Building the New, er… Waitaminute [UPDATE1]

Cat on weekend

So. At the behest of a commenter, some of us thought it might be a good idea to start planning for how the New Earth (NE) would look and work… but on second thought…

…fully 80% of CATs thought this unnecessary… and quickly convinced the other 20%. Here’s why.


The general consensus is that we need to trust SOURCE: on all things NE, and… well, for everything else. SOURCE and ONE (Spirit and Guides) know what we need, what’s going to make us content (note we didn’t say “happy,” that’s up to you), and what makes up our greatest good. Everything is unfolding perfectly, so… we’re gonna just stay tuned and be as flexible as possible, doing what we’ve done all along. And trust in SOURCE.

We will have lots of spirit, elemental, and ET guides on hand after The SHIFT to help with most everything (they’re looking forward to it!), so we’re not going to “pre-plan the magic,” but instead let it unfold, and in the meantime enjoy the teasers. The NE is a dream that’s been around a looong time; we don’t need to imagine it now, as it’s already been imagined, by all of us. There will be more opportunities afterward; it’s not like this next level is all there is. Those who are going will go to 4d, then be there for a time before other avenues open up.


On the obverse side of that coin, there will be various 3d schools and workshops available for those who need to learn those lessons after The SHIFT and who are NOT going to the New Earth. And… this is interesting, we were just told as we were writing this… that that’s the prime reason why we weren’t allowed to destroy the Tunnel of Light: it’s gonna be used on the *reptiles* for some time… about three million years… so they can get really really sick of it… and learn that lesson well. Different schools for different needs.



After all that, we’re gonna need a nap.


This just in… house cats on the 3d earth are gonna look like this after The SHIFT:




184 thoughts on “Building the New, er… Waitaminute [UPDATE1]

  1. Oh, this sounds so good to me! Contentment is a lovely thing! I have been told repeatedly these days in meditations to just trust and relax. My conscious mind wants to know what will happen and how and when, and all I am getting is ‘trust!’, most recently today in the car when I was guided to turn the radio on for my answer and…”Don’t worry be happy” is literally the first line I hear, lol!
    Thank you for your wonderful work!
    ❤ Victoria

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    1. Victoria ❤️ Me too! I have been trying to get info during meditation but I only ever get ‘Everything is going exactly as it should be…” 😆❤️🙏

      Thank you CATS, I love this so much as it takes the worry out of ‘getting it right’. I used to paint, will do again one day and was always such a perfectionist. This really allows us all to relax a bit, great stuff!

      P.S I am currently, trying to type around the very furry head of a very gorgeous grey and white ragdoll kitty called Misty Willow Puss! She does like to use the mouse pad as a pillow 🙂

      Much Love & Purrrrs to ALL 🐱❤️

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    1. HA!hahahahahhahaaaaarrrrrrr… snort! hahahahahaaaarrrrr….. cough, splutter, snort again, and I think I pee’d my pants… haharrr….

      Waves Hello! to ya’ll.

      It’s close alright ❤

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        1. Hi Coriboy! Aww.. thanks for saying. Purrey headbutts ❤
          Stefan not been in either?
          hmmm…. has the coffee pot been off? tee hee.. 😉
          I wonder if he'll come by now…..

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        2. Yeah, where is that dude?
          I wonder. I whaaaa-whaaaa-whaaaa-wonder.
          Why-why-why-why he went away.
          And I wonder if he will stay.
          My little runaway, my run-run-run-runaway.

          Oops. Got a little carried away there.

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          1. Yay! Let’s celebrate your’s about playing that lovely bit of Of ‘ Ahh ‘ feel good music you created .. Missed your humour Stefan xx

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            1. Thanks for your kind words.
              I actually wrote lyrics to that song today.
              Here’s the lyrics in full translated from Flemish:

              The Sun is yellow, the sky is blue.
              That’s why I love you.
              You have some chocolate on your sleeve.

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  2. I think that we would all enjoy relaxing
    like the 🐈 cat in the hammock. Trusting
    in Source, no matter what, and no matter
    how long it takes, is our best way of getting to a hammock on NE. We may not have a house but, at least, we might
    have a hammock in a beautiful meadow!

    Sending love ❤️ to all,


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    1. Yes…Staying the Course in full Trust, i’d say!
      Imagining, healing the old world,
      cleansing, clearing, transforming…
      upgrading, regenerating, rejuvenating,
      envisioning Beauty, Light, Spirit of Truth, Harmony, Wisdom,
      Love toward all Creation,
      Balance, Abundance, Justice/Fairness, Gratefulness, Hope, Grace…
      Joy and Happiness for all of New Earth children,
      all equally, in perfection!
      We YET!
      need to CREATE & Manifest now,
      for that Momentum – see,
      THAT is alone in our power to manifest!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Would you please explain about the tunnel of light? What it is, where it is, how it works? Maybe add it to the glossary? Thanks for all you’re doing for all of us!

    As for everything else, it’s just another day in paradise: stay in gratitude, keep grounded, continue to be the Love and the Light in our world (whichever world that happens to be at the moment), and stay out of the way of SOURCE and Brother J and the Gang!

    Oh, and collect on J’s kind offers of lattes!

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    1. As far as I understand, it’s an artificial construct designed to throw you back to square one in a new body with semi-erased memory instead of going home to review and make fresh choices when your body dies.

      The reincarnation loop.

      I’m sure we’ve all seen the reports from people close do dying who felt oh so at ease in the tunnel and the light, they’ve been pushing this for quite some time.


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  4. I love the the idea of NEW ENGLAND. 😉 it didn’t stop me from launching my design biz and vacations and living life! But honestly, I would absolutely love love love to see something out of this world MAGICAL happen!!! That overwhelming sight you only see in your dreams magical kind of happening. Time is a tricky thing

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  5. I just wish the shift would happen already.
    I understand it’s because lots of people aren’t ready.
    But no matter how much people prepare, they will only truly be ready after the shift.

