Activity for 5-6-19 [UPDATE7]


So much going on, so little being reported. The PTW are working overtime manufacturing sideshows to keep people from seeing what’s really going on around them, and within themselves. Oh, well. We pretty much ignore the MSM, as it’s pure distraction, but we ARE (now) monitoring what PTW eyeballs are watching (from inside their heads). More on that later. Here’s what we’re (kinda) allowed to know:

Our old solar region friend is back, as we’ve said before, and has developed into a Wave X/flare machine, with a new region just past this one, ’round the bend:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.24.50 AM
X-ray event today.
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.28.42 AM
And again as the X-rays hit the satellite.


Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.13.30 AM
These are flares, but some CATs have been calling them “solar things” or CMEs, as they kinda qualify as all of the above. The PTW has some pet solar astronomers peeing their pants with lies about what’s happening. Sad, but not surprising.
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.12.36 AM
Another blammo.
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 12.40.13 PM
We’ve had 13+ “solar things” since 5/1 — from that one region, alone.
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 12.42.56 PM
Here’s a partial list of flares, with details. We presume the rest are classified as CMEs.
All the pretty X-rays… which translate into all kinds of terrestrial and spiritual activity.
Note today’s energy spikes… which the earth will mirror later.
This is interesting.
And this.
Here’s that X-ray spike.
And here, at a slightly earlier time. Huh. We need to look at this more closely.
And another one, but on time.
Here’s that (unrelated?) energy event on the Kiel Longwave monitor. Hm.

Regardless, there are *two* active regions rotating to face us. Here’s the latest snap:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.11.44 PM
We’re anticipating more WHOMP-age, but you all already knew that. We’ll see if there’s to be a big pay-off this month, starting around mid-May. Again, we’re working on a new project, and this mid-May timeframe looks chaotic… mojo-y. More later.

Note: Some CATs are fasting this week (or thereabouts), as it makes the energy easier to handle. If you decide to do this, be sure to drink plenty of water. Other CATs are only consuming raw organic veggies and fruit… and toast… and eggs… and coffee and tea and… damn. Again, expect extra energy around Mother’s Day:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.04.35 PM



Wow, look at this:

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 9.17.48 PM
Holy crap.


[sigh] People are FINALLY paying attention to the sun in the MSM… and they’re SO SURPRISED. Whatever. Venting aside, we had three more little CMEs since the previous update, but that big one feels like it’s in there. Here’s one. And here’s the sound of the sun’s energy, during a particularly “windy” day yesterday.

Btw, that above image is a gynormous portal opening up and emitting an obscene amount of energy. LOOK. No idea why they didn’t use the sun portal, but… this could be a pre-SHIFT energy thing.

Wow, look at this.


So, more CMEs, a weird energy portal (above), a UFO, and a timeline jump:



This one isn’t really showing anything we can see, but the time matches that weird portal energy thing (that was bigger then the sun itself). We’re not being shown much about it, only that it was BIG. This itself is telling. This is kinda how we saw The SHIFT taking place, once upon a time, with energy somehow appearing on one side of the sun and the sun acting as booster for it. This might’ve been a test.

Aaaand we just happened to have a timeline jump around the same time:

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.23.38 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.24.45 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 11.29.11 PM

Things are getting interesting… however, we looked ahead and at no time in the near future do the elites head to their bunkers. Whatever’s gonna happen is either SHIFT-prep, or a total surprise. As usual, Guides won’t give us much in the way of specifics.

On a personal note, the TWBs tracked some CATs to a baseball game tonight; they flew right by us in a hugely populated area, amidst jets in various landing patterns. Wonder if the pilots saw them. We’d show you pics, but we personally hate images of jiggly blobs of light that could be anything. Maybe we should hire a film crew with some good cameras… then again the last thing we want to do is give any more attention to those dolts (the TWBs, not the camera crews).

