Three for Thursday



The Starliner

THIS… is just *one* ET craft (we’re calling it The Starliner). Those aren’t individual SpaceX satellites. They wish. Like any group of launched satellites would keep that straight line. Ridiculous.

Those are windows. Try experimenting with your abilities: Choose one window and go up to it and LOOK INSIDE.

Now look at this.

The Balloon

One of the CATs was looking up what kind of plane some other CATs were going to be flying on this past weekend, hoping all 737 MAXs had indeed been grounded (they have been)… and this popped up: a (then) live glance at FlightRadar 24, out of the blue, showing all planes in flight at that moment… Ok, what’s that?

A balloon?

We didn’t photoshop that in. That’s a software element. Then we clicked on it:


There is no flight number N105WV. That’s an ET craft. We’re looking into whose it is. It’s hanging out in a kind of “dead zone” for air travel.



The Dream

Some of the CATs (five) had a dream last night that wound up with them walking along with Brother J, like we used to. But at one point, things went city-modern (w/differences across the various dreams), and they left the city and walked toward a high road/low road split (of course, we’ve had this dream before, in different ways). In this one, the low road was a downward-sloped concrete freeway ramp, with vehicles racing along with other vehicles — but they were coming UP THE RAMP, right at the viewers… they instead walked with Brother J toward a high white ridge, which shared a wall with the concrete ramp where the two split, but then the rest of the concrete world dropped away. The white ridge had a flat, wide path across it, all the way across to… somewhere, in the distance. And that’s where they went. Then the CATs awoke (in their various homes, ahem), but noted one last look at something that was just materializing. Here’s ~AM’s description of it:

…and I saw green, all kinds of fresh happy green in gentle arcs, circled islands of green at various levels, outlined in gold, in swirls that complemented the contours… and it spread across my vision till that’s all I could see… then the golden contours rose up and became a lion’s head in the green… and then I saw two huge numbers, embossed in the green…

Some CATs have interpreted what ~AM saw as a date… we all did, actually… but it could mean something else, so forgive us if we keep it to ourselves for now. Don’t forget, SOURCE has to pull off The SHIFT with Divine Timing — across the omniverse. Imagine trying to safely orchestrate a single moment not just for your 7.38B brethren in motion, in and around planes trains and automobiles on one planet, but on all the trillions of planets in each of the billions of galaxies in a near-infinite number of universes. And we thought eternal infinity was a toughie.










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  1. Imagine trying to safely orchestrate a single moment not just for your 7.38B brethren in motion, in and around planes trains and automobiles on one planet, but on all the trillions of planets in each of the billions of galaxies in a near-infinite number of universes….

    Well I’m sure SOURCE has already got that figured out, like a walk in the park.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your deeply interesting green arcs group dream. My dreams
    are wild the last two weeks even when I can retrieve them they are indescribable.
    Green arcs remind me of new forest with new spring leaves which are everywhere blushing the tree tops here, right now, maybe something lovely is just around the corner…

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  3. Ah, Eyvind Earle! What a remarkably apt choice. I have two hanging on my own walls and have spent hours wandering in them (they are of my own neck of the woods, from when he lived here.) I’m often irresistibly drawn to live in his world. Thanks for the beautiful vision this morning and for sharing your collective dreams. I’m SO ready! I can’t wait to see what you discover is at that balloon’s location – looks pretty darn close to Indian Peak.

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      1. Ahhhh, it’s GORGEOUS….infinite thankyou for this ~

        In dancing through his works the first thing that hits one in the face is that spheres meet squares…..or “balloons” meet minecraft….or bubbles meet cubes…..

        To escape his symmetry repetition is no easy task, but he deliberately allows you to do it with his hanging tree branches — the branches ‘force’ him out of clean symmetry-symmetry-symmetry order, and FREEs him to also explore & add non-uniform waves and spirals:



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    1. You’re joking, but my 42nd birthday is just around the corner and that’s exactly how I would have planned it.