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      1. My relatives and other people I know have totally drunk the Kool-ade. If we are waiting on people like them, then it’s neverrr gonna happen.

        So, is that what we are waiting on?? The dunces who refuse to see what’s right in front of them? Or is it something else??? For whatever reason, I don’t know if I’m buying that thing about the whole group being ready. The whole group is NEVER going to be ready. Not even a LARGE group, from what I can see.

        Once upon a time, I felt an obligation to them, but not anymore. Now, I’m not even sure why I ever felt that way. Was that some kind of trick, for all of us…to keep us hanging on longer for the dunces?

        Feeling like I needed to do something for people like them wore off quite a while ago. I wish the best for everybody, but to each his own, and if they want to keep playing the duality game, fine with me. They just LOVE it, but I don’t. I’m outta here, I am sooo done with this place.

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  6. I wondered if something significant (whomp wise) happened yesterday (around 5pm UK time)? I had a really odd and very strong experience. I was making dinner and came over very sweaty and hot but had the chills at the same time. My legs went to jelly and I thought I was going to pass out. Sat down for a few moments and then had sudden insatiable thirst. I drank a glass of water and then another glass of coconut water. I was incredibly dizzy but it passed after a few minutes. The whole experience reminded me of coming out of anaesthesia or something else drug induced. Then my daughter had the worst nights sleep. Very erratic and body slamming her mattress for hours. Tried lying next to her, tried magnesium oil, massage, lavender oil but nothing helped her settle. Something was definitely in the air yesterday pm!

    Biggus Lovus Allus ❤️

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  7. I had lunch with a friend who kept telling me how misinformed I was, how Trump was lying with every sentence spoken. Then referencing the Saul Alinsky tactic (of accusing another of what you are doing) saying Trump was guilty of that, as well as being a dishonest terrible person. That Hilary’s transgressions from the past are in the past, so let it go, etc. (like being a STS warmonger).
    I had only compassion in my heart for her during this tirade and attack on my perceptions.
    I can spot a liar and or manipulator because I grew up with a sibling who had narcissistic borderline personality disorder. I get a visceral response of hair on end then slight nausea. My body is where I get my information.
    When asked where I got my information, there was no pause to listen to my reply. Only that it was wrong and just conspiracy theory B.S.
    The brainwashing and gaslighting in Southern California is immense.
    I guess that is why I am on the justice timeline in So. Cal. and all my old friends of 30 years are Democrats.
    I think I will stay home for the rest of the year. Cay

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    1. Cay, I feel your pain…that is so rampant in my community. I venture only bits and pieces, always posited as a question, i.e., “What did you think when President Trump signed the Executive Order to…?” Sometimes when I am really up for a conversation I ask, “Can you name me one good thing that President Trump has done?” That one is good for stopping them in their tracks…I point out the Hitler loved dogs and took good care of them..some little fun to watch their brains screech to a halt… chortle, chortle…

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    2. We call it the Electric Kool-aid Gullibility Test. “Kool,” for short. If you see us use that, you’ll know what we mean. If you can’t see through the obvious sham of the current PTW narrative, then….

      You can calmly remind people that the term “conspiracy theory” was originated by the C1A, to marginalize any info source that goes against the official narrative. Then say no more.

      We don’t talk to people in the outside world about such things anymore. They will either wake up soon, or… wake up some other time. It’s their choice. Some are ready. Most are not. You’ve seen them ranting in these very comment stacks. So it goes…

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. And it served them well, “conspiracy theory” I mean. It wasn’t until killary & co.
        almost had their pizza eating habits exposed that they had to invent “fake news” to complement it.

        The Kool-Aid is getting old over here though, I wish we could come up with a term that doesn’t sound so much like collective forced cyanide poisoning. But who knows, maybe it fills a purpose in not allowing us to forget.



    3. Now i’m aware just how brain washed a lot of people are about T… But, I’m starting to have my doubts about him and his ability to carry out his role in the justice timeline. Namely the fact that he’s still allowing rampant control of speech, the “red flag” gun grabbing, and the fact that Antifa is still allowed to operate with almost impunity, also the fires in Cali.

      It’s easy to find T as a sort of savior but at the end of the day they’re still part of greater factions that still want control over the people of this world.


    4. Cay, I also feel your pain. Got into a political argument over the weekend where I was yelled at for not believing everything 100% the mainstream media says about Trump. I need to move out of brainwashed California, but so far life hasn’t given me any direction or any idea where to go. Just wait, wait, wait.

      I’m getting pretty fed up with Source. I think Source wants to wait until the maximum amount of people are “ready” for the Shift, but they wait too long people will start giving up or dropping dead of old age. We are not punching bags to be used, abused, and ignored. So far my recent interactions with humanity (especially those of a political nature) have given me zero hope that anybody is waking up.

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      1. Elemental,
        Hold onto hope for New California movement which makes rural/ agricultural parts of California a separate state. I may have to move to San Diego County or Northern Ca. and lose Prop.13 in the process. Cay


    5. @cay and to all who r curious about newsrooms. I worked in a national newsroom for years as an editor/audio editor, writer. I know you don’t know me or there’s no way of trusting me, except maybe the @CATS can verify, the news is fake! There are some legitimate reporters who attempt to get out the truth, but then, a producer gets a hold of it, makes changes and then an executive producer tweaks it and then the story is fake. And then people like me, who covered national political news such as audio of the daily white house press briefing. We had a reporter in DC who would do a 30 second voicer (written in advance) based on his agenda and I would edit the audio of Dana perino, or Tony snow or Ari Fleischer. What they said NEVER matched my audio. Literally!!! Quote would be UP and the reporter would say DOWN! I fought with my producers over it. But the anchor would rather use a reporter talking for 30 seconds than taking the chance of reading into my audio sound bite and playing the wrong one live on the air. At least that’s what I’ve heard. That DC reporter is still making up stories today and he gets away with it. Why? Because he is friends with the exec producer! Newsroom brass don’t CARE about the TRUTH. That’s just 1 story of dozens from my 13 years in national news. Local news is no better. My best friend worked at CNN years ago and now she can’t even watch it it’s fallen so far. If anyone says news is real, I’ll set them straight!😉.

