Meterage 11/21 to 11/26 [UPDATE10]


Jeez, we’re piling up so many comments that we need new posts more often (and maybe less mint on our heads). At least now we have an excuse:

We had a (very) small CME today:

We’ll probably feel some effects of this in a few days. HOWEVER… this will mark the first time we’ll have felt the effects WITHOUT akron interference. It’ll be interesting to see the difference. We’re already sleeping better, but then again, we were seriously being messed with.
And we had this. All CATs heard this ZING this morning. (This is a proton count.)
The ZING’s magnetic component… as measured in Scandinavia. There can be local differences.


Felt a little sizzle last night, but ours was probably due to portal activity.


Energies are up.
Portal One’s “knock knock” is still going strong…
…and still appearing all over the place.


More as we find it. In the meantime…

…you might want to keep the door closed.


WHOMP in progress as of 11/23 @9:24 UTC. Some of us can feel a timeline brewing… though it could just be resolving, elsewhere.


Don’t know where else to put this, so… here’s Lily’s cute cat:



The lie continues:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.28.18 PM

There are no “Starlink satellites.” Those are ET craft. Looks remarkably like many of our recent visions and dreams.


Ugh. Late updates as most CATs felt lobotomized all day after last night’s blotto energy (coming so thick through portals that you could walk on it):


Here it was, rolling in last night:


And it’s starting up again:












Hooboy, looks like tonight’s gonna be as bad as last night:



Well, we’ve had a… glitch. It’s not a timeline jump. So far, we can’t tell what it is… but here it is:



Yesterday and today, ALL CATs felt/feel like they’d had lobotomies in the night.


Check this out. See this anomaly?

…and today.

This is the reptoids trying to either create a new timeline, or subvert this one with something in their nastiness quiver. We ask again, WHY would ANYONE think they can defeat SOURCE?!? It’s ludicrous; beyond insanity. Anyway, this will come to nothing.


Thanks to the commenter who pointed this out. This is indeed interesting:

Check out the pattern to the right.

And this:


This is about the time we were to get that glancing blow from that CME.

Proton drop:


And these oddities:



And finally:

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.49.41 AM


We saw someone else posted a video about a “lightning bolt from the sun.” They were talking about this, which we clipped earlier but hadn’t shared:



This is actually an energy pulse by Portal One inside the sun. It happens every now and again, and is basically extra oomphy Wave X energy from SOURCE… well, let’s say SUPER-OOMPHY Wave X energy. We have no idea how long it takes for this energy to reach us; the rates are always different.


In terms of this…

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 10.21.23 PM

…and the weird Kiruna graph above, it was the PTW using some technology to try and force something to happen… but it didn’t work.


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  1. I wish I had shared my dream this morning whilst it was still fresh in my mind! It’s mostly gone now but here is what I can remember…

    I was in a very large room, filled with people I do not know (in my 3D existence). There were huge curved windows looking out onto the nights sky (could have been a very large shop of some kind).

    The sky changed from regular black with stars to being filled with plasma blobs that changed shape, a bit like the lava lamps you get. The colours were beautiful. There were also ships in the sky, phasing in and out. The whole scene was spectacular. I was trying to explain to a group of people what was happening, that everything was fine. I remember saying something very important (but cannot remember exactly what the words were now!) and a man at the back of the room finished my sentence for me. I was happy that there was someone else there that also knew what was going on…

    That’s all I can recall but it was very intense dream…

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. “and a man at the back of the room finished my sentence for me.”
      He said: “Are you free Mrs. Slocombe?” 😉

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        1. Yeah, it was a joke, just wanted to make you laugh. You said ‘store’ and Are you being served is about a department store. And you said it was an important message so I just joked around with the well known line from that show “are you free?”. 😉
          It was one of the few shows on tv I actually enjoyed a lot.

