How to Survive The SHIFT (the Final Act of The Event)


We’ve said all this before, but it bears restatement (see what we did there?)… though this time we’re gonna paraphrase what Spirit said through one of Laura Anne Whitworth’s recent clients, (provided Laura Anne doesn’t mind) as it’s the latest version — which may change.

Anyway, The SHIFT (which is the denouement of The Event) is getting close, so let’s go over this once more so it’s in the back of your mind; you might then be able to help others who may be confused.


Don’t panic. We’re not sure from whence The SHIFT will occur (from inside yourself? outside yourself? both?), but when it gets to you, YOU WILL KNOW. It will be like a big bright rolling wave that will pass through your body.

Those who don’t have enough light within… well, they’re probably not reading this (except for you ‘intelligence’ agency folks)… but if so, you will just transition elsewhere and get further instructions. No running with scissors. Void where prohibited. Your future may vary — a lot.

For those aspiring to the New Earth, do this once the Wave reaches you:

1. Breathe. Open yourself up.

2. Accept what’s happening. (“Ok. Here we go.”)

3. It’ll feel like getting into a hot bath that’s way too hot, but you need it to be hot. There may be a slight pinch, no biggie. This light passing through your body is light that comes from SOURCE. It’s a good thing. (“Hello, SOURCE!”)

5. Know that everything’s going to be ok. All are being provided for (pets included). There may be a little pinch, but then you’re done. BREATHE the energy in and think “SOURCE”. Believe it or not, SOURCE misses you terribly. It’s not here to punish. It is literally LOVE.

6. Read #5 again. Think of it as a giant LOVE hug.

7. If you do not understand what’s happening with your body, you will be taken out of your body right away. Your soul (which is the tiny part of your larger spirit that’s “in” your body) will leave your body and be routed where it needs to go. In a few cases, some will stay on 3d, to help those who may be left on 3d.

8. If you do accept the light, in one swift move you will be on the New Earth. POOF!

9. SOURCE is doing all this with “Divine Timing.” Ready or not.

10. Relax. You’ve actually done this before.

Is that it?


THEN… you will become…

Now think: “This is a good look for me.”


1. The SHIFT is Gaia moving from this earth to the New Earth. The 3d earth will then either have another (younger) spirit move in, or it will take some time, we’re not sure. Also note that it is taking place across the entire omniverse, not just here. We’re unsure if it happens everywhere at once, or is a wave that’s faster than light… but we’re gonna find out.

2. YES, your pet is probably going with you — except in the cases where your pet has volunteered to be of use to someone else, somewhere else.

3. When will this happen? We have no idea, so please don’t ask. It could be tomorrow. It could be in six months. It could be in ten years. It could be that we will need lots of kleenex ’cause we don’t wanna wait ten years.

4. In the meantime, avoid the fear merchants. If someone online, or anywhere else, makes fear statements about this or anything… turn ’em off. Fear is no longer required. Go with your gut. You KNOW when something’s bothering you. Respect the hunch.

5. Meditate more, surf less.

6. Atlantis? Who cares.

7. NO, you don’t need to pay anyone to get wherever you need to be. If you just found this site… meditate. If you don’t know how… learn.

8. Will those going to the New Earth need to have all their “karmic debt” repaid… no. Karma is a 3d thing. At the next level of SCHOOL (this is all about education), you will leave 3d behind… and probably not think about it much, again.

9. What else?


Ready for the New Earth.




76 thoughts on “How to Survive The SHIFT (the Final Act of The Event)

    1. @ CATs
      Thank you so very much for your announcement!
      And thank you for all those adorable cat pics.

      “”We’re not sure from whence The SHIFT will occur (from inside yourself? outside yourself? both?), but when it gets to you, YOU WILL KNOW.””

      YES. This is the marvel of it: NO-ONE can hide.
      Here down a message from SOURCE, through ArchAngel (of) Michael.
      Reading very carefully, i understand it will be a PULSE from the Sun.
      The huge crescendo in the last weeks might lead just into it.
      Each word seems to cary an amazing weight.

      – The Violet Radiance has already been noticed.
      – The Golden Mist from the Sun started to manifest too, as an Illumination Rain for some.
      – The Gathering is, for sure, the massive number of ships in the Sun.
      – The culmination seems to be a most spectacular Rainbow, not ever seen by man, emanating music and colours!!!
      – and given that man

      “””””” shall know a Calling;
      they shall know a Love;
      they shall know a Duty — “”””””

      it points directly to our Hearts!
      We will recognize we are LOVE — and remember exactly who We Are!

