NOTICE to All Beings



The following notice is given to all ETs and higher order beings in, on, and around the Earth, the solar system, and the Milky Way Galaxy, across all dimensions, realities, and planes of being, posted on this date. To whit:


NOTICE: All beings blocking or filtering SOURCE energy for any reason must STOP IMMEDIATELY. Cease and desist all actions, and go where you are better served.

Thank you for your previous services, but they are no longer needed.
Humans are going full stream, now.


We will propagate this message, as we did with the previous one, on various “bulletin boards” in the solar system and across this galaxy. (These really do exist.) No more speed bumps.


59 thoughts on “NOTICE to All Beings

  1. Absolutely, brilliantly put! Thank you CATs and thank you ALL benevolent beings! 🙏🌟🙏

    We are the Light, We are the Love, We ARE! 🌟💕😊

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  2. See the news going around about how Pelosi was caught playing with a bracelet she wore that had bullets and orange beads, as well as a green dress (green light…go!)? And Trump is in Dallas tonight..

    They trying to shake things up a bit? heh

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    1. LOL. We don’t see that happening. Mr. T is always a step ahead of those jokers. He wins huge in 2020, no matter what they do.

      And yes, HRC is finally in handcuffs… though she gets sentenced to what we call “Camp Snoopy,” a super-low-risk “correctional facility” for the well-heeled. Still, you never know who might be in there… black-eye city.

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. THIS, will be fascinating.

    My Clair senses are pushing through. I wonder what will happen now…


    P.S. What’s the advertising rate on these billboards? Any chance of advertising my work for Christmas galactic sales?

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  4. Can we decree this also in our meditations ??? Or is it to interfere with the work of the cat?
    I would love to use it. It feels powerful!!.

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  5. Around the time you posted that I was in meditation. I was given a ball of purple and pink electricity, it looked a bit like lightning, all sparky, not sure what it’s for yet. I also saw bubbles that had a scene in and as I got closer I could see blue sky and grass, like I was lying in the grass looking up. Thank you for all that you cats do 🥰

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  6. Has anyone noticed what the Schumann resonance meter is doing? It looked like it froze on the 15th, but it was a huge timeline jump that spanned 2 1/3 days; the usual readings just reappeared. I know that’s just what happened in Tomsk; do any of the other meters indicate a huge jump? I keep hoping for the jump that removes the light tunnel.

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  7. “Humans are going full stream now”!! Thank you Cats and Ms! I hope the full stream doesn’t make you disappear and cut off our lifeline of contact and information that you disseminate. While you’re scoping things out, have you “seen” anything about a possible hit on POTUS at his rally in Dallas today? Biden had a slip of the tongue at the debate about the 17th. As always, I am so appreciative of the work you do. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  8. Beautiful & well said!
    Hi again, thought I’d share a very vivid dream with you all…
    It’s just one image, but it felt like pure bliss – I was standing outside looking up to the sky when a warm, all enveloping golden hued white light embraced me…I look down to see that I’m holding my grand daughter and she is looking up at the sky, with a happy, smiling face. It really felt like a premonition, and I was elated to see my grand baby with me.
    Good stuff. ♥️

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  9. Ok, CATs’ turn for dreams:


    “I dreamt that I was in a desert and there was a sudden energy pulse; not an explosion, but a gynormous energy burst, something like The SHIFT. Then I saw a train rocketing past… which had something like a video-game label that listed how fast the train was moving… but the speed was listed in Hz. The number was huge. I and some other people I didn’t know hurried onto the train; no idea how we actually got on it.” (M4)


    “Last night, I dreamed about driving up a highway with two-way traffic, but one lane had been closed, and all traffic suddenly merged into one lane. Strangely, the lane going the other way had lots of people stopped in the closed lane and they watched as we drove up the other empty lane.

    FYI, The SHIFT is going to happen early in the morning on the West Coast, so three hours later for those of us on the East Coast… say around 8:00 am EST… whenever it finally happens. I see East Coast people commuting and being afraid… but there’s nothing to fear, of course. It’s getting close.” (~AM)


    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Oooh CATs and M’s love those dreams! Sounds like we are very close!

      I wonder what time The Shift will be in the UK, I think we are about 6 hours ahead of the East Coast do maybe around 2pm?

      I had a real mixed bag dream wise! What I can remember is very dis jointed!

