Serious WHOMP in Progress AND Big Timeline Jump [UPDATE5]



Don’t forget to Ground and BREATHE through it.








We also had another BIG timeline jump. We’re looking into the specifics:



We’ve not seen a gap like that in Kiel for a while.



More later.



There was this last night/early this morning…



There was an off-the-chart gamma ray spike around then:


And this is why everyone felt fried yesterday:



Oh, there was also a GRB at the same time (as above), yesterday:


Also, we can’t find it yet, but there was apparently a tiny flare on June 4th:


Must factor in here, somewhere.

Oh, interesting note: We now have ASTRONOMERS checking our site to see what they’re missing! (They’re feeling the energy, too.)


Here’s more on last night’s (BIG!) timeline jump — we can finally see the other side on Kiruna:


You can even see the jump gap in NASA’s data:



We had refrained from telling anyone this, but that number that some of the CATs saw in their gold-laced/verdant dreams/meditations from a week ago was a giant SIX and a FIVE. And from all accounts, today looks like Liftoff Day #1. We have no idea how this fits into The SHIFT… unless this IS The SHIFT, and it’s meant to happen more slowly than anyone imagined. As usual, your guess is as good as your guess. Stay tuned.


We looked at this more closely. This whole timeline jump/energy phase we’re going through right now is a pre-SHIFT thing — specific to the SHIFT. We’re not so much leaving, at the moment, as much as we are moving higher vibrations forward.

As for the numbers we personally were seeing in dreams, we looked at this more closely too, and they pertained only to us and to the specific upgrades on 6/3, 6/4 and 6/5. They were NOT percentages of completion, or somesuch. There is no magic percentage level people have to reach — individually or en masse — before they ‘get to go to the New Earth’ or The SHIFT happens. The SHIFT happens when it happens, with Divine Timing. You yourselves already chose what directions you’re to take, in your previous agreements. It is best to put this kind of hoop-jump out of your minds and stay focused on being kind and flexible.

Everything is totally under control by SOURCE. How could it not? If you’d like to know more… meditate and ask Guides. Or ask SOURCE directly. Just be prepared for when SOURCE…


…at you, if it happens. It can be a little intimidating… as anything that’s eternal and omniscient and infinite can be. (BIG! Holy crap. These words are puny.) SOURCE tries to scale it down for us, so as not to scare, but it can still be pretty startling. Remember: You are SO loved — and you are LOVE. So, be fearless. Take that LOVE out for a spin.

More later.



68 thoughts on “Serious WHOMP in Progress AND Big Timeline Jump [UPDATE5]

  1. Har! (substitute for nyuck, nyuck, nyucks) It’s nothing if not quiet here on the farm. I certainly feel joyous despite the physical stuff which is par for the course lo, these many days.

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  2. Heard something really strange this morning 6:00am PDT. All was quiet and it sounded like being on a ship: a faint pulsing rumble, pulsing at about 3 seconds. It’s extremely quiet where I live (CA Central Coast) and I checked outside and there was nothing running – no trucks, no boats, it was dead silent, even the birds were quiet. Just that low rumble. The thought that came to mind was of Gaia as a giant cruise ship, relocating. She’d started the big engines and was moving from one home port to another. What was really cool about it was that I just wanted to sit back, grab a book and cuppa, and watch the scenery pass, like being on a train. *sigh* I came to work instead. Any thoughts, observations, input from other locations, from CATs or Ms?

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    1. Yes I woke at 2am this morning UTC wondering what the noise was. I checked all sorts in the house and couldn’t find anything. Then the birds burst into song at 3.15 am – eek. Do they never sleep. They must be exhausted bless em. Then I couldn’t sleep. Biscuits and reading helped. But woke up tired.😉

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    2. YES hearing rumbling in the skies – throughout the day today. I recall hearing it 3x (it’s 7pm here). The energy/feel today is absolutely different and new – like i am shedding the last pieces of “unnecessaries” w/in my being and experience. and last night’s astral experiences were completely new and different and involved me hopping in and out of experiences including a female dancer (from dirty dancing – always wanted to dance with patrick swayze – he he)

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  3. Wow, first time here. This site leaves all the other “psychic unicorn” sites behind. Excellent mix of psychic and scientific. Kudos.

