Meterage for 5-23-19 [UPDATE5]



Ugh. This sums up the latest energy bash…

…as well as the recent comments kerfuffle. Anyway, onward. Wave X is alive and well and smacking into us more and more. We were told that this is a cross between an energy suppression, an ascension boost, and a timeline jump. This CME showed up on one meter, but not NASA’s CME meter. We’re not going to wonder why. But either this appears to be the… uh, SOURCE of the recent energy wave here…

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.55.33 PM

…or perhaps this GRB…


Or both. Or neither. It’s difficult to tell with all the energy sources blasting into us. Does it matter? There was then a singular energy surge…

Massive energy roastage.

…which we all felt!

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.44.57 AM
Which about tripled the muon count…

Which turned into a timeline jump:





Note the WAVE of muons:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.43.20 AM

More muons:


…all of which wiped out the Medicina meters and others:



And then there was this, from… wherever:





More Wave X energy. Or someone put too may coins in the meter.

The Kiel Longwave Monitor also took notice:


And Irkutsk and Norilsk and Dourbes:



Here’s a big reading Yakutsk from last week:


And this very interesting ramping step-up that we missed:


It’s all just Wave X. Funny how we’re getting so lackadaisical about such amazing cosmic times and ETs and portals and such. Not sure anything would faze us at this point.

And of course the Akrons are still trying to make their pocket universe/timeline:

Kiruna has never looked so… weird.

More later.


Oh, by the way… for those recent commenters…



So, the timeline jump is confirmed, both by Guides, and new data. We figured as much:


There was another “solar energy blob”:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 11.01.40 PM
Lots of these, lately. Alas, every time we ask Guides, we get: “Wave X energy.”

Getting that “champagne bubble-y” feeling in our cores, again. Might be another bumpy night.



We had a timeline jump this morning:

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 6.12.26 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-24 at 6.12.09 PM



This isn’t a timeline thing, but note that little jump in energy.

Then there was this oddness:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s that jet/streamer of material on the upper left? It’s a portal.


FYI, we moved this post to the top of the stack, for continuity sake.

Also, we think we figured out what’s happening with the Kiruna meter:


Most of us who read this blog exist at that 38 MHz line. The Akronites are trying to do all kinds of mayhem to us, but SOURCE is jamming their mojo, which snags said bad mojo at the Absorption 38 MHz line. You’ll note that we can’t see the Absorption 30 MHz line at all.

Wow, those of us on the night shift just got an ET light-ship barrel roll near some of our houses. We just thought about it about 45 seconds prior! (Special thanks to our light brothers showing off!) Try imagining that you will see something and see what you can see. But G+P, first: We also got some pot shots taken at us by TWBs (through a portal) but what else is new? They seem extra agitated, so energy things are escalating. We still don’t know how they’re still existing inside the portal system given the energy. They are feared by some because their shielding is so good. Poor dumb bastards.


Aha. That jet/streamer of material on the upper left (in the images above) is a huge portal. So… if someone’s portaling (yes, it’s a word now) OUTSIDE the sun — which is itself a giant portal — that might mean that Portal ONE is being charged and readied for something. [Read between the lines, ahem.]

“Scientists” must be totally freaking out right about now. Or simply dying. If people can’t handle this stuff, mentally or physically or spiritually, they will just die, unless they have something propping them up. There is a pretty big “die-off” right now that that MSM is not covering. Why? Because in the PTW’s eyes, knowledge is power. They’re also afraid. Very afraid. They read this blog and think we’re all nut-jobs. All they have to do is attend the nut-job meetings, wear the t-shirt, the tin-foil hat of density…

The PTW uses this kinda thing to of course marginalize people with views different than their own. It also subtly suggests that people try wearing foil hats, as this can actually FOCUS negative energy into your brain. We get enough as it is.


NASA removed the images that showed the portal next to the sun.


Note the removal of six hours of image data. See for yourself.

Any “scientist” associated with this program needs to resign, or be fired. Obfuscate, lie for money, or destroy data? You are NOT a scientist. We’d love to name names, but we won’t.

What do trees breathe? Where does water come from?




