For those feeling a bit groggy this morning… we’ve had Yet Another Timeline Jump (YATJ).

And considering all the military planes flying over our houses this morning, we’re guessing something’s up, somewhere. Anyway, here’s the jump:



Looks like a little castle.
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 9.24.55 AM
Muon interrupted.






The above two are paired…
…as are these.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 11.04.15 AM



…those recent “Starlink Satellites” are not from SpaceX. They wish. Those are ETs, but.. we can’t tell whose, or what’s going on there… yet. We’re working on it. Actually, there are SO MANY ETs around the sun and in the solar system right now, it’s mind-boggling:

This ship is coming in towards the sun…







…then veers off. Must be a meteor, and the swamp gas on one side exploded when it got too close to the sun, causing a change of direction, and the unicorn cabin to lose pressure. That’s gotta be it.
ET drag racing? Really?
Anyone who’s seen these “glitches” before has seen this one, repeatedly.
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 9.56.15 AM
We don’t know what that is. We’re looking into it.

Suffice to say that, with that recent, massive Wave X… er, “interplanetary” surge…

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 4.32.59 PM

…and the timeline jumps, the electronics glitches, the physical effects, the political upheavals, and ETs showing off all over the place, the PTW are about ready to throw in the towel, which means…

Things are looking up!


Never saw Kiel do this, before.


1. Ok, we looked at the timeline jump and… seems we left some type of icky political situation behind. We’re better off this side of it.

2. As for the “satellites,” we get they’re Pleiadian, but we can’t get a good handle on what’s going on because it’s a secret operation, and has really good protection around it. But SpaceX and the PTW WISH they had something to do with it!


Here’s the full day from the Kiel Longwave monitor:



And a partial from the past few hours:



Tonight could be bumpy…



…but what else is new?


Aaand another one, though Guides called this a “timeline adjustment,” like a quick ballestra to get your feet just right before you engage something:


It happened in the night for North America again, as this is the current heart of global disruption.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.06.25 PM


More jumpage telltales:



Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.11.55 PM
It’s wafer-thin…

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 10.26.50 PM

And this is just interesting:


More as it develops.


And we thought we had another timeline jump… that we just noticed, having not checked this morning (of 5/30)…but it seems to be more of an energy adjustment:


We also ALL awoke an hour earlier than usual (?), which is odd. Anyone else?

That’s enough for this one post!







110 thoughts on “YATJ #56 [UPDATE7]

  1. Hey that sounds good to me! I had a storm last night ( I felt ) that used my house for a target and the lightning was RED and the thunder was window and ground rattling, no way I could explain this to my pets. I am all about moving forward, either PTW are pulling out all and any tricks or stuff is happening. I am keeping my shields up feeling groovy with a blue sky now.

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  2. Oh yes, def felt this one.
    You know this feeling when you have an appointment, like date or job interview and you get excited and nervous, champagne bubbles and heart racing in the chest and being unresting… and whatsapp doing lot of strange timestamp jumps haha. This is how I know about the jumps.
    Thanks for confirmation
    Love to you my family here

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  3. Thank you for the update.
    I did wonder about that 38 Hz line dropping down from +4 to -1 Volt in no time …
    I wonder where we are now … In-between? What? Down the rabbit hole (look at the picture with the two cats above …)?
    Thanks anyway. The riddle gets more baffling … or cryptic?

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  4. Thanks CAT’s. Your posts always help me shake off that “I’m seriously losing my mind” feeling! Today is beyond groggy. The best way I can describe it is that feeling you have stepping onto solid ground after being on a boat. It feels like things are tilting and shifting. My neighbors fence even appeared to be vibrating. I went outside and my concrete steps seemed to have moved. Walking up and down them took some effort. I keep “hearing” take it slow. Best wishes to everyone. Oh and Lisa G. has an interesting post up about June energies.

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  5. spaceweather.com finally “acknowledged” the wave energy, “minor”… LOL!
    INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE HITS EARTH: A minor interplanetary shock wave hit Earth on May 26th at approximately 22:00 UT. The CME-like disturbance was unexpected. It caused the density of the solar wind around Earth to abruptly quadruple, while the interplanetary magnetic field doubled in strength. Earth’s magnetosphere was rattled by the impact, but it did not spark a geomagnetic storm.

