Activity for 5-1-19… and a Surprise [UPDATE4]


We wish you an early welcome to May, which might go down as the most interesting month in human history. In the meantime, we’ve had some curious activity with the sun.

This CME from late on 4/30 is a little odd:


It’s a bit confusing because there are so many CMEs; the above graph is only showing one. These are all directed away from us, but the CME above registers as a “halo CME,” that is, a CME that directed at us (or the satellite). Now note the CACTUS (Computer Aided CME Tracking) activity:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.51.34 PM
This CME is in four places, all at once.

Again, the timing is curious. Note the numbers:

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.47.40 PM

Now look at the all the activity:







And there was another one after midnight UTC, 5/1/19.

Rather dramatic for an allegedly sleepy sun. Look at the time-lapse for the halo CME. We’re not sure if we’re going to feel any of these effects here or not, but we’re guessing that that active region is gonna hurl something at us when it comes back around, resulting in that Mother’s Day surprise we mentioned:

Get ready for pink and purple skies, a SHIFT precursor.


Interesting. The Science-PTW removed the halo classification from the CME data (see above numbers)…

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 8.58.33 AM

…despite it being a clear halo CME.

Also, proton counts are shooting up:


And while this minor squidge might account for SOME CATs walking around like geriatrics…





…the rest of us think it’s the result of them eating spicy corn chips for dinner last night instead of raw veggies or equivalent. Guides often use negative reinforcement to provoke dietary change. Meanwhile, the energy gets higher and higher… in a strikingly graphic way:



Aaaand another CME:


There were two new ones, apparently:

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.43.04 PM
And they put the Halo designation back.

AND one of the previous CMEs has made landfall:



FYI, we moved this post to the top of the stack.

We’ve had more CMEs — of course. They look like the ones above, so we won’t waste bandwidth. Those who like to check meters will invariably see all kinds of activity for the next 10 days as all these CMEs and Wave X energy impacts us in a million different ways. Some CATs had ‘heavy heart’ energy palpitations last night… which reminded us of something we wanted to remind you about. When energy hits, you need to GROUND to the New Earth, or the Old Earth, and then breathe through the energy. Grounding is just as important as breathing, as you can only store so much energy within before you need to do something with it. Too much is too much. We knew one lady who insisted on putting a 250 lb quartz crystal under her bed: it killed her. Too much is too much, especially these days.

Ok, here’s one recent (new) CME graphic:


Look at the last timestamp on this animation: 5/11. That’s about when that solar energy hose starts hitting us — and it will probably have MORE CMEs associated with it, too. Each CME is coming from that one region, and is sending CMEs out like bowling balls through a garden hose. When that extra energy does hit, it will probably do so for a solid week. Be prepared to Ground and Protect and BREATHE a lot for the next ten days or so… but don’t breathe so much that you hyperventilate. 😉

That said, it looks like we had another timeline jump:


5-2-19-LyraCalSWClatest5-2-19-rtkirplot2_rio_filtered_24Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 8.23.54 AM

If you watch this timelapse of today’s sun, you can see the satellite “bump” after each CME (which occur off the the left). Basically, shock waves go in all directions, not just in the direction of the CME blast. (That’s a physical effect, btw.)

For those new to the blog, this is SPIRITUAL (aka, Wave X) energy we’re tracking primarily, energy coded to do specific things for specific people and things. The sun is our omnidimensional reality projector, and it’s working overtime. There’s also a gynormous portal just inside the sun, which is why you see so many ships going in and out of the sun; these could als be the reason for some recent activity. Everyone’s showing up to get a seat for ground zero of The Universal Change. What’s happening here is happening everywhere, but we seem to be getting it first. Aren’t we lucky. Why is this the case?

If you go outside and (carefully) glance at the sun… SOURCE is right there. The sun has within it a portal directly to SOURCE. It’s right there. We live RIGHT NEXT TO SOURCE… as well as have SOURCE within us. But we were born here with no memory of SOURCE… which is why the Rediscovery of SOURCE is so special.

Here are recent CME images:




Looks like a(nother) big ultra-D ship exiting. We have enough gynormous ships in the solar system right now to relocate the entire system 1000 times over.



This is interesting. In this recent odd-looking timeline jump/spike…


…something really bad happened on another timeline… as someone/something was trying to impact this timeline… but failed.

