Knock Knock Knockin’ [UPDATE5]


Both SOURCE… and CATS… are working tirelessly to get your attention.

The activity we call “KNOCK KNOCK” is SOURCE pulsing energy through Portal One (the huge portal inside the sun), as well as all other portals EVERYWHERE… trying to wake various beings up. This is causing “scientists” to quietly FREAK OUT and drink like fish as they don’t refuse to understand what’s happening. And light-avoiding beings of course fear what they don’t understand. Here’s what we’re talking about, you seen it before:

Knock knock.
High frequency knockage.







KNOCK KNOCK energy is bouncing off the earth’s core, too.

Meanwhile, “scientists” like to blame things like the below gaps on ubiquitous “coronal holes,” but these meterage gaps were caused by portals firing up in sympathy to Portal One. The following meters are from all over the planet:

11-8-19-rtplot_flux211-8-19-test_diff_fScreen Shot 2019-11-08 at 8.08.48 AM

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 8.21.23 AM





Tomsk also showed some nearby portalage, but it looks different:


Just in time for 11/11.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves the next few days. Ascension can be both hard…


…and easy:


Always depends on your footing. If you need us, we’ll be hiding in the couch:



You have probably heard about Blossom’s Guides confirming that that ABC news live-mic gaff was indeed “The Slip” (!). Things have also suddenly become quiet here and there…


Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 12.32.06 PM

…and you know what stillness means.


The knocking is getting more fervent:





We’re definitely feeling this late 11/11 energy…


…though we suspect it’s a portal/full moon thing.


Huh. We had a weird timeline split:




That was around 3:00 am PST on the 12th, which is inside this Tomsk blob:


Still working on what we jumped from or to.


Magnetic field is looking exceptionally quiet…

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.20.40 PM
Actually, this looks like it’s off.


But the knocking has increased in amplitude…


Meanwhile, we’ve had a few anomalies:


Someone asked us to explain all these graphs and meters… frankly, we don’t have time. Best is to look for your own reactions to the energies listed at various times, and look for  correlations.


132 thoughts on “Knock Knock Knockin’ [UPDATE5]

  1. Thanks, I’m on the couch, and My Wife is repeating. I’m The Light/Love. I believe It may have found a home in Her. Miracles Happen, I Love It. Peace.

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  2. Wow, loo at that CAT get out of that hole! Thanks CATS, things have been super strange lately. Was sitting with ‘Elsie’ watching her bedtime tv programme “In the Night Garden” when the enrgy everywhere just felt so buzzy, like everything was vibrating, made my eyes go pretty strange and cause my head to fizz! Had to keep blinking to integrate it all.

    Have also been hearing animal noises in the home very close by. Last night when putting Elsie to bed, a low growling noise came from just to the left of me! I just got on with what I was doing but there have been others, usually strange bird like noises but also a small yowl the kind a wild cat would make! Think I really am in the twilight zone lol!

    Holding on to my hat!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Pretty sure its CLAIRaudient as ‘Elsie’ does not seem to be hearing it or the guinea pigs, they have ridiculous;y good hearing and always make a loud ‘brrrrrrr’ noise when they hear something unusual, the piggies not ‘Elsie’!

        Also, it’s completely random and by the time I would be able to find anything to record it on, it would have stopped. The growl was the clearest and weirdest, as if a large dog (or wolf, made me think of your visions) had been sitting right next to ‘Elsie’s’ bed


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  3. Geez I hope this explains my exploding head these past 2 days! Good luck everyone, glad I’ve got a 3 day weekend to sleep! And I’m getting my car new snow sneakers on 11/11 at 11 – maybe there’s a portal at the tire shop? “)

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  4. Seriously diggin the couch today!! Anticipating catnap momentarily!
    Thanks for posting those charts…confirms whompage effects on this earthbound body!
    Oh , ear ringing for me high-pitched, then throttles down to really low, background noise…vibration
    Peace and Love to Y’all!

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    1. Mmmm, yes! I got a mattress topper for my daughter in the hope it would help her sleep and oh my Sourceness, it was so soft, wanted to get in myself…Cloud bed!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Lily. I just bought a 4″ memory foam topper with my birthday money. It’s brilliant. They do flatten eventually (and make you hot). But as it’s wintery weather I don’t mind. It’s really helping my aching shoulders. Treat yourself. Oh and get a cooling cover if you do. They💕🤗

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        1. I’ve got a lovely natural latex mattress, paid for it over a couple of years! It was worth it though, really soft, not quite as ‘cloud like’ as Elsie’s but if she sleeps, I sleep so it’s all good!

          Enjoy your topper, hope it helps with all the ‘energies’ to get a restful night 😉❤️

          Much Love Xxx

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          1. I love latex mattresses. On my wish list. But I think a latex topper would suffice. Hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂

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          2. Lily. Wow. Latex is my ultimate goal! They are much more natural and don’t off gas. Didn’t have quite enough birthday money though lol. Hope Elsie is sleeping better.💖💖💖

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            1. Newlynn, yes, I took a plunge and also got one for Elsie too! it was back when we were going through pretty tough/challenging times and I decided to do what I could to help us recover. It felt like neither of us has slept in years, both of us have immune disorders and are really sensitive to everything so I decided to go as natural as I could even if it meant paying it off over a loooooong time on interest free credit. I haven’t been out for an evening/meal/coffee in over seven years due to our circumstances and don’t really buy many clothes, makeup etc…Just good organic food where I can and supplements to help us. both. Sleep was one thing I was willing to splash out on!

              If we need sleep on New Earth, may all mattresses be made of natural latex and may they all be free for ALL!

              Much Love and Hugs ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Lily. Thank you for asking. No flooding thankfully. We live at the top of the hill in our village. We are on the emergency plan to provide food and shelter for the bottom of the hill villagers if needed. We always have plenty of provisions, love cooking and don’t rely on electricity or mains gas to do so. Were you affected? 🤔Xxx

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            1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank Sourceness! We were fine, it;s been raining a lot the last few days but we are surrounded by a lot of fields and are on a slight incline so keeping everything crossed! For some reason, I have always though it would be good to have an inflatable dinghy in the cupboard just in case!

              Big hugs ❤️🙏✨

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  5. i’ve been in a FABULOUS mood lately! Even though I’m losing $ on my biz. LOL I’m singin in the car, laughing at work. At home. Even laughing w/ my sister who says i’m going to H-E-Double Hockey sticks for not going to church! HAHAHA.

    serious ear ringing. love it!!!!

    I did hear that spirit or disembodied voice talk to me the other night and say “ma’am” thru the bathroom door. My mom keeps dreaming about dead relatives.

    i’m considering Botox for the fine lines on cheeks/eyes. and already christmas shopping. (if it happens….)