      I was on a train trying to get home but realised that it wasn’t going to stop and would be omitting all stations and going straight to the end of the line. Somebody called the conductor who asked what was wrong. A passenger told him that the tables kept sliding in front of the doors!?

      Then I was in a house (not one I know) and an old boyfriend, someone who had been very controlling/opressive was there and I realised I had invited him. He peered through the letter box and I wished we could get away. Suddenly he was in the house with a load of strangers and there was a small bird trying to escape. I was running around opening windows and doors so tat it could get out.

      Then I was suddenly in a very busy city. There were some friends from university there and it seemed a massive demonstration was going on but I am not sure what about. All of a sudden a stampede of black horses races down the street. In the commotion, one falls and hurts itself. It is lying on the ground injured. I go to it and stroke it’s head and it bolts upright. It gives me a quick nod before going off on it’s way.

      Hmmm, wonder what tonight will bring!

      Much Love ❤️✨❤️

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        1. Thanks M6 makes a whole lot of sense! i wonder if the colour black means anything in relation to horses?

          Anyone else had any train dreams!?

          Muchus Lovus ❤️

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          1. I was playing music for these people who were supposedly trying to help us and they had all these tricks and connections, but the dream was like a movie kinda so I was in the other scenes when they thought they were alone and it turned out to be a satanic prison and no one could leave and it was getting darker and darker as it went on and the only way I could figure out how to do anything about it was finally I ran and broke through a glass window and started running and they were chasing me but I got to a street with other cars and that’s when I woke up I mean I assume all the cars couldn’t be from the group but it was definitely scary


            1. Sounds very scary but when I think about what has been unearthed regarding poor children in underground bases, this sounds like perhaps, you could have been picking up that awful energy. I hope and pray that this is happening no more…


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  10. So it seems that my info about those meddling ET’s was beneficial on the end, even I hoped that they are doing it for our greater good, but I always think in STO way, and looking for the best in others, maybe I am too optimistic in nature, but that is me, I can not change it, and I will not change that attitude ✨

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  11. Hallelujah!!! Let the full LIGHT shine on all.

    Thank you CAT’s and M’s from the bottom of my heart

    ***Love*** &

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  12. This is absolutely wonderful to hear! Will be adding the Notice to my toolbox of GP&C, meditation, etc. I feel it coming very soon too…… Light and Love to all!
    Injoy! Namaste Universe!

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  13. For the last few days I have been having the occasional random uncontrollable whole leg jerk, as if I put my finger in an electric light receptacle. Also BLISS upon waking yesterday. Anticipating love /light tsunami. See you all Surfing Source waves soon. Paddle as fast as you can with gratitude for best view. Cay

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  14. Ya know…… this point, I would LOVVVVE to go where I would “better be served!”


  15. I had another interesting dream all the dogs ran away together and were huddled together waiting for the event. I even found a dog that got lost going to their meeting and took him there. I stood behind all the dogs and waited for it to happen.

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  16. Well this is music to my ears!!!! Maybe this will get that “Kept Away” level off. Finally!!! I am curious what others on this site will report in their experience of this. And I’ll let you all know if people are allowed to be free will nice to me tomorrow, or if it’s the same old same old.
    The energy from all the weekend felt like attack and I’m slowly recovering to some neutral. But I spent a long time midday really angry, just yelling at my Soul for not letting help actually get down to the “little girl Sue” level. (Note:I don’t use that as a diminutive of me, just a fair comparison of size to physical me here on the ground, and my Soul and even higher consciousness, which are huge and encompass lots of things) Light is just pathetically anemic in its ability to get through all this junk and actually down to me-so I mean, I just quit! again, for the zillionth time. And I told them to just uncreate me, because whatever I’m here to do I’m just blocked from doing on such a ginormous scale that why bother even being here??? And around 4:30 or 5pm Eastern I just started to feel better. Not great but better, more neutral, like maybe something actually heard me and finally did something about it. Like help might really be on the way this time. Or, maybe these critters just got more skilled at numbing me out. Who knows??? 🙃 My heart gets trapped and pummeled so much, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on most days. But if blockages really are removed, clearings should start to stay clear with no return. What a blessing THAT will be! ❤️🌎🎁🌌✨

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    1. Did you know… that all that stuff blocking the light is from YOU? We know, because we have the same thing, in various stages, and have been working to get rid of it and thin that black stuff for a long time. Do you know what this stuff really is, where it came from?

