Activity for 5-4-19 [UPDATE5]


We’ve had a(nother) good-sized CME, from that same region of the sun:

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.33.48 AM
Looks kinda like a snail.

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.32.56 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 12.31.46 AM


And a little X-ray event:


We’re feeling… something… from one of the CMEs… now. Ears ringing… head being tunneled… more later. We’re going to bed.


Well, here they are:


The one above and this one are actually two different CMEs.
Here’s one.

Aaaand we had two timeline jumps:

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 1.12.23 PM
Two jumps, no waiting.

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 1.12.48 PM





This is all from one sunspot:

Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 1.37.16 PM


Last night, we observed… rumbling, tingling, and ringing: The sky was rumbling with Wave X; various limbs and body areas were tingling (a lot, enough to wake us up); and… our ears were ringing off the hook. This is just gonna get worse as these various CMEs come to roost. Will there be a Big One?


And *another* CME, an energetic one:




Aaaand another timeline jump was parsed into this latest CME hit:

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 10.58.16 AM

Guides just called it, “an adjustment.” We def felt it, AND felt roastage last night… but we live near portals, so…

There was also this:


And all this:



This is that CME/Wave X energy coming in and bouncing off the core, back up to the surface.


There was also a “brown out” associated with one of the CMEs:

PACIFIC RADIO BROWNOUT: Returning sunspot AR2740 erupted during the late hours of May 4th, producing a C2-class solar flare at 22:43 UT. Extreme ultraviolet radiation briefly ionized the top of Earth’s dayside atmosphere, producing a brownout of shortwave radio signals over the Pacific Ocean. Frequencies affected were mainly below 10 MHz.

FYI, the trailing edge of that active region will intersect the earth… on Mother’s Day:


We’ll probably be in it for about 24 hours. AND we’re expecting a big CME at just the right moment…

More as we find it.


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  1. All this activity is definitely building up to something. How is the PTW and other negative beings dealing with all these energies that’s coming through?

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  2. Just had a dream about being in a high society function. I didn’t like it there.

    Then there was a terrific storm outside, unlike anything before. It was insane, so much electric in the air.

    Everyone around me tried to play it down and laugh at it.

    This is the fourth dream I’ve had recently that involves huge electric storms.

    There IS a storm coming…for those who cannot escape it!


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    1. I had a similar dream crazy electrical storm people asking to come inside because they didn’t want to be on the road at the time and the lightning was purple.

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      1. It happened for real purple and pink lightning plus torandoes. Sky stayed purple for most of it. Everyone in Western and Central Kansas had to seek shelter.

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  3. So. I just survived the worst 10 days of my life. The last time I posted, I was on my way to Florida to do whatever I could for my dying dad. Every day, he got worse, and every day I had to figure out how to do something I’d never done before to properly take care of him. In between helping him physically, I was making calls to Hospice, insurance companies, doctors, medical transport companies, home healthcare agencies, etc, etc, etc. Got almost no sleep because my dad needed me every few hours. In between bouts of hallucinations and confusion, we managed to exchange a lot of love and I’m so grateful for that. He kept calling me “my daughter”, and telling me how strong I am, and not just because I could lift him off the toilet. Because he wanted to come home with me and because his state was no longer good enough to go on an airplane, I arranged for a long distance medical transport to take us from Florida to New York. It was 21 hours of pure hell for both of us, but obviously much more so for him. He passed two hours after arriving at my home. I think he knew that we had made it, but he never really regained consciousness. Had to deal with EMTs, police, the police investigator, the hospice nurse, a private nurse, and undertakers after being awake for maybe 35 hours. And also, of course, the fact that my dear dad was lying dead in my sunroom. After the last person left and all that remained were their wet footprints and the medical paraphernalia of my father’s last days on earth, I started cleaning while a friend came and retrieved my cat from the vet. Funny. Whenever someone I love dies, I clean. Thank goodness for the warm, happy presence of my cat, and thanks for listening.