Oh, btw… we’re gonna get WHOMPed good here pretty soon… we’re guessing tomorrow… and the next day… and the next day… and the next day… and…. Drink lots of water, and don’t forget to Ground and Protect and Breathe.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 9.17.48 PM
Wow. This energy is huge even for The Event. Of course, it’s missing off some satellite feeds.


It’s official: the above portal opening/energy exchange is being expunged from the record. Most sites have been edited for content. Big surprise.

Aaand another CME (we’re up to 14 since 5/1), this time from that new sunspot…


…solar minimum and all that. And the timeline jumps resolved:

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 7.36.46 AM

Energy was turned up to 11 last night, ugh.


Hm. This looks like we may have had a double timeline jump…


…but we can’t find any other instances, yet.

This happened today:

These seemed to be recording a timeline jump on the lower timeline, but not the upper one (we’re on two at the same time, which feels very weird).


There was also a flare this morning…




Aha. Between what readers and some CATs felt, what Guides just said, and the following meters, the double timeline jump is confirmed:



AAand there was this Wave X burst the day before:

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.46.28 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.46.14 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.42.20 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.44.44 PM




124 thoughts on “Activity for 5-6-19 [UPDATE7]

  1. Good Idea to Fast, it really ‘resets, aligns, detoxes, upgrades” – just finished a 5 day water fast..was going to go for 7 but picked up some juicy strawberries at the farmers market, could wait to gobble them. whop-whop. Mono fruit fasting is easy especially w/ concord grapes.

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  2. Thanks, I’ve got 1 in the front, there’s 2 coming around. Do I hear 3? 3 anywhere?… Exciting Times We’re here for. Even Cats coming out of the sky! Peace.

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  3. Flares in the past have sometimes combined in route (after separate releases) for a large whollop. You will definitely feel that should it occur. Cay

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  4. I have a love hate thing w food. Insulin issues. Can’t go more than 3 hours without eating. But I would love to try The water fast! Hate being forced to eat.

    So is this energy burst you’re expecting mid May one for the HISTORY books that the world will feel or just a lot ppl will feel yucky that day? Asking for friend😉

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  5. And wow, the tinnitus is in a roller-coaster-volume-ride! A few times it hit some high pitch notes, then back down to the soft tones. Hope ya’lls fasting goes well and good. I for one hope to hear about this new project…sounds exciting! 😬🤔🥳

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          1. I’m getting around 9250-9400hz in my left ear/left lobe.
            it sometimes seems to be in tune with my blood flow as it ebbs and err… flows. yes, blood flow. there’s more to the story but i won’t share medical info, of course. i have pitch memory and know the difference in hertz. i could tune a stringed instrument to the tone despite it’s high pitch, it is that consistant. it started less than a year ago.
            honestly, it could be worse and i am grateful for the problems that i have.

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            1. Wow, this is great! Thank you for sharing this. 👍👏🏼 Right now I have three pitches going on at the same time in both ears and ranges from 6000 to 9000hz. Funny when I play one pitch, it clears that sound in my ears for a few seconds. That is interesting!

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          2. This matches the tone I’ve been hearing too. A noticeable high pitch has been with me since the winter solstice. Never really thought about it emanating from the left ear, but yes, left side.

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          3. Makes sense. It can get very high pitched at times. I used to hear a low rumble too, to the point I reported it as I thought there were crews with heavy duty machinery working in the middle if the night! I don’t hear that anymore.

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    1. You forgot to mention the Extreme crabbiness! (Just ask those around me) BTW, I did start the day with a spirited rendition of “Love Is In The Air” la-la-la-la-lalalala.

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    2. This blog is the coolest thing on the internet, one of the few things worth looking forward to, and much appreciated. You get a lot of comments…any way we can help on a more regular basis? Did the post on May 1st help at all?

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  6. @Cats Eds – yup, head pressure, couple ear tones, pain in mastoids – dizzy/whoozy wobbles ( “Weebles wobble; they don’t fall down” my life motto) – ready for my next doze of weird dreams.

    much love, all


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  7. Fasting too.

    I literally have been eating myself sick. Feel bloated and exhausted. My chest and sinus infection not helping.

