Planetary Primer [UPDATE1]


Psychic Lynn and “A Man Called Da-da” (the title of his now defunct blog) decided to share this look into our solar system. (Some may or may not know… but “Da-da” is the CATs’ benefactor, and the founder of all we do here.) Anyway, enjoy.


By Psychic Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Welcome to a special planetary installment in this series. We decided to look more closely at the planets in our solar system — from a purely psychic standpoint, not an astrological one. We all know that Gaia is a giant spirit, so… let’s find out what the spirits of the other planets are like.


Lynn: Feels aggressive. If you were there you would feel anxious. High energy. I also get the color blue, and take it to mean it is somehow tied to the throat chakra.

Da-da: Where did Mercury come from? And… is the color you’re getting because of Mercury’s vibration?

Lynn: I feel like all the colors I saw were due to a vibration that the planet was giving off. I feel like in the beginning, ALL the planets were one mass, and over the years, they have been split off with collisions. The older planets were split first, and the “newer” planets were more recent (in terms of millions of years). When a collision occurs, the heat from the explosion makes the planet mass more gel-like, and that combined with the intense rotations makes it appear more circular until the mass finally cools and solidifies.


Lynn: Very feminine. I see orange, and… now that I think on it, that doesn’t surprise me since orange is the color of the sacral chakra (reproductive area for women). Venus has a calm vibe, very similar to earth. Feels like a home to 3d or 5d beings should they want to hang out there.

Da-da: Venus and Earth used to be closer, right?

Lynn: Yes, they were all closer. As time goes on, they all tend to space out more. Even our moon used to closer. In general, it is as if space is growing.


Da-da: So, does Gaia have one foot out the door (4d)?

Lynn: 4d is here (well, there). It is just a matter of making the ascension merge. We are living in a time of timeline shifts, time slips, Mandela Effects, etc. It is a crazy energy time as the 4d makes it’s full split.


Lynn: Very masculine. I get red (no, really), which for men would tie to reproduction and survival. Extremely primal. Energy feels very direct, like jabs rather than being fluid. Feels like the counterpart to Venus (almost like a yin yang type of connection).

Da-da: Hence the book. 😉

Lynn: Right. Mars could also house 3d to 5d beings.

Da-da: Btw… is Mars… dying? It was wounded in the distant past.

Lynn: No, not dying, but the energy there doesn’t feel good. It’s just very blah.


Lynn: Feels like the “grandpa” of the system. Very old. Slow moving, but wise. Can’t be a little direct (versus a “soft” grandma). The moons are like grandchildren that look up to the “grandpa.” The energy is similar, but very muted down.

Da-da: Did Jupiter come here from some place else? Did the sun capture it once upon a time?

Lynn: Jupiter does feel like one of the “one offs” that didn’t come from an explosion. Aside from earth, tons of ET activity happen on Jupiter and our moon. Maybe even more than on earth. Jupiter is like a home away from home for ETs, literally.


Lynn: Very masculine, and jealous (??). The energy here is very uncomfortable. I get Saturn is like an uncle in relation to Earth (older, wiser, and male).

Da-da: Is Saturn… jealous of Jupiter?

Lynn: Saturn feels like it has a real ego battle going on. Ego can get in the way of developing your gifts.


Lynn: Colorwise, I see white, but not in an enlightened or protective way. More like cold and sterile. This planet has an old and abandoned feel, like it’s a loner.

Da-da: Did we pick up Uranus from the Sister Sun’s system?

Lynn: Yes, I see that… it feels alone out there, like it doesn’t fit in with the others.


Lynn: Feminine feel, with an angry vibe. Neptune feels into herself, and not in a good way. The energy relates to compulsions, addictions, etc. Neptune feels like a lower vibe planet that is very 3d, or even less.

Da-da: Wow. Not what I was expecting at all.


Lynn: I see pluto as a spunky kid. Excited, anxious, naive and immature. Very young in comparison.

Da-da: A kid. Hm. I wonder how that energy manifests in conjunctions. Guess we’ll see! (I’m also guessing some astrologers are gonna chime in here shortly.)


