Quick Dam Meditation [UPDATE1]

Hi, all. The PTW is sending rainstorms to cause the Oroville Dam in N. CA to collapse. Please take a moment and send light and enduring strength to that structure in your meditations. YES, this is illusion, but it’s also a learning experience. So, learn to use your powers for good. Be the angels of your better natures. (And feel free to invoke angels for this. … Continue reading Quick Dam Meditation [UPDATE1]

CAT Check for 2-18-17

Well, there it is, plain for all to see: HAARP being used against the Oroville Dam (that concentric radar/energy signature right over the dam). The PTW have made their choice against the American people very clear. The PTW and MTW (Media That Was) have chosen their lane. We bid them farewell and wish them luck on their inevitable timelines. We’d hoped they’d make a better … Continue reading CAT Check for 2-18-17