WHOMP Week 5/21/19 [UPDATE4]


Just a little update. There was some recent WHOMPage…

…which some are feeling, some aren’t. If you are, you’re not behind. If you aren’t, it may mean you’re past it. Whatever you’re feeling…

All is well.

Ok, here’s how things look:

90% of us felt this latest set of energies.

Here’s more:


And this thing is still being experimented with by the folks from Akron:


They’re really making a mess of things… in spots. It seems to affect some meters more than others, which is a function of many factors (which we can’t go into so other morons don’t try to do the same thing).

Then there was this oddity:


And these:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 1.49.10 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 1.51.23 PM



And there was another CME…


…but it was directed away from us. Oddly, we seem to feel these MORE than the earth-directed ones. Why? [shrug]

Btw, *this* whole thing is BS:

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.47.14 AM
There is no International Space Station. It is a boondoggle of empty cans wired together. Images like the above are secured on zero-gee planes mocked up inside to look like a “space station.” This type of criminal lie (technically, it’s serious fraud) needs to be investigated and legislated into nonexistence.

That’s enough for now. Note that there will be no war, not on this timeline. Ignore the fear. Stay positive.




We might have to start a new page called DESPERATION WATCH: The Akronites are frrrreaking out:






And here’s a great catch from reader Tracy:

Never seen Kiruna look like this.


So, the CME listed above has a timestamp of 2019-05-21 18:05, but there was another (feisty) one ten hours before that:

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.55.33 PM

There were also other anomalies that don’t precisely subscribe to any pattern:

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.58.02 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.44.47 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.00.45 PM


Just so everyone knows, these Kyksele meters looks really weird:

This is odd.
And this is just plain weird.

THE most negative controllers of the PTW (the “Akrons”) continue to attempt to hijack this timeline/universe… to no effect. This is a total non-issue, as SOURCE is thwarting their actions 24/7/365.25, but it’s amazing to watch them hang themselves, like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

And look at this:


This graph is showing strange values… all the way to 5-31… but it’s the 23rd.

More as we find it.



68 thoughts on “WHOMP Week 5/21/19 [UPDATE4]

  1. oooohhh, man…..I so *NEED* to ‘Flat-Line’ them.


    Think I will go do that Now.
    This mega-intense pleasurable Higher Self urge/directive is not to be ignored.




    1. Mmm… be careful with negative intent, in any form. Take the high road, unless your direct safety is in jeopardy (like being faced with a mugger). Otherwise, leave them to SOURCE — and themselves. They will be harsher judges of themselves, after the fact, than SOURCE. The Higher Self HAS NO URGE TO SMASH. Quite the opposite.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. My higher self only has an urge to HEAL everything, starting with me and my 20 yr old cat (he’s never cranky just cuddly) , so I just wish all of those others the best of everything that is good for them and all other heart sourced beings…we hold the spark of Source and as a tiny aspect of that we have the ability to create and radiate peace at a great distance. Stay in your bubble and do not forget who you are.

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  2. One of the things I like about this blog is there is none of the “divine feminism” stuff.
    I feel it is a concept to control, though some people need to see things that way to understand what’s going on.

    What I’ve been told is, we need to focus on things that wont cause divides between people. People shouldn’t use gender to categorize things that are genderless. Positivity has no gender, Peace has no gender, creativity has no gender.

    However, I do understand that some need to see what’s coming as “divine feminine”, as it will help them to start the awakening process.

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    1. Thanks, and well said. That is intentional, here. We try to maintain a balance, and shy from extremes (though some of the tomboys do get kinda feisty sometimes). We try to be the unclassifiable “safe glue”. That said, there really is a female energy that has returned to the earth, recently. Try welcoming her in your meditations; warm and wonderful, like a reassuring blankie. (We had already invited in Brother J, so she completed the set. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. Yup I felt the odd energy, gave me a headache most of the day then high pitch noise started & my headache disappeared, go figure! Source be with Us 🙂 Thank You Cats & M’s

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  4. Thanks Cats 🙂
    Mind blowing ‘activity’ in my space today.
    In a good way.
    I’m still ‘OMG’ing.
    Lotsa Love n Fluffs xxxxx

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  5. Hello dear CAT’s, M’s and all commentators/writers and readers of this wonderful site.🤗