Da-da: So… when the planets “line up,” or get a little closer in their orbits, they must “feel” each other across the distance. Do they then release some kind of spiritual energy?

Lynn: Absolutely. Proximity or conjunction makes things very intense.

Da-da: Btw, I know we’ve talked about this before but I can’t remember… what did the asteroid belt use to be? Was that a planet that was destroyed?

Lynn: The asteroid belt was a collision of another planet into Earth that created our moon. There was a collision in the Pacific Ocean (which is why there is so much water/space there). The large mass became the moon, and the debris got stuck and became the asteroid belt.

Da-da: What will happen with each planet after The SHIFT?

Lynn: They’ll exist, but some may stay on a different density.

Da-da: The sun is alive, too. Is it a scale model of SOURCE, or a giant star spirit?

Lynn: HUGE HUGE portal. A living portal, part of the portal system. That is why we see so many ETs there.

Da-da: Do any nearby stars feel like they’re going to nova soon? like the red giant Betelgeuse?

Lynn: I can’t see one. Not in our lifetime anyway.

And that’s it. Join us next time for Friday Mysteries #8.




Da-da: “You said that you saw the early solar system as one mass. What was it BEFORE it was one mass? Where did the mass come from?”

Lynn: “I see this mass, smaller than a grain of sand, and there was some kind of implosion and caused things to break out from there. It wasn’t intentional, it just was.  And, I feel like the “sand” was a piece of SOURCE or came from SOURCE.”

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  1. fasting seems natural-small meals to balance blood sugar for the old folks-anybody watch the moon last night-it was zippin across sky-but agreed solstice will have many changes-here weather wierd-

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    1. Pataniki – also been fasting – not hungry but eating 2 light fresh & fruity meals a day to keep low blood sugar headaches at bay! Can’t seem to drink enough water!! Currently feeling the storm energy heading our way (South USA) and setting protection bubbles up!!
      Enjoy the ride – energy waves, timeline jumps, dream walking and weird weather are giving me saddle sores!!! lol
      Peace, Love & Laughter to All!!

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      1. BE AT ONE while on the ride- letting go is a self view thing but you inspired my next post so sharing is caring and remember to breathe-ps2 also me in wave-depending on earth force eat well be consistent or breathe-drink fluids-remember source breathe as one-let it go-and then another wave-but me old and not all here no more so watch fluids and flow-ps3 you only heal while you sleep and thxufordream sharing-on this side mucho everything and memory slide into tissue issues upon awakening-so turmeric helps with fluidity and add some pepper blk for potency-

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        1. Excellent advice! Yes, turmeric is great!! I grow my own and make golden paste [recipe on Dr. Doug English website] and make a morning cocktail of aloe vera, iodine, golden paste and elderberry syrup if feeling icky! I developed allergies to all the darn chemicals so started growing & making my own homeopathic remedies. Clean mind and body has really helped me through this whole process! Retiring from 3D rat race is huge too!! lol

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  2. She didn’t give colors for Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto… So here are my votes:

    Jupiter: Purple – Grandpa/Grandma energy…. Reminds me of the poem “When I’m old I shall wear purple”.

    Saturn: Brown – jealous Uncle energy… Makes me think of the grouchy, lecturing Uncle that always wears a brown sweater.

    Neptune: Indigo – dark feminine emotions and energies… Same color as third eye chakra which controls deeper aspects of the self… Or the color of dark, murky waters

    Pluto: Lime Green – Young, naive energetic child… The color of so many electric, glow goods… Like you might see at an electronic music festival… Very hyper energy


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  3. sharing is caring =each current day brings new and interesting data
    which manifest as experience of learning and growth
    this is what i have learned to/woo/two/tu/too day-
    re social media and the thought/thinking/data thread-so the day begins with

