They Did Wut? [UPDATE1]


THIS post is not meant to alarm you, merely inform. And flabbergast. There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.

What are we talking about? Look:


The above activity started about a week ago, and has been growing into this…


…and this…



At this point, we knew what this was… we just couldn’t believe it. We couldn’t tell you till we knew what was gonna happen (like there was ever any doubt).

It continued:


Then there was today’s expected denouement:


This was the AKRONS (note our intentional dyslexia) using exotic ET tech to create a pocket universe for themselves… well, try to create… with all of us in it. Needless to say, SOURCE had other ideas.

It showed up, elsewhere:


Jump and WHOMP and jump and…




And they’re still trying!


But they always fail. We still can’t believe anyone would think they could go against SOURCE and succeed. The Akrons are HUGELY desperate, frantic even. Oh, well.

(Grumpy Cat, RIP)

Like Sophia Love’s spirit contact said today:

“It means all work and effort be directed toward promoting positive change rather than ending what is obviously destructive to growth.”


“It has been determined that you succeed. Rest in that knowing and move always with your strongest force – which is love.”

So… relax. And trust. All is as it should be.


O the Akronity.


U is crazy lizards.


FYI, the above is an “akronic” experiment, but has no consistency of anything to it.  It was like they played with this, but couldn’t get reliable results (gosh, wonder why), so… don’t worry about this at all. It’s just a curiosity. (However, we did find out how they did it and it’s frankly amazing enough to be a whole book. One or all of us might have to write it. No idea how to handle royalties 12+ ways. Perhaps if just two of us wrote it, and then shared/donated the proceeds…)

72 thoughts on “They Did Wut? [UPDATE1]

  1. I knew it. Source got my back. Literally couldnt do anything except lie down. Much love and gratitude to the cats and M’s for all that you do and be to raise the consciousness of humanity.

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  2. Ok, the cat memes just made me laugh! I guess I’ve come farther than I thought. These shenanigans are just sad and pathetic. Fear and worry have no place anymore.

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  3. My cat caught a lizard today which she tried to bring in the house. I quickly closed the door before that happened. Lizards not allowed in my home. Cay

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  4. Hiya All,
    Thanks for the Update.’Tis some crazies alright! Hooly dooly….
    Those words from Sophia Love… yes Yes YES. All the yeses’s’.
    Challenging? yaha…
    Worth it? You betchya!
    Much Love to All

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  5. oo… I forgot to ask… could we please have a link to the content those words by Sophia Love, are from?
    I’ve been lookin’.. can’t find it.
    Also.. our beautyFull kitties are climbing the walls… looking at very tall beings with much interest… a bit dazed n confused by the energies they so obviously help us with…. so lots of sleeping in between the jumping and torpedo running.
    Lots of love, pats n cuddles for them xxxxx

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    1. In a way. There’s something that’s skewing her results and interpretations, though. She’s a big target for dark things. She needs to revisit protection schemes and review who she’s intimate with. This is one prime reason why the CATs keep everyone at a remove.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. YES Cats I feel its important to Stay in our bubble of protection at all times, we are powerful creators and deep down we know the truth just let it bubble up while we are in our bubble and synchronize both sides of our brain and roll on, stay in the present, no future tripping , we are peace.

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      2. CAT Eds
        “In a way. There’s something that’s skewing her results and interpretations, though. She’s a big target for dark things. She needs to revisit protection schemes and review who she’s intimate with. This is one prime reason why the CATs keep everyone at a remove.”

        – Are you CAT’s talking about Lisa M Harrison (Deconstructing The Construct)?


        1. YES.

          Both the CATs and I, have been apparently receiving the very same feedback on this LMH issue.

          And to follow up on what I said about her group attracting Negative Entities — which is the sole (soul) problem with her, and her buddies…is the fact that her Ego is a huge blockage and is leading the show….and this is why she is NOT bothering to use protection schemes (although it’s doubtful at her low/negative frequency level that any protection tools will even work for her)

          This is the cruelly sad state of affairs with *most* Lightworkers ~ their EGO is their downfall. Keeps them from moving upwards, keeps them stagnant and stuck on one level.

          No matter what, when ascending, every single human needs to get that dam thing on a ‘leash’, and working as a happy cooperative partner assisting the guiding Higher Self.

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          1. Pot Kettle springs to mind when I read your comment. Take a long look in the mirror before you spout the words Dark & Ego about others. Cowardly is my summation of your comments.