    I need to feel lighter, hard when the hunger strikes. I also eat when stressed, difficult to remain calm too when in a busy lifestyle. If I am totally honest, as much as food is a wonderful experience, given the choice I wouldn’t miss it. But I guess it’s integral for this whole 3D survival thingy, BORING. Ironic and tragic in that eating is what’s killing half the world, and starvation is killing the rest.

    Stop the merry-go-round and it’s loopy, looping plinky-plonk music.


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  8. Fascinating. The b & w image on Update 1 looks just like an ear. Is source telling us our pleas for an end to all this have been heard! 😊

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  9. headaches galore (frontal lobe wants to explode), and lower back pain (sciatica) argh , Does anyone else have weird things coming out of their nose that do not look normal almost like nano bots are being ejected and my ears feel like I am under water or 8miles high in a plane. My sweet 2 dogs and three cats are mostly sleeping thru these waves but are NEEDY. My most chill laid back never a bad behavior 5 yr old yellow kitty (Greg) is MARKING me ! So my Vet says “No he does not have a bladder infection he is having behavior issues” and put him on cat food with Tryptophan to calm him down plus nothing has affected their appetite. I come home with what I think will get them thru the month or at least 2 weeks and before I know it, I am back at the store. My appetite is way off (except espresso with ice cream) and I am literally spending more on their food than mine. I have several jobs and can’t get a whole lot of rest like my fur family,They all sleep so comfortably any where, while I yearn to stretch out on the floor next to them. They sleep so deeply now that I routinely check in for a close look to make sure they are still breathing, except for the ones that snore.

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    1. @ Milifiori. Yes re strange things coming from my nose! Its been three weeks now and its weird. I thought maybe implants being ejected. Who knows. Also my cat has been very clingy and keeps holding on so hard that ive got scratches all over my arm. Also woke up a few days ago with pain from the shoulder, down to my wrist. Elbow hurts so having to work with my arm on a microbead cushion. I cant remember damaging it at all. What are we doing in our sleep i wonder.

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    2. @Milifiori
      Lungs are SERIOUSLY purging some junk. I’m also purging the weirdest things out of my scalp. Definitely nanites or some such. The hair is freaking out. The whole body is freaking out, frankly. Good times.

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  10. Dear Cats,
    I may accidentally posted the same comment twice so sorry if I did.
    I love your Blog with all these kitty antics and I read every post!

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  11. In the previous post Lily mentioned “Fred the Veil”. I don’t see it, probably because i am using the mobile version and the sidebar is not visible. Is it on the sidebar or in some other post? Asking for a friend lol

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      1. Wow Lily, that was a while ago. Much of the work we did in 2015 and 2016 is indeed showing up now.

        There is no time but as humans so much of our language is time referencing that we get caught up in the linearity of all that, and discouraged at moments when it doesn’t happen in a linear way.

        The American Kabuki Blog is archived at I may reload it as I do have a restorable copy of it. When the “fake news” brouhaha started, I was on that fake news list, along with notables like and drudge report.

        Removing the blog and starting the Terran Cognito blog was kind of a tactical move at that time – just something I got from the all of me. I understand why that was necessary now.

        It feels like the time is right to revisit the data or at least the stuff from 2015 forward. Some posts need to be edited – we learned a lot along the way. The data from 2015-2017 has a lot of stuff that is now finally coming out from “disclosure” sources.

        Denice and I need to revisit Fred Feel-I-Do and see where that being is at. It’s been a while. He had such joy at being released from all that.

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          1. Good to know, because I felt no different after “letting Fred go”. At the time I figured I did it wrong but a little voice said, “ don’t worry, you’re fine”.

