619: Dream, Smirk, etc. ~ [UPDATE2]

On a number of separate occasions when we saw angels — high or low — they had a funny look on their faces: a smirk.

You’re gonna need a cup of coffee for this one. Hopefully we aren’t too rambly. Few CATs got much sleep.

Welcome to the post that changed our lives forever. We’re not joking.


We’ve been busy with this and that, nothing major. But in our daily machinations, we were informed within the past three weeks by Guides that we’d be getting “the details” of What’s Going On shorlty befoe the solstice, before The FTB (Final Timeline Bi-FUR-cation). There’s a good reason why we chose that one one word.

CATs have complicated histories. We are not knights in shining armor. Like many, we have tortuous pasts and have become toughened to the bumps and jabs of life, growing all the while. Some of us are basically human, while some are most recently ETs, some human-ET hybrids… and some of us… another kind of hybrid.

Some of us are Angel hybrids, both Light AND Dark, offspring (loooooong ago) of light… and dark beings… and we’ve had extensive training in our in-between lives to both counter this and build it into an evolutionary advantage, preparing us for the final act in our performance. Those CATs in question have had to work 10X harder than everyone else to get where they are today working for The Light, in many cases being hated and ridiculed at various stages in life. It’s been anything but easy. Some used to be bandits and trolls and worse — again, loooong ago — while others have caused the downfalls of grand cities and civilizations in the distant past where memory fails and lore begins. Anyway, we’ve never mentioned it, but we’ve been wondering for some time if this was… intentional, part of the program.

But first…


Last night, several CATs had the same dream, which in itself makes us pay attention. As in other times and dreams — and now, in real life — we were a team investigating this and that, fixing this and that, doing the job we always do… but in last night’s dreasm there was a lot of door-closing for whatever reason. Getting things ready for the final curtain.

Anyway, we were doing this and that when we suddenly found ourselves standing in a street somewhere — confronted by Mr Nasty. (Wha?) In broad daylight. (WHAAA?) Right in front of us. This was supposed to be impossible, appearing past our shields and protection, so we each figured it was some inner part of ourselves we were dealing with. We were right AND wrong. Mr. Nasty had indeed breached our defenses, only… for a totally unexpected reason.

So, there he was, but… he wasn’t attacking. And he looked different. He looked like he did *before* The Fall. (Huh?) BEFORE his eventual transformation into Mr. Nasty two or three million years ago, when he was a Top Archangel. What did he look like? He had a big head, big round face (like a pie), blonde hair, bowl cut, pursed lips/mouth… he basically looked like a regular person, albeit one of a particular burly type. He certainly didn’t look menacing… but… he felt powerful, and he had THIS LOOK on his face, so we were on guard. Did we have to fight him??

Then, more surprising… he looked familiar…. not in full-on BAD-mode “Legend” kinda way, not at all; no, he looked like someone we’d met before, in a different time. Still, he did have this look in his eye… a look we’d seen before. Waitaminute… he had that same look that Archangel Gabriel gave us once when he helped us with some dark things that were swarming us (before the SuperFriends); we used to call these dark things “The Soup” as they would swarm blackness around you and you’d quickly be over your head in darkness and have to fight your way out. We saw Gabriel for the first time then when he appeared and dispersed The Soup for us, all the while… with that same… smirk on his face. At the time, we couldn’t tell if he disliked us, or was sharing some private joke. It was a mystery.

However, now that we’d seen Mr. Nasty clearly and untransformed for the first time in a long time, we could definitely tell that the two Angels are related. Archangels that we’ve seen (well, only four so far) are big and stocky, have big faces… and, well, we don’t know if they all look like that (we’ve only seen four out of a bunch), but Mr. Nasty was joined by a “girl” who looked to be about 12… but she was waaaay older… and while she was a girl, she was certainly not acting like a lady, ahem; the less said about that the better. However, she also had that kind of round face. AND she also had that same smirk! It was as if the two were showing off how they could get into our dreams whenever they wanted… then again, that’s what we thought at the time.

Now check this out.

Those CATs assembled independently thought and did the same thing simultaneously: The Mantra. Considering they showed themselves to us, we each did the mantra on them both, which had worked before to eradicate nasties. But then, another surprise: It didn’t work. Not only that, Mr. Nasty and his companon just BOWED as we did The Mantra on them. No effect at all. That was a first. We got the feeling from each of them like, “Yes, I AM perfect, whole and innocent, thankyouveryuch. All IS forgiven and released.”