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  8. Hi All 🙂
    Lots of stuffs has been goin’ on.
    Here’s just a lil bit…

    DreamTime has been informative:
    In the past week, I was helping to put up some very long and thick ‘pine tree’ Green tinsel outside and at night, which connected a hospital, a fire station and a large 2 storey home. Of which, formed a triangle between the 3.

    The night after, I was observing a city scape, all lit up with very sparkly silver & blue lights. I was above an not far from the 4 Very tall, Very large Skyscrapers (nothing alike what is currently in our life cycle in this time).
    They were immense! The size and the energy was astounding.
    I floated around marveling at the sight of it.

    Below these ginormous buildings were smaller ‘normal size’ city buildings.

    As a reminder, to connect the dots….
    I have had a recurring DreamTime where I was inside a Skyscraper with other humanoid beings, taking part in meetings and other things.
    It was Very high up, and the ‘room’ took up a whole floor… at least.
    It was a huge area full of all kinds of things to awaken all the senses.
    Some may remember me sharing one of these DT’s a little while ago.

    Now I have seen the outside of this/these Skyscrapers.
    There was no fear, I was very calm, felt pure innocence, knowing, trust… Love.
    This is a place of ‘integration’.
    There are portals there, devices and teachings to help people to open more of, and light up, the neural pathways of the brain.

    Tee hee…. oh my… very exciting much?!

    Lotsa Love ❤

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  9. Hey CATs, I sort of frequent another form paranormal forum and there are a lot of people saying their having prophetic dreams about the current turmoil in the middle East sort of triggering WW3… They also claim that nukes will be dropped and that there was going to be an alien invasion shortly after.

    Perhaps I put too much stock into these things personally. But I’m feeling a sense of anticipation and stress in the air though. Which is sort of why I’m taking these a bit more seriously.

    Am I right to assume everything will be ok? I’m afraid I’ll be left on a bad timeline.

    Also for reference, this is one of the prophecies outlined-


    1. Beware of self-fulfilling prophecy. We see none of that on the upper timelines. What those people reported seems like fear-steerage by low-vibe dino-heads.

      Think of a big tree. Start at the roots and work your way up till the tree gets thinner and thinner and thinner, as you move up closer and closer to the sky… then you see the smallest branches, the tips… the edges of the tree reaching to the sky…


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      1. I’ll do that, I’ll keep it positive. Thank you AM. (It’s always kinda cool to see an AM reply. A bit of a rare occurrence)

        Though that self-fulfilling prophecy bit has me curious… Could I actually freak myself out into a lower timeline? If so that’s… uncomfortable lol

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        1. Dear Lore,

          No Way. We have all the power and resources here, remember. Any disturbing dreams, just return the energy to Source to be transformed.
          If the dream seems like a timeline you don’t want to be on, then it likely is. Ask Source to nix that timeline and you can literally watch it peel off.

          Eventually there will be only one Timeline. Source has it all under control, but we may assist here and there….

          Gramma B.

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          1. Thanks grandma B. I’ve done the visuals and asking bro J and Source for help and guidance. I’m doing better now!

            We’re all going to make it!

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            1. @Lore
              “In God there is nothing to fear”, dear sister.

              Here a first hand message, in Divine Light & Truth.
              From Brother J, transfigured in Christ Michael Aton,
              the Creator & Sovereign of the Universe we all live in, Nebadon.
              His Co-Creator, Infinite Mother Spirit, is called Nebadonia.
              Christ Michael Aton & Nebadonia Message July 9, 2015

              Dear Ones,

              Nebadonia and I
              that never again will Nebadon’s souls
              of Our and Universal Father’s concerted creation
              be subject to the kind of maniacal savagery
              wrought upon Gaia,
              commencing with Lucifer’s and Caligastia’s rebellion
              upon Urantia (Gaia) some 200,000 years ago;
              which occurrence can be pinpointed to Earth’s

              Pinpointed also is the time of no presence of,
              or access to,
              any life-forms,
              by interfering cabalistic forces/entities.

              While acknowledging/stating this Turning Point,
              there is yet to be completed
              the period of Sorting Times,

              the substantial plan
              distributing individuals
              to their respective planetary spheres
              commensurate with their levels of spirit-consciousness.

              The occurrence of this Time-Point
              heralds a certain level of aggregate-negativity
              in an entity
              which level simply bars that entity
              from ever appearing on Gaia and her environs.

              Distant space transport of ones from Gaia,
              whether to advanced or lesser advanced spheres,
              will be experienced as being instantaneous
              by each individual;

              but the actual process requires
              a somewhat elaborate Seraphic participation,
              and includes suspended consciousness
              for each one to be transported.

              Also required are
              physical and semi-physical “holding” areas
              wherein each one,
              attended by more than one Seraphim,
              is to be prepared for transport.

              Likewise does this process apply
              to those to be “dissolved”
              by agreed decree in the courts of Orvonton,
              your superuniverse.

              entities who shall continue with Gaia’s evolution,
              or who shall relocate
              to spheres higher than Gaia’s level,
              are those who carry less
              than 50% unresolved karma,
              which quantity
              must be clearly delineated per individual,
              in order to allow for a margin
              of karmic fluctuations.

              The Second
              of this Turning Point
              is soon upon you,
              and Ourselves.

              Thus, is this an insight into one aspect of
              Sorting Times,
              End-Times preparation / transition
              into Gaia’s New Era.