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    1. Speak to the spirit. If you don’t want to be bothered anymore, tell him that you’re not a woman, that the house now belongs to you, and that the spirit must go to where he is better served. Be firm. Those in bodies outrank those in spirit: out jobs are harder, and are recognized as such.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. @duganknows I’ve embraced the many lines ( some not so fine!) on my
      face. They’ve become like a roadmap of my life. Finding them sort of interesting.
      Infinite Love to All xxoo

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      1. Joy113. I agree. I am what I am and decided to be happy with my body in my twenties. Old age is wonderful because things are more in perspective now and I just don’t care about what people perceive when they look at me. 😄😸

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      2. @joy113. Lol I don’t want my face to look like a road map. Haha. I want to stay young looking. I heard aluna ashe say not to get botox for ascension reason. That it’s not pure or something. That’s the only reason I’ve waited. Hahaha. If the CATS say it’s okay, I’m going for it. Actually, I look about 10 years younger. My family is like why don’t you age?!? Lol now it’s starting to kick in a bit. Gotta catch that first wrinkle or it multiplies fast. 😂😂😂


  6. Ooooo gawd! W and I went out into the outside world today. I didn’t know whether I’d survive the experience. Can you say Crabby?(Me)

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  7. That weird smokey mist that isn’t fog or smoke is outside right now and they are chemtrailing the nights sky right now. Gives you a really creepy feeling for sure. The sunset was another acid trip of intense colors. Seems most sensitives on the other forums are like what is this too intense I agree wow.

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  8. “Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door”🎶 (Yay, I just turned into a teenager again!)

    Great post as always. Thank’s CAT’s.❤️
    Well, something definitely knocked on us a few hours ago. From about 22:00 CET to around 23:30 CET 11/8, there must have been some energetic influx going on…and perhaps some other “things” happening.

    We watched a movie on the tv. Our dog was resting on the floor infront of the sofas in our livingroom and suddenly he began to whine a bit. Thought he wanted to go out, but no he did’nt. He just looked back at us and seemed very puzzled. Then I instantly began to freeze like crazy! Wrapped a cozy blanket around me, but that did’nt help much. And then my teeth started to hurt out of nowhere! Asked Mr H if he felt cold or strange of any sorts but he did’nt and replied that I must feel like that because of our late night meal. I said no – this is something different – it’s magnetic of some kind.
    By then, our dog got up on his legs and started to shy away from a big fig tree that is placed to the right side of the tv-screen. I thought “what the heck?!”, got up, walked up next to it, read it’s energy which was perfectly fine and told him to come to me – he did and then looked a bit relieved back at me. Went back to the sofa and wrapped the blanket around me. Then my heart started to race a bit and my whole body began buzzing so much that it made me feel like I wanted to gasp for air. It went on like that for a while until it suddenly stopped and took my toothache along with it. (Thank you, you know I don’t like the dentist’s!😉)
    By now, our cat wakes up. She’s jumps onto the coffee table, walks up to me, sits down and just stares at me. (?!) She sits there for a moment, and then she starts to play and run around the livingroom like she’s struck by lightning untill she decides to sit down and tidy her fur up right infront of the tv-screen – she sure knows how to be purrfectly at the center of ones attention😂
    After her preformance, I felt very warm for a while and all comfy untill suddenly I began freezing again and this time it was my knees and hips that started to hurt. I started to laugh out loud at the crazyness of it all and Mr H just looked at me. “I’m telling you, somethings up. I’m not lying, I can FEEL it!” and he’s like “ok, whatever you say” and smiles back at me. (I admit – it really annoys me that he does’nt feel a thing while I’m like a living antenna and in his eyes wearing a “warning – walking wacko”-label on my forehead! Oh…what ever…atleast he loves me….or perhaps I should say endures me😉)

    Sometime after 23:30, we paused the film. Our dog was barking in the kitchen. I went out to have a look. He was looking out towards the garden. But I did’nt see anything. Thought I might as well make myself some herbal tea and while I was waiting for the water to heat up and as I started to write this comment to you, I felt a “cold field” in the kitchen next to me and right about the same time, our dog started to bark again looking towards the garden. Then I also felt a cold field over my hands as I’m pressing the keys on the keyboard. By then I felt enough of this, and told my declaration/rules out loud along with a version of the mantra saying “You are Light, you are Love, because that is who You Are and now it’s time to step into that light” and showed the way with my hand. A few seconds later, the “cold field” next to me turned into normal temperature again, and I went to cuddle with our dog…

    And that’s how you plan for a cozy friday evening in the sofa watching a movie…ending up with “what was the name of the movie again – was it a good one”?😜😂

    Loving hugs💖

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    1. We have all been experiencing “the freeze” at different times, some wondering if it was a virus before realizing that it was, as always, the energy.

      Interestingly, some of the CATs got together tonight to watch Alec Guinness as G.K. Chesterton’s sleuth Father Brown in “The Detective,” where the priest detective tries to solve crimes AND save the criminal’s soul. It was quite touching. (Some of us also have crushes on Joan Greenwood, who plays Lady Warren.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. It’s been many years since I saw a film/movie from back in the old days. They used to air them on one of the state owned national tv-channels during midday (we only had two tv-channels to choose between back then) from when I was a kid up to my early teens. If I was home from school, I used to watch them and I really enjoyed them. The clothes they wore, perfect hair, the furnitures, how they articulated the words… Those old films had an air of flawlessness to them.

        I mostly like dramas, like “Maudie” – oh, what a gem! I could watch that film over and over again! Or films that have a certain atmosphere/tone to them, like “Le grand bleu”, “The Leisure Seeker” and “Hampstead”. Or films that leave you with a somewhat bitter taste in your mouth yet you’re happy you saw it because it taught you something, like “Vice”. And then and there, gems of fiction/science fiction do pop up on our screen and becomes memorable, like “Interstellar”…

        But the film we/I saw some of yesterday, followed the normal standard so to say…good guy vs bad guy, muscules, tatoos, guns, car chases, agression, fights, blood, bla, bla, bla… To me they’re totally pointless films but Mr H loves a good action. Luckily I later got to choose film and then I found “Trail of the Pink Panther” – just love those Pink Panter films and to laugh at that silly humor…”gööd mörning, tiz iz inspectööör Clöusöu”🤣

        Loving hugs💖

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      2. That’s funny, I’ve been binge watching the BBC series ‘Father Brown’ lately, really enjoy the focus on forgiveness. Have to check out the 1934 and 1954 originals!

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        1. Veni Vidi. I love the Father Brown series with Mark Williams. It’s gentle entertainment. He is a Midlander like me but covers up the Brummie accent well when he plays the part. People can still detect my accent and I’ve been in Yorkshire over 30 years! 😊

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          1. Wow, lol, you got me on the accent thing! It all sounds British to me😉…But yes, gentle is the word for it! I love how the emphasis is always on God forgiving everything, as long as we feel true remorse. Maybe watching this show is prepping me for forgiving some real life villains in the future…All is forgiven and released…
            Much love!❤

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      3. @Cats Eds, I enjoy Alec Guinness and Father Brown – Also have enjoyed the seasons of Father Brown from BBC starring Mark Williams (also played Arthur Weasley in ‘you know what’ movies)- Father Brown series started in 2013… still seems to be in production… many episodes are on ytbe.

        It’s good to find fun/enjoyable things to view – helps with my sanity quotient anyway… 🙂


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    1. I sure do hope Blossom is correct and that this is just the small beginning of a much larger avalanche of reveals. So far the story is sinking under that radar again, it is yesterday’s news to normies.