More as it happens.



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  1. Considering the constant variability in time/lines , an interesting mention of a large energetic planetary release on May 10, fwiw:

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    1. The earth is not exactly dying as she is transitioning to the New Earth. This is what The SHIFT really is: the SHIFT of Gaia from her Old Earth body to her New Earth body, taking a bunch of us with her. The Old Earth is then to go through a cleansing phase before a new spirit is introduced into it, and a new “earth 3d” cycle begin — alongside that of the New Earth.

      We were going to cover this in a separate post, but we might as well say it now: We’re seeing big time tornadoes and weird weather and earthquakes — serious global changes — in mid- to late-May. This is mentioned by Spirit in one of Dolores Cannon’s books as the beginning of The SHIFT. Don’t get caught up in any fear. This is unfolding the way it’s supposed to.

      This will be across all timelines.

      We’ll have instructions out, soon.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. So with the OE being cleansed, when the new 3D cycle starts will the OE still be controlled by the old PTW or will this new cycle be a fresh start for the people choosing to stay here?

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        1. The PTW are literally toast, completely disrupted. Nextsteps are complicated. Those going to the NE are the easiest to deal with, perhaps. Some who can’t handle the SOURCE energy will simply transition and be reassigned, while others on the 3d lesson plan will be relocated to another 3d planet that is on the other side of the universe. The PTW will never see earth again. Those choosing to stay and help will go with their various groups, then rejoin with the rest of us after a brief visit to a metaphoric King’s Cross Station. The OE meanwhile, with no one on it, will go into dishwasher mode — perhaps with a few people left on it, yikes — then start anew with a fresh (promoted) planetary spirit and… well, cavemen. Then the obelisk shows up 3 million years later and someone throws a bone up into space…

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. Oooh Kong’s Cross… a Dumbledore reference!

            I’m getting a lot of reports of people listing to port or vertigo symptoms or feeling like they are a rocking ship at sea.

            I feel great, but spacey! These frequencies are familiar and I like it a lot! I’m ready for more!

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      2. I hope its ok that I tweeted this piece posted here. We’ve an active awake group on Twitter. I”m “thatcrazytoaster” on Twitter & FYI, I do post some political (& “Q”) stuff there too.

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  2. Many of you may be familiar with MrMBB333 Youutoob videos – I haven’t watched any in a long time, but he posted one the other day that came across to me concerning the midwest US severe weather storms and extreme tornado likelihood and the hurricane off the eastern coast of India threatening 46 million people – he also showed some pics from people of pink and purple skies. The link to his website is below: a white tab in the middle is the gallery of pics people send him – be patient, because of all the pictures this page is slow to load – worth the look though…
    There is a tab mid-left for the Schumann and in the middle at the bottom is a real time earthquake tracker – I took a quick look at it and in the last few hrs many earthquakes, mostly California, Alaska and Hawaii – I think NONE of them the 10 km depth you used to mention, so none of the hanky panky ones…

    I want to thank Cats Eds and everyone else again for your loving support today(yesterday) @J, I just saw yours – it means the world to me… ❤

    Be well all, be loved ❤

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    1. It’s easier to follow MrMBB’s photos of strange skies on Instagram:

      There are some amazing photos being posted daily.

      And I’ve been tilting to the left or Portside for some time now.

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  3. Pink skies in the day even made the street pink then at night pink and purple skies. Feels like I am in a Lisa Frank folder from the 90s. 😉

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  4. Hi All.
    Gotta love the ‘Black Cat peeking around the corner’ activity >..<
    Thank you Cats for sharing your collective vision on what is here/coming/and the afters. I'd like to share that I have also seen/been shown this for a 'time'.
    Pink & Purple…. I'll have me some of that, thank you very much 🙂
    Love to All xxxxx

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  5. Well, as we know too well:
    Stay grounded,
    Protect your personal space,
    Go with the flow …
    And try to be invisible (as cats do) 🙃

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  6. This morning, I woke up with a lot of energy moving in and around me. It felt like I had just did 20 push ups (ha, reality is maybe 5 😂). On my way back from dropping kiddo off at his school, I began to feel overwhelming emotions of wonderment, then appreciation, then love and then sadness! I bawled like a baby, in my vehicle, driving up to my home. I haven’t had time to reflect on what just had happened, which I will later today. Still feeling waves of energy and emotions at a subdued level. I wonder if anyone here encountered something like this or something waaaay out of the norm? 💕🌹💕