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    1. anyone else feeling a new kind of dizzy – while standing up and walking – as though you are being pulled to the left and i mean totally pulled where you have to recenter and grab on to something. this just began for me last night.

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      1. I’ve had this off and on for about a month. I know what you mean by a different kind of dizzy. Sometimes it feels like getting my footing on land after being in a boat.

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  4. Ha! I like it very much that you have ASTRONOMERS checking your site, how cool is that?!
    Thanks for the update, I cannot get rid of my headache. Wasting my precious energy on headaches is silly.


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    1. I’ve been pounding down water and had a long sleep w/Minky on the couch last night. Hope You feel better. Peace.

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  5. Ok, so how this feels to me just now: I feel that a part of me that has been standing close to me for some time has taken that micro-milli fraction of physical separation and joined the rest of me. Most interesting!

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    1. Note that we actually exist on ALL timelines, simultaneously (we are a vast spiritual being). This is often why some people report having conflicting emotions simultaneously (for others, it’s feedback from their empathic circuits).

      -CAT Eds.

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  6. That flare on the 4th might be the “snake” I saw on the Goes. Never seen anything similar on there, best to be described as lightning on the surface of the Sun. So moving horizontally if you see what I’m saying, hence similar to a snake.
    Don’t know where I can see previous data/video otherwise I would look it up.

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  7. Thanks for the updates, really appreciate them. Completely wiped out since yesterday morning. I just feel like sitting and staring into space. Oh, and the on and off tears for no reason, what’s that about? Anyway, I’m feeling at peace. Hope everyone sails smoothly through this whompage.

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    1. Let the tears flow, You’re clearing old crap not needed. Minky and I send Joy/Love Your way. Peace.

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  8. Had another night of, ‘to stay awake’, on watch – what or why for, dunno…
    when I did dream this morning after 6:30-ish MT I was given a hint what I was doing at night (when I do sleep) – I’m way ok with what that was, literal or symbolic)
    big pressure headache – want to go back to sleep!!! My body wanted protein this morning – feathered animal protein – and mayonnaise – okey dokey…

    My little dog seems very wiped out, stayed by my chest most of the night and under the blankets right now.

    My own personal GRB meter has been active again.

    There’s a feeling, like waiting for the other shoe to drop – I’m usually fairly patient, go with the flow-ish – this isn’t anxiety-ish, more like how many breathes is this going to take – breathless, but not??

    Family is to return this weekend – I’m continuing to notice changes in my daughter’s communication – positive.



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    1. Per the time of the timeline jump/acceleration/etc — what I’m gathering is some of us feel it physically. For example I woke up today feeling like my 20 year old self who spent the night out at the club dancing and now have to make my 8am Uni class. Wrecked. Interesting I’m going to start keeping a spreadsheet on these jumps and my health observations. See what I find…

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  9. And I have being crying since yesterday.
    Seriously, can’t stop. Has to run to the toilet at work, sit down and cry, even after G+P

    You know when I wrote this commen about: “emotions seems not bother me and aren’t real any more”… yeah… in your face Ambien!
    But my emotions are still weird. Like I’m watching myself crying, but from a distance. Deep inside is a nice calm and trust and surrending feeling with me. But also
    I asked and this are my tears, for energetic cleansing (whut?)

    But maybe I’m just going nuts

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    1. I get the same, have anxiety or anger but it’s like it’s I am observing it, only part of me is feeling that way, and the inner me is chilled

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  10. Wow, thank you CAT’s & M’s!

    Crazy headaches. Daughter’s meltdown has subsided but for the last two days the crying and screaming has changed to wails and squeaks and intermittent giggling. Have checked temperature, no wobbly teeth etc…I believe this is energy whompage and with no means of communicating verbally, it has to come out some way! Took her for a beautiful ride around our local country park today in her wheelchair. Came back home and wanted to sleep but somehow made it through the rest of the day and daughter’s bath/bed time routine phew!!!