    Pata Niki
    Pata Niki5 hours ago
    W2-from one of my go2sources re above unfolding-shift/ascension/changing into chord rather than a sound my pov but checked and got this
    Wow. Strong energies keep waxing and waning. Between the full moon tomorrow, the Saturn-Pluto thing on Sunday, and the CME that’s due to hit between now and then…
    …some are already planning to fast for the next 3-5 days. It seems to help — unless you’re hit with the hunger thing. We can only imagine how big the upcoming equinox is going to be. And don’t forget, Lisa Gawlas and some of the M’s saw “something” on 1/15, but no one knows what that is. If you aren’t buckled in, duct tape yourself to something. Be sure to GROUND, and ask Guides and Brother J to enjoy the energies with you. It really helps. And don’t forget to BREATHE…

    The above was a response at 7am re incoming and ongoing
    above ground-SURFACE-OVERSEE @ NIGHTLY
    this one is on and over earth monitoring could request schuman and timing correlations during/chat broadcast –it all in the layers-but geo magnetic and heating anomolies may be evident-just let it flow

    lots of unknown variables viewed daily AT/AROUND 8. PM ON YT

    INTRO4ME into CATS NTWK-dailyhourlyquantumlysharing
    different out there blogsOSPERE/IC/ALLY

    RE CURRENT differencial points of ways of seeing
    but as we have seen the resonance is and will continue to change/maifest AS WE MOVE
    IN WITH AS OF LOVE = beyond immagination-let it MANIFEST

    SO NOW 246pm mst and that need to let go and return to one
    so the day may start strange but if truth IS be ONE
    so the day may start complicated go for a walk-breathe fresh air-listen to nature
    have fun-express self and enjoy others company and relax and pick up the threads
    of self and reweave a new fabric of new/knew self-
    so this is what i am learning with new burst-return to disciple and eyes of wonderment-
    even the old can see anew-or is it IKNEW-oh my as the picture evolves into entanglements
    so now me go out to cut wood and carry water-watch the sky and breathe fresh free air
    sorry it was so long hope it somehow and somewhere make SENSE-just a FEELING

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  4. Hi all. Thought this line “The asteroid belt was a collision of another planet into Earth that created our moon” maybe should be noted that was the original moon of Earth. The one up there now is not the original at all. Just sayin’

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    1. Sorry forgot to say the above was from Amanda Ellis about this weekend and a bit about the conjunction – just I resonated with where her energy was at this time – just a few para graphs and a quote… – longer than first shows up and has one of those read more things for the rest to appear…


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    1. Yes, I recall both of those things, but I had not seen that Boy G was still alive. I don’t always keep up with the news though.

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    2. Boy George has been a judge on a few seasons of The Voice Australia at least in my universe since 2016? I don’t know before that – I do remember a documentary about a contentious reunion semi-tour that got cut short when I think Boy George got really ill – don’t know what year that was – only saw the doc. last year or maybe two?


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    3. Boy George never died on my timeline, at least not that I noticed. However, Bibi was indicted (not arrested) on 11/21/19, and the articles are still out there.

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    4. My first comment ..

      Yes, I recalled that Boy George died sometime back of drug overdose. Wow I’m surprise that he’s still alive. Hmm.. who knew.

      Thanks to CATS and M for this enlightening blog.


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    5. Wtf cares about boy George? Did you look at your drain stoppers lately? They changed in the last 2 weeks. But you would really need to be aquatinted with your sink to see how they changed.


    6. Cat 8. Just struck me. Were you thinking of Pete Burns the singer rather than Boy George. He was of a similar musical era and has died.

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  5. I’m curious about our moon. We gave our oldest daughter the middle name of Thea, as that’s what scientist’s have named the other planet they believe crashed in to Earth to create the moon.
    However, in the past year or so, as I’ve dived more into the metaphysical. I’ve heard from other psichics & seers that the moon is not actually part of Earth and that it isn’t alive per se, but that it is a made vessel of sorts. When hearing this, I felt more drawn to this idea myself. But now I see you guys following the scientific view of it’s creation.
    Do you not get a feeling that the moon doesn’t have the same feeling as other planets?

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    1. Same here, Spencer. Our Higher Selves know better.