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    1. Today, some us awoke with a feeling like our root chakra is being… well, pulled up at the root. CATs are hobbling around like nursing home victims. We’re also having portal energy set off our smoke detectors! That’s fun.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. When my old lady hips get so bad I can’t go up and down stairs, I learned a trick from my old chiropractor; I lay on my back on a bed with my feet dangling over the edge and have someone pull each foot straight out with a sharp but easy yank, maybe two or three times each foot, then both at the same time. Sometimes I hear my hips go THUNK. Sometimes it’s my foot that goes thunk.

          Later that same day I’m walking again and can go out on a five mile hike up and down hillsides.

          This has been going on for two months.

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          1. Or you can try these five ancient proto-yoga exercises that Peter Kelder wrote about back in… whenever that was. Here it is:

            These ancient monk exercises are the origin of yoga. (However, despite the fact that we don’t have the same chakra system anymore, these exercises still work. )

            -CAT Eds.

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        1. kgpa88
          I’m amazed at all the synchronous reports of symptoms. I pulled my groin, too — or at least it felt that way. Can’t specify when or where or why, it just felt like I pulled my groin. This may have been the same day it felt like someone hammering a nail into my prostate. Each day, it seems, is just a new chapter in the horror story of physical complaints. And yet my guides tell me I’m fine, not to worry. I find this site immensely comforting to know I am not alone in all of this.

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      1. Thank God it’s not just me. Felt like someone was hammering a nail into my prostate, or maybe driving a railroad spike up my… well, you get it. Only lasted a minute or so, but dang.

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    2. NLNL8,
      I too have been tearful off and on for the past few days. I called a friend last Wed. to check on her and received a message by phone yesterday that she had passed over Friday. She did know I called, but started transitioning before she could call back. I think that was what prompted me to send all Cats, M’s and contributors love and heartfelt thanks for the on line companionship. Take care. Cay

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      1. Oh wow! Way to go etnomenignotum! 🎉. And yes it does…spring cleaning, house cleaning and de cluttering (only because I’m the only female in the house…Oye vey!). 🤦🏻‍♀️🥵


    3. Had time for a “check in” and was told that I was releasing some old beliefs. I was dumbstruck …I whaaat? Apparently I am re-learning information I had encountered a long time ago, which I do recall and found fascinating but it went out of mind pretty quick. I guess I collected some beliefs that this “relearned” information challenged and, well, I was re-woked (a new term now? Lol)…okay…reawakened! It’s amazing how things you learn create some deep seated beliefs and resonating acceptance; that really was only to teach you a possibility or potential. One of the old beliefs was about control and blame. The emotion I felt gave way to the realization of all the support we are receiving AND finally giving onto ourselves. I didn’t realize what my thought were at the time. Gotta give my HighSelf a HighFive! 😁🌹

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  7. Re: NLNL8 I experienced about 2 weeks of the emotional “cries” as I call them. Something (anything) would touch me deeply and I would just bawl. Not a huge fan of crying but I allow whatever it is to come, be, and then subside. Never really sure if it’s mine or a conglomeration of ?

    Love to All🙏🏽🌈💜

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    1. Dearest Cay

      Heartfelt condolences on your friend’s transtion. Those that take up residence in our hearts forever remain. May the love and joy you’ve shared bring you a little comfort and know you csn close your eyes and connect in a space beyond time beyond physicality whete “barriers” have no meaning .. No existence… Where only LOVE remains and only LOVE is real 💌

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      1. Thanks for your kind words. I find it interesting that : even though I know someone who has passed is in a better place, there is still a need to grieve. Being human is unfathomable, even and/or especially from a human perspective. Love exists eternally once realized. Cay

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        1. That’s beautiful Cay… The need to grieve is very real…and no amount of “knowledge” can avert it.

          I’ve “known” and experienced Source since i was a little girl and sometimes felt closer and “more real” than my human counterparts..

          But NONE of that was able to abait my grief at losing my youngest son, my baby i adored..and adore STILL

          I KNOW he’s well and often “with” me (or at least a part of him) and even subconsciously it MUST be a very strong “knowing” that “pierces” Consciousness because there have beenat least a dozen times since his passing I’m doing something and fully concentrating on something and yet outloud i speak:

          ” i don’t want to talk about it Josh!”

