Meterage for 6-3-19 [UPDATE2]

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.13.36 PM

Getting close to something. We’re ready. (That’s a real cat, btw.)

We’re getting more “deliveries” and gifts in dreams, now. And last night was not only sizzle-y…


…the sky was bright… there was rumbling… AND we (again) experienced that fog some commenters are talking about.

Check out the sun strobing.

There were other signs of roastage:


Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.48.40 AM

Now look at this beauty:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.51.22 AM
Hm. That looks like a timeline jump… but it could be something else. This is a new meter we’re watching, so we’re not sure about its variations, yet. We’ll talk more about that in a minute.

In the meantime, there’s a bit of a WHOMP in the offing:




So, back to aberrations. We need to walk-back an energy meter:


Those readings at 2:00 Tomsk time are artificial, some kind of nearby radio interference. You can something similar here, and in lots of the meters:


So. Ignore the circled part for a moment and look at tat orange line. That bright line at 50 Hz is a power line’s influence on this meter, and the one at 100 Hz is its harmonic. NOW look at the circled part. See those lines coming off the power line, top and bottom? Let’s change your perspective a moment: Imagine you’re looking DOWN on this graph, from the top. That 50 Hz power line you’re seeing here is the “top layer” of your current reality. See all those lines above and below? Those are OTHER realities, other timelines, on either side/below. Looks like there are about 12. The omniverse is fractally curved (and is itself near-infinite), so the edges of our universe are curved, as well, that’s why they trail off. They might go all the way around, but we just can’t see it. (You can see the same thing in the famous “double slit” experiment.) There’s a frightfully small distance between these “realities,” less than half a millimeter.

Speaking of rolling back… we’re rolling back into range of our favorite hyperactive solar region:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 9.04.19 AM

Hm. The electron flux has been up a whole order of magnitude, too.


Hm. That and the strobing… hm.

We’re feeling the energy increasing right now. We’ll see what the day brings. We have our antennas out.



Thanks to Stefan for this:


That’s big-time Wave X saturation energy. THIS is why so many of us were feeling “HOT” over the weekend. Yes, temperature-wise, ahem.


Ok, we’re gonna call it: SOMETHING is about to happen. Look at the sun:

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 4.11.40 PM

The sun looks like a trumpet embouchure, tensed and ready to blow. (Yes, lots of CATs are musicians.) We’re gonna get an energy toot here pretty soon.

83 thoughts on “Meterage for 6-3-19 [UPDATE2]

  1. So does this explain why I’m staggering around barely able to focus with my tongue lolling out of my mouth? Just askin’

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  2. BTW, I just got that key lime pie will solve my tongue lolling. Will report back the findings of this scientific study.

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    1. Results of the recent scientific study are now in! It has now been conclusively proven that key lime pie has diminished considerably the dreaded tongue lolling! More reports as required (pending further study)

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  3. Thank you CATs this could well explain my daughters two day (and night, still ongoing as I hold her to me and type) meltdowns, distress and my migraines!

    Much love ALL ❤️

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      1. @Gaiasophiaofearth, mmmm, chocolate!!!! I know it’s supposedly June/Christmas? etc… but I could just devour a choccie Easter Egg!

        Much love! ❤️

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    1. Sounds like your daughter and I are going through the same thing. Maybe not tantrums, but certainly distress and a nihilistic thoughts And migraines. Very intense migraines.

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      1. Awww, sending love Lore, yes, the migraines are pretty painful aren’t they?! Ouch! Hope it’s easing for you ❤️


      1. Thank you Jane, much love and hugs to you too 🙂 i don’t like the term too much but being an autism mummy is incredibly amazing, challenging at at times maddeningly exasperating, especially with added ‘whompage’ lol. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (so they say!)


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  4. Wow what a cat! Oh and the charts are amazing too lol! Do you think the strobing sun is a result of wave X energy coming through it as a portal, but increasing in strength? Could this be the tipping point!

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  5. Dreamt of a rolling white pink mist/cloud engulfing us all.

    My kundalini was rising today, up my spine after I related and asked for code integration.