      It always depends what frequency/vibration level you are at, as far as what information you are tapping into and receiving.

      Lower timeline, lower frequency people are very limited in even being able to receive the higher intel knowledge you just shared.
      They just can’t match the frequency.

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  6. I didn’t sleep but maybe 3hours last night. I did the Laura Whitmore meditation! Kaboom! I was suddenly in a place outside, forrest? Dark, I saw lightning that lit up the night sky and massive trees! So real. Then suddenly, I saw the auroras borealis! Greens/turquoise incredible. But then I got in my head and forced myself to look around and came out of it. Was up all night, kept thinking how real it was! Tried to sleep. Fidgety night. 3 hours.

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  7. Woke up this morning to a robocall at 5:45A.M. (Don’t you love the fact that California DMV sells your information for millions of $ /year without permission?).
    Not seeing pink and purple puffs but : golden, dijon mustard yellow t- shirt with red lip kiss imprint. Centered in lip smooch was the black cat in stretched out flying position over wall (from a few months back). Meaning: I got the Schrodinger’s Other Cats t-shirt and/or symbolic for the upcoming eclipse us flying over the moon with love.

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  8. “Lynn: The asteroid belt was a collision of another planet into Earth that created our moon. There was a collision in the Pacific Ocean (which is why there is so much water/space there). The large mass became the moon, and the debris got stuck and became the asteroid belt.”


    Unfortunately this is an absolutely RIDICULOUS answer on every point, and demonstrates that she is experiencing TD interference and is being (partially?) manipulated.

    And she did not know and did not answer about Mercury, so I will:

    Mercury is an ‘artificially’ created planet, considered to be more like a satellite planet — it is one of the newer planets and was specifically placed closest to the Sun in order to serve as a ‘monitoring’ station for recording the traffic of ET’s using our Sun’s PORTAL in and out of our system.

    Like a motion sensor security type of planet.


      1. Ok, we looked at this… and we’re not seeing Mercury as a construct, from 2d to 10d. It’s the former core of a large planet that was captured once upon a time, while the solar disc of solar system material was still hot and primal. It was attracted to the middle and stayed close because of its mass.

        No one really monitors all the ships coming out of Portal One from a specific location, as that would be tactically a dumb choice and easy to destroy. The activity around the sun demands that ETs remain fluid in their monitoring, for a number of reasons. Not sure where you got your info. This is all illusion anyway, so… it really doesn’t matter.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. I want to respond… Asking Source for the words to use to be respectful. Perhaps sometimes when we are all certain we have received the best knowledge about any subject… Perhaps humility is the best course. For the possibility that any of us is being manipulated always exists. No one really knows the absolute truth of any of it. We are all going by our own intuitions and guidance. It’s best to be understanding and forgiving of those that have different understandings of our truths… Wouldn’t you say? Although, “play nice” works just as well. 😊 Thank you Cats for your intutions that my inner being tells me are divinely guided and therefore I trust your knowledge in these planetary, galactical, universal subjects. 😊❤️🙏

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  9. Just in, NEW Gaia Post:

    Entrance to the Higher Realms is sought and realized.

    Significance of the Light Paths is recognized by the hu-man.

    New paths are embraced.

    Sparrows become Eagles.

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  10. Asking for a health hint – after my ‘difficult’ night(early 10th) I’ve developed an lower eyelid irritation/soreness – infection? – !! – Part of me wonders if related to my fall/collision into counter edge – under nose/above teeth – septum cartilage still sore, but I don’t think anything else lasting – the redness IS near to the tear duct, so might be a symbolic stuck tear purging – thinking salt water wash/soak( my daughter disagrees, but doesn’t have a better suggestion – decades ago I came across a suggestion, extreme, to use a few grains of cayenne pepper (about the most concentrated source of Vit C there is ) in distilled water? – I did it (for clear vision? don’t remember why) … It does kind of make you want to put your fist through a wall for a few seconds. lol 🙂 Any better suggestions – less extreme -from you very ‘bright’ (light) people…



