That Forensic Ow


Pretty much says it all.

So, we felt whatever it was hit early this morning, then got used to it, then finally started looking for it:

[Ow. Was this it? No, this wasn’t it.]
(Ow. Neither was this.)
Or this. Just a symptom.
There was a little timeline jumpage, but what else is new? You notice it most when you’re using technology. Or trying to walk across the room without falling down. 

Ow. Nausea/headache/somatic cold… take us away.

We at first thought it was energy from one of those recent flares/CMEs that NASA has either refused to acknowledge, missed, or suppressed; asleep at the switch, or deliberately asleep at the switch… only their karma meter knows the score. Doesn’t matter, it’s just Wave X energy pushing us deeper and deeper into the kitty litter.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 4.58.35 PM
Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 4.58.50 PM


Even Guides are losing track of what’s zooming through our energy stream, there’s just so much. Then some CAT asked if anyone else got sautéed last night, and we all said oh yeah… how could we forget that?… but it was different than any other time before. It wasn’t painful. It was… indescribable, really. It wasn’t unpleasant. It was… that inner champagne feeling but also like being in a very positive microwave/macerator: uplifting, hopeful, gynormicon energy ripping you to shreds till there’s nothing left. In a good way.

Anyway, then we saw what it was. You recall that roastage?


Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.31.48 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.32.49 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.32.59 PM

Wave X in action. Ow. We’re gonna go lie down.





64 thoughts on “That Forensic Ow

  1. Question: If you don’t mind my asking… how are CATs not infected by Team Dark? I ask out of curiosity, not snark! Seems like so many are, and we’re just now seeing it.

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    1. Excellent question.

      [sigh] The CATs have been THE preferred target of the original core of Team Dark — a core that is no more — because we were sent here to lure them, and eradicate them, among other things, a project that has taken about 200 years, earth-time subjective. So much planned past experience and training and conditioning and more training, ugh. We always take the High Road, but if we’re attacked we’re allowed to use our best judgment (with Guidance) and take things out if necessary. This is all illusion, so there is technically no evil, per se… but these things were as close it it gets. The black-eyed things and the calamari are gone because of us, along with some other things we don’t like to talk about (it was The Spiderwyck Chronicles here for about five years). We ALMOST eradicated the TWBs when we had the chance (with ~AM’s brilliant tactics; can’t say more ’cause we’re still using them)… but the TWBs are just dumb. Instead, we banished them and left them be, hoping they would learn… but they snuck back. They are in fact the smartest dumb beings (dumbest smart beings?) in the universe, and that’s quite a distinction. Totally full of themselves, too. It’s amazing. Anyway, we beefed up the shields and left them to SOURCE. To assist us in handling all these dangerous and volatile nightmare things, we were gifted with various abilities, and of course have the help of our amazing SuperFriends (a dumb name, I know, but they’re all so different it’s hard to explain) who fly cover for us, as well as the incredible shielding we’ve been given, unlike anything on this planet. AND… we also now have these things in our chests that offer extra shielding; some wonderful Higher Order friends appeared and gifted us with them, having caught the TWBs firing deleterious energy into our chests that we’d not detected (but felt) when we were out and about; they were slowly working their cumulative effect and… Friends stepped in to help, as we will be needed in other ways, soon. What has surprised our Guides (they’re nodding) and Higher-Order cohort the most is our jocular feistiness and un-fazed-ness in the face of things that are really quite terrifying. (Perhaps that’s why so many of us were horror and sci-fi movie adepts back in the day?) Humans are becoming known for this easygoing, jolly chutzpa, along with our tempering compassion and resilience and creativity. Not to mention CAT5’s keen fashion sense… 😉


      P.S. “TWBs” means Tall White Bastards. They’re about 8′ Tall, dead-White, HUGELY bald (even the females; they’re matriarchal), and Total Bastards.

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      1. @CATs
        Thank you for sharing! It was very interesting.
        I love you for what you do and who you are!
        Thank you for your continuous service and protection!
        Please let us know how we could help you!