              Our Love,

              Nebadonia and Christ Michael Aton


      2. That visual reminds me of a dream I had years ago. It had the same visual but at the end of each branch was an animated living dragon head. A huge beautiful tree that grew dragons at the distal branches. I was one of the dragons. Cay

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  10. Huh, what is going with energies for the last two days, I feel like exponential rise, I have trouble sleeping, and when I woke up I have feeling that I was doing some intense work in the dream state, my phone is starting resetting in my hands while I was reading comments here for no reason, maybe my energy is quickly rising and that affect the electronic, I do not know, uhhh 😣

    Or I am under some attack, the night before I really felt the energies, it was overwhelming, I done G+P just in case as I had trouble breathing and felt enormous pressure in my body, quickening maybe ?

    Maybe that meddling ET really stopped blocking the energies from the sun and now we are getting it with a full force ?

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  11. The missus and I were playing with a UFO last night. I was shining a high powered torch at it, making shapes. It responded well.

    Nice to see it unsheilded and playful, sign of the times.


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  12. Had the “hyper drive elevator in a sky scraper dream” this 3 am. Felt fear as it went through the roof and I was hanging on to the railing. Yet, when I settled down and opened my eyes, someone handed me a parachute. So, I procede to basejump off the roof for a fun ride following a friend back down to the ground. I typically dont get scared on high places when I work on them. Yet in dreams I sometimes am feeling fear. I like to fly w/Dragons in my lucid dreams, sitting on steeples for a beautiful view. Been feeling in the “holding pattern” like others so I think I’ll practice being a better “listener”, as I could use improvement. Much Love/Gratitude to All. Peace.

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    1. Well it turns out the dog was having both a phantom pregnancy and labour! We have given her a teddy to look after to help her adjust, I’m guessing that on another very close timeline she was actually pregnant.

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  13. Thank you CATs.
    Great post and beautiful pictures.

    My feeling is, that it will be what it will be when the timing is right.. In the meantime, I do what ever I can to help build it’s momentum. To give and see it gain more and more momentum untill it eventually unfolds itself in the greater good of All participants. When that day comes, I will place myself like the cat in the hammock – to be at ease.

    “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Loving hugs💖

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  14. Everyone rejoice, I just got final confirmation it’s time to go.
    This time I have no money, no passports or ids, no stuff to drag along; it’s me and my friend Source.
    And that better mean it’s around the corner or I’ll create my own event, I’m quickly running out of options.

    Relieved and slightly disappointed, I was hoping I could help my partner move on and be there as a sane example for my son. But she’s been regressing lately, seemingly as a reaction to my frequency shooting up like crazy. She was all fine as long as I was sick and barely limping along, which matches my gut feeling all along. They can stand being around as long as you’re weak, but once the light intensifies they’re suddenly in a world of pain and it’s your fault. It’s a shame about my son, he’s simply beautiful, too good for her. I can’t for my life imagine a future where the two of them are going to the same place.

    I’m thinking South, since I can’t stand cold and it’s getting worse by the minute up here. I have a good feeling about northern Spain, specifically the Basque population. But I sincerely do hope I don’t have to walk that far before its over.


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      1. Thank you.

        Being reminded always takes some weight off…

        I don’t read the bible much, I skimmed the madness in the first part once to verify my suspicion that it had very little to do with the rest. Pure loco, how anyone can buy that crap as a guide to life is beyond me. But some of the stuff in the second part is spot on, including anything that came out of Brother J’s mouth. The passage below often helps me.

        Speaking of, it’s important to remember that no one can be allowed to be Jesus in their own village. Consider the consequences; if the guy you went to school with can do it, that would mean you could too. Which is why its important to keep creating enough space to expand, and sometimes to do that you need to remove what no longer serves.

        Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God doth so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven: shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?


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    1. Sifoo, please forgive me for butting in, but if your son is so meaningful to you, which probably means the feeling is reciprocal, then how can you leave him, particularly with a mother you deem unworthy?

      Maybe think again, brother, you co-created him, he is in large part your responsibility. My children are my universe, I would perish before I gave them up. Life ain’t easy, life can suck, BIG TIME! But you owe it to him to stick around and care for him, in my opinion.

      I’ve had a life peppered with callings, a constant pulling, its driven me CRAZY. But for whatever reason, I have opted for a family life instead of the hermit existence I always craved. And now I’m glad I did. Because of this, I have learnt so much, and realise I have still so much to learn. Life is… other life, not just me.

      If I have overstepped the mark, I apologise. Just maybe reconsider before you do something that you regret later. All the best brother, see you after the flash ❤


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      1. No worries, it’s not like I haven’t gone over these issues myself.

        I have a daughter from an earlier relation, she’s about 7-ish now. Haven’t seen her since she was 3. And it hurts almost every single day.

        I’m very aware of what’s at stake here. But then life keeps pulling the rug from beneath me at regular intervals. I’m just chilling and doing my thing, some days good some bad, and then suddenly everything turns upside down and its up to me to make the best choice for everyone involved. Which is what I always do, it’s not until recently I’ve realized that most have other alternatives. And sometimes that leaves people involved, including me, with shitty deals.

        We have all chosen different paths, I seem to have made more shitty agreements than many for this round. At this point I can almost smell them when life suddenly puts someone unexpected in my path who feels strangely familiar. But I’m keeping my head high and doing my best to stay alive and play my part.

        It’s still not a done deal from what I understand, so I’m trying hard to visualize constructive outcomes and stay centered.

        The only important thing to remember is to do what your heart tells you is right, the rest follows by itself. At least that’s how it works for me.


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    2. Sifoo,
      Your post has given me a needed boost of hope. Yahoo! I keep waiting for the travel dream where I have no baggage and maybe even no clothes.
      We will renew old friendships wherever we end up to make up for others taking different timelines. Cay

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  15. Since we r all waiting for miracles! Let’s make it fun. @CATS, M, what’s this going on around the twitterverse of JFK, JR. making an appearance soon?!? Some even say “Utsava” that VP pence out for 2020 and JFK Jr is in? Seems nutty. I know you have hinted Jr is around, but to be vp??


    1. @ Gramma B
      2019-10-17 AT 7:42 PM

      regarding your post in the previous thread on October 17:

      It was helping me a lot, thank you!
      Please define “Divine Mother” for me, if you don’t mind.
      And could you post the complete list of the 108 Names of Divine Mother?
      I would be very grateful, thank you

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      1. Dear @ oro,

        So glad you got some help from this post!