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    1. Last Night I had an amazing dream that I was crossing a bridge that was so high up (like being in a jet) it made me dizzy to look down so I kept my eyes straight ahead and then got the idea since I was so dizzy, I could crawl faster and I kept going I was not going to stop.
      The bridge was covered with snow but was not cold, I noticed a few people ahead of me, some familiar and people behind me, I even saw an ex spouse.
      Then the I saw a bright ball of light in front of me and as I got closer I realized it was many lights swirling around like spirals, and in my dream I realized it was DNA. then woke up.

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  6. Wowzers… I was thinking of asking if there was a GRB last night – I didn’t sleep much – I did a number of the 🙂 assigned DNA integration requests last evening and during the night – I had the most incredible pain in my toes throughout the night – TOES? – with some lymph channels between the toes, too… I was curious about the GRB because they seem to relate with me to the flowering of more itchy red spots when they happen – last night mid-early am while not sleeping had a blossoming of a whole bouquet of the itchy fellers – they aren’t that bad this morning (well afternoon, now) which is a faster recovery than ever before…

    I remember dreaming when I DID sleep, but they disappeared too quickly to report contents, so operating on faith.
    I have a very weird headache today – a lot of forehead stuff then squooshing out my crown – feels different than anything previous.

    My little dog seemed to have a very clingy sleep time with me – sometimes she will curl up above my head for a while then go down under the covers – last night I think she did that three times – and was right up next to me chest level quite often.
    I also feel a little weirdly lost today, unknown reason and hard to describe…

    Be well all,


    PS: @Lily – much love ❤

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  7. Feel different today, like a holding pattern or a 1/4 step back. That Is some Cool hair. Love to All. Peace.

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  8. It feels like some kind of final spurt (endspurt, ger.)
    The energies are crazy, people going nuts, everything is being brought to surface… no more hiding!
    But myself is calm like watching a super crazy movie
    Even all the emotional stuff, from the neares ones, which really should bother me, which is directed to my hear and soul… it doesn’t exceptionally like few days ago. In rare seconds the old emotioal response will came up like vomit burp… but than it’s gone. I do not suppress it, it just do not resonate with me any more, it does not feel real any more.
    Can someone relate?

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    1. Yes, I can relate.
      Vomit burp is funny.

      I hereby would like to take a moment to thank Germany for 99 Luftballons by Nena. Vielen Dank!

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    2. It’s like I was saying the other day… people are becoming unglued. Some of them are holding on too tight to the 3d and it will create some chaos. They Cats were nice enough to chime in with some advise to stay clear before. No one wants to be caught in the cross hairs. And as for your response, yes this resonates. I just sit back and watch with a nice distance. I would love to get the Cats in on this conversation. What do you think Cats? Signs of ascension in process? Disconnecting slowly from the 3d?

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    3. Ambien3, I”m with you. Nothing seems relevant anymore. I can’t focus on anything “normal”, no videos, no movies (now that’s a rarity), no news, no nuthin. I just want my “mind” (you know, that vast cavern between our ears…) to be empty; void of any “human” thought processes, so I can be more HUE-man. Or is that HUE-woman. Meow!

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    4. I absolutely feel the same! I’ve recently been in a period of Rebirth and so many once volatile emotional triggers are now mildly reactive. I, too, feel as if I am watching the whole thing play out in a very low-key, mainly neutral observer point of view. It’s as if the old resonance doesn’t match my new energetic signature, like I’m above the fray simply looking down at it all playing out and letting it all flow. Its Beautiful.

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  9. Holy cow, man, that Earth-strobe thing took me back to the Spencer Gifts store at the mall in 1973 for a too long moment. Right on, brother Earth. You shake it, baby!

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      1. The ones around here could care less lately they just lounge and you have to step over them lol. The animals are like whatever anymore.

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        1. I’ve noticed the same. Looked outside to see a squirrel and cardinal sitting together on my back wall.

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  10. I Love Cats!

    Have always been sensitive to time line jumps, but something is here now and my whole body senses it.
    I am being told before the new can manifest, the old has to pass away and I don’t like the sounds of that much. So as I tell them, “I reserve the right to bitch” and want a peaceful, loving calm transition for all concerned. That is the time line I want to be on.