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      1. I’m not joking though
        Ich erwarte wirklich mit Spannung Dein Bericht. Falls wir da noch i-net haben. Oder Du vllt kannst es sogar live berichten #afterevent

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  4. I love the land pictures above, very inviting…

    I began to feel a little better last night, being able to breathe a bit better ( yesterday was a just-survive day)… I looked at the time when I was feeling more-better and it was 12:03 am MT 5/30. I don’t know if this coincided with the TLJ.
    ♪♪ 1.2.3 baby, you and me. ♪

    Thanks Cats Eds, re: “Start imagining what you’d like to learn and do at the next level. Start designing your curriculum.”
    ~ I woke up this morning pondering this with my HS – definitely music, vibrational things, singing – how that feels in the body (whatever that may be like). music/vibrational things both from Earth I’ve experienced and elswheres I’ve ‘lived’.
    Building things – always an urge in many ways – physically and even, like in 2012, when experiencing tele-calls of thousands of people on one call as a healing modality was being performed on a person at the center of the call – from the first one my hands and arms took off with abandon building things energenically and some kind of writing or codes that went along with it – happened on every call, once even feet got involved because couldn’t keep up with just the hands/arms…

    I very much want to take a master class( bachelors?, kindergarten?) in Joy. I remember at some point a remembrance that I’d wanted to bring joy to these people that were to be my parents for the same reason that they had lost theirs(abuse). But the abuse I experienced started about 3 wks old and eroded joy to bewilderment moving on to bewildered resignation as my go to mode – Eventually the resignation paired somehow with contentment, probably after acceptance and a lot of processing. But the times of joy or pleasure in discovery of enjoyable things got ‘whack-a-moled, repeatedly… Not whining, just what it was – I want to learn to live in joy-mode…

    I never think a comment will go on and on and on – apologies…
    ~ much love to all,


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    1. Kg
      I am so so sorry you experienced abuse. Hugs and love to you. Please keep going. You are the type of light worker called circuit -breaker, probably.

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  5. I LOVE that GIF of the cat going into his spaceship! Lately my feral cat colony are becoming VERY friendly and hanging out on my porch for pets! Never thought I’d see them acting like that – and now my indoor cat Kaz is waking me up purring loudly before dawn every morning demanding cuddles – and he never used to purr at all! A happy cat makes a happy home! (Though my dog would disagree with that…) Am actually feeling pretty good today for once, wow! thanks for the update CATS! 🙂

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  6. Wonderful, amazing images …
    Things are definitely turning. Cycles are shifting, and all of our friends out there are in attendance … Shall we make it this time? We shall. Sophia/Gaia knows we shall. She has seen it in her dream.

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  7. I know u can’t say when NEBRASKA shows, but do we have to wait til Christmas? 2037 like Brad Johnson “shyster” adronis says? Do the residents of the desert have to endure another 120 degree summer? Maybe Phoenix will undergo a weather anomaly and enjoy 75 degrees all summer long. See that cats?

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  8. Just remembered a really weird thing I saw/heard this morning – even my dog looked up in surprise – while in my back yard a flock of geese in a perfect V were honking north – like the rest of them did 3 MONTHS AGO! Where the heck have they been all this time?! Usually if I see geese flying at this point (in Upstate NY) there’s just a few flying at random, no V. Honk Honk everybody!

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  9. Wish I had dreamt that. Instead I dreamt of finding the darkest room, in every sense of the word, in a large house.
    I became very happy and excited when I was in it because I knew it contained the worst, low vibratory beings.

    I then opened a small box, and inside were number sequences. I found the right numbers/code and read it out aloud to purge the room. Asci read, i slurred because dark forces did not want me to. And no, I can’t remember the numbers lol.

    I think it’s amazing you all had the same dream in essence, this is powerful and pure.

    Infinite fingers crossed.


    P.S. Is it a federation in the sterling, wearing blue uniforms?

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  10. Dreamt of going on a cruise leaving from the Atlanta airport last night. Lots of people in roped off lines heading to the international terminal. The cruise ship (space craft?) had balconies in every room which opened to a warm, calm, shallow sea wading area. The water had baby crocodiles which could be frightened away by splashing. Most of the “tourists” at the bar had Aussie accents and there was Mariachi music for entertainment in the back round. I must have been on a different time zone because I thought I was going to breakfast, but it was dinnertime. I was asked to give a talk in a small dark auditorium describing mashed potatoes as a comfort food to the audience (which I held in a bowl). I find dreams delightfully entertaining, even when bizarre. Music, laughter and a good time was being had by all. It has a feeling of excited anticipation for what was ahead. Cay

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    1. Hi cay 🙂
      So awesome that you had a DreamTime involving the ‘cruise ship/space craft/starliner too! The one I was guided to go on was floating in the middle of a city scape, with very friendly hosts. ‘Twas just amazing.
      The crocodiles… I dreamt of 2 large ones, stationary and seemingly ‘on guard’ whilst ‘foundations’ were being built last year. These were huge ones.
      The music and laughter… the joy and excitement.. and a very relaxed feel also.. all mixed together. ‘Layed back’, but Knowing.
      Love it ❤