  6. So this is why I spent two days SO exhausted but wasn’t physically doing much of anything…couldn’t stay awake. Today I am full of energy but the body was in SO much pain. Hum……

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    1. Hearing you, and All.
      It’s been very painful here too.
      So many body changes… it can get very challenging, indeedy.
      But… I remind my self, its okay.
      We know why its happening,
      We know why we are here at this time.
      Do what one needs to do to get more comfortable,
      and Breathe…. lots of that air stuff is good.
      And Water.
      Lotsa Love ❤

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    1. That’s what initially caught our attention last week. There’s actually a LOT more to this… but we don’t know if it’s a good idea to let this particular cat out of the bag. It makes no difference really, as SOURCE has everything under control.

      -CAT Eds.

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  7. I knew something was going on but didnt know what. From the moment I got up I could feel negative energy pounding inside my 3rd eye trying to come out, but I wouldnt let it. Had the worst headache ever.

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  8. Soooo, that maybe dark core thing I had on my leg after some blog posting about it (dark core?) the beginning of the year had finally gone – we had a bunch of TLJs and it was back more intensely than before, Feb or March?, and took a lot and a bit distressing process to get it reduced/gone again some weeks ago. (sorry for the re-cap) – Now with all this ‘goings ons’, it’s back – within an hours time nothing to THERE large as life… I do hope there is some good reason for this – suppose there must be. I wonder what I may be processing out… or in, with this THING? There’s a tired sadness I’m feeling about this… or it’s re-occurrence. Oh well, this too shall pass?

    Had a different spine-long, weird pain/presence/discomfort this evening – different than any usual previously disintegrating (interesting word choice… dis-integrating) spine pain/discomfort I’ve had these last few decades (degenerative disc disease, funny that term was difficult to remember, perhaps it’s disappearing?) – Wonder what that was about?

    love to all,


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  9. The kitty with lynx ears is awesome!
    As is Grumpy Cat (RIP) …
    Some would behave like this:


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    1. Sorry to post a video,
      Which is against my principles and yours,
      But it’s only 1:54 min …
      Thank you,

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  10. Hooboy. The things we found out are so amazing… they’re gonna have to be a book… we just have to figure out how more than a dozen people can do that without exploding!

    In the meantime… we looked closely at the San Andreas Fault (because of that one video, back in the stacks)… and the fault is definitely still there. The THREAT of it might have been removed, but the fault is still there — *on our timeline.* At this point, it is possible that people on different timelines are communicating via this medium. We’re looking into that — again — but it’s tough looking through the multiple whirlwinds.

    -CAT Eds.

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      1. This question alone has stalled so many projects. Answer: We don’t know. It def won’t appear on the 3d. And we’re unsure about book production or demand at the next level. It’s a total unknown at this point. There will be little demand for “3d fiction/non-fiction” at the next level.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. I’m experiencing that same dilemma.
          To write a book, or not to, because of that.
          Maybe… it doesn’t matter so much about if the book will be published/needed/wanted etc….
          Maybe… its in the writing of?
          Just a thought.

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    1. I thought it would be Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘Shining Star’ (now that’s stuck in my head, but that’s fine).

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  11. Hi Guys, I wanted to ask about someone in particular… does anyone know the name Robert Lannister. This is not a GOT reference! Apparently this is someone important to the current process, over in the dreamtime. I do not know who this is. I think we need to touch base here in 3D… and I have confirmation of this name from someone else. Thanks in advance!

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  12. Thank you cats for this information!

    Love all cats pictures!! 🙂 They are so precious!!!

    Could you please explain a bit more what do we see on the graphs that you’ve posted?…
    Thank you very much!


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  13. This has been such a strange day! Time seems to be really speeding up. I was putting dinner out whilst my daughter watched one of her children’s programs. It started as I was getting food out of the oven. I had barely dished up and the closing music and credits were playing. I swear only 5 mins had passed but the program (really conscious of the word program here!) was supposed to be about 20mins long!

    After dinner, went into kitchen to get us some yogurt, looked out of the back window and saw a pigeon flying at ridiculous speed flapping its wings super fast!

    Later, whilst getting my daughter ready for bed everything felt so surreal, dream like. It felt as if I was phasing in and out.

    Have also been getting odd twinges in the middle of my abdomen. Feels almost like a pregnancy, like something kicking which is impossible but its still going on as I type this!

    Much love ALL x❤️

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    1. Nice to hear how other’s are feeling. As I walked outside this morning I mentioned to my husband that everything felt so strange.