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    1. I thought about you 2 days ago as that dad-story popped into my mind. I was wondering how you were doing. Now I know: 10 days of madness yet you showed superhuman abilities. Hats off to you, my sincerest condolences and do get some rest now Kathy.

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    2. Kathy I’m so sorry for your loss and amazed at your fortitude in everything you went through. What a gift of love you gave your father! Although physically and emotionally draining, sounds like it was very healing for you both. Love and blessings

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    3. Kathy, much Love to you. I went thru something similar with my Mother at Christmas time. Hellish and yet I was so full of Love for my Mom who never really knew I came to be with her. I remind myself daily that “Only Love is Real”. May you feel this Peace in your coming days of grief, sadness and loss.🙏🏽💜

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    4. Much respect to you for dealing with all that, especially alone. Knowing you did all you could, all anyone could do, along with saying your I love you’s to each other, and granting his last wish – this will give you peace going forward. A tough go but it sounds like the grand plan was all accomplished. Sleep sleep sleep now. Let your cat take good care of you. We will all be thinking of you and wishing you well.

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    5. Oh dear Kathy!!! So much love to you and your Dad. I pray you have been able to rest. I am the same about cleaning when I lose someone close. I remember getting the call at 1 am many years ago that my brother had been killed. I immediately started cleaning the house. I think it must keep us sane somehow.
      Please know you are very loved. And thank goodness for your cat!

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    6. im so sorry to hear about your loss. thanks for sharing your story of love, courage, compassion and strength. we are all indeed here for you.

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    7. I just got back from a funeral when I read this, I am cleaning too ! and making myself comfort foods,
      and my cats and dogs are following me around, except when I turn on
      the vacuum, I swear to myself I will enjoy what time I have left

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        1. Don’t forget to dance, no, no, no
          Don’t forget to smile
          Don’t forget to dance, no, no, no
          Forget it for a while…

          -The Kinks

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    8. You are so inspiring, and sharing your experiences has provided added strength in my present situation. I moved back to the town I grew up in a few months ago to help care for my parents, Mom with Dementia and Dad with Parkinsons. Meditating to help stay in the present and receive assistance, letting Love lead the way. Thank you, and continued Blessings to you and all. ❤️

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  4. Oh my, that kitty picture is a very good depiction of how I feel today!

    Hope everyone is hanging on in there! Lots of LOVE & LIGHT & STRENGTH ❤️

    Latest Laura Whitworth video for anyone who might be interested:


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    1. I’m drawn to her for some reason, she’s got some good info. She doesn’t live too far from me either but I won’t be able to afford a session right now.

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  5. Thanks for “keeping on”, (I’ve been napping today)even after the pains that come w/waves. I know it is hard to focus when I have sharp pain that hits my lower stomach/groin( for about 3 yrs. now). Much Love/Understanding. Peace.

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    1. I have been having similar lower intestinal issues every time we get solar activity. Feels awful. Can’t sleep. Hope you feel better soon.

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      1. Me too re lower intestinal pain. Always at night. Feels like menstrual cramp, but that’s way in the past.

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    2. Stop workin’ so hard and let the younger generation take up the slack! Sometimes, goin’ with the gut implies gettin’ kicked in the groin! There are MANY looking out for you just as you have looked out for them so, relax and just let the energies resonate, as they naturally do! You are LOVED, TRUE!

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  6. @Kolibri, May you find /experience peace and communication when your dad can do so. – I’m positive you will be supported at this time…

    When I asked how many hugs and hearts to place here, the ‘answer ‘was corroborated in/within the repeating numbers tab heading above… I can’t copy and paste, so will do the oldy fashioned way (slow typing with much re-looking )

    (((( ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ))))

    444 – You are completely surrounded by angels. You are being guided through whatever you are focusing on.

    Peace, my friend,


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    1. One of the many times my dad called for me in the middle of the night, he asked me what time it was. I had checked before I went running and told him it was 4:40. I know the significance of that number, but hadn’t picked up on it this time. When I told him, though, he commented that it was an unusual number, which made me take notice. Gave me hope that I was indeed surrounded by angels. Looks like I am; thank you all, it’s much appreciated!

