YATJ for 10-17-19 [UPDATE4]


Yup. We’ve had another Yet Another Timeline Jump (YATJ). We’ve had about a half-dozen, actually, the past few days, which explain our dreams… and how we found ourselves in this pumpkin.

The latest jump was between 2:00 am and 4:00 am PDT early this morning (9:00 and 11:00 UTC) and… it was a good thing:

We finally came out of all the jumpage shortly before 11:00 pm PDT last night (10-16-19)… then had another one.
Here’s the early morning one. How’s that for drama?
And here’s the one from yesterday. We couldn’t find any other correlations, so we just noted it. There were four more little jumps before this one, but again, no correlations.
Here’s one we weren’t sure about. Like lots of other meters, this one broke on the 15th.
THIS is the most interesting: Right around the latest timeline jump, the X-ray “knock knock knocking” of the sun stopped, right when it was supposed to knock again.
We included this because it’s kinda interesting.
Some code-age coming in around 16:00 UTC.
This is a burst from Portal One around the end of the latest jump.
This GRB was before…
…and this one shortly afterward.
This big boy ship popped out of the sun a few days ago. It’s actually a Space Police ship, there to guard the portal. They come and go all the time.
And another view of it.

Note that half the CATs feel like… something… is gonna happen in the next few days… the other half felt like it already did. Perhaps they’re both right.

In the meantime, we’ll be working on our Halloween costumes…

This might be our last Halloween, since we’re not gonna celebrate it on the NE… but we’re not gonna make a big deal out of it.
Hopefully we’ll still have this daily celebration on the NE!
However, some celebrations will be better than others.


All kinds of stuff happening. Looks like we had another timeline jump in the night:


And Wave X WHOMPing is back, starting in… Subic Bay (on the 15th), where that Rogue Bludger is currently moored:

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.27.00 AM

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.27.09 AM

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.27.21 AM
[And now that meter is down.]
And the X-ray “knocking” is still gone:


Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 9.24.33 AM

And as we noted above, we looked at this again…


…and it’s a Space Police ship making the rounds, protecting Portal One. They come and go, regularly. We also saw a (pretty) Pleiadian ship last night doing the same thing to a nearby “ronin” portal that we (finally) discovered last night. Portals are laid down kinda like this…


…with “lighthouse keepers” centered around each of the portals, as much as possible. This isn’t as necessary now that all portals are alive and consciously connected with SOURCE, and each other.

Oh, we were also reminded of the Steps the other day; we never filled everyone in on what we found… mostly because it was kinda depressing at the time. There were 12 Steps that we all went up and up and up… and here is where they lead us: to ANOTHER SET OF STEPS. However, we are at a new level, which is what Guides meant when they recently said: “It is done, everyone.” We don’t see anything major happening the rest of the year, alas — which doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. At least now we know what the hold-up was.


The ‘knock-knock’ is now totally gone:



FYI, we noticed that two more Space Police (SP) ships have joined first one, making three in the vicinity… which is kinda unusual.



Not sure what that’s all about. Actually no one can tell, as the SP have the best psi-shielding; they’re impossible to read. (Though we suspect it’s to enforce the flexing of human free will in a positive direction.)

The SP are considered VHPs (Very High Positives, about two or three points below SOURCE), and they run codes through all portals — ALL PORTALS, everywhere — which you can see on the portals’ outer rims, codes no one but the SP and SOURCE can read. Some CATs can ‘hear’ the codes, and lucky ones can see them… but they don’t make any sense to us. Archangels… who are really VHPs… can read these codes, as they’re a bit “higher” than the SP. (There really is no higher or lower, there are instead various rates of vibration.)

This brings up an interesting distinction. VHPs aren’t exactly ETs, as humans think of them. ETs live on other planets/planes/dimensions and have advanced cultures, and typically move around in ships. But VHPs are directly from SOURCE, and exist independently from civilizations or planets or galaxies or universes. They are beings whose home is SOURCE, and consequently (like us), regard ALL BEINGS as part of their spirit family. (Technically, everyone’s home is SOURCE.)

Both HPs and VHPs are very rare. And with SO MANY of these advanced beings on and around the Earth right now, it’s attracting bazillions of spirits and ETs from all over the omniverse, curious about what’s going on here on Earth, curious to get a glimpse of an HP or VHP. In fact, right now there’s a greater preponderance and variety of HOBs (Higher Order Beings) on Earth than in any other time in our history, and in any other place in the omniverse — ever. This is a very special time and place, and we are so very honored to be able to interact with these beings and learn from them.



Here’s more timeline jumpage, from various jumps:

These are Greenland meters.

And another good-sized GRB:



We had another timeline jump on Saturday that we missed:

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.25.01 PM

That’s enough for one post.