      You and I and most everyone we know are asleep, right now, INSIDE SOURCE. We’ve surrounded ourselves with this thick material that walls off the light, created by us to make us feel safe from SOURCE… because deep down, we feel like we’ve done something wrong. This is a feeling from when we were WE, and WE (as ONE) wondered what it would be like to BE SOURCE. Then, we felt like we’d done something wrong and were certain that SOURCE would be mad and punish US. SOURCE is beyond awesomely infinitely powerful, so we’re guessing we were severely intimidated by SOURCE’s INFINITENESS. Anyway, we freaked out (as ONE) and instantly fractured ourselves into walled-off units, to better hide, creating this vast Illusion for us to hide in. We are an Extension of SOURCE, so we have awesome powers of our own. So, the omniverse Illusion was created, while we basically walled ourselves into dark VR pods. Note the current parallels.

      What was our mistake? Forgetting to laugh.

      We when wondered what it was like to be SOURCE, it was like an atom wondering what it was like to be a universe. It’s a bit ridiculous, and we should’ve known that — and laughed — and that would’ve been that. But we were a bit of a toddler SOURCE at that time, and… we didn’t laugh. We got scared. So we made our own form of punishment for something we thought we did wrong (what some now call “Original Sin”).

      Anyway, the reptiles today want to keep things status quo, keep things the way they’ve always been: us, asleep, in darkness, being punished, forever. Because *they* feel guilty for what they *think* they’ve done. And they then project that guilt onto all of us… because it has to be OUR fault that all this happened. Sound familiar? It should. We’ve been doing this to ourselves for 13.8B years.

      But SOURCE has come along (SOURCE is kinda smart, ahem) and is slooooowwwwly waking us up to the light, and reminding us that LOVE never punishes. LOVE loves. And that this has all been a bad dream. All we need to do is WAKE UP… and all this goes POOF. And then we can laugh at what we did… if we can ever think it was funny.

      These are Brother J’s words, not mine. HE is AWAKE, and describing what he’s seeing, what he’s seen while inside SOURCE. This is why that scene where Neo wakes up from The Matrix is so powerful: it’s very close to the truth.


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    2. Susan,
      May all your prayers be answered!!
      May this block, whatever it is, be removed.
      May you be FREE and at peace.

      Is it possible that you are doing something, and it’s good, but it’s being hidden from you for some reason that you are not aware of?
      That is, it’s above your pay grade?

      I can see how frustrated you are, and I hope that can let up.

      Hmmm….maybe trust your own good intentions??? Maybe that might open up the door a little crack…. By golly, I think it will~!
      Best wishes!!!

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      1. Oh, Susan,
        I just now saw AM’s reply and it’s wayyy better than mine. 🙂
        Strange, I didn’t see it on the page when I wrote my reply, and surely it didn’t just now get posted when there are nine “likes”.
        Huh…well, maybe I was “supposed” to write that.
        Peace to you and to us all.

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  17. Hello CATs & Ms, something just occurred to me. I hope you don’t mind me asking this question.

    If the PTW are trying to get rid of the majority of the population on earth, why do they want us to keep reincarnating? Wouldn’t they prefer it if there was no tunnel of light so humans don’t keep coming back? Seems they are finding so many ways to try and get rid of us!

    Much Love ❤️🙏

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      1. CAT Eds, that sounds about right! I also wonder how it was that starseeds were ‘allowed’ to incarnate here. You would have thought that the PTW would have found some way to prevent any of us coming. Maybe that’s why starseeds/helpers often have such tough lives to make it difficult to do their job, hmmmm!


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          1. Very funny 😄 that the reptiles have been
            “infiltrated” by more advanced reptiles from
            their future!


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    1. I think it is because they need a certain amount of people to feed off of and there are more than enough here. So they are trying to get rid of the overabundance. Also, less people are easier to control.

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      1. Thanks for your answer Brenda. Yes, I suppose they want to keep a few of us and get rid of the rest, a bit like a farmer having too many cows…!

        Much Love ❤️

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  18. These signs do not work. They didn’t work the last half dozen times they were posted and they won’t work now.

    Well, that’s not quite fair. The signs absolutely work, but friendly fire is usually frowned upon in civilized discourse.


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