    Much LOVE ALL, feels like something is coming ….❤️☀️❤️

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    1. Forgot to say, I’ve been getting the strange sensation of the scenery around me moving nearer than further away like a zoom lens on a camera! or things morphing slightly! Has anyone else noticed this?

      Much love ❤️

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  11. Aha….so that’s why! Now it all makes sense. Thank you CAT’s for this post🤗

    At the 3rd of June, and independently of eachother, both Mr H and I were feeling so totally exhausted (for no apparent reason) that we decided to go and rest for a while as soon as we got home. Thought that it would do us good to rest for an hour. That 1 hour nap became a whole lot longer… all-in-all we slept for about twelve hours! I can’t remember the last time I slept for that long. Must have been back in the days when I was a teenager…

    The night between the 4rd and 5th, neither of us could sleep. We laid awake and talked (about strange it is was to have such energy after long working-hours and after that working in our garden) at 02.46 AM. That night we got about 2 hours of sleep before the alarm woke us up at 05.20 AM. Strangely neither of us were tired when the alarm rang…

    Today is the 5th. Had a hard day at work. Lot of difficulties trying to find technical and mecanical solutions to the build of a customers car. I should feel worn out after that little sleep and after such a day both physically and mentally. And as I’m typing this the local time is 22:21 PM, so I should be dead tired by now. But I’m not and neither is Mr H. We’re full of energy. Or perhaps the right term is: high on energy😉
    Other than that, the “whomping” has made me feel a little bit dizzy at times, like the feeling of standing up in a little boat. Palpitations, vibrations/buzzing, and a non-stop head massage. And about that timeline-jump – please SOURCE/All That Is – make it a good one, bring us love, joy and freedom on this one…

    Love to All of you💖🤗

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  12. Afternoon update: After a 3 hour nap, I got up and distinctly was surfing/riding giant, giant waves that are all-encompassing in dream time. My gawd, was that a hoot! (btw, I’ve never surfed in my life. I see what I’ve missed)

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  13. Yeah that explains a lot. Deep head pressure since last night (European time) When that starts I know what’s up. Besides the usual of feeling like having a newborn and being on no sleep permanently!
    Slowed down brain function and really needed to sit and do my grounding and connecting above and below exercise for about half an hour, because I felt so literally in the middle of different who knows what and where.
    Beyond all this, feeling so strongly rooted in myself and connected to nature and everyone and everything.
    It does feel safe and cozy to disconnect from the big city madness and drama, which I’ve been doing for a while. My favorite place is the beautiful city park, sitting in the grass, watching all the different birds, looking out over the water, sitting with my shoes off in the grass. Those things lift me up enormously! When I leave after such a time spent there I’m like yeah bring it on, feeling empowered and walking around with a big smile and a fully open heart..

    Happy to have this blog and be able to share and read all of our experiences. Because besides 2 amazing people in real life that I can talk all the way about all that is happening, it would be so lonely to be in this by myself.

    This blog and all of you rock like blue colored vanilla bananas, funky cats, lemon pies and flying rainbow dragons 💗

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    1. That’s so nice Nuni. It’s is a lovely supportive community here. Feels very homely. Thank you to our most wonderful Cats, M’s and everyone who contributes to this amazing site. 🤗

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  14. “the CATs saw in their gold-laced/verdant dreams/meditations from a week ago was a giant SIX and a FIVE.”


    And I didn’t want to tell any of you this, in case of inadvertently affecting it…..but right after I posted Todd’s latest Event Update video for you all, in which his client 2 weeks ago was being shown “65”, and Todd was told this meant we needed to reach 65% positively polarized humans, that this is the percentage which would launch the Shift ~

    (here I time-marked the video right where that was revealed — in case you didn’t listen to the entire video):

    To skip right to it, “65” is said at 10:47



    So I had this terrible URGE to ask you CATs, if your number was 65 or less…..assuming you would think it was a ‘date’ number, and 2 digits, then best scenario for us it would have to be between 61 (June 1) and 65 (June 5)….