          Much to my consternation, since i thought i was otherwise “preoccupied” or engaged and not “thinking” of him that moment

          BUT he was my baby my love and adoration. A HUGE part of WHY i worked SO hard to make the world a better place” ( faint smile)

          It would be disingenuous to pretend this didn’t “wound my soul”

          And mind you i KNOW it’s an illusion. I KNOW we ARE eternal. I KNOW that the bond we SHARE is beyond physicality. Or mortality. Or time or space in a VERY clear and REAL way

          I can’t even imagine surviving without that knowledge..or wanting to.

          but our hearts and emotions MUST be honored and allowed the process of grief its time and due.

          Allow yourself all the time and space you need. There ate NO “standards” from anyone that have ANY relevance or should matter. Only what feels right to YOU! 💗

          NO ONE else has walked your path and NO ONE else ever will

          It is NOT theirs to judge nor “asses”

          AS ACIM tells us we won’t find “salvation” (our answers) externally (from others) they can ONLY be found where they reside … WithIN 💞

          Much love and peace to you beloved Soul! 💗

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          1. But i meant what i wrote. We CAN close our eyes and FEEL in our hearts abs “connect”

            Sometimes (when it serves me and im able)

            I close my eyes and play with him as he was when he was little. The song “Dancing in the Moonlight” always makes me happy so i do just that with him

            I close my eyes and “dance” with him and other son (or I’d never hear the end of it to leave the other son out! and you just KNOW they “know”😏)

            And the three of us “dance” and laugh and play in the Moonlight for a spell… 💗

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  8. I must say that these energies today are certainly profoundly different. Went outside at 7 this morning and marveled at how it felt. The birds are in riotous voice and the air is filled with delicious scents. How exciting to be celebrating my 74th birthday in a few scant weeks! May is magical! ( Note to Kg, we’re blessed to have your presence with us)

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    1. Noticed the same. I just wish it would stay that way for more than a day at a time. Lately, it’s more a warning that the next energetic sucker punch is coming up around the corner any second.

      74 years in the shark pool, respect. I’m closing in on 42, and I have serious doubts I would have made it that far.


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  9. Funny things are happening.
    I take a teabag out of the green tea package and put it in a cup. Then go the fridge. Come back to the teacup and the teabag is regular tea instead of green tea. My sister was a witness.
    I take 3 plates, 1 soupdish, 3 forks, 3 spoons and 1 knife from the kitchen, walk to the living room and put the cutlery on the table which is now 4 plates, 1 soupdish, 4 forks, 2 spoons and 0 knives.
    I am more clumsy these days but this was different.
    Are there other dimensions in this house or am I shifting within seconds? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Twilight Zone tantantantan-tantantantan. ✨

    I also noticed another wonderful change after the latest energies: this blog is being updated more frequently. 😉❤️

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    1. You’re not alone Stefan, my daughter had a hospital appointment booked. My mother and I both saw the letter and I put it somewhere safe. The letter has now vanished and when I phoned the hospital they had no appointment for her on their computers!

      Things move, disappear, some reappear, some don’t! I have had episodes of ridiculous clumsiness too!

      As for hospital experience we had a couple of weeks ago, the ward suddenly changing from hectic, loud to the lights suddenly going off, sheer silence and everybody disappearing, not one nurse there, then a minute or two later, everything back again!

      Have had a very calm, peaceful day which is a rare treat!

      This morning though, I could barely get up out of bed, and when I stood on my feet the pain and aches, Wow, felt like I had aged 100 years overnight! Totally empathise with everyone feeling that!!!

      After my boring post about diet, I am feeling very drawn to juicing and just eating raw carrots and cucumber! Had a cooked meal tonight and feel really heavy, too heavy! Have a teapot with green tea next to me 🙂

      Thanks CATs for this amazing post. I am sky watching a lot! The sky has a purpley hue and looks ‘marbled’ really pretty!

      Much love ALL & Peace ❤️

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      1. Lilly, if you feel drawn to raw foods, try celery juice, that seems to be really doing lots of goodness for your body. Medical Medium has very interesting information about it.

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        1. @ Nuni, thank you 🙂

          And don’t worry about the name spelling, I’m always doing that. I get so excited about writing a comment I often forget to put my glasses on or just make a typo in sheer haste!