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  6. Har! What time was the Timeline jump in PDT? Too complicated today to think. (However around 8:00am PDT I was out in the garden placing a new plant on a slope. If I hadn’t had my cane, I would have rolled off the slope. Needless to say I quit then and there. Extreme unexpected dizziness) Ugh!!!

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  7. Thank you CATs for this post. The pics/graphs – they never stop to amaze me…

    I do hope that this timeline stands for something good. Atleast this day (the 28th) was a really good one for my father, mother and me because today I drove my parents to the big city and the university hospital located there so that a specialized neurologist could evaluate my fathers recovery from his recent stroke – and he did well❤️. Mom and I are so happy and proud of him. On the other hand, I got a visual confirmation that things would be positive for us today, because as I arrived at their farm and turned off the engine, the time was 11:11 (Yay!!😄)

    Besides the joy for my father, today meant physical pain BIG TIME for me personally. Had a really hard time walking, and sitting down was unbearably painful to my lower back and hips. But it’s ok, I know what it is – thanks to yesterdays treatment at the CST-therapist the healing has begun so the pain I’m feeling is the release of accumulated physical strain since almost a year ago. I just have to remember to send love to the pain and endure this process…


    About your neighbous fence – I’ve also seen that happen! Not with fences though, but the strangest one was during the Easter holidays. Mr H and I decided to take the long way home trough the neighbouring wildlife reserve with it’s winding gravel roads. At one occation, we had to make a quick stop because our dog needed to get out of the car. I stayed in the drivers seat, and while I waited for them I looked at the beautiful forest and the narrow gravel road that lied ahead of us, when suddenly a particular section of the road about 15 – 20 meters infront of the car started vibrating to the point that it looked liquified. I stared at it. Then turned my head away thinking that either my eyes are playing a prank on me or I’m totally crazy, and then looked back again and it was still there – a grey gravel-liquid. As Mr H and our dog got in and told me to go, I took a deap breath as I put the car in first gear. That section of the road did’nt look solid until it was less than 5 meters infront of our car… I had such a palpitation afterwards that I almost felt short of breath. But luckily we made it home instead of suddenly ending up in China😉

    Love to all of you❤️
    // Uli

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  8. “Sweet Jesus” was something my Grandmother would say when faced with an extraordinary mess. I found myself saying that this morning, and heard her voice as I spoke. So many things are going sideways, and I feel as though I am just hanging on trying to deal with them. Forget surfing the waves – these are tsunamis.

    Ever wonder what it must be like for people not so aware of what is happening? Several friends and I each had a similar experience when getting a haircut. It seemed as though the stylists zoned out and then proceeded to cut our hair short and in a style not wanted. (At least it will grow out.) Tradesmen adding insane charges and then dropping them. (I asked if someone put the decimal in the wrong place.) Wildlife behaving oddly – doe head butting our dog through the fence. Ok, I can see once because she has a fawn, but why hang around 2 weeks? Every day it is something like this. At least there is some comfort in hearing my Grandmother’s voice …. Sweet Jesus.


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    1. would love some feedback on trumpets trip to the house of vampir coming up. saw previous posts with protection pics, would love to hear more about his “insulation” if you know. mildly concerned.

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    2. My husband is not “awake”. He’s having a difficult time. He works in a very negative, low vibration juvenile courthouse. He recently had to subdue a defendant after that person attacked a female officer and broke the nose of another officer. Someone is having a meltdown there almost everyday. He also doesn’t understand why things keep breaking or not working properly. It’s all wearing us down.

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      1. My husband and I have had a mail order business for years. This past month has seen more weirdly messed up orders than ever, by far. It could be the customer’s mistake, or ours, or something’s missing / doesn’t fit / not what they expected / lost in the mail, ETC! Trying to maintain an even keel through it.

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        1. I’ve done ebay selling for years and stopped a couple of months ago because of things like that. We could use the extra money but the stress was getting to be too much.

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        1. I was having my own little pity party and forgot how hard it must be for the parents of children who aren’t awake. My girls are grown and married and I still feel like there is something I should be doing to help them. I sometimes feel like I’m lying to my family by being the only one of us who is awake and not saying anything. It’s definitely getting crazier out there.

