME:

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.43.21 PM

We’ll see how big. Alas, NASA has locked the current images. Gosh, wonder why. None of this looks that remarkable; still waiting for our “Mother’s Day Surprise.”

FYI, we expect something else, soon. We’ll give you a sign when we’re closer. It will be this month, whatever it is. We were told to expect something… and given some vague timing. More as we get closer. You don’t have long to wait.

Here we go.


Finally. The Mother’s Day CME’s have arrived…




…though they won’t hit on Mother’s Day. Probably 5-15. They don’t look all that big, but we’re sure we’re all gonna feel something. Also, we changed the date on this post title.






Good-sized CME today:


The first of these (four CMEs) could be here as early as the 14th, but it looks like they’re all gonna hit one after the other starting on the 15th; the one above is estimated to hit us on the 16th. It’s hard to say as CMEs travel at different rates.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 11.56.06 PM

Here was an earlier one:



Aaaand another one:



Aaand another one. Krikey.



71 thoughts on “Activity @ 5-11-19 [UPDATE5]

  1. Hearing you Cats loud and clear.
    Last nights DreamTime would have to be the hardest one yet, to ‘awaken’ from.
    I’ll share what I shared about 10 mins ago on fb, in case it helps anyone here too.
    Lots of purrs, pats n head butts xxxxx

    Hi All 💛

    DreamTime is getting Very hard to leave. All the work that is being done there… the Life without pain, without sorrow, no worries, warm sunshine without the burn, Golden friendships…
    It’s so Very Golden.
    Ocean side, playing in the warm salty sea with my Beloved and Golden friends… laughter, singing… no heaviness.

    Last nights DreamTime was honestly the most hardest to ‘wake up’ from. Its gettin’ Real. Living 2 very distinct ‘times’/lives… that I can remember anyways. It can get very frustrating.

    I’ve always Dreamed… ever since I can remember. And as a small child, a young girl, a teenager, a young woman… I was scoffed at for being a ‘Dreamer’.
    No matter.. as none of that stopped what was obviously a very important part of my life, in this life cycle.

    It was an escape for a long time…
    It became a place to learn also…
    Then came the ‘work’,
    and the healing’s, both mine and others..
    I don’t know when exactly that part began,
    but its been ongoing.

    Each night, every single time I am ‘asleep’,
    My Dreams are Full.
    I’m in crafts with no wings, with others,
    In meetings with many different beings,
    and as said at the start of this share…
    the Life that is Lived there also.

    The Synchronicities are many at this point,
    I can see, and feel, the merging in of different places.
    Trees, plants, flowers.. All of our Dear Mother’s bounty,
    is becoming more and more luminescent.
    Seeing many forms representing codes,
    Nature spirits showing themselves more and more so

    Information, Knowledge, Wisdom…
    is literally Everywhere.

    I’ve been living and breathing this most of my life in some way.
    Now… its SO very close.. the pain of Being ‘here’ is sometimes overwhelming. I know I am not the only one feeling this.
    There is a ‘thickness’ to this place we ‘live’ now…
    This 3D Earth.
    But its not the Earth that is producing this ‘thickness’…
    Its the people.
    How and why?
    Well.. as many of Us have been doing the necessary.. walking the places we had/have to, to be free from past ‘everything’..
    There are also those whom are still not interested, and..
    those whom would prefer that we not do the work.

    The ‘thickness’ is just that. An energy that has become so very thick to breathe, to move in. We are pushing through it and at the same time Golden blasts of Light are trying to thin it out, for All of Us. That’s what our friends in other places Can do.
    They Can do this kind of thing. They however cannot Do the ‘stuff’, our ‘work’, for Us.

    So… Be Grateful for the things they Can and Are doing.
    Along with All the WonderFull people whom are here on this Earth, at this time, Doing oh so much work, not just for themselves, but also for the betterment of the All.

    I’ve also been thinking about the ‘Circle of 9’, and whether I ‘should’ name them/me differently.
    3 of 12?
    The Circle of 12?
    Me being a quarter, holding 3 spaces, of the 12.
    It’s not important in the big picture,
    but for me, here, in this body.. its kinda grinding on me.
    Either way, I have to make a choice.
    And the sooner the better, I feel…
    Because its impeding the channeled writing/sharing.

    Much Love to You All
    🌟🌹💛Tea Kay💛🌹🌟

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    1. @ Tea Kay, thank you so much for sharing this, so beautifully out. I too have been ‘accused’ of being a dreamer since a small child but it was the dreams that made more sense than life at times…

      I believe we are close, very close….