          I would love to splash out on a juicer but I think that NE might be quite close…If we get to the end of May and still no shift, I will definitely buy a juicer! 😉

          much love ❤️


  10. 🙂 guess what… last night I experienced a PLETHORA of dreams returning – all felt very REAL. Thanks for the help Cats, etc…

    @J – thank you (Lily and Joy, too and Stephan and anyone else) – all of you who share this place – I value you so much – I still have difficulty feeling self worth, so I try to just go on faith that I make some contribution in some way to all ‘this’ – not pity-party-ing, just some things remain challenging…

    @J, I would turn 70 the beginning of Aug. – I would welcome a new home on NE with much shared music without inhibition BEFORE then, please… thank you, SOURCE… 🙂

    much love to all


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    1. @Stefan, my apologies for misspelling your name in my comment above and thank you for what I have felt from you.

      much love be yours,

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  11. This explains so much 😅 ….

    A French physicist has won an Ig Nobel Prize for using mathematical formulas to determine whether cats are liquid or solid.

    “At the center of the definition of a liquid is an action: A material must be able to modify its form to fit within a container,” Fardin said. “If we take cats as our example, the fact is that they can adapt their shape to their container if we give them enough time. Cats are thus liquid if we give them the time to become liquid. In his official research paper, Fardin discusses many factors including relaxation time, experimental time, the type of container, and the cat’s degree of stress.

    The conclusion? Cats can be either liquid or solid, depending on the circumstances.

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    1. 🙂
      Did you check the 2018 prizes? I like this one:
      PEACE PRIZE: for measuring the frequency, motivation, and effects of shouting and cursing while driving an automobile 🙂
      REFERENCE: “Shouting and Cursing While Driving: Frequency, Reasons, Perceived Risk and Punishment”


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    2. I shared this ig noble liquid cat study with a friend and she added “don’t forget density — the square ratio noise of the hypothetical scrumdiddlyumptiousness of a tiny paw squishing on a single critical point-of-human….” 🙂

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  12. I had a big argument with my dad today, I have never stood up to him before but he was being very unkind to my mum, he still can’t see he was being unkind but now I have told him I feel I can let it go and move on I told him I forgive him and love him even if he doesn’t get it. I know it doesn’t really matter and l could have just let him carry on, but that was not the truth of how I felt, hope it all turns out ok.

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    1. @pam141,
      It matters! To you, to him (even if not on a conscious level), and to your mother. It might be messy, but that was a courageous speaking of truth. Good job.

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    2. Kudos Pam! Great job! It mattered greatly! And that did take huge courage and you honored ALL by speaking Truth!

      Many dont realize hoe much “easier” it is to stay silent!

      It is love to decry the lack of love expressed and take a stand for what “could be” … much harder than “appeasing” which NONE of us came here to do! Though many often do and thus “enable” what “doesn’t work” to carry on unimpeded.

      Many adults who hVe grown in age STILL operating through “Control and Domination” tactics would NOT


      ONLY someone would have spoken each time they did.

      By their 20’s or 30’s however, “dense” someone might be? If ONLY they hadn’t been “appeased”
      (er..ummm — ENABLED)
      they would have gotten the “message” sooner rather than later..

      Most just prefer to ignore this thruth …

      And so…Sadly many transition without anyone in their life loving them enough to speak the truth to them 😔

      Your father and maybe even you may not realize that was love on action…but i DO believe it was! 💗

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  13. Also, I’m noticing an increase of abuse of substances amongst peers. So sad to see people fight/drown the process.

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    1. I would be a tiny bit careful with projecting that nonsense on other people. There is substance use, and substance abuse; and the only person who could potentially tell you which is the (ab)user. Some of it is coping; the way we all are, one way or the other.


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      1. Bottom line: All CATs highly recommend not using illegal substances. And alcohol only sparingly. They’re all toxins that keep you from the light. However, everyone will be addressed and wind up where they’re best served, in the end.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. Most of the “substances” in this shark pool reality are abused.

        And what is considered an ‘abusive’ (above normal?) level, is ALL based on individual perception since we are all wired so differently and there is no such thing as normal, here.

