Aha. We were talking at our regular Friday meeting, and… well… ~AM has a message for everyone:

Hello, all.

Contrary to what some people claim, LOVE is not like “the force” in Star Wars, since LOVE cannot be used negatively. LOVE isn’t going to strangle anyone, that’s just ridiculous. LOVE… is SOURCE… and vice versa. It is the glue that holds us all, and all this, together.

All expressions of LOVE are maximal. Read that again.

Expressing LOVE in any form goes to 11 instantaneously. You can, right now, blast LOVE out from yourself in a perfect sphere with INFINITY ENERGY. Right. Now. You are the teeny tip of an immensely powerful being of pure LOVE. You can each light this place up like an Xmas tree… which is kinda what we’ve all been talking about, right? Like some of the dreams we’ve been having?

Ok. So, let’s do it.


The CATs have ourselves already been doing this all along — and each of us didn’t know the other was doing it. Now, we can all do it together.

In each and every meditation, after you Ground + Protect, turn your Light ON. Don’t just say, “LOVE and Light for all who need it,” also say: “LOVE and LIGHT UP — INFINITY!”

Turn your LOVE and LIGHT UP full blast, to infinity, UP for all who need it. And beings across the universe will see it… and join in.




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      1. Everything? I cant get too much Love or Christmas. So I send Unlimited Love to All, while I turn on Carol Of The Bells. Peace

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  1. Thanks for this. It triggered a memory of a happening some 15 years ago when 4 of us sent love and healing to a group of beings I’ll call “pyramid people”. They are a race of pyramid shaped beings (to our senses) The effect was immediate and is still ongoing. I’d forgotten this fundamental truth. Thanks again AM. We are the power!

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  2. oooh – chills. i awoke this morning hearing a christmas song in my mind and said “it’s christmas in may!”

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  3. Wow. At least half the CATs suddenly felt ultrasleepy around 5:00 UTC and yawned about 300 times. One CAT fell asleep ON THE STAIRS. Sat down. Fell asleep. Family members had to wake and drag them up. Now that is a Wave X energy hit. Anyone else?

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Yup….zoned out and couldn’t stop yawning. Earlier I started having weird bone pains and weakness in my legs, feet and arms. Also skin feels itchy and raw but no signs of a rash. Fun times! Merry Christmas in May! 🎄✨

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    2. Don’t know if this is related, but around 6:00 pm PDT, my friend and I both got the energy plugs pulled out of us at her restaurant. I didn’t think I was going to make out the door. I very clearly got the reminder to breathe through it. That helped.

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    3. I had Nicely wild dreams and couldn’t get up thank goodness my animals dragged me out of my bed but I just never woke up, kept finding myself sitting down again. I finally got to work sort of.

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    4. @CATs
      YES! Thank you for mentioning it!
      I felt so drained…I could not keep my eyes open and my body had pain and soreness everywhere…
      Today I woke up with a huge pain in the spot just right above my right elbow…
      I wonder what it is?… An activation of some sort? …

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  4. Ha, that is why my daughter kept playing Christmas songs! She is always 11 steps ahead of me!

    So LIGHT UP! And cook some sprouts?!

    Thanks CATs, Ms and Love to ALL and Merry Christmas! ❤️🌲✨

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  5. Ah all the Christmas references make sense now 🙂 I can just imagine the higher ups cheering that we understood. Love to infinity!

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    1. My husband has been singing “a winter’s tale” around the house since I got back from work, he is very confused as to why he is singing Christmas songs 😂. These blogs are not his thing.

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  6. It got c-razy around here. ALL 10 of my Cats, inside and out, wanting Lots of Loving and purring like motorboats. The way they were running, jumping, playing, I knew it was an energy wave. Seen it BEfore. Even the 18 year olds were like little kids, although one of them did vomit during the night. Two of the cats are missing this morning, a 5 month old who likes his high jinks and his stepmom. Praying.