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    2. Lily, Lisa G. in my reading today saw energy going into the new area just below the navel. I forgot what she called it. Not the solar plexus though. I hope this helps.

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      1. @J thank you, you reminded me of my reading with Lisa last week before the full moon. She said she saw two showers of rainbow light coming from the moon on the right and left. The colours included strands of colour that we cannot see in 3D. I think she said the streams coming down circled the body before going into the earth and then going through the base chakra and stopping at the solar plexus. For some reason the energies we’re going up rather than down through the crown. That makes sense now! The reading feels like it was weeks ago due to strange time but of course it was only last week! Love Lisa Gawlas!

        Her recent post speaks of fire which is interesting as I have seen a few other posts from other folk regarding fire. One lady brought up the firey energy of Kali the Hindu goddess in the context of cleansing and rebirth and letting go of fear. The same lady also spoke of connecting to Krishna and the importance of unity, the need to breakdown all barriers between people and religions because we are ALL SOURCE!

        Incredible times ❤️

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  14. Night before last I awoke several times during the night feeling as if something was sucking me out of my body. My whole body was wildly spinning and that is what actually woke me up, I was horribly nauseated. This kept happening for at least 3 or 4 times throughout the night.

    How odd, never in my life have I ever had that type of experience exiting my body. I was being sucked up and backwards with force and was wildly spinning. Normally, I exit from my crown and frontal body area peacefully and gently, not with force from behind.

    Fast forward to yesterday and today; I heard about the Pocket Densities here on Cats. So now I wonder, had I been headed for New Earth and the 5th dimension? Or, was I being sucked into that Pocket Density?
    Any thoughts?

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    1. Noooo, no. What we’re seeing is an “akron” attempt to create a timeline break/pocket universe… but it’s not working, and SOURCE has since stepped-up the energy. It’s actually a non-issue, now.

      -CAT Eds.

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  15. Cats sorry for double entry, don’t know how to make corrections please delete first item. The second one has my corrections, thank you


  16. You CATS are awesome! So much information to process. Today was a very strange day, however, I am currently your posts so hoping that means I’m on the same timeline!!!! Can’t wait to hear more on all that’s going on.
    This blog keeps me going and is appreciated! Yes, been experiencing many upgrades and who ever said pain is the new normal, I concur. No worries…..It’s diminishing as I go through each moment so that is encouraging to me! THANKS!


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  17. Awesome work Cats & M’s 🙂 The Akron-maniacs, had my own run in with the nasty freaks & they’re not getting away with it anymore, bunch of losers like playing God. Totally agree Source has it under control 🙂 Be very interesting to hear your truth, the unknown becomes known the Truth is revealed, Book Title … O the Akronity!

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  18. This makes me feel so much better. Been, not shocked, but profoundly black-clouded by the behaviours of humans around me. I keep grounding into NE as a panacea, but can’t tell you how this news en-lightens me. Thanks for yr research into the ethers.

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  19. 😦 Been feeling/perceiving this deep sadness, I think for 3? days – strongest today, had increased from last night (don’t know what was happening in sleep time, very vaguely remembered )- If you think of laminate this sadness (I just asked for confirmation) I perceive to be about 4 layers down. If it was family related, for instance, that might feel closer to the top layer or two… Sometimes today there was some sad-irritation paired with the other sadness; like the deep sadness is more from my feelings about/related to this other combo sad/irritation from the 4th layer laminate – confused enough yet?… If this is related to recent happenings I’m feeling sadness for our brothers and sisters who are causing THEMSELVES so much pain and can’t be open to the influence of LOVE – can’t let it touch them – probably LOVE feels painful to them… their sad/irritation might be the bewilderment /anger that for them not understanding why ‘stuff’ isn’t working for them… desperation…

    Please don’t come back at me with stuff like, ” how could you possibly feel for those that caused such pain /suffering to others” I’ve never been able to NOT feel this sadness even towards my own abusers, some of whom were involved/related to the organized perpetration groups. If you are feeling inside them the same time as the abuse to you it changes your perspective.

    My family and house guest (@J, mine too, today) and 2 dogs, the other one staying with me, are doing their final packing up for the trip back east – leaving soon – the above is NOT related to them or trip… There are family related things back there… Ha! I just looked at the clock on my laptop – 3:11:11 pm Wed. 5/22

    Well, I guess that’s all for this comment…
    Be at peace,


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