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      1. @Kolibri – thank you, I think I have some green tea somewhere – my body has always says no to drinking it,(reason unknown) but just said yes to topical… yay! I’ll look at the website, too –
        thank you,


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      2. Kolibri… oh for got to add we had occasion to try the topical cayenne when I lived with my old landlord some years ago- he cut a finger on a newly purchased mandolin (veggie cutting thing no the musical instrument). 🙂 It wouldn’t stop bleeding even with pressure for a longgg time – he remembered the cayenne thing – it did stop bleeding shortly, though I wouldn’t say painless – he is generally not that good with illness or injury type things as a rule… 🙂 – works though…


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    1. Kg — Warm water on a washcloth for an eye compress. Not hot water, just nice and warm. Nothing added, keep it simple! You have to keep refreshing the warmth — I guess you could use a heating pad outside the washcloth, within reason. This simple procedure helps a lot of different eye issues, hope it helps yours. Get well soon!

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      1. @ark2arcturus, I will do this tonight – it doesn’t feel as bad as this morning – must be all the kindness from my family here – you ALL really feel like my true family today especially…


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    2. Sure. Matcha tea. Get one of those little bamboo whisks and some good-grade organic matcha, mix a half a teaspoon in a drinking bowl with a little boiling water (might want to watch a video on how to do it properly), make a paste, then slowly whisk in boiling water… and drink it down once it cools off. It seems fussy (it is the heart of the Japanese tea ceremony), but it is wholly rejuvenating. Better than coffee, and with more health benefits than… really any other drink. The tea is $25/ounce (sold in one-ounce cans), the whisk is $10, the bowl is any rice bowl. Use good clean water. Much cheaper and more rejuvenating than expensive medicines or supplements… because this IS medicine. Rich green medicine. It’s NOT exactly tasty… but as therapeutic as it gets. If you decide to do this, only have one serving a day. Drinking too much of it can give you a headache (it’s a huge detoxer, which can be uncomfortable in large quantities); the price helps regulate that, though.

      Some CATs were really dragging, for a number of reasons, and this picked them back up again, returned them to their old selves. Give it a try. But def search for a video demonstration, as there’s a bit of useful technique to it.

      Teas (and those who know how to make them) and tea houses will become THE thing on the New Earth… until we find the coffee trees.


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      1. hi, ~AM!
        here a very, very funny story about the coffee trees:

        There was a musician in Graz, Austria, by the name of Jakob Lorber, in 1840.
        While he was praying at 6 am, on March 15, 1840, preparing to go to Trieste,
        to get a job as a conductor, he clearly heard the words right in his heart:
        “Take your pen, and write!”
        He was writing 24 books, until 1864, when he died!
        The one dictating him all those years, was for sure Brother J, the Love and the humor and the music !!! exuding the language – are glorious!

        One day, joking about coffee, Brother J started laughing:
        “ja, ja…he said, you make such a big fuss about coffee…but I tell you, those
        beans were created for the horses and camels, to strengthen their tendons…”

        i had to laugh on’ end

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      2. On a tangent topic, I’m curious of your take on ceremonial cacao – done with the raw/unprocessed/organically grown stuff?


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        1. @pam141, Our city had a tea-house in a tree house at a local – native plant garden center for some years – never made it there (couldn’t have made it up there with my disabilities) before it finally moved to a more frequented area of art galleries.


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      3. @~AM, thank you so much – I’ve been curious about Match tea over the years, but have never tried it. Coffee does’t have the affect on me it does with most people – Something with many benefits would be most welcome – I like the, to me, relaxing ritual aspect to it,also… It appeals.
        I’ve found in recent years I’m most sensitive, in unfortunate ways, to almost all nutritional green powders and I can’t do mushrooms because of the gout tendencies – they are on the no-no list. – I was trying to find ways of gaining nutrition without needing costly healthy foods that are difficult physically to obtain regularly – I thought nutritional powders would be cost effective, even though initially costly – My old landlord goes through phases in health regimes – he gave me some, very high quality green powders – even the smallest amounts resulted in extremely long lasting purging activities in more than one direction – I will be most careful in dosing myself with the Matcha… 🙂

        Thank you muchly – in gratitude,


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      4. I add the zest of half a lemon to the matcha before making the paste/adding the water. Really interesting flavor, and lemon oil is a therapeutic boost. I’m sure the Japanese have a zillion ways of making this better for you and more complex, flavorwise.