        Okay, defining the “Divine Mother”…
        I don’t know if others see it this way, but it has always helped me to visualize the way the creative process works. We know that Source is gender free, but the way the creative process works makes the most sense in the context of male/female. I am speaking here of the initial creation of everything from Source – the first creation. So I guess one could say the feminine face of Source, which is, of course a crude analogy, but at this point we are stuck with words. That means, there is a Divine Father as well, but he has had more than enough press!

        I found the 108 names listed in a book by Sondra Ray. Since it is a long list, and since the book has helpfully been scanned by Giggle Books, you can find the list beginning on page 173 here:

        Sorry if this is more than you wanted…That’s what happens when you ask a Librarian a simple question!

        Hope this helps!

        Gramma B.

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        1. @ Gramma B
          How very kind your answer! Thank you so much.

          Of course, the whole is pure delight, I have never enough of it.
          Each and every Name/Definition is more than powerful, the
          thumps in my Solar Plexus couldn’t stop! That they are 108, is
          amazing, for each stands solidly onto itself.

          I noticed the Divine Mother is in Truth Nebadonia, the Divine
          Infinite Mother Spirit of this Universe.
          She Herself never leaves the Headquarters of this Universe,
          where She resides. All those wondrous Goddesses and Holy Mothers
          over the ages, here, were Fragments, Expressions of Her, as Divine
          Feminine Principles, carrying out specific Missions in Her Name.

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        2. Yes, language fails when it comes to SOURCE. SOURCE actually contains BOTH yin and yang aspects — and infinity more. We (as ONE) invented duality, and borrowed some of SOURCE’s aspects for our illusion. The “Reality” construct is kinda like a gynormous Lego set we created and play with. We will one “day” dismantle it and put it away and not look at it again.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. So the last few days I have binge watched “The Good Place” on netflix… and I have to say… my mind hurts. It made me think in a direction I had not gone before, in the sense of “none of this is really real” it’s all a conflabulation of someone playing a game within a game within a game, and now I don’t know if I really like anything that I think I really like anymore or if it is just a part of this current version of reality. hmm. What’s real? What’s not? What is not not real? I just want to go home.

            Liked by 3 people

            1. What’s really crazy is that none of this is real. It’s a Construct that was created a loooooooong time ago, all at once, BOOM, with all possibilities and iterations and timelines and universes all mapped out in truly gynormous holographic recording that is The Illusion. And it was US who made it (as ONE). All the stories we tell are in there, all the “history” for the past 13.89B years. We each experience whichever “reality” we’re experiencing as we run our NOW across the recording — our consciousnesses are like a tape head, if you remember those — as we flow along the “tape” that is The Illusion, taking various ON- and OFF-RAMPS, splicing in new materials, SOURCE removing old material, live-editing near-infinite “realities” as we learn and grow. It’s mind boggling. Only SOURCE could edit it. The reality is that we’re all asleep in SOURCE right now, experiencing this. We’re totally safe and indestructible and… immortal. Once WE (as ONE) wake up… wow. That’s when the fun starts.

              -CAT Eds.

              Liked by 11 people

            2. Wow, so we are all asleep in Source right now and very aware we are asleep right now in Source, so how do we wake up. We are a bit awake to realise we are asleep in Source but how do we wake up fully? Is that when the Shift happens?

              Mind boggling….❤️

              Liked by 2 people

            3. “And it was US who made it (as ONE). ”

              But were we pulled away from our original creation? Aren’t we in the ‘upside-down’ version? Which kind of explains how we got so far away from where we wanted it to be…??

              Liked by 1 person

  16. Gaia Portal ❤️

    The Airs of the Higher Dimensionals are cleared.

    Cleansing of all prehistorics occurs in the now moment.

    Abundance presents to all who recognize True Values.

    Spelorifics present the Guidance.

    Snowflakes decorate the horizons.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Does anyone know what “Spelorifics” are? I found nothing on the search engine except a link to this Gaia Portal post. As always, I am so grateful for this site and all the work that you do to keep us informed. ❤

      Liked by 4 people

      1. “Our word ‘gospel’ comes from the Old English word ‘godspel’ — a combination of the word ‘god’ (meaning good) and the word ‘spel’ or spiel (meaning news or tidings).”

        “ific is added to a word to increase its definition to mean *extremely*”


        So it is referring to the Beings who bring you extremely GOOD NEWS

        Liked by 4 people

  17. Woke up this morning, with the old song “Twilight Time” in my head. Probably something in dreamtime from something I saw on tv.. but interesting …. not the typical type of music that I wake up with.
    It’s Twilight time.

    Liked by 5 people

  18. Hi Cats and everyone – sounds like we’re all feeling pretty optimistic about things on the whole! I just wanted to share a cool thing I saw Sat. afternoon – I was sitting out back by my pond and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky – that is, until a whole line of dragon clouds drifted over – very detailed, fierce and gorgeous shapes – I wanted to take a pic but didn’t want to go indoors to find my camera and miss it. Dragons in flight right overhead – that’s gotta be a good sign, right? Blue sky the rest of the day afterwards. On the opposite spectrum, I swear the past few days my head was simply going to explode with pressure – especially my ears and crown, and tightness throughout my torso. Thankfully it was the weekend so I took some much needed naps. Ah good times…….

    Liked by 8 people

  19. We’re into the second week of the household’s illness – today I feel almost worse than ever – hope it’s just all the happenings cosmically – body seems to enjoy manufacturing a ton of substances, but they aren’t infected substances, at least.
    Won’t go into it more.
    Dreams are active – I do wish they truly meant something changing, so circumstances are less challenging monetarily, food has been challenging again and getting bills paid, *sigh* I think we’re all just tired of being sick…
    Still, there are many things to be grateful for. I am…

    May you all be well,


    Liked by 9 people

    1. Kathleen ❤️ Be well soon 🙏✨🙏

      Body is not happy here either, really painful PMS, would be happy for my cycle to just stop, it seems to get worse each month along with rest of my ‘stuff’. Got to keep on, keeping on somehow I guess…

      Big loves to ALL ❤️💕❤️

      Liked by 7 people

  20. Oh me oh my what an energy pie!

    Crikey, been up and down, left and right, shaken and rattled and rolled over over the ascension shop!