      If my spouse (a TV news addict), is any indicator, faith in the MSM and the PTW is unshaken so far. But we will all keep a closer eye on it from now on, and hopefully the whole fake narrative will start to unravel from this point!

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      1. Oh, her Guides are correct. What they say jibes with what we’re seeing, what Lynn at Psychic Focus and Lisa Gawlas are seeing, and Laura Anne’s QHHT clients are seeing. Like Guides said, the story will “blow up and die down, blow up and die down” over and over again, until…

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Something new? My 16 year old who refutes my “woo woo” world is now sharing many “Epstein Did Not Kill Himself” videos. It is out there. The kids know. It is expanding😎. May it be a gentle and kind awakening❤️

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    2. I would have said no too. Not that I wanna be a stickler, and maybe it’s the spectrum coming out in me, but in this, the biggest event to ever hit the Earth, words matter. And it wasn’t a slip. It was more of a discovery as a hidden camera was used to bait someone into admitting something.

      Maybe I’m looking into it too much. I can say that ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ memes are exploding across social media. There’s even a beer company that stamped it on the bottom of their cans!

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  9. Oh WOW! And so it has begun. I have had a hard time today managing my emotions. I growled at my spouse several times as he persists in watching main stream media for hours every day and believes it all. He will be one of those who will be crushed by the cognitive dissonance and may just reject the Truth as totally impossible. As of this moment, it appears that this SLIP has a long way to go before the unmasking is complete. It will surely be challenging in my household. Today, for the first time, I dropped the ACIM mantra on someone, an irate driver who blew past us on a city street and almost ran us off the road, only to be caught behind a line of cars at a red light. As he pounded his steering wheel, we came up behind him and I dropped three grounding cords on him and said the mantra to myself (as I was sitting next to Normie spouse) and noticed that the driver, as far as I could tell, seemed to calm down, though he did speed off as soon as the light changed. Probably late for work or something worse.
    Is it wrong of me to live my awakening life in private? I am not looking forward to the turmoil to come and wish we could jump to a timeline where it is all over. But I have no illusions that I will be in the first wave, nor even the second, so I guess I’m here for the entire denouement. I am here for a reason. I must have signed up for this. DEEP BREATHS. I am the Light. I am the Love. I AM. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. @CAT EDS @lauraksmi so I had a similar experience in that I was at a gas station and this guy came up to me asking for money, obviously homeless, wearing pajamas, and his gf was sitting on the curb shaking. ( drugs I assume) I nodded my head no and he pulls out something and sniffs or huffs it in front of everyone! so I tried to remember the mantra and couldn’t. I thought, “you guys are gonna be okay soon. You are the light. ” I know that wasn’t the mantra, but can we say things like this that resonate for others?

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    1. Sometimes. Sometimes people are just into themselves and it’s gonna take them awhile. This is why memorizing the mantra is so important: it works even if you’re not there. You can say it once and move on.

      “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother — whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

      It may be tough to think about it now, but we’re gonna have to do it on all the pedo-perps who will be parading into our midst soon. You only have to say it once.


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      1. I knew this was big, the slip as you say. My special dream said it was. We cannot “move” on/up until the whole human trafficking/sex slave industry is exposed and dealt with. It’s tendrils run too deep and suffocate our collective spirit. We need to grieve.


        P.S Seeing large shadows move around my home and garden. Using the mantra. Thinking of saging. Spirit is close.

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      2. @duganknows and anyone else… Just an addition that may not be relevant, but when we first started with the ACIM mantra I had a huge problem both remembering the wording or being able to SAY the words – I kept at it, placing the mantra on a sticky note on my desktop, so always had it for reference(until a recent Windows update either deleted them or hid then totally)… Anyway, I found the more I repeated it FOR ME the better I could remember it without issue or sudden laryngitis… The block was in me…
        – wouldn’t hurt to try…


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      1. As we express ourselves as an electrical interval, the only thing that makes us conscious on a God interval (ascension) or a descension interval is INTENT.

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    1. Oh sorry for repeating the link, was so excited I forgot to read latest comments! The Slip has begun time to really embody that Light as things unravel and truths begin to be seen…

      Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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  11. I feel like God has been preparing me or opening my eyes to this my entire life. If the slip was the Epstein pedo case, friends have been coming to me or confiding in me about sexual abuse since I was young. One friend had a repressed memory of her grandparents doing satanic rituals and loaning her out to men when she was 7. She had a mental breakdown. NEVER quite the same and I went off to college and she married. NEVER saw her again. Other friends here and there talk about their dad’s or uncles. My best friend was abused by her brothers Dr in high sch when she was little.

    Then I ended up dating the life of the party a couple years ago! Everyone loved him. Then he didn’t show up for work and claimed it was medical. I was working as a reporter then and looking at mugshots and guess who I saw? And it was an arrest for underage pedo stuff. I cried for days. I Then went to the police station and got the entire report and did what journalists should do today. read it all! Disturbing, sick, twisted. I have forgiven him and my friends who speak to him in jail. He got 10 years.

    Maybe I experienced all this so I could help others when the Epstein thing goes down.

    My parents I thank God every day, they are angels. My dad died several years ago. Hope to see him after the shift! He is the funniest guy you’ll ever know 😉 always end on a happy note

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  12. “On this clean slate let my True Function Be Written For Me” ❤️. Thanks for the updates Cats and M’s, this explains the ear ringing, and a few other symptoms I have been feeling lately. I see I am not alone in experiencing this, which is important to always remember. Had a dream that I can only remember bits of, going to some sort of station, wrapped in a blanket, losing my wallet, being told that money’s not really a thing, and amazing color in the sky. Also received a billboard message from my guides in meditation to go back and set protection. I am continuing to say the mantra and throwing grounding cords as needed as I go about the day to day. One Love All! ❤️

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  13. KNOCK KNOCK energy is bouncing off the earth’s core, too. Yay! Knock Knock Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door;-) Love those little lines joining up the broken ZAP sections, and the last 2 cat vids are hysterical. This is such delicious news. I am having serious dizzy-body events at night (not dizzy n the head) and wondering if they are related. Keep on truckin’, cats. Yr helping a lot!

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  14. FYI, those living near portals… the energy is very high from them and getting higher. OUR heartbeats now match the Portal One heartbeat… which s pretty amazing. We’re were guessing that the energy will crescendo (again) around 11/11… but it will then go higher and higher as we gleam that ‘Lisa Gawlas curve’ she described for December… and maybe shake out. At this point, some of us are not needed here (as many of you who are reading this are doing exceptional jobs, and have taken over from CATs), and some are needed elsewhere to prepare the way for next steps. If and when any of us pop out (we don’t know who’s staying or going), you should NOT be discouraged: you should be excited. It means things are really happening!

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I understand that some or all of you Cats/Da-da may get “shaken out”. I’d be totally gutted, but I understand. You deserve some peace and quietude, it’s way overdue.

      We are all where we need to be at any time.

      If any of you can manage it from NE, I would love and honour a visit from any of you.

