A Minor Adjustment [UPDATE2]


We’ve had a little timeline adjustment last night… it was Adjustment #2884742357XB71…

…on Timeline XA4724768457845839952352ii8423o245i5i58T2. Whatever. Here it is:

This is not UTC, it’s Tomsk time: 14 is 00:00 UTC, so this happened about 11:30 pm or 23:30 5/30.
Right there. An electron event (this time)…
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 10.14.49 AM
…with a muonic component.
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 10.29.41 AM
It’s all the way to the right and unfortunately happens behind that label. Damn.
And here.

And it swamped out some meters (that are still swamped), but that’s their problem:




Most of the CATs were awake when this happened (we started getting headaches about 9 pm PDT), so when it finally hit, we experienced LIVE the sliding from wherever we were to wherever we are, now — YAY? — ’cause we were part of the adjustment (something we did). And it *sounded* just like… well, just like SILENCE. Which is… what?… anyone?…

Yes, it’s one of the hallmarks of SOURCE. PEACE and STILLNESS are SOURCE’s natural state. If you’re somewhere and you feel…




…flow over you, you’ll know what’s happening and you can say, “Hi, SOURCE!”

SOURCE *LOVES* it when you say hi. Seriously. It lights up like an Xmas tree.

Speaking of Xmas morning, lots of aches and sleepiness and grumbles and brain fog while we wait offstage. Will it ever end? No. It goes on forever. Where is our cue? HELLO?! The New Moon is coming on the 3rd, which always seems to feel more kerfufflaging than the full moon now. Then there’s that thing in the topiary the day after. We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that the SHTF around next Monday/Tuesday, world events-wise… and if it indeed does, you’ll know that something else is very close and waiting in the wings for its entrance…

This is literally waiting in the wings, for your entrance onstage. Performance level… SMILE!


We’re going UP, right?


We don’t know about anyone else, but lots of CATs got ears ringing and a sharp pain to the head around 6-ish PDT (and now body heat and palpatations). Correlates with this spike (to the far right):


And other anomalies:

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.01.30 PM
So, this is raw cosmic energy hitting the earth’s magnetic field — that is, it’s energy going IN. When you see the Schumann Response, that’s the earth’s reaction to it, as well as energy reflecting off the earth’s core back up to us.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.03.27 PMScreen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.03.46 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.03.54 PM
Timeline kerfuffle.
Timeline kerfuffle.
And drama queen Etna Station. Man.


AND… coming back around for another go… our old friend:

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.15.30 PM

Look at the sun seethe with energy in this clip.

And this is about when we felt out first ouchie:

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.23.35 PM

Just a little solar flare, but we def felt it:


There were also some visitors moving around, before and after:

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.19.39 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.21.35 PM

Note the data missing:

NASA equipment is like StarFleet shields: one hit and they’re down.

More later, we’re sure.


Ahhhh. This latest timeline jump was ANOTHER jump away from something political. We’ve zeroed in on the specificity: This latest jump was away from another political takedown… of Mr. T.  He has some kind of (higher order) protection around him. What will happen will happen… no matter what.

58 thoughts on “A Minor Adjustment [UPDATE2]

  1. OK, so the light started flickering last night about 10:30 pm DST. I thought at the time, Hmmm. Something’s up! I left the dizziness behind, which is a relief.Gardener and I are busily placing(me) and planting many plants (her) It felt that today is somehow the day to do it. Of course, it goes without saying (I’ll say it anyway), the peace and quiet (despite the breeze making music in the trees) is somehow more different. More gently profound somehow. Enough nattering on. Cheers!

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  2. Definitely felt something going on/changing. Husband was in a doom and gloom mood last evening with work issues and more moving delay news. Around 10:30 mst he yelled in his sleep, “WHATEVER!”. I went in to see what was wrong but he seemed to be still asleep but answered my questions? Everything just seemed off and heading in a not so positive direction so I went to bed. (about 11:00) I fell asleep quickly but woke startled at 12:30 for no apparent reason. Now today everything seems lighter and easier. Husband called with better news about the move, completely contradicting what the same person told him yesterday. I’ve started seeing a pattern of being prompted to go to bed and sleep before these jumps. Things are a lot less random than what I’ve believed in the past.

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  3. The kitty on the curb looks like me for pretty much the entire month of May. And the kitty that is smoooshed between the couches from the blog from who knows how long ago now. Just want to say hi and that I’m still here ….somewhere? LOVE this blog and all who patter around here. Infinite love always ❤️

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  4. Oh, yeah. This one was significant for me. My muscles were trembling and pulsating. VERY freaky. I just had to get horizontal and go with it. Not painful. Just bizarre. Broke a front tooth last night. I’m so pretty today for my entrance. 🙂 My smile will make children cry and wet themselves. Isn’t this fun?