    Pheweee, whomps ahoy!

    On a more pleasant note, I just heard beautiful birdsong in my living room!

    More tea anyone?

    We are the light, We are the love, WE ARE no matter what whompage is afoot ❤️✨❤️

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Lily. Same here last night. Where is that comfortable position in bed! Woke feeling achey, vibratory, tired, a head full of pressure and very loud ear ringing. Hope you feel better soon and that everyone else has weathered last night better than us. Go give Elsie and Misty a cuddle it works wonders.💕

      Liked by 5 people

  21. Hey All! Was out of commission for a few weeks, finally feeling not sick. Saw a red dragonfly on Sunday, first one I’ve ever seen. Just trying to focus on grounding, protecting, and holding the Light. Reading ACIM at my own pace, redoing some lessons when guided to.

    Had someone in a school randomly (go out of their way to) engage me about some political stuff as I was getting ready for a meeting. Just looked at her and calmly said All is not what it seems, everywhere….which set them off. Told me I better be afraid, before telling me an unrelated story about them being drunk with friends in Aruba. Maybe the Mantra had something to do with it, maybe not. Strange days indeed, lol. And I really am not a fan of talking or following the bulls, I mean surface. Love that Video! Thanks for posting, and all that you all do.

    And I am not afraid ❤️. One Love All!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Mootzfriend. Sorry you have been unwell and glad to have you back again. It’s too much effort to engage in conversation with the sleepy ones. I save the energy involved to help me to get through this. Speedy recovery to you.🤗🌼

      Liked by 7 people

  22. This has been sort of a question that i’ve had for a while now… How come ya’ll took up cat symbolism? I dont mind, I love cats! But what is about cats that made you feel like that represented you the best?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Lots of us were trained by (renegade) Positive cat ETs in secret from the main civilization, while others of us were those (renegade) Positive CAT ETs. The cat ETs themselves are Neutrals (as a civilization), but we were from a Positive splinter group that felt we needed to take a stand and treat everyone the same. Lots of us knew Brother J and lived alongside him, so we were heavily influenced by Brother J and the various Archangels, as well. We also all have cats and somehow all gravitated to the famous Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment.

      -CAT Eds.

      Liked by 14 people

      1. Interesting! Thanks for the info, I wish I had a cool back story like that lol- Ya’ll should write a book.

        Also… My parents weren’t very religious growing up- yet I’ve always liked and admired Brother J.

        His presence is just that powerful!

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Da-da was trying to chronicle much of it… but by the time the story is done, we’ll all be someplace else. Oh, well. The events were actually too weird for anyone to believe it… at this level. Maybe for the next level…

          -CAT Eds.

          Liked by 9 people

          1. I’m up to 400+ pages. It will have to be two books, as what transpired was naturally split into two very different periods. Not sure if the text and my notes will survive to the New Earth. It might have to exist as an oral tradition for a time… which means everyone involved will have to remember what happened and recount it for an audience, later… and then recount it a few more times… so said audience can better remember what was said, etc. OR we’ll get lucky and a written version will magically appear (however that’s going to work). We’ve already had so many magic, so many frightening, amazing moments… it’s too much for one planet. Perhaps I could share these files with some of our blonde friends…


            Liked by 15 people

            1. @ A Man Called Da-da

              Wow! How nice to hear from you!
              The book/Testimony is such good news! Congratulations!
              Since in the Astral there are the Akashic Halls, that record everything,
              I know that nothing can be lost.
              And as Edgar Cayce was reading so many healing formulas for mankind,
              same will be possible with the Magnificent Civilization of the Lion Men.
              Their rule is actually on, right now.

              Another good news, actually HUGE,
              from Gabriel Raio Lunar, Messages, on October 20, 2019:

              ***Jerusalem *Avalon *Nebadon / _ \ (O) done! SUCCESS! 100% POSITIVE!
              REVERBERATION IN PROGRESS: 98% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!
              Central Sun Flash Imminent – 80% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!***

              Note: — Jerusalem, Avalon and Nebadon are three huge Motherships.
              Placed around our Sun for Triangulation: to pick up and guide
              the enormous Flash of Light/ Explosion from the Galactic Central Sun.
              — “Central Sun Flash Imminent” – that’s our Event!

              Liked by 6 people

      2. I have been wanting to ask too …
        Do Brother J and the various Archangels ever communicate/interact with Ascended Masters of other religion?
        And do we have to be a Christian to talk to Brother J and the Archangels?
        I hope your books will be out before you all ascend to the New Earth and all copies autographed too! 😊

        Much Gratitude and LOVE


  23. Here’s my Monday report: My, my, my the fall rains have started a month early in the PNW. 4 inches in 5 days coupled with many more inches these past few weeks. At least the snow level is above most pass levels today. Flood watches are up for the local rivers. On the other hand, the fall colors have never been more radiant. It is a joy to walk through the garden. Speaking of gardens, I called the bulb company to see where my last order had gone. It seems they didn’t have enough bulbs to fill it and were holding the order. When I asked how many were currently available for the order, the very lovely lady said “888” .Well, I knew that that was no mere coincidence with that triple repeating number that this was of some greater significance than my tiny pea brain could comprehend. I simply smiled and told her to complete the order. So it’s off to the races. I will check on the significance of the triple 8s after I post this. We move onward and upward!

