A Minor, Major-Scale Miracle


For those musicians going to the New Earth…

…we just checked and… YES, YOUR INSTRUMENTS WILL BE THERE!

Phew. We were getting bummed that we wouldn’t be able to play unless we made our own instruments. (Yes, lots of CATs are musicians.) Hopefully, in the transition, SOURCE will make some of us better musicians… AND make all our instruments top of the line, and unbreakable…


… but note that accordions will *not* be going to the New Earth.

Yes, we were kidding.

AND… the guy who used to be Beethoven is going, too. He’s a violinist now. We’ll point him out to everyone. And YES, this also means you still have to practice in the meantime.

He’s actually not grumpy, anymore. He married his Immortal Beloved, this lifetime. They’re both NY musicians…
Cats Waller



46 thoughts on “A Minor, Major-Scale Miracle

  1. Hi CATs and M’s,
    I am so glad that there will be great music on NE!
    But what about wearable art? I make necklaces out of crystals, wire and glass beads. I would love to share my art with the people of NE.
    I hope to see and hug all of you beautiful souls soon!
    Love 💗,

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  2. Phew! re the accordians. I don’t play, but do love them.

    I’m stepping through something very painful… required ambulance etc.
    I’m more disabled than usual.
    May I please request healing?

    Thank you in advance.

    Waves hello to all ❤

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    1. @Tea Kay
      (((( ❤ ))))

      Be Well, soon – that's an order, lol 🙂 – seriously though, not – much love


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    2. Tea Kay, I’m wishing you a swift recovery✨💞
      Sending loving hugs and healing your way💖💌

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  3. Y’all will play your splendid music in my lush gardens!
    Occasional tuning will result from mischievous faeries and the big cats roaming & roaring may cause minor disruptions!
    We shall All be very merry sharing our talents!!

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  4. I adore the story of Beethoven and being with his beloved. That’s all I want! A happy ending. You know what I mean. I’m a romantic who never found my soul mate! 😇.

    I used to play piano and Beethoven, Chopin, stopped playing when my dad died.Now I can’t remember a note 😉

    These are the stories I know we would love the CATS TO TELL. Beethoven did eventually find happiness with his love. Got more?

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  5. Learning will be such easier.

    Everyone will be able to play. Everyone will want to play.

    Spirit will flow through unimpeded and create harmony. It will be a perk of NE.

    I once had insight to this for over 4 hours. Another amazing byproduct of NE is what happens when we hear music being played. The notes and melody will transport you somewhere. You will feel the sound so profoundly instead of just hearing it.


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    1. That’s what I Love, music takes me places. See All of You @ “The Show”! Minky & I will dust off our vocal chords. Peace.

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  6. Please tell me the wretched A=440 tuning will not exist on NE! It is so irritating I stopped listening to music a long time ago.

    I would imagine that all instruments would be structured or re-structured on NE, that is, adjusted to A=432 or whatever the appropriate vibration would be there. This would be necessary for proper vibratory rates to enhance healing and well-being for ALL, as well as for construction and all sorts of things. Can hardly wait!

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      1. I am so glad to hear that! We just learned about this 440 Hz sham recently and were appalled! I was told in a meditation 2 days ago that I need to focus even more on singing. Had a dream 2 or 3 weeks ago where I found myself in a really large modern church, like one of those evangelical American churches, and to my surprise they had given me something to eat that contained a “microphone stick” of some sort, so everything I said was broadcast loudly throughout the whole building and, also to my surprise, all the people there really wanted to listen to me. When I realized that, I spontaneously sang the line “I’ve got the power!” with a happy grin, sort of as a joke…very strange sensation in the dream to have a
        microphone device in my throat…we might have new ways of amplifying on NE…telepathic concerts, tapping into energy currents, who knows? It will be so exciting!

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  7. Music has gotten me through many difficult times in my life. I suspect that is the case for many on this blog. Even though I do not play an instrument my body reacts to the frequency of notes. I can feel the different notes moving up and down my chakra system (as Mark alludes to in above post). This is probably routine for musicians. It is evident in the joy they experience when playing their instruments, especially in harmony with others.
    Holding healing light bubble for Tea Kay.. Cay

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  8. Cute cats images and videos! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    I am so glad you will be able to play on your instruments on NE and SOURCE will make some of you better musicians… AND make all your instruments top of the line, and unbreakable…

    So, what exactly is a Major-Scale Miracle? Please share! 😉


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  9. I so look forward to these coming times – I’ve let myself be shut down with music, instruments and voice too many times in my life – sometimes a combination of neglect and criticism, sometimes a ‘friend’ appropriating what I started – my responsibility for letting it – I’d like to SEE music again as I did for a time about 13 ? yr ago, so beautiful, colors and movement –
    I let someone’ advise me’, seeing me have too much enjoyment, happy about some involvement – thinking me too ?enervated? – so it got shut down.. want it back, it was so beautiful… I want back the (metal) flute, my Spanish guitar, the piano, my native American flute and my singing voice – I want it all back, usable talent and ability and a freeing of all inhibitions and to free utilization…

    Thank you, SOURCE.


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    1. Kg ❤️ When you find yourself on New Earth, may your flutes, guitar, piano and beautiful voice all find their way back to you 🙏✨❤️

      As a child I played violin, than clarinet and wanted to try the flute and saxophone.