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  12. It’s me Patricia Helen, here I give you some dates confirmed by Elsa Farrus a clear Spanish (Barcelona) channeller:
    “Como saben el próximo 21 a 25 de Mayo, se da un salto cuántico en la realidad, de varios planetas, y Gaia esta entre ellos, eso es gracias al aumento de vibración en su superficie”. (this message comes from the Solar Council in Alcyone/Pleiades by Sananda, Melchisedek and Hilarion)
    Trully big changes in May for our transfiguration, blessings cats, Patricia

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    1. @Patricia Helen ~ THANK YOU

      I looked further into this and here is the translated version:

      5 May at 15:44 ·
      Rooting the new lemuria. Council of Alcyon

      We are the solar council of Alcyon, just your brothers healed, Melchisedeck and Hilarion
      We are readjusting the ent Ramada of the last layer of the surface of the earth, so that incoming energies can be integrated into Gaia.

      As you know the next 21 to 25, there is a quantum leap in reality, of several planets, and Gaia is among them, that is thanks to the increase in vibration on its surface.

      It is very important that all of you accept and assume your stellar origin, far from beliefs, about it, but recognize your soul, travelling in time and the universe, that will help you to restore the original DNA of your body, to assume your responsibility energy, with yourself, to be able to achieve the expansion of your heart, from the inside to the outside.

      All these days you will receive a BATH OF LIGHT, (sorry, just *had* to highlight that)….sapphire turquoise that will open your crystal diamond consciousness, to the propulsion of the stellar children inside the prana, in the beginning they will be 3, later they will be consolidated more, one is at the atomic level, another at the level of emotions and the third at the physical level, the three are activated, to consolidate their body of light, and restore their DNA.

      It can be seen stretched, with several rings of WHITE LIGHT-mother-of-pearl, with gold or gold, that go around its body turning internally, as if they were surrounded, from top to bottom, and these have the purpose of aligning their strands of light inside. Of prana.

      Either in dream or meditation while standing, see that they rise upwards from Gaia and expand behind the crown chakra, until they adjust themselves inside, when they keep in contact with Gaia constantly rising and falling.

      This adjustment of solar rings will increase until May 21, even if you do not see them or feel them, they are working on their bodies, for this reason they are likely to feel more etheric than ever, or less concentrated, they can counteract, joining the core of Gaia, meditating with coral light or sapphire blue that consolidates them.

      The energy of the new Lemuria, opens in consolidation, to this intra-terrestrial res, that many of the solar beings incarnated in Gaia are reactivating, as they receive the call and at the same time, that of their hearts, when they accept and position themselves in commitment to its own light.

      They are and will be the material part of the ascension all of you, we love you from the sun of Alcyon, your brothers.


      The “sapphire blue” light they mention, is what I ‘saw’ surrounding/outlining as a very thick Aura, all of the plants/trees/bushes/vegetation/flowers — when I first shifted my reality to the Highest Timelines here.

      The colour of that blue is SO GORGEOUS that I can’t even capture it with 3D words.
      It was even a little bit deeper/stronger than this:

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      1. I saw a blue like that in a dream / waking vision, probably a good month ago now — very intense, deep, and luminous. It was the whole backdrop to the scene, not just in the sky. Very beautiful.

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  13. Ok it’s been going crescendo but now it’s boiling point: the normies are purging.
    Stay cool.

    Clock on my radio is running 2,5h late, my cell phone is barely functioning and I feel like exploding out of my body.

    How’s everybody doing?

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    1. I’m home from several days in the mountains … fresh air and lots of nature. Haven’t felt this good in awhile. Feeling excited at the moment. Going off to work, we’ll see if I keep the feeling : ) Love All of you guys. XX

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  14. Purple sky flashes before any storm then when the storm got here an hour later crazy purple lightning again. Kansas is the place for purple lol

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  15. Ok, is this just me, or are yet more things changing?
    I’ve been noticing it all over my travels for the past month or so… people seem more approachable than before. Agreeable. They ask more questions.

    And tend to be far more pleasant to interact with. I’m beginning to notice the effects of all this subtle energy being blasted at us, even if I don’t sense every single incoming wave. Though I’m getting a bit better at it… there is more coming over the next couple days.

