18 thoughts on “CAT Experiments With Invisibility

  1. Love your playfullness Cat’s ❤

    I was feeling with all the ascension symptons and still having a flu
    but sorry about that: I live her in a wonderful world, the plave where I live.
    It is my spirit who wants to take flight not escaping of a bad world.

    Anyway, I am eager for ascension, meditation with stopping thoughts Dzogchen meditation to work on my rainbow body of ascension. The pure light. Directing the life force upwards to the crown and down, circulating like a circuit on the body. Drinking lot's of water and listening to the birds: blackbirds and nightingale…

    Meditation on fullmoon and new moon is very powerfull!

    Much love to everybody and a special hug to @lilly144 ❤

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    1. @ anonymous1444 😊 Thank you, am so touched 😊 Sending love and healing hugs, hope you feel better soon ❤️🙏❤️ xxx

      Apologies for posting twice, I put it in the wrong place first time doh! X

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  2. Thanks, Those Are Way Too Cool! Minky has tried some of those, yet my personal favorite is boscov’s bag. Peace.

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  3. Love the diaper masked cat. I think he wants to be “the baby”. Certainly it was unused as no self respecting feline would consider donning a soiled diaper.
    I have attempted invisibility since being a toddler with silence/stealth, but now recognize increasing one’s vibration is the ticket.
    Love and best wishes to all now in case things get too hairy mid -transition. Cay

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