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    3. Kg ❤️ I would second what Kolibri has offered. Colloidal Silver, it’s really good for infections and gentle enough to use for pets too.

      Much Love 🤗☺️❤️

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      1. @Lily and Kolibri – thank you – I will search out a ‘good’ source – I have a short dog sitting gig the end of the month – I’ll look for a small amount to purchase..


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        1. I put a small squirt in my cat’s wet food twice a day. So far, so good; she’s 17 and doing well. I’ve also put it in her eyes on occasion, when she’s rubbed them to the point of pinkness and swelling. Very hard to get her to hold still for that, though, so I usually end up giving her Reiki, which works quite well.

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    4. @Kg, my mom used to get irritated eyelids a bunch, small little grain-like growths/ inflammation, harmless, but annoying and painful. She had wonderful success in treating them with making warm eyebright compresses. Eyebright is an herb you might be able to buy in a health food store, herb store or online, I believe the tea company Alvita makes a teabag product with it? Anyhow, very soothing and wonderful for any eye irritation! You can make a tea with it, drink it and use the warm teabag for the compress, easy, peasy…Good luck and hugs!

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      1. @veni vidi 11, thank you – I used to have some eyebright capsules – ran out a year or two ago – I’ll try to get some more or better, look for the tea bags.
        thank you,


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  11. OMG these energies, my head is so sore, feels like it’s been squashed in a vice! Really nauseous too, made the mistake of eating, ughhhh!

    Just want to sleep but will have to get through the day somehow, Elsie is full of beans!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hi Lily. Its been a bit punishing with the full moon. Glad its filled Elsie with beans but sorry for the effect on you. Sending love and a hug petal. 🌻

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Thank you 🙏 Just nibbling on ste ginger biscuits and sipping Matcha green tea! Elsie is in bed and has fallen asleep which is brilliant! I put a diffuser for essential oils in her room and popped a few drops of lavender in there ☺️

        Hope you’re okay?

        Big Love & Huggles 🤗❤️🤗

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        1. Hi Lily. Hope you feel better today. Thanks for asking how I am. Finally saw a cardiologist yesterday and found out the results of my Sept scan. My heart is sound, it is just the signals to it. Mmm certainly the incoming energies etc affecting it. The Cats kept saying that too. I’m on the wrong meds I’m told! Anyway the new ones should keep it stable when I get them. Coo it was hard to sleep last night. Was about 5am before I drifted off. Still we didn’t expect this weekend to be a walk in the park. Would have preferred that! Maybe we could all visit that lovely little tea house that Pam posted. Although it would have to be a tardis tea house. Anyone noticed how the tardis interior has been based on selenite towers.🤔☺️🤗💖

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          1. Newlynn ❤️ So happy to hear you’re heart is okay 🙂 The energies (or their effects on the physical vessel) are off the scale at the moment. I have had been ultra nauseous for the last few nights and a couple I succumbed to the bathroom, say no more!!! That tea house sounds perfect! My go to drink in the morning is always Matcha Green. I have coffee as a treat every afternoon to give me a boost but my body likes Matcha the best! Would love to try really good quality leaves, brewed properly in a beautiful pot! Tea bags are great but the whole ‘leaf/tea pot thing’ really is quite special!

            Big Loves always ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Yes, though I dont get headaches, today was different. I resorted to peppermint/rosemary essential oils behind the ears, and lots of spring water. Peace.