    Well, it sure is an adventure to be here now in this version/lifetime, like a never-ending rollercoaster-ride. There have been sooooo many strange happenings, dreams, visions and physical sensations that at times, I’m not quite sure what’s “real” and what’s not anymore… so I was wondering if it’s ok with you to write down those things and post it to you here on your site even though it might be a very loooong post or is it better that I mail it to you instead? I could really use some help in interpret some of it, because when I’ve spoken to my Mr H and my mom about some of it, they respond with a very strange facial expression and then they suddenly change the topic!🤣 Or perhaps it’s better for both them and I if I really tried to practice a swedish saying that goes something like “speak is silver, silence is gold”🤭 but somehow I feel that that could be boring in the long run😉

    Anyways, right now I wanted to ask you about this screenshot I’ve got from Kiruna. Is it Source, or the dumb ones, or is it just some error in the graph because the numbers in the graph are crazy…but I can’t attach/upload it in this message to you! How do I send you a pic?? Oooh, today I’m a technical genious….not!

    I wish you all a wonderful day💖🌞
    In loving light //Uli💞

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  6. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Tools of Ascension are grasped by those of earnest.

    Flakes fall to the side.

    Weak-kneed players remove themselves.

    Intentions are key.

    Fortunes are granted for those of the Light.

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  7. For the 2nd day in a row I went walking barefoot in the woods.
    Just like yesterday didn’t see another human for an hour. Awesome. Was greeted by rabbits, frogs and crows.
    At one point I felt like I was on NE alone, waiting for other humans to arrive. I’ve had that feeling before. Just like that, poof!, I was there. No sky action, no portal, no lights,… just me walking into another dimension, NE.

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  8. We see snippets of the Tompsk, but is there a way to zoom out and see it for a month? If we put the images together for over a month, two months, what patterns would we see? Would it look like sheet music, art, etc

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    1. Nope. That meter has limited granularity. We’ve toyed with creating out own, but it’s a project that really requires a more remote location for the coil; most CATs are too close to civilization, which obviously interferes with the efficacy of the instrument. Long-term SR panels look like gobbletygook, anyway, given how chaotic the energy environment is. You’d need data of the past 2-3 decades to have it make any kind of sense.

      There is this guy…



      …but the meterage lacks finesse. Really, the only perfect meter is YOU, and everyone around you.

      -CAT Eds.

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  9. Confirmed WHOMPing… head feels like it’s about to burst and nothing can fix it, including Reiki. That’s usually how I can tell it’s a WHOMP-headache rather than a regular one.

    I’m also growing increasingly annoyed and disappointed with these a$$krons’ attempts to derail the inevitable, as well as what their earthly cronies keep doing here by fomenting fear, politics, and the usual bullcrap.

    They don’t know what they’re doing to themelves, and they most likely never will.

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      1. Surprisingly enough, I don’t really feel fear as much as I’m feeling disappointment at some of these unfortunate circumstances, if anything.

        They chose their fate. I chose the light. All I care about is being as loving and as helpful as possible to those around me, when I feel called to be. 🙂

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  10. A reminder: We do not allow coarse language in the comments section, be it a comment or an image. If the comment is pithy and worthy, we’ll edit the curse words and leave the comment to stand. We also do not allow negative comments, for the most part… but we do allow the occasional vent. Even CATs get grumpy, sometimes — which you have no doubt seen here and there! Try to keep it positive. We also dislike ‘us vs. them’ comments. They are us, we are them.

    Ben Hur
    Ben Him
    Ben THEM

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. How about posting my own song? It’s instrumental, just me in the woods with my guitar and harmonica. Earphones recommended.

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      1. How beautiful Stefan.thank you for sharing. I have always preferred acoustic guitar, and the setting you chose exudes the beauty of nature. YOU ARE LOVE. Cay

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      2. @Stefan, thank you – took me (musically) back to the part of the ’60’s when it was allowable and welcomed to create and share feelings and mood with ‘just’ a guitar and harmonica and the presence of the forest around you… I could have readily been my teenage self in a darkened room with your music on low in the background and meditate – lovely energy – I might have been more at peace.
        At that time I had a radio/record player from the ’40s that had adjustments for record size and speed (78 rpm, 45 and 33 – 7 in, 10, 12). My ‘go to’ for quite a while when bad things were happening was to play, over and over and over’, ‘Ferry Cross the Mersey’ and esp ‘World Without Love’ (did you know this was written by Paul McCartney) which coincided with the 7 inch/45 setting, so it would repeat that song (last song on the album’s side).