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Thank’s for sharing this one, Mark.
      After a way too long day at work, I really needed a good laugh this evening😁😂

      Loving hugs💖

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Love it already shared it around. 🙂 Maybe if we sing it we can cause the shift lol. I did sing it outside and felt very spiritual while I did it. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  24. Aha. We figured out why the TWBs continue to harass us. They were *ASSIGNED TO US* by the reptoids while we were in the ToL. The reptoids suspected we were going to be trouble and attached a particularly nasty subcontractor (TWBs) to keep an eye on us. That’s why their ships have plagued us our entire lives. It’s really academic at this point, as we’ve risen past them, but it’s always nice to understand what’s transpired. It’s tough to mask your (literal) light when in the ToL environment, so we must’ve stuck out too much. Luckily, we won’t have to do it again!

    Note: Someone should ask right about now why such an obvious Negative group is still allowed on Earth, flying over our houses. One word: shielding. The TWBs (their real name is basically a telepathic screech) are known by most ETs for having the best shielding in the ET pantheon, so they can hang around — inside a ship — but they can’t come out, as the Wave X energy is so high that it would kill them; still, it gives them headaches to be here. They were feared and had quite the armada before they ran into us. At one point, after a pivotal engagement, where said armada was eliminated, the SuperFriends (SF) captured a TWB ship and dissected it, so we now know how their shields work from the inside-out… but the info has become moot now that our vibe is higher. (Our SF don’t even look at the TWBs anymore, as they’re not a threat, just an annoyance.) Still, it’s interesting. Luckily, one of our SF is THE best *higher-order* shield maker in the known universe… and the second being ever created. Without her shields, we wouldn’t exist. We thank SOURCE again for having all of us bump into each other at just the right time. Talk about a perfect “coincidence.” (If it’s perfect, it’s SOURCE-in-action.)

    We know all this sounds crazy, but it’s not half as crazy as the full story. Talk about a motley crew.

    -CAT Eds.

    Liked by 19 people

    1. Always good to know more of the back story. I’ve not realized mine quite yet, but I suspect it holds a few twists and turns also. Somehow for me, my job is to plant more bulbs at this time. (probably more to that than I suspect, too.) Rains stopped for a few days. We had 2.66 inches in the last 24 hr. period.

      Liked by 9 people

    2. Thanks for relating some of the back story. Even though none of this is “real”, I’ve always been interested in history. I haven’t remembered any of my past so I’m only aware of all the insane coincidences in my life that have got me where I am today. Even before I was “awake” I knew it all had to be divinely driven. Long story short, for whatever purpose I was meant to be with my husband in our particular location at this time. Before my Mom passed she even said ” Take care of him “. ( strange coming from a woman who always jokingly told me to never marry!) Husband’s not awake so it kinda seems like a solo mission at this point. I’ve tried getting answers about my purpose in meditation but I only get the feeling I’m to be the caregiver and home maker. I’ve been a home body my entire life so it is really something that brings me joy. Maybe that’s all the reason that’s needed. Sorry for the rambling. I don’t comment much, seems to take way too much energy these days but I read your posts and everyone’s comments several times a day. You’re all family to me. Finding this blog was a Godsend, literally.

      Liked by 14 people

      1. We are all interconnected. We all fulfill our various roles at various places, working for our higher selves, for SOURCE. You maintain a certain energy in a certain place, like a lighthouse keeper. We once jokingly referred to ourselves as lighthouse keepers… but that’s what we are, each tending the light. Well, it’s getting brighter… and brighter… and brighter…


        Liked by 21 people

        1. AM,
          More synchronicities! Years ago, as a child, I had a bookmark with an embroidered lighthouse and the quote “A strong soul you are, brave and true, a beacon to those who come after you”. Sadly I lost it during one of my frequent moves but I never forgot the qoute. So here I am in my little house in my little neighborhood shining as brightly as I can.


          Liked by 7 people

      2. Brigitte, thanks for your post. “I’ve been a home body” …. and all the way to the last word could have been written by me. Infinite love to you and ALL.

        Liked by 5 people

  25. Here’s a subject that hasn’t been approached yet: I’m serious in asking this question–Is it possible to over-mantra a person? My former houseguest from heck has been here for 2 weeks now and I will say has changed markedly. His aura in May was so dark that it was very repellent to me. When he arrived 2 weeks ago I immediately saw that it was much, much lighter. I told him so and he commented “Thank you for noticing”. Any way, I started mantra-ing him several weeks before his arrival. I suspect that I have repeated the phrases at least 1000 times over the course of the past weeks. (and here is the “advice to the lovelorn” part of the question) Might this be a bit excessive? Whadda ya All say.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Like asking something of SOURCE or Brother J, you only need to speak ONCE. SOURCE and Spirit and ONE are always listening — and always remember: everything. But you can repeat things if you want to. You can also remind people by turning your own light ON. The light is also a remembering.

      -CAT Eds.

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  26. Not sure if this info is accurate but i’m hoping 🙂

    “Ascension is at hand. The first wave of beings that will consciously experience the 5th Dimension are in the final stages of the necessary upgrades.

    Your lightbody is making itself more comfortable by the minute in union with your physical. And your physical vessel as well is integrating the higher light so fast in preparation for the upliftment, to match the vibrational frequency of 5D Earth.

    So now what you may be experiencing is fatigue, dizziness, overeating, to not eating at all. Headaches, joint pain, and other parts of your body aching. Nervousness, fear of loss, as you are releasing all the old. Dreams can be very intense at this time as the clearing continues. Much rest is needed now.”


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Uhhh, I am feeling almost all off the above, specially last few days, except not eating.

      Today while driving from some field work, I felt as I am about to leave this body, but then I told Guides (or someone ?) that I want to stay here for some time, because I want more time to spent with my kids, I felt as my wish was been heard 🙂✨


      1. Ohhhh it is stated “overeating” as symptom, I first think off “overheating”, I am having both off this last couple off days 😁✨


        1. And again I am “killing” electronic equipment, which is not good as new IT Admin in company, today one Intel NUC PC after making HDD image to install bigger SSD just died after restart, blocked in BIOS POST, nit even clearing the CMOS helped, uhhhh ☹

          Fortunately, just after I created that image on new SSD, went back to office to get a new NUC, put that SSD inside and everything was working as expected, I was lucky this time, but what is next ?!