      So, there will be the SHIFT. Deep within.


      From this sphere of life (SUN)
      is now emanating a Golden mist
      that shall enclose your world
      even as from this sphere
      for countless millions of years
      your world has been enclosed
      in the Golden Ra­diance
      that has brought it heat and Light,

      which is symbolic
      of the Father’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

      That heat and Light
      is to warm man’s physical being
      and to give him
      the Flame of Spiritual Life.

      For it is the affinity
      between this sphere and yours
      that makes for life
      and makes it possible for you
      to search for Truth.

      from this sphere,
      the ones with the Golden Helmets
      of the commands of Light,
      your cosmic and galactic relations,
      have gathered as the Gathering of the Eagles.

      This Gathering
      is in response to the Covenant of our Infinite Father,
      the Covenant of the Bow in the Sky.

      There shall shortly come into thy attention
      a Bow
      stretched across thy heavens
      such as Earth-man has never seen before
      in all his memory

      The Bow across the sky
      shall be magnificent in color
      and will emanate
      musical sounds
      that shall come to the ear of all men,

      and they shall know a Calling;
      they shall know a Love;
      they shall know a Duty —

      and they must be prepared unto that day,
      chelas of the words of Truth –­
      man must be prepared by these words
      brought forth for such purpose.

      From this Bow of Beauty,
      this Bow of Duty that calls to its own,
      it shall first appear
      as a great Violet Radiance over the entire world.

      Thy brothers in the heavens also await
      this moment of commencement.

      They, WE, of the Golden Helmets
      will be known to you as the Archangels by title;
      we are the mentors
      of the angelic messengers from these realms.

      Some special ones are already serving among you
      in various specific duty.

      Ones are sent along as guardians,
      but sometimes those ones, too,
      are fooled by the clever ways of the Dark Brothers.

      Ah, you thought
      it would be your “space cadets” of which I speak —
      for this document will be regarding
      the Cohans of the etheric Rays
      and the Angelic Brotherhood
      who stand to serve of thee.

      We now come forth, dear ones,
      for the final Gathering of the Golden Chariots,
      when they shall gather to subdue
      the last remains of the darkness upon this Earth Mother;

      for over the entire world
      a Golden Glow shall manifest itself,
      and when it lifts,
      those who remain will know truly
      that they are their brother’s keeper.

      This message will come to the selected scribes
      that each one’s traditional legends
      will finally blend in perfect harmony
      and all song will be as one voice and one language —
      unspoken but wholly understood.

      This is our mission.

      This is always the work
      of those who live
      in the very centre of their solar system,
      and under the Golden Corona of Light. “

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  1. 2!

    … Sorry, I couldn’t resist. For some reason, I’m in a super feisty mood today despite the WHOMP-aches.

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  2. How to survive the shift?
    With a teddy bear ❤ ❤ ❤
    Love, love, love
    Forgive, forgive, forgive
    That's about all …

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  3. Yea! I love a hot bath.
    A few years back I asked guidance “What is of value on Earth?” as I was trying to plan for retirement. The answer I got (as always) was profound and all encompassing. “The only things of value are the lessons learned while here.” No baggage of physical Earthly goods will be carried over to the next area of existence. Then I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love that cannot be related in words. At that time I knew how much we are each loved by Source. All feelings of low self esteem dissipated with tears of appreciation. This I wish for everyone on Earth and beyond. Precious we are to Source. Cay

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  4. What if my family do not accept the light? An adult can rationalise but what if a child is too afraid, especially if there is discomfort.

    I am thinking it doesn’t matter, only in that it will make the transition easier. Good job we are leaving 3D behind, there would have been a large percentage of morons complaining about choices and freewill! Here, there are so many folk who are never happy, even if they benefit humongous. Oops, judging a bit here, or am I just being observant with a hint of empathic disdain?

    I once brewed Ayahuasca for 13 hours. When I drank it and sat alone, there came a point where the plant consciousness needed me to ‘let go. I then felt it probe EVERY cell. For my trust, I was rewarded with a vision of her, she was beautiful, blue but beautiful. I shall ‘let go’ for SOURCE, and for those around me who are afraid to let go. I hope I can help when the time comes.


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  5. wow amazing cat’s!

    since a couple of days I had dreams about hearing beautiful voices of birds
    incredibble beautiful…. and I know that it is THE NEW EARTH coming nearer and nearer….

    LOVE A.

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  6. Thanks for the post.
    It is rather uplifting.