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  9. OK, so if my UTC converter is correct, 8:00AM PDT is 1500 UTC. That’s where the little “castle” shows uo on the Lycksele graph show up. Is that it???

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  10. The timelines have already ALL merged, there are no more timeline jumps. The black outs on the Schumann…..not sure what they are but they are definitely not timeline jumps. Whiteouts, etc on the graphs are data transfers and shifts in the collective consciousness.


      1. If SoyCow is on a higher timeline than you are, why wouldn’t it be “true”? True for his/her reality.

        There needs to be better explanation of what is happening with the timelines. It seems that only those who are on lower vibration, lower frequency levels — like you say the average 38 Hz people here on this blog — are the ones experiencing these timeline jumps.
        Along with the lower vibrating collective.

        Those at the top timelines, are still dragging everyone else UP. These are the people who have been vibrating at over 100 Hz for quite some time. For many years.

        My other critical question, though.. is, when is the “collective” average Hz level finally going to be enough???
        So that we can be freed from this hideous human harvest game.

        Even from shysters like Mike Love, there seems to be a trickle of truth that 40 Hz could be the goal here for the average joe — although I wish I could be sure that 40 Hz is the minimum baseline requirement for 5D frequency achievement….


        1. SoyCow is not on a higher timeline. If you are reading this, you are on this one timeline. “Higher” people are not dragging anyone up. People are where they are. We’re jumping to avoid negative things/group experiences.

          There is no group average. It’s just time or it’s not. Right now we’re waiting for SOURCE’s “Divine Timing.” Let’s see you plan The Shift for all the people on earth simultaneously along with all the plants in the galaxy and all the galaxies in the universe and then for the near-infinite number of universes.

          Time for some SOURCE gratitude expression.

          -CAT Eds.

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      2. I agree. I’m the one who lost last Friday. I looked at all my notes. I was diligent tracking a project. I said it was a calendar change. I had a meeting sced. On Thursday. It ended up due to the jump being Friday. No doubt. I took notes . So as well as I can recon Weds and Thurs. Expanded. Into Friday. I didn’t loose track of anything in fact I have my proof. I wrote everything down. I agree these jumps are happening. Gee if those of us who on this battlefield , oh nevermind

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  11. I don’t know how much of this I’m going to talk about – or how long it’s going to take to type it since my head keep bobbing off to doze position all today and most of yesterday, I think –

    So, I know what that ‘thing’ yesterday was about… thing -> [[ felt a big upsurge in dizzy – time was 1:33 am MT, 5/27 – (need a new word because this is a more multifaceted feeling/body impact combo than what dizzy was before yesterday). It came along with big temple pressure/pain and a column/cylinder (translucent grey/white?) rising from my crown causing or ‘co-incident’ with some eye and check-bone pain going around under my ears to my mastoid – pressure/pain ]]

    The column thing was an/the? UPload from my ‘purpose’ (don’t like that word)… JOB – the reason I was HERE (one reason?). Anyway, seems this is complete and finished sending it on… which may support the Shift being soon, as much as I understand things – not much…
    So, now, feeling after realizing this – I don’t have a purpose for being here now, except feeding a rabbit and dog… I don’t know if there is a corresponding purpose on NE or any reason for being there. Since this happened have developed very strong congestion in my face – with that fuzzy-muzzy, steel wool packed feeling – very hard to breathe or FORGET to breathe. And a very specifically aimed, spot sore throat. I found a very old three pack of Oscillococcinum (yup, that’s the spelling) and have taken that and had to resort to a decongestant, too – minimally – I can breathe a little better now – I don’t know if any of this was ‘normal’ or if it’s MY event related or ‘energy craziness’ related. Feeling a bit better this evening.

    So… another ‘so’… I don’t know why I’m here anymore except to feed animals and pay rent and not cause complications in others lives… My daughter did call this afternoon and some things were straightened out.

    Kg in flux… and flummoxed…

    May you all be well,


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    1. Try some tea w/ginger and/or peppermint. I use essential oils in my tea, this way I know what’s in it. Raw honey to sweaten. I send Healing Love. Peace.