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    1. @Francis Yes, I’ve noticed folks being more friendly and smiley than usual, hopefully this is a good indication that more peeps are moving on up in vibration…😉❤️

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  16. That little sound clip was refreshing.
    I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying. And I’m losing self-control. Cause the power you’re supplying,…’s electricifying.
    You better shape up!

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  17. Doosey of headache / pressure today…….

    breathing through it kind of works, but I almost feel like I am getting a sinus headache.

    And the sky is a mess with chemtrails 😦

    Will have to spend some time detoxing all that muck out too

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  18. anyone every hear of these “EIP Tesla Positive Energy Purple Plates?” they legit? do they raise your vibration, energy ect where you don’t feel like the walking dead?

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    1. Yep, but haven’t got one. The postage is a lot for where I’m at. Lots of good feedback from people about them. If you do get one… make sure its the original. Apparently there are ‘copies’ of them being made also.

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  19. Don’t miss this vision that came out today (May 7, 2019) — it’s yet another one that describes our orgasmic Solar Flash SHIFT as comparable to being in a “warm bath”, or “warm shower” of White Light:



    (gawwdammit I can’t wait I’m in so much neverending AGONEEEEEEEEEE…….gimmee my freaking BATH, you cruel [email protected]@rds I haven’t been able to have a bath in 7 years because of the gruesome skin radiation destruction…..oh I WANT A WARM BATH *SO BAD*….)

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  20. Yes… Much nausea, head pressure, intermittent joint pains(new kind), eye pain, mastoids, head vibrating, etc etc… eating weird food combos – we did have watermelon in our food pantry donation this week – might be a good choice for those attempting fasting – I was just thinking of cucumber sandwiches, mmm – Some health conditions preclude me fasting, but I have managed intermittent fasting in the past – my body is calling for other things now though…

    Odd thing has been happening since last week; I think after the 1st, but definitely before the 3rd – Every day – all day – have had videos(y tb) running of guitars, esp one ‘channel’ from a large music store in UK has made over the last ten years – blindfold tests of different guitars, amps, pedals – some humorous – they have good rapport… so THEIR energy is good and joyous and other people from the ‘shop’ too… = interviews with famous guitarists- but mostly it’s that (good people) plus the constant guitar music – This is NOT something I would normally do. – I know this was guided and ongoing and is helping deal with the energies in some way – not questioning this… it’s got to have something to do with frequencies… I’m not a guitar player (only about a few weeks trying to learn classical Spanish guitar in the late ’60’s). Will continue as guided…

    When I listened to the snippet of Sun sound I heard way down within it music and voice(s) – there is something within me that refuses to let me dismiss this as crazy talk… to trust – I don’t have to understand it – or anything else for that matter at this time – just trust – you don’t have to make sense of anything right now… just do the best we can, be kind as best we can to ourselves and others while dealing with what our bodies and emotions are going through…Follow whatever guidance we can be aware of as we can do for ourselves to ‘get through’ – hmm, a few meanings there…

    You are all loved, you are all held – just had a ‘vision’? of something that might help while ‘breathing through’ – your hands crisscrossed one upon the other over your thymus area – the area of chest below the dip between your collar bones. the words ‘high heart’ is repeating right now…

    much love to you all,


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    1. Thanks, music Is A Big connection for me, the band Oasis; Champagne Supernova was on my timeline when I woke today. then Willie Nelson this afternoon, Blue Skies. Good High Vibes! Much Love/Harmony to All!

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      1. @Christopher Schneider – my music appreciation is quite eclectic and getting more so as we speak – I love some Willie – in the early 80’s the library had his Album of Standards – which I think Blue Skies was on and I ambient recorded it to cassette, a favorite… 🙂 Things that bring us joy…


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  21. For someone that asked about the Fred/veil posting, I think @alsoonewhobelieves – on my page of site there is a BOLD heading Mobbed Posts at the bottom of page – under that you will see a flashing profile/avatar pic of Spock – ‘unplugging from Fred’ – there is also one I didn’t see the other day two below that one – ‘Rare re-post: “Right! Said Fred”
    I haven’t read that one… Hope that helps.