39 thoughts on “YATJ for 10-17-19 [UPDATE4]

  1. Har! I was up and staggering around at 3:00 AM PDT this morning (Thurs) How funny is this. (Oh, BTW, when I commented about the rip yesterday on my way to Costco, I should have said that that one was harsh feeling as opposed to the other ones I’ve observed and reported on. They were somehow smoother than this one. Maybe the intensity is amping up)

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    1. J – I most definitely felt something intense again yesterday, Thursday (funnily enough between 9am and 11am UK time – which correlates to the CATs PDT).

      Breathing through waves and waves of anxiety and mental anguish and calling on Brother J a lot for hugs 🙂

      It’s as if I’m on Red Alert and it feels as if I have permanent PTSD right now… not pleasant, but baking a cake helped!

      May the Force be with you, dear friend xxxxxxx

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  2. I had the weirdest thing last night every wood floor board in the house was creaking and felt like it was made of paper I was afraid to walk around on the floor. It is gone by the next day though. Even my dog walking on it made massive noises. I don’t know if temp changes or fracking is causing that or energy lol.

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    1. Now that is the comment of the day. We’d chatted about the noises, but hadn’t thought about what they might mean. The fact that this is all illusion, and you say your floor seemed to be made of paper…perhaps parts of this “reality” are being recreated (by us) elsewhere, reassembled at each level, and made more and more “solid.” Does this mean tat our houses will appear on the NE? Or that we are reconstructing bits and pieces of select “reality” into various nooks and crannies? IF so, I for one would like a rooftop deck!


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      1. Oh! Thanks for that CAT6….I hadn’t connected the dots in my recurring dream. I was there, again, just before I woke up at 3AM this morning (Thurs) In the dream I am always returning to my home which is always changing. Now it’s beginning to make sense. I trained as an Architect when in college , and as such have developed an exacting eye for detail. The detail that I have noted in the dream is rather,should I say, rather precise. This is good info to note. Thanks great gobs for the insight!

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      2. My, the insights are flowing tonight. I find it interesting that I chose a profession in 3D world in which it was allowable and acceptable to physically manifest. When I was in design mode I quite literally was walking around inside my current project as I was creating it. The only annoyance was how long it took to actually build it in 3D. I long ago realized that these creations “in my head” were not from me, but SOURCE. We All have that innate ability. Try it!

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      3. It kind of also felt like what a tree house floor would feel like but not as solid I don’t know if I can fully explain it but it is not like that today just last night. I have never been afraid to walk around the house but last night I was. And my friend had just emailed me a joke about how she does not want a damn tree house on the new earth she wants a real house lol.

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      4. Hello everyone. There is something I really do not understand. If it is a New Earth, if it is really New, why do we want to create houses, or jobs, or vehicles or cities or countries? Is it that we don’t have all that here? Personally I do not want a house to clean or repair, or borders, or contracts, and if possible I do not want a body to feed, clean, exercise, protect from the weather …. Honestly, the NE with which I dream does not seem at all to this, I dream of being as free as possible. I am really tired of this format. Of course, imagining something totally new is a really difficult task, at least for me. Years ago I set out to write a story in which all the characters were happy, there were no conflicts, no good and bad and it was at the same time very interesting … and I was not able. That led me to consider something: if we create our reality with the mind, and we cannot imagine a happy world that excites us, then we can never “get out of here”: we are in a loop. Couldn’t this be one of the causes of this delay we are experiencing?

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        1. Good questions. No one has any idea what the NE is to look like, or what we’re going to bring along, if anything. Will there be houses? Will we have plumbing? But what we definitely want (if we may presume) is a new way of doing… everything. Which will require a certain amount of flexibility and fortitude. Are we waiting for a certain mass of people who are ready to make a go of it? Or perhaps, as you say, awaiting a bunch of us to imagine it into existence…

          So, let’s do that. We’ll make a “framework” post and everyone can chime in and we can discuss what we want the NE to look like and how we want it to operate. (Note that The CATs have already created the power systems necessary for each town. 😉

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. That’s great, thanks! Thinking about it, it came up to me that a frame of reference within which to move our imagination would be helpful. I mean that the “physical laws” within a 4d reality are the ones that would somehow mark the limits of our creation, right? So it would be great to have an idea, albeit very general, of what the new rules of the game will be (if possible)


          2. It seems the heart-ful intent (impassioned heart/intending?) is a needed key in manifestation, and this is a group manifestation by the human collective consciousness. I think it would be great to have a thread where we could build momentum by building our intent. For me, one of the only “musts” is a realisation by the individual participant of full integrity. No lies, deceit, in fact all of us in it must reach a point of being incapable of lying, because it is totally against our intent of being.

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        2. Maybe this is why most of us humans will go to 4D first, because we can imagine things a little closer to Source, but not a whole lot closer? And maybe our personal New Earth experience will be determined by our expectations or ability to imagine various different states of being for us? Just wondering… The concept of this all being an illusion and us really being the powerful creators of our reality is so very hard to grasp! I would just be so incredibly thrilled to live without interference from caballeros and neg’s and to see what humanity can do when actually free and knowing and feeling ourselves part of Source! That right there would ‘make my life’…😉

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        3. We Are The Creators of NE, in school. I believe there are many diplomas in order, yet not all. Everyone has their own pace, in Perfection. Some in body, some etheric form, You choose Your perfection, as My heart will. IMO! Peace.

