Jumps [UPDATE5]


Looks like we’ve had a few jumps, some dramatic.

CATs are scattered all over the place, due to the holiday, so we’re a little behind in our communications. But we all apparently knew there was a timeline jump early Tuesday morning — without the meters; some CATs thought they weren’t going to make it, the energy was so high. Anyway, here is was:

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 7.09.09 PM
Whoa. This was early the morning of the 26th, from 1:30 – 4:30 am PST. We felt lucky to make it to the other side.
This happened about 24 hours later.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 11.08.36 PM

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 11.06.56 PM
This maps to the Schumann jump.


This was a few hours ago.
And this is just a mess.

Here’s more:


Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 11.36.57 PM
Siberian radioheliograph

When we know more, we’ll let you know.

Sometimes we’re just waiting to land.


So, we did a check and that first Schumann jump is definitely a jump. [We wanted to be sure since the reptoid Powers That Were (r-PTW) are trying to monkey with the timeline with some sophisticated, but ineffective technology.] We cannot tell what we jumped from, but that’s not important as we’re instead hearing the phrase: “It is a jump *toward* not away.” We think it has to do with the New Earth forming. We are definitely headed that way.


The second jump, again:



And more:




Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.25.36 PM


Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 11.31.13 PM

And we had a CME or a flare or… something:


Too much turkey.


And again!



And again and again.


118 thoughts on “Jumps [UPDATE5]

  1. they tried something in Europe, lots of earthquakes, 6.3, 5.4, many
    smaller, all 10km deep, Adria, Albania, then a 6.0 in Crete, Greece…
    devastating tiredness!

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  2. Hi CATs!
    I feel a big change in energy…
    I saw the meteraging of the magnetic field in Cumiana…
    Is there a huge jump? I don’t really know how to read it but I feel really in a different way from 10 a.m. ..much better I would say.
    Thanks for Your Help Guys

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  3. Yup, I think I felt that one, woke up with nausea in the middle of the night, unfortunately don’t know exactly when. And my husband woke up REALLY groggy yesterday morning. This is getting pretty darn exciting! On a more somber note, a lot more people seem to be exiting this realm, getting sick with serious illnesses, dying or preparing to die. Is anyone else noticing this?

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    1. Veni Vidi 11, I wrote a response to your
      comment about people dying, or preparing to do so, but it seems the post was lost. Two weeks ago, I learned that a
      friend has a very serious, aggressive form
      of cancer and has been placed on hospice.
      Although he has a poor prognosis he has
      said that he “is not ready to throw in the
      towel” and my neighbor, who has a lung disease, is also on hospice. It seems, that
      rather unexpectedly, a great many people
      are ‘checking out.’

      With love ❤️ to all,


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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday.
    In the wee hours of the 26th I was awakened twice. The first time was as my name was being called and the second was to 4 distinct meows in succession. Neither had origins in my house from my husband or cat. Thin veils I am guessing.
    This extended hang time is exhausting while anticipating where we will land. Gentle landings to all. Cay

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  5. I saw the black stripes the other day as well and was wondering if this was a significant timeline jump. I felt fairly decent for a change but was also wondering how others were handling it. Just some sleepiness, brain fog and cold spells, but mild and manageable.
    I just want everyone to feel good, be happy and enjoy the life around them. It is so hard to enjoy anything when you feel like crap. I do try to enjoy things, even if it is curled up on a chair meditating or listening to music.
    Happy days everyone.

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  6. Thank you for this post. I just said to my partner I’m going to look at the Cat’s blog to see why I feel so yucky and there was the explanation! Food doesn’t feel welcome in my body. Had a week off sick last week and struggling to get back to “normal”. Very tired and everything aches. However it sounds like some of the Cats were hit a lot harder than me. Hope they recover soon. Even my boss has felt off for a week or so and he is normally as tough as old boots. Same for my partner. Hey, such fun! 💖💖💖 to all and big hugs.