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          1. Stefan ❤️ I never watched that programme, wish I had now! I just saw a collection of t-shirts being sold with Mrs Slocombe sayings, many references to her (ahem) pussy! 😮😂 xx

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            1. Ahum, I am glad you said it. Well you did get a kitty recently, right….
              If they show it on the telly again, do watch it, I think you’ll enjoy it. ❤️

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  2. Hello All!
    Some of you were discussing how Christmas has lost its shine. I don’t feel very festive either.
    Though, most obvious to me is the feeling of the Ren Fest. My husband and I have been going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for four years. The first year we went, we had just started getting serious about our relationship (we had been best friends for two years before we started dating). It had a very sparkly magical atmosphere. I bought a big beautiful quartz crystal point (it called to me), and we had our tarot read as a couple. We took a walk in the garden there. I took advantage of the mood, and decided to take a chance and introduce a bit of my spiritual side to him then. We were sitting on a bench in the garden and I took the crystal out of the bag. I held it for a bit and cleansed it with white light. Then I handed to him and asked him to hold it a minute and see if he felt anything. He did feel something. I told him that he was “reading” the energy. He wanted to know more, so I taught him to “read” plants around him. His eyes were opened, and he was fascinated. We have made the Ren Fest a yearly tradition after that day. It has been just as magical… until this year. It had a happy facade, but felt empty. We were distracted and didn’t do the things that we normally do there. Mostly, we people watched. It had a feeling of finality. We met two older couples there, and listened to their stories. I heard lots of “we used to…”. I felt a bit sad there, almost as if everyone there was just trying to recreate something that once was. At first, I thought it was just me. I asked my husband about it when we got home, and he said it felt different to him, too. My husband is still a normie, but has come a long way. I know that if I try to explain a lifetime of spiritual knowledge and experience to him in too short of a time, he would just shut down and call me crazy. I try to introduce things to him as opportunities present themselves. Anyway, some of this may be TMI, but I felt I should share.
    I love All of you beautiful souls! 💗
    Hang in there!
    Hugs 🤗

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  3. I wonder if update 7 had something to do with how I felt this morning… I woke up (for about the 4th or 5th time) when my daughter left for work, somewhere between 6:30 & 7:00 am MT – she works all different hrs, anywhere from 4:30 am to past 11:00 pm – and from 6 to 9 1/2 hr shifts. She when back to work the day after her acute attack – still hasn’t passed the stone though…
    Anyway, I felt we were either on a ‘bad’ timeline or were hopefully just about to jump from one – I think I started repeating the ‘I ams’ and encouraged myself to go back to sleep. That feeling had changed by the next time I woke, around 8 am MT, I think…
    All morning I felt a desire to post, without explanation, the 2 mantras in my FB status. I’d only gotten FB years ago to keep in touch with my daughter and such back east, then added some people around the world that I had taken some trainings/workshops with online, in 2012 – all pretty positive people – good people to have in the world and such. I don’t generally add any one else… I still feel like doing that, but haven’t yet – maybe waiting for timing – will see…

    Also really hungry today… *shrug*

    Be well,


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  4. FYI, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge:

    How one balances reality when transitioning from 3D to 5D in the physical. Enjoy!

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  5. I felt your last update. I have a really sensitive shell. My body feels the inconsistencies of our environment and I feel them before they come. Waking up has helped me realize what exactly was going on with me but I digress… There is more to do this but I’ll get into that on a different date. Absolutely the awakening is here! We have finally hit 100hz as a planet woohoo! We are getting close to the major threshold to move forward. We are shifting, we are splitting and we are here. Take in and enjoy the ride!

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  6. “I woke up (for about the 4th or 5th time)”
    Yup like the last 3 or 4 years. . . Never sleep deeply, cuz if I did I would change this world. Very tired. Very snarky and very sure I will not walk into a white light. Very sure I won’t do it again. An if I’m wrong I’m sure they will tell how I might be wrong before they send me back to do it again cuz I got it wrong again.
    Ok snarky mode.
    You and I know we are more than this.
    Physical body aches are not real when you, of the soul, spud, that doesn’t exist here. It’s been awhile since my body hurts because of the Schuman. I know it other ways.
    Let me cuss this out please. .
    Jzs fhg crst I know who I am. I am tired of living a life in the illusion that it is easier to be if you don’t believe in yourself first. And I myself, love you bunches. Can we live there please?