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  14. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. 🌹 I know she is sending you tons of love. Start up the conversation you would have if you could have talk to her. I too am glad to have found this form and with you about the companionship here. 💕

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  15. Hah! I have to laugh at my cheery tome this morning, May 1st. That was before I got slammed! I’ve had 3, yes count ’em 3, naps today. If I could be any more tired I would. Must go to bed! Tomorrow is another day.

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  16. When does central California get our pink/ purple skies? I see pictures posted by people from all over but not here. Are we last?😲

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  17. Dreams of receiving single fare plane tickets, enough for my family, from a kind benefactor, despite the weather building into a storm.

    Also dreams of cleaning out. Tidying and recycling, and being told I was cutting it fine as there was some kind of cuttoff before a bit inspection.


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        1. Hello Lily144, 🙂 Nice to meet you, and that is quite all right, I don’t mind, I do that quite often myself, it’s hard to always have glasses handy. I like reading the posts here, and the comments. I resonate with quite a lot of this. Especially the time-line jumping. I would love to learn more.

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    1. I asked a question earlier today concerning intensifying perception of feelings with my family – I think awaiting comment moderation posting – I just (finally) read Lisa Gawlas’ blog post J posted the link to and I think there is something related of relevance within it for me, but not too clear as yet how… well, I do, but I don’t?? – I’ll wait for clarity or input from anyone here to my other comment when it shows up… – thank you in advance for clarity to come


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      1. 2 things her blog post reveals right away:

        1. No one can live with her, and her unresolved issues

        2. STOP watching television. Period.

        (the boob tube should have been thrown away at least a decade ago)

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  18. Btw, look at UPDATE4 for this post. Someone’s having a worse day than we are: someone or *someTHING* tried to do something really really bad to an adjacent timeline to impact THIS timeline. They failed.


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    1. Grounding: imagine a cord dropping from the base of your spine to wherever you send it: the New Earth; Gaia; the Old Earth; SOURCE, etc. Try different ones and see what feels right. Or do them all. As far as Protection, imagine a ball of white/gold light all around you and think, “SOURCE armor UP!” Then think, “Only those with my ACTUAL greatest good in mind are allowed past my protection.” There are lots of ways to do both of these. This should be repeated… oh, say three times a day… morning, noon, and before bed, or before any meditation.

      -CAT Eds.

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  19. @ ^~,~^ s and M2 – I was just about to thank you all for update 3 as it validated an overnight/this morning perception of experiencing another TLJ and bamm – update 4 – glad for ALL looking out for us…

    My night was filled with dreams involving music – at one waking point there was a comment content forming and a nonverbal exchange with a no longer living musician I’ve had contact with, on and off since 2007? – So the comment was forming, but then not to post til later this morning(5/2); at another waking point(I usually have many each night/morning) perceived there might have been a TLJ and a specific reason, no longer remembered. With my final waking this morning the music related comment that formed earlier was not to be posted – strange times…

    Yesterday had much weakness in my legs, which much later had a perception about salt – took a pinch of pink Himalayan salt – helped the weakness – the afternoon experienced ‘being knifed’ right above the pubic bone – don’t know if that relates to the root chakra thing or not – I relate to the physically&emotionally heavy heart feeling, but no palpitations.

    I’m a little confused at feeling more distress? with my family not being able to look at me. There have been many positive changes with them and THEIR interactions the last couple of months, so this feeling related to me, my presence around them (which has increased even in the last few days) – them wishing I was far far away even though at times them being kinder to me than previously. I’ve had a life long difficulty knowing whether feelings are mine or someone elses, so I’m confused – Am I more distressed because they can’t look at me or are they more distressed at being near me…? It shouldn’t matter, but the intensity has increased the last few days… *sigh* thfffpt (can’t spell a raspberry sound 🙂 ) I would appreciate feedback if possible, so it can be easier to let this go or find a better way to ignore it… thank you, whatever may be…

    much luvvies and huggles,

    PS: thank you for the specific tips on breathing through ‘stuff’ grd 😮 :>< :

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      1. @Cats Eds – the whole thing with feelings from family has changed in some way tonight – thank you ALL/SOURCE – Wonder what comes next? – maybe WONDER? I think wonder is a good e-motion to encourage – move through with wonder – seems like a nice mode to en-courage in my self going forward…

        May you all be blessed and steeped in SOURCE tonight.


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        1. (SIGH….)