      A recurring theme in my dad’s vivid dreams or hallucinations was a party. He kept asking me if there was a party going on. Kryon has said on many occasions that that when we pass, those on the other side throw a fabulous party in our honor! I hope he’s having a wonderful time. I’ve decided to celebrate his release and freedom, rather than mourn his loss. But I’ll miss him.

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  7. Kathy, I’m sending you so much love. I can only imagine how intensely hard this must have been. You gave your dad your all and it feels to me that when he finally arrived at your home all was in place, he was safe and he could make that journey.

    Take care of yourself well my dear. May the healing bring you fast relief and strength. 💗

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  8. Gotta question that I could put post anonymously…I don’t need ppl cursing me or hating on me. My dad was a mason. But I knew him like the Dick van dyke character Rob petrie. Everybody loved him. Turns out his entire side of the family were masons, including my grandma who was an eastern star. I grew up Catholic and my parents were soul mates as it were….in love til the day he died. Anyway… I hear all these bad things about masons and is this something that is following me into new earth or that I’ve had to clean up? He has 2 funerals. A masons and a military. But his wedding vows to my mom, were to raise us Catholic.

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    1. Masonry is not connected to the occult or antisocial activities until the top echelon, 33 degrees. At the lower levels, it is simply a social club and ordinary members are oblivious to what is going on above them.

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      1. Yes, at the 33rd degree, they are told to actively lie to their “underlings.” All Shriners are 33rd degree masons. It’s all so creepy. Attach a rock to it and drop it to the center of the Old Earth and let’s all move on.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Thank you for responding. This has been bothering me and he’s not around to ask. He passed away over a decade ago. I know he stopped going to meetings when I was a kid. I think he made it halfway in degrees.

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      3. Thx. Very helpful. my dad was pretty ordinary . My mom always referred to him as supermans alter ego “CLARK KENT OF ORCHID LANE.” Bc he was shy and a little goofy with the curley q loop hairline to boot.👶. Ppl r so triggered when they hear MASON, THEY automatically think you are evil

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  9. My head is like mush, I forget what I am walking around looking for while talking to myself and that makes my dogs bark because they think some one is here, I feel my mouth doesn’t know the words I am thinking to say and my right eye is not behaving like my left eye is. I am either not eating or eating very strange food combinations drinking way to much coffee and I still can’t seem to wake up. I keep dreaming of being asleep and dreaming dreams in my dreams. I will adjust but waves keep coming pretty fast these days, almost like it is one really long day that gets intenser and stronger with a lot of naps.
    I love to go barefoot when weather permits. I appreciate the confirmation, the levity and of course the photo antics of the cats. Thank you all

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  10. Kathy,
    What a blessing you were to your Dad. Giving him what he needed and wanted in his last days sealed the bond of love between you for all time. You are a precious daughter who is strong when necessary. Now it is time for you to rest in the knowledge of a job well done. Cay

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  11. Kathy, My best wishes to you. I’ll share the death of my Mother from many years ago. I was with her in the hospital room when she drew her last breath. As she left her body I heard/felt her soul rise up and move across the room and go out the window. It was the sweetest gentle tone I’ve ever heard. What a blessing to be there at the time of transition and to physically be able to her her frequency. Rest well. J

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  12. Kathy. So sorry for your loss. You are a magnificent being to have done everything you could for your father. No one could have asked for more. Xxx❤️

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    1. Caretaking is a shining example of “the things we do for love” — what one CAN do with love as the wind at your back.

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  13. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Activation codes received.

    Hue-manity responds, as Higher Light enters the planet, in fullness, and in force.

    Flash points are noted, and stabilization protocols are enabled.

    Clarity of mind and heart come to the fore.

    Gaia transforms before the eyes.

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  14. Interesting manifestation. On April 17 you posted an image of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. I’ve always like Wilder and I wished there were some more of those movies on tv. And behold, they’re broadcasting it now. Where are the potato chips?