How had they gotten past our protection and shields, in which only those with our greatest good in mind are allowed? And how could they withstand The Mantra? More on that in a moment.


We left Mr. Nasty and friend in the street and the dream morphed into other things, different for each CAT. But later, we met up again somehow in the same dream, all sitting or standing at some outdoor cafe waiting to be served, sitting at a large black marble table with white flecks here and there. Ok, go with the flow.

The waiter came ’round and took these small shallow glasses away from each of us and gave us all big crystal water goblets; the water was in a glass pitcher already on the table… but before we could fill our glasses, one CAT noticed these black granules on the black marble table in front of them. Before they could sweep them to the ground the granules began to swell and grow into these B&W flying insects (aiieiee!) that got bigger and bigger, like black fuzzy wasps with white girdles coming to life, some crawling and taking sluggish flight…. we called to each other to help and proceeded to swat them down and step on them (normally we’d never just kill things); they were clumsy and not fully grown, so they weren’t that much trouble… but it seemed important that we get all of them. This went on for a time before each CAT finally woke up.


THEN, we woke up and checked in with one another, as per usual, comparing notes… and realized that lots of us had had the same dream. Needless to say, we met fast and puzzled it out PDQ. This seemed to coincide with our earlier question about the CAT’s historic role, about Team Dark’s role…

Then it hit us. ~AM put it together first:

The black marble table, the black granules, the B&W wasps growing and us swatting them down. Mr. Nasty and company appearing in our dream past all shields and protection.

First, the latter: Only those with our Greatest Good in mind can appear in our dreams. Mr. Nasty et al had appeared in our dreams… so they must have our Greatest Good in mind, fundamentally. Ok, maybe.

Next, the white-flecked black marble table: Space. The universe. The black granules that grew into black bugs with white girdles that we swatted down… Team Dark. And then we woke up in the process. (Turns out The Virus is an allegory of this other virus.)

This is all about an Existential Virus, the endgame of what turns out to be an Enlightenment Seeding. It’s SOURCE’s plan, The Long Game. The Fallen were always to Fall where they were supposed to, and sew darkness for a time, and overcoming this would subsequently awaken us to what’s going on, awaken us about the light inside us, those dark seeds blossoming into eventual Enlightenment. And this is why this all seems so familiar to us: We’ve done this before, but we were not allowed to remember, till now.

CATs are to do this again (eventually, after a rest) and again in different parts of the omniverse… or rather, we’re going to train others what to do. We and others are part of the Wake Up Crew for the Sleeping Giant that is ONE. Remember when we’ve said over and over that We are all actually One Giant Being, an Extension of SOURCE Who’s asleep IN SOURCE? Just waiting to wake up? Well, our Local Wake Up Wave of Light is inbound. It will roll over us, and this portion of ONE will awaken and join those others Who Are Awake. Then, the core of Team Dark is going to be picked up and transplanted in some other part of the universe to start this up all over again, and then we’re gonna go in again and put a stop to it AGAIN in a different place, and subsequently wake up THOSE beings in that region, wake up that portion of ONE… and then do it again, and again, and again… until The Sleeping Giant of ONE is Entirely AWAKE. Talk about job security. How long will this take? A million years? A billion? 10 billion? No idea. But we’ve been at this for some time.

It was then that The CATs realized that we’d just solved our entire existence in one opaque dream, in a facial expression, and an email! BEFORE someone else got around to telling us about it after The FLASH! It’s like solving the biggest puzzle in the world. So… that was kinda cool for a Saturday. Next puzzle! (NOT.) 

This entire Illusory exercise, an existential virus, is to wake people up; a game we play for a million years to wake up the shoulder of a Sleeping SOURCE-Toddler, waking the Kid up a little at a time… just as The Course said. That’s what A Course in Miracles is for. Wake up, Kid! It’s Existential Miller Time! We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

And THAT’s why the Angels were smirking: This is all a performance. They’d been acting all along. Strutting and fretting upon the stage… sound and fury, signifying nothing, while waking up SOMETHING. We had suspected this, but weren’t sure till now. Just in time for The FLASH.