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      1. Hope you’re feeling better today Christopher ❤️ I’ve not heard of that one before, I will be sure to try it out though! You know, if we all got together with our bits and bobs of natural medicine knowledge we could could start up a NE health service although I hope it will not be necessary on NE!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  12. Gaia Portal ❤️

    Entrance to the Higher Realms is sought and realized.
    Significance of the Light Paths is recognized by the hu-man.
    New paths are embraced.
    Sparrows become Eagles.

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  13. Still feeling like sharing this – guidance nudging?? Will copy/paste and type what was in meme quote –
    Much love, you bright shinning ‘focal points of love and light’


    Amanda Ellis – Angelic Celestial Colours
    17 hrs ·
    Signing off – been a very busy first week back at work and I am tired. I have completed all Level 1 sessions for the 11th and they will be sent tomorrow – I enjoy very much this part of my monthly work as it allows me an in-depth glimpse into what is happening in peoples lives and keeps me updated with what Metatron brings through as guidance.

    I had intended to make a video for this weekends Pluto / Saturn Conjunction – but walking through the park yesterday Metatron said to me 'It can wait'….by this he meant that although the conjunction is exact on the 12th we have a whole year ahead of its influence. It is not a one day only opportunity / catalyst for change …and what I was given was that the 12th may very well birth it but we have weeks and months to get used to it…Saturn representing Order, Preservation, Order and Routine versus Pluto and qualities of Transformation, Death, Rebirth and Evolution.
    I have explored already in many videos anyway the incoming changes to our world..we will see how this new energy that arrives this weekend feels next week….and make sense of it.

    Don't get caught up in the spin that some are putting on to it – I have seen an uprising of panic and distress in terms of emails and messages coming in…
    Let us calm down as a collective – although the next 72 hours may be bumpy you were built for these times – you are an amazing child of God that has within him or her the ability to adapt, change and co-create….if you hold the universe within you – why be scared of any dance that the universe does …you have done it before and will do it again….

    Me? I plan to ground – go for a few nice walks, eat some good food, drink some wine, play some music LOUD and go and see a good film. What I am NOT going to be doing is walking around as though the Sword of Damacles is dangling over my head and a gun to it with the mantra 'It's now or never'….'Change or Die'….

    Metatron insists we have time to get comfy with this energy – and we will – by the end of 2020 we will be Masters of Change….

    So give yourself a break, breathe, chill and don't buy into the hype and drama that is playing out all around us…others will try and suck you in to it – it is your choice to accept or decline…

    Pluto the planet of destruction brings in RENEWAL in its wake …nature is not inherently cruel – it doesn't wish to hurt us or harm us – it wants us to THRIVE…

    Any pruning will be appropriate and any change part of the natural laws ….go steady – flow, and be well…I will see you Monday.

    Happy Full Moon too – it looks beautiful here ….

    Amanda xx
    Quote – "You are not IN the universe, You ARE the universe. an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle. "
    – Eckhart Tolle –

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  14. EEeeeeeee! Went to grocery store Friday. I got so stressed out with the freaky energy that I forgot to mantra the place. I was literally shaking by the time I left. (I remembered to mantra the store after I left) Today (Sat) seems to be very calm here at the farm (but then it usually is) Must feed birds. Cheers ALL.

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    1. Hi J. Sounds horrible. I mantra’d a whole field of testosterone filled numpties today who were in the field nearby shooting the poor pheasants. I’m lost for words as to what I think of this so called sport. It was very windy today so I’m hoping that they missed most of them. 😞

      Liked by 8 people

          1. You guys were doing this ON A PLACE? Or the people IN the place?

            If you can get in the zone while out and about, try broadcasting this with a footprint of about 50 feet around you. See how far you can throw it… but keep an eye out for crazies: sometimes they can use this to ZONE IN on you.

            Some people have remarked at how crazy people are out and about today and we’re seeing the same thing.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. People in the place as well as the place. The sum total of the all. (I figured that it couldn’t hurt since the building is part of the all ISSness.)