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  11. As I was waking this morning I heard, “Who placed that order?” in an outraged exclamation. Well, that would have been Brother J assisting with code integration last night. It sure pissed off something (or one). Continue grounding with protection. Cay

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      1. Those who were pissed (those I heard) were not of the light. It was not Bro J. I don’t know who or what it was. It was as if I was eavesdropping on a conversation without intending to do so. Cay

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    1. We once heard some ET/humanoid ground control speaking coordinates through a portal, right before a ship came through. Some of our minds translated it to english, while others heard it in different languages.

      -CAT Eds.

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  12. Hi to All,
    Very interesting, thank you for explaining how close the time lines are.
    Last nights DreamTime was… more than odd.
    Everyone in it was from my past, wayyy back.
    I was in a large bed, feeling very out of it, could hardly function, whilst all these people kept coming in and out of the large room I was in, which had doors in a few places. At some point, I ‘woke up’ more, sat up in the bed and had more of a good look around. I asked ‘the people whom I used to know’ to please get me some new coasters whilst there were at the shops. New coasters? Yep.. and…. a young Jean Claude Van Dam? came in through the door next. I asked him what he was doing there, and he said “I have heard of you, I want …. (reading I think)”… in his very heavy accent when he was also younger. Everyone was ’20 plus years ago’.
    This is not the first time I’ve dreamed of ‘old’, and woke up feeling it as a jump. But… there was something in this dream that is just pinging me.
    Someone asked me how long I had been in that house. I said “umm.. let me think.. I came back from ……… (where I live Now).. about ‘such and such’ time ago” etc.
    What? I came back from where I am Now? Far out brussell sprout!
    So…. as I shared this DT with my husband, in the Now, and to you All here…. the numerology is all 1’s, 2’s & 4’s.
    That’s my contribution.
    Thank You Stefan for getting that awesome shot!
    And, Big Love Hugs to you Lily, & your daughter xxxxx
    (now 224, as I finish up…)

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    1. @Tea Kay wow, great dream, do you know where you were, where the bed was in your dream? I’ve been getting 1’s, 2’s and 4’s too for ages now 🙂

      Big Hugs and Love to you too ❤️

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      1. Hi Lily, I only know where the ‘people I once knew’ still live. And its in a different state to where I am now. The bed seemed to be in a bedroom… but also had a large arch going into a living room. It was all very clean and nice. The walls were bare brick, nice bricks, but bare. Nice thick n soft carpet too.. I must’ve got out of bed at some point, because I remember feeling that under my feet. Looking back on it now, it kinda feels like I was ‘co-ordinating’ people, if that makes any sense. And I was ‘out of it’ maybe because I was in more than one place at once, doing ‘things’ that were connected to something to do with time lines and the NE, whilst also being aware of myself in this dream state. Its just the feels I get about it now in hindsight, but I can’t be sure.
        Much Love to You and Your Daughter ❤ ❤ ❤

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  13. Nice work Cats & M’s … that is a real cat? I thought maybe its just the fur style but maybe not, love it made me laugh 🙂 I was so darn tired yesterday 3-6-19 its now 4th for me time is 4.44pm hhhmm 369 & 444 interesting, anyways never been so tired, & before passing out I was warned of High Energy coming & felt a mega acceleration occurred. When I woke early this morning I heard myself saying August brings the New Year! aye so that means Xmas is in July? weird have we accelerated that much we are almost in December? The charts where crazy I was sorry I didnt screen shot one (very similar to the one above with the orange line & red curved lines) looked like 2 high rise apartment buildings & my immediate thought was they are different levels of reality 🙂

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    1. That… is a real cat. It’s called “werewolf cat” online.

      And we get the tiredness thing. NO ONE checked the comments today as most cats were just blotto, staring at things, so tired. But we’re tired for a different reason: we got attacked by TWBs again — in dreams, which they’re getting better at — so we’re recovering from dealing with those toads. (Don’t worry, they only want to cause *us* harm.) Talk about an overdeveloped sense of vengeance.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you the cat even looks werewolfish! Ugh so sorry cats & m’s you have to deal with those toads again, so unfair 😦 wish there was something we could do to help?