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    1. Guys, I goofed up and put an email address where the name should be on the above post. Can you guys do me a favor and make that anonymous or delete it? Darn. Big stupid goof.


  5. Beautiful daughter had an almighty release of emotion today. The energies were buzzing, fizzing, spitting, squishing, pulling and pushing us all day. The tears were inevitable. They are her only way of communicating what her heart wants to say. I have noticed a pattern with chemtrails and my daughters releases/tension in myself too. Could of course also be the CME’s.

    Are there still negatives/dark energy around? I cannot help wondering if at times, there is something harassing my daughter. Have also felt as if I am being choked on occasion. I have to run into another room so my daughter does not get distressed but when it comes it’s quite sudden, violent coughing. I’m fine until it happens! Keeping up protection, clearing and shining as brightly as I can, incorporating my daughter into my protection.

    Something does not like our light but I won’t stop shining and I won’t stop vibrating. My body may feel ragged but everything else is super charged and I have love for everyone, even those that try to dim my light!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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    1. Hi lily 🙂
      As far as my personal experience goes, I have had some recent ‘happenings’ and visions concerning not so nice beings/energy. I too am shielding up, and also shining my Golden heart, with the intention of showing what ‘they’ have within them too. I tell them to see that it is within them too.
      I have found deep breathing within a bubble of Golden light is very helpful also.
      Breathing in the golden energy, like a fluid torus, breathing in, breathing out.
      I am also feeling that if you speak to your daughter about this kind of breathing, that it will help her too. That, she will understand.
      Keep cleansing your space too. Even on the outside of your doors to the outside world. And, as always, ask your HS and Team in Spirit for extra protection and guidance. I hope that helps.
      Much Love to You and your BeautyFull daughter ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Thank you Tea Kay ❤️
        I will try showing more compassion to these beings/entities whilst also still maintaining protection!

        I guess when you automatically go into defense mode (easy to slip into when you’re tired and dealing with a distressed child whose only way of communicating, at times, is through dramatic release of emotion!) that this can make things escalate.

        So, take a deep breath, take a step back and become a bit more neutral (emotionally) to any incoming negative energy whilst keeping the light shining and the shield up! Phew! I have started using ear plugs when my daughter screams so that I can hold her and try and soothe her until the meltdown passes.

        Many times it seems to occur in the bath. The bathroom is tiny and the acoustics…..Wow! Usually happens after I forget a detail of her bedtime routine such a forgetting to run the bath whilst I clean her teeth….The routine is long and complex and it is easy to forget something!

        I will try the golden bubble of light breathing technique with her, thank you! 🙏

        Much love❤️

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        1. JFC, that sounds like a nightmare. I applaud your stamina and courage Lily.
          I send you both love and blessings. ❤️✨😘
          And a balloon. 🎈

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    2. @ Lily. You keep doing what you are good at. Holding the light for you and your daughter and being a lovely person. Any dark nitwits will soon get fed up with trying to affect you. 🤗😉😊

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  6. Yup!, I looked at Schumann last night when it showed one hour after the black line – With you with headaches, etc – had more intermittent ear squiggles over the last whatever period of time – I’d have to take notes to know timings lately, don’t feel like bothering, doesn’t matter…

    White and grey tiger looks like I felt /feel. –
    ‘Why did the cat NOT cross the street?’ – WAY too much trouble…

    QUIET here – even at rush hour on major cross city street. I was going to add, I’ll await the PEACE, but it’s there as an undercurrent, if I bother to perceive…

    On a continuing ‘saga’ – yesterday my daughter called (from the east coast) a friend here (NM) from work (a certain COFFEE chain with a mythical creature on their cups 🙂 ) Her friend agreed to pick me up a few food stables after work which was esp nice of her as she was driving to Colorado the next morning, so she got HUGGED at about 10:45-ish last night.
    My daughters energy seemed different, too, even though the trip is stressful with complications along the way and family craziness back there… hope abounds…

    I await next week with contented non-expectation.

    Much love,


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  7. Well..my bicycle has just disappeared in this latest timeline jump! 😀 Either that or someone stole it.
    Watching someone’s sweet kitty for a few days and this just happened the night I got here.
    In the past I’d be so pissed, now I feel sort of neutral, it’s more the inconvenience of being without a bike for a few days and having to get a new one. Fortunately it’s something that can be fixed!
    Our response to experiences are the best meter of our inner state. So..thanks for that!