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      1. What is “Fred the Veil”, for those of us who missed it? Googled it, but nothing relevant came up…now I am intrigued.

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        1. There used to be a kind of muffling octopus-like energy veil over the earth that became sentient as Wave X energy hit it and either we named it Fred or it took the name “Fred”; it became friendly, then moved on. So, we called it, “Fred the Veil.” LOL. Like we said, a very non-issue.

          -CAT Eds.

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  22. Dear CATs I remember you talking about seeing The Event happening amongst Christmas lights and general Crimbo merriment.

    Well, my dear daughter has been playing ‘Deck the Halls’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ the last few days. Fairy lights in her bedroom and all over our home! She seems to ‘know’ something and has a secret smile at the moment, I’m sure she is tuned into all this energy! If only she could tell me….☺️❤️

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      1. Noooo, I meant we don’t have to wait until Christmas because we have carols and fairy lights now in May, well in my daughter’s world anyway! 😉 ❤️🎄

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  23. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me on my journey, it’s you guys I always turn to when the going gets rough, you pull me through.

    Mark x

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  24. Dear CATs I just got this new post via my email from Mark Elkin, what do you make of this?

    ‘MARK ELKIN-HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE (unravelling the pole shift) posted
    Tic tic.
    Iran is next on the ‘new world order’ hit list and if you’ve followed me over the years you’ll know how many times I’ve stated this.

    The sabre rattling is reaching new heights and the so called ‘tensions’ are becoming more and more volatile.

    Someone also sent me this-



    The US may make a Pre-emptive military strike against Iran within 24 Hours due to short-range ballistic missiles being pre-positioned to hit US and Israeli targets in Middle East.

    All the urgent and secret activity surrounding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today has to do with Iranian Short-Range Ballistic Missiles being moved by boats throughout the Middle East in preparation for a likely attack against US Military Bases and maybe even against Israel.

    These missiles are being shipped by boats on rivers in Iraq, in Syria, and from Freighters in the Mediterranean off the coat of Israel.

    It is not known at this time if these missiles can actually be FIRED from the boats, but all indications are that Iran is planning to strike.

    The USA announced the movement of these short-range assets in the hope that the boats would return to port and disarm. They have seen NO sign of that.

    So in the last few minutes they have released the news that it is ballistic missiles; to be very clear to Iran that the game is up. To give them one last chance to stand down.

    The US has been using back-channels to try to convince Iran to step-back, but all efforts have FAILED. There is no sign whatsoever that Iran is pulling the boats or missiles back.

    Iran could tie up the Strait of Hormuz pretty rapidly if they started firing these things at supertankers, which may well be what the USA is concerned about, in addition to potential US force attacks.

    Emergency Action Messages (EAM’s) have now been transmitted to the Armed Forces of the United States via the Global High-Frequency Communications System. These encrypted messages are of a class of messages from “SKY-KING” that instructs military members, “stop whatever you’re doing and do this, right now.” It is the single highest priority messages issued within the US Military.

    There is no way for anyone outside the US to break the encryption, so there is no way to tell what orders have been given. But inside intelligence sources have informed me directly the US and our allies are considering engaging in pre-emptive military first-strikes against these short-range ballistic missiles. Our strikes would use conventional weapons only; we would NOT use nuclear for this.

    If we make a strike, the ball will then be in Iran’s court. Will they push back from the table and call it a day, or will they escalate? All indications point to a showdown within 24 hours from now.

    Iran has Sleeper Cells already inside the United States, awaiting orders to attack us from within in the event of war. It is urgent you have “Preps” to see your family through in the event such attacks take place here in America.

    UPDATE 5:37 PM EDT —

    I am being told not to forget that this SHORT-RANGE BALLISTIC MISSILES ON BOATS is only one of the current threats. They are tracking a number of consecutive threats from the Iranians, with this just been one of a handful of concurrent threats.

    UPDATE 5:49 PM EDT —

    Additional “intel” is that Iran is moving ballistic missiles to Yemen, putting ships in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and surrounding area at risk.