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  14. Ok so I did that meditation with the DNA-upgrade. This time in a happy mood as opposed to the evening before.
    Wow! I did it just like you said and immediately et’s showed up. At first one that actually looked like the movie character ET, then a blue one, then more blue ones, white ones….
    I started hearing: Waking up! Humans are waking up!!! They’re waking up!!! It’s happening!!! They’re waking up!!
    Like the et’s were spreading the word about Earth and humanity.
    Then I saw thousands which turned out to be billions of ships surrounding us. As far as I could see in any direction there were ships and benevolent beings showing up to witness this waking up. Just like a week ago that image of being in space with nothing but stars appeared, yet this time with all of our friends & allies.
    The feeling I had was one of tremendous happiness, humbleness combined with bliss. Like all my dreams coming true.
    The energy I felt from the Universe, et’s, Beings,… was one of immense pride, appreciation and awe. Like a graduation ceremony. Soft, gentle and loving. Words fail. I remember thinking: this can’t be for me. Moi? But before I could finish that thought, it was gone. Somehow I accepted that good things are indeed possible for me. As silly as that sounds. I was able to accept that this was all indeed for me, a graduation in and unto higher realms. Wow! More humbleness.
    Thank you Cats.
    I wish all can experience the same feelings I had last night. It changed my life. That’s a bit soon to say perhaps yet I feel I woke up a different man.

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    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thank you for so much for sharing your Awesome experience. As I was reading your words, I could see what you were saying. I just want to jump up and down in Joyous Cheer also! What a WonderFull and most Loving feeling.
      Yay!!! ❤ 🙂 ❤

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  15. I feel very empty of all emotions, desires, motivation and interaction. Could be a peaceful place or a scary lack of connection. I think it is my choice! I also feel like I am watching and not very interesting crazy movie with lots of gunplay and car crashes.

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    1. Yes, some CATs were talking today, wishing for a cabin in the woods where all there was to do was think about various meals, drink coffee, observe nature, and read. Someone then said you can do that now, right where you are… but it’s not the same as being out in nature, in a tiny knot of “civilization,” surrounded by the wild.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @Cats Eds, I remember at least since high school age planning, searching for such a place and life – even for some time using geological maps of Maine to find isolated cliff caves and making lists of needed supplies, etc — probably would have frozen, but at that time would have been preferable 🙂 An awake counselor 20 years later told me there are some people that just can’t handle living in the vicinity of other people. Guess HS had other ideas…

        On another note – looking at the update 2 sun photo, the bight area on the right with the whispies reminded me of the furry head-dress of the grey ‘werewolf’ cat.

        All the best and more,<3

        PS: I'm sorry to hear the insufferable b*st*rds were attacking you guys again – it seems they only have one gear to drive in…wishing you all the most beneficial outcomes…

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      2. Well, youse all can come up here to the farm and enjoy the birds, lattes, and nature. (you can help with the planting. Too much for Gardener to do herself. More perennials to plant) I still have a few key lime pies left. Better hurry!.

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      3. Yesss… Truly absolutely the feels here too. I wrote this a couple of days ago…
        Sometimes, I think about what life would be like if I just continued with my own thing, sharing my skills via the meditation & spiritual growth evenings etc…
        Played with paint, materials, made jewelry, created beauty in all kinds of ways, and saved lots of cats.

        It’s a Very pleasant feeling, I have to say.

        Why do I feel the need to take another load of heavy responsibility onto my shoulders,
        just when I got a Huge load off of them?

        Am I so used to carrying a heavy load, that I cannot see myself any other way?

        Its a very real, and honest summary.

        What if?
        I let myself mellow…

        What if?
        I gave myself permission to not take on another heavy load…

        What if?
        I allowed myself to step back…

        Indeed.. What if..

        This New Moon is bringing ‘choice’ to the fore,
        Introspection… Retrospection…
        It’s showing me many things via many different perspectives.
        She is filling me with her magic, and I’m feeling something I have not let myself feel, ever before.

        My Life is back in My hands.
        I fought hard and long to achieve that.
        I’m sure a lot of You have too.

        Are We capable of allowing True Peace to embrace us?
        To Trust that part of us that has not had the chance to Live in a way we have not lived before?
        Without quickly looking for the next battle to fight for?

        Are we Truly able to let go just long enough to catch that scent of Peace, and sit within that?
        To actually touch that space, and let it touch us?

        I feel I am not the only one whom is questioning things right now. Personally, I will be going into meditation frequently over the next couple of days. If you are questioning too, that would be my advice. Meditation.