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  2. Minky & I had our catnap’s between snacks/meals/barefoot walks. Wide awake @2 am, again @ 6am, worn out by 5pm. Hope All of You are feeling Good/Love. Peace.

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  3. Is it possible that I’m being targeted for attack? Not that I think I’m important enough to be attacked, but sometimes I get blasted with the most unbareable additude imaginable. Like just the worst type of depressing thoughts and spiraling. Feeling completely disconnected from everyone and everything around me. “Nothing matters” additude that leads into *almost* suicidal thoughts… It doesn’t happen that often but it happens enough to make it a problem. It’s honestly the worst when you’re into these types of spiritual things yet do not have the introspection to really understand any of it. Lol.

    Almost makes me with I was a normie-almost.

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    1. Hi Lore
      I completely identify/empathise with what you have described here. I have paid to be cleared over and over again only for the problems to continue. I have since revisited places in life that needed forgiveness and then releasing (myself and others). The energies coming in have been incredible too and it’s quite possible to mistake whomps for some kind of dark attack type energy. I clear myself every night in the bath! I have an Epsom Salt bath and whilst I sit there I ground to Gaia then connect to source. I clear myself by asking AAMichael and Brother J to help me clear any entities or energies that are not here for my highest good. Then say ‘ entities you are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened, healed and surrounded by the Christ light and the Christ love’. Then ask Brother J and AAMichael to take the entities away to their perfect place. I then ask that any negative mental thoughts or contrasts be dissolved in the light of truth and that any psychic cords are cut. I then ask for my aura to be sealed to all but those of the highest light vibration. I then visualise myself lighting up so bright with source energy around me a few feet and say source shield up! Only those with my highest good may come past my protection! Throughout the day I, if I feel something is not CME/Whomp related I will say ‘ I am loved and I am worthy, I am safe and I am free, I am powerfully protected, I am master of my body, I am ruler of my mind!’ Has helped a lot! Also if you feel that dark feeling try your hardest to visualise that bright, blinding source light around you and try to think uplifting thoughts, practice gratitude, try and step outside of the dark thoughts as if you very viewing them from a distance and say ‘I release all that is not mine’ and try your best to smile! Laugh at it, instead on feeing anxiety and fear try and smile, recognise your self as the amazingly strong being that you are 😊❤️😉 I hope that helps in some way xxx

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      1. @lily144
        thank you so very much, lily, it is exactly what I do!
        guess it is indeed the best way to do it –

        @ Lore
        i understand totally how you feel…
        had from time to time same questions
        in these last days stronger than ever, a tremendous inner pain.
        I can only relate it to the INTENSITY of energy released –
        it’s enormous!
        which could mean, we are right there!
        sending you LOVE and strength

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    2. Lore,
      I used to get what I’d call my black cloud [been awhile, knock wood], which included the whole ‘what’s the point’ attitude in spades. My sympathies. I knew it wasn’t Real, or the Truth, but, you still have to get through it. Luckily it would usually only last a day or two, but one time lasted much longer after my father had a stroke. [I had to buy a car in that simmeringly pissed off, no-nonsense state of mind, which actually worked out pretty well for the negotiating aspect. But I digress.] I think it was me beating myself up with turned-in anger/guilt, so yeah, process process process. What finally lifted the long-term black cloud for me was a reiki share (several people doing reiki on you at once). I got up off the table and realized the cloud was gone, like magic. I didn’t even go in with that intent. That was a Wow-of-Now moment for me, and maybe reiki is something to consider to find some relief if [hopefully not] it happens again. If you’re spiraling – been there too – call in angels to take the weight off your shoulders, or whatever imagery works for you. They’re *Awesome* and ready to help, but you have to ask for it!!
      As for introspection, what has also worked for me is focusing — a great little book on it is “The Power of Focusing” by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD. And good ol’ meditation of course (I can hear you from here, CATs). 😉 Be well! xo, L

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      1. Thank you for the replies and kind thoughts everyone. I will start to incorporate more time to process the hurt I feel. Asking for source does take the pain away a little bit.

        I did get reiki done on me once, not by a group but one person. I helped but it wasn’t permanent but is certainly did help!