“Such a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn hasn’t occurred since 1623…”

Anyone recall us hearing a similar number in a dream? It means more, but we’re not at liberty to say. (We’re not being coy, we’re protecting you.) Speaking of dreams, last night’s dreams for some of the M’s were mind-boggling. We’ll have to tell you later. Too tired.

One last thing: Several of us saw Isis in our dreams last night. She was the one who trained us on our little asteroid, so long ago…


By the way… we were curious, so we checked… and despite what anyone says, no one is on the NE, yet. A few of us, and others, have walked it astrally, but no one stays past their dreamtime. so, no one’s there in the crystalline flesh, yet (or whatever it’s to be). We thought some might be curious.


Sure are a lot of unicorns predicting The Event for yesterday and today. Hope they’re right. Everything seems at the breaking point…

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  1. Are we there yet? My health woes worsened over the weekend and as the pain increases, my vibration lowers. Sigh. And there’s a Nurse Ratched who is seemingly blocking my access to my surgeon to ask for advice. What the heck? Please drag me along on your cat tails. I can’t take much more. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention this. Some of you may remember last summer I requested some light pours for my beloved older sister Anne, a retired Reiki healer from the state where the riots started this summer? She then had a brain anomaly that was causing confusion and depression. Well, now she’s having stroke-like “lost time”. If you can drag the both of us along on your Cat tails, we will be so Grateful to be able to spend another period of service to Source together. We are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Hi lauraksmi, bathing both you and your sister in a gentle shower of golden / bronze drops of light. Like toasted sun drops. Love, Angela

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  2. First night of some really horrid dreams for a long time, one I saw people get into a lift and then the energy just crushed them right in front of me.

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  3. @CAT Eds

    “Such a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn hasn’t occurred since 1623…”

    Haven’t had a dream, although last night I worked on a past life in Trigor where I died in 1674 age 13/14 after a forced marriage ceremony, (guess who?). Hopefully cleared repelling energy fields around both myself and the only man for me, (deliberately placed around both of us that lifetime we shared briefly to keep us apart in other lifetimes), they also tied my spirit to the underworld. Great time to clear lots of 💩

    Managed to get to the shops yesterday before the crowds descended; was impressed with my big roughty roughty 22 year old son who made baklava; infused the syrup, rolled filo pastry…… a bit delicate as he’s a black belt in origami 😉💖💞

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  4. Up at 4:30 this morning. Things seem calm, smooth, and placid. Got a trace of snow late yesterday afternoon. Less than an inch. New plants due to arrive today and Thursday. Gardener is in for a Christmas treat for the remarkable hard work she’s done for this place this year. I don’t know if I should have my morning latte this early or not…..It’s always more fun to have it in the daylight in the garden. Perfect solution! Go back to bed and get up at 8. Cheers on this early morning blather. <J

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  5. Was puppeteer Jim Henson a CAT? I’ve been a fan of his The Dark Crystal movie since it came out in 1982. Henson meant it to be an adult film, but tt was originally marketed as a kid’s film. It definitely is not. At the end he depicted the merging of the Light (the Mystics) and Dark (the Skeksis) into one. It’s the only film I know of that does this.

    Here is an excellent 10 minute summary of the movie if you don’t want to rent it:

    ps, most of the time I feel like the character Aughra

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      1. Please Brother J. Is there another way to heal All without having to experience trauma for Us/Them/We/All? The mind & heart crushing experiences everyone has gone through is Enough. There has to be another way…please?

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          1. I take solace in the fact this is all an Illusion and I am sane. I see what’s happening and am not freaking out.

            It’s all but a blip in time.

            I can also be grateful for the things I do have when something bad happens. There is always a bright side


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          2. The process of understanding, “It is all an illusion”, is existential pain for me. Maybe I’m too literal & practical to truly grasp it…

            1) In this Now moment, me typing, is real. Where is the illusion in that?
            2) Pain/trauma (any kind) is felt in the Now moment. How is thIs an illusion?

            3) A multidimensional me/US could be viewing the Now me/US from a “distance”; .…like watching TV.
            4) Perhaps the multidimensional me/US cannot Feel the pain/trauma the “fragment” is feeling; thus for the multidimensional me/US the pain is an illusion?