        With much Love,

        🌟🌹💛Tea Kay💛🌹🌟

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        1. Woke up today with this playing in my head; looks like a theme may be developing….. What a day for picking daisies, and lots of red balloons!

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        2. @ Tea Kay

          And your words are magic too my friend 🙂 Thank you for sharing and lifting the spirit through such intense waves…

          Much Love


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  16. My SPCA calendar says it’s “Hug Your Cat Day” today (June 4). By association it must be “Hug Your Ms Day” too then. ~~ Virtual hugs out to all! ~~
    Lots of gratitude, L

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  17. k so that spot on the sun [update2] looks like the cat at the top of this post. A nod from the sun to the cats? Meowthinks so.

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  18. I’m with the consensus… super tired, want to sleep a LOT… uninterested in almost all the ‘stuff’ there is to peruse out there. I haven’t found any movies that interest me in ages or much else – I had to look at my email for something earlier today and realized basically everything I’d subscribed to was the same old stuff repeated endlessly for the past 7 years or more, by the same people… maybe I’m being unfair? *shrug* – not interested in any of it.

    I ask that I be guided to things that will be a contribution to my life and living, so far that seems to be creating/building, some music – mostly about the creative process of rather the actual music itself… Hoping more will appear…

    Dreams – it feels like they are being sucked away quickly – not like before when it seemed I wasn’t allowed to remember – I’m allowed to KNOW I’d dreamed, but not know of what… ok, will go with the flow – I do appreciate knowing I dreamed though… ok, weird question is dreamt a word acceptable on this timeline – I’ve used it all my life, now it doesn’t want to be accepted, only ‘dreamed’ – maybe it’s just this typing? I dislike words I’ve always used disappearing from the language – not the first time… I like words – I don’t want any of them to disappear… grumpy writer/reader…

    Much love to All,


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  19. So funny – it seems ‘I’ liked one of my own comments the other day – I don’t think I did it… perhaps my dog did it??? It was weird to see…


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  20. C’mon capt’n she kinna take much more…she’s a gunna blo’e! Lol. Just a little Star Trek fun. Anyhoo…lots of condensed and swirling energy, time is moving faster and boy oh boy is the test of “grace under pressure” sure up’d it’s ante! I agree…cabin, coffee and read while listening to nature. ☺️😊

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  21. Dearest Cats
    I hesitate to ask this because I know everything is in perfect divine order. But…. Is there something I am missing? Something wrong with me? I am not able to connect to my guides or anyone , cannot get my DNA upgraded, I see nothing when I meditate and especially do not see into the windows of that ET ship, cannot hear Brother J , and I have no dreams. I know I can do this. I have asked to be shown what I need to clear or unblock. Should I continue as is or is there any help available?

    On the other hand, I did have a very peaceful and still meditation under a tree yesterday. Different from any before. I will try that again today. Love to all in the room 💗

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      1. Thank you! I’m on it. I just suddenly had this feeling of “I’m so behind…”. Weird. Maybe that is my type of “whomp”. Sending so much Love to you and all on this forum. Who else could I ask something like that ???

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  22. Some of us are reporting not just stillness and quiet this morning, but also things appearing frozen or static. Like the sun:

    The most active region on the sun… looks like it’s not moving. We’re also seeing some meter anomalies.

    Also, one CAT got totally fed up with the TWBs last night and almost crawled into a portal with a knife in their teeth… basically, brace for more unusual behavior. 😉

    -CAT Ed.

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    1. Everyone: Be sure to Ground yourselves when you feel energy like this. And if you want a new experience, ask Brother J to enjoy the energy with you. He makes it bearable. And BREATHE.

      Wow. This is a big WHOMP. Note that, if you’re not feeling it, it could be a portal thing; all CATs are near portals, so we feel things first.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Been getting the high pitched buzzing as per usual but also crackling, like when you try to tune into a radio station.

      Also had the strangest dreams but on waking about 80% had gone from my memory.

      I do remember my body starting to disappear bit by bit. I sort of cleared my throat and then my throat vanished! then more body parts vanished and I remember thinking, ‘i must tell everyone not to worry, that it dosn’t hurt at all!”.

      Also had lots of tiny stars in my third eye after the DNA meditation, whilst lying in bed.

      Much love CAT/S, M’s and ALL ❤️

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