Random Q&A for Monday [UPDATE1]



Hm. Where is that CME, anyway?

Random Questions

Now it’s time to answer some random CAT questions that various random CATs had that got answered by other CATs during the past week:

Huh. Moon zombies. Who knew?

Question 1

Q: How can the full moon affect us more if it’s technically dead? How does this energy mechanism work? Is its gravity lensing energy into us more?

A: Our bodies are mostly water and it tugs at us by its gravity, causing energy shifts.

Q: Oh. Duh. I need to put more quarters in my head.



Question 2

Q: Did T start up that “Space Force” thing to be able to get rid of NASA?

A: The Space Farce thing does feel like somewhat of a hoax, but it will eventually lead to disclosure, and that’s T’s plan. We see the intention behind the new Space Farce programs change… and THEN it will be a good thing. And yes, it’s also designed to defect from NASA (the real Space Farce), slowly.


Should I stand on that box next to the helicopter?

Question 3

Q: Who was behind that recent attempt on T, on the way to his helicopter? [Where an ex-marine recently infiltrated Marine One’s ground crew.]

A: This was just some mental guy. He wasn’t really organized with anyone.

Speaking of that…



Question 4

Q: Was that Ricky Gervais monologue at the Golden Globes a ca8al-sanctioned and planned thing? Like a truth-vaccination of the bad to deal with the really bad later? Or was it a complete surprise?

A: He went rogue on this. The speech will be popular for a short while, but then we won’t see much of him. He knew it would be done after that, and we don’t think he cared.


Hollywood after the Golden Globes. Or was it LEDs?

Question 5

Q: Some schmoe on twabber (pretending to be an intel insider), suggested to people that LED bulbs can somehow be tuned into and used for surveillance, up to 300 feet. That doesn’t seem possible, but… is it?

A: Nope. Interesting concept though. But LEDs did cause the attack on Pearl Harbor. And they mess with the minds of reindeer.

Never the same. (One of us.) Never the same.


Question 6

Q: What are these lights seen over Colorado? They don’t feel like anything substantial to me.

A: Those are drones.

Q: Who’s running them, and why?

A: It’s a military thing… but it doesn’t feel positive.


The dust, she settles.

Question 7

Somebody asked about the January 15 thing we mentioned. Since we’ve had a few timeline jumps, we looked at it again and… we don’t really see anything big happening. Maybe we jumped away from its necessity. We don’t see many energy surges for another week or so. Since we’re still energetically recovering from the full moon, it looks like we’re gonna get a break from high energy stuff for about a week. (Our respective families were unmitigated disasters on Saturday, across the board, so we could use a respite.)

And with that…

Forget it.


Someone snapped a pic of what they thought was ball lightning. It’s not.

blue-glowing-orb (1)

This is a strong, VERY positive energy presence.

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  1. Forget it is most assuredly the word for the day! Snow here at the farm (3″) My job is to maintain my balance and forget the festering maelstrom that is going on in most places. All is well (as I keep reminding myself) The birds are enjoying their suet and I am enjoying them. Cheers ALL!

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  2. Thanks for the info as always! I’ve heard that 4D (or maybe lower 4D) is currently collapsing, hence the crazy dreams many are experiencing of late, and that many entities like shadow-beings are becoming visible in 3D. Not sure who first proffered this, possibly ‘Team light’ on yt… Do any of the CATs have any comment on this?


  3. Thanks CATS, M’s and All. Glad to hear, it was an achy breaky head kind of weekend. 🤕 It was 68 degrees this weekend in Southern NY, unseasonably warm but save for some melting into the lawn and meditating for a few, I slept most of the weekend, then could not sleep at all last night. Watched some of a Ken Burns documentary about Vietnam War, have this knowing I was there on the go round before this present one. The time period always resonated with me. 1968 was some year. (The actual high for January in this neck of the woods was in like 1950, or so I read somewhere).

    Looks like my new cat friend who I only saw that one night approves of the meal selection, which brought a smile beneath the lasers shooting into my brain. Hope everyone has a great week! ❤️

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  4. Sadly a young healthy (67) neighbor just died on the 8th at home 3 days after a total knee replacement. (Probably a clot after surgery). Please be aware that the medical system is pushing the knee and hip replacements for financial reasons. It is still a MAJOR surgery even though they downplay the risks. Cay

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  5. Wasn’t sure where to leave this comment, but as I left a kindness request on the last posting concerning my daughter who as been admitted to hospital earlier – I was just sending her a few ‘guys’ to assist and the wish that she be listened to and heard and conversely that she be able to listen and here and be open to that which can be of real help for her whole being.