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  7. Yes!! Oh, how I loved to read this message from ~AM – feelt such joy in my heart💖
    … I decided to start a little chain letter of love💌
    Those who are close to me, I hugged and told them how much I love and appretiate them and asked them to spread that on to a new person/animal/plant of free choice. And to those who are not in my immediate vincity, I called them, gave them the same love and asked them to let the love flow on. And to all of you – CAT’s, M’s and all of you writers/readers, I hope that you don’t mind if I each give you a loving hug in my mind and heart (if anyone takes offence by this, I do apologize) and kindly ask you if you of free will would like to spread the love on by a loving hug. Hopefully that chain of love will travel far…

    In loving light //Uli🤗❤️

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  8. Had a new interesting sensation while grounding and protecting last night before “lighting up”. My body seemed to elongate deep into the Earth from my legs and also up into the sky from my crown. I was able to hold both simultaneously while expanding love/light from my heart. Anybody here remember “Gumby” or “Slinky” stretchy spiral toy. Like that. Felt good. Slept hard. Cay

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  9. Btw… and I don’t think ~AM will mind, but “~AM” is one of the more connected M’s, and shows up (to our Vision, anyway) as… cherubim. Which is admittedly weird, so we kinda don’t look at him with our Vision “on.” (We have to be able to turn it on and off, otherwise the world is a confusing jumble of spirit and terrestrial and ET activity.) The A stands for “angel” (because… well, he looks like biblical cherubim, there’s no other way to describe it), and the M stands for “Meowracle” (meow + oracle) which we all hate, but… it stuck. Oh, well. That’s why we’re called M’s. The other CATs have talents as well, but the M’s have a more complete clair-set, whereas everyone else has specific talents. The M’s can literally HEAR Guides and J better, too.


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  10. Thank you for this. Thought I’d my process for conversations sake.

    Lately it seems my standard meditations are rather short; the energy is so strong I just get antsy and mentally spazzy. I’m working on it… tho the craziness is kinda fun. The cliff notes of my method is to ground to new earth from my first chakra and cord my 7th to the center of the universe(source) and let that energy a flow… and it has REALLY been charged lately. There’s more too it all but that’s the basics. Outside of meditations I use these tools probably at least hourly in the average day, say, while driving or while in an impatient line at a store, etc.

    So as for sharing love… I think it’s a version of a Paul Selig Ascended Master tool I use. When I’m out in public I g+p then run source(love) down through those around me and ground it out through me. It offers their higher selves an opportunity to feel the potential higher frequency that they can some day attain. Plus, if I’m receiving and grounding it out it removes a bit of my ego from the act. I’m not giving love like, “here’s what I can do go ahead and take this.”, instead it’s a teaching tool from source that also aids me to see all those around me as divine… plus it’s fun to see who in the crowd twitches or reacts when that love starts coming through. 🙂

    Fun, crazy, weird days.

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  11. So tired – just exhausted! Can hardly
    function. When I saw the picture of the
    snowy village, with the beautiful 🎄
    Christmas tree, I imagined it being in the
    NE where we would each have a cozy home and, if we wanted, it could even
    come with our own cat! 🐈. Then I
    envisioned us holding hands and paws,
    standing around the tree, singing Christmas carols and giving thanks for
    all of the love and blessings that we were
    gratefully receiving. ❤️💕

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  12. Just caught my resident hummingbird in a rare moment of (relative) stillness, swaying in the breeze at the top of a small tree. I do love the little kolibris, so I took that love, made it large, and sent it out into the windy dusk on a thousand tiny green wings. Ahh, feeling better now! It just happens that my favorite Christmas ornaments are two sets of hummingbirds, one of blown glass and the other of straw. I must say, I do prefer Christmas in May, far away in time from all the commercial crap that weighs it down in its true season. So, happy merry, people of light!

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    1. I thought I read somewhere once [how vague is that] that J was born in May. No real consensus out there about it, but: “Theologians have also suggested that Jesus was born in the spring, based on the biblical narrative that shepherds were watching over their flocks in the fields on the night of Jesus’ birth — something they would have done in the spring, not the winter.” I’ll run with that and say Yeah, Christmas in May! Let’s light it up! Thanks AM.

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  13. Only half conscious at best today –
    Listened to a few Pentatonix songs a bit ago – I think I’ll go to their channel and find a nice long playlist of their Christmas songs and dose off if I can, to it…

    Still haven’t heard from traveling family+ – I’ve had some feelings that this was a way of separation for them, but don’t know if it’s self-delusion – when I think to send another text to them I’m guided away from doing so… I’m hoping to connect with Real family after the shift where my real self can flourish – this blog may be the closest I’ve felt to that in my life and I know I haven’t come close to being my true self as yet, in this life…

    Peace to all, shine on you crazy diamonds… (that just came out, 🙂 )


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