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  7. OMG….there HAS to be some major manifestations by the end of this year. Has to be…this is wild. Anyway, I”m so glad & appreciative that we’re all doing this together & individually. I get emotional thinking about the enormity of what is occurring & our roles in it. Truly, truly the most awesome thing ever. No surprise why all eyes are on Earth at this time to witness our breakthrough..HUGE & humbling. Love to all on this trip/transition.

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  8. Did anyone notice that in the picture,
    with the Siamese flying through the air,
    that the colors in the room decor look
    like they are based on a ‘Siamese palate’?



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    1. Cay ❤️ No, it’s not just you, there was definite ‘turdiness’ to those cakes and to top it off, there was a phallic shape to the ‘turdiness’Jusy wrong on so many levels!!!

      I hope those cakes do not come to NE! 🙏😉🙏

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    2. It is not just you, and they also appear to be quite, um, male. Thus the gales of laughter coming from my general vicinity…….(insert happy poo emoji here)

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  9. @CATS EDS. Who to go to for advice on my niece, THE MEAN MILLENNIAL?


    WE R THE LIGHT WE ARE THE LOVE WE ARE? what happens when one family member is just plain mean and argues w her mom, her granndmother, her father, everyone? Just to be right?

    Am I failing in raising a family vibration if one person brings EVERYONE DOWN?

    This girl literally makes my mom/sister cry. Used to make me cry. Just now, I literally went through the house with holy water asking Jesus to bless the house and cast out evil spirits. Seriously.

    Her name is Cat (Catherine) lol. Had to end in a funny note.

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    1. You’re not responsible for anyone but yourself. Turn ON your light and leave it at that. If people wanna see it, great. If they don’t, it’s their choice. And THEY CAN SEE IT.

      Hit her with a grounding cord. Hit her with a thousand. See how many it takes before she grinds to a halt.


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      1. @m2 thank you for responding and offering advice. It’s such a strange feeling to have so much love for a person to then find yourself feeling your skin crawl when she leaves a room. I don’t understand what happened! I hate to see my mom (her grandmother cry over her too). Her father’s side of the family, is having issues with my niece too. They didn’t invite her to the big 90th birthday party of her grandfather. This girl used to be so sweet. 😢. I’ll try grounding chords now. Holy water may have been a little extreme when she left the house. 😉😉😉😇 lol

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        1. Good idea unearthlytravelblog,
          Maybe I will connect the dots by way of age spots and a “Sharpie” as a reminder for “I AM THE LOVE etc.”. Let’s see, grounding chords remind me of spider veins. Then a note on the bathroom mirror to remind me that I am a precious, perfect, immortal spark of Source, all is forgiven and released.
          Don’t laugh. You leave notes everywhere to remind you of things as you get older. Cay

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    2. She could be a test, should you accept it. You Have the tools(Mantras/Love/Light) You need. Or, practice selective hearing! Peace.

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      1. @Christopher S,
        “selective hearing…”
        I always thought it was oh, so convenient that my mother had chosen to start going deaf in both ears, both nerve and bone deafness when my brother and I started into adolescence. lol… Before she got hearing aids, even after, we had a game at dinner called, ” What did Mom THINK we said?” based of her response to us. A teenager doesn’t really have the hormonal patience and mental balance to repeat things 5 times or more – I didn’t anyway, 5 times was always my breaking point and I’d give up – I’m sure it was definitely not fun for her either.

        Peace & Patience,


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  10. My head is like jelly being stirred. Ouch. Big whompy downloads.

    I think I know what you mean by light coming down. I’ve had it before several times but never protracted. Last few weeks, particularly when I close my eyes I kind of see and sense white light coming down upon my head.

    Dreams have taken a new leap. Guides interacting more lucidly and spirits of loved ones appearing more frequently and positively. Seeing downloads more frequently too. The RIP has begun.


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  11. At around 1am Tuesday (Pacific time), I was suddenly wired. The experience lasted until around 5am. My human vessel wanted to just sleep but the rest of me was wired and amped. Mate had the same experience. I knew something BIG was going on “out there”. The feeling I got was wrapping things up, ending things, installing NEW. Next morning I went to share the experience on my site – checked the Schumann first and said “bingo!” I also requested such events now take place during the day when I could actually use the “caffeine” boost.

