Do Us a Favor?


Hey, folks. Please do us a favor and look at each person in the following images (link below), and think to yourself:


…and anything else that comes to mind. Some of our spirit family need help.

Here’s the list of People





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  1. Done. ❤️

    PS: If some think like me, you may want to highlight the fact that the list needs to be clicked on.
    Otherwise there might be many that send energy to that one girl in the picture and the lovely image of the cat and angel sitting in a tree. I was even wondering do they mean the cat or the angel? It must be the cat who needs love! Ooh boy… 😁

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  2. Done❤️ And to anyone, anywhere who is not on this list and in need of love:


    Thank you CATs for posting this ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. That was powerful. Thank you for allowing us to participate in something I knew nothing about. We Are Love ❤️

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  4. Done! I hope even the tiniest bit of Light I can send them can help them through these rough times.

    It’s taking everything I have to hold on for me, too. But it’s somehow gotten rather pleasant to fight for it all. Perhaps I just became accustomed to it?

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  5. thx for sharing the chance to help some ppl out there that are in a bad way. it’s a gift that i appreciate. i hope and pray for the best for the ppl listed and was inspired by the bravery that they showed in sharing their pain/obstacles, w/e you want to call it.


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    1. In some cases, this is true. It’s a compassion-less, mean-spirited thought, but it’s true… though everyone gets what they need, not what they “deserve.” This is what everyone signed up for. In many cases, people have many hurdles to leap in the course of their lives, many jobs to do in their agreed-upon curricula — and if they’re avoiding the hurdles, the hurdles come to them, in myriad ways. Even cows slaughtered for burgers knew that this was going to happen… yet they came anyway to give of themselves. (We love cows.)

      However… anonymous… who we’re looking at right now… you are setting up an unhealthy ‘us vs them’ separation in your mind, which is a 3d thing, and mires you to 3d. Does this thought you express hold MORE or LESS light? This is what you will wrestle with when the SHIFT energy hits you, which is very soon. Time to revisit compassion. Without it, we’re just mass without gravity.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Many people come to this realm with the best of intentions, but then sink like stones under the weight of all the darkness. Remove all the bad influences, and many of them (I agree, not all) will shine like stars! Some have been so traumatized it will take a long time to get over the effects of this place.

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  6. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness. We are all-powerful and it is our gift and right to share the Love! I was dumbstruck by moving these stories are.

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  7. When I’m feeling down or sorry for my situation sendind love and helping others is the best medicine. Thanks for that…❤🌈

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  8. it takes me 1 hour to do this unbelievable experience.

    Look kindly at the picture, did a connect from heart, asked their guides, spirit family, Brother J, Spirit to surround them, throwing a bunch of rainbow cords to New Earth/Source (the number they needed) and visualized a big and bright chain of infinite love from Source, with a beautifull and strong anchore at the end, Diving from Source to their heart, firmly connecting rhem to Source. Said the Dada’s Mantra and talk to them about how beautifull they are and what a marvellous life is about to unfold for them soon enough !

    Thank You Cats and M’s for this incredible exercice of sharing good thoughs, vibes with others. Fill very accomplished about myself by doing this. My little worries about my daily life have just gone with that. Love to all !

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    1. I don’t know what the Dada’s Mantra is. Would you be willing to share that, please? My thanks to you, The Cats and M’s for all of the information that you share on this site. May Source bring us all through this in the most beneficial way possible!


      1. It doesn’t belong to our benefactor (Da-da), but he’s the one who told us about it. It’s actually from one of the Course in Miracles teachers, Ken Wapnick.

        To use it, you look at someone, or a picture of someone, or someone in your mind from your past/present, and you think:

        “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

        -CAT Eds.

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  9. It’s been a bittersweet, emotional day. First I find out a wonderful former co-worker of mine has died suddenly, followed by the inevitable mix of grief and fond memories, but mostly trying to wrap my head around how brightly she shone her light on all, and has she transitioned now to be of greater service from the other side? Her FB page is mobbed with hundreds of glowing comments, no surprise at all.

    Now this exercise in compassion, which I am happy to do but, wow, my heart is getting a workout today… Good practice, I suspect, for what’s coming down the pike.

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  10. Thanks for the opportunity to send love to those in need. These beautiful humans need to know that things will get better. We have all been in painful situations, but those who work through them will reap the rewards. Cay

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  11. Done. What a beautiful thing to connect this way. Thanks for sharing. I cried. I was feeling emotional as is, but all these faces and stories..
    Everyone is just inside their own storyline and we know so little about it from the outside.
    My biggest wish is for us all to be able to heal all those layers of trauma and programming and be the divine, happy, powerful, creative, loving, healthy, abundant us.