104 thoughts on “Meterage for 5-23-19 [UPDATE5]

  1. Holy catnip balls, Cats … I’ve been watching these charts for years and I’ve never seen some of this stuff. Ever. The Kiel Longwave Monitor was really interesting to look at this evening. I feel like your squashed Kat up there … I think I’ll head for my cat tree and snuggle with my teddy for awhile. Miew…

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  2. Har! Thanks youse guys for this update. In addition to swimming up stream in molasses, a tremendous feeling of bleah is present. I sat out in the garden watching the sun set tonight and felt empty. On another note a rain cloud formed up today directly over the house and dropped .11 inches of rain. (note the coincidental 11) I got a very clear message that this was to cleanse the energy field here from a recent guest. Most interesting. Does any of this make any sense?

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  3. I was in a right state yesterday, it was a case of what symptom I ‘didn’t’ have!

    In some ways, this will make the SHIFT a piece of divine cake, in relation to years of this kerfluffage.


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  4. Just slept 10 hours.
    At the risk of being thrown stuff at: besides the long sleep I’m full of energy. Past two days I absolutely needed to go out and walk or bike. Did so for 3+ hours on both days.
    It’s been years since I’ve been this active. Duracell rabbit.
    I even asked a woman out on a date yesterday, met her in the supermarket. Feel 16 again.

    Is it because of the barefoot walking in the woods that I’m highly energized? Or is it the energies? No idea.
    Whatever it is, if it continues like this, feels like I’m gonna win the Decathlon at the next Olympics.

    Have a nice day everyone! 🌞

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  5. Had the champagne bubbles last night, so nice to have others know what I’m talking about! Nobody understood in 2016…

    Tonight I was out driving and uggggg! Right Side of the head headache and vision was goofy…

    Anyone else teleporting (car and all)?. I’ve had 5 episodes in 2 weeks in the same general location. I learned North Austin and Plano Tx has Atlantis crystal beds like Arkansas. All the teleporting spots seem to be in Williamson county.

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    1. @Terran Cognito,
      Awhile back, after a biofield tuning session — which had left me ungrounded but after a time I thought I was OK to drive — I was just getting going driving home and a circular effect appeared before me on the road, like I was going to drive right into a sort of tunnel. (Not a blacking out type of tunnel; I am familiar with that and that wasn’t this.) I wasn’t feeling up to experimenting with portal-ing or what have you at the time so slowed down and grounded my ascii as best I could. Circle vanished, on I went.
      I’m curious what you’ve experienced, per your comment on teleporting, car and all…?

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      1. It’s a seamless experience what I notice is the short time it took to travel and the landmarks I didn’t see, especially the ginormous white stone high school. On one occasion I bypassed two towns, but usually it’s just one.

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    2. In astral state I helped build/complete a 5D Crystal tri-city of Light for the New Earth(s)…
      …the 3 connecting points of our Crystal City triad are Austin, Tx, Vancouver, BC, and Maui, Hawaii.

      We finished it last year.

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  6. I’m in a mood, just started… *sigh* don’t know if it’s being exacerbated by the white blobby Schumann or just the fact my family left without getting some food in for me before they left and took my debit card with them – I was dealing with things fine; found a free trial to a delivery service for groceries, my bank is closed for 4 days due to a merger(take over!) and fam is USING my card and not getting back to me… If they use it much I won’t (might not) be able to pay the rent while they’re gone, and I’ll have to wait til after Memorial Day to get food – there is stuff here I can make. but not without some essentials – AND I’m craving juicejuicejuice!! – not heavily ranting – things will work out – I think there is energy involved – the whole top of my head above the temples is being squeezed in and down, crown sore… guess I’ll try for sleep, it’s 3:36 am – what are my odds…

    uggarggg, at least I have all of you to love and say good night to…
    ❤ I think I'll go hug the little dog and make her sleep next to me – which she generally does anyway, and try to sleep off the pity party.

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    1. Your family is using your card! Wow the nerve. Sometimes food pantries are open … churches have discretionary funds … what a difficult situation. You could cancel your card maybe. My heart goes out to you. ((Hugs))

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    2. Kathleen. I’ve requested ReliefNet for you. But know this. No rents are due on earth. No ‘banks’ are required for everyone to have abundant food. And no bill collectors are required to keep your ‘juice’ flowing.

      Am I being a poly-anna?

      TY for the invitation to your pithy party. I’m enjoying it very much.