      Your friend, always,


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        1. Cat Eds. Love the cat knocking the door and the one disappearing down the sofa.
          It was heartening on the Laura Whitworth video that she passed on the message that nearly all of us would survive the event. Most of us here are feeling creaky and battered from the sound of it and I for one wonder if my body is up to surviving a massive energy burst. Laura is struggling too poor thing. If she reads this comment. Laura have some rest and stop doing for a while. Just give yourself permission to be, and thank you for your videos. 🤗💕

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            1. The Cat That Lived. Lol. I would love to be at one of those meetings. I do a good “stubborn” too. I tested it out on a dentist this week when they were trying to push me to use fluoride – again! ET’s would be good experience.😏☺️

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            2. Newlynn, my dentist pushed the fluoride at me last week, too. I think my teeth are in great shape, but he doesn’t seem to agree! Too soft? Anyway, I have a bit of a different way of dealing with crap like that; I agreed to take his prescription and I even filled it, just in case he would find out if I didn’t pick it up. However, there’s no way on this green Earth that I’m going to use it. Went searching for natural ways to harden teeth, found a product, and ordered it. We’ll see if he can tell the difference! Deal with the flu shot pushers the same way; last year the podiatrist (of all people) asked if I’d had my flu shot. I said yes, yes I had, she looked satisfied and checked off something in my chart. What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

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      1. Mark & CATs & ALL ❤️ Have been feeling a little sad about this too but know deep down things will be exactly as they are meant to be and we will all end up where we are supposed to be. This blog and all of you have stopped me from going totally doolally and I appreciate so much, everything you do. It feels very odd to think I may wake up one morning and the blog may just go completely quiet…

        I have a hope that none of us will be left behind as I know we are all looking forward to and envisioning beautiful New Earth ❤️ I might be remembering it wrong but did Laura Whitworth mention in one of her recent videos that most of the population would go?

        Anyway, just in case things do suddenly go silent, I Love you ALL muchus and hope that communication/knowing you all will carry on in a very beautiful and different way after the Shift, hopefully in NE!

        Much Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️

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      2. Oh pants, my comment has disappeared again (might show later!) Was just saying how I hoped, after all our envisionings of New Earth that we would all go ( I know deep down we will all end up where we are supposed to be). Would feel sad to see the blog go quiet and hope we all see/communicate with each other in some way after The Shift (hopefully in NE) and thank you for EVERYTHING!

        Love you ALL

        If my other comment shows up I do apologise! I won’t type it all out a zillion times again 😉

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. “Oh, pants!” and “totally doolally” are gonna be at the TOP of my new sayings list!

            THANK YOU, Lilly~~!

            I’ve been feeling very pantsy and totally doolallified, myself. Surely, this can be put to music, and I bet there is someone on this blog who can do it. 😉

            Btw, Lilly, I have noticed that my comment will appear and will say that it is awaiting moderation. Then it will disappear completely, and then later, it will show up again. Or not, as Mr. Mandela and his Effect determines.

            ❤ ❤ ❤

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            1. Anonymous ❤️ Heheheh!

              If ‘Oh Pants’ and ‘Totally Doolally’ (they could be two different songs?) do get put to music, can I please join in? Even if it’s just the backing vocals! 😉

              Big Loves ❤️🙏❤️

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  15. Been wanting to comment, but really don’t have words. Everything feels off, like I am in a blender. I can’t see what’s really real. I just wish the shift was done already, if it is even real? Someone please tell me I am not crazy and that everything is going to be ok? I really don’t know how much longer I can stand to be on the planet. And I get the feeling that the more that I dislike it, the longer I am stuck here. I’ve tried using the mantra, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere or do anything. Maybe I am not doing it right?

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    1. I don’t know what to tell you but I am right there with you and I know others who feel the same. I just keep singing this song to myself lol.

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    2. Ann ❤️ Sending Love $ Strength, you will be absolutely fine, just hang on in there, I think we are all feeling the energies at the moment, the cola bottle has been shaken up, just anticipating when the lid will pop off!

      Love and Light 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. Thanks everyone. Means a lot. Pressure has definitely been turned up. In all areas of living. I wish all of you the best as well. I am off almost all social media now and this blog is the only thing really that I have to update me on the energies. I appreciate all that all of you share.

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  16. Things…
    The dog that usually stays with me is acting weird – now going out to ‘hang’ in the living room which she mostly hasn’t since the BIG puppy was added to the family months ago( part Australian Shepard/part coyote?) alternating with living under the bookcase in my bathroom the last two days, occasionally under my covers as she used to 90% of the time.

    Dream last night – Cats placed a new post with a short heading, something like “time for or to be________ “the word, longish, started with a vowel, but unfamiliar word – can’t remember – under that was a white square that was THE portal. I put one of our dogs through, not sure if the venerable one or the little brown one (both chihuahuas) Then I put through a kitten ( I seemed to have met recently) before I was going to go, but then I went and got a young girl/woman, not sure who – explaining what it was all about, but the screen, like a big computer screen the post was on moved far off to the other side of the huge room we were aware of suddenly – I explained not to be concerned because there would be other opportunities coming. I’m not sure how I felt, not quite sad or disappointed that I didn’t go – well, I kept putting other creatures/people through first or intended to, so I guess it was my choice not to go then… Not sure how I feel about it – but feel odd…

    We heard or rather my daughter heard – loudly; effected her greatly – her Uncle, my ex’s younger brother, died in a car crash yesterday (11/8)- he has a son, a year older than my daughter who, with difficulty, survived and somewhat recovered from a horrendous car crash last year and now trying to make a difficult life for himself in Alaska – there is also a young teen daughter/half sister and his dad’s wife left in Ct, so far away from him. I asked help for my daughter for dealing with – she is doing better than the initial response would have indicated or hiding it well…
    He was a nice man…
    Our duplex wall neighbor also lost a CLOSE cousin in recent days – just a couple of days ago I think…

    ‘People leaving the building’…

    Try to hold it together – with GRACE…
    I will, too,


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  17. The subject of elite pedophilia has spread to Russia-Insider, with an article detailing infamous cover-ups of pedo rings in Belgium and the UK.

    Over the span of decades, police and judiciary expended major efforts into suppressing charges and protecting the reputations of the elites involved. Not only did perpetrators walk free, but in one case, a complainant was sentenced to 18 years in prison for “perverting the course of justice”, a ridiculously draconian sentence obviously meant to send a message to other victims thinking of coming forward :

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  18. Just made the mistake of switching on tv to a breakfast ‘politics’ programme!

    The politician speaking to host (not sure who he is) was talking about Brexit and it all got very heated and I suddenly envisioned both men shrinking down to children in suits. They could have been arguing over who got the biggest ice cream!

    Actually, many children are far more sensible and wise than many of these folks in the political arena!

    Have a lovely SUNday ALL ☀️☀️☀️

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    1. Lily. Absolutely spot on. I have frequently said our country is governed by a bunch of children. Actually, our children would probably do a better job.🙄🙄🙄

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  19. To all with Love – sorry for length – was kind of gently badgered to compose & post this.