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  15. To all CATS, all who read this: is anyone having problems with their friends? My two closest friends I NEVER argue with are refusing to speak to me this week over the lamest things. I’m sooooo confused

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    1. Apart from the CATs themselves, most people think we’re from Mars. Even our own families aren’t fully onboard for what we know. (Part of that is we don’t have any definite answers on any kind of timing, so we get shuffled back.) People are so super-reactive now that we limit personal interactions.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yep! I feel like I should just stop talking bc my very existence and being nice to ppl is apparently annoying to my friends! But before I finish saying the words or writing the sentence, I hear a ‘no’ in my subconscious. People are nice on NE right!? 😶

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        1. @junehappy. Thank you so much! I literally wake up every day set out to be the nicest person possible to everyone and I say one wrong thing, And boom, it’s silent treatment. So mean. Why Venus? I love that idea! What are the traits?! I would love to read more about it! Where should I read up on that? I was obsessed with Greek mythology! Still am! But can’t find Venus in terms of what we r talking about

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  16. Another event dream this one there’s all these different moons in the sky the sun turns to red a pulse comes out of it then the sky turns super neon pink and people just get sucked by a misty colored energy.

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  17. Dry, dry, dry – I wasn’t going to comment on this, BUT I guess I am. I can’t seem to find any food or beverages that don’t make feel more dried out, even water – not thirsty – mummifying? I think the only thing that maybe doesn’t do this is peanut butter which is weird – I drink a lot of water (I live in a dry climate) and try to watch electrolytes (probably bad at that, maybe) Is this part of roasting – seems to be getting worse.

    Dreams last night were weird and epic. 🤨

    Be really kind to each other and selves this week –

    Pour SOURCE Sauce all over yourselves, take a bath in Source Sauce then shower off in Source Sauce, just to make sure…

    much love,


    PS: I don't usually mention Sun stuff to my daughter 'cuz I would usually get a 'LOOK' and dismissive reaction – today I did for some reason mention the successive bowling ball CMEs from the sun this week at least until Mother's Day – I got a different reaction – "Oh great!", but not in the old way – this time was, a one more thing to deal with, way – I did a small chuckle and said it's sometimes nice to have something to blame for how crappy we feel – whoohoo no neg. reaction.(she has at least two auto immune things plus other conditions that make life painful)
    ♪♪ A Change Is Gonna Come ♪

    ❤ Kg

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    1. I heard my disembodied voice tell me to “wake up” 20 years ago And if I was “awake now” the same night! I flipped. I then had a dream that reminds me of the event everyone talks today. Instead of flipping out and sleeping with the TV on in the living room for 3 werks, I probably should have followed that path! Lol 😁😂 follow that voice! Don’t flip! To be fair, I was still in high school, but it now all makes sense.

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    2. Kg, try fresh coconut water from a young, green coconut. It’s full with electrolytes and one of the most amazing foods in this world! When I drink it, I feel my cells responding to it immediately.

      Make sure to scoop out the delicious coconut jelly from the coconut afterwards..

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  18. Just experienced something new.

    During my dream, I heard a disembodied voice speak to me. I have before of course been guided during dreams, but only through visuals and scenarios, but not like this. I have also heard spoken words while awake.

    The hidden voice in my dream said “I watch you, like Angels watch flowers…”.

    I thought it was a beautiful thing to say.

    Question is, who said it?


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      1. Hi duganknows.

        Sorry, I’m a bit slow, can you elaborate please?

        Are you saying it was something with negative intentions?



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        1. @Mark. No, no no I never say anything negative on this blog. No judgment whatsoever. I was relating my own experience with a disembodied voice. When I was in high school several years ago, a disembodied voice asked me to WAKE up 3x. I turned to look, eyes wide open to see where the voice was coming from and then the voice spoke 2 inches from my face and, with no one ther, the voice said, are you awake now? I flipped out. months later, I then had a dream that reminds me of what people talk about the event today. The dream was of me suddenly bursting into the sky like a shooting star and I was surrounded by the most brilliant colors of bright rainbows! I was larger than life living in a place of pink, yellow blue and purple skies all blended together. Dream I’ll never forget. Long story short, if I had not flipped out 20 years ago, I would be further along in the ascension process and conversing with my guides. So I was telling you, don’t flip out hearing a disembodied voice, embrace it. 😇

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          1. I know what you mean duganknows, fear is the great enemy!