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    2. From what I have been told once you flesh out the karma/ancestry sh*t, it’s very common to feel empty for a moment. I have been also told that many of our existence here comes with the purpose of just being. That through our existence we are influencing change. If that makes sense. Honestly whatever was happening last night was intense. I couldn’t sleep at all. This morning was suffering with similar allergy like symptoms. Hang in there our bodies are navigating the best they can…

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      1. @etnomenignotum – I’ve been feeling a sort of emptiness as well, like a “what now?” kind of feeling. Your explanation makes alot of sense re: karma/ancestry. Thank-you!
        The previous night was intense as well, no sleep until the wee hours of the morning. I know I slept though, because I woke up from the feeling of a most blissful dreamtime hug. Maybe it was a way for Source to say “you made it through this last whomp, way to go!”
        Much Love to all

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        1. That goes away. It’s the natural “summited” feeling you get after a long climb… and then you see the next mountain range. But that range ain’t on this planet. Start imagining what you’d like to learn and do at the next level. Start designing your curriculum.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. @CAT Eds, thank-you for the wonderful analogy regarding climbing. I feel I probably couldn’t have handled these current whomps a year ago.
            After reading AM’s dream in the most recent post, I have a better visual of New Earth possibilities, and will start visualizing more of what I would like to experience. I was feeling blocked on visualizing something completely “new”, something that I have never experienced… but maybe I was not groking that the New Earth is somewhat like this, just a new and very improved version.
            Thanks for all you do!

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  12. @Tea Kay, thank you for your reply concerning water… I’m sorry I didn’t reply – I don’t think I got the complete message you were trying get to me – I’ll go back and read it again when my brain is working better, but thank you for your efforts…


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    1. Hi Kg, its okay 🙂
      All is moving forward.. movement is still ongoing.
      I just read what you shared above, about feeling ‘no reason/purpose’ left, why you are still here etc.
      When I read those words, I immediately got ‘interpreted incorrectly’. You are still transmuting. The symptoms you are experiencing is part of that. The straightening out of things with your daughter… a little message to let you know you are still ‘onboard’. I also feel that you may be feeling a little lost ‘because of’ what you have experienced.
      Maybe… it was ‘part of’ the ‘upload’ releasing… a part of 😉
      That’s what i’m feeling anyways.
      Take good care of You ❤

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  13. My dogs have gotten really perturbed. They attack each other quite often now, started at the end of March, and getting worse daily. Energy too much for them? The big dog, – I always said she was a “light” being. Loves cats actually. She misses her cat (cat passed a few years ago) The little dog… he is just a dog. More like a toddler, needs constant watching. Wish they would love each other. –
    Usually I feel the timeline jumps. – This one, I don’t think I noticed anything. Are we flip flopping back and forth between different versions of the earth? (dimensions of old earth, I mean. I figured if it was the NE we were flopping to, that would be noticeable? ) – confused…. be glad when it’s over.

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    1. Great questions — see my post above to Cat Eds and SoyCow asking about the timeline jumps and addressing this as well.

      I’ve always heard from the higher realms that yes we are supposedly indeed flopping back and forth between this too-slowly-rising sh*thole version of Earth, AND the other New Earths that match our true natural high frequency.

      So you are not just exploring ONE version of New Earth, when you flop…..or flip…..or flap over to those beautiful paradise Earths.

      But it always has bothered me that higher intel says, Yes we are doing this, but I personally retain no memory at all of going back and forth. Which I must say, truly p!sses me off. That I am being robbed of this experience.

      The big/little dog thing you described is happening exactly the same with our new neighbors, renters who moved in during March, actually. Annoying as hades, those dogs are….always messed up by the Energies.
      And those unripe animals get the rest of the dumbhead dogs going along the street — who are also psychotic for the past 6 months from the Energies. My favourite of these now-psycho dogs I call “Moaning Myrtle”…..he wails out his sickening pain and agony every single day instead of barking, which is SUCH A RELIEF…..and it reflects my own situation so much, I keep saying “I feel the same way, buddy”

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  14. That is interesting indeed! Yesterday another 30 second pause from the tinnitus like rings in my ears. Then a pressure like shift (almost like it was barometric in nature), then the ringing sounds retuned. Now I hear a fourth pitch…if this keeps up, I’ll have a personal orchestra going on! 😁😂 🎶

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    1. That’s different, I had ringing in my ear for about 30 seconds yesterday. Longest I remember! Peace.