    *sigh*… I wasn’t going to address this, in regards to me/my life and earlier today it was ok NOT to comment concerning the subject. It’s not from any reluctance to share the experiences, just? why should it matter, I have dealt with it all, except for things that HS or something said I didn’t have to retrieve the memories of that made me just about shake off the table and ‘vocalize’ during my first of 2 QHHT sessions I had a number of years ago – they said it would be too much and not be constructive at that point. – those memories didn’t have to do with the sexual abuse, but experiences some further years later involving organized official groups doing things with me and wanting me to do certain things – a woman several years ago scoped this period out when I mentioned where I went to college (her doing this was to explore why I couldn’t use parts of my mind – parts walled off – she was a psychic, survivor of massive ritual abuse and went around the world these days helping people that also had to a degree survived like things) – she shared that there are/were tunnels and facilities directly under the area – I’m not going to be specific about any of that, but when she thanked me for NOT agreeing to do, refusing to cooperate further and not doing what they wanted me to do I started sobbing hugely – for that acknowledgement – not even knowing anything about those times consciously – I can’t even cry very easily normally, so this spontaneous lengthy sobbing struck me as significant and validating – I wasn’t even going to comment on any of that – wasn’t the intended subject of this comment.
    I was going to mention I could further use the ACIM Mantra and use it to spread further by using it on those involved in the abuse that occurred from infancy (three weeks old) til into my twenties – most, I think, ended after some of perpi-traitors died – *sigh*
    Ok… early on it was my father and grandfather then groups I was brought to/shared with through childhood which I think were either part of or led to the Official type of goings on later)- grandfather’s energy was different something with his brain – he truly didn’t see it as abuse, but sharing love – his energy wasn’t as harmful feeling – my father felt controlled – he dissociated, I think, always afterwards, forgetting what he had done… (had the feeling he married my mother to share proclivities with her father – her dad abused her and some girls in the neighborhood in her childhood (never prosecuted even after a complaint was filed – he was a librarian in the children’s’ section, sheesh ) – she remembered memories in dreams with him; told me, then blocked it all out again, denying it later. – have gone through talks with them both, after-death dreams concerning/visits with and have gone through forgiveness-es with them, but could use the Mantra to extend the intention with ALL concerned – haven’t done the groups – long ago did my brother as he wrote me an apology letter while he was in college for his actions, so that was addressed early – There were also neighborhood boys, brother’s friends, choir director, strangers in different places/events, etc – evidently after you emit this abused energy you tend to be a walking target. I didn’t remember most things consciously until I was in my forties – which is common…
    – I could use the Mantra in these incidents/people, too. I have used it with my mother since the Mantra was proposed, though I’d gone though some rituals myself (I only remembered these things after she was well into Alzheimer’s, so ‘safe’ – a few years before her cancer(esophageal – symbolic, much? ) and death – getting past some resentment and hurt concerning her trying to kill me a number of times in my first 3-4 years – She sent an after-life message to me though my daughter REALLY wanting me to know why… she was psychic to a degree (which I knew) and saw what was going to be done to me and wanted to kill me, so I didn’t have to go through all that… she did get me out of certain situations/conditions after he had left me at times- in his dissociated state, but maybe it was just to avoid detection of the happenings – she blocked it all out otherwise, going to bed at 7:30 at night. *shrug*… This is getting longer than I thought it was going to be – I’m not being let out’ of posting this.

    There was a lot more, but I think the point is – in the coming time of preferred forgiveness-fest after however many are outed or as disclosure happens and blooms that the specific people concerned COULD be used to extend the use of the mantra to others not named, but peripherally involved, such as support people, enablers, cover-up people – probably other categories, maybe those reluctant, but blackmailed to participate – so many ways people could have been corrupted or soiled by this whole expanse of things – I’m feeling better about this right now, a sigh just went through my body as a purpose for sharing this was felt for this rather than gratuitous yuck/unnecessary sharing…

    May you all be blessed with strength, intent at transformation rather than rampant judgment in the coming times – count to ten – or a hundred. 🙂 Don’t forget the second Mantra(The, I AMs), so you can do the first one – the ACIM one…

    Love & be filled up with SOURCYNESS awareness to all, and to all a good night –
    Sweet dreams,

    PS: I am at peace with all this… ❤

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    1. Kg ❤️🙏🌟☀️💕☀️🌟🙏❤️ Thank you for sharing this, I think your bravery and your perspective will help a thousand fold in helping folk to find the heart to hold light and healing for those abused and the strength to forgive those that have carried out such deeds and in that, I hope humanity can move through the traumas and upwards to a more loving and compassionate world. You are a shining light.


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    2. Kg,
      You are a precious spark of Source, Perfect and Innocent. All is Forgiven and Released in all timelines, dimensions and directions. This encompasses past, present and future to all concerned. Thank you for your bravery, endurance and constant shining light. Love, Cay

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    3. Dear Kg, your story is nearly the duplicate of what W has gone through. Part of her stay here at the farm has been to release and forgive all this past trauma she has endured. It’s been quite a process. She and I had a talk tonight when we both thanked the perps in their role. We are looking forward to the cast party when this particular movie has been completed. All Is Source. On the other hand being 30 feet from a portal has/is rather intense! Party on!

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    4. @Kg, I want to hug you and squeeze you! Thank you for being such a phenomenal human being! You are so loved and appreciated by me and, I am sure, all of us!
      🥰❤💕 Victoria

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    5. Wow! I am so sorry, Kg…❤❤❤❤
      Thank you for sharing!
      You are such a lovely and beautiful human being!


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    6. Kg. It just seems that words are so inadequate in reply to your life experiences. You are truly amazing. Talk about masters being on the earth at this time. I think that you can count yourself as one of them. Much love.🌼🌈💖

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    7. …”evidently after you emit this abused energy you tend to be a walking target. I didn’t remember most things consciously until I was in my forties – which is common”… Yes. So did I.

      When the right time comes, one can forgive, but will never forget. And with the assistance of Love from within, one can heal. No more walking targets… never ever again.

      Kg – Thank You❤️ You are SO Strong and Brave❤️
      Sending big loving hugs your way💖

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    8. Kg

      I hear you
      I feel you
      We took on such a big mission.
      Anyone living this will understand every word you have shared.
      Such Bravery. Such Love. Such Understanding, Compassion. Such Gifts.
      We stand with you.
      I love you.

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  20. I remember when Alison Coe first came out with her videos from her sessions, detailing the New Earth and the Event. I got super excited. It was like having been stuck on Gilligan’s Island for years with the cast from any moronic reality tv show, and then finally seeing the rescue ship arriving on the horizon. It was a blast of hope finally. And I was hanging on every word, from her and a few others about the Event. Now every date that everyone has suggested (and yes I know they were not set in stone) has passed, and passed again, and I just hope it was not all a cosmic joke. I felt truth within myself, at messages about the Event and it’s just been so long that I think maybe I am losing that spark. I’ve heard people talk about how this will be our last set of holidays here probably. I just hope something happens soon to move us forward. The longer we wait, it feels like the harder it gets for the people that are just trying not to get too nuts. I know I need to be there for others, to boost them up too, but it is becoming more difficult to even get out of bed. Sorry I know this sounds depressive, I am just grateful for this blog. And all of you. And hoping there really is a ship in the distance, and not just a mirage.
    Also, all the timeline shifts…. I’ve noticed that it seems like we keep being “reset” , is that even a thing? Between the Mandela effect, and other things regarding time, it seems like we keep getting squeezed into another timeline, am I just not learning something? Is that why the resetting? The last few days especially, it seems like I have seen more and more of Dolores Cannon’s “background people” – the interactions with them are very odd. Like their programming does not know how to adjust for me being in the frame at the moment. Everything is just so very odd. Going back to the mantra now, before I go to work.