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  7. Freaky dream last night.

    Demons coming to earth to fulfill contracts that were signed that granted them permission to brutally murder children when they reached the age of 12. I was trying to protect one of the children…

    I hope whatever horrific information is meant to be exposed happens soon. I know there have been a lot of people at work – but once more people can see the truth, we can heal and transition quicker and awake from the illusion. People are ready – I think that’s why we’ve seen such a rise in anxiety and people questioning their cultural/sexual/social identities. They sense the illusion. Frustrated by the context but they don’t grasp the magnitude or undercurrents of what change, what shift is truly occurring. They are feeling a lack of direction/purpose and that bothers them on a deep level that they have yet to identify (that they are choosing to live a lie that tells them they aren’t perfect and whole and worthy of love)

    I think partly what has caused there to be a bit of a lag is social media/Hollywood/violent videos games etc. They’ve been desensitizing the masses by creating more opportunities for exposure, making us more accustomed to being okay with seeing/experiencing horrific things… gradually making the pill we have to swallow larger and larger.

    I wouldn’t normally share something like this, but it feels similar to recent information that has been making it mainstream… somehow sense a relation there.

    I was also watching a violent movie before bed (what was I thinking) – but content/context very different.

    Please don’t let Ryan Gossling be one of them.
    (…sarcasm…) but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be a little disappointed…

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  8. The phase of TLJ’s to Heaven On Earth will work for Me as a gift. I send Warm/Healthy Tides of Joy to All here. Update 9 looks “doctored near the sun! Peace.

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  9. OK… Has there or is there ‘something’ significant happening in or to do with France today or lately – super dizzy, shucks, THAT let up a bit yesterday, enough so I could wash all/most of the build up of dishes in stages while child watching…
    Anyway, back to France – seems last night all? dreams were in French or about/concerning France, esp since 4 something am MT and remember waking at 2:37 am MT – I think maybe before then to – and all the little wakings
    un-time-noted since light began (very pink clouds; snowed again last might).
    Then this last time, right before 8 am, I saw a boat with the name on it of ‘Brittany’.

    Any one have a clue about this? – I don’t watch or read ANY news…

    Going to try to go back to sleep, repeating the ‘I Am’ s and turn the wattage up on ‘SHINE’…
    much love to ALL,


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    1. Peace Love and Light

      I am in France and I can tell you energies are heightened. People are feeling it, acting all crazy. Most of all me being here there is a chance that I may ascend at any time, as I am ready to at any given moment. Otherwise, life goes on pretty normally, as usual.

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    1. I could have been clearer – the, ‘different’ wow, I meant was between
      15 1/2 and 18 1/2 – 11/26/ 19 …


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  10. Hermitage, Oh. I’m in a parking lot watching ships or something (approx. 6 of them) sucking up chemtrails. The vaccuum effect is tremendous. Peace.

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  11. Mmmwwaaahaaa…… I feel sssooooo much older than I am… trying not to be swept away by it 😣
    Keep dreaming of unicorns 🦄 and dancing 💃 🧡🧡🧡

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  12. Quick question…why do some people try make returning to source seem like you will cease to exist?

    This is probably going to sound far-fetched, even to you…
    I have always felt that this is not the first time everything has gone from source and going back to source. Also, when all is back into 1 point, everyone perceives to be all there is. You can never cease to exist. And I’ve been getting a feeling as of late that a new multiverse is created once all returns to 1. Because time doesn’t exist, it would appear to us 3D inhabitants as going into source in order to get to another universe/multiverse/omniverse.

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  13. The winds are crazy here even for Kansas. Looks like the source just said hi through the sun guess we should be glad we still have eyebrows. LOL 😉

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