Unplugging From Fred

FYI, you need to do this right now. No need to wait.

1. Close your eyes. Drop a grounding cord from the base of your spine to the center of the earth.

2. Imagine a golden ball of light around you.

3. Think to yourself: “Only those with my greatest good are welcome past my protection.”

4. This will sound weird, but mentally call for “Fred the Veil” to leave you. Ask it to detach and move away from you PERMANENTLY and irrevocably. Bid it farewell into the light. This is The Veil that’s been placed on us, only now it’s become conscious due to the work of the folks from American Kabuki. Amusingly, it’s chosen the name “Fred.” You need to detach from it.

Afterward, you’ll probably have a funny feeling in your head for a little while, perhaps even a headache. But after you do the above, you are free of The Veil that has been placed over humanity for so long. Have a great convention-free weekend.

7 thoughts on “Unplugging From Fred

  1. FYI, that CME inbound will be energetically draining… nothing major will happen to the earth, but WOW for the people… Ugh!!-CAT3


  2. I didn't realize we could communicate with Fred directly. I thought maybe Denice was the only one who could, through her communications implant.We don't have to say anything else? Like “It's really not you, it's me.” or “I just feel like I need some space to work some things out right now.” I always had a problem with break-ups when I think I might hurt someone's feelings. Fred seems to be taking this very well from the report. Although he might just be hiding his feelings, you know how guys are……I KNOW!! Let's introduce him to another Planet! 🙂


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  4. Unplugging fred will likely make the world a very different place. Fairytales anyone? Im sure most people would much prefer what theyve gotten used to.Soul stealers including revenants. Whats a soul you say? If what was given you by right of your birth is replaced with something else you wont even think to ask that question. This is the lesson were supposed to have learned A taste of the greater scope of reality…with an escape route planned ahead of time…which has nothing to do with cultivating a finer nature in fred.


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