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    1. Oh, Ann, I feel the same! It’s not that I feel depressed but just weary. After I read Blossom’s latest post, I was excited and hopeful. Then I wondered how the heck I was going to even have the physical strength to help others. Blossom’s guides talked about normies becoming angry at the truths being revealed and they described my husband perfectly. He’s aware of a lot of the political shenanigans but there is so much down the rabbit hole he hasn’t become aware of yet. I’ve been sick on and off for about 5 weeks now and just managing the normal day to day is difficult. I’m just trusting Source has our backs and we will all have the strength physically and spiritually when the time comes.


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    2. @ Ann, I think we all know how you feel! I keep having to ground and protect and invite Brother J throughout the day for myself and my kids and husband because we are all so emotional! The kids at school went crazy last week, too! I had an unexpected charge on my account, a subscription that I had forgotten about and not cancelled, and I lost it completely, sobbing, telling Brother J that I just can’t do this any more… A whole life time of feeling out of place, not wanting to play this game, because it felt so wrong, it’s all coming to a head, it seems unbearable now, and here we are, waiting…Yet Source IS taking care of us and all WILL be perfect and wonderful, we just need to connect and listen! We need to trust ourselves, our lives took us here, prepared us for this, there IS no other ending! We trust in Source!
      Hugs and love, Victoria ❤

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    3. Ann I think you voiced the way a lot of us feel, so you’re definitely not alone! Even with this info about ‘the slip’, we hear it was indeed the ABC undercover video, which hey, is great! And then we see it’s gonna happen again and again, get hot and cold for awhile, even though these same sources are literally using the word ‘imminent’. That’s why I frequent this blog, because they do always try and weed thru the b.s. in the end.

      It all comes down to us having to find our own power. But even then, how? I’ve tried, you’ve probably tried. I do believe people are capable of wonderful things, though I’ve experienced none of it myself. But what is it? Do our contracts say we should never experience anything out of body, or communicate with an extra dimensional being in any way? Is blind Faith intentionally our only recourse?

      Anyway, don’t worry, be happy. It’s definitely all illusion! I think 😉

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      1. Thanks everybody. Good to know I am not alone, although I am sad that it sucks for you all as well. Daily now I just feel like I am floundering. I used to think I knew what I was supposed to do, and had a path to follow, or a plan, now everyday I just wake up and hope its the last time. I have many projects started, and don’t even feel like finishing them. I used to try to educate people about things, as I found certain topics interesting, now I figure that people don’t want to know, so I don’t even try. It’s like being in solitary confinement awaiting the gas chamber, but still having to get up everyday and feed the critters and wash the dishes. It’s an odd mix of realities that we are living in at the moment. We keep getting told that all is an illusion, that nothing is real, but then reality slaps us in the face with a cold wet fish and we react accordingly as a human would. But there is no fish. There is no spoon. But if nothing is real, why do my feet hurt. Lots of questions, right? No answers. Nobody has any answers. Oh, btw, I learned that Mad Hatters disease really was a real thing, had to do with the chemicals absorbed by the workers during the process of making the hats. Sad. But down the rabbit hole I go….

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        1. Just wanted to share my weirdness for today. I have been asking “Source” daily, for assistance, – guidance, – a message…. something. Anything.
          I went to the grocery store today, and a young man came up to me, commenting on my necklace, wanted to know the stone, once I had told him (it was Ametrine) he said, “just one more thing m’aam… God Loves You. ” –
          I guess I got my message. I said thank you.
          And then that was it, he walked on, and I didn’t see him in the store anymore, and I looked for him again before I left, didn’t see him anywhere. And he didn’t appear to be in there shopping anyway. he was just walking thru, hands in his pockets. Hmmmm…

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  21. @CATS Eds.
    I have a serious question on this pedo issue. I’ve talked to my cop friends about this and of course they don’t know the answer. WHY is this so prevalent in our society today? They are CHILDREN! Has it always been and we are all just clueless to it?

    Is there some underlying answer you can share the average person doesn’t understand or know?

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    1. It has to do with these psychos’ “religion.” They’re devil worshippers. They’re also insane. No sane person or being would do these things. You can look up why they do what they do for their “religion,” it’s well documented (hidden in plain sight and all that). They’ve been operating behind the scenes for many thousands of years (with Team Dark’s help), but have recently come out of the closet in a big way. All political systems are in on it. The Church is in on it (most churches are built on pagan sites where they used to do the same sacrificial thing). Our whole society is structured around it, but people choose not to see it. For them, it has to do with the old idea of eating your enemies to get their power, as well as corrupting their innocence, corrupting their inner SOURCE light — or so they think. (“Advanced” Atlanteans used to do the same thing, near the end of their civilization, another reason why it fell.) But nothing can corrupt SOURCE. Nothing can stop SOURCE. That’s why the Earth is called an “experiment”: to see if we can be abused and brainwiped in the ToL (Tunnel of Light) and still find SOURCE on our own once we get here, installed as we are in The Illusion. [eyeroll] OF COURSE WE CAN! We *ARE* SOURCE.

      Does that answer your question?

      -CAT Eds.

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  22. @CATS EDS, it does make sense for the elite, royals, Hollywood for our society. But what about your average everyday dude? My ex was not into any religion that I know. OF course I obviously didn’t know him at all. He fooled everyone. He didn’t do drugs, but this was his sick twisted obsession! His mom told me once she studied the occult and I just smiled and wAlked away. Is it like DR Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Completely 2 different people? One is super charming who everyone loves and laughs with and the other person is dark, evil and having a beer with devil? They have to be insane to hurt a child. Bc of this past relationship, I don’t trust anyone. And when the news comes out about anyone being a pedo, I can believe it now. Sad reality.

    I do wonder about the shift for individuals like him. And others in prison. I’ve done the mantra for him. you say they are not evil or bad guys….Will they have a 3d repeat or….? Rewiring

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    1. Dugan if it’s a relief you can’t tell these people from others.
      I recently looked at pictures of arrested pedo’s and they looked… normal. Regular Joe’s.
      I resonate with your story because I still held some blame. Why? I didn’t sense/feel my abuser. Even though I was 6y old, part of me said: you stupid moron, how couldn’t you tell? Especially because I am an intuitive. Oh wow, mister intuitive can’t even sense a pedo. Euhm nope.
      That blame and shame within myself is what I needed to get rid of because it’s very low vibe energy that the body holds onto.

      We attract these people because we are here to transcend it. Not overcome it, but a step beyond. Transcend or ascend. I feel love for all humans, even the worst ones. That’s what Source does, that’s what I do. That’s the way to NE. Unity consciousness.