    The systemic distribution of these powerful weapons is clearly designed to be able to close CHOKE POINTS on the flow of world oil and other commerce.”

    World war 3 comes before the shift, tgibis one of the stages that occur leading up to the shift. Then bluebeam.’

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      1. Laura Whitworth said in a recent QHHT session the before the shift the three days of darkness occurs. Which isn’t dark in the sense of no electricity, but a metaphor being three days of chaos. People fighting for the old paradigm, out on the streets causing chaos and violence etc.

        The people who choose to carry on fighting for the old earth and old ways of thinking will not be going to the NE because they’re making their choice to stay by fighting for it.

        I resonated with this take on the three days of darkness. None of the other theories ever felt ‘right’, i.e. Neburu, EMP blasts, the Matrix collapsing and there being nothing for three days.

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        1. [sigh] We don’t talk about it, anymore. There have been and will be — and are right now — so many timelines, that it almost doesn’t matter anymore. It’s like we’re in a Star Trek TNG episode with multiple future outcomes all overlapping the same overflowing juncture…


          Meditate. Work on yourselves. Find your centers. Be well.

          Things will happen when they happen.

          -CAT Eds.

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    1. Fearporn.

      Stay centred and focused.

      Keep your faith, keep it like a mountain.

      We are immortal, nothing else matters but love.


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    2. Decades ago, Clif High of HalfPastHuman started finding predictive language dealing with the Event. He said at the time of the Event, soldiers would be at war in the field, then weirdness in the sky would appear, and they would just stop fighting and go home. There is always war going on somewhere on the planet, and I don’t remember that Clif mentioned any specific one.

      However, I suspect that Source would trigger the Event before the PTW could implement their plan for WWIII. So I am not too concerned about any shenanigans by the Neocons.

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    3. PLEASE be responsible for what you CREATE in your reality, and don’t post, spread around, focus on, think about, or even *look* at the Fear Crap from the lower Timelines Earth Monkey Circus.

      Doing that brings our overall planetary Ascension Vibration

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        1. That is very true, it was just curiosity. Mark Elkin covers the CMEs, flares etc which the CATs cover too which I am fascinated by so signed up for email updates on Mark’s posts. I was surprised to receive this particular post via email as it wasn’t the usual ‘flare’ info so asked the CATs for their opinion that’s all. Peace ❤️

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  25. I CAN’T BELIEVE the TWBs were spying on us at the stupid ballgame. That was so surprising. I don’t think I’d even set protection. We must’ve had some cavalry cover, since we were totally exposed. Wonder if they were the source of that stadium power outage. M’s?


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  26. Btw, The Anomalist left a link to a “things mechanics won’t tell you” article…

    …and two CATs have personally seen item #1: Christine.

    It happened right in front of us. A mechanic we know personally (Alex!) was working on an ugly old black Buick from the late ’50s, huge chrome bumpers, talking to us the whole time, and of course smoking like a chimney (the mechanic, not the car), while also cursing out this car he’s working on, engine running, testing the timing… when the automatic gear lever pulls back *by itself* and drops the idling car into reverse, smacking into the other CAT’s car which was parked right behind it! None of us could believe it. But we were standing right there next to the driver’s side and saw it happen. That mechanic still tells that story. (And the other CAT’s car was in the body shop for exactly one day, fixing that dent, express.) Spirits and low-level things can operate machinery if they want to.


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  27. EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tuesday afternoon: Slurring words, blind staggers, muscle cramps, tongue lolling out, house guest bilious, puppy listless, staying in her den, other than that, it’s fun!

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  28. Energies ablate,
    Paradoxically, energies relate!
    What is this state?
    Can I hate?
    Of Course NOT, as it is NOT too late.
    I simply instate the INNATE!
    Of my positive fate,

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  29. Thank You Cats & M’s … WOW so many CME’s the SUN is letting her Rip 🙂 I was pre-warned of the incoming energy & 2 days ago I received info that all Eyes are on Us so I believe you are right about it being a TEST, we are being tested on how we handle the energy before they release the BIGG one (spirit is emphasising the extra G) Can we do it ? YES we can 🙂 Ever watchful Divine Timing indeed. Love to You All.