    Along these lines also I discovered a new Amanda Ellis today – here is topic title and description – if your called to search it out – I won’t post a like because of the step she had to take with her content being stolen/high-jacked for others gain… it’s mostly other issues concerning her message and personal integrity than $$s at issue…
    – hope no one is having huge issues today – seems the word of the day is… ‘issues’ :/ ❤ Kg

    Anyway here it is: Amanda Ellis – Jan 13, 2020
    ~ The Art of Listening, Communication & Silence ~

    Teaching and Guidance and Observations on Listening, Speaking, and Silence…referencing The Peace Pipe, Talking Stick, Wisdom from the Elders, Guidance from Archangel Metatron, Sandalphon & Ashtar. Awkward Silences …or are they? Multiple New Sources…
    Animals as master communicators, and if we want to communicate with the Galactics let's improve our human to human skills first!
    ❤ ❤

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  6. whoops, sorry for mistakes – here for hear, like instead of link – somewhere there is a your instead of you’re – being my own grammar police…


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  7. My question is about 9/11. Today I saw several stories about it being an inside job. Heard that before. But this went further. The planes hitting the towers were an “optical illusion” and passengers were taken off before flights. Any insight on this theory?


  8. So…I ordered some harataki herb today to help further decalcify my pineal gland and increase my spiritual senses. Has anyone ever used this?


  9. Folks, more and more meters are either going down, or were shut down as of 1/2020. So, more and more, we’re going to have to use ourselves as our own meters.

    And that said, FYI, lots of CATs have headaches tonight, or are feeling antsy, or both. We’re finally seeing the edges of that CME, perhaps. We’re also noticing that stillness again, which is SOURCE getting close to us. Don’t be afraid of it when it happens, it’s quite beautiful.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. I’m certainly not afraid of it, I’m welcoming it with open arms. I am, however severely gnashing my teeth ’cause it seems to be taking forever in linear time which is an illusion, so never mind. That said, I perhaps should go to bed, perchance to dream. Har!

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    2. Its affected me too. We are energy barometers! Felt it last night and still not brilliant this morning (Tuesday). The cat is complaining too. Thanks for the Q&A. I enjoy those.😊

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  10. I’ve read the many postings on the different physical body effects (aches, pains, sights, sounds) that people are experiencing, and have experienced some of them myself. I’ve never seen anyone mention anything about odors/smells/smoke. I’ve been smelling cigarette-like smoke for weeks now, not quite cigarettes but very close, and in places where it’s impossible for there to be smoke (my car, my home, theaters, on sea breezes, etc. – Central Coast CA is a rabidly smoke-free zone.) I’m curious if it’s just me, if it’s something others are experiencing, if it’s not connected to any of this at all, etc. I HATE cigarette smoke and this is getting quite annoying! I recognize some of the scents of some of my unseen visitors, such as Bro J and Germain, but those are pleasant. This isn’t like those and definitely isn’t pleasant. CATS, Ms and others, I’d appreciate any input or comments. Thanks!

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    1. smells odors ect and placement may be of use to watch follow on youtube mike morales 14 day forecast on sunday evening and follow ups on nightly shares of news-he has been noting the bunker ships and chem trailing off coast of calif and it s employment-here in so az usa we get 25ppm alerts-middle of nowhere but it comes from essentially tijuana-blown in by the winds-and also look up at sky a few times per day to see if they are spraying-recently noticed that there were 3 different layers-super high and thin haze-middle layer thicker and bottom layer/lowest just drifted down to earth-literally-once i notice its happening not a bad time to go in and rest-breathing it in not a healthy idea-for us old folk-ps also debating on wearing a protective mask when outside covering nose and mouth like hong kong folks-was using a kerchief but with this weekly ppm alert out here may be a protocol of importance-best of luck

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    2. Hey jj…….have any of your relatives smoked? Maybe that’s their way of telling you they are watching over you . I also smell cigarette smoke and think it is one of my guides who I knew in a past life.