      Much love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. “I know I am not the only one feeling this.”

      Ya think?

      “There is a ‘thickness’ to this place we ‘live’ now…
      This 3D Earth.
      But its not the Earth that is producing this ‘thickness’…
      Its the people.
      How and why?”

      Because you are all so unbelievably SELF-ABSORBED — you absolutely REFUSE to give up and release the thick-headed, childish, immature FOCUS on SELF.

      ME, ME, ME,….I, I, I…………YI

      You want to evolve?, then get out of your own head and become ONE with ALL.

      Become EVERYBODY.

      ‘Total eclipse Holland I decided to become everyone’:


  2. I realy hope it’s coming soon.
    I’m getting so tired of the waiting and promises that are never fulfilled.
    I just want to go home.

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    1. AMEN.
      Break on through to the Other Side ~

      “I saw a blue like that in a dream / waking vision, probably a good month ago now — very intense, deep, and luminous…”

      ~ ark2arcturus



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  3. Yes, had some ‘things’ since late last night into this morning – some very nauseous, wibbly-wobblies. too.
    Had some info or insights, but I think perhaps just personally related as they weren’t to be shared.

    I just checked and it’s ok if some would care to ask for some gentle energies towards my daughter’s situation for ‘the most beneficial outcome’ – it’s both emotionally and physically painful and distressing. I can see that it COULD be a way of higher self providing an avenue of inner examination, but I DID ask and it’s ok to ask for some gentle support for the whole process for her and her partner/grdd’s father… thank you…

    Maybe gentle is a good word to promote feeling at this time to ourselves, our loved ones and all who reside here, no matter what; gentle everything down…?

    Peace to all,


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      1. @lily144, thank you so much Lily, much gratitude. ❤

        You and your daughter are in my thoughts and heart always.
        ((( ❤ )))

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    1. Kathleen G
      I blessed her with finding gentle solutions to all her issues that are lasting good resolutions that are good for her and all heart sourced beings . Our spark of infinite source with in us makes us One.
      Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Thank you CATs ❤️

    Sophia Love ❤️

    ‘Hi everyone. The conversation you are about to read took place on May 8th. Here is a bit of background, so that it makes sense.

    They reference my partner, who has had diabetes for 20 years now. He has not felt a great deal of success with meds (insulin) and is “no good at watching everything I eat”. He does manage to keep his A1C test in line, which means nothing to me but will mean something to those of you familiar with diabetes.

    He’s been lowering his insulin gradually for 2 years now. It was initially 51 units and eventually reduced to 31 with concerted effort. Until recently, results have been painstakingly achieved with diet, and they have been slow. There seemed faint hope of a rapid and complete healing.

    Until 2 weeks ago. He will tell you he is “gob-smacked” at the change! He awoke one day with the idea to only take insulin if his blood sugar gets to be above 200; he stopped automatically taking it first thing in the morning. He tested every few hours, his goal was to see if he was able to maintain a level of less than 160 without insulin. The first day he tried this he had pizza for dinner and awoke the next day with a blood sugar of 111. Normal!

    Today, he is no longer taking the nighttime insulin and his morning levels are below 150. He’s abandoning the second shot and is taking about 18 ONCE a day. His blood sugars are now better than ever before. He has NOT changed anything else!

    They are not perfect, yet he feels better every day (I can affirm there’s been a major change in his energy level and mood). He sleeps through the night and didn’t know why any of this was suddenly happening – until now!

    Enjoy the explanation below!

    Much love,

    May 8th, 2019 4:00 AM

    We are here now Sophia.

    Hello. Please introduce yourselves.

    We are the Pleiadians. We have come again to help, to offer information and hopefully comfort for you.

    Thank you. Please go ahead then.

    Yes. We have at our fingertips technology that affords not just healing, but rejuvenation. A return to a younger, more vibrant, healthier state.

    We have been using it on your partner now these past weeks. You have noticed changes, no?

    Yes, he has, and has reported them to me. He feels so much better; his condition is improving in ways he’s never seen.

    This is due to the efforts of our tech. We know him well and have used him in this way, in the way you’d refer to as a “guinea pig”.

    He has shown steady progress right along. Yet this new version we have perfected does not require complete belief in its methods in order to sustain healing and achieve the results looked for.

    It finds the bare whispers of health visions and expands them, encasing the subject. We’ve been bathing your partner in these visions for weeks now and he is noticing.


