One More Time


The last thing anyone wants to hear right now is they need to do a little more work, but… you need to do a little more work. We know, we all said the same thing.

However… while you have the codes in you right now… you have to INTEGRATE THEM.

“How do I do that??” you meowl.


Meditate. It only takes 10-15 minutes. Ground, and Protect… then Connect to Brother J or Guides and say to yourself, “Ok. I’m ready. PLEASE help me integrate the DNA codes… all the way… till I’m done.”

That’s all you have to do: show free-will intent. They’ll do the rest. Wait for the all-clear. (You’ll know it when you see it.)

Afterward, pay attention to your dreams.

CAT charge percentage… 7%.


“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand” ~Confucius

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    1. I am going on a long bike ride. I love the wind in my face. I feel like flying on my bike. In divine right time and divine right timing we will get home

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  1. Hi All! I took a Cat Nap this afternoon which I do whenever the energies are being felt when I can. Whenever I take a Cat Nap, I ask my Guides and have the intention to allow all downloads, receive DNA upgrades and healing. Normal procedure for me. I enter a meditative state first before going to sleep.

    Today, I could ‘see’, clearly, a long pole with a disk on the top. Attached to the disk were ‘ribbons’ which encased the pole. The disk began rotating clockwise from my point of ‘view’ and the ribbons began releasing themselves from the side of the pole. I ‘watched’ in stillness as the the ribbons swirled around the pole, seemingly attached at a ‘bottom’ I couldn’t ‘see’. As they separated, I realized I was seeing 12-strand DNA which continued to form itself into a more identifiable DNA structure. Other disks and shapes came in to form the structure connecting the strands having shapes and form for that purposes. I watched as the process completed itself and then drifted off to sleep. The dreams were of an entirely different quality than I have ever had, truer, more palpable and over which I could exercise more control. Yay!

    I intend to do this again with a regular meditation!

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  2. @Cats and all. Ok, will do – I’m definitely, in the ‘White cat’ camp; can’t stay awake for the life of me – an EFFORT to breathe – in…out…in… out… VIBRATING…

    I usually take a day or two to recover from dog-sitting which I did yesterday, 6/1. (not a hard gig), but this is way more… much napping was done yesterday as well, but TODAY!!! The little dog is hidden under the covers with me doing the same!

    – for you enjoyment g**gle, green dragontail butterfly (Lamproptera meges) – I think they’re visiting from NE… extraordinaire, like a cross between a butterfly and a hummingbird…

    Wishing you all well,


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    1. Thanks.
      Check out the Hummingbird Hawk Moth or macroglossum stellatarum.
      Saw it once in my life, last summer in my (sadly enough former home) garden, couldn’t believe my eyes! Looked out of this world. Wonderful creature. The agility it has is phenomenal.

      Macroglossum stellatarum

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      1. As a Kid, I was convinced they were real Hummingbirds (Kolibri) and was always excited to see one. Still love them

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      2. I saw one, hummingbird size, for the first time merrily working its way through the phlox last year (central CT). I too could not believe my eyes — is it a bird, or a moth?! But what especially struck me as CAT8 said was the sweet energy. You could easily imagine it humming a happy tune as it went along. Too darned cute.

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  3. What perfect images!
    I am a single combined image of all the three kitties, sprawled out / squished / flattened, … (fill it in), taken together … The fourth kitty doesn’t count. Wizard. Meditating. Complete balance.
    I went to a wonderful concert last night, listened to Saint-Saens. The concert was entitled “Witches and Wizards”. In full sync with our growth, if you wish.
    Back home, (our simulated) reality hit me hard: the morons upstairs met me with such a disastrous noise (loud banging, jumping, playing with a ball at 11 p.m.) I wished I was elsewhere, near a lake or anywhere close to nature. I long for some quiet…
    These [email protected] are ruining all my codes …
    I wonder I’m typing this …


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    1. All of us have had this form of peace-of-mind interruption. Those of us still in apartments use fans and white noise generators or small indoor fountain to mask inconsiderate neighbors. This is actually one of the greatest things about Japan, where they have turned consideration for others into a fine art.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Why? Perhaps it’s time to travel?
      Perhaps Antwerp?
      Feel free to ask the Cats for my e-mailaddress.
      Meanwhile, earplugs do miracles.

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      1. Dear Stefan, I have tried EVERYTHING.
        Earplugs cannot help you if someone is banging with a hammer or dribbling a ball at night. The sound is dreadful. There are no such earplugs.
        By the way, white noise generators don’t help either, alas.


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        1. Well have you talked to the neighbours? That’s always the first and best solution.
          Anyway, good luck! 🍀


            1. You can do what Da-da told me he did when his upstairs neighbors were having raucous sex and all he could hear was squeaky bed springs all night long: he taped a(n un-opened) condom to a can of WD-40 and left it on their doorstep. Sounds vanished. 😉


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      2. @ Antonia and stefan. I am an avid user of earplugs! I would have gone mad by now without them. I have used them to get to sleep for the last 20 years. Also when the neighbors use their mowers/ chainsaws/ electric sanders etc. The rooks are sooo noisy too at the moment in our garden. Cue earplugs. 3m apricot coloured memory foam plugs are good. p.s Stefan the new avatar pic is stunning. Would make a great cross stitch pattern to do. All my sewing pics are big cats.