            5) Just because the multidimensional realm says this is an illusion does not mean that the fragment …is not experiencing the reality of pain/trauma in their Now moment.

            6) Therefore, the fragment IS experiencing Reality (for them) in the Now moment.

            7) What am i not understanding? Where is the disconnect?

            *Lightbulb (or mixing different topics?): < When the fragment experiences/Feels LOVE….Is the Illusion transmuted/Alchemize to reality?

            PS As hard as i look i haven't seen signs of illusion (multidimensional no). i will keep looking…sigh.

            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this blog & all the beings on it (seen & unseen)! My heart to yours!

            If your too tired to answer this it is OK. Understand :)))

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          3. Since our Life on Earth is all illusion, what about Karma and Akashi Records? Illusions too?

            L with a round face? I was hoping he would look like Tom Ellis 😉 who played the same role in the same name movie (shown in Netflix). BTW, why do Archangels always appear as male?

            Not that I’m against, just curious – “In addition, the Greek word for “angel” in the New Testament is angelos, itself a masculine noun. A feminine form of this word does not exist”

            If Angels are an extension of SOURCE, what about Reptilians? From their own source?

            “In reality, there is no “dark.” It’s more of a sanity/insanity issue Eventually, Our Mind will be healed. Sure is taking a while”
            – does it include PTW? Does it also mean that we could be part of PTW at some time in our Life, right?

            Thanks for all the updates, still trying to digest all the information. I’m often one posting behind most of the commentators here! 😁

            Gratitude & Love for waking me up 🙏💖… albeit slowly but surely.

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    1. Meanwhile, I’m stuck in ER on 3D. My dr. THINKS im having a gallbladder attack on account of not keeping anything down last night and pain all week in my right ribcage. But today I feel fine. So I feel like im wasting my time when I should be at work. Ugh. And then this girl guilted me into paying for her marketing services on my side job but I hardly sold anything last month and it was xmas wreaths she was “marketing. ” Claiming I agreed to pay for 3 months. Bonus. I just found out I lost my health care in new year bc job had to cut my hours bc of fake beer bug. So how are we coming on that flash? Asking for a friend.

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  6. Hello Beautiful People
    What an action packed post this is. Just wanted to touch base with everyone and join in supporting all of us traveling on this amazing journey.
    I just read the Cats Eds. post saying there is no “dark,” that its more of a sanity/insanity issue. Our mind will be healed and yes its taking a while.
    Hang in there everyone. May all worlds host LOVE!

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  7. Not sure if it’s just me, but the last few days, every now and then I get a moment where I get this strange, wobbly, swimming, time standing still moment, thinking, wondering, okay is this it? Then, everything sort of gently goes back to normal 3D (and rising) feeling. I wonder if its like more and more acute ‘shots of light’ coming into reality. My words don’t properly explain or do justice, language can be so restrictive sometimes!

    Sunsets are getting more marvelous and despite the planes (bless them) doing their 3D things, I seem to be seeing more light and colour beyond (the grey) which gives me great hope things are changing although it seems sometimes painfully slow!

    On another note, Elsie is actually asking me for things!

    ‘Want Bubbles!”

    It’s wonderful but I am out of puff! Who knew that blowing bubbles could be so exhausting!

    Bubbles do lift any melancholy away though I highly recommend to Angels & All! Especially blowig them towards any sunlight through windows…the colours…


    Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  8. Quick dream conveyance from last night — “we” were all getting onto a roller coaster. “They” were having us get on from the back seats first for ballast reasons or something. All baggage had to be left on the deck though, including purses (I balked, but did it). Nice leather cushions on the seats, so I think the implication was you’d have a cushier ride if you got rid of your [emotional] baggage first. I think this dream was prompted by my sending a YT video of an Alba Weinman session (the most recent Discourse session) to some friends, where the speaker was urging that everyone declutter their inner junk for a smoother transition moving forward (and that there wasn’t much time left to do so!). Both friends only heard declutter in the sense of their homes / stuff. I asked them to go back and listen again… I forget how this idea of clearing out emotional triggers is new to most people, but wasn’t expecting it to be to the point of literally not hearing it. — Despite the clearing work I’ve done, the 20th had me pretty whomped. Head and stomach, same old same old. Still woozying at this point, but not complaining — bring on the light!

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