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    1. Interestingly, whenever we get Lisa’s communications, we’re typically a few days in to whatever she’s talking about.

      We checked in with Guides on Monday to see where we were with DNA integrations, and they said we were still in a big jumble: we hadn’t been spending enough time integrating while in meditation (we usually use meditation to get closer to SOURCE then SEE what we can see). So, we needed to do more work. We did, and then Lisa’s post came out… so this above post is the next logical step.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I have my reading with Lisa on Tuesday, that is if something wonderful doesn’t happen in between now and then 😉

        Thought I would mention that for the last day or so, (on top of all the Christmas carols etc..) my daughter of very limited vocabulary keeps repeating the word ‘SPARKLY’ and then laughs with such absolute joy and glee it’s infectious! I think she definitely knows something!

        Much love ALL ❤️

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  30. Maybe I’m wrong and just super confused by the latest energies, but:
    There was feeling like massive Timelinejump today… let say, starting 8am UTC till maybe 1pm UTC? Or something in that timeframe
    Cannot deliver any data btw

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  31. Can you ask your guides about the future of South Africa? We have recently had an election and the corrupt, manipulative rulers have won again.

    I don’t have a clear channel o my guides, unfortunately.

    I’m getting so tired of this reality as well as waiting for the shift.

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  32. I haven’t read the most recent post, but this last week has been “whacked” as far as energy goes. It’s like the divide between being nice or kind and being the opposite is getting larger and more defined. My sensitivity has doubled and I have to be conscious if what I’m feeling is mine or not. A few nights ago, I had a dream that something human like (no head or hands, and tall & big) was trying to suppress me some how, mentally and with energy. This time it wasn’t as strong (I was attacked in dreamtime before – the hardest encounter I think I’ve ever come across!) and seemed in a panic. I also had some information pop up into my view from many years ago, when I was starting to “wake up” has come back into view. Re-reading the information (with what I know now) has brought some more understanding to it’s content and now I am trying to connect the dots. Super interesting to say the least! 🥳

    These last few day with all the energy fluctuations and changes that happened a few weeks ago, at this moment it’s like (feels like) we are in the eye of the storm right now, or in between rounds of a boxing match. Do we take a breather or continue our focus of what we want? To be/do or not…? 💕🤔

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  33. I’m seeing a disturbing trend on the news of black kids biting white kids at daycares, schools, school buses. One toddler was bitten all over her face and a special needs girl had her arm gnawed. What the hell is that all about?


  34. We’d like to (none-too-cordially) welcome our two new int’l “intelligence” agents (from two different countries) who’ve joined the rest of their misguided brethren in the monitoring of this site. Question: Who’s watching whom?

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Seriously, every time they “touch” us with their minds we instantly SEE through their eyes — which then switches on clair-cog and -sentience so we *know* every goddamn thing they’re doing and thinking, whether we want to or not. If we were them, we’d sever all connections with this blog. It just opens them up to a scrutiny they do not want. (Then again, they’re being watched by *so many* ETs and Guides that if they could SEE how many, the utterly profuse variety of beings… they’d run screaming into the night.) So be it.


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    2. Please don’t. I apologize to everybody. I was being too emotional. I’ve suffered abuse myself.


    1. As harsh as that reads, it’s very diplomatic considering what they did and what they planned. Just the number of right minded people who were killed to cover up their filthy lies would be enough to get this party started for real, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      There’s no time like truth time, except maybe love time.


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  35. Loud booms going back and forth in the sky right now. I have exhausted all searches for anything local like a festival or holiday. We get these here in Kansas and nobody knows what they are sounds like a literal battle.

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      1. It was amazing to me how nobody around me or in my neighborhood cared to even notice it. It was almost like it didn’t even make a dent in their personal reality. I could not escape it seemed to be find me no matter what I did till it was done.

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