    But I *knew* from Higher Self slamming me over and over with this, that it was not a date (the Event is not date driven, it is numbers driven),
    And that Higher Self was again saying repeatedly that your number was a percentage number — and for me if I found out it was too far away from 65, then I would be too crushed (can’t wait through the suffering anymore)

    So for these reasons I declined to ask you if your number was between 61 and 65.
    But gawd almighty, I so WANTED TO KNOW!!!! Just despaired to know how CLOSE we actually were.

    What can I say now, but OMG Holy Crap Jeezuz wept (and so have I)
    And THANK you? TY TY TY TY TY TY TY………..

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        1. Yep it’s me. Why do you ask?
          Just no. I know what I know. As far as I know I did not say 265 today. This is getn weird.


          1. I did not post ” 265 anyone” this pm and I did not post it. But I am 265 Dian.
            I must grin. Cuz I said a thing or two here. . .on this date. I read comments and made my own. I never saw the 265 until I read again. After I posted the dog video. This is wierd.

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      1. “It was 65 for some, but two saw 64.”


        Oh man, that makes it even BETTER… they were showing you all how incredibly “close” we actually were, with that small percentage variation…

        Yes, I’m severely hugging you right now, CAT Eds.

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      2. “we needed to reach 65% positively polarized humans, that this is the percentage which would launch the Shift”

        Anyone have an idea where the current percentage is?
        Please,please be at least passed the 50% mark!!!

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      3. Laura Whitworth’s latest session discussion touches on this threshold topic, but the client wouldn’t get into specifics on numbers or percentage needed. They’re also talking in terms of portals opening. “You won’t be able to resist going through.” (Yeah, not worried!) In any case, here she is if no one else has posted this yet. She admits she has heard many different scenarios, and theorizes on that score a bit.

        Speaking of portals, I’ve heard that people journeying to the middle world [ie, shamanic journeying on this plane, not upper or lower worlds] in a Sandra Ingerman course designed to help you connect closer to nature, are seeing portals open up to a very NE sort of scene when they ask permission to enter the energy field of, say, a tree or meadow (not sure of all specific examples). She is teaching the students to approach nature beings this way, and it really can ‘open doors’ so to speak.

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  15. This was for ghia Sophia whose post about cats and dogs I cannot find. Ergo I did it anyway. . And I will change my moniker. Hahah

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  16. been down for the count with THE headache all day – managed to feed and water the rabbit at about 10 am.
    – ‘little dog’ has been by/along my left side all day stretched out once and went back to her post stretched out with her head on my left upper arm or shoulder.It’s after 7:30 pm now and were in the same position. I’ve probably reached out an invitation to Brother J about 6? times throughout the day. I’m sure it’s helped.

    I’ve been trying to do a few housekeeping things around here in my 5+ min increments and track down an allusive kitchen sink leak before family comes home. can’t do anything today, been kind of told NOT to. hoping it’s a case of ‘this too shall pass.’

    much love

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  17. I have been feeling fear and depression most recently (I think it’s from the flooding in the Mid West and the potential floods here in CA yet to come) hoping it is not, and hoping it is not my fear either though.
    Have had headaches and felt weak, very drained of all energy.
    Seems like every time I find a comfortable time line it does not last long and we get bumped out and the cycle starts again.
    Oddly, when we get a higher vibration time line I feel joy, energy and great happiness…it just never seems to last long though before it changes again.
    Went to dinner after the Chiropractor yesterday and as I sat eating I watched everyone buzzing about in traffic, then suddenly a male voice said all this was going away. He was referring to the restaurant, the street, the noise and the traffic. I had a moment of regret as I loved eating out. However, the voice assured me I would love the coming future even more and gave me a mental picture of what was to come. I was in a dense forested area with trees that were hundreds of years old. There were people around that I was comfortable with and someone was playing a reed flute softly. Children ran in and out of the area barefooted as adults laughed and enjoyed each others company. It was a wonderful fulfilling feeling. We seemed to be drinking and eating which confused me as he had previously told me we no longer required food, but fed off energy. Catching my confusion he interjected that we ate, fruits, nuts, and vegetation as treats.
    Then slowly my focus came back to the noisy restaurant and the traffic outside. If only for a moment, I had had peace, quiet and was among friends and family I did not recognize at that time, but would at some not so distant future. Before he left, he assured me we were changing and things would be better for everyone.
    I do not know who this male voice was, they just stop by sometimes to chat and for that I am so grateful.