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        1. Hi Lore,
          I too understand what you are experiencing. It can be oh so challenging. Sometimes, its just a case of ‘crying it out’ and being extra kind to yourself. I also would suggest what has already been suggested above. I’ve also discovered that ‘organic reds & greens’ helps my mind, a lot. It helps my body too.
          With the Reiki, as far as its effect on you, its going to be different for everyone.
          That’s been my experience.
          It’s there as a tool, for relief & relaxation… And to be utilized as a tool to support, whilst working through the ‘stuff’ that requires healing/releasing etc.
          I’ve had people come to see me for all kinds of reasons.
          Once they had got to a point they were happy with, they would continue follow ups at a longer time in between, for ‘maintenance.
          There were also athletes that loved the calming, comfy, relaxation component they experienced throughout their bodies.
          Do I reiki? Yes. Have I had reiki? Yes.
          Actually going to have a reiki session can be a fight with the mind also, in my personal experience. There’s lots of reasons for that one.
          Know that you are not alone.
          Lots of Love
          ❤ 🙂 ❤

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      2. That is Awesome Ark! What an experience with the group reiki. Just Awesome.
        I’ve had the opportunity to experience it that way too.
        Amazing time that was.
        All the Yes’ for ‘asking for it’.
        It’s something that has been hard for many of us to ask for.
        For actual help from our Angel friends and others.
        I’m gonna take this opportunity to say..
        Ask Away! They Love being asked! They very much want to help!
        okay.. i’ll stop yelling nows.. ha 🙂
        Coming from one whom also needs to be reminded.
        Thanks for sharing ❤

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      1. Agree! Whether through reiki/violet flame/etc, always ground, Know You have the strength! Much Love.

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    3. I, too, have been having these thoughts over the years. I found a couple things that seem to help: try Bacopa tincture (available from the health food store. It is very bitter but it seems to work. I take it every morning and it has restored my mind to almost “normal”– whatever that is. I also take probiotics with fiber (prebiotics)– this helps the gut — or second brain.

      Lastly, I found the work of Stanley Rosenberg on how to reset the vagus nerve. He has several very effective and easy exercises that you can find on Youtube and in his book. Scroll down this blog or search for “Stanley Rosenberg vagus exercises on Youtube:”

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  4. Sunday: At 5:00 am PDT, I awoke, turned over and nearly heaved from the extreme dizziness. I hadn’t been dizzy like this for literally months. In fact for so long that I had actually forgotten how it felt. I knew without a doubt that this was something major. Blind staggers all day,slurring words. The usual. The wonderful saving grace was that my chiropractor was here as a house guest. (He got numerous delicious lattes while here BTW). Fortunately he worked on me. Anyway we went to my friends restaurant for early dinner and I could tell. I asked her when her dizziness started and she said around 5:00 am this morning. I guess misery loves company. Anyway I’m going to bed soon. Obviously work needs to be done. Cheers!

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    1. Gaaah! The dizziness began again about 8:00PM Sun. nite. I forgot to mention previously that I was freezing cold all morning, too.

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    1. “So, there you were … bored …

      So, there you are … no longer bored … ”


      So, here I am … STILL bored, yet again but even more so … :

      Better Timelines for Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

      ““Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

      We have explored several different timelines that you have in front of you, and we are happy to report that the timelines we investigate keep getting better and better for humanity.

      You are holding a higher frequency as a collective, and you are doing so in large part because of how much you have been able to access in terms of the energies that have been coming in.

      *The fact that so many of you have become bored with the third and fourth dimensional ways actually bodes quite nicely for the evolution of consciousness that is happening there.*

      If you all were interested in continuing to play the same games you’ve been playing with yourselves for many, many lifetimes, there would be less boredom experienced.

      Instead you would be chasing something outside of you, something will never ultimately satisfy you.
      But what we see is a recognition that the third- and fourth-dimensional ways are going to be unsatisfying if you pursue them, and then we see you doing what is necessary to be open to the high frequency energies that continue to come in.