        Your song would have soothed my soul, as it can now…

        Blessings to you for sharing,


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  11. Ok, we looked at Lisa M Harrison (again). Mostly she’s ok… but is occasionally being mislead by Team Dark. Like others in the public sphere, she doesn’t seem to be setting good enough protection. Easily rectified.

    Lisa: Redouble your protection.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. How do you know when you have been influenced by dark? Surely, we have all been there…including yourself. I love listening to what Lisa has to say. I’ve never felt dark energy from her. She rocks!!!

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    2. I am a personal friend of Lisa M Harrison, I have shared a home with her, know her family and who she really is! I have meet the core active participating members in her group at LMH several times and am amazed at how they love and support one another in their darkest times, they have rallied for those who were struggling raised money to put food on tables, rooves over heads and kept the line open on a call for over 14hrs to support a member who was ill and alone and with no family to support them. They have also celebrated each other’s weddings, births and so much more. They are prepared to face their shadows and their light and work through it as a united front that is the true core group.
      Not those spiritual arrogant self-inflated ego’s that hide in the shadows of LMH professing to know that they are so enlightened making outrageous claims with their poison pens that Lisa and LMH is infested by dark agendas! They are the ones with a transparent deliberate intent to malign and undermine Lisa M Harrison and her group. This is an act of a coward and a troll, not a heart sourced being!
      Lisa M Harrison is a woman of integrity, I know it, seen it, and experienced it first hand! She is passionate about this community and has sacrificed so much to contribute and share in her own words and with her own narrative to be of service to anyone this might help.
      Lisa M Harrison, does not single out any of you in this community, insult you personally, read your energies uninvited and without consent and make grandiose statements beyond doubt that her energies need cleaning up and extra protection. I know Lisa, if the shoe were on the other foot, and she truly thought you were being compromised she would privately reach out to you offer assistance not publicly shame you!
      How can I be so sure of this because I have seen her do it before, and yes there are those who hate her and want to destroy her, I’m sure you have a few on your own blog who feel the same about you. Trolls, shills, and with dark agendas!
      In fact she has even recommended your blog openly and many others in the broader community because she truly believes with all her heart that we all should work together, provide platforms for those waking up that are finding their way and helping them to know that there is someone out there who will be the perfect fit for them and speaks their language.
      You call that ego, I call it brave she doesn’t hide her identity, she is open for all to see, not easy when her own community attack her and her family and those she loves, because she is committed, passionate and driven to help those waking up and doing what she can to help others before herself!
      How about you all get back in your hearts, practice what you preach and start working together for a change, instead of promoting division, doubt and fear!
      PS: Before you assume you know what she means (re-pocket realms) you may need to listen to what she is actually saying! Oh and how’s this for a thought if unsure ask her, she’s always happy to explain and elaborate if you’ve misunderstood! Remember this is her way of expressing how she see it, no different to how you all in this community express in the way how you see it and makes sense to you.. Same, same but different! Yet; none of you can prove it beyond a shadow of doubt that how you see it is 100% accurate; however for some reason everyone knows Lisa has to be wrong, really? Are we in pre-school???
      Time to grow up and start working together!

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      1. We can’t vouch for anyone else, but The CATs have no egos here. How could we? We’re purely anonymous. We’re not “hiding” behind anything; we have very serious reasons for keeping our identities private. We make no appearances. Do no interviews. Charge no fees. We have no reason to push any agenda, and we carefully protect our agenda-less objectivity. So, someone asked us about Lisa M Harrison and we *looked* at her (at her picture, actually), and we (all!) saw that she’s occasionally compromised by Team Dark. She needs to set better protection. Things are slipping in and affecting her output. We’re saying this as HER BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We want everyone to do well. We have no ego.

        We don’t assume. We look. We tell you what we see. You don’t have to come here. We never looked at anything she said about “pocket realms.” We discovered this on our own. We’ve never heard her speak or seen any of her videos, or read any of her materials. WE DIDN’T KNOW WHO SHE IS UNTIL ABOUT WEEK AGO. We LOOKED at her and told you what we saw. She needs to seriously address this, as Team Dark is relentless. If she doesn’t, and you all wanna ululate… that’s your problem. None of The CATs are attacking anyone. We save that for special occasions, against things that would make you run screaming into the night.