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  18. Laura Whitworth’s latest video on youtube: “Opening the Portals to the Fifth Dimension on Earth” She is such a lovely, vibrant soul! I, like many, have been totally wiped out the last three days. Flu-like symptoms with nausea and bowel issues aka Ascension Flu (?). Both Sun. and Mon. afternoon/eves I had to take 3+ hour naps during which I dreamt colorful dreams that I cannot remember now. I did do the integration meditation–twice, just to be sure and was able to sleep peacefully afterwards. Restless night last night, with the addition of thunder storms and a skittish dog under the covers (in his Thundershirt!). First thing I did at 7 am EDT was to come to this site. Nothing! Living here in the Eastern time zone, I have to wait until you West Coasters awake from your whomps to post updates. For which I am always grateful! Noonish my time before I discovered this post and its updates. GLAD that I am not going completely crazy. I wonder if that Suspicious Observers guy, whose daily posts I have been watching for 4 years, will ever wander over here and discover that “the last 24 hours on our star” have NOT been relatively calm! On a sadder note, I have been mournful regarding the imminent passing of my grand-dog, a beautiful 12 yr old Australian shepherd/Husky mix, in Baltimore. I’d hoped you would make it to NE with us, dear blue-eyed Sky.

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      1. I am actually in the Midwest (MI) but at the far western edge of the Eastern time zone, which changes to CT in the middle of the Lake. We love our long summer days with daylight until almost 10 pm. But we here in the fly-over states have been hit with wave after wave of storms and flooding. The Wrath of Source? No, more likely geoengineering. If the farmers can’t plant soon, there will be no bread in the Breadbasket. I planted cucumbers and green beans today. Il faut cultiver notre jardin.

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  19. So I have a question. . . Can you create something. . . Anything that does not love you, yet love every minute of it’s creation? Can you bear something that abandones you? What can you learn then? Luv you bunches.

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  20. Hi all 🙂
    Thank you very much for the whompage update! I’ve been whomped out for at least 48 hours, and have had to put off everything basically, except for a massage yesterday. Loads of sleep, but still very foggy brain. DreamTime has been difficult to remember. However, I do remember being on board a craft of some sort, and beings from other places, a bit of a mixture, being around also.
    I asked to visit the healing pods before I went to sleep, and remember voices referring to one of the ‘issues’ in this body. I also can still see some of the inside of the pod. I have also been asking for help with the DNA integration whilst I am sleeping. I do want to also experience it via meditation though, and will do. Upon awaking each morning, I’ve been Thanking Source for this opportunity, giving much Gratitude for All, and also connecting in to receive healing. When I eventually decide to stretch and get up, I am now given a very clear symbol of a sword when I ask to make sure all is secure within and around me.
    Loved that, as I also asked Arch Angel Michael to stand by.
    I’ve also heard bell ringing like Xmas bells, as well as those ‘thunder type’ sounds.
    Okay… just had a song come in whilst typing….
    “Ricky don’t loose that number, its the only one you want. You might use it when you feel better………. When you get home”.
    Oh, I did get a big ‘4’ last week during a group meditation evening I have at home.
    Someone also mentioned something about things that are being presented, to only then move on very quickly from whatever it is. I’m also experiencing this.
    Gosh.. there’s a lot going on really. But these are the things that come to me atm.
    Thank you everyone for sharing, its very helpful 🙂
    Water Water Water…
    Much Love to All ❤