          The differential between YOUR higher and higher and higher ever-rising Frequency/Vibration….and your FAMILY’S much lower & possible stagnant vibration, is increasing.

          In other words, the difference between you all is becoming larger, and the faster YOU vibrate, the more *irritation* it causes THEM.

          Because it is causing them to vibrate faster in response to being entrained and exposed to your higher frequency….and for them, this means their lower, NEGATIVE frequencies (negative issues) are forced to vibrate faster thus bringing them to the surface — causing them incredible discomfort.

          Frequency Pain.
          From being exposed to you.

          When my Lowest-Frequency monster of a father was dying from his self-inflicted cancer, I knew enough from my Higher Self knowledge to NOT put myself in his physical presence if I could avoid it….and it turns out that my Frequency was SO HIGH, that it would have accelerated his low-frequency cancer like crazy, killing him off *very* quickly.

          So I unknowingly granted the unbelievably toxic bugger an extra year or 2 of life, by avoiding him. Even though he tried his best to punish me for that.
          Before finally dying.


  20. Okay, youse Guys, Update4 brought an immediate rush of tears to my eyes. Thank you for the HUGE reveal about Source Portal. I’m quite frankly, stunned!

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    1. @ J
      i greet Him every day and smile big and send all possible LOVE…
      when coming again inside, all little electronic red lights look

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  21. How can you CATS tell from an odd timeline jump that it was due to something horrible that happened in update 4? Curious. Happy it was avoided! So over evil treacherous people. You guys r the only cats talking shift soon….

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    1. It’s interesting how the media is basically ignoring what’s going on with the sun. That’s ok, we ignore the media.

      Oh, note that the sun is 93+ million miles away, so it takes time (in this space-time matrix) for that *detectable* energy we see (on meters and satellites) to reach us, the energy coming off the sun a gynormous spiral, with some spiral arms more energetic than others. BUT… *outside* of space-time, that energy hits us the second it emerges, or within a much shorter “timeframe.” Much of Wave X energy is invisible to us… but man, can we feel it — esp. when it comes out of portals.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Yeah we altered frequencies today. I can hear it. It’s going to take a couple days to get use to it.


    1. Yup. We felt it, too. Part of that CME carousel of energy hit us — and could be ramping up like now. Expect WHOMPs and all manner of physical symptoms and bizarre behavior this weekend and all next week. May will be the bumpiest month. (And from all we’re being told, The SHIFT is either this month, or the energies will almost kill us in preparation. One or the other.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. (And from all we’re being told, The SHIFT is either this month, or the energies will almost kill us in preparation. One or the other.)

        This is why I love you guys.


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      2. Yup. Been feeling odd all day (Friday). Aches and pains, digestion off, and headache. Have a friend staying so I kept going. We went to feed some orphan lambs at a friend’s farm which was a joy. Things like that raise your spirits. 🐑🐑🐑

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      3. “The SHIFT is either this month, or the energies will almost kill us in preparation. One or the other.”



        I’ll take EITHER exit, oh pleeeeeeeeze………..

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  22. Yes, felt that energy (or should I say lack of…) around 3pm UK time. The word ‘exhaustion’ takes on a different meaning with each new whomp!

    Feeling very inclined to stay at home at the moment, safe and sound 🙂

    Love & Peace to ALL ❤️

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    1. Staying hydrated has been key for me. Maybe drink extra water but be mindful of electrolytes as well!

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  23. @Cats Eds, I like the ‘ALMOST’ kill us… Almost is a great word, much power – alter creation, lol – Yay, almost – I’ll take it –

    Sometime this morning I ‘almost’ posted a comment – just a single UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! decided to go back to sleep, didn’t wake up til after noon – now 1:11 pm 🙂

    Has anyone been plagued by their ears the last few ( 4 or 5?) days? It’s like having a loose hair in there that makes me sqiggle/shiver – highly irritating… Ears have been cleaned, even using a tad of alcohol – NOTHING IS THERE!!! – small ugh!

    hope your days are bright and shiny,


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  24. Scalp hair standing on end again today around 2 P.M. PST. Also, we have another wave of Painted Lady butterfly’s coming through So.Cal. This is the first time I can remember a second wave – heading north.
    Many times I have thought the energies would “kill or cure” me. One or 100 more bouts. Whatever it takes at this point. Cay

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