        We have nothing to prove. We gave you what we saw. We see things pretty goddamn accurately, thankyouverymuch. Our blog is public. Review it. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere. No one forced you here.

        We never left our hearts. We’re there right now and we never leave.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Did I touch a nerve? “protest too much”? ‘WE DIDN’T KNOW WHO SHE IS UNTIL ABOUT WEEK AGO. We LOOKED’, that I know for a fact is a lie because Lisa showed me her email exchanges with ‘the cats’ last year where ‘cats’ expressed gratitude for her stopping by to the site and recommending it to viewers among other things. If you had no idea who she was why would you look at her, even know who to look at, just because someone asked about her? The only ‘Lisa M Harrison issue’ as stated in this thread and the only ‘dark’ around her is the one those like yourself provide platforms for such as this, providing a space for the dark to viciously malign a fellow member of the community under anonymity, while you yourself claim not to know her personally. If this is your idea of integrity, not being compromised by team dark and having no ego agenda, then I have news for you, and a pocket realm for sale in 5D meow

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          1. Um… we were trying to be nice. We had no idea who she was. WE STILL DON’T KNOW. We forgot about her again until someone brought her up again. We don’t participate in the “celebrity psychic” world, and for good reason. We’re not accusing or maligning anyone. We’re tell you what we saw. We tell the hardest truths first. You folks obviously don’t like that.

            No, you didn’t touch a nerve. We were just trying to help… and that offer has now expired.

            -CAT Eds.

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      2. So beautifully said Silver. It is truly such a shame that more Lies are being made up about Lisa, that she has been compromised by ‘Team Dark’. My personal opinion is if anyone truly ‘looks’ at Lisa, and they don’t see that absolutely beautiful Heart, that cares, loves, acknowledges and supports the people she cares about, also the Public! there’s a filter/overlay there that is distorting their perception. As a friend of Lisa’s and a Member for nearly 3 Years, All I have seen, felt and experienced is absolute Truth, Genuine care, compassion and Love. She has had so much shit projected onto her for the work that she does, hardly anyone respects of acknowledges the amount of time, effort and work she puts into the information that is publicly shared, hours and hours, recently she spent 14 hours in one day working on a video to share, so much time and effort and passion goes into everything she does. This is for the public, if were going to go into Lisa charging for the members, $5 per month.. Really? Two calls per week that can go from 9am until 7/8pm at night sometimes, this inst seen or acknowledged and this should be. Pure Heart and Passion goes into all she does. As a Member, the past 3 Years, has been the most amazing journey, when I first joined, I was feeling, lost, I had no idea who I truly was, I knew I had gifts to share, but had no idea how to acknowledge them, work with them and master them. There were so many personal programs/filters I had, and the journey I have been on with the Members and as a Friend of Lisa’s for this time has felt like and been a beautiful lifetime of unconditional Love, support, caring, and revealing truth. Uncovering the lies and deception in this place we are all in, The Matrix/Hologram/Earth whatever we want to call it, I have never seen any Ego or Guru or ‘Celebrity Psychic’ here, only her personal journey to seek the Truth, she has always done this from a genuine place of truth, compassion and being genuine. And I know that those that have also shared this journey, who see her for her Heart and all that she does, can say the same. I used to love reading the Cats posts, updates, information and insights they shared, I personally didn’t see any arrogance at the start of when I used to come here, but it wasn’t that long ago, maybe 6 months or more I just haven’t been able to come here, haven’t feel a pull to read the latest posts, as I have for some time, arrogance energy in the posts, the energy of ‘its this or that and only that’ black and white. A part of my journey and many others is to question everything you see, in Vision, feelings/perceptions as we know we have been targeted many times in our lives, and this has affected the way we see and feel about ourselves, perception distortions, truth being seen as lies, lies being seen as truth, so especially in this time/moment we are all in on our journeys, we should be certainly careful about what we are seeing, feeling etc and really go deeper into the truth, our Hearts and our Knowing, I know if that is where we are coming from, it can be trusted, that gentle and quiet place of truth, knowing and love. Thank you!.