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  12. Thank you for your updates CAT’s!
    OMG! It was a big jump!

    I guess after all these jumps I do not feel like my old self anymore. My fractals are left behind or diminished in size …and it looks like one of them used to love Christmas sooo much…but since it is not a dominant part of me anymore I do not feel the same way now.
    It is interesting thought to ponder…
    Does anyone could confirm my thoughts or just share your thoughts in this regards?

    Much Love to All! 💖
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. i had a dream just a the night of this “jump toward”, where i felt myself transitioning, while everything around me started to be darker. A big tinitus appeared in my right ear, before moving in my whole body. Not painful, but weird. After a rief moment of blackness, where i felt serein and clear about what was happening, i came back in the same location, like nothing had changed at all… after i saw some codes or arithmetic progressions…

      In the second part of this night, my second dream took place in the house of my grandparents on my mother side, during a family dinner. My grandfather (my mother’s father) appeared from nowhere, and only me seemed to be able to see him. He said to me “how is it to become the head of the family”, while I am not (?!). Moment after, i was in the kitchen and he came and warmly hugged me, asking me :” what is tormenting you that much?” I burst into tears and said to him that i was so sorry to have missed his burial (i was stuck in a foreign country), to tell him properly a last goodbye.

      I woke up after that, very serein, with a great relief in my chest… Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to “forgive and release” myself… Sure greats things are coming soon.

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  13. There was a talk here about new colors which will exist on NE, well, this morning I observed a new colors, which I never seen before, and I was in photography business 😉

    I woke up, and on the wooden upper part which is raised on my bed headboard (I think that this is proper English term ?), there was squashed foil bag from chips, I think, but what is interesting is that when I looked at it there was electric reddish not fully closed triangle reflection coming from it, and outside was very cloudy day ?

    Beautiful color, something I never saw before, maybe it is just a coincidence, I do not know, just wanted to share with You ✨

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  14. Well, whatever happened, there’s residual headachiness, no appetite and that jump locked me out of my WordPress account. Took me awhile to get back here to celebrate Turkey and Pie day with the rest of you cats and kittens 🙂 Miew purrs to ONE and ALL.

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    1. Likewise. For the first time ever I did not eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I couldn’t eat anything. (Great sadness!) Bird went into the oven and I went to bed. Head, stomach, blech, purge, repeat. And adding to the mix, some anxiety over a news item I’d run across earlier in the day. There was a big slow moving blob caught on radar in Washington DC, had them all up in arms, but now presumed to be a flock of birds. (Sure, just a flock of seagulls everyone…) For some reason this story — not any other ET story / photos, etc, thus far — impacted my subconscious and struck some part of me that was still in some disbelief. This seemed like, Oh, this is Real now, and a part of me went into fear over it. Maybe it was my weakened state, but it really surprised me, because to just discuss it, I’m all for meeting the galactic family. But, not having the benefit of cavorting with dragons and whatnot, space beings have always been at arm’s distance in my reality — til this story, for whatever reason, made me think — they’re herrrre! Hopefully my consciousness has been expanded now, the rip in my reality dealt with, and I won’t have that reaction when things heat up (soon?). 🙂

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  15. Does anyone keep hearing funny noises inside?! I keep hearing cracks and bangs in my home. Really odd, it’s like the invisible man is doing DIY!

    Also seeing blurred lights and colours as if they are part of the air around me, it keeps changing…

    Things really are getting more and more fascinating!

    Keep on shining brightly!

    Love, Light, Peace ❤️✨🙏

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    1. Yes, Lilly… for days now I have been hearing banging noises is the walls and ceilings at work, although several people have informed me that there is no building or maintenance going on upstairs or behind us…

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      1. Good to know we are experiencing similar noises, I really would feel like I was losing my marbles if it wasn’t for this blog, thank you ALL!