    Today I was looking into something in my own life and it showed me it was related to both family lines, several generation and 90 of my own incarnations. Aren’t we the cosmic external drives with unlimited storage until at some point there is nothing left to clean from the old??

    I say spiritual hygiene should be part of all educational systems, at least there where and until it is needed!

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  12. This was a blessing to participate in … thank you for bringing these people to my awareness. Love to All!

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  13. @CAT Eds- Cows are coming and get killed and eaten because they were people in their previous lives and killed and ate cows, and now they are getting their Karma for what they did and get eaten! It is mentioned that in Vedas (5000 years ago).

    Why don’t you be compassion to all criminals in the world who are suffering in prisons and let them go free? Because you know they deserve what they have got. We don’t know what these miserable people have done before to suffer like this, but Creator knows EVERYTHING. Who do you think put those people in those situations? Was it a mistake or bad luck? When you learn and realize that Creator is JUST and PERFECT, then you will SEE that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! Seeing problems and mistakes and wrong doings in the world, is the lack of FAITH and TRUST in Creator! You think you know better than Creator!


    1. Everything is indeed perfect. And part of that perfection is us, here, talking to Guides on everyone’s behalf, and reminding people about what is really what, and not mere hearsay.

      In 99.999999999% of cases, cows were never people. People’s spirits can sometimes enter cows (and other animals) for a brief time, after transition or in dream state, but… cows are cows. Like all animals and plants, they are part of a collective cow spirit (like the collective pig spirit, tree spirit, rock spirit, etc., which is kinda localized, per region), watched over by elementals and nature spirits. This may have been different 5000 years ago (the Vedas are actually much older), but this is how it works, now. EVERYTHING is alive. Everything is made from SOURCE.

      Criminals. A big part of what goes on in 3d (Third Density, not Third Dimension) is directed by all of us, by ONE. By everyone. We’re all part of one being we call ONE. ONE is an Extension of SOURCE, and enjoys all of SOURCE’s goodies, except we’ve been gifted with creativity. We then use said creativity to do all kinds of things, and explore all kinds of avenues. For reasons we won’t get into now, part of ONE created fear and guilt (which are actually illusion). To assuage our perceived guilt and fear, we project them onto others, create laws, etc. People then born into this 3d system, who have their own soul contracts, do various things — none of them real, as this is all illusion — and they get “punished.” They’re really punishing themselves. ANYONE who’s done anything truly heinous and gets away with it in the illusion still has to face their Guides and SPIRIT upon transition. George H.W. Bu$h is still sitting in the “timeout” room with tons of Guides who are talking to him about what he did in this most recent life, and how none of that got him closer to SOURCE. Quite the opposite. It’s not a judgment, it’s a reminding of what’s real. SOURCE is real. ONE is real. Our Memory of SOURCE (the Holy Spirit) is real. Nothing else is real. So why dwell on it? YOU are Creator. WE are Creator. This is what the Church omitted from Brother J’s teachings (among other things, like reincarnation). There are no mistakes. There are only free-will choices. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. We are born into this 3d funhouse with no memory of who we are, or of SOURCE, so we can rediscover them all over again, and thus make that connection even stronger. You are born blind so you can learn to really see.

      Now put your high horse back in the garage.

      -CAT Eds.

      P.S. What’s really interesting is that plants grown in big agricultural lots — esp. GMO plants — have no spirit attached to them. They’re like… well, we don’t know what they’re like. They’re nothing. Real plants and animals living and growing in the wild communicate with each other, in many ways. But plants that are grown separately are deaf to spirit… because there’s no spirit associated with them. Eat organic!

      P.P.S. Some people need to eat meat to stay healthy. We don’t like it, but it is so, for some of us. So… eat mindfully. When you must eat meat (or anything else) show gratitude for whatever you’re eating. Tose CATs who eat meat say, “Thank you cow(s)!” and imagine us petting and kissing the cow… which the cow spirit appreciates. However, all that goes on here in the (natural) food world is done WITH PERMISSION. Cows and plants agree to grow here and live, knowing they might be “harvested.” It’s an illusion. So, don’t make it a big deal in your mind.

      P.P.P.S. Some of our brothers — the ca8al and dark ETs — have allowed their free will to blind them. They will be reminded of the light, and that right soon.


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  14. Sent what I could, after fighting off all the emotional energy from reading and seeing each picture. Time to Tap… and release…

    Thanks for doing this ❤


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