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            2. I’m really glad I spent the majority of the day in my QHHT session. I missed 3 shootings, one deadly crash and 4 earthquakes in the news while I was out. Now I feel much more grounded in order to deal with the crazies and the craziness that will be escalating around me in the coming months. Ready to be of service to Source and humanity! Put me in coach! 😊

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            3. @Cats Eds, J & Newlynn, per recent comments, a bit ago I felt drawn to do this – #1 mantra with our housing complex – 3 sets of duplexes set in a U shape around a zeroscaped circular sidewalk & pea-gravel with offshoots to duplexes and parking area between that and the road –
              I invited Bother J, then AA Micheal, thought to invite any other AAs so inclined and felt a joining from Uriel (sp?) – I don’t really know much about AAs, so don’t know Uriel’s sphere of specialty… I felt like breathing SOURCE while repeating mantra – I addressed it to ‘Residents’ and relatives was added – while doing it I felt a larger ? audience ? I repeated the mantra 3 times, prepared to do more, but got a sharp head nod (a sign for me, often happens with things, and a deep sudden breath, another of my signs).. done…
              We’ll see…


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    2. See if Instacart is in your area everyone should use this lol I swear you could not pay me to go into a store right now people are aggressive! After a guy tried to attack me for no reason I found another way.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I don’t have a problem with public at large, like a store. I think we are more at risk by the zombies in our area, closely, that will attack or refine your thinking experience by using hostility toward you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. @SB, I looked into Instacart (I like that you can choose your store – Amazon does’t do food to this area or Thrive…) last June when my family left on a trip back east without getting food essentials in for me – I signed up for a trial 2 wks – the only problem for us is the fee charged, but back then I thought I’d only need it for that long and could cancel – turns out ultimately my daughter called a friend from work and she brought me a small bag of prime essentials and my daughter would pay her back on their return – I did give her the little $s I had on hand –
        I’ll see about mentioning it to my daughter, somewhat prepared for paranoid scorn, lol. 🙂 You never know she might be desperate enough to bypass that inclination.
        Thanks for the reminder of this option…


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  15. Again tonight as other nights I am seeing lights in the sky, flashing white and red, but flying like jumping, not straight as plain would do, but just before coming home I saw one light flashed in gold color in all directions, like it wanted to caught my attention, briefly flashing like that and then started to flash red and white as previous would do ✨

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    1. I watch the sky, see anomolous lights and watch what I think are “normal” planes. Then watch the anomolous lights react as the “plane” ventures toward it. I don’t even venture a guess if the anomolous lights are friend or foe. I frankly don’t care anymore. Can’t touch this. So should you be. Be strong.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. After few hours, buzzing noise subsided, but then the silence begin, there was a window open in the kitchen, but it was soo incredibly quit, no noise was coming from outside, no wind, nothing, stillness in a storm ✨

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  16. Thank you all for sending your positive energies to me for my QHHT session today. I felt you there… Along with plenty of cat spirits. 😺😻

    The experience was…WOW. I’m still not sure of how it all happened. But, I’ll never forget it. It’s gonna take some time to process and integrate it all. However, I somehow feel immediately transformed now. It definitely was an experience that was guided by Source and all of my spiritual guides and full of Divine light. I’m so glad I followed my intuition to do this!


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  17. As a prolific dreamer of dreams, I thought my sleeping problem, which I knew by how often I woke up, did not allow REM, or dreams. Thought it was menopause or some such thing. I give you this link Which makes so much sense, even the title resonates. But I am not a cat. Sweet dreams y’all


    1. Interesting that you made the comment, M2. I was just looking at the water vapor satellite for the eastern Pacific, and lo and behold, the water vapor is flowing naturally instead of turning at right angles which it has been doing in the past due to haarp. I second gratitude to our Superfriends!

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  18. I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Da Da for his support to the Cats and all of us readers/ bloggers. The effects of your generosity and wisdom will ripple out into the cosmos. What a gift to humanity.💖💖💖

    Liked by 15 people

  19. Between the Saturn/Pluto energies and recovering from 7 hours of intense mental energies expended yesterday at my QHHT session… I’ve been completely wiped out today. I slept late and took two naps! 🛌💤🤦

    Liked by 7 people

  20. Huh. On 1