    Over the last few weeks, I seem to be moving quickly in my personal lessons (though I still have a few to complete).

    I have also been feeling like I’m in 2 places at once and when i close my eyes I see a wave, like energy washing over everything. It’s very soothing.

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  7. For anyone struggling with meditation, I found daydreaming helped me. Also, the cord can be a beam of light or an image.
    Watch your imagination while your eyes are closed. Just observe.
    For me, the voice of my higher self seems like it is coming from within and is almost like I’m talking to myself. Plus, the ‘voice’ is always positive.

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      1. Thanks for adding that. I keep forgetting that most people don’t have grounding and protecting on autopilot

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  8. I got chills, amazing, tingly chills reading this post. Thank you CATSs and M’s and everyone here ❤️

    The last day or so has just felt like an endless walking dream, surreal, peaceful, beautiful….

    I wonder if my daughter will be coming with me. I do hope so. I really do hope so and ask SOURCE that we might stay together if it is for our highest good. I love her so, so much! She has my heart. Maybe she knows already what is happening. Although she does not speak, she seems radiant, is laughing more than usual, her face is lit up, she is quite literally shining!

    I wonder if our three guinea pigs will choose to come with us. Maybe they have ‘other work’ to do!

    I wonder if it is too late to get a cat friend. Hmmmm, all plans suddenly don’t seem so important when the most incredible Event of them all is nearly at your door!

    Love and Light and Peace and Gratitude. I love you ALL ❤️

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      1. @CATs please accept a HUGE cosmic hug from me, holding back tears of joy! So, so happy, you have quite literally made my millennium 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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        1. You could get a Preloved one maybe? There are lots of websites that have older Maine coons that are much cheaper and need a home, might be worth a look, or maybe one will just turn up when we get there. Been busy getting our little Japanese tea house ready by the waterfall. 🙂

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          1. Oh Pam, I am there with you by the waterfall sipping beautiful tea! Yes maybe there will be a kitty waiting for us in NE!

            I think it would be lovely to rehome a kitty too here on 3D and then hopefully they can transition with us 😉❤️🐱

            In the meantime I will plant some more cherry blossoms on NE ❤️

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  9. Yaaay! I’m ready, house guest from heck left today, Lisa did a wondrous reading the other day, Trader Joe’s has key lime pie back in stock (I bought 10) new coffee beans arriving today, latch key is open . Bring it on!

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  10. Interesting …

    I never felt I was ever going to need a 401k. I also was shown I was never going to grow ‘old’. I still look 30-something even edging on 50.

    Every time I get a weird pinch or pain or headache… anything…. I take a deep breath…. picture myself in my white light sphere… cord out of the crown chakra out to source and when i release my breath i feel it move down to my feet and out… and I imagine the cord (i focus on New Earth).

    In breath to Source
    Out Breath to New Earth….

    The breathing makes the pain go away quickly and I go back about my day.

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    1. @jenninebarnett hey me too! ppl think i’m a millennial. HAHAHA SOOOOO NOT even close. my 25-yr-old niece asks me all the time, why don’t you age? it’s weird. i tell her it’s a genetic thing, elfs don’t age. lol, i didn’t do 401k either. i work 7 days a week, but corporations don’t pay me. And i never thought i would grow old. weird. i always figure it’ll work out.

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      1. I think the looking young for your age says a lot about your lifestyle and spirituality. Most people who are healthy and active look young, also people who meditate and pray appear to age slower….


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  11. “Believe it or not, SOURCE misses you terribly”
    I felt that one go straight to my heart like a beam of energy and I just thought “Oh I miss you too”

    We’re ready for you!

    Thank you for this uplifting and veryinteresting post and for all you put out here.

    Fluffy teddy bears, funky cats, 10 key lime pies and Lilly and her daughter traveling together..I like where this is going!

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  12. I’ve been catching up on recent comments to the three latest post titles (the house is VERY quiet with the family+ gone… I haven’t been in quiet for over three years unless I was dog-sitting).
    So much triggering going on – I suppose this is to be expected with the energies these days – I was trying to think of a way to explain it to someone the other day – just pondering, not do-ing, and thought of having your finger in an electrical socket all the time – not one strong enough to zap you and throw you across the room, just that bit more than usual, just under awareness, but strong enough (I’m think of the un-awares, not those of us ‘sensitive’), to constantly enervate your nervous system – an underlying ughhharggg, just below awareness…
    Just enough to agitate the murky waters stirring up that which had sunk to the bottom, now to rise to the surface, but who is looking at that which is now in mucky view.
    That which is pouring forth, makes me feel sad, but it is a gentle sadness – I keep thinking of the song ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ by, ironically, the group War…