          1. Some of the CATs were in IT. Try “liking” the computers you’re working on. We even used to talk to them:

            “You are SUCH a good computer. You really are. And so fast and handsome. YOU, Mr. Computer, are simply AMAZING. I LOVE YOU.”


            Try it. And try to mean what you say… a little. They know when you’re not being genuine. Just don’t let anyone see or hear you doing it. Then reboot: problem solved. It’s spooky.


            Liked by 7 people

            1. I’ve also used this technique. It works on ALL systems about 85% of the time; much more so than with standard deviation. I’ve even used it in job interviews (silently) and got the job every time. Works 95% of the time with (non-reptiloid) people (that is, people with no reptiloid DNA), but even they can be swayed by it (a little). And this is a ‘you-being-genuine’ thing, not a manipulation thing. You can find something you like or love about anyone or anything if you look hard enough, and feed that back into the equation… except when it comes to certain house cats (no idea why), as well as most tech CEOs… and billionaires in general.


              Liked by 6 people

            2. OMG I love this technique! I am such a talker, so just talking to things and people in my head is totally natural to me! It switches everything around because we start looking for the positive and feed it, I just love that! It’s so powerful and humble at the same time, as it addresses everything as having consciousness and being part of Source. Awesome! Thank you for this!
              ❤ Victoria

              Liked by 4 people

            3. AND… all expressions of love are maximal. They go to 11 instantly. This is indeed hugely powerful… and simple. Infusing the illusion with love… is interesting. We have the power to use love to make things ALIVE. But you have to think about how that living thing will be able to live and interact with others; creating living things carries a big responsibility that one needs to thoroughly think through, just like planning to have kids. If it’s the only one of its kind, it might get lonely. This is why we and the SF made all portals ALIVE. They are sort of the omniverse’s neural network, run by (Our Memory of) SOURCE and the SP. Basically, the lighthouse keepers awoke the light in the lighthouses, so… they can now run themselves. And talk to each other. Across gigantic vastnesses of time and space. It’s totally amazing. Kinda made the SP blink for a little while, but they’ve gotten over it: They get to help ‘parent,’ which they kinda like.

              -CAT Eds.

              Liked by 4 people

            4. PRECISELY. It’s the ultimate way to take down this system mess and masterfully ascend at the very same time:

              ‘Pollyanna’ it to death.



            5. @Cat Eds, wow! That blows my mind! Never thought about it like that, the implications are huge! Is this the path to actually accessing and changing matter with our thoughts? All it takes is love, acceptance and sincere concern? It’s the Velveteen Rabbit! Brother J wanted us to be like children…love like children. How amazing will it be to live in a world that is truly alive, all of it! 5D will be just incredible, I can’t wait for our new abilities, our new world! I can feel it coming!
              I love you all!

              Liked by 2 people

            6. Hahahaha, I may try that advice next time, before I start to work on it, just yesterday I was doing backup on one server and took a look at CPU temperature, and it was 90C (194F) ?! Before that it never showed any problems, huh 😨

              But beside that, mobile phones are draining battery like crazy, while in my hands, personal one, but same is now happening with business one, this is getting very frustrating at times 😣

              In the past (still occurring) the street lights would start to turn off while I was passing near them, at first it was amusing, but now I am not sure what is going on, is this (including previous story) happening to someone else, is there explanation for that ?

              Liked by 1 person

            7. Hm. You carry an odd energy (more like anxiety)… and it seems like you direct it outward. I encourage you to journal these experiences (I think they happen more during the full moon). Kind of an odd situation. You should track it in a journal.


              Liked by 1 person

            8. Good suggestion, thank You M7, I could try that as this things are happening intermediate, except draining the phone batteries, that started last year.

              But the thing with street lights turning off, was occurring even when I was in my teen age (I turned 50 this year) ✨

              Odd, at first I read your comment as “You carry an old energy”, instead off “odd energy”, maybe just a confidence, my eye sight is not as good as it use to be.

              Maybe, a lot off this “strange” things occurring is just a coincidence, I do not know, sometime there is a logical explanation, but some times there is no logical explanation and when they started to repeat more often, I start to noticed them, ahhhh, I do not know ? ✨


            9. I totally believe this works. I have had lots of problems with
              cars 🚙 and now I talk to the one I have like a person. I tell
              him (feels like a him) what a handsome, reliable car he is.
              That I think his dark blue color is very attractive. Every time
              we return home I thank him for a safe, comfortable trip and
              it always feels like he is pleased to hear that he did a good job.

              Lots of love to all


              Liked by 1 person

  27. @ oro ~ It would appear that we are both “spelorifics” (bringers of *extremely good news*)

    “Central Sun Flash Imminent – 80%”

    Thank you….

    The latest intel from the west coast’s lovely lady Natasha yesterday, and she knows NOTHING about the 65% Positively Polarized humans magic number that must be reached in order to launch The Shift event Final Wave/Solar Flash….

    She was JUST informed by her Higher Teams that we are currently at 62.7% (aw hell, 63%) Positively Polarized people on this planet:

    2% to go, and we launch that red Easy Button, baby.

    Just to clarify ~ “positively polarized” does not necessarily mean “awake”. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE AWAKE to be a positively polarized Being. So this refers to everyone, including all sleeping human zombies.

    Which is also GOOD NEWS

    (P. S. In the higher realms my Lion form is androgynous.)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. My Sophia looks nothing like that, thank Source. But when she wants to go inside/outside or get food, that’s what she sounds like.


      Liked by 3 people

  28. Thank you, Kiera. Thank you, Cats. Thank you All. I thank me. I am J. I am JJ. I AM. I am ready. Let’s get it on.


  29. Have you CATs been in my dreams? 😛

    Had a bunch of cats show up with eye patterns on their backs. It was pretty cool 😀


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