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    1. Yes, that’s how it is with lots of CATS, too. But after we wake, we tend to walk around like geriatrics for the rest of the day, or fog-headed and ache-y zombies. It can also sometimes make us grumpy and feisty, but no one would be able to tell since we always are. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. “But after we wake, we tend to walk around like geriatrics for the rest of the day, or fog-headed and ache-y zombies.”

        That is actually the perpetual SEEMINGLY PERMANENT state of (no) health on the top timelines, where you do not timeline jump. For the most part.

        It has been tragically sad that no lightworkers have been able to understand or even imagine this type of physical torture.

        I’ve recently come up with the closest best description for it that I can so that the average person can even relate — I now call it, like being in a state of Constant Radiation Chemotherapy.

        On top of being Crystallized to death. And I don’t know which is worse…..

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  15. Now this is a bizarre story. I woke up outside my house in a sense fog and I was walking across the street. Something woke me up, and I thought I gotta get back to that dream when the most foul, repugnant smell wafted over me. I lifted my sheet to my nose and first thing that came to mind was “something wicked” is here, so I said SOURCE ARMOR UP!!! Smell quickly vanished. I was awake, but I don’t know if I’m acting a fool. Who knows. is My imagination running wild now? Lol My olfactory senses are on point lately!

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    1. Nope. Not imagining it. You are… a clairscent (probably among other things). You can literally SMELL positive energy and negative energy. SOURCE smells like… COFFEE!

      You were out of your body and experimenting. Good job remembering Protection.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. “SOURCE smells like… COFFEE!”



        So do skunks.

        Huh. This explains so much. Was just thinking the past few days, yet again, (as the skunk perfume wafted into my open window), why people complain so much that skunks “stink”……if the odour has such a distinctive COFFEE smell to it.

        I’ve always noticed the coffee smell, first, even with man-made odours that mimicked the skunk smell.

        And our skunk plush toy animal has been getting a nonstop workout this month, I had been wondering why.

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      2. Wow.. thank you for sharing duganknows.
        And Cats… I smell coffee, for reals.. and we don’t drink it in our home.
        I also experienced something that I have never experienced in DreamTime before!
        And I’ve been ‘dreaming’ since I can remember.
        In the middle of ‘normal’ DT, a big blank ‘tv screen like’ screen popped up, or dropped down, in front of my eyes, taking up most of my vision. It actually woke me up, but I had my eyes closed.
        Then I felt and heard a loud and big vibration.
        All up, it seemed to be about 5-10 seconds… then I was back to ‘normal dreamtime’.
        What the? Please 🙂
        The first thing that came to ‘mind’ was “itsa blank screen for me to begin creating my/our New Earth. The Vibration… frequency?
        It seemed Very ‘mechanical’.. the thud and vibration.
        Woo wee….
        And, this comes after the first night of holding a meditation evening in our home, which was amaze balls.
        We did not intend for ‘this’ to ‘happen’…
        but… what I saw during it was a triangular quartz crystal ‘portal'(?)
        I was informed it had been dormant, and what was happening was divine timing.. that the 3 of us whom were here, were also in divine timing to come together.
        You get the drift.
        Star family and friends/ancestors were also present.
        The photo I took of the space we were doing this in was time stamped at 6.33.

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        1. No thoughts on this? Anyone?
          I would really appreciate some ‘feels’ on the screen and loud vibration.
          Thanks heaps xxxxx


          1. Hi Tea Kay,
            For me, the answer often comes in a form of word play, as you find different ways to describe the vision (your vision / your descriptors will probably be needed to decipher it) — but I did want to note that I had a vision of many triangular ‘windows’ on quartz [last year], with a big flash of light coming out of one of the triangles. What does it mean? Dunno, but something good! 😉

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      3. Awesome! Now the question is, how many times has this repugnant swampy smelly thing visited me before my nose woke up?! And what does it want? And I can’t believe I knew within a split second to say amour up SOURCE! I’ve never said that. I read it from your blog the other day. And I finally figured out my ear thing. Yes, I have the ringing of high pitched tone. But in my left eye i have taps that are similar to MORRIS CODE. now I gotta find out how to interpret. Anyone have a tapping in their ear!?