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        1. Arrogance? You try dealing with the New Age community for years and see what happens. We just try to help. That’s all we ever do. We never said anything bad about anyone, only that their inner data stream was being tainted by Team Dark because Lisa M Harrison wasn’t setting proper protection, and her followers popped up to underline that, proudly saying they needed no protection because they were angel unicorns. Hey, if you want to live in your fantasy world, well… that’s a choice. We’re telling you that’s a reeeally bad idea. We don’t care if you visit this site. We make no money from it. We have no advertising. We charge no fees. And if you don’t like “our energy,” well there’s the door. We’re not here to be your friends. We’re here to HELP.

          We now see what our nighttime counterparts meant by what they wrote what they did on the transition-white-board: INSANE UNICORNS.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. There is no attacks on my part to you, any of you. Just an observation and speaking my Truth. And we too have had to battle the dark, in many many ways. Personally and Collectively. Its not a reality where all is beautiful, its been a very hard journey in the depths of the Swamp, for sure. Everyone is doing there best to push through this, its not just one team doing the work or who have only battled the dark, many are doing this cleanup, some speak out about it and some dont, both is fine. But we should all be working together and supporting that, acknowledging that as a human collective. All I feel true to myself is despite the depths of the cleanup internally/collectively, and the more crap that does show up, were all becoming lighter/more aware and more of our true selves are integrating, bringing the reality we have created from within, out. We have all wrote our own Script now. We all choose how we want to play it out.


      3. @Silver
        2019-05-22 AT 8:52 PM
        So ugly, your rant, no, thankyou!
        Painful and so disturbing.
        Wrongly placed, exaggerated, and so unfair.
        A shame…
        An insult to us all.
        You’d better keep silent.


      4. @Silver.
        I love Lisa!!! I want you to help her by letting her know that she might be compromised by Team Dark! She needs to know that, so she can work on better protection. Please! Let her know!
        Thank you very much!


    3. Thank you CAT’s!!!
      I am sooo glad she is mostly OK! I love her!
      I think she is doing her best to help everybody!
      Thank you very much!


  12. I would also say be careful how you interpret the actions of others — you do not know what level they are at, unless you yourself are at a higher level, in order for you to gain the birds eye view and the fuller understanding.

    My intent is not “negative”.
    From your perspective it is negative, from MY perspective it is 110% *Positive*.

    I operate from SOURCE. I am not separate from it.

    7 years ago the entire nutty Achorn decided to attack me, and the rest of the Lightworkers on the planet, without our knowledge….for almost a week it lasted.
    All I did (Higher Self and/or me) during astral sleep state, was continually deflect and REFLECT *ALL* of the horror that was blasted at us.
    Simply with my hand up, to send it right back.

    Besides being otherwise irritating, it was also slightly amusing.

    A week later, they decided to come to me via 3rd eye and check me out…had my very first encounter of a beautiful Reptilian right in my face, trying to ‘study’ me. (Didn’t give a hoot about them and had never investigated them)

    The whole thing was utterly hilarious. I kept complimenting it, and trying to HUG it.
    Into my SOURCE energy.

    Silly critter lasted only a few minutes with me, in this transmission of theirs.
    They decided I was one of the Insanely Strong Ones and stayed away. And then I became so High Frequency after that, that I was invisible to their low frequency radar.


    “The Higher Self HAS NO URGE TO SMASH. Quite the opposite.”

    OK, now this is your EGO talking — because how in the bleep, do YOU claim to know, what MY Higher Self has the urge to do???

    I operate not only with SOURCE, but first and foremost from my Higher Self ~ we are partners.

    By “SMASH”, we meant to smash down all their Wavelengths emitted from this negative technology, to Flatline level.
    AND submit the (rather generous) offer to them, of knocking this the f^ck off, or being SOURCE Recycled —

    — otherwise, have the pleasure of experiencing what I have to experience DAILY/hourly, and feel the torture of being radiated by Diamond Code “sparkly” snowflakes, whilst you are now trapped within the ‘no pocket opening’, Snow Globe containment sphere I have created for you.


    What you are not understanding, is that you are all still operating from *FEAR*.

    You refuse to let it go, and it colours your perspective constantly, and you are continually reinforcing it with your followers — “Protection this, protection schemes that…..”