    Be Blessed everyone, as you can, by gentle Strength, much love to you,


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  13. @Cats Eds, all Cats, Ms etc… I seemed to have awareness of y’alls group or energy the other night in sleep time – not particularly anything related to or around, maybe just awareness – don’t remember which night…
    Anyway… just wanted to –
    (((((( ❤ ❤ ❤ ))))))

    I appreciate you all,

    good night to you,

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  14. @J – I definitely need to share some Key Lime Pie – a favorite – I used to want that instead of birthday cake – the best I’d ever had was at a Greek diner at home when I lived in Ct, but they must have changed bakers and I never found any that good again – New Earth Key lime pie must be awesome… 🙂 Mmmm, I’d also like some of those New blue? bananas that taste like vanilla ice cream…



    PS: I remember some reference to NE foods in some reading or book – of custard apples – a fruit that grew on trees and the insides were like custard – I love egg custard, but after marriage never made it as my Ex had a horrible reaction to anything pudding-like consistency-wise… So, why didn't I make it for myself or in the last 14 years since??? Where has the custardy self love been, lol… Kg

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  15. If we could get back to the subject we all dearly love… pain and suffering.

    Lots of CATs got roasted by energy last night. Anyone else? (Note: We live near portals, so it’s a little different for us, roast-wise.)

    (Public note to M’s: Where was that energy coming from? Felt like the old ‘attack’ days.)


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    1. My goodness, I did …
      There is a portal in my dwelling … I commented once that my cats refused to go anywhere near it … Except for one of them, who was I believe an ANGEL, who went there before she died … then the clocks at home stopped, and started again several hours later …
      The energy last night was so powerful, I could hardly breathe through it …
      Thanks for commenting on it.


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    2. Oh yes. Roasted is a good description. Weirder symptoms than normal. Awake at 2am. Lower abdomen pain for the second night running. Very blocked sinuses, burning back of my neck, worst headache I’ve had for months. But strangest feeling of my body vibrating and feeling very weak. Underlying the roasting energy though was a really nice undercurrent of good energy. It felt like I was in a two layer sandwich. I had booked today as a day’s holiday from work. Guides made me do it I think! 🤔☺️

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    3. curious. I had mine the night before. Totally wonked out. Couldn’t function, couldn’t see, couldn’t talk, just needed to go to bed. 10 hours later I got up (yesterday morning) and felt like a whole new person. and curiously, felt 10 years younger, which for a 72-year-old is a pretty cool deal 😀

      We both have been going through very odd time shifts lately. Over the past week it’s been just plain weird in our house. At the moment my other side is back in bed meditating at the moment to see if he can expand on an amazing vision early this morning.

      Yep, pre-Shift days are really getting interesting. Let’s do this …

      Love and Light to all you amazing cats, M’s, and merry travelers

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        1. Wait till everyone meets Sleepy Joe, the rainbow dragon who sleeps AROUND one of our houses. (Mine. For protection.) He’s so big, he’s literally wrapped around it three times. We call him sleepy ’cause he tangled with one of the calamari once upon a time and got jabbed by one of their needle-injector-ended tentacles with that terrible black toxin, being a dragon it made him fall asleep all the time. About killed some of us. He’s since been healed. Good riddance to the calamari.


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    4. I’ve been getting roasted for a week now, it’s been the craziest week for me since August / September last year. Funny, because one of your charts also showed that the energy was the highest since then.

      Had several nights of sleeping for 10 hours and then waking up as if I participated in a Martial Arts tournament. Yeah that was years ago though!
      Also dreams with people from a far past or scenarios related to past moments lived.

      What was probably the strangest thing for me though was that a relatively small thing triggered a huge fear cleansing in me. I don’t remember ever dealing with that, as I’m not or thought to be not so sensitive to fear, so maybe that’s exactly why.
      Did so much cleaning work, the big amounts of tears definitely help.
      This all happened after a time of feeling so strongly rooted in myself. Like overnight.
      I can only imagine the strong and light we will all feel after these current upgrades and transformations. So ready!

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      1. Yeah, lots of us are walking around during the day like we wrassled bears all night. Vampire bears. TENTACLED vampire bears. And now, when the energy is cranked up to 11, lots of us are WIDE AWAKE. It’s a miracle any of us have significant others.