    He is very encouraged.

    As are we!

    You are doing this while he sleeps?

    We are utilizing his intent and doing it with that. His only requirement is holding a vision of health – he has one.

    This technology is new and has been perfected due to the initial setbacks and failures with the two of you some time ago.

    Note – This may be another book, it all happened in 2016 and 2017. Sophia.

    What is new is now seen as working. We wanted to reach out to you so that you’d tell your partner (that) he is doing so much for himself by retaining a vision of health, and by not losing hope.

    His physical efforts are painting a picture of where he would like to be and this is the picture that our pods are utilizing. It is his ideal body that is created with light and as he accepts the possibility – it manifests.

    This may only have been possible with these new frequencies. With this current energy on earth. We aren’t completely sure but that may partly explain why we weren’t experiencing much luck before.

    What can the rest of us do to achieve similar results?

    There is a protocol. You can adopt a mission of constant rejuvenation, continuous creation of ideal; a perfect healthy body. With this protocol, add “I enlist the assistance of the Pleiadian Pods.”

    This can be done silently. With practice it will manifest.

    We are ready for you now. Prepared to help humanity and the atmosphere is now supportive of our efforts as well. What this means for you is support. You are not so much battling conflicting beliefs and energetics, but riding the waves of support.

    We are here to help, prepared to assist and eager to heal!

    The human body undergoes this massive alteration, and at this point right now is ready and accepting of change, to support the change.

    Past efforts did not happen in such an atmosphere and required sheer will on your part for small change.

    We wanted you to know that we are available to assist anyone willing to try. We are anxious to help.

    Okay. I will share this. Yet, let me say that we’ve been a bit discouraged and some would say beaten up with promises and failures in our “past”.

    We know.

    This is the reason we did not reach out until your partner was so very much improved and encouraged and showing measurable signs of health.

    You can share these now. People will believe or not – yet in any case, more of them will try and perhaps will come forward with their stories for each other.

    It is a collaborative belief that is most effective. Once we can turn the tables on that, the rest is a matter of time and word of mouth. We are ready to help and are ready.

    Thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

    Not at this point Sophia, no. Please share this with your friends so that we can help. You have all the facts.

    Okay. Thank you.

    We are very excited to be of assistance at this moment in our history. It is an honor. We appreciate your willingness to engage with us.

    Goodbye! We hope to see you soon!


    (I see a large group – maybe 20 or so – waving. (smile))

    This conversation ended.’

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  5. Thanks, CATS. I appreciate the work you do on this blog and all of the readers here. You make me feel like I’m not alone in this experience. Peace and love, everyone.


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  6. Wow! People expected today to stay at cabin, house guest here, makes me wonder what’s in store with all of them being here this weekend. Clearly this timing is not in my hands. (Btw, they are all “normies”)

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  7. I guess I’ll mention the fact that over the last week I have lost a LOT of hair I wondered yesterday as I’d had a very different ‘look’ and physical make-up in a new scenery in a dream, 2 ? days ago… very different for me, but not as much for the other existances.

    I’m not particularly vain Losing my ‘Leo’ mane. I should expect to be sadder about it. Oh well, change is change.

    be well and 🙂 ‘Mane’-tain,


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  8. Thanks Cat’s, M’s and All for everything you’re doing. For what it’s worth, I saw a LOT of activity in the skies on Friday evening over LI. Was doing some star gazing, then some of said “stars” started slowly moving across the sky. Like a lot of them, more than I have ever seen before. Nice!

    Also, in meditation recently, I saw (eyes closed, but you know what I mean) these iridescent, geometrical shapes moving towards me. As I opened my eyes, I felt like my hands and arms were surrounded by this almost electrical charge. Not painful, but super tingly, and super charged. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    PS-Everyone around me thinks I am from Mars, or bat-ish crazy…and I am ok with that. 🤷🏾‍♂️😂❤️

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  9. Just read this on another site, a quote from Cobra after the January 21st meditation:

    “ … the situation with the plasma toplet bombs has reached a point where the Light Forces will be able to take a certain unprecedented action in the not-too-distant future …”

    Are there “plasma toplet bombs”?


    1. That fictional fake Crap has gone on for so long now, that I just want to take one of his “toplet bombs”, shove one in his toilet, and another up his @ss….

      ….and I’ll save a real special one for the 2 dark “so-called-intelligence” morons reading this blog (Dumb and Dumber?) so that they can fill up all of their ridiculously boring spare 3D time, playing Catch with it.