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  21. I forgot something…
    and I’m experiencing it now. It started about 5 days ago? Maybe 4?
    Heat coming through my left ankle, on the outside of the ankle.
    Its not just ‘warm’… its hot.
    When it began, I felt it out etc.. and felt alright about it.
    When it kept going, and it got very hot, I had a bit of fear, and asked AA Michael to come in to check on it for me. (Because of my brain fog, I’m aware that it is a good idea to ask for further confirmation). It backed off when I felt that fear, but started up again after I got the ‘green light’ from AA Michael.
    I have been receiving this energy via the same place everyday since.
    It doesn’t go on all day.. just for a little while.
    I will add, that I have had someone come by me, after they passed over last month, and has been connecting with me ever since. Sharing a bit of information for me personally, and giving healing. Ha! I can see him now 🙂 He looks handsome in his pink shirt. I did not know this person ‘personally’. I knew of him and had a lot of love for him, and what he was doing. I can’t help but also feel that he may not have actually ‘passed over’…. there’s a feeling of something ‘other’ about it.
    hmm… anywho, I’ll leave it at that.
    Take good care All ❤

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  22. Dreams were weird again, still old themes playing out in a somewhat gentler fashion. Seems to get better.

    Have been energized for over 2 weeks now, my activity level has increased by a thousand. I just need to go out either for a walk in the woods or by the lake. Feel compelled to do so. I add in a few pushups & pullups, serves my body well. Feeling fit again, that’s been a while. Good for the moral too.

    At the same time living together with my family members is becoming more of a challenge. Is it the difference in energetic vibe? Is it me finding my lust for life again? Is it the New Moon theme of action kicking in? Is that also why I am compelled to go out daily?
    Doesn’t matter, I feel it.
    As Lisa Gawlas wrote today, it’s the same for me: I love ’em but can’t live with ’em. I want to live by myself. Just me and my kid.
    Perhaps a part of me was still in saviour mode: thinking/hoping I could raise my family’s vibe. Yet that’s an illusion of the ego and serves no one.
    I’m deeply grateful to be here now, I have food and a roof over my head, yet I know what I want my very near future to look like. My own place. It’s time to move.
    How that’s gonna happen is a complete mystery. No money, no job, no address. I need a few miracles to make it all happen.

    Show me the way brother J!
    Wishes of good fortune from all you nice people here will help me too. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Stefan, I’m still having the dreams of the ‘people I used to know from way back’ too. I have to mention also that this has been happening for quite some time. Years.. just don’t know how many. Sometimes it feels like a ‘play out’ of things, acknowledging, releasing, forgiving. Other times it feels like a different timeline. For me, some of it began to look like the ‘what if’ timeline. It’s literally like I am living another life.
      Getting out in nature, even just in the back yard here, with bare feet on the ground, raises my energy levels abundantly! Also, the connection with our Earth Mother is amplified. ‘Clear quartz amplification’… just heard that 🙂 Which makes sense to me because of what I saw raising up from the floor here at home, during the meditation/spiritual growth I have opened here, just last week.
      I also understand your feelings about where you are living at present.
      I do get the feeling that there is still ‘stuff’ happening there… Both ‘For’ you, and others around you. I know it can be very challenging, but try and let them ‘be’ where they are at, and you keep doing ‘whom you are’, and enjoying that.
      I also wish you All the Love that is required for you to Be where your Heart desires to Be.
      Much Love ❤
      p.s. That hot energy I feel coming through via my left ankle just started up again.

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  23. This amused me this morning:
    I often awaken with some stupid little something right at the forefront of my awareness waking me up with way more agitation than it warrants – as began to happen this AM. For once I managed to nip it in the bud and reframe it to something positive. This was followed by the immediate appearance of what looked like a cheesy 1960s advertising sign that said: PROGRESS – Is Easy!
    ~ OK thanks, message received, and it gave me a chuckle. 🙂

    Hope everyone’s feeling better.