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        1. It’s much easier to deal with when you live with a really high dimensional hue-man who has compassion for what you’re going through. He’s he one who keeps saying “just give it up and go to bed” and I’m the one “but I just want to get one more thing done” … said Janie as I’m typing this, because it’s another early night for this little kitten. (( yawwwwwnnnn ))

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    5. First, CAT5, I screamed aloud that was so stinkin’ funny. In the context of comments in the last few days, just stinkin’ funny. But OMG yes. Last night. Holy crud. I’m usually able to roll with the energy punches pretty well, but this was… rough. Very tricky stuff. Pressed lots of buttons and could’ve been a doorway in for lots of nasty things had I not recognized what was happening. I had to work it, though. This was crafty, cunning stuff; felt nefarious and just… well dang. Made it through, though. And then the winds today. More wow.

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  16. Today has definitely been a ‘wading through treacle’ day, very, very HEAVY….!

    Will be amazing to experience that incredible lightness of being I imagine will happen when The Event comes along…I am not waiting until 2037!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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  17. I hate to admit it, but I ate 1 key lime pie all by myself yesterday. OMG! It was incredible. I gave another one to a dear neighbor so now I’m down to 8. Must go to T.J.s to restock if you all are coming for lattes and pie. To Lily and all, I went to bed last night about 8:30 and was too tired to awaken in the night to determine if I was tired. Although today I am just a wee (as in enormously) bit crabby and feel as if I’m swimming upstream in molasses. Must ruminate on that. Cheers!

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  18. Christian pastor, family and unrelated woman have same vision of the Event:

    The pastor said he does not necessarily believe that the Event is imminent, since he had the vision years ago. However, this is the first time in history that the one-world financial system mentioned in the Bible as the signature sign of the End Times (“mark of the beast”) is technologically possible.


  19. @Cats – Not pain exactly, but I couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to, wouldn’t? I’ve had this at times. Not to do with family gone/quiet house – love the quiet! It’s almost like I’m ‘on watch’; think I dosed off after 5 am sometime.

    Anywho… Had dreams of music and setting intonation – that word is sooo close to intention –
    For those that don’t know (I didn’t until a few weeks ago) Intonation refers to the final setting up of guitar strings to get them perfectly ‘in tune’ frequency for the guitar strings, so that your music is what you want… not sour. This sounds so symbolic now… Hitting the right note, so to speak 🙂 Are we setting our own final ‘set up stage’ of intonation in tune with NE.

    Been watching videos of a slightly crazy cheerful person that started out making Baroque instruments, now builds guitars and woodworking tools – It’s the unmitigated joy in what he does – he keeps saying “I love my life” – better energy than 98- 99%? of stuff I come across… just me…

    I used to be a voracious reader.. now meh… everything seems to be centered around violence or other uninteresting stuff – Part of our conditioning seems to have everything conflict based – like you can’t write a book or movie, etc without – Is there a way that we are made blind to – I’ve pondered this many times – what new ways might there be on New Earth that we cannot be aware of here(3d).

    *sigh* I ramble…
    Hoping your days are better/best,
    Much love to all,


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      1. Nice to hear, all of us weird ones probably have known each other for a while. Until We meet again. Peace.

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  21. “Those who don’t have enough light within… well, they’re probably not reading this (except for you ‘intelligence’ agency folks)… but if so, you will just transition elsewhere and get further instructions.”

    I’m not new to this blog but a silent follower till now. I don’t have any of those “pain and sufferings” that many of you here have, does it mean that I’m not ready? Or is it because of my hesitation to leave my loved ones behind, especially one that need my special care now? On one hand, I aspire to go to the New Earth but on the other hand, I just don’t have the heart to leave behind the one that needs my care.

    “If you do not understand what’s happening with your body, you will be taken out of your body right away. Your soul (which is the tiny part of your larger spirit that’s “in” your body) will leave your body and be routed where it needs to go. In a few cases, some will stay on 3d, to help those who may be left on 3d.”

    Does it mean that one will pass away before going to New Earth? Or some of them can be “tele-transport” by SOURCE to the New Earth the way they are now, without the soul leaving the body?

    “Anyway, The SHIFT (which is the denouement of The Event) is getting close, so let’s go over this once more so it’s in the back of your mind; you might then be able to help others who may be confused.”
    Will there be another SHIFT? I think “confused” is a very mild word as most people that I know are still “sleeping”, I’m the weird one!

    Last but not least, does it mean that there will be no more update on this blog once you all CATSs and M’s poof to the New Earth?

    Thank you CATSs and M’s for this blog and everyone else here for their contributions here. I’m very happy for all of you here ascending to the New Earth.