      In this way, not knowing what to do with yourselves is serving you and the rest of humanity. Not feeling like you fit in is serving you and the rest of humanity. Not being interested in having the perfect life as it is on planet Earth right now is serving you and the rest of humanity.

      (GREAT… long does this boring hamster wheel have to endlessly continue…just for the sake of “humanity”)

      You have been able to discern for yourselves that ultimately you will only be satisfied by the expansion of your consciousness.

      (News Flash — THIS isn’t doing it for me.)

      You have been giving in to your lackluster energy, and you have also been willing to go within and access that Divine Feminine aspect of you that is very open to receive all the higher frequency energies that have been coming your way and that will continue to come your way.

      So you are helping to put humanity on these much better timelines for ascension,

      (They don’t deserve our excruciating suffering…there is NO BALANCE here)

      and you are learning how to be patient in spite of the fact that you are seeing predictions all the time about when the shift, or the event, is going to happen. Being able to navigate the fourth dimension in peace and harmony are skills that you need right now, and we see you developing those skills, and we see a brighter future for you all, no matter what the circumstances of your life might be.

      We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.””

      Better Timelines for Ascension
      May 25, 2019
      via Daniel Scranton




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  5. I just finished 2 days of offering Reiki at a “psychic” fair, and for many of you, you know when you give Reiki, you get it too. Anyways, when the sun sends those love taps (CMEs or the short bursts) I feel it, but, I didn’t this weekend. Not sure if it’s got to do with all the healing (well, balancing) energies or not. One thing I would like to share is, I did have a dream last night that had me looking into the night sky. Walking out from a house, I looked up to see the stars. Then I saw what represented the sun (yeah, at night), the moon and another planetary object (not sure what it was, I forgot upon awakening). It was an awareness that everyone was supposed to see them. But right after knowing that, fireworks went off, creating splashes of light and color. I knew instantly this was a cover to hide the truth that was being presented in the night sky. It was amazing to see the the moon, sun and the other planet like object, side by side. A feeling of something new, yet ominous. Hope everyone who was impacted from the recent x waves is feeling better. 💕🌹

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  6. Funny, I was just thinking today — I don’t remember what happened to like 4 hours of my day. Hmmm. And then later I noticed the electrical currents in the house this evening pulse with my headache. Very noticeable in the ceiling lights…

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  7. Also — you know how animals begin to act crazy right before earthquakes or natural disasters? Well I have been observing humans around me behaving similarly. Interesting…

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    1. Yes, we’ve been seeing this more and more since the first of the year. The constant, sub-conscious reminder that SOURCE exists really sticks in the craw of some people, who’ve denied SOURCE for so long, multiple lifetimes. Send them Light and keep away from them. Some are borderline insane, some heading for the border…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. On Sunday drove with a friend to London for lunch and was beginning to feel anxious feeling others frustration, impatience, anger and rage. Felt absolutely exhausted when finally home felt like I had gone through a live obstacle course navigating through such dense frequencies.
        Went to bed and woke up at 0303 and felt optimism and positive feelings in my body. Not sure where those came from and enjoyed while it lasted. Fell back asleep and woke a second time, it was still dark, and suspended in the air above my bed was a long twig filled with beautiful pink buds. I stared at it awhile until it gently disappeared. A sign of the beginning of something new?
        This Monday morning the sun is out but the wind feels like an autumnal day in May, very strange. Plan a duvet day with endless cups of tea, bliss 🙂

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        1. “Fell back asleep and woke a second time, it was still dark, and suspended in the air above my bed was a long twig filled with beautiful pink buds.”


          That is a tiny branch from my 5D New Earth, permanently flowering pink CHERRY BLOSSOM tree.
          Like one of the giant trees that *used* to exist on Earth.

          I have created it to be 100+ feet tall, with huge natural walkways and my special treehouse Hot Tub, overflowing with multi-coloured higher dimensional Energy Water…..the water colours also glow in the dark.

          The japanese Cherry Blossom flowers I have created with tiny Pink blood African Diamonds, that dot the ends of the pistils and stamens, like you would see on fibre glass ornamental flowers….they tinkle sweetly and let loose showers of pink blossom perfume in the everpresent 5D breezes….