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    3. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. There isn’t any actual smoke, just the air quality and scent – the air itself is clear. They haven’t been striping our skies for quite a while now. I can be reading in my room and realize the air quality and scent has become as if in a very smoky bar. Or in the theater, and feel as if I’m in a smoking lounge. Or sitting in the garden, in the breeze, and feeling as if I’m in a smoke-filled bubble. Or driving and suddenly it’s as if there are 5 smoking passengers with the windows up, but the air itself is completely clear. So it’s not real smoke, just the quality of dense smoky air and the scent. And it’s not constant but comes and goes.

      Michael, interesting suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll meditate on it and see what comes up. No one comes to mind off the top of my head tho. Thanks for the reply!

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    4. jj. Weirdly I smelled raspberries in my car for a while on the way home a couple of days ago and I hadn’t anything (shopping) that could give off the smell.😕

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  11. Hold onto your hats folks. Reality warped big time last night.
    My awakening dream had me trying to explain timelines to my brother because my sister (who died In 2008) and Uncle (who died in 2006) had just dropped me off at his place in my uncle’s car. I was trying to make sense of what timeline I was on because I remember them dying and now they were both alive and well. Then I realized my brother, to whom I was trying to explain timelines, was also dead since 1995. Confusing to say the least when you wake up and realize what you thought was real has evaporated and you want to be on the timeline you just left. I knew lucid dreaming was to increase but this was on another level. Cay

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  12. well another day closer to whatever-for me i have noticed the wave efxs on self-low hard to navigate- high time to assess and reinforce discipline- there is much happening for each human personally and for humanity as a collective-my theory is dont let hollywood imagery and cuts to action sequences interfere with the unfolding of events-much is occuring at various levels simultaeneously and its all hard to follow especially during the low wave overwhelm times-yet these last 3 days have released a flood of old history which appears to be able to control and influence now – this am jan 14/2020 on ebh.club is a decent compilation of international research on hidden hands and powers behind throne stuff-many researched and it hit far and wide-so fast that the bad guys had to block their sites and install password authentication protocols-so in less that 72 hrs from a handful to a multitude have heard-searched-researched and been red pilled-and in my opinion this relates to the schumann multi colored bands recent of note-this whole this is complicated but glad its being exposed to light of humanity-but i remind myself that only thing left is ones health so my meter is daily maintenance of whats left- CATS CAN ERASE THIS POST IF IT IS DEEMED NOT VIP OR RELEVANT-since this situation has unfolded so quickly when i first heard took notes and did some of my own research for relevance-here it is shared it with deceptionbytes on yt last night-and the ebh club was the flood from others this am-below my notes
    pt1 vid 001
    initial discovery and exploratory
    1979-melody maker music =mathematics/art scenes london
    mandarin-and the china connections
    info from associates sources-verifiable contact
    married to and connections-children-
    world governing council
    world security office-office -house of whetan upper chanmber
    bohemian grove name
    benandin school-born into nobility
    rise of gorbachev-and fall of communist party
    glamath castle scotland-
    countess of banbary and eton
    isle of moran-
    vibe satelitte system
    capricorn downloads
    you are what you eat =2 different colored eyes

    4chan-for asynchronous distribution of information
    october madness holly dale and belanoff g search https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1AOHY_enUS764US764&sxsrf=ACYBGNR53OboqXowDYAJmPz3aTFCfeRJ7g:1578948048700&q=holly+dale+and+belanoff&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj4zr7st4HnAhUIuZ4KHfPFDHMQsAR6BAgKEAE&biw=1164&bih=775

    yo db did you see this Our unique eatery is securely located deep beneath the abandoned Hollydale Lunatic Asylum in Los Angeles, California and is accessible via high speed underground rail from the San Fernando Valley, Malibu and Beverly Hills.
    Cannibal Cravings – at The Hollydale – Phone: 213.282.9501
    https://peoplearemeat.com cannibal cravings at hollydale and location

    Australian owned and operated ground segment service provider for the space industry.

    Capricorn 4, Pro, MEC, Outdoor
    Capricorn Family
    Home VSAT NetworkVSATsCapricorn Family
    Ultra High-Performance VSATs for 3G and 4G/LTE Backhaul, Mobility and Enterprise Services

    The SkyEdge II-c Capricorn family consists of high-performance VSATs ideal for vertical markets that demand high throughput and high-speed services, such as corporate networking, 3G and 4G/LTE cellular backhauling, IP trunking and mobility. Designed to work with high throughput satellites, Capricorn’s S2X-enabled adaptive transmission technologies maximize performance, improve service availability and reduce operational costs.

