Jumps, etc. 1-14/20 to 1-17/20 [UPDATE6]


We had Yet Another Timeline Jump.

We can feel them, now. Lots of CATs are reporting it. Here’s what to look for:

  • Feeling extra awake, alert
  • It’s TOTALLY QUIET & still outside
  • Your spidersense (claircognizance) is active.

Of course, this can happen WITHOUT timeline jumpage, but these three things together are typically indicative of a jump.

Last night some also felt extra-roasted (some in lower extremities, some in heart chakra territory; technically, we don’t have chakras anymore, we now have an energy body)… but note that CATs live close to portals, so we get extra happy roastage. Several CATs are also reporting crown activity today… well, top of the forehead, just as the crown begins. This will probably be different for everyone. Lots of fatigue.

And the CATs on the comments desk last night ALL had their systems freeze at the exact same moment, prompting calls to one another. Electronics typically freeze during jumps.

Here’s what it looked like on those meters that are still working:

1-14-20-lyxtoday_241-14-20-lyxtoday_filtered_24Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.25.52 AMScreen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.26.10 AM

We’re guessing that this was also the landing of that recent CME, which was scheduled to hit around the same time/date.


Looks like we’re at a new energy level, now. Some people are reporting that “4d is collapsing.” It isn’t. 4d is JUMPING. Anyone who’s telling you otherwise is spreading disinfo.

Watch for more earth and societal and energy changes as 2020 gets rolling.



SpaceWeather shows us this puny comet going into the sun…


…and neglects to mention the metric crapload of ship activity zipping around the sun — a sun that contains a massive portal (what we call Portal One).


We had a CME and a GRB…



…and this thing:

There’s Lisa G’s energy “thing.”

CATs are all dragging today. Ugh.

FYI, Tomsk looks stuck, but it seems we’re in the middle of a jump:



More on the recent spike:

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 7.48.54 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-15 at 7.49.11 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 7.52.58 PM


And now the other side of the (big) jump:


We’ll feel the effects for a while. Note that, with ascension comes new sensitivities… and allergies to where we are at the moment.


Let us reiterate one interesting point one more time. This pulse…


…is coming from Portal One. It is pulsing through ALL portals EVERYWHERE… all (existing) portals in the universe. Every star still in existence contains a large portal. The knock knock (as some CATs call it) we’re seeing above is SOURCE marking time, gauging the timing of The SHIFT. It is also a gentle wake up call for all of us… for a number of reasons. For simply reminding us about SOURCE, that there really IS a SOURCE. For heralding the upcoming SHIFT. For signaling the beginnings of new abilities, new realizations. For dissolving old patterns, and giving birth to new ones. It is literally SOURCE in action, echoing Its “GET READY TO WAKE UP” message throughout the cosmos. Is it any wonder the media and “scientists” never mention it? Most of you already know this, but a few new readers do not. It is rather awesome.


So. What’s happening to many of us is not showing up in the meters, making us less and less interested in checking them. Anyone who’s read Lisa Gawlas’ latest will understand why. We’re going to have a CAT meeting and figure out how we’re going to move forward. This blog is looking… obsolete, in a way… as we leapfrog this reality.

228 thoughts on “Jumps, etc. 1-14/20 to 1-17/20 [UPDATE6]

    1. @J, so lovely – both visually and musically – loved the winter monochrome with the color of the oak leaves – I miss oak leaves, they can be so strong and crunchy.
      Thank you, J… balm to my nausea…

      P.S. ❤ to the brindle ? boxer?

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    2. Sifoo. I was thinking last night, I wonder if you were travelling as we hadn’t heard from you. Pleased to get an update and hope you recover your energy and health soon.😊

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    3. J. That is a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing the lovely scenery of where you live. Cute dog too.😊

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    4. J, what a gorgeous video! Perfect music for a winter in Paradise too. I thoroughly enjoyed that tour ~ and would certainly enjoy a Spring tour as well. Looks like you’re already living in NE m’dear! xo, L

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    5. Such a BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL place J!!! The video photography and filming were awesome and the music was exquisite!

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  1. pls oh wise one CATS dont stop unitil the unitl-vital info looking for melodic rhythm out here from you and all your visual shares-woords cool but only words-but somehow somewhere its in the timing me thinks-melody-chords-overtures-raptures finales-its in the numbers and nowadays seen in the graphs-manythxs-if the universe gifts you with something pls allow it to enter ones life and be graced-fear is a chain an d the space betweeen an and d is grand-one may not be able to fully comprehend or even control but acceptance and graced is a nice place-so pls continue shares until share no more available……..manythxs-here CATS are cool

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  2. ~ just a needed connecting to y’all’s energy ( I hope the CATS crew find a way to continue the blog even if the reason of meterage feels obsolete – it’s kind of my lifeline)

    – got super dizzy(the weird kind) about 3:45 pm MT, I think – continued with that chest nausea and added weird in-describable stomach area pain… as soon as daugtr and houseguest got back from an errand I tried to nap, of course they were back, so there was noise…

    grddghtr new schedule past ~24hr – 11 pm (16th) waking and active to about 4-4:30 pm M/t (17th)

    feeling exceedingly strange, like clinging to the sides of a limbo swirly slide – should I let go – how do I do that… 🙂

    I’ve heard recently that our fingers puckering when having been in water was an adaptation to improve our grip sense when in wet conditions – is there an adaptation of mind puckering to improve our mental ‘grip’ – ‘get a grip’ – in these transitory conditions? – I guess if I’m not insane, my grip must be holding…

    much love,


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      1. #CAT Eds, I’m truly sorry – heart-wise I wise you peaceful slides to NE – selfishly I’m glad you are still here..


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  3. lol, at my subconscious… I peeked at the Schumann before I was giving up for the day, heading for sleep and the post white blobby activity had my mind spitting out…’shaken baby syndrome’ – my under-mind’s judgment /opinion of how I’ve been feeling, bodily – kind of accurate…


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  4. Interesting video from Unbiased And On The Fence ❤️

    P.S We kind of already know all this, hats off and thanks to CATs, AM’s & M’s but still interesting 🙂


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