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          1. @anonymous
            Thank you for your response and the planting you have done sounds beautiful and amazing to see. Breathtaking.

            Been there too many times myself sometimes feel as if I have the bloodiest knees on earth for all the falling down I’ve done or been pushed over.
            Sometimes it was an external attack and sometimes internal. While forgiving others has been a long process, (helped by asking Brother J or SOURCE to stand in my place in forgiveness until i was able to). Forgiving myself has been more difficult blame and self recrimination have been real knots to unpick. What really helps os this blog which i read daily reading of others experiences helps. What I was talking about 25 years ago, a lot of my experiences have finally made it to ‘normal peoples’ awareness. It was a lonely path indeed and that path is looking smaller in the distance as my new chapter of life has begun symbolised by the bud madden twig. Had a phenomenal experience after that that I may write about if appropriate to share.
            Thank you to everyone who posts here and thank you to all the Cats and Ms for being firm but fair on comment content. This site unites and educates and helps us connect that while we may be working on different aspects of transforming the frequencies here we are doing this together.

            Would like to like comments but tried WordPress and am obviously technically challenged 😉

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    1. Well… that’s dew that’s condensed overnight on the (dirty) plastic bubble that houses the sky camera, which leaves streaks on the plastic. Then the sun’s reflection comes in a refracts off those streaks as it moves across the sky.

      -CAT Eds.

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  8. Last night around midnight utc+2, received a huge download. My eyes twitched like crazy, never been this intense. I always get a heads up: incoming download, this might hurt a little.
    Then, unlike other times, I saw what looked like space. Stars on a black background, like travelling through the galaxy at high speed. First time I got a visual accompanying the download. Then I fell asleep. Which was funny because I was wide awake right before and even thought about going to the kitchen to eat.

    Dreams are still about people from this lifetime. Settling things and disputes. Closure dreams in a weird way. Thought I had been through all that already yet the last few days have brought me to revisit a few of these relationships in daytime. Guess the work continues at night.

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    1. I used to see a black night sky and starscape every morning before I opened my eyes. Before that, I saw the Matrix screen, but I never felt any emotion, just like–“oh, there it is.”

      Whenever I saw the starscape, I always felt comforted, like I was seeing my (real) home. For a space of two mornings back in 2014 or 15 I saw a grid of lines made up of the primary colors in light (red, green, and blue). I heard, “the new grid is in place.” Then, back to the starscape. I haven’t seen anything in years, though.

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    2. Hi Stefan,
      I’ve also been experiencing the DreamTime going’s on with people from this life cycle. It’s been on going for a some time. It’s a bonus we can do this in the DT, I feel. For me personally, its all been about forgiveness… seeing the bigger picture.
      My body tells me that there is still more to ‘shake off/out’, via the pain I’ve got going on physically.
      Re your awesome visuals!… freakin’ Awesome!
      High 5’s ❤

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  9. Hi All,
    First of all… lots of gentle hugs and Love to all the Cats and co, and to you All.
    Purry-purrss, meowweee-meowss, headbutts ‘n’ snuggly-foo’s.
    After reading through this and the previous posts, I feel I would like to share what I’ve been seeing since about a week ago.
    Pachamama (I heard that word as I was shown), was in physical form, and incredibly huge. A Giants Giant! She has been walking all over the Earth… but because of her size, her ‘walks’ are big stomps, shaking up everything that’s left to be shaken up.
    People being pushed to the edge via being pushed to look at their/our truth, people checking out, physical Earth changes like earthquakes etc…
    Itsa one heckofa shake up!
    OH.. and water displacement, I just heard that one.
    My team are reminding me of a meditation from some time ago, when I was shown where ‘healing waters’ were tracing/running into every single crevice, crack etc. all the way to the middle of the Earth.
    You get the drift. Yeppers.. its all on.
    Thank you All for sharing,
    Big Loves all round ❤ 🙂 ❤