            I once made a piece of tinfoil spin like crazy in a hermetically sealed jar, I got freaked and couldn’t do it again, what an idiot! (Cats can take a peek at this if you want ;-))


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  19. Har! Here’s today’s report from the beautiful PNW. Sunny skies, 70’s chemtrail sprayers making circular trails in sky. Pretty cute! The few marbles I have left are lost in the vast emptiness that was my brain. I had to have an emergency mid-day latte so I had the energy to make it to my bed for a nap. Otherwise, it’s just another day in paradise. Hope you all are having fun, too.

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    1. On the other hand:

      MY “5D” PNW sky today is a totally clear, cloudless deep BLUE PURPLE — just as it has been for the past 8 years since I decided to shift to and create the Highest Earth Timelines.

      (while we are still forced to straddle the 4D Collective by being Locked In to them.)


  20. I was drawn to look at basic tech stuff, which is new to me.
    Little did I know that radio/tv/satellite/gps/… all depend on Electro Magnetic Frequency or EMF for both positioning and communication purposes.
    So, ships, planes, cars, cell phones,… even clocks rely on EMF.
    Now, the incoming energies from the Sun are interfering with the EMF like that radio brownout earlier this week.
    In other words, if the Sun’s energies continue to increase in force and magnitude, there will come a day where ships, planes are grounded since no communication nor exact navigation is possible.
    At the same time radio, tv, cell phones and all other forms of long distance and mass communication will shut down.

    That reminds me of the qhht/psychic/lucid dreamer stories about how life would come to an almost complete standstill before the Shift. It all makes sense now, it’s all about the frequencies.

    So I’ve started training a pigeon to make sure I’m getting the latest SÖC-blogpost delivered in my mailbox. Are you Cats pigeon-friendly? 😉

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  21. Dear CATs and M’s I have just released myself from ‘Fred the Veil’! Hope I did it corectly, cannot believe I only just noticed your post on how to do it, it just popped up into my vision when scrolling down the page!

    Head is throbbing, vision has gone a wee but odd! Will go and have a bath with salts & Lavender!

    Hope everyone is bearing up with these energies!

    Much love ALL and a huge hug to Kathy ❤️🌻❤️

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    1. Wow, @lily144, I also just yesterday morning noticed the Spock face visual in list of posts below, checked it out and also released myself from Fred the Veil. I have only been hanging around here for the last 6 mo. so to see this post from 2016 was a curious find. Newbies should be sure to explore previous posts, I guess.

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  22. @lily144, that’s funny – the same sudden ‘awareness’ of Spock’s profile pic blog post last night – Star Trek started it’s 5 year(3 Earth years) mission in 1966 3 months before my father died, he was a research/design engineer, so we both liked the show – I was Spock compatible, so I’m kinda of guaranteed to click on his picture. 🙂 I don’t remember seeing it previously either – IMHO I don’t think anything that name’s itself Fred can be all bad – guess served it’s purpose and it’s time had come – or rather our time had come to grow out it’s influence.