  16. What a morning! Woke up to the power going out and the first snow of the year (and I have not lived in snow since I was 14). My sister is losing her mind and the carbon monoxide detector decided to “give up the ghost” as it were. Me and my doggies are going to stay locked in our bedroom until the energies in this house normalize😉

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  17. Well nurtz! Lisa’s lost her voice again! I told her that she has some turkey stuck in her craw. I also said that I suspect we’ll have to be firmly face-planted into December energies before things will be revealed. Whadda I know?

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  18. As said before, I have never had a nice dream. Always nightmares, every single night.
    Exhausting and a hopekiller if that’s a word.
    No matter the protection I set, who I invoke, nothing helps.
    Last night, the last scene I experienced was a bird that landed on the ground, looked like a small eagle (or similar). It had red eyes.
    Before I knew it, it had grown into the size of a large man and it held me against the wall.
    No matter what I tried, I couldn’t do anything. Its power was out of this world, unmeasurable.

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      1. Never.
        A recurring theme? Being completely powerless.
        If I need to run I can’t run, like my shoes are glued to the floor. If I need to punch, my arms weigh a ton and I can’t move them.
        If I want to do anything, I simply can’t.
        Terribly frustrating: what I want to do, doesn’t happen. As if an invisible force of enormous power has me in a lockdown.
        Completely powerless as if I am the observer inside a malfunctioning body instead of the creator.

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    1. Yes, this is intentional — by you. You are slowly ridding yourself of ancient trauma through your dreams. You could speed things up by asking Brother J to handle your dreams for you, each night. They will be horribly bloody for a time, as you purge, but then it calms down… and is eventually gone.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. Thank you for asking that question about the recurring theme.
          I wrote a lengthy comment and then edited it. Indeed, writing it down helps with the processing. I used to do that yet stopped somewhere along the way so thanks for the reminder sister/brother (I have no idea and after duganknows revelation she’s a woman, a name is no longer an indication for gender)!

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          1. Another sister. 😉 “Arc to Arcturus, speed on down to Spica” is one of the very few things I remember from a terrible astronomy class I took as an elective, years ago, taught by a grad student who didn’t want to be there. I switched the phrase to ark as a nod to ‘A Voyage to Arcturus’. tmi…

            Back on topic, I’ve been amazed at how the wording I choose when I’m writing down dreams can reveal the message very clearly, often via idioms, like your dream where this outside force ‘had your back up against a wall’ and there was nothing you could do about it = Frustration. (Like an angry grounded raptor?) (Just theorizing.)

            Well, luckily we are in a fast-moving time with 12-12-12 coming up and then 1/12/20, a really big biggie, and we should all start experiencing the changes we need in our lives to get them flowing in a better direction.

            Meanwhile, wishing you fruitful self discovery that brings you the answers you need.


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            1. Of course… Laura, is thy name! I forgot. Just like I forgot to keep my finger at a good distance away from scissors when cutting.
              That hurt. And bled! I’ll spare you the details. Luckily it was my left hand so guitar playing is still a go.
              Laura is a popular name here in Belgium. Where areth thou from?

              Gonna check Voyage to Arcturus now. Don’t know it.


          2. So funny 😃 about the “duganknows revelation” –
            I am still laughing as I also thought “duganknows”
            was a male. We can’t always tell gender by our user names,
            and maybe not that much about what someone is like in person. Many people enjoy expressing themselves through their writing, which is something I don’t like at all! –
            but at least I can dance!



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        2. I read once that after writing them down you then destroy it by burning or tearing it up etc. I think it was supposed to finish the clearing process. 🤔

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  19. I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed was in a store shopping, and my hands then arms started dissolving until bright blue sparkles remained. The sparkles were so bright blue and vivid while the rest of the scene (myself and the store) were faded. I was surprisingly calm. Hope it happens soon 🙂

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Ditched my crazy cruise ship parents to hang out with some burning man friends, much lovelier happier vibe.

    This is going to sound silly but I’m still asking Source to help me find a girlfriend. I’d love to watch the creation of the New Earth with someone special 🙂

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    1. I also feel silly asking to find someone special. This is the most incredible time to be alive but not having someone to share any of that with can be hard at times.