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  10. Oo and ouch. The wonderful pics of the cats and kittens really do sum it up for me. Not much would have made me laugh this morning, but they did. Thank you. Headache and all the usual painful companions started last night about 9pm. Still going at 10am this morning. Woo hoo, another Bank Holiday to feel rotten on. Need coffee! One good bit of news in the illusion. The UK people have shown in their voting for the EU Mep’s that they are pretty disgusted that our Govt ignored our wishes over leaving the EU. We live in very interesting times. 🤔🙄😲😊

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  11. I was just catching up on comments before my sleep search ( I look for it freshly every night 🙂 ) and felt a big upsurge in dizzy – time was 1:33 am MT, 5/27 – (need a new word because this is a more multifaceted feeling/body impact combo than what dizzy was before yesterday). It came along with big temple pressure/pain and a column/cylinder (translucent grey/white?) rising from my crown causing or ‘co-incident’ with some eye and check-bone pain going around under my ears to my mastoid – pressure/pain – oops little dot of light between the g and h on my keyboard –
    Want to go to sleep really badly, but one more thing to ask about before I was so rudely interrupted by dizzy/thunk to my head.

    I was drinking a water drink I’d made with tea and a teensy-tiny touch of natural flavoring – I’m thinking some 3d things aren’t tasting right anymore, which led me to questions I’ve had about water – I do filter my water and have a ceramic thing that encourages a hexagonal water molecule structure, which apparently is the healthy water shape in your body and nature or was anyway… I also think at my water… I used to have a process I used to use occasionally that changes the vibrations of foods, drinks or anything really that improves the benefits and reduces any not so good effects to the body – I used it on my medications, too sometimes – it doesn’t feel effective? or appropriate? any more. (for some time actually) – Also, last summer/spring? there was something talked about of the water changing and something to do with it, but never felt aligned with that somehow, for me…
    All that to get to the question I felt tonight – has anyone thought of or played with a way of Effecting/altering the water we have with NE energy – do you have any suggestions – tonight I feel it’s important, for me anyway, to drink a ‘different’ water – 3 d water doesn’t do it for me anymore –

    I’m off to sleep seek – be well, my darlings ( that seems to be from a friend of mine that’s not corporeal these days – he’s smiling 🙂 ) I’m glad (“always” – ha, that’s him) that he/when he comes to visit and look over my shoulder – or let me lean on his. !!! He says that you can feel him if you want… He just turned serious, meaning he’s serious about the offer, esp to Lore at this moment, but has some other’s in mind. He also, “of course” would encourage checking with your HS to perceive if his offer would be a contribution to your life and living. He’s just offering supportive energy… He welcomes the Cats and Ms to check him out in their approval or not of this “rambling “(him) comment. – This extending-out interaction has never happened with him before, with me…

    Ok, I’ll take my weirdness and my companion off to sleep, now – Ha! energetic waving ensues… 🙂 ooo, then, serious again… serious love.

    night all,


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    1. Hi Kg,
      I was guided to ‘work with’ the Water some time ago. I have written about my experiences with what came to me as the ‘Water Being’.
      Basically… I connected to ‘it’, and found I could receive messages from ‘it’, and via ‘it’. It’s been an amazing experiment, and experience.
      I can stand under the shower and receive messages, and also when washing my hands. Its incredible.
      When I read what you said about the 3D water not doing it for you anymore, and that the things you used to do to clear the water just aren’t sitting with you… I heard “because of the Trust frequency”. Has that heightened for you recently?
      I feel the ‘innate Trust’ that was once within, when we were babies/small children, is coming back. The Trust and Innocence thing. What we were born with, here.
      How it was taken/given away etc… and how the ‘taking back/remembering etc’ is a part of our overall ascension/awakening etc.
      Okay.. wow.. that information I just wrote above came straight through me, as it does a lot when I’m typing, talking, writing……. I guess its not surprise after all 🙂
      Love ❤

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  12. @J, I received your comment on the other post and the energy with it… thank you.

    I have a request as far as planting more trees? Do you think you could encourage a micro-climate somewhere on the farm to plant some of those new blue bananas that taste like vanilla ice cream?
    I would like to try your lattes, too… I tried coffee at 4 yrs old and swore off it for life, lol. But, I discovered in recent years it has some medicinal benefits for me, but I don’t make it very well – My body does like bulletproof coffee best (of that available to me) made with the Irish organic grass fed butter… yum. My body feels much better when I can drink that – I can’t always get the ingredients though… So sad… 🙂

    best of everything and more to you, J.