    Still contemplating whether I will decorate my next bike in the most extravagant colors or keep it low profile.. I like the idea of gold!

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  8. Ha. Minor. CATs’ sarcasm, huh?
    I basically can’t sleep, my awake/asleep pattern has become just… ridiculous. The most weird thing is I’m not really affected by that – for what I can perceive. Maybe instead this is killing me. Who knows.

    By the way, around the world there are “connected” ones that are saying “It’s happening”. Some of them keep saying we will have to wait some years, but I’m beginning to think that’s disinfo. “Someone” probably must be “distracted” while we exit thru the window. Or, these are single steps in a complex procedure, and they are all correct.
    Ok, whatever. We’ll see. Actually, the sooner the better. I have troubles standing this reality everyday more.


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  9. I dreamed about flying cats and taking all my family from all my earth lives to the new earth. But, I knew after I got them there I had to come back. Some were stuck in bad places but once removed their light came back. My version of What Dreams May Come.

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  10. I went outside this evening and got hit by Stillness, but there was no Peace with it. There was something else that I could not read that was coming. I could feel it, but could not yet see it.

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    1. I felt the stillness, too … really deep …
      But there was no peace … there was tension …
      Well, whatever,


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  11. Wow…this explains the dreams and “old” feelings I am getting. I can’t explain it; yet it’s almost like nostalgic and coming from deep memories. They seem to be mine, but not mine? Also, dreamt about saving a beautiful orange and yellow carp fish (koi?). It was near death, with its tail missing. When it came to, it smiled at me in sooo much appreciation that I could feel it! Then 2 more fish signs came into me during the day today, one on a truck and one on my Facebook page. Wonder what fish signs mean?

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  12. i saw that black line just before i went to bed – kind of rolled my eyes and said “ok here we go again.” dreams last night felt there was some attempt to control – and normally what would poke at me – i was able to just be neutral in the dream. now for some reason your image of waiting backstage getting ready for the show to start and for the performers to head out onstage – that is lining up with something within me that i cannot yet explain. things are definitely on the increase in terms of exposing all and all that goes along w/that – aaaaand as i have long felt, along with others, THE “E” word occurs around the time when the big stuff out in the world comes out. energetically i have felt for a long time now that things speed up and increase and increase and increase until WHAM – all becomes silent and peaceful.

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  13. Hi All,
    Experienced an awesome connection with Earth Mother late this afternoon.
    So many birds… all talking and flying in formations… then they would go off in different groups, then come back together. It was absolutely wonderful to watch. The very deep feeling of connection, Love and the utter Beauty of it all. I laughed a Joyous laugh, and thanked All.
    Ohhhh Dear Hearts… We are so very Loved.
    In Gratitude ❤

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    1. I watched a robin take a long energetic bath in the newly filled birdbath today. Made me smile. He was so happy. He got so fat filled water logged, he almost didn’t make it back up into the tree. 🙂
      I realized I really do have a lot of wildlife in my little yard. The squirrels were running around too. – Now if I could just keep them all from eating my tomatoes.

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  14. I said to my partner yesterday that I though there was timeline hopscotch going on. It gave me pretty painful abdominal cramps which were just getting worse by the time I went to bed. Suddenly remembered to ask brother J and my guides for help and poof – ten minutes later the cramps stopped. Awesome. 😊

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    1. @ Antonia. Beautifully summed up my feelings too and I love to read. By the way thank you for all the lovely cat pics you post.☺️

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  15. Saturday morning: I would like to share with All the utterly full and complete feeling I got from simply sitting in the garden sipping my latte and being with the birds. This is my gift to all readers. Words cannot even begin to describe how this feels! Wow! What a truly fathomless gift! I send it with love.

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  16. Friends, I’ve been checking for updates and fresh comments, but it’s eerily quiet on here since last evening… CATS, come in! I repeat, come in, CATS! Do you copy?! 🥺🤓😜 I hope everyone is receiving ALL the light, love and beauty in their day today! I sure do miss all of yewwws! (Even though this is my first time posting a comment 😁)

    Side note of a random synchronicity I felt like sharing: My (almost) 8 year old son pulled a tightly folded coloring page out his back pocket last night to give to me. It was a ginormous silly faced CatZilla with its tongue sticking out and laser beams coming from its eyes creating a powerful (didn’t seem like an explosion) but rather a concentrated ZAP over (what appeared to be) a metropolitan city. A powerless helicopter hovered near its head trying to “apprehend” him. The coolest part to me though, was an un-decorated Christmas tree randomly in the bottom left corner of the power “zap” 🤯😍

    That said, I’m grateful he chose that page to color yesterday. Because in the chaos in the evening after a long day of doing what we must sometimes, it was a gentle reminder of the magic I’ve been experiencing, witnessing and researching. It truly was a beautiful “reality” check for me in that moment!