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  7. Wow, all this time, (I used to belong to groups where people were regularly talking about how they had “seen” the event, and last night I finally had an event dream… the wave was coming close, I was on a boat, and it was getting closer, as it did so, the flow of time was changed. So weird- there was more but… won’t bore you. 🙂

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      1. Wow, didn’t think anyone would want the whole thing… but here goes. 🙂
        I started out on one boat, nice day outside, calm water, I was a sheeple on this boat, caught in the matrix, as it were, dutiful, doing what was told, and ruled and controlled by the agencies (the big heads) on the boat. The powers that be. or were. Anyway, got told by someone to change out of my gear, and I did, as a good little servant would, but when I stood up, I was on a different boat. There was a split between the boats. Like different scenes entirely. The boat I was on now, I was FREE. and – there was a big wave coming, and rolling sky. Huge wave, and the sea and sky were rolling together towards me and the others on the new boat. The boat I was on previous, still had blue sky and calm sea, I called over to the big heads, afraid, and asked “What’s happening, or going to happen?” all they could do was say “We don’t know”. and it did not affect them at all. They sort of just watched blandly from a distance. They were still in their matrix. Then a higher knowing, or voice, or something above or behind me, said “It is the Event horizon time distortion. ‘ – as the wave came closer, time flowed different, like at the edges of a black hole, and “Just to enjoy – in joy- each moment as it came. (my hand was in a different speed of time as my face, as my body, it was like a stretching) but enjoying the process, would make it smoother? – anyway, I woke several times, after, and each time it was odd, I thought I was awake and a light was on from my husband being up for for work, but woke again and it was off,and he was snoring still, and then that my dog was whining to go out, so I got up to let her outside, but she was asleep on the rug and didn’t know why I was up so early, it was like time had shifted loopy. – As for the day, I worked a longer shift than usual today, and had more energy, and got better results at work, it was a good day, overall. Odd, I usually can’t work that much in a day. Was good. 🙂

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          1. Thanks! I’m still new here, so getting the hang of it. Still can’t figure out how to (star) like a post. It keeps asking me for my log in, but then tells me it is already being used. … – today I am just wondering if I am going nuts or something. Ah well, nuts are good for you. Full of magnesium. Happy weekend all !

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          2. Ange444: here’s the trick. Log in on wordpress. Once logged in, close the screen (press the x) so it’s gone. Also close this blog so it’s completely gone from your screen.
            Then, re-open this blog. You should now be able to like any comment you want.

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      1. Thanks for asking. Didn’t think anyone would be interested, I filled it out above. 🙂 Hope you enjoy.

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  8. Thank you CATs for this post❤️

    It is so interesting to see and read about them meterages. Now it makes more sense to me why my body feels so totally drained of energy at the same time as it feels overloaded with buzzing electricity….which in it self should’nt even be possible?? Hmmm….what I’m trying to say is that the contradictions which I’m feeling now finally makes sense to me (or something like that)🤔

    I’ve been at home from work for a week and I probably won’t work untill next friday. It came to a point last thursday when I felt like all my strength just vanished in the blink of an eye and of course it had to happen when I, on my own, had to reinforce the heavy leaf springs on a pick-up truck that had been freshly coated with slippery underbody compound. The result? I hurt my lower back and managed to squeeze my right wrist between my right knee and the weight of a reinforced leaf spring package….why of why did’nt I listen to my body telling me that “Hey, I can’t preform as usual so u should’nt be doing this today u know!!”
    Today I finally gave up. The mix of “leaf-spring-pain” and wave x is just too much to handle, so I called a woman who does wonders with aching bodies trough CranioSacral Therapy and right after that call, I felt as if the body took a sigh of relief – the pain sort of “dimmed” away a bit😊 and hopefully it’ll stay that way untill my appointment with her on monday morning.

    And another strange thing happened at 01:01AM (UTC 23:01) I just lied in bed, could’nt sleep so I was trying to manage the pain and the buzzing in my body while sending love to everyone and everything, when I suddenly felt a loooong, 10 mm “needle-like” and slightly cold thing being pushed in into my body right under the lowest ribs on my left side and it was stuck all the way up to my heart – and when it reached my heart, it was withdrawn the same way as it entered!?! What in the world was that?? The spooky thing is that when this happened, I had just finished with sending love and joy to a perticular grumpy man at my work aswell as my brother and his wife a few seconds earlier…was it any of them?? I sort of got angry at first and yelled at whomever is so stupid to do such a thing without asking for permission, but then I decided on throwing a big bright ball of white sparkling light that’s filled with love after who-ever-did-this and hopefully it will hit it’s target😄
    Can I ask you CATs for help, to see who it was and why, please?