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  13. I love the kitty who says,
    “I can haz two asperin and lotz ob qwuiet?”
    Absolutely indicative of the latest changes …
    Lots of love,
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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  14. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Effulvance of planetary elixirs presents to all.

    Far-sighteds view the realm.

    Clarification comes to all Hue-Beings.

    Clairvoyance comes to all.

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  15. The Enlil prediction graph shows activity through Earth for yesterday and today even though it was Solar Minimum and there were no cme’s/flares/holes/… on the Sun. Quid? tells us:
    “INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE HITS EARTH: A minor interplanetary shock wave hit Earth on May 26th at approximately 22:00 UT. The CME-like disturbance was unexpected. It caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength. Minor geomagnetic storms are possible on May 27th as our planet passes through the shock wave’s wake.”

    Is this linked to the Mimic white out?

    Strange days indeed! 🖖🏻👽

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  16. “What has surprised our Guides (they’re nodding) and Higher-Order cohort the most is our jocular feistiness and un-fazed-ness in the face of things that are really quite terrifying. (Perhaps that’s why so many of us were horror and sci-fi movie adepts back in the day?)”


    That is *PRECISELY* why we were “horror and sci-fi adepts” (in my case, ‘addict’)…
    …for 40+ years, my Higher Guides had me gleefully search out and ingest every foul, gruesome, heart-stoppingly scary, hideously gross, unimaginably sick piece of entertainment that oozed out of this perverted Earth Matrix.

    I recall when they first began ‘conditioning’ me, to build up my TOLERANCE — they started when I was around 3 years old, as one of my first memories is hiding behind a chair, trying not to peek at a scary movie scene in which an amputated arm comes to life and crawls around trying to hurt/strangle someone.

    Right after the week-long attack on us Lightworkers in 2012, — back when they could still see me because my frequency was still low enough to match theirs — during that horror-blast-fest in which like a mirror I so easily deflected it ALL back upon them in as you say, jocular unfazedness (as if they were all a bunch of silly mosquitos….it was more like, “Aw c’mon @sshats….quit bothering me, already” : )

    Well, right after that I received the bang-on-the-head message from Guides/Higher Self, that
    “Duh, THIS is why you are the only one you know of, who has happily gobbled up every horror flick (and book) in existence.”

    Used to really scratch my head about that….and wonder what was wrong with everyone else (g)
    Why didn’t they enjoy it as much as I did??? hehehee

    Ha, that’s choice……

    P.S. After I defeated them all, AND passed all the horror/FEAR tests my Guides put me through around that same time, I totally lost my interest in horror.
    Completely. They removed it from me entirely, the urge. Because I had ‘graduated’.
    One extreme to the other.

    My Guides and Higher Self had planned this massive Tolerance build-up specifically for my life experience, so it would make no sense for them to be surprised by anything that I did with it….since THEY were the sneaky buggers that set it all up for me to eventually use.

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    1. Yes, as far as I know the same is true with us (if I may speak for the group). Totally lost our taste for it… but I think that’s from what we’ve actually seen and experienced the past 12 years, basically living 12 seasons of “Outer Limits meets Hammer Horror in Stargate SG1.” Then again, movies in general are so awful now that we shy from them. Some CATs still like (and talk about) Japanese and foreign horror, but just as sociological commentary; it is rather fascinating what each culture finds scary.


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      1. I was prompted by this feeling to get rid of my Japanese horror dvds. I still have a few Korean movies. I don’t get the bad vibes from them but they are more akin to the old Godzilla films. In the past six months I’ve been watching a few of the Studio Ghibli I own. My tastes and tolerances for all things in 3D have changed so much I’m really quite a different person nowadays.

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  17. Experiencing intense strobes every night (eyes closed) when trying to get to sleep. Had this about a year ago but now it’s super intense!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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