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  24. I’ll hop on the bandwagon here, the past 3 days have been awful. I was wide awake all Sunday night after going to bed totally exhausted 2 hours earlier thinking I’d sleep forever. Then lying on my bed noticed a craft outside my bedroom window get brighter, then dimmer, move around this way and that, til it started to fade away and then I finally got to sleep. So I guess I was supposed to be awake for whatever that was about, but it does help keep the frustration of no sleep at bay when you think about who’s there! Then the next 2 days I had to stay home from work between the total lack of energy/brain fog/head pressure. Try explaining that to your boss, ugh! I’m so tired of having to “fake” needing time off from work, can’t wait til this ends. I have no one to talk to in life – the one person I did think was waking up – my only sister – I realize now is totally sinking back into the matrix and has lost any curiosity – too scared to imagine anything can be different – well thanks to all you CATS out there (and my dog and cats) so I’m not alone! 🙂 Here’s to a good day everyone!

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    1. Aww, you’re definitely not alone! I think my spouse is slower waking up spiritually but I’m running out of excuses for my weird physical and emotional symptoms. He’s under enough 3D stress that he doesn’t need to be worried about my issues. Maybe those of us who are awake are spread out for a reason? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all meet someday?

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    2. Yeah same here. Not a single person to talk to and family members are sliding back downhill eerily fast with more tv every day (6+ hours) including news, obligatory wine with dinner and saying stuff Captain Obvious would be embarrassed about.
      My aha’s and uhu’s have multiplied exponentially.

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  25. I read an article, “Conversations with Julian From Sirius B. Part 3: The Secrets of Human Cells”. Interesting secrets. Here are some excerpts:

    All human cells are made of love. Love is an energy of creation and communication. When it is balanced in masculine/feminine side it can do miracles and co-create more healthy cells. The sells hold divine light.
    […] “Once the soul begins shifting with the help of many light beings who are awakening to their missions as light workers, in the universe, the dark imprint of the cells starts fading away, like dust in the wind.”

    I thought that only the soul was the carrier of divine light. Just decided to share …
    Here is the link:


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  26. @kt1111 @brigetteann @stefan
    May I gently suggest that you all ‘keep doing you’?
    Remember whom you Are.
    Try not to ‘save them’ from your growth, because by doing ‘it’ that way, you may not be giving you the best shot at walking with your heart centered choices. And, who knows, they might surprise you. Not saying that it would definitely happen that way… just saying that by Being You, through and through, serves well to All in ways that we may not imagine to be so. It’s not easy, I know.
    ❤ Much Love to You All ❤

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  27. This is probably off topic, but noticed it again this morning, so wanted to share. I have been “hearing” random things the last few weeks, before I hear them for real. (I used to hear things quite a bit a long time ago, and the last few years, that has stopped, but this is like picking up radio signals) – it happened again this morning. I was talking to my dog, and heard myself want to do it like Matthew Mc. – “allright, allright, allright” and laughed at myself because I could hear it in my head, -told myself I really didn’t want to drive a Lincoln and laughed and moved on, then I heard someone else impersonate that same line when I turned on my YT channel that I watch in the mornings. Last week, it was (hey do you remember that guy from that movie, was it Sixteen Candles, his name was Long Duk Dong or something like that, whatever happened to him) and about an hour later, my husband had a documentary on tv about older movies and that character was on tv and they were talking about him, and there he was, so now we know what happened to him. – There was a couple other instances of this happening, I don’t remember the specifics, but it is interesting. Wishing to hear the winning lotto numbers…. 🙂

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  28. The last three days, or say four since Monday evening (MEST), have been the most craziest, emotionally worst days I have ever had in my entire 34 years (tha’s not much I know).
    Starting Thuesday, as I cried like hell, WHILE meditating actually, for my son (3) because he died (what the?!?), although I could hear him playing in the gardens. He’s not dead though, but I cried because he died. I can’t explain it properly. Was it on another timeline? Super confusing
    Than Wednesday, bursting in rivers of tears while at work for no reason, as I already stated in previous comments.
    And THAN Thursday, my soul brother/mate/whatever you wanna call this kind of bonds, “broke up” with our soul growth process, saying he do not want any ties and no soul plan work any more. Oookkaaaayyy buddy
    The heck is going on with…. me and rest of the world?
    Woke up at 2:32 am this night and could not get any sleep, so got up at 4:45 am for a very early shower
    Today was cool though, but I’m so tired

    Love to my sweeties here

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