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    2. SB… I know exactly what you mean… we have a faulty floorboard in our bedroom and when my husband gets up at 4am to do his shift at work, the floor creaked like it was calling for the fire brigade!!! Woke me up quicker than his alarm clock. Very jumpy, too… hope you’re riding the wave, dear heart 🙂 xxx

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  3. Yes to the timeline jump. This morning you say?

    Around 8:30 CST I was trying to get back to sleep, sending unsettling dream energy back to Source for repurposing. When I noticed a black energy attached to my Higher Self….I thought we were all over with the black goo stuff, so what is this? The mantra had no affect on it; Brother J nor AAM seemed to be responding, so I went for the Big Stuff, the 108 Names of the Divine Mother, just to make clear who is In Charge Here.

    I love the 108 Names, they are incredibly powerful.
    Om, I bow to her…
    1. The mother of the universe….Swaha
    8. Who is the Mother as a warrioress….Swaha
    21. Who gives divine protection….Swaha
    50. Who is in indestructible…Swaha
    70. Who is divine sound and light…Swaha
    87. Who annihilates all fear….Swaha
    106. Who blesses the whole world…Swaha
    107. Who sends the light force….Swaha
    108. Who graces the whole universe…Swaha

    See what I mean, those are just a few choice ones. Anyway, After saying them all, I looked back within, and there had been a definite change. Nothing dark can hang around with this kind of protection. What I was sensing was “rebirth.”

    For what it’s worth, I did see a huge split taking place last week, but I can never tell if this is a current or future event. I was a bit miffed at first that I seemed to be staying behind, not part of the light that was peeling away off. But heck, I have been around for eons now, so what if I stay here awhile longer; I have forever to go, so this is just a blink of the eye.

    Hope this helps someone!

    Carry on!

    Gramma B.

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    1. Gramma B, thank you. The Big Guns are most certainly needed on my watch! I am not aware of the 108 names of the Divine Mother, but it’s wonderful that it helped you so effectively. I only know to call on the Great Mother of All Creation (which I’m hoping covers all bases!) and she is hearing from me a lot this week, I can tell you.

      Big love from my heart to yours xxxx Jay xxx

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  4. *sigh* – seems to be one of those nights I’m purposely NOT sleeping – feeling odd and that wobbly dizzy/not dizziness feeling – something is probably goin’ on… lol 🙂
    So… being after 3 am I could probably try for sleep – any bets of dream activity – I just hear throngs of laughter from the peanut gallery –
    This should be fun.

    Love you all,


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  5. Are you really that confident that the shift will happen within the next 12 month?
    Or maby you mean you’ve gotten bored of celebrating Halloween?


    1. We never gave any timing… but we did have the feeling that this will be the last time any of us celebrate Halloween. If various ETs would get out of the way and let the SOURCE energy come in full stream, then this whole process could be kicked into high gear rather than dragging on and on for decades. We would tell them to give up the control, but they’ve already lost it. Most of us are AWAKE, now, and can choose for ourselves. The SHIFT (tactic) is going to happen, just as The Event (strategy) is happening right now.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I’m enjoying your last Halloween comment – good riddance. I actually ‘saw’ that this will be our last Christmas – as we all know it anyway. I’ve been telling family that…. What are the Cats, everyone else feeling about Xmas?

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  6. yes, something different, very significant happened in the wee hours of early morning….something huge was forged then released with heightened intensity – creating a restless sleepless night….mind was elevated into a marathon energy state & felt like all my major nerve endings were given a haircut…..even the weather physically expressed this with high howling winds & rain…..today is calmer but the air, the surroundings feel different. (FYI ~ my experience)

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  7. My daughter called to tell me that the negative space in the air surrounding us was thicker and sparkly yesterday.Since I had a difficult time understanding what she meant, I asked if it felt positive or negative. She said positive. I was effervescently happy all day. Probably just the difference in our interpretations. She sees more and I feel more. More please. Cay

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    1. My son and I saw a beaver by the side of the road this morning! Wildlife seems very active these days…( looked up ruffed grouse, they are very cute! )

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        1. Ha! The squirrels in my neighborhood have gone through the figs as they ripen along with the unripe persimmons. They are running the fence top with puckered mouths as fast as possible. I expect they will ripen somewhere underground. PVC may taste better. Cay

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    2. A week ago I watched a bird as large as a vulture. . Black with a red rump. I cannot find a picture of this bird. Beautiful, he settled in a tree. I’ve never seen one like it and can’t find a picture of it. No clue wonderful though


      1. I saw one of those too! I just assumed it was a type of vulture but none that I am familiar with.


  8. Okay, now here is a puzzler. After my repeating dream of home that I mentioned previously, today I just “happened” to go on zillow and about fell over! HOME just went on the market YESTERDAY! (Now this is some very strange “coincidence”) Any of Youse have any ideas???

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