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  20. WOW! last night was INTENSE!! after looking at Schumann Resonance monitor, i remember forcing woke myself awake, drenched in sweat between white blast and black TLJ. kept waking up rest of night, wild dreams, thirsty and ‘out-of-sorts’! woke up feeling great! I certainly felt whatever shifted last night and feel energized today!
    I Am Being Calm, Grounded and Connected to Source Light.
    May the Force/Source Light Be with Y’all!!

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  21. Weird weather here – snowed three/four days this last week – last night started high winds, periods of crazy rain and the weirdest thunder I’ve ever heard esp pre snow – now resembles a blizzard out there – my daughter left for work at just the right time before 1 pm MT here, between periods of wind, rain, sleet and snow –
    This is the most moisture/esp snow we’ve gotten around here in a number of years – either last year or the one before we got less than 1 inch all winter…

    The super dizziness returned yesterday timed to the skinnier Schumann black line, TLJ – the thicker one was mid-overnight.

    To all be well – hope you all survived the holiday if participated – ours was reasonably well… 🙂


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  22. Train dreams, train dreams and …..Oh, more train dreams!

    I was very busy last night!

    Wish I could remember it all but as per usual, I woke up and all that was left was a faint imprint.

    I do remember this though….

    I actually managed to board a train and stay on it, not once but a few times…Woohoo!

    I remember being on one train in the 1920’s and then getting off another train in my childhood town in 1973 (two years before I was born)

    I also know I did something very important but cannot remember what the heck it was but it did have something to do with where we are all going!

    I cannot help wondering if it is very important that some us do not remember parts of our dreams, as if this has to be kept (for now) a secret for some reason, even from ourselves! Kind of odd knowing so much happened and only being able to recall snippets!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. @lily, I know that feeling all too well ( the intentional non-remembering of dreams and a knowing of being very busy elsewhere).


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    2. I’ve been working on a caboose of a train built in 1915. NY Central 453, lots of history, were You on this one yet? Peace

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      1. That’s marvelous! I’ve been daydreaming about living on a train like Artemus Gordon, my favorite part of Wild, Wild West. 🙂 But I’ll take a yurt. With plumbing for hot water… 😉

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        1. I had another train dream last night! (not the caboose). I made it to my stop and remembered to get off. Things were slightly more chaotic than normal as I observed people going about their business, and the paths were muddy. I had bare feet, and I was a bit worried, but needn’t have been, as when I checked my bag, my little pair of slip on shoes were stashed neatly inside. Meaning, I already have everything I need, and I don’t need to ponder or wonder about the future. It’s going to be just fine.

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  23. Aaaargh! I was going to join the comments earlier about the whole feeling thing towards Christmas this year.


    Turned on the tv this morning and there was some lady (on an advert) singing ‘Have yourself a Charlotte Tilbury Christmas (make-up)! My goodness! And then, advent calenders for £1000 with little drawers full of more ‘STUFF’, posh meaningless stuff! Very expensive smelly chemicals in tiny little bottles with huge price tags!

    Why oh why do folk get so worked up about ONE day?! The Christmas lunch, the presents. I love getting together with family and I love the magic but when did it get so Soul less? I was talking to Mum about it today. She remembers a Christmas stocking with an orange, some nuts, a couple of toys but the main element was just being with family and folk showing kindness to each other, showing love.

    My daughter really struggles with Christmas. She does not like wrapped presents, the change to her routine. As she gets older, it gets more difficult for her. I count our blessings that our family is quite spread out and small. She will only have to deal with lunch at my parents’ and my Mum is so blooming understanding! I think what Laura was saying about angels walking amongst us does include my lovely mum! Bless her maximus muchus!

    I will not wrap my daughters presents and I will probably not give them to her all at once, it gets too overwhelming. She is such a bright light! I am going on a bit I know but I love her SO much! She repeats the alphabet all day long hardly without a pause: A is for Apple, B is for….She gets her magnetic letters and follows me around the house when I clean up, I feel a gentle little fist (clenching a letter) in my back and then hear A is for….?