    I wish you all a lovely friday❤️
    …and please stay away from leaf springs during Wave X-times😉

    In loving light //Uli

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    1. I’ve had some weird heart interference too. These critters seem to be on me like white on rice, no matter what clearing I do or help I get. So twice I’ve just LOVED this stuff. Just like starburtsed into white Love Light from inside my heart to anything touching me, watching me, in any way connected to me (which is everthing really). BOTH times I woke up the next day, and my ability to feel feelings was reduced by 70%. Most recently did this near Mothers Day, a few days later woke up felt like something pulled my heart outside of myself, and there’s just a tinny metallic like feeling there. Like my whole heart chakra wrapped in metal. And I’m still not back to normal. WTF? Anyone have anything similar happen? How do I get my heart back/cleared??? I think my Heart Light hurt this stuff so they just squelched it by putting some dampener on it or something. Highly strange time things are going on for me too. Slammed into new timeline while I sleep,etc. It’s beyond ridiculous. I feel like I’m staring in a Sci-Fi movie but I’m the only one without a script, lol. 🙃❤️⚡️

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      1. Note: We don’t really have chakras anymore, per se, we have a *light body* with (three?) energy centers. We’re guessing at the number as this might change… in one direction or another. As usual, your guess is as good as your guess.

        -CAT Eds.

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      2. SW,
        Given that you’ve tried x, y, and z with no luck… if it was me, I’d seek out a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school [you can google that]. They deal with all sorts of situations, correcting/healing the energy. Just a suggestion, good luck!

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      3. It is indeed strange, because I had that feeling too the day after, a slightly soar feeling at that particular area and that my ability to feel from my heart was redused and if I tried to increase its light it sort of felt as if it “misfired” a bit. I had to get help with that, both from a therapist and her/my beloved winged friends and toghether we dislolved that grey net from multiple sides…

        Sending you a big hug of Loving Light, Susan🤗💖


        1. Wow. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m getting some clearings done this week specifically to help that too. (((Hugs))) and Love to you and anyone reading ! ❤️

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  9. I asked if anyone else was feeling unglued… that is what I was referencing. I was having quasi out of body experiences all day. And now I am hearing the frequency changes.

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  10. I had a dream this morning where a bunch of CATs (et. al people here it seemed) were creating a human pyramid next to an evergreen tree. My view in the moment was 3rd person, such that I saw the tree, and one ‘side’ of the human pyramid going up directly next to it following the same angle, while the rest of the people-pyramid was hidden behind it. (metaphor for ‘frontline’ and behind-the-scenes?)

    The human pyramid reached all the way to the top of the tree, and I felt there was a purpose to achieving this – as if ‘something’ about the teamwork of it was both needed and accomplished. I watched a female that was the peak person reach over and touch the top and the smile/cheer.

    This was indoors, felt kinda like a christmas tree but was very big, had no decor and none of that “winter” vibe to it… people were wearing shorts and T’s ala summer.

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  11. nice ‘pic’ choice ‘Cats’….xo
    our friend ‘Dean’ & Nala are on ‘DoDo’
    a beautiful real heart warming, inspiring story & a welcome uplifting change of pace to the recent Frenzy saturation…. Enjoy !

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  12. thank you cat’s for the confirmation of the strange feelings yesterday
    and the champagner bubbles also apeared. The feeling was like not being really here anymore and a kind of bliss. And the champagne bubbles came to me as a good old friend…

    last night again the song of a bird in my dreams…. a melody ti-ti-ti tiiiiiii
    Oh I love to hear the birds, knowing they are from the NE.

    Love to all my wonderful friends on the board…. on thethreshhold of New Earth ❤

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  13. So apparently Fungebook is being critiqued for hosting a video of Pelooseit where she looks intoxicated. Me thinks they’ll be plenty busy for a while if they’re going to remove all of those. She’s obviously possessed, people don’t look that crazy by themselves.

    The trailing has gone into overdrive lately, really feels like they’re gearing up for something. And I had the pleasure of witnessing a huge light casually cruising straight across the sky in the evening, no one else noticed of course. I got Riggolts Yellow Submarine. Which is possible, I guess.