    Last night’s dreams bizarre – seems like the only(mostly) population I ran into were were people ‘playing’ at their roles – like whole stores of employees TOTALLY unaware of how to do their jobs, unaware of what those duties might entail or the least interest in doing them. They were more interested in playing intra-store contests or other weird stuff – couldn’t get anyone to make sense – they all wanted me to play some part in their inane activities – I only remember meeting 2 people I knew and they seemed more on they unaware side of the range (they were in the self proclaimed ‘aware’ enlightened camp in non dream life) – I’ve only had one glancing contact with them in the last three or more years, not since late 2014 – Pre 2012-13 had quite a bit of contact with them…

    This morning while reading the ‘third times the charm’ blog post, just finished the part mentioning things suddenly needing repair or breaking and heard a sound one does not want to hear followed by daughterly breakdown/panic attack – her one yr old iPhone 8 hitting the floor and breaking – did some asking/requesting most beneficial outcome etc for the situation – a lot of emotions and repressed relationship things got aired consequentially? to her partners reaction, etc etc… Sometimes unexpected or violent (as in energy released) breakage, esp glass can release suppressed energies – eventually positive. Anyway, her recovery was faster than events in the past.

    Be well all,
    much love,


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  23. PS: Lily – I’m envious of whatever bathtub you have – our apartment has 1 1/2 baths for 5 people I’m blessed to have a 1/2 bath en suite due to my spinal issues, the other only has a shower, but no tub… I used to live in the tub sometimes literally – up to 8 hours – used to get most communication and insights as well as pain relief there. After moving to this apt. I became less tolerant of even showers I think a reaction to aresolized(sp?) chlorine, now reduced to sink based baths and hair washing – I’m putting in an order for a large cedar tub in my NE home that can be filled with the best temperature effervescent water for bathing – petals would be nice if I can just pooft them away after – no clean-up. You can come visit with your daughter anytime – anyone that wants to be is invited – most likely a treehouse by a singing, green moss-banked stream(in a treehouse community plus other friendly housing,… It has a soundproofed room for singing for those always too intimidated to sing where others can hear them… 🙂


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    1. @ Kathleen, aww you are very welcome to come and help yourself to our bathroom, salts & lavender, I’ll even make you a herbal tea and light some candles 🙂

      Thank you, we will certainly come and visit your beautiful NE retreat and I hope you and ALL will drop by our little haven too and dance with the butterflies!

      Seems apt as they seem to be around us all the time and even in my dreams. A small beautiful blue one danced along the path in front of my daughter and I whilst we pottered about an old Abbey ruins in the sunshine the other day. Then last night I dreamed a huge blue one came in through my window. i carefully took it back to the window and it changed to deep red with the underside still a glorious blue colour 🙂

      Much Love ❤️

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      1. @lily144, thank you – I would love to come hang out with the butterflies; I used to love it when they would land on me for a time – I’ve also always had an affinity to England and the UK – I have to get my dosages from British tv shows, lol… 🙂

        be well, my dear


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      2. Off topic random reply Lily. Your bath time sounds lovely. Haven’t tried a bath for year because of getting out afterwards as my knees are disobedient! Will have another try. Anyway – the main purpose of my reply was that I just watched a u tube video “Cat and his favourite girl are unstoppable by The Dodo” and thought of you and Kathleen. It was so nice. Xxx

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        1. @ Newlynn, thank you very much!

          Are you able to use a bath board? I have one for my daughter to help me get her in and out as she is quite heavy and unable to to manoeuvre herself. It’s a bit like this:

          I absolutely love Iris Grace! She is very, VERY much like my daughter although my daughter has some physical disablities as well as the autism but very similar, wistful, quiet….most of the time! I have tried cats with my daughter but we were going through pretty stressful times with court and it sadly did not work out. I think at the right time, she may really love having a cat around. I know I would 🙂

          I have learnt the hard way to be so careful though as my daughter is so, so sensitive to any change. Her routines are so rigid. I could write a few pages on just the sequence of events that has to take place just for a nappy change etc…The whole day revolves around these sequences. If anything is out of sequence, things get pretty dramatic very quickly! Must be so hard for her. I hope The Shift/The Event will mean that she is free from the stress and anxiety of living that way, that she will be able to go with the flow and really enjoy life 🙂

          Anyway, here are a couple more ‘Iris and Thula’ videos to enjoy!

          Much love ALL ❤️


  24. I spent All Day barefoot & doing projects for my wife while minky got rest. Connecting w/Gaia all day made me feel great, try it! Much Love/Gratitude to All. Peace.

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