    She also says: ‘Do you see a Fairy?’. Do you see an Angel?’, ‘Do you see a Ghost?!”

    Much Love ALL, I want to reach out to everyone at the moment, we were out today and everyone was smiling, happy and really friendly!

    Perhaps, things really are starting to Shift?!

    Much Love xxx

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    1. @Lily – We are similar – luckily we don’t have to go anywhere and so far granddaughter has ignored most things – she doesn’t get wrapping and usually will, maybe, pull if we start to tear it off or just walks away, lol.
      We haven’t yet done anything with her birthday – my daughter got a few packs of little farm animals and dinosaurs and rubber flat letter/numbers to play with and lose. Never got to it, yesterday – My daughter worked a big portion of day then came home to cook – usually won’t let me help – throws off her OCD planning, but she did let me peel potatoes and a carrot in my room this year, wash a few things for her and one or two other things – only one or two small meltdowns esp after freak cutting with stick blender and emergency bandaging –
      This allowing is a very noticed positive change and the quicker letting go of an “everything going wrong” attitude – much weaker energy to it all – my own re-activeness as well. Her partners reactions less explosive to her reactions and less long lasting.
      We ate before midnight which is better than in recent years – once ate around 2 am next day, lol –
      We roam to different drummers… 🙂

      Not sure what Christmas season will bring… might have to put a two dimensional Christmas tree on ceiling and hang ornaments off just for fun – two older dogs plus rambunctious 40+ lb ‘puppy’ doesn’t bode well for any type tree… The thought of the Holiday is just tiring… 🙂
      Would love to see new ‘trees’ outside with extraordinary colors and garlands of colored mists swirling about a New Earth for decorations. THAT I would gladly celebrate…

      Luvvies and huggles,


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      1. Kg ❤️ Sounds like we might have a few things in common there with your Granddaughter and my Elsie 😉 Lets hope this Christmas brings peace, joy and calm and perhaps a path to NE with those beautiful and magical trees you just described!

        Much Love & hugs! ❤️❤️❤️

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    2. Lily. Sounds like you have three generations of angels in your family. Elsie is the pathfinder. She most likely can see angels, fairies and spirits. What a fascinating little soul she is. I have been totally cheesed off with Xmas for a long time. The commercial aspect is so rammed down humanity’s throats. They will be starting the hoo ha in summer soon. Family have also been a problem, having had them to stay and they have been behaving badly. Last Xmas was bad when I ended up in hospital a few hours after they went home. The stress factor was a big contributor to my trip there. Soo. Live and learn. We are not inviting them this year and will have a chilled time. Just us and the cat. Wonderful. You are far from alone in the bah humbug club.😸 How is puss puss. 💖

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      1. Newlyn ❤️ So happy you are feeling better now and so happy you can enjoy a peaceful xmas this year, who know what it might bring, perhaps NE?! I think we will be doing the same! Might pop to see my parents for a spot of lunch but then home again to keep ‘Elsie’s’ routine as ‘normal’ as possible! Glad you liked the music. I always listen to ‘kiss the earth’ when I want to just drift away for a bit! The Pink Floyd was a blast from the past! U was having a bit of a journey down menory lane and thought I would share that one, was tempted to share more but thought I should probably not, could have got quite carried away and jammed the blog up! Things have not gone well with the beautiful kitty. I was n’t going to say anything as I feel a bit daft after asking The CATs to post a photo! ‘Elsie’ just did not take to her at all. I think maybe she was a bit young. She is nearly two but still acted very much like a kitten which although was very sweet for me to watch, made Elsie quite jumpy and anxious. I’m trying not to think about it too much! Anyway, onwards and upwards! On a different note, have you noticed how pink and purple the sunsets are recently?

        Much Love & Light xxx

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        1. Lily. Hey don’t feel daft. It’s so nice that you have persevered with trying to find the right puss. I wonder if I could cope with a young cat’s energy when Poons goes. They are a bit lively! Yes we have had three sunsets on the trot that were gorgeous. Pinks into deep orange. Then this morning on the way to work the light was like liquid gold pouring over the fields. I am so lucky to have such a pretty route to travel. Can’t look at the scenery too much though as there are so many kamikazi pheasants leaping across the road, with me muttering “for heaven’s sake what do you think you have wings for!” So beautiful yet so daft bless em.🌄💖

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          1. Thank you Newlynn ❤️ I was feelin a wee bit low about it all, last few days have been a real challenge.