    Much love to you all!! ❤

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  17. Allow me to share as this post by Jenny Schiltz (whom I always enjoy reading) as it aligns with Lisa Gawlas’s latest post. It speaks about plasma coming in that’s programmable. We first need to release all the crap we still hold to program. Makes sense as to why I have these huge mood swings again for the last few days. Probably the New Moon in play as well. Anyway, enjoy the read and have a nice day/evening/night wherever you are on Planet E.


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  18. So today (the 1st of June) around 1:45 pm EST, I had to lie down. So did my husband. Dogs also took a nap. Woke up at 3 pm. Really felt like we had another timeline jump?or slide? or shimmy? Just wondered if anyone else felt it? Also, just generally feeling “off”. Not that that’s unusual these days. Hope it’s a good weekend for all…

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  19. “UPDATE2

    Ahhhh. This latest timeline jump was ANOTHER jump away from something political. We’ve zeroed in on the specificity: This latest jump was away from another political takedown… of Mr. T. He has some kind of (higher order) protection around him…”

    Yes, we have been aware of this possibility for some time now.
    There have been scant clues strewn about, which are forms of confirmation of additional layers, in place and play.


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  20. So funny!😀 “CATs come in! I repeat, come in CATs! Do you copy?!” I imagine
    the CATs are busily engaged in important
    work, in their spaceship, after beaming up. All, I can say is let’s get this show on
    the road. I am more than exhausted as I
    have been waiting for these changes for
    over 60 years! Yes, I am an older person
    who enjoys reading the comments of others, on this site, as my family and most friends don’t think anything is
    happening, and that the false reality that
    we are supposed to accept is true.
    With love to all, ❤️💕

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    1. No, we’re terrestrial, like you. We came here from someplace else to help out, but most of us were “cat people” before that, or trained by them. Really, between us and our Friends, we’re a total StarFleet mix from all over, on both sides of The Veil.

      -CAT Eds.

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  21. Hi cats! Another good day, no head pressure, I have tons of energy, whaaat? I actually did a whole bunch of desperately needed weeding in my gardens and it was a beautiful day! I walked on the path through the woods behind my house, and looked up at the sun through the trees (walnut trees, very old and tall) and it was so magical, birds singing away but no annoying rap music or traffic noise at all in the distance – then later t-storms and rain which for once my dog wasn’t too alarmed about, unusual. So life is good and I just have this feeling, excitement, but calm and …… what a great time to be alive on Earthm whoo hoo! Rememberthe song, “somethin tells me I’m into something goooood..” Love to you all! BTW cat colony very friendly and sociable today again, what a bunch of characters!

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  22. I took a hard nap today and dreamed about my dad who passed away several years ago. I LOVE DREAMING about him. Rare! We were buying a 50s sedan for me,( I love that time period) it was red and white) but when you opened the door to get in the car, you were walking around inside the car like it was a huge room. It had 2 big screen tv’s in the back. disco vibe lighting. I was trying to add seats and the dealer said I had to have a specific # and I couldn’t just add an extra row of seats. I argued i had plenty of room in the car to add. Then I was like, how am I gonna drive this home? Dad said he could and got behind the wheel and said he’ll drive us home. And then we got a gigantic dog with the car in the deal. Twice the size of a saint bernard. Then I had to go back for a mini red sports car that was a 50s model! And we went home to show the fam! And that was just a nap😂

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  23. May 31, 2019

    Luba Pecitova ~ 1 day ago (edited):

    Beautiful transmission, thank you so much. I had to listen couple of times, and if I get it properly, for those who are ready to shift into the 4th density within embodiment, there will be a Pulse that will move them into the new construct.

    The Great Flash will be perceived by those in the remaining construct who are not ready yet to ascend.

    They will be given the choice to accept the unity consciousness and the opportunity to be healed within embodiment. Those who reject will cease the embodiment, receive reeducation on unity and healing in bardo and put into a lower density afterwards.

    What does not make sense to me is the allowance for some to proceed into the 4th density NEGATIVE because they choose so. Why this.

    I know that at this point of time, 4th density (Avatar Matrix, 10D-11D-12D) of this universal time matrix has been partially infected by the negative polarity as well, many reversals have been played in dimensions 10 and 11.

    The 12th dimension (Christ consciousness) is the first dimension anti-life forces have no access to and never will. Any idea on this scenario? I thought the Event is about the eradication of the negative polarity. Many thanks 💙💙💙!!!