    My lovely partner had a serious emotional breakdown, I knew those were coming sooner or later. Running from truth is possible, hiding not so much. Which is another sign to me that we’re getting ready to rumble.

    Luckily, I’ve been busy in the garden lately. Quite a step up from barely sitting upright. Something is definitely cooking in the health department as well.

    It feels slightly surreal to tend to a garden at this point, but I know that it still has a yet to be discovered purpose beyond keeping me occupied. The poppies are coming along nicely, definitely one of my favorite flowers. And I’m just getting ready to plant real tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica) for the first time.

    Over out,

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  14. I had a dream two nights ago that I was body surfing in the ocean with my brother on a gorgeous day. I walked out onto the shore, where there were a bunch of kids playing in the sand. One of them tells me “here, try it with the bracelet”-on my towel there was Brother J bracelet ❤️ I put it on my wrist, and as I turned to go back in the ocean, the water started to recede, like Tsunami stylee.

    I started running out over the receded water, pretty far out, lol, when I saw my brother sprinting faster than I have never seen him do (he was hauling a$$!) in the opposite direction towards the shore, with a most serious look on his face. I looked up and saw the BIGGEST wave ever cresting up from the distance. As it crested, it kind of slowed down. Wow, it was Huge! I didn’t feel any fear though, felt more awe and excitement.

    There was a beach cafe out in the middle of the ocean, and I tried to tell people who were drinking, dining and hanging out about this enormous wave heading our way. I took another look up, trying to time the movement of the wave to surf it in…..and woke up. Nice🌊🏄🏽‍♂️❤️😻

    (Not generally one to revisit the past, but I have possibly experienced some of what you mentioned can possibly happen when one has a high vibration but doesn’t ground and protect, and…..well, just a huge Thank You, to ALL of you. Real Talk. One Love Cats, M’s and ALL. ❤️)

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  15. Wow. At least half the CATs suddenly felt ultrasleepy around 5:00 UTC and yawned about 300 times. One CAT fell asleep ON THE STAIRS. Sat down. Fell asleep. Family members had to wake and drag them up. Now that is a Wave X energy hit. Anyone else?

    We’re gonna put this in the most recent post’s comments, too.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

      that’s the New Earth we are at night
      I hear the birds in this beautiful sound
      much much more intensif than normal
      every night now

      big hug to my cat’s ❤
      big hug to my friends<3
      and big special hug to @lily144 ❤

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      1. Awww anonymous1444 you always make me feel all warm and smiley 🙂 Huge hugs to you too and to EVERYONE here!

        So exhausted and heavy today, feels like someone turned a tap on and all my energy has just drained away.

        Having strange surges in the night on and off, like being pulled in and out of time or being expanded then contracted again like a balloon but it’s energy, really odd sensation and cannot find the words to describe it at all. No 3D dictionary will suffice!

        Much love ALL ❤️

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    2. Geez, youse guys. I keep telling you this is what it’s like here on the farm most of the time. (well maybe 3/5 of the time) It’s so quiet that it’s palpable. That’s why I spend most of my waking hours just “being” in the garden. (literally) On a whole other note, I’m down to 7 key lime pies, but have copious amounts of freshly coffee beans. Latch key is still open, just sayin’

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  16. Unable to sleep – I read some recent comments earlier – been feeling un-settled in some indescribable way – ok, weird happening esp considering recent comment content paths.

    I was hearing some little noises, finally went to check on the bunny who lives in the main bathroom off the living room- I turned on my ceiling light that would shed enough light to see my way there – my bedroom is off the living room perpendicular to the bathroom location around a short wall, so not in direct view of each other- I gave the bunny more food and water and went back to bed- turning off my light – in bed I noticed a glow from outside my door – there weren’t any lights on – that I knew of – perplex-ed-ness ensued… After staring for a short time I went out to look I wondered if dementia or Alzheimer’s set in – There across/below the ceiling on the shared wall to my bedroom is draped a string of the tiny multicolored Christmas lights – that I SWEAR weren’t there 2 minutes before!!! – a strand continues further across the living room 90 degree angle, but that is unlit – couldn’t even tell where they might be plugged in (didn’t explore). They are still there, feeling slightly crazy… before they showed up, after reading of Cats maybe having sleep-overs on NE, had been wishing I had more conscious awareness of NE.
    After trying to go to sleep for a while I felt presences – one then more, of a kind I’ve never seen/felt/perceived before. Kind of asked and just felt they were more SOURCE aligned than someone I wouldn’t want around… Ha, just looked at time 5:05 am. Haven’t slept… … … just checked the repeating numbers page… ok… guess so….