            Things are better today but the energies have been just really weird and unsettling. Had two nights where I felt there was presence in my room when I was trying to sleep, one of those night I felt something pressing down on me and my heart started beating so fast! Turned the light on and asked for help but that energy seems to be lingering…a little less now but phewee!

            Hope your head feels better today? Perhaps what we feel/experience has to do with all the chaos out there in the world. It does feel like everything is getting very stirred up right now.

            And yes, those pheasants! If they are acting more daft than usual I will have to be extra careful when out!

            Much Love and Hugs ❤️🤗❤️


    1. Lily. Wonderful. Dave Gilmore with lots of hair! Looks wrong. He’s my favourite guitar maestro ever! Just love his album On An Island. Very relaxing. And thank you for asking about my health, I’m as normal as I will ever be now!!! From a member of the weird club. 💖💖💖

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  24. Recent Deja vu’s make me think timelines merging. Hit hard with vertigo nausea about 6pm CST last night, so probably manipulation of timelines still. Plasma Field intensifies. Earth Changes. Staying Zero Point, Gratitude, Peace and Love to ALL. 🐱❤

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  25. Well, ALL, here is a short update on this 30th day of November: I am feeling a great sense of calm and peace in quietude in preparation for the December energies leading to transformation of 2020. I haven’t a clue what this obviously very intense next period will bring. I am at peace with what IS. Beyond this statement, I wish ALL ever expanding awarenesses secure in the knowledge that all will be well. (Beyond all this, a concerted effort to get 5 more dogwood trees in the ground before 2020. I was given the vision last week and realize that this planting is necessary to complete the energy flow in the garden at the farm. Don’t ask me why, it just needs to be complete) Other than that, I know less than nothing.

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Love you, J, because your love spills over and radiates. And I like it that you know nothing. Having the nothing space lets the love climb in.

      Liked by 6 people

  26. Maybe it’s just me?
    The sun coming up over the duplex building next door was extremely, extraordinarily BRIGHT a hour or so ago.
    I could barely look NEAR it…
    Any one else’s sun look ‘excessive’ this morning?


    Liked by 7 people

    1. I noticed the brighter than normal sun this morning (Dec. 1). I’m in AZ and felt completely off kilter after getting up. Colder than normal outside but a bright, spring like feel to the air outside and the birds all singing loudly! As I let my dog out, for a few moments I couldn’t remember what day/month it was. I also had this strange feeling of being my teenaged self again and it was a crisp spring morning in 1978. Lately, you have to go with the flow or go right off the deep end!


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  27. Same here, busy dreaming after my evening meditation. I was shown an ancient, shiny city on a mountain. It looked greek. People had to prepare for a flood that was yet to come and should bury the city under water. For some reason I was taught some chemical formulas about air and water (more complex than our earthy formulas) that should avoid the flood to ‘glacialize’ and thus make the place inhabitable. Very weird!

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  28. Oh, gaud… It one of those excessively, tired – can’t keep my eyes open – sleepy days and will be challenging to take care of grddaughter after – mom goes to work… Brother J and whatever AAs are appropriate please be with me –

    Just remembered sometime – during the overnight I remember feeling excessively (what is it with that word can’t stop using it today – it’s everywhere – ) I was full body itchy like my last snake skin was totally ‘ excessively ‘, way past outgrown and would have given a lot to rub myself excessively, lol – this is fun – all over a huge rough cat scratch tower or squeeze through a tight rough space to peel this no longer needed, too small ‘skin’ off, so I can take a deep breath and b-r-e-a-t-h-e .