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        1. I do hear something very similar to morris codes in my right ear, from time to time. Right ear tones are the guides messages for me, or spirit energy changes or path/thoughts confirmations.
          But I can’t figure it out…. doh

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      4. Ah right speaking of smelling dreams. . . I dreamt of an odor, (spell that for me?) That woke me up. I thought. Then back to dreamtime my stove roasted. It didn’t explode (gas) it just became a toasted thing in my kitchen. Glad I woke up at that point and didn’t need to clean it.

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  16. Anyone else noticing changes in the astral realm ~ like you have more “control” (no more nasties in there to mess with us – at least less of them)? My dreams changed significantly the past 4-5 nights. I have heard for months how it is being “cleansed” in there too – and shortly won’t cease to exist (that came from lisa harrison – found it very interesting). I’m seeing more – KNOWING more. Things seem to change quickly from day to day now. One day I’m here, next day I’m there, then day after I’m over here and and and….and eating a lot of bread and butter along the way.

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  17. @ Kathleen sending love, I’m sure it will all make sense soon ✨❤️😉

    Last night was ‘intense’ and woken up also with ‘hay fever’ again. Seem to have had a constant runny nose for the last few weeks. I keep sniffing without realising and setting off my daughter’s sensory processing difficulties. She has incredibly sensitive hearing and gets into a bit of a state with noises she does not like! It’s a challenge trying not to sniff!

    Much love ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I had this download message & vision several years ago & created my ‘Avatar’ to it, & this image actually goes way back to human origins, is also reflected in geometric codes in the bible, the star of David, & the sacred symbolism of the 6 sided hexagon. “73 ~ 37”

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      1. Thanks. I have been doing this work-whatever that means-since 1989 although I just thought I was crazy for quite awhile. I started reading some blogs about 5 years ago about the shift. I do channeled painting and painted aliens a couple of months ago. I never believed in them but go where I am led. I found this blog somehow and enjoy the lightness and humor. I don’t usually read comments at all because people go dark and crazy so much. You guys are different!

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  18. In reference to strange behavior of family members. Two days ago my step daughter of 20 years asked me to no longer e-mail her because it reminds her of the “perceived” rejection/ alienation by her real parents. I agreed to abide by her wishes and replied that she can contact me if she needs anything. THERE is a pile of poop I plan on dodging with love. Let those lessons continue without me on another timeline. Cay

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    1. @ Julie Thank you! ❤️

      “There has been a shift in the cosmos.

      What is this shift?

      There has been a shift in the energy density, the dark has gone!

      How does this shift occur?

      It was washed away!


      It was washed away by light.

      How did this happen?

      Many, many different people turned on their LIGHTS!

      How did they manage to do this?

      They woke up!”

      Woohoo! I love Laura Whitworth almost as much as this blog! ❤️❤️❤️

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  19. For two days in a row that ear ringing was there: it comes out of nowhere, gets into one ear and makes me deaf. The only thing I can hear for 10 secs is the ringing.
    Very different from the usual ringing, which I hear almost all the time.

    Still very energized, have been active for more than a week now. Walking, biking, … at least 2 hours a day. Physical symptoms are hardly there anymore, except for some minor nausea every now and then. Sleeping 10+ hours the last 3 days.
    Miraculous and very weird at the same time. Like I’m being prepped.

    People are either very friendly and helpful or either are completely zoned out, walking zombies. Far more extreme than before.
    My family members are upgrading too. Wonderful.

    I’m in no mans land (apart from being energetically supercharged). Like I could leave this place any moment. What am I still doing here? No idea except smiling, helping elderlies with their stroller and walking barefoot in the forest. Yet, I know and feel this isn’t it. I haven’t crawled through a river of shit to end up where I am now. The door to a magical place is about to open.
    Sitting in a waiting room. Fugazi anyone?