    For 3G and LTE cellular backhauling, Capricorn includes Gilat’s patented cellular data acceleration technology that enables full LTE speeds for cellular handheld devices using TDMA and SCPC transmission. Based on the latest-generation multi-core ARM technology, Capricorn provides high-speed services up to 200Mbps in the forward direction and 100Mbps in the return direction. For IP trunking and mobility, Capricorn delivers acceleration and PPS performances that support hundreds of users per VSAT.

    To ensure fast running of applications, web browsing and a high-quality user experience, Capricorn contains a full set of protocol optimization and application acceleration features, including TCP, HTTP and GTP protocol acceleration, compression and embedded web caching technologies.

    The Capricorn VSATs support the highest level of transmission security, supporting X.509 terminal authentication and AES-256 bit link layer encryption with dynamic key rotation to protect all user traffic.

    The Capricorn family of VSATs include:

    Capricorn-4 – Compact unit installed on the customer’s premises
    Capricorn-Pro – Telco-grade, rack-mounted VSAT for easy installation
    Capricorn MEC – Telco-grade, rack-mounted VSAT supporting Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
    Capricorn Outdoor – All-weather VSAT solution

    Key Features and Benefits

    Up to 200Mbps service for 4G/LTE cellular backhauling, IP trunks and mobility services
    Option for telco-grade reversible rackmount form factor
    Patented embedded data acceleration for 3G and 4G/LTE cellular data services
    On-demand inbound switchover between TDMA and high-speed SCPC carrier



    @1:34:00 dates oct 30 and ref to pt 1 hollydale volunteers night
    dates-comms-above/below piedpipper and children taken-mountain opended up
    calendar year-noted and sacrafice portals timing-sequences
    comms-satellites-british military-indian ocean-china weaponry-
    using sat monitor and election results
    above castles-manors-
    below hollydale-caverns-
    photographic documentation-satellite distribution-capricorn feeds-unknown frequency/ies
    artists-musicians-culinary experts in art of-movies/vids/twitters/
    crows gods mythology
    ways of the underworld are perfect=follow-their rules
    stripped away and left with humiliation-turned to rotting meat and put on a hook on the wall-
    sounds familiar-similar to epstien island tunnels
    hounds of hell and the television series SUPERNATURAL- wondering if there are any leads based on dieties
    pied pipers and missing lead away children-

    This site can’t provide a secure connection
    open.lbry.com uses an unsupported protocol.

    sorry these only notes-was waiting for rest of db share on subjects but it took a quantum level this am when many other folks shared their insights and not all are linear in time or logical in approach- so one that was mentioned from the bad folks was HEAVENSEND 2020- WHAT DOES IT MEAN???WHEN???but me thinks the schuman will tell us-ps my cats have been sleeping inside and they sleep thru the night and snore-nice to feel safe and warm while one can-


  13. I just got one of those rare ” Sorry this comment could not be posted” notice things – it was just words, no link or anything…
    I copied my comment and will try later…



  14. Hi, Thank you all for the kindnesses yesterday –
    As to body meter-ages – have been having severe neck/ shoulders. scapula and upper arm pain (deltoid attachment points) for a few? days – last night and this morning feels like I think meningitis would feel – I’m sure it’s not… And that weirdo kind of dizzy/nausea… And much extreme sleepiness…

    My dghtr came home late last night – she doesn’t like to be asked things or prying, but I eventually asked if she was feeling any better – the answer was “of course not, but I convinced them, or enough of them, that I wouldn’t DO anything” – you may draw our own conclusions as to why she was there… not sure of the how, but she had the car, so she got herself there, I guess…
    I am waiting, well, not patiently, but resignedly and trying to keep in touch with those ‘good energy life points’ in the meanwhile for something REALLY REALLY good to come to be – It’s hard to see the rest of the household be in such misery most of the time or putting on a ‘we’re fine’ act…
    grddaughter was crying several times during the night, too…

    To better days,


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  15. Definitely felt it last night and this morning, the whole family out of sorts again emotionally, it comes on so suddenly… Headache this morning, HUGE emotional release in meditation early today! Getting lighter and lighter, losing more and more emotional baggage and attachments, what a ride!

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