    ok, with love (and still thinking I may be crazy),
    good night – what there is still left of it…


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    1. Ah, dear,sweet Kg. This sort of thing happens frequently to me as well. You get used to it. It’s kinda fun. I called them “Oh Wow!” moments, but one these days simply shrugs one’s shoulders and moves on. Plant more trees. J

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      1. @J – thank you…

        @Stefan, thank you for letting me know how to access the like button – been here for maybe 6 mo or more (absolutely no time sense these days) and haven’t known how to like any of the comments – wasn’t a Word press user…

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        1. Yes, thanks. I think I got it now too, although, I seem to be logged in with two different names now. I am not computer savvy these days. I keep waiting/hoping for just plain ol’ telepathy. It would be easier.

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  17. RE: “Wow, those of us on the night shift just got an ET light-ship barrel roll near some of our houses.”

    — All I can get is a little star-twinkle spark from the puffy white clouds now and then. hmph 😉

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  18. Ok it was a wierd timeline jump. I lost Friday. I thought today was Friday. It moved us forward a day. I am bewildered and won’t share details. But yesterday I took care of errands so that I could begin a project today, Friday. my extra day off. But no today is Saturday. We’re the heck did Friday go. This was a calendar change. IMHO.

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    1. It’s not just you, we had clients and co-workers that were totally confused as to what day it was on Saturday. They thought it was Friday.

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    2. Nothing ever happens to me but I even felt that Friday was lost!

      Crazy that I wasn’t the only one to noticed.

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  19. Everybody who is on this board, is creating a frequency of NE
    we are in a kind of Arc (like Noas Arc) that we are creating, as a field
    a morphogenetic field or quantum field of NE
    Isn’t it wonderful? That’s our boat who brings us to the New Earth
    togehter with our pets and familly I hope….

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  20. Another crazy storm in Kansas and the purple lightning that just seems to be the norm was freakin unbelievable each time it is the show of a lifetime.

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  21. Seems there was an 8.0 earthquake in/near Lagunas, Peru at 12:41 am – 68.3 mi deep, near some metal mines…

    – there was a by pass ( a bit over 5 million km) to Earth of a binary asteroid (main, ~ 1 mi wide with small ‘moon’ companion) yesterday, 5/25, 21.5 km/s. The earthquake was felt 600 mi away in Columbia; seismographs around the world were very black, also registering it and showed up on the Oroville Dam and Yellowstone seismographs.
    Supposedly those in Northern hemisphere might be able to see the asteroid the next couple of nights with binoculars or small telescope… Info from MrMBB333
    – funny, hadn’t watched any of his stuff for months, but recently a few of his things have popped up in my face from time to time…

    It’s 10:05 am MT here and just a couple of minutes ago started getting highly?/ strongly?, but also weirdly not? agitated. – Very windy out… I feel, mentally/emotionally, but also not? that I could easily HIT something, but my body doesn’t feel the inclination to action – weird feeling…

    Take care all – song playing all morning:♪ ‘This Little Light of Mine – I’m gunna let it shine, I’m gunna let it shine! ♪♪ … etc…

    Be at peace,


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    1. Lisa: “We also have to remove our fixation that when something appears to be wrong, it needs healing. Healing removes the new energies and returns things back to what it was. We must learn to work with the new energies, creating a balance within the acceleration of change.”

      This is why we were told NOT to interfere, at one point, with various events and phenomena.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Then WHY are you interfering by using CENSORSHIP right here on your blog? Of us lightworkers.

        Here’s a tip: that is actually the worst kind of interference you can practice, during ascension…stops all expansion.

        *Neutrality (all inclusive acceptance, non-judgemental) — is a 5th density state of being.


        1. We aren’t censoring anyone. If you’re overly snarky or divisive or rude, your comment gets axed. Everyone here knows that.

          Don’t call yourself “lightworkers” if you can’t play nice with others. That ain’t light. We weren’t being judgemental, we were just trying to help. Team Dark can get past even the best protection.