      As for trust: I trust myself, knowing that whatever happens to me is perfect. It’s always perfect. It’s the only way things are: perfect.
      Boundaries, experience, listening to my intuition,… are my tools to navigate this world. If I get fooled again that’s because something in me needs to be healed. That’s always the question when ‘bad’ stuff happens: why did I attract this person or situation? Because something in me resonated with this person that attracted him/her. A matter of energy. Then it’s time to investigate what exactly needs to be healed.
      Now, with this 11/11 gateway, Mercury crossing the Sun today and tomorrow’s full moon, it’s divine timing that this deep stuff is brought to the surface.
      We are working through it and leaving it behind once and for all.

      Thanks for your story, it takes balls to write and admit it.
      Speaking of balls, until this day, that is the biggest surprise of my life: duganknows is a woman!

      Always end on a happy… 😉

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      1. @stefan! OMG! End of your story, I TOTALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!!

        The name in itself should have said it all…duganknows. like a woman doesn’t know? HAHAHA EVERYONE ALWAYS calls me by my last name since i was little. Even my 5 Bosses! yes, i have 5 bosses.

        And i work in a man’s world RADIO!

        On a serious note, I do tend to blame (blame is not a good word) but i feel like he sought me out, b/c i’m extremely petite. 4’11. So you get the adult woman, but similar to a child’s frame. plus, i’m always laughing and having fun (kinda like a kid). So literally It freaks me out.

        i was very nervous to share this story with you guys, but with Epstein’s death and what has come out, it resonates beyond belief w/ me. And i’ve been trying to understand what happened to me 3 years ago. And my entire life where friends keep coming to me telling me what has happened to them. I thought this was a good place w/ healers, psychics, intuitives, maybe i could get answers my cop friends couldn’t help me with.

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        1. I think so too.
          And perhaps he came to open up your eyes before this whole Matrix implodes. Otherwise you wouldn’t have believed what’s coming out soon.
          I’ve had my fair share of psycho’s, sociopaths and pathological liars too in the last few years. Attracted them like flies.
          Like you, I am always laughing and joking. Ideal target for energy vampires.

          More importantly: with 4’11 we’ll have to lower the minimum height at the theme park on NE then or you’ll be riding the teacups all day long. 😉

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            1. Kolibri, I don’t think I would like the teacups either, but I
              wanted to comment on what you said about prescriptions
              you don’t want to take. I have done that too – got the drug
              or fluoride and never taken it. When I moved to my town
              there was no fluoridation of the water but within two years
              fluoride was added. I had to buy a filtration system that
              removes the fluoride in order to avoid this Cabal inspired idea to dumb us down and make us sick. Wouldn’t it be
              great not to have to worry about having clean air and water?
              Add to that healthy non GMO foods or foods loaded with
              chemicals and pesticides! Don’t know how long we can keep
              living with these poisons.

              With love to all, ❤️❤️❤️


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            2. Seriously, Pamela. Sure would be nice if a bunch of insane people weren’t trying to make us sick, stupid, and kill us off before our time. May their efforts fail miserably and boomerang back on them until the happy day that we are finally free. Meanwhile, we just have to work to avoid as many of their traps as possible and raise our vibrations to the point where their poisons can’t touch us. Sounds like you have it under control!

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  23. Hi there, I’ve been following your site for quite a while now (been on and also came across Lynn and Dada years ago ) … There’s a lot of info that goes over my head, but also a lot of info that i resonate with…. a week ago or so I clicked on one of your followers links where the lady was channeling Metatron …. i was intrigued by Metatron and did some research …. noting the “Slip” and imminent changes i came across this recording today (ex Metatron) which encompasses and gives clarification to all the info i have stored. The explanation of Brother J’s impact in our lives is intriguing and makes sense to me. It is a long recording , however i seemed compelled and so glad I listened to it’s entirety. I enjoy reading your blog 🌞

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  24. Firstly, I wish to extend a huge Thank you wrapped in gratitude to ALL here who placed a message/reply or quietly ‘liked’ internally or by button-star in response to my looong comment posted recently? yesterday?… They always sort of surprise me – I do want you all to know I am grateful; it helps me cope better with the slightly? insane asylum I live in here as a household.
    Yesterday afternoon and evening were difficult mentally, emotionally and physically – I’m sure most related to ‘energies – granddaughter also going through a ‘ I’m not going to wear anything below the waist’ phase and since the store was out of her size diapers several days ago we had to get pull ups, so disrobing takes about 10 seconds flat 🙂 – stressful, as she isn’t potty trained at almost 5yrs old, difficult with some Autistic kids- though this might be a sign she’s sending she’d like to be ready for that – (with only a small portable clothes washer/spin dryer ‘accidents will be hard to deal with – no $ for laundromat) – potty training hard when no reliable communication – she has lots of words now and has self conversations, but communicating her needs or indicating she understands anything is very lacking, as yet… Don’t know why sharing that – Yesterday there were quite a few ‘disagreements’ and a few meltdowns concerning several things, clothes and device related – could also be fueled by ‘energies’…

    Interesting thing concerning what I wrote about and the extended use of ACIM Mantra last night. Before sleep I did some of the I AMs then I asked about the possibility of grouping perpetrator peripherals, aid-ers or participants in the use of the Mantra(perfect immortal, etc) – I got a surprising immediate relaxation body response that usually indicates a positive or ‘done’ meaning for me – It was as if the ‘asking’ had already completed the intention/action – May? relate to further quickening of reality manifestation or abilities? or as usual humans have been insisting that ‘things’ have to be harder than they have to be – Things seem to be more possible than we’d like or insist they be?

    @duganknows – as to things done to children and how could people consider such things… Earth long history wise – children weren’t always ‘objects’, ‘people’ you had to love and cherish – very often they were a considered free labor force to be able to survive work needed on a farm or probably back to hunter gatherers time or fodder when older for feudal armies. Landowners had USE rights (can’t remember what it was called) first bedding rights to brides to be or maidens/children anytime. I don’t believe there was much of a conscience about a lot of things throughout periods of history. I think I read once that part of Brother J’s mission a few thousand years ago was to bring an awareness and perhaps a new definition of love to Earth at that time – perhaps so we COULD develop a different awareness and conscience about various issues. Something to think of perhaps… and be grateful for now, these days, so we can view these things as ‘wrong’ and seek other ways of being…
    Also in past times there was no way or few ways to limit pregnancies; more children were often a burden or an actual severe health risk – my own mother wasn’t to have any children after my older brother – she was just built too small inside – she had two losses after me, late miscarriage and still born – figure could have also fueled her possible resentment of me living…

    Ok, enough verbage from me this morning…
    much love to all, take care, be kind to yourselves on the 11/11 day – about an hr or so till 11/11 11:11 am – I wonder if anything will happen – of course SOMETHING always HAPPENS… 🙂


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    1. @Cats Eds… I seem to feel the same (him having died).

      unrelated… Richard Dolan has always bothered me on some level, uneasy when I’d listened to him occasionally – don’t know why…



  25. H Clinton & daughter on tv programme ‘Lorraine’ as I type this, I am trying to do the mantra on both but deep nausea and a horrible energy coming through as I do it. Will do it again before tv is switched OFF! Trying to remain neutral to get the job done! They are speaking of ‘retiring’ Trump due to children being separated from parents!!!