  11. Well that was a rough night, had two dreams about storms coming and trying to get everyone safe, then later one lots of trees falling down, one hit our car but we were all fine, one passenger I didn’t recognize. I gave birth twice in two different dreams once as me once as another lady( who demanded nanny ogg as a midwife because the others didn’t know what to do) then I rescued a black and white cat and tried to get it to it’s home, not sure where I was going up some metal ramps and a man and lady helped me. Then I had two dreams about being shot with arrows. Me and my daughter both woke at 4am, she was sick so I settled her and went back to bed but had some weird cold energy sensations so took a while to get back to sleep.

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  12. Amazing post, thanks CATs and Ms and AMs. Makes my dream about 7ft cat people and huge yellow and black stripy spiders pale in comparison!

    Hmmm, also just saw on breakfast TV that the temple of s***n is trying to get religious equality…the craziness continues….

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. @Lily144

      This is what I read about it:

      “This does not ring true for me. I do not know what is going on with Assange but one of the reasons for putting him in Belmarsh is to control the information about him. It is a top security prison which means they have carefully trained prison officers who would not leak info.The fact that this came out means it was meant to and so you have to ask yourself “why”.

      Perhaps they are setting up a story whereby he died and then is given a new identity. I mean, look at the “dead” Challenger astronauts.”


      Perhaps we should really stop reading papers and watching TV (I am already done with TV, but I still read papers from timer to time … We ARE being brainwashed …

      ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Hi Newlynn❤️

        Yes, I think you may well be right. It’s not the first time they have carried out this kind of cover up. There is always much more to everything than it might seem. I never buy newspapers and hardly watch any tv. It is, like you say, a form of brainwashing. I think I saw the link to Assange on a side link on you tube. Of course misinformation is everywhere! I do wonder about Trump’s little visit over here in the UK and how that might tie in with Assange etc…

        Good to know we are on the timeline we are 🙂 Much love ❤️

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  13. What a wonder full day, we passed a marker or some thing, last night. It’s like a load was removed from my shoulders. Then I turned on a light, then thought, that’s the wrong light. Yet, went to the next to the next floor and right back. The light was out, and a lamp I thought of turning on was lit. Thoughts Are manifesting better! Peace.

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  14. There’s some Sun activity around the corner, perhaps the same sunspot coming round the 3rd time.
    Lasco is edited and missing a few hours. Idiots.
    Enlil lower graph, velocity, is showing lots of activity now and for the next few days. Weird.
    Black line reappears on the Schumann graph.

    Went for a run at 9:30am, interval training, sprinting and walking and did some pushups.
    Had to sleep again afterwards, from 11am to 2pm. Knock out.
    Not from the running though, I watch my limits and maintain balance. Learned it the hard way, through experience.
    This was different, completely zoned out.
    Still groggy as we speak, 6pm.

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    1. Same with me
      Came home at 4.30 pm MEST after work completely exhausted, but it was an easy day though. Had to lay down and sleep for about hour and half. This is so not me
      Still groggy, sleepy, head pressure, it’s 9 pm and I’m going to bed

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    2. Hi Stefan,
      Very tired/groggy here too.
      Can feel different parts of my body changing up.
      Relaxing into it more now.

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  15. Today is May 31st, wasn’t there something about this date?
    I’d be okay with today BTW, let’s go! 😂

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  16. Hello all! I tried to peer into the windows of the ship and could not see anything but the inside of my eyelids. Please tell me that if I keep trying that I will be able to see. I really want to learn to do these amazing things that do many others can do! Driving me batty !!
    Love to all

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  17. Hi All 🙂
    I’ve been on one of those Starliners!
    It was in the DreamTime… gosh, last year sometime, I think.
    Thank You very much for sharing the DreamTime one of the Cats had.
    So much of it correlates to what I have also seen/experienced in DT.
    I is a verwy tired today.
    Eyes playin’ up over the last couple of days, and got “changing up”.
    So.. woo hoo!
    1st day of winter here in Oz… all nice in snuggly cozy like.. loving it.
    Our BeautyFull girls (cats, fur babies) are loving it too.
    May you all feel comfy and Loved.
    purry snores…
    ❤ 🙂 ❤

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