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  20. Hooboy, where to start?
    Cats, you said this recent timeline jump has something to do with politics. There were elections last sunday here in Germany, but I did not cared. Which drove my family super crazy and my husband was not talking to me for the whole day.
    But, do the timeline jumps only affect one topic, like politics and also other topics, our inside being, at the same time?
    We really need some timelinejump scientists…

    And more, loads of, secret soul debris (lol, who’s gonna start this band with me?! Stefan? Your guitar love song in the woods was lovely. Anyone for the drums and singing? Not sure what I’m going to do…) came up to the my (sur)face these days.
    I need a huge barrow though

    So unfortunately, as I’m working on me, I realized, maybe I am not ready for the shift.
    There is so much for me to work on. No more karma, but therefor loads of emotions to be processed and released…
    The EVENT is not going to be some kind of savior thing for me. Although I would love all the pain to stop immediately.
    I have seen it coming. Often. During dreams and visions. I can recall it during meditations. And higher self said soon (adult saying “soon” to a kiddo haha).
    The image hasn’t changed
    And the skies have the right color…

    Apropos band names, where is wizardspotion? And the album he announced?

    Love to my sweet cherry pies here

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  21. Sophia, our not so tiny any more kitten disappeared for two days but is back snoozing in her basket as if nothing happened. She’s been taking baby steps out in the garden lately but seemingly decided that
    was getting boring fast.

    The energy is doing something to gas. The number of major dramas involving residential lines and buses going full Hindenburg lately doesn’t match my previous experience. Speaking of, we have a suicidal old lady with a gas-setup next door. Started smelling like mad about 6 months ago but that leak was luckily found and shut down. Not a terrible way to go I guess, it’s sort of over before it starts.


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    1. @Sifoo Wow I just had a toasted stove dream. I don’t keep up with news anymore. A slight kringe noted to read your info.

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    2. A propos cats and kittens, here is something I liked very much:

      A woman says,
      “My Son Has Loved My Cat Since The Day He Was Born.
      She Tolerates That Love In A Way I Never Thought Possible”:

      Amazing …


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      1. Tell me about it.

        I thought it would be chill to let my son grow up with a kitten in the house, to cultivate his sense of empathy etc. I even picked a name that I thought would be easy for him to pronounce as he was just beginning to speak.

        Since Sophia got here, I don’t think a day has passed without him throwing something at her, stepping on, kicking or throwing her, sitting on her, poking her while she’s eating etc. Despite our best efforts to keep her out of harms way and teach him better ways.

        She’s still following him around much of the time. I’m sure she feels that there are no bad intentions involved, just a different flavor of chaos.

        And during her first year, she was called Bopia rather than Sophia. So much for planning.


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        1. My goodness …
          Maybe you should try with a dog?
          Children love animals … and Sophia follows him around, as you say …


  22. A nuts-n-bolts comment:

    One of the CATs asked the group why Mr. T would willingly sync-up with the business-end of the cabal reptiles (royals) in the UK, and M3 said: “Friends close… enemies closer. He isn’t as dumb as some people think.” The M’s also confirmed that Biden has no chance, and that Mr. T wins 2020. Not sure we’re all gonna be here for that…

    Tick tock.

    -CAT Eds.

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  23. Imagine if you will, going through all of these various Ascension symptoms AND having to move house. No sleep last night whatsoever as my body was wracked with pain. It never dawned on me to take a pain reliever until my friend suggested it. DUH. I guess I am still blonde after all.

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    1. I can feel your pain! We’ve been preparing to move for 6 months and found out today there is another delay. Our new to us house is having renovations done and it’s just been one thing after another. I figure there must be a good reason we’re being made to wait, so I’m practicing patience. I do wonder though how I’m going to manage when just walking is difficult at times!

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    2. One dot of peppermint essential oil behind each ear for the head. Has a calming effect. Ginger is one of the best anti inflamatory. So if you use ginger on a sore muscle/joint top it w/peppermint, as it’s a blood thinner, to make it absorb faster(and smells good). If you top it w/wintergreen or birch oil, BE CAREFUL, THEY ARE SUPER BLOOD THINNERS, about 18x’s stronger than asprin. Yet they are safer than pain meds Used Properly. Peace.

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      1. Here’s a yummie (yeah!) & highly effective drink:

        Mix hot water with honey, circuma/turmeric, ginger and lemon.
        Wonderful as a wake up drink too. I drink 2-3 cups a day.
        It’s anti-inflammatory, the root of most evil, and stabilizes the ph-level, the root of all other evils.