    The idea that you just submitted, that I should lower my frequency in order to also operate from old 3D Fear and that I should even entertain the 3D thought that I require “safety”, is actually ridiculous from the higher levels — and you will eventually understand this as well. Even though you reject it, now:

    (This is why they call us “insanely strong”)

    Test this out:

    *The greatest “protection”, is NOT NEEDING ANY.*


    1. This is hubris, and a bad example.

      We have no fear. Arming yourself in bear country is not fear. It’s prudence. It’s practical. CATs are practical. We practice a good healthy caution because we don’t want to see what the inside of a bear looks like. You have no idea who we’ve been up against. You really have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a CIVILIAN. YOU ARE OVERCONFIDENT. This is a big problem. It opens you up to attack. This is a reeeeeealllly big omniverse, and all kinds of things come here to test the dark waters. Even Higher Order Beings one step down from SOURCE get attacked. We know. We talk with them. We’ve been attacked right next to them, and have seen them attacked. These dark things are not some fairy tale beings. These things are real. And there are SO MANY MORE than you can fathom. Because of this, we try to instill some practical safety with NORMAL people who read this blog, to help them protect themselves, to give them a fighting chance… and you come along and suggest that the high and mighty don’t need protection.

      We don’t care how long you’ve been doing things. We came here in this life to help YOU. We’ve gone up against so many nasties that we don’t particularly care for our own personal safeties, but *we do for our families* — hence the anonymity. We’ve seen things that have made sane adults spontaneously cry and crap their pants, watched as *things* tried to get into people, watched as they GOT INTO PEOPLE… and changed them. We didn’t want to see this anymore, so we created this blog to educate people. We’re not afraid of these things. We’re just careful. You should be, too.

      -CAT Eds.

      Note: The Wave X energy is also driving Team Dark into a frenzy lately, so… Ground + Protect.

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    2. @Anonymous
      2019-05-22 AT 5:49 PM

      “””””””(This is why they call us “insanely strong”)
      *The greatest “protection”, is NOT NEEDING ANY.* “””””””

      SURE! This is how they work!
      How else they pulled your strings so easily?


  13. It seems hard to unify people who insist on being insane. But like you said, that is a choice.


  14. So this seems to be some heavy purging energies recently, as lots of deep stuff got popped up from so many souls. I refer to some aggressive comments here (calm down folks), as well as to my last few weeks, or months, being very painfull.
    All my secret soul debris is coming out and I can not run away from it. I tried 😅
    As we all shift or whatever THE EVENT will be for each of us, you can’t take your ego and deep crap (sry) with you.
    Thanks to lovely CATs to offer us this platform to learn so much what triggers myself and work on it.

    Also, but this is my private opinion, no high order being or high frequency human has to talk about the loving service they’re doing. They would remain silent about their powers I guess. There is simply no need to talk about it, not here with us, nor to anyone. I’m not refering to CATs here, they’re informative but always honest with their personal stories with Twb or whomever.

    Cheerio my dearios
    Love to you all

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  15. Hi CATS. Would it be possible for someone to check something for me please? I love your charts, etc but they are a bit over my head. Did anything big or weird show up late night 4/17/18/ early morning 4/18- like 2:20am Eastern time USA (southern NJ to be specific)? I got totally slammed into while peaceful deep sleep. Felt like something hit my house but it must have just hit me. Since then weird time stuff happening, and my heart space feels odd, like pulled out of myself. Hasn’t returned to normal “me” yet. Very concerning, just trying to stay neutral and watch, but this bump did not feel like a good thing for me. Any educated ideas appreciated. (I wouldn’t even know where else to ask this question except for here, lol. I appreciate this community and mostly listen and learn)

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      1. How could I have forgotten I had a series of seizures last night(23 rd)… well they were smallish, not like in the first half of 2009 when I had 6 months of multiple clusters of seizures – guess I’m getting complacent… 🙂



      2. WOW!!!! Thanks very much for explaining. I think I’m targeted by this stuff somehow. I think I need a Guard Dragon or something. ( Funny because I had a dream months ago I was talking to a Rainbow Dragon…and the next day my car pulled into the store parking lot and there was a rainbow dragon oil slick when I stepped out. Looked exactly like it!) I appreciate you all. ❤️️⚡️


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