          This topic is dead, and we have a headache.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. “What I find absolutely wonderful, if not even slightly amazing, that (brain) fog clears when we are together, whether in readings or in class. The moment we are disengaged, it returns. That alone shows how much we enhance each other when we are purposely near (not physically but energetically.) Someone want to sit with me in the mornings? lol”

      This is what happens to your body when you always parasite off of other people’s higher light, instead of running (and contributing) your own.

      She refuses, to open and run her own Light.


      1. Wow. You pick on Lisa Gawlas, you pick on us. This is some goddamn infected ‘lightworker’ who needs some work. Wave X producing cognitive dissonance in one who’s not setting good enough PROTECTION. Jeez, it’s an epidemic.


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  22. Is anyone else feeling VERY I’ll, in weird ways, today – nauseous in a different weird way – keep thinking of my liver… I’m quite pale, kinda of dizzy or wonky, but not in a way I’ve felt before; those words don’t really describe it. I can see everything around me as normally do, but I really feel BLIND. A few other back ground things, but those are the 🙂 ‘highlights’.

    Oh, and there is a weird smell in the apartment – a bit like moldy citrus – that I can’t find ANYWHERE!!! It seems to strengthen and lessen and move.

    I hope you all are feeling well-er.

    much love,


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    1. That’s one of the reasons I love this site, Kathleen G.: Validation. Yep, the smells are off the charts. Totally in another dimension, or parallel, or timeline. Definitely not here. They’re driving me insane. Cigars. The perfume. Then cigarettes. Then funky body odor (not on/of my person). Then freshly cut lumber. And so on. I’ve got the liver thing, too. And weird vision stuff. And hearing stuff. And physical stuff. So many symptoms all across the boards that I’m nearly tired of cataloguing them.

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      1. Yes, the smells! My house smelled like a combination of rotting garbage and fried potatoes for days; couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Thought maybe something small had died outside an open window. Then yesterday, I started smelling watermelon, which was a huge improvement. Needless to say, no watermelon in the house, but maybe someone was mowing the lawn on New Earth! Interesting times….

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        1. @Kolibri, hmmm, I’d love some watermelon right now…
          One of my favorite scents is eau de fresh mown lawn. 🙂


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        2. Yes, oh so glad I’m not the only one but sorry you guys have been getting the yucky whiffys too!

          We have a tiny hall that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom. For a few nights, whilst passing my daughter room, the hall smelt so bad. I thought she may have needed a nappy change but after creeping quietly into her bedroom to follow the smell, it definitely was not coming from her! i then thought the something must have died in the loft as there is a dehumidifying fan thingy in the ceiling of the hall that goes into the loft…Have had some nice smells too but that particular smell was a shocker!

          Much love ❤️

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    2. Me too Kg, for the past 2 days. Body aches, head ache, chills, blurry vision and nausea like the flu. Find it difficult to ambulate as if I was 90 , not 63. Potato/leek soup, cantaloupe, and tea to keep the nausea at bay. My 2 ½ year old cat (who has never had a bath) smells good to me. Cay

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  23. I keep seeing a small glitter of light, small, like a glittering coin in my view every now and then. I look down, and there’s a glitter in the rug, only for a moment and it’s gone. Over the past week or so, instances like this. Anyone else?

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      1. I’ve had this for YEARS. I’m glad I’m not just crazy or there’s something wrong with my eyes, then!
        Quite a relief.

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          1. Yes, yes, and yes! I chalked it up to just more of those “Oh, Wow!” experiences. I still say plant more trees.

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      2. I was trying to remember if I had seen any ‘Xmas’ lights… and I couldn’t remember… then suddenly I did. About 5 weeks ago (I don’t know really), a large hand sized sparkling glittery red in our room. I had never seen THAT kind/type before. Yay! The more whitish sparkles… anywhere and everywhere. Yes.. ‘Hello!’ haha.. The differing smells… absolutely. And for years also. Last one was stewed apples. Yum. The cigarette smells though… yuk. They put me off. Thanks ya’ll for sharing. It’s nice n comfy here ❤ 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yeah same here, been ongoing for weeks. It’s there almost all the time. Yet, today was a little different, there were 2 lights.

      It’s 23:07 here and if I think about this morning that seems like two days ago. Something seems to have slipped in between afternoon and evening. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Meanwhile check this out please. Time distortion through soundwaves? Sure makes sense.