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        1. How much of these ingredients do you use? One teaspoonful?
          Looks good …


          1. This is the recipe for a normal size cup of tea (not too big, it will taste too watery!).

            Teaspoon of honey
            1/2 Teaspoon of curcuma
            Slice of ginger (I chop it into small pieces and eat it when I finish the drink).
            Slice of lemon or lemon juice.

            It tastes and also looks great. Beautiful yellow.

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  24. I came across this in my email today…
    Its part of a larger shop that is decorated all the time, but when it comes to christmas time, they do a big christmas display.
    This year, this lovely creative lady decided to do a ‘blossom tree’…
    Their shop is called Whimsical Imaginings.. with ‘Do You Bee-Lieve…

    hmm… can’t work out how to add the photo of the lovely tree here..
    will send to Cats ❤

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  25. Higher Self is severely yanking my chain again and just showed me THIS:

    Original Koffee
    Published on Mar 14, 2019

    Koffee – ‘Rapture’ (Official Audio)




    Koffee come in like a rapture
    Everybody get capture
    Place lift up like helicopter
    When dem see di lyrics contractor
    Koffee come in like a rapture
    Everybody get capture
    Place lift up like helicopter
    When dem see di lyrical doctor

    Koffee Hottin Up di temperature
    Fi dem see
    Mi know dem envy but friend mi fi end mi
    Yo a First mi see people deh round me so plenty

    But mi pocket nu empty mi need space

    Oh Lord Yeah me
    See dem a watch me through a crack now
    A mussi true me have di ting pon lock down
    Sitting ina di Bentley, pickiny a di century

    Yuh drench mi but fi mi fiyah gon blaze
    And a same way suh
    Mi see di enemy a protest
    And him couldn’t come di closest

    A Koffee still a do the mostest

    A wa me do put in the work and trust the process, oh yes
    A so we grind right now
    Koffee wid di, Koffee wid di prime time flow
    Time fi we accumulate di coins I know
    Jah gimme di, Jah gimme di signs like woah


    Me tell dem Jah gimme no limit
    Dem seh Koffee but you a whole midget

    But when mi spit lyrics mi doh fidget Wid it
    Sho’ did it, Gold wid it like mi gold dig it
    Mi find di medi

    Been a tell yuh from mi was a child mi ready
    Di God weh mi serve mi seh him timely yuh si
    Mi highly blessed and Yuh cya spoil mi medi
    Yuh cya pile mi, Messi

    Mi too Profound

    Kill dem wid verbs and wid di pro-nouns

    When mi come around lif up di whole town
    Any weh me show up is a show down
    Every African crew a bubble hotta dan stew
    We still na buil until the Vatican slew

    Mi will hold still until di Koffee tun *blue* ^ (Hsst)
    Tell dem gwaan chill until di Koffee done brew, ooh


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  26. Hi Cats, I have to post here to let you know that the email keeps pinging back.
    Even the one I sent as a reply.
    I don’t know why, it just says “Sorry we were unable to deliver this email to this address. 554: sorry spam detected by spam assassin. #5.3.4”
    Is it happening to anyone else?

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    1. Yeah I’ve had that as well, few months ago already.
      Thought I had sent something wrong and ended up on the spam-list. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  27. Okay this is really weird!

    I was cutting up potatoes for dinner approx 4 hours ago when the knife slipped and I sliced my finger quite deeply, fair amount of blood etc…Applied pressure, put on plaster with some colloidal silver. Just took plaster off and there is no cut, no sign of a scab, nothing but a very, very faint line as if it was months ago that I did it! Hmmm, not complaining at all, it’s a blooming miracle! Thank you!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. Okay so I there is a slight mark this morning on my finger so my little miracle wasn’t so much a miracle but a slight improvement on my usual ability to heal! Poo, I thought I was getting super powers! Never mind, will just have to wait a bit longer…!

      Much love ALL ❤️

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  28. Wow! What an update!

    We have wild fires all around us and we re still in a spring season…
    Smog is very thick and it is hard to breath! More than half of the province covered with smog…
    It feels like the fire was set on purpose to distract us…

    What do you think CATs?!

    Please send us some rain!!!

    Thank you!!!!
    Love ❤️

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  29. Was this YATJ today, looking at Schumann 1.30 pm?
    I came home from work today, suddendly feeling so extremly exhausted like never before. “Fell over” in the garden and slept away immediately

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