    I wonder if they are in the UK so they can hide when the c**p hits the fan.

    Trying to control a coughing fit!

    We are the Love, we are the Light, we ARE!


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  26. FYI:
    Physicists “Solved” Schrödinger’s Cat Dilemma Without Killing It Forever

    A study published October 1 in the New Journal of Physics describes a way to potentially peek at the cat without forcing it to live or die, advancing scientists’ understanding of one of the most fundamental paradoxes in physics.
    “We normally think the price we pay for looking is nothing,” said study lead author Holger F. Hofmann, associate professor of physics at Hiroshima University in Japan. “That’s not correct. In order to look, you have to have LIGHT, and light CHANGES the object.” That’s because even a single photon of light transfers energy away from or to the object you’re viewing.
    The cat is still in the box, yet rather than looking inside to know whether the cat is alive or dead, you set up a camera outside the box that can somehow take a picture inside of it. Once the picture is taken, the camera has two kinds of information: how the cat changed as a result of the picture being taken and whether the cat is alive or dead after the interaction. None of that information has been lost yet. And depending on how you choose to “develop” the image, you retrieve one or the other piece of information.
    Hofmann also provided a “coin flip” example. You can choose to either know if a coin was flipped or if it’s currently heads or tails – but you can’t know both. What’s more, if you know how a quantum system was changed, and if that change is reversible, then it’s possible to restore its initial state – i.e. “flip the coin back.”
    The more you KNOW about the cat’s current state, the more you have irretrievably ALTERED IT.


    Here’s a happy cat:

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    1. Welcome back Antonia and your lovely pics. My head is pretty boggled now by the explanation of the new Schrödinger’s Cat theory.🤗😲🤔🤗

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    2. Very Good to here from you, I’ll have to figure out more with rest. Though everything We think of We alter, IMO. Nice picture! Peace.

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  27. Cats and Ms, I just checked Terran Cognito’s postings [ for the last five days, some very long posts with references to Sophia Love’s postings on her blog page [ ] for 11/9/19 and ll/11/19. Fascinating stuff! Especially Terran’s, his galactic friends’ and HATJ’s perspectives on the flux in the energy flow, the EAM from last week regarding areas in China , historical perspective, etc. and alternative timelines. Not sure what to make of it, but just wanted to know what you think. I am feeling wiped out, having been unable to sleep during the latest white-out of the Schumann over night/early morning here, matching the weather white-out of lake effect snow that brought a too-early winter to the west coast of MI. Time for an emergency nap. Light and Love, I AM. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  28. Energies, Energies, Energies, *sigh*

    The other afternoon/evening(I think the 11/11th- still time awareness challenged) the energy of the family was the most peaceful, non-agro, even cheerful – My daughter had shopped with my food stamps and actually – first time in months – had bought ME a bag of groceries, just for myself and for the small refrigerator my old landlord/friend had recently given me – It was the one he got me for upstairs when I rented some of his space there some years ago – he had moved it into his garage and I had asked him if I could trade some dog care for it – he gave it to me…
    Anyway… the night of the positive energy I had the STRONGEST feeling that my family and I were going to NE that night – I had super, extreme, pervasive pain levels starting with the white Schumann blobbing that night, also – then massive amounts of dreams all seemed to be event/shift related – That became the time around the weird TLJ, I think – maybe why I didn’t wake up on NE? 🙂 :/
    Yesterday not too bad(for days have hardly been able to keep eyes open…) Had a couple good conversations with my daughter’s partner, Grdd’s dad. Then all went to he((… fixing something to eat in the kitchen, just a few minutes, said four words related to my trying to train the puppy to obey, sit and not bite and our ‘houseguest’ blew up at me – Besides his cousin committing suicide the day before my brother-in-law died in the car crash I found out after my daughter got home from work – late – that his Ex had died, too. So after he blew up at me and I escaped to my room to use all my tools to deal with the energy – felt like every time I left my room something awful happens energy-wise in the family – Sooo, He started singing super loud along with super angry scream rock for more than an hr – he was also drinking – kept using my tools and breathing – this type of stuff affects my body – The topper was when my daughter had to go out a few minutes with her beau and leave my grnddghter – he brought her in to me saying/explaining he couldn’t deal with her – I had a huge fear reaction – the strongest most severe PTSD reaction I’d had in decades – could barely talk, so fast – I think it was because after all the other energy he was standing in my doorway holding my granddaughters hand/passing her in, but my room was completely dark and he was back-lit by the light in the kitchen – he is a huge ex-marine, about 6’4″ and built like a linebacker. I think it reminded me of some of the stuff was told I didn’t have to remember consciously – I barely could repeat for him to leave her with me – that wasn’t the problem – and get out.(she was fine, calm and cheerful, just had wanted to go with her parents- this helped me know on one level that nothing bad was really going to happen) He wouldn’t leave, feeling he had to ‘explain’, escalated my reaction… in a few minutes after he finally left had to go try to find her phone and remote which seemed to take forever – he had thrown a chair across from the living room all the way across to the kitchen sink – I tried to tell him it was just a reaction; he had scared me – but he went into ‘he had served his country and deserved for people to treat him better’ – angry/hurt slamming in and out of the house then to suicide mode(this was all before I knew about his ex…)
    I have NO IDEA why I’m sharing this!!! doesn’t make any sense – took me quite a while using old tools to remember to call on/welcome Brother J to help/support and to breathe SOURCE (I remembered to exhale… but maybe exploding would be a good idea? 🙂 and to remember the mantras…
    Anyway that helped, but body still on the edge of reaction all night – plus listening to him being ‘talked down’ by my daughter going from crying suicidal to screaming to angry agro – the combination of Asperger’s and extreme PTSD from 2 tours in Afghanistan plus early abuse plus whatever, can be not pretty… plus seems Marines messed with his memories – he remembers stuff no one else in his troop does….

    Does all this excessive sharing just mean to remind to remember to call on Brother J and breathe SOURCE in the crazy days, being hit with energies?
    Please forgive me this posting – I DID ask and AM to post it…



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    1. So sorry that you are having to deal with that stuff. I have a family member that was military that is now very difficult and dangerous to be around. So I don’t go. I stay away. I wish you blessings and hugs and energy to be able to live.

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    2. We send much Love in All forms(peace,joy,compassion, etc.) Been unusually tired here as well. Purging/releasing is harder on some than others. Keep Your head up and find a comedy. Minky is glad You resisted exploding! Peace.

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      1. @Christopher Schneider – thank you for the support and advice, Thank you, Minky. 🙂
        Look what I found – Elvis and cockatoos – was going to just say -” I hope this brings a smile to you” BUT then, OMG about 2/3 into it – gets his groove on…


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  29. Ok, I have another piece to share. I recently got a set of books by Dolores Cannon that I hadn’t explored when I got her other stuff. The Nostradamus series. I was quite shocked to see a few things in book one that she wrote in the late 80’s, that clearly are talking about time-shifts, Mandela effects, and a few other things that are happening now, that she did not know then what they are about. Very cool.

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