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    2. @ (light blue) Anonymous – 2019-05-26 AT 12:06 PM

      I don’t know if it’s the same thing, but most/all? of my life I have had a bazillion teensy-tiny pinpricks of BRIGHT light in my vision most readily seen in the sky, sidewalks!!!, white pages of books in sunlight, but have seen on dark surfaces, too. It’s ramped up even more over time – may be one the many reason I don’t go outside much (besides the doggy vertebrae). It’s very bright and distracting – they ALL move about randomly and so rapidly can be almost blinding… but pretty, sometimes feel almost consciousness in/of them… I used to have a Naturapath that tried to make me spend at least 5 min a day outside – couldn’t do it, unless I was waiting for a bus or something… I used to think it was PTSD, for reasons, but now I think it is/was that the world (apologies Mother Nature) is LOUD, in all ways energenic.

      I took a chance yesterday – the girl next door (about 14?) came over to set up the bunny’s new cage and I mentioned something? (don’t remember) and she started sharing some perceptions she and her mom have had, stuff that comes true at later dates.( her mom is Native American and uses Herb(s) and mushrooms for medical conditions). So, she was asking bunny some questions and using both hands in a posture to perceive answers from him. So, I asked her if she had noticed a change in the trees this year (I haven’t noticed much in the way of NE changes in my vicinity except the quiet, sky color change, more steel blue added instead of the mostly turquoise blue or royal blue, depending on time of day. – Our skies here are almost always ‘interference’ free, probably for almost 4?(in my head) years now – So ‘neighbor girl’ said yes and it was the same as I noticed – the leaves are EXTREMELY glossy/shiny – can’t remember if they were like this in the fall, but may have been or might have been after some time jumps then(I associate the change with an event)… but definitely this year when the leaves came out… I always wanted to ask my daughter if she noticed, but was guided away from doing so… (she has always seen extra colors, but she shut off some of her gifts 5 or 6 years ago).

      Well that was long-winded… 🙂 I always feel weird when ‘sharing’ falls out my fingers… 🙂

      love to all,


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      1. Hi Kg, funny you mention Mother Nature as being Loud… I just commented on the latest post about pachamama 🙂

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      2. Kg, I feel weird each time I post as well. Oh well, here we are anyway! 😉 Perhaps the lights you are seeing might be orgone energy, or rather the effects of it (per Wilhelm Reich)? There are descriptions of it here:

        [scroll down about 1/3 of the pg to ‘Seeing the Orgone’]

        Unfortunately the software messed with the formatting of the text, so pictures are missing and so forth, but you’ll get the gist of it.

        Also, sounds like you’ve got some kindred spirits next door! yay


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  24. Or someone put too may coins in the meter;-)

    The Kiel Longwave Monitor also took notice: WOW, what a great picture!

    I liked the barrel roll, too. I get so much more hope here than anyplace else except Nature herself. Really helps my breathing on this planet…

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  25. Just tried to post and it seems to be gone. Has anyone seen Brian Knight’s video (YT) of stuff (triangles?) coming out of the sun? And this morning the sun seems to be coming up too far to the left , it’s odd. It’s usually over the trees, straight across from my door.

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    1. @Ange444, this ‘May’ be what happened to your post – when you first hit the ‘post comment’ button the page will update, so you see your comment with the awaiting moderation in italics right above your comment content – THEN if you refresh the page your comment (with awaiting moderation notation will seem to disappear. But will come back after Cats Eds, etc have rested (Ha! I know…) and updated their post, moderated the comments, seen if the children are behaving and not being rude and disrespectful or throwing things and your comment will no doubt show up in the stream in it’s rightful place – I still get caught up for a bit in the, “did it disappear into the cosmos” thing occasionally.


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  26. Thanks for all the updates your all over it 🙂 love it … busy times, just catching up hmmm are you thinking what I am thinking Cats & M’s ? July 2018 was an Event-full occasion with lots of chatter, 2019 the cycle is almost complete … Spirit signals we are preparing now for Transition in July but won’t tell me how or why.

    As a metaphor Spirit likened the Sun to the Phantom of the Opera … Light & Dark merge as One 🙂 Be very Afraid PTW’s they are already fighting amongst themselves the pecking order is being destroyed the Akrons with all their Idiocy are very Territorial! Fear not for You are Love 🙂 Divine Order is afoot … MIND your Step!

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