    2. I scoped out Cobra for a bit a few years ago, but found it was the same old “it’s gonna happen soon…oh wait, the resistance has found x.y.z and we have to wait. We are getting closer, we were able to a.b.c, and now we need everyone to meditate with cintematy (?) Stones. Oh oh, we have bombs and other things that need to be cleared now, gotta wait longer.” I stopped reading.

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  10. Nurtz! I found what this week end was about. All of these years of being and doing the work are to bring balance and stability and , yes some understanding and knowledge to them . Now that it’s here, am I ready for the job? Just askin’

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  11. Exciting times, and thank you all as always. Anyone else carry a certain nostalgia for 3D earth? There are truly some real beautiful people just doing the best they can… and the animals… and the trees… I hope I can carry forward a certain level of my current consciousness and memory and all because this has all been awesome… and by awesome, I mean a pain-in-the-ass, learn every lesson the hard way with more to go, back aching, earth polluting shit show… but there is still love and beauty in there.

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    1. @eric
      All Godliness and Loveliness of this awesome creation goes further with us. This wondrous planet is a gift of Source to us, His children.
      Nothing can ever be lost, that is the LOVE of God.

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    2. 46 yrs ago I was a driven 23 yr old who had to bury myself deep in the woods and found the perfect spot to live full of wild life and flowers and streams, The bob cats, frogs, owls gave me messages and I knew since I was very young (5) That I came here with a purpose and then would return to my home home. 3d here is so heavy and polarized it is always trying to push us off our path but I have a very strong feeling that all the parts we have truly loved here, trees, animals ,fish, birds, butterflies and LOVED ONES etc etc are all going with us!
      None of things you have nostalgia for (if they are GOOD)
      will be left.
      that’s my story and I’m sticking to it
      Love to you all

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      1. @milifiori well I think I like that story very much and will be taking all my loved ones, animals, plants etc with me too, see you and yours there 😉

        ❤️🌻🐝🐱🦁🌳🐠🐬🐿🐞🐦 (apologies, got a bit carried away!)

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        1. I am with you there!
          we will have a nice gathering won’t we, yes we will have a lot of fun
          remembering the old times, once we are OUT of here but then again
          it might be so incredibly lovely to just BE in the new earth that we may never give it another thought.

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  12. To: All of the Loving Ladies; Happy Mothers Day w/Love/Gratitude! From: The “Kidtens” in Joy!

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    1. Thank you Christopher ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day!

      Mothers’ Day in the UK is in March but I will happily celebrate both!

      Love to ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. And Happy Mother’s Day to beautiful Gaia along with peace, gratitude and healing for Mother Earth and all the life she carries with her ❤️🙏🌍

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  13. Standing in a supermarket car park yesterday. I was noticing the Air around me in a slight white haze again. I had been seeing it on and off all day. But this time I stopped and managed some kind of internal sight shift, then everywhere it turned really misty, like an overlay. We are walking in this energy and no one can See it! We are breathing it in.

    I will practise more.


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    1. Ahh. We talked about this… and this has happened to us off and on over the past year… but we just thought it was just our eyes… and we each had no idea it was happening to the others. Interesting. Next time this happens, look at the sun or moon, or a light source. We’ll do the same. Let us know what you see. Also note how you feel. (Some of us said they felt “between two worlds.”)

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @ Mark, I noticed the white mist a few times, it seems to come and go but it’s probably just me tuning in and out of it. I guess it’s always there? I saw it indoors on Friday night.

      Yesterday Eve the moon was pink/rose gold! Beautiful and also slightly eerie!

      Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. No idea. Guides said we, “may get a surprise around Mother’s Day,” and then we saw pink and purple skies. Their idea of time is totally different than ours in case you hadn’t noticed. Personally, we don’t need a magical moment to know that magic is happening all the time.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Considering what they’ve put us through there’s a good chance that they meant Mothers’ Day in the UK.



  14. Given what’s coming, this is a good reminder:


    Solar Storm Now very Active. It takes a few days for the Coronal Mass Ejection (up to 10 billion tonnes of plasma) that is released with a Solar Flare to reach Earth, as it is so dense and heavy, which is why it has taken until today for the “active” Geomagnetic Storm status to be reached.

    However, the energy from a Solar Flare, which is bright and light and slightly different, only takes 8 minutes to reach our planet – so it’s likely that those who are highly sensitive will have sensed the Solar Flares over this past week and Now BE feeling the full impact of this Storm.