    Much love and good days to all,


    Liked by 5 people

  29. Welcome to the last month of this decade which promises to be energy-filled packed.

    In just 2 days it is 03/12/2019 which is 333.
    On 12/12/2019 it’s a full Moon and another 333.
    The Solstice is on 21/12/2019, yet another 333.
    To end the month there’s a New Moon / Solar Eclipse on 26/12/2019.

    Have a nice Sunday and a lovely December.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. All of these dates you mention work out to be a 9 using the Chaldean numerology. That means completion. I can see where you get the 333 from (date / month / year) but not adding them together. Altogether, a very potent time. Thanks for the reminder.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for adding that because I just realised I turn 45 on December 10, which is also a 9 or completion.
        The last few days I have noticed building upon others info frequently. Positive and constructive cooperation where one holds a key/info for the other and vice versa.
        Another step forward towards unity Consciousness. We are One indeed.

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  30. More jumps I suspect.

    Dreamt of being held in a secure medical facility being monitored with others.

    I was showing various abilities such as flying and psychokinesis. I expressed love for my case worker (Stockholm?) and she had to leave the program. Then I and two others managed to escape the facility causing distraction and fabricating our roles. We ran until we got outside and headed to a secret tunnel that we entered inside a “tree”!

    Another dream very similar in that I was being chased and it ended where I had to escape using an elaborate method in some strange building. Only this time I recognised someone who was a duplicate, maybe a parallel counterpart.

    When I awoke I watched the usual light codes stream in. I managed to remember three symbols. Its tricky as they are a moving target. When I focused my awareness I captured three of the suckers! Not sure if this is folly as I have no idea what in tarnation they mean anyway lol.

    Signing out,


    Liked by 12 people

    1. Mark. I immediately thought of the Rupert Bear books. He went through secret doors in trees to the imps underground tunnels. As a kid I really wanted to go and explore them too. Your dreams are fascinating.☺️

      Liked by 3 people

  31. Today I was reading a blog from a guy with a nick TruthEarth 11:11, he has also a Youtube channel TruthEarthOrg, where he is posting some off his videos, beautifully done, great music…

    On his blog he writes about his dreams, synchronicity and stuff.

    Anyway, after some reading on his blog, I stood up from the chair to pick something, look up at the click on the microwave, and it was showing exactly 11:11, what a synchronicity, I stood there, watching that clock and thinking, come on, this can’t be a coincidence ✨

    Liked by 4 people

  32. Uhh, again missing the post about seeing 11:11 and a synchronicity about it, ohhh, well, I guess it will show up eventually ✨


  33. For the 3rd time in a few days, the weather app on my phone reports a “tornado” here. Not that there is one, they never occur here, but the app indicates there is one.
    Happened twice today, just now as well local time 19:10 UTC+1.
    Don’t know anything about tornadoes but looked it up and in order for a tornado to happen there must be a huge difference in temperature between the ground level and up in the air.
    So what’s causing the app to report it 3x this week?
    Could it be a huge ufo flying over causing a gigantic disturbance in the electromagnetic field?
    Is is simply the same field being affected by the current energies?
    During tonight’s “tornado” my teeth started bleeding too.
    Are those two things linked?
    The temperature during the “tornado” is unavailable, it says “- -“.
    I am grateful to have found a blog where I can share weirdness. ☺️
    Oh and my mother said that the BBC talked about the loud boom(-s) that was heard and reported by many people in London (not sure but def the UK). According to “experts” it was caused by an airplane. Yeah we all know that ain’t right but just wanted to inform that the loud booms have reached msm.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. The bleeding teeth, had it last night, weird? yes! Workin’ on the railroad(caboose) today, had lightning before iceball storm. Yet, the thunder sounded like it was in a “B” movie, poor quality but a loud “fireworks” type. Other booms occasionally, near my house lately. Peace.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Teeth was weird because it was one of my side teeth, usually it’s the front ones. I am aware this sounds rather trailer park-ish. I can assure you, that’s all for physical ailments.
        That railroad track sounds fun. I am trying to master Lady Madonna on guitar. Slowly but surely…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric. Thank you for posting the link. It’s fascinating how some folk can remember other event waves and lives. ☺️


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