What You Should Be Doing


Need we say more?

Time to meditate. Turn it all off and go within. Ask Guides for help in integrating your new DNA upgrades and then just be. Don’t think about anything. Leave the kerfuffle to the kerfufflers. It’s not going anywhere… literally. No excuses. Do the work.


37 thoughts on “What You Should Be Doing

  1. Timely advice. I was feeling like turning off for a bit today and just letting stuff flow.

    I will do just that.

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    1. I just realised something… the picture with the butterfly cocoon. That is the EXACT butterfly that came into my dream the other night! Indigo and red!

      Wow, off to breathe and meditate.

      Much love ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. The caterpillar thought his life was ended.
    The butterfly knew it had just begun.
    Your time as a caterpillar has ended.
    Spread your wings and fly.

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    1. hi, @ Cindy,
      let’s give it a soar:

      When caterpillar life in a deep sleep just ended,
      New butterfly heart started beating in Light.
      Popping up the chrysalis, wondrous wings he unfolded,
      High uplifted by Sun in a flight of delight!

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      1. When I came through that gossamer gateway into the wider world, my wings were wet! Yep, part of the Master Plan!

        Though free of my birth sac, I hang upside down on a convenient twig, expand my wings and let them dry. And then I Fly!


    2. One of my favorite cartoons is of two caterpillars on the ground looking up at a butterfly flying by. One caterpillar says to the other one, “You’ll never get me up in one of those things.”

      Ready or not, the wings are being formed… 🙂

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  3. yup, so tired, just want to go back to sleep and dream – night filled with ‘bad’ dreams though can see in review that WORK was being done- though some made me wonder about being psychotic, not sure how it relates, but that was the word feeling. Just want to go dive into sleep and dreams again – Work it out, work it on out, yeah, baby ♪
    My daughter had to go to the hospital yesterday – the cause made me wonder if the energies that caused some here extreme pain/discomfort recently in a certain area contributed/exacerbated a certain condition she has had or something else she thought it might be. All is semi ok for now.

    Not sure home life will allow going back to sleep, but sure drawn there…

    best wishes to all,


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  4. Change is here.
    Here in Belgium the masses are speaking out after yet another young girl was raped and killed by a convicted yet free man.
    Alas another painful and clear failure of all parties involved: justice, politics and law enforcement.
    From a higher perspective: perfect timing and this will start an unstoppable wave of light. Out with the old.
    Silent marches and protests are being held in different cities. Politicians are asked to stay away. There’s a big march here on Saturday, I’ll be there.

    Meanwhile the heavens sent a divine sign: a vulcer was spotted here today. Vulcer in Belgium is like a kangaroo in Antarctica. Unseen.

    Time to soar my friends.

    I am beyond exhausted both mentally and physically, yet I will keep going until I see what I came here for.

    Off to meditate. Thanks for the reminder.

    Goodnight everybody.

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    1. Same thing in my country.
      The judiciary (the police, prosecutors, judges) are are turning a deaf ear to the crimes … they are lenient to perpetrators …
      But whatever protests take place, I somehow think the change will come from the inside, not from the outside, not from street rallies …
      Human consciousness must undergo a change,
      And we are the main part to this.
      Have you noticed that whenever the negative ones try to approach you, they think twice about it, they recognise your power, your vibration …


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      1. I agree it’s a consciousness thing. At the same time it’s nice to see that the masses are no longer buying into the game and are holding serene and silent marches/wakes.
        Game over.

        Indeed, that vibration part has reached a new level. I am experiencing it too.

        Only slept 4 hours and had a 3 hour trip on public transport to get my kid from school. So I wish you goodnight Antonia. ❤️

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  5. Gosh, youse guys. Early this morning I deleted about 10 websites I check into sporadically. I am done with most of that external stuff. It’s interesting that today is the day for that. Our chemtrail angels are laying it on thick today. (I’m sure they have our best interests at heart. Bless their little hearts)

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    1. Here too J! Had a big X above my house, growing larger by the minute. I voiced my intention (well I exercised my rights to a clear, chem free sky) and called on to our sky silphs to help neutralize and clear them. Thank goodness for collaboration and support! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  6. were these the “instructions” you had mentioned in an earlier post that you were going to give to us?

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  7. DreamTime has been very busy…. alas, when has it not?
    We’ve been workin’ 24/7.
    Good Advice.
    Roger, and out..

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  8. Jeez, it’s 12:24 am here. I went to sleep around 9:30. It feels like I slept for a full night. The light bulbs are flickering again. Traffic noise on highway sounds like a freeway. It’s miles away across the river. Huh? Whazzsup? What timeline am I on anyway? Who am I? Where am I? Just a few random questions…….

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  9. Wow, what an intense evening and night, could only sit on the sofa and breathe then had the strangest dreams….

    Such a shame my arm bell went off. In my dreams, my Dad was just showing me a very old photo of a man with a looooong white beard, looked like sage. He was just about to tell me all about him when BEEEEP Beeeeep!

    Much love to ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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  10. Whoa, my ego does NOT like your advice.

    Saw two of me in my minds eye, one mature calm me, and the other was in a right fluster. I presume it’s my ego. It tried to escape, writhing and twisting and almost foaming at the mouth in fear and denial.

    I guess the integration of these DNA codes forces more of the egoic self aside to make room for the higher self.


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  11. Dear CATs, have you changed your main title picture/banner with the two astronaut cats? The reason I ask is that tonight it looks very different. before, I could see the cats eyes very clearly, now they are glowing like spotlights! There are also now big orbs around the cats! It could have sworn it wasn’t like that yesterday!

    Much love ALL❤️

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