    Solar Storms temporarily disturb the Earth’s Magnetosphere as Solar Winds and Flares interact with Earth’s Electromagnetic Field. We all have a personal Electromagnetic Field that surrounds us (our aura) and any Electromagnetic Energy that affects the Earth also affects our own Energy Field.

    Just as Earthly weather can affect us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically – so too can the weather out in the Universe, particularly when it hits our Earth.

    Over the past 24 hours Solar Wind has been increasingly intense, and this Incoming Energy can impact everything that exists on this planet.

    One of the main things that those who are highly sensitive to energy will be noticing is a disturbance in their sleep patterns, as research has found that Solar Storms desynchronise our circadian rhythm, which is the internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times.

    This is because the Electromagnetic activity from the Geomagnetic Storm is causing our Pineal Gland to produce an increase in Melatonin – which disrupts our sleep routine.

    Solar Flares are known to affect the Schumann Resonance (Earth’s Heartbeat), which also affects our own inner beat. This is then believed to influence our brain activity, and general balance, well-being, and sense of stability in the world. Flares are also believed to directly impact our Nervous System, causing us to feel extra edgy, cautious, and generally as though we are existing on “fight or flight” mode.

    Therefore, we may be feeling extra fearful right now, and generally thinking the worst in every situation we are involved in. We may even have noticed we are stressing over past mistakes, or feeling terrified of what the future holds.

    This is all due to our lower vibrations being pulled upwards by the NEW Higher Vibrational Energy coming in from this Solar Storm, and it is all for our Higher Good and helps us make significant changes that moves us away from our past so that we move positively into the present / future.

    Old unprocessed emotions (stored cellular memories) and past open wounds will also be rising to the surface so that they can be acknowledged and healed – which when resolved will lift our vibration Higher.

    This may cause us to reach out to those we are estranged from, or those we have misunderstandings with, or that we have not forgiven, or who we wish to ask for forgiveness from.

    We may also find we are argumentative and touchy with those around us, and we might feel as though everything external is highly turbulent right now – while this may be true, our heightened sense of awareness is having a magnifying effect.

    This all sounds as though it’s going to be an extremely traumatic few days, however when we are aware of what’s occurring, and we pay attention to our thought patterns and how our body is feeling, we will realise we are totally in control and can navigate this storm with ease, just like we have done with every other one (whether consciously or subconsciously).

    Intense energetic periods are always deeply transformational and are huge opportunities for Self-Growth. Many of us will notice an internal ‘shift’ occurring and over the next few days we may not feel 100% ourselves, and possibly even notice ‘out of body’ experiences. We may also be noticing an influx of Synchronicities happening, which are just little signs and affirmations alerting us that all is well and we’re heading along the right path.

    It may feel as though our heads are noisy, and that even if we are entirely alone and in silence, it still seems as though everything is much too loud. Our ears may be ringing and our bodies might be feeling restless, making meditation and mindfulness suddenly feel far too difficult, if not impossible at times.

    Every Cell in our body will feel on High Alert, as we sense the Incoming Energy Waves. Our Aura (our personal electromagnetic field) will naturally pick up on the incoming High vibrations in the Atmosphere and will be working like crazy to attune to this NEW Energy so that we can vibrate on the same frequency and return once again to Peace and Harmony.

    On a Collective level, HUman Consciousness is receiving an invitation from the Universe to vibrate on a much Higher frequency than the one we are currently vibrating on.

    For a Shift in our personal lives, as well as overall Humanity, it is essential we place trust in Divine Universal Energy and ride out the next few days of this solar storm with inner, and external, peacefulness, calmness, and faith.

    Although we will feel triggered to explode, like the Sun has, if we respond with Compassion, Kindness, Understanding, and Empathy, it enhances and uplifts our own, as well as the Collective Energy of the entire Earth.

    Some common symptoms people experience during Solar Storms are;

    Pressure headaches
    Feeling out of sorts, or unbalanced
    Dizziness, nausea
    Ear ringing
    Difficulty focusing
    Confusion, foggy mind, forgetful
    Temporarily misplacing items
    Disturbed sleep patterns
    Anxiety, stress, irritability, sadness
    Nervousness, worry, fear
    Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, insights that seem to appear from ‘nowhere’
    Difficulty tracking time (time either feels too slow or at great speed)
    Noticing synchronicities, i.e. certain number patterns reappearing
    Premonitions, intense dreams or nightmares
    Struggles with communication
    Electronic devices messing up

    The reason for much of the above is that our personal vibration is on a frequency that is much lower than the vibration of the new energy incoming from the Sun / Universe.