    Hope to see you all one day in the New Earth.
    Sorry, I’m not good at saying “Goodbyes ….”

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    1. No. If you’re not having pain and suffering (like a few *evil* CATs), then you could’ve come into this lifetime ready to go. It happens. We don’t like you very much, but it happens. (M4 is this way and we throw things at him.)

      Please know that SOURCE has everyone’s best in mind. Not only the right choice but the PERFECT choice will be made (by you) for you, with SOURCE; you’ve probably already made the decision before you ever put on the flesh polo.

      As for how the transition to the NE happens… we talk about this a lot. It’s not really that you’ll pass away… you’ll CHANGE. And the change will involve some pretty exotic metaphysics. We can SEE it, but we can’t FEEL it. I personally think it’s going to be so quick that you’ll have to think about it afterward. Your spirit is basically being “instantaneously” relocated to a new 4d/5d you. OR… SOURCE will do it some way that none of us expect. With a chicken. And a large rubber mallet.

      As for us… when The SHIFT happens, we don’t think anyone will be in any shape to check the internet. There probably won’t be any more internet. It’s going to happen everywhere, all at once.

      Keep the faith,


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      1. We must be close. I got the mallet to the crown this afternoon and it is still tender to the touch. Still waiting for chicken, but later please as currently nauseated. Strange new shooting pains radiating out from spine. Cay

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    2. Nice to hear, all of us weird ones probably have known each other for a while. Until We meet again. Peace.

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  22. Awakened numbers in the early 90’s were low
    not enough for the shift
    postponed until the now, which we are
    me thinks it is delayed until a thorough house cleaning
    takes place on this big blue marble

    Peace to all

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  23. I remember one of the CATs saying that feminine energy is coming back to earth.

    I’m wondering if modern feminism is a sort of distortion of that energy? I wonder if the PTW are using it to distort what is naturally occurring?

    Of course, they always do that sort of thing don’t they?

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  24. i’m getting tired of this shit. would love a night of dreamless sleep.
    after this one, i’m not coming back here. i don’t like the way the place is run.

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  25. Thank you CATS for your tireless data reporting! And M’s for your constant caring presence.

    Regarding this post about the shift, it was very useful to me to go on a short journey of greater understanding. Sharing / writing down my own interpretation helps me understand it, but it’s not intended to override other interpretations or understandings.

    I’m not sure that any of us have to worry too much about what “will” happen… my thinking is that, much like earthquakes, or allergies, we’re open to accepting the energy in smaller bursts, which could build up an immunity to the bigger thing. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t feel something… We are in some ways already “there.”

    Those who aren’t able to accept it at this time could get a larger whammy – but will ultimately benefit in the same way. I expect a few folks to take sick days or maybe even just pass out from exhaustion… but since we’re more immune we’ll be able to help set things right where needed. The rescuer needs to be well to help others!

    We should all consider using those sick days if we have them, right now. We won’t get sick so much, but remember your 3-D “work” is something detracting from the process.

    Those who are passing away for whatever reason (natural causes, violence, illness, etc.) are those who will not be going through the process… and that’s fine… this “event” is not something they need to experience at this time.

    So the majority of folks alive during that time will be fine… but may start to lose interest in things they once found alluring, once it happens. Opportunities for coaching will be there, but some may also react negatively to assistance. It’s not a question of “if” they will… it is going to happen to most people. We’ve decided collectively, on a spirit level, to DO IT. “Gaia” energy means all of us… not just the planet. We are all connected.

    Children will also be fine (especially those we mistakenly see as having “disabilities”). There is some “adultification” energy that the “regular kids” will need to deal with. But they’ll be fine too. Embracing your inner child and letting them do so too is very important.

    This is my take on the material through my own research… your mileage may vary.

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  26. Thank you @CAT5 and M5 for the reply and encouragement. I’ll keep an open-mind for the SHIFT.

    Still, I was overwhelmed with emotion for one minute at the thought of not “seeing’’ you all here after the SHIFT. I hate “Goodbyes” as I’m a too emotional person.

    I wish I knew what decision I have made before coming into this lifetime cos I’m unable to connect to my Higher Self despite trying the meditation technique recommended in this blog or many other guided meditations. All I know is that I have always wonder since young “Why am I here?” with no answer till today.

    Thanks again for this blog …

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    1. Whatever decision you made, know that you can also make a NEW decision, based on new information. Such is free will in a learning environment.

      No need to thank us. We are you. And thanking yourself is just making it weird. 😉


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