      Then, unfortunately, I turned into……………. a teenager 😬 and instead thought it better to dance around in floaty dresses (a’ la Kate Bush), climb over locked park gates and climb trees with boyfriend and friends (still in floaty dresses (me not them) they got a wee bit mucky and torn on various branches (the dresses not my boyfriend or friends!) and generally be a bit of rebel/wild child!)

      On New Earth, I hope I can join you in making music….

      I will take care of my dresses and will not climb over anymore park gates, although I may have to climb a tree or two, if the tree does not mind!

      Lots of Love and hugs ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. @lily -Please, Please join me for NE sessions and teach me violin – I was always drawn to it and got to ‘play’ with a counselor/friend’s when I visited with him and his friend once – it didn’t screech at all when I tried it out – not knowing anything. My Ex had two violins he always kept under the bed that he ‘appropriated’ from his high school – my mom and I had the bow repaired for his birthday once, not cheap – He did nothing with them and refused to let me or anyone play them – we were married 19 yrs – I have no idea of his thought process – was kind of hurtful – to my mind… Maybe he felt guilty – one could hope? 🙂
        I’d REALLY wanted to play the trombone when our school offered instrument lessons ( our 6th grade I think – which our systems last year of grade or elementary schools then) They wouldn’t let me because I had buck teeth then – before my braces years. So I picked the flute which we rented for $15 a month (early 1960’s money) my flute had a defective ‘key’ which damped my enthusiasm for playing it – they other boy who chose flute became a real expert and later played in marching bands and competitions – I think my over bite was more a hindrance in getting the embouchure right than perhaps the trombone might have been – being able to find/produce all the right notes with just a slide fascinated me… the flute key problem and the embouchure thing made things more frustrating than was wanted in the experience… My brother chose the clarinet he was very squeaky, I was actually better with it(rubs/polishes knuckles on shirt 🙂 )less squeaks, but wasn’t my favorite instrument for some reason – not sure why –

        I was a very good tree climber in my day – we could go around asking all the climbable trees permission? 😀 – take our violins in a (padded) back pack and play in/to the trees…


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        1. Kg ❤️ I would love to join you for NE sessions in the trees 😄 Although, I only played violin until I was about 8 years old or so, I think you could teach me a whole lot more musically than I could you but I would love to try and make music all the same whether it’s via instrument or voice ☺️

          Maybe the trees will join in!

          Much Love & Light & Melodic Music


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      2. Lily. Eee you make me laugh! Keep that sense of fun. The trees are waiting for you with trepidation on NE chuck.🌳🌳🌳🌳☺️

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        1. Newlynn ❤️

          Dear NE trees, I will only climb you if I have your permission. I will not wear doc marten boots and will be very gentle and climb oh so carefully. Just please do not shake me out of your beautiful branches when I try to sing!

          Tra-la la, dee-dum, dee-doo!

          Much Love! ❤️😄❤️

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  10. I’m sure someone has said this already: Hahahhaha. “note that accordions will *not* be going to the New Earth.” My dad played accordion on ships in his 20s and 30s (which was also in the 20s and 30s, since he was born in 1902;-) but in “them thar” days it was prob the only availability of mobile entertainment. I.e. No boom boxes

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    1. Pam. Wonderful. Over the last decade (and probably longer) I have seen Mugenkyo three times. They are so powerful. It really triggers the emotions. I love these guys. The lass with the black hair and fringe was so young and dinky the first time I saw them. Looked like she would be blown over by a puff of wind. But she was feisty and boy can she drum. I would go and see them again if they come this way. I live them. Thanks so much for posting this. I didn’t know the meaning of their name. Brilliant.😊😊😊😊😊

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  11. I play the pipe organ (and other keyboard instruments).
    I find most slower-tempo keyboard music to be exceptionally relaxing, putting me into a meditation mind quickly.

    It will be absolutely wonderful to see / hear organs (please, no double entendres – I’ve heard them all, and created a few I have….). And Pianos. And Harpsichords. And the list goes on and on….

    Why the organ? I find the harmonics and overtones to be irresistible, and really appreciate a quality four-to-eight-hertz sound vibrating my chest and torso. And at full volume, the sounds transport me somewhere else…

    From these prior comments, I’m know I’m not alone on this point – music seems to speak to many people at the heart level.

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  12. And to all of us who vibrate to a musical sound never played in 3d. . . We shall play the instrument of our soul. To those who know the voice of their soul was conveniently deleted, we will rock on far beyond.

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  13. Sounds good to me, my guitar’s been getting pretty dusty since I rarely feel good enough to play anymore. I look forward to singing harmony for sure – grew up singing barbershop and love to harmonize to the radio when driving. Anyone ever watch Larry’s Country Diner on rural tv channel? It’s on Thursdays at 8pm and they have everyone from Vince Gill to bluegrass to old style country – lots of great stuff from the 60s and 70s that you forgot about. Can’t wait to jam with everybody! Tea Kay, hope you feel better soon!

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    1. Thank you ❤
      Getting there xo

      Dreams of singing harmoniously together…
      Dreams of playing ALL the instruments…
      these thoughts fill my heart.

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  14. I also ran across the 440/432Hz discrepancy several years back and have since ‘tuned’ my music playback system to 432Hz.

    IOW all the music I hear now has been ‘adjusted’ to be based upon the 432Hz tuning.

    This makes the music I listen to much less ‘edgy’ and much more harmonious.

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