    To lift our vibration so that we resonate with the Higher energy we can:

    Drink plenty of filtered water (not tap water)
    Take salt water baths
    Meditate and remain aware of recurring thoughts and feelings
    Avoid caffeine and alcohol
    Spend time in nature
    Consume high vibrational foods such as fruit, vegetables
    Remind yourself that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that conscious thought and intention can instantly alter how we think and feel
    Breathe deeply
    Forgive, release, surrender, practice kindness, compassion, acceptance, and empathy
    (Where possible) temporarily disconnect from anything/anyone where the energy is toxic and draining

    Solar storms offer us the opportunity to receive DNA Activations, Downloads, and upgrades that come to us from the bright Light and Energy emanating from the Sun. This allows us to actively participate in manifesting what we want to achieve and receive in our lives, so it is essential that we focus with positive intention, especially when dealing with our past or the distant future.

    When our Conscious Awareness is High we are able to tap into Incoming Supercharged Energy Wavelengths and make sense of the information stored within it. When harnessed and utilized, the influx of energy can guide us in our life and ultimately lead us to reach our full potential and our Higher purpose here on Earth.

    Not only will we be noticing that Our Energy is recalibrating so that it resonates with Universal Energy, we will also be noticing this on a personal level as we discover exactly who, and what, we resonate strongly with in our daily lives. This will be a period of letting go, gaining closure, and also a time to form strong and meaningful bonds with what, and who, truly matters to us.

    ~ Alex Myles


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  15. yuppers,
    top of head feels like it’s coming off, diaphragm 360 degree discomfort (SOLAR 🙂 Plexus?), eyes painful, knees…oh well, you know the drill…
    – the solar plexus thing has been going on, on & off for the past few days… Dreams coincide with working on past things…

    Thank you to anyone who felt ok about passing some supportive energies to my daughter etc., it seems to be helping her coping… ESP, as it was Mother’s Day. ❤

    Be well all, be gentle with selves, Gentle Beings,


    PS: for me, there has also been a feeling of nothing to DO, now, esp since yesterday… just Be-ing in as much peace and trust as can be mustered.
    much love ❤

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  16. Yesterday saw beautiful deep blue skies but today the chem planes were out in full force. Have tried ‘rubbing them out’ but something was blocking my efforts hmmm.

    Last night brought very strange dreams. I looked up to the sky and there was a small dark shape which grew and grew until I realised something was being hurled down to earth. When it landed, just missing me I looked down to see a large, heavy metal (iron maybe) tool of some sort. Then I looked up and saw more ‘iron’ objects hurling down around me, some looked like bizarre old fashioned guns but most looked quite obscure and non identifiable. I’m not sure if I was an intended target but it did feel that way. I woke and felt a heavy energy, didn’t feel too good so I put the small light on. Very weird!

    Love and Peace to ALL 🙏❤️

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    1. Sounds like something came at you.
      I understand how you feel, but this is what I do, I bless all those behind chem trails, flying the planes, putting it in the planes, governments, world wide pilots (which could be drones who knows) but some one is operating the drones and I bless them all in a special way I bless them with all GOOD things that are Good for them and good for all heart Sourced beings everywhere, as the old saying goes ” if its not good for everyone its not good” but it is an act of total forgiveness for me to bless them, then I blow them a kiss and in my minds eye , blow those chems out of the sky.

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        1. I learned from the experience of picking up trash on my wooded road that if I put an electrical charge on that trash by getting angry when I picked it up, whoo boy I got way more trash! Then after a meditation I got the simple message “Bless them” so I thought about it then went out with my trash bag for a nice walk, picked up the trash and considered who put it there, then went into action looking at each piece of trash before I threw it in the bag I’d say something like “your mother in law cooks your favorite food for you” “your significant other loves spending time with you” “your children all get straight A’s” “all your lottery scratch cards are winning” “everyone lets you watch Nascar and big time wrestling” and with in
          2 months no more trash, so now I am moving around to new roads and new skies.


  17. About 1pm today UK time I got the weirdest feeling of being stroked, it must be the feeling a cat gets, then tingles in my legs arms and spine, then kept getting the feeling of someone poking my head, I even reached up for my hair because I thought something landed on it, got an odd look from my colleague but no comment, I guess when you have blue hair people expect you to be a bit odd, it’s only fair warning 🙂

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