    Enlightened Aspect Productions ~ 1 day ago:

    Shortly after this discussion there was another one about interference by powerful negatives who were affecting the grid. She acknowledged that her connection was having some difficulty penetrating it.

    Much of what she said follows what I have been given and what others have published. She accurately discussed the realignment path where negatives unwilling to embrace unity will be recycled and returned to a lower density. This is required because the path of negative polarity is being forcefully contracted and ceased.

    *Moving to fourth density negative is not a path that will be offered and from my vantage point as practitioner was clearly interference.*

    Relating to your statement about numerical dimensions: Octaves of photonic density is a better correlation. The octaves overlap slightly as you move higher. Applying linear numerical values helps give us a singular perspective that we can understand, but moving from one to the other requires the highly focused intention of consciousness to match the harmonics of the oscillating frequencies.

    Negative polarity is most certainly an “Infection” that has spread beyond its operating parameters.

    However, the slow removal process we are all witnessing is not because it is formidable and hard to correct; If needed it would end with a universal snap of the fingers.

    This process is slow because of the love and nurturing afforded to all consciousness and every attempt is being made to preserve as much of it as possible. The end of their (negative) chosen path is obvious to them and they are trying desperately to maintain an energetic foothold.

    *The pulse, or the flash, or the wave, or whatever you want to call it is the energetic realignment and end of the negative pathway.*

    This is the information I am being given from the highest energetic I connect to, and I believe it because I know what it feels like to be connected to it.
    Everyone else must decide for themselves what they believe and that is why I published this. Use your discernment and accept what feels right to you. Love and light… Todd



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    1. Yeah, there is no “negative 4d.”

      Note that we use 3d and 4d to mean “third density” and “fourth density” in terms of energetic levels and density of matter (fourth, etc. being a *lighter density* than the one below it). There are “levels” (there really aren’t) that we perceive going all the way up to 40 (which is SOURCE). The alt-dot-unicorn community talks about all these levels they’ve achieved or will achieve and it’s totally wrong. The next level step id 4d, and the one shortly after that (if you’re ready) is 5d. We doubt anyone is going past that, unless they’re 12+ going into this incarnation, and then they’re probably gonna have to fully trransition to go higher than 5d as their current body configurations can’t handle that much energy. It really doesn’t matter, none of this. Just be a good person and care about other people (and yourself) and have a personal relationship with SOURCE via meditation or prayer and who cares about the rest? Don’t get caught up in the unicorn races.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @CAT Eds. ~ TY for this info treasure of clarification

        And soooo glad you opened the door and mentioned THIS — those of us who are definitely fully transitioning out of the physical body to go higher than 5D…..I very deliberately didn’t add that one, because those here are not ready for that as you have observed.

        The ever-accommodating universe sent me to Todd’s previous video a few weeks ago which DID address it, but frustratingly barely touched on it so I decided to have a big discussion with him both on his channel and on his Facebook — where he said he had posted more updated intel he’d received since, about the physically transitioning ascension candidates.
        For those of us who are happily….no, *freaking ecstatically* leaving our well-used and wrecked physical body behind — to allow it to go ‘poof’ or otherwise.

        Because we have lovely Light Bodies all ready to go.

        So Todd told me he had just been shown a diagram of the 2 separating Earth Constructs, which were separated in the middle by a thick vertical Golden line/band of colour. He said,


        “If you choose fifth density you move up along the golden band and off the screen. Your perception of this transition would be going to sleep that night and having the most realistic dream of your perfect life you have ever encountered.

        The difference is that this is not a dream, and when you do finally awaken into the collective you will be surrounded by millions of other consciousnesses, engulfed in an energetic feeling (we interpret as love) beyond description.” ~ Todd


        This would also account for the ‘go to sleep and wake up’ transition scenario that I’ve seen coming through various channels for the past year or so (also through LMH)…
        …basically it is all tying itself together, here.

        All that miserable muddled *con*fusion, finally fusing.

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  24. An anon posted this on 8 chan, and it’s lovely. A great deal of it sounds like what gets discussed right here, and I want to believe it’s true. Couldn’t find it in print form, but here it is, read by one of my favorite Q commentators, Stroppy Me (enjoy the Aussie accent!):

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      1. Simon posted this on his site today:

        ‘President Trump State Visit
        Monday, June 3, 2019
        Extremely unique for a state visit…
        President Trump has brought all his children with him.
        No one from the family left at home.
        Also President Trump staying at a secure location – the old US Ambassador residence away from Buckingham Palace.’

        Much love ❤️

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