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        1. Actually I just went from those 3M ones to new earplugs from Aldi (2,99€ for 4 pairs). It’s like switching a Skoda for a Tesla. These are amazingly good. Block everything out! I sleep like a baby.
          Yeah I like that picture a lot too. King of the Jungle. 😉 Do you have one of a jaguar?

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        2. Dear Newlynn,
          Thank you.
          When the noise is on the upper floor, across the ceiling (a naked concrete slab covered with 2-mm parquet), over your bed, it’s not like birds singing … I grab my blanket and my pillow, and go to the sofa in the sitting room … every single night … and I’ve had enough.

          Love to you,

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            1. Dear CAT Eds, moving is not an option.
              I am a pensioner, and I haven’t got one million in the bank. Prices in Sofia have skyrocketed in the past 10 years. My apartment is in a building which was built 50 years ago, and even then it was expensive. Also, any prospective buyer would be inconvenienced by the noisy and rude neighbours – why would I ever do that to them? I have pondered over various options, but no, nothing seems to work at the moment.
              I have been sending these people unconditional love every day for the past couple of years. My hope is that they might change with the incoming energies.

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    1. Yes, we’ve been seeing this in the sky for the past few years. It takes quite a bit of energy to make your eyes perceive color at night (they’re set up mostly to see B&W at night), though some can really see well at night, colors and all.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. When I was in my teens I was out training in the snow with the Air cadets. We made a bivvy, completely protected from the elements and covered in snow. I awoke in the middle of the night and as expected it was pitch black inside. I sat their and strained my eyesight. Then, somehow I could see everything outside! It was all in a green hue, as if I was using infrared goggles? I sat in awe, careful not to wake Any one up as I looked in a 360 degree vision of the forest around me, it was bizarre.

        Feel free to see this too.

        I also saw other soldiers quietly walking around in the dark rain, later that same exercise, maybe from the past because they weren’t anything to do with us and no one else saw them…?


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  4. Ah… well, that was soothing. I think I was out for about 30 minutes, but it felt A LOT longer. Thank you for this reminder that I should meditate a bit more often!

    I’ll continue this procedure over the next couple of days to make sure all integration goes smoothly. I’m off to bed now. Or maybe more cat videos?

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  5. Hi, been having vision issues. I had gone to bed for the night and then heard a noise, looked down the hall and saw everything through a white smoky filter, like you used to see in movie theaters before they banned smoking.
    The next day it was not so bad, but during the day I am seeing pockets of white misty smoke.
    Thank you,
    I love cats.

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  6. Wow, so the “message” you CATs hinted me about didn’t waste any time! As soon as I went to sleep, I had what I’m pretty sure was an Event dream.

    Train station, during the evening. I was in the company of my mother and a few other people I remember. After the only available train arrived, we got in immediately. My mother and I sit next to each other and talked for a while, until the train departed to destinations unknown. And here’s where the interesting part began: The more the train advanced, the “lighter” it became, including my vision and everything surrounding us. As everything was fading into this blinding white light, I turned to my mother for a second; She was beaming, like I’ve never seen her do since my early childhood.

    A few moments later, everything was engulfed into the light, and the dream ended. And all was bliss.

    I’ll take this is as a sign that at least my mother is coming with me whenever the SHIFT is supposed to happen. Great news! My gratitude knows no bounds right now. SOURCE truly does look after all of us! 😀

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  7. Will do. Thanks CATS for instruction on how to integrate the new codes. I was blessed yesterday with a visit to a hot springs where I spent my day doing the meditation in between soaks and enjoying the sunshine! I’m an apartment dweller myself so being out in the mountains in nature was absolutely revitalizing! Love to all here!

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  8. I feel like that Chunk Point Siamese that is being recharged, although I feel like I
    have a charge of about 2%! Breathing
    exercises seem to be helping me feel a little better, although I tire very easily. I
    hope you are all finding effective ways to
    recharge your energy and that you don’t
    feel like the cats in the pics!
    With love ❤️ to all,

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  9. So I’m lying in the dark, and like you advise CATS, I’m staying my freewill intention and permission for Brother J, guides and HS to PLEASE help with the light codes integration.

    All of a sudden, BANG!

    I thought a huge electrical transformer exploded outside, then realised there want one. I heard a very loud bang, and with it, a strange light filled my vision from the centre point to spread out in a pink white line very quickly! I opened my eyes expecting to see something in my external reality, but nothing? My wife was quite happy and relaxed.

    I have heard these kind of noises before, but not with a light show, and not when I was so lucid, normally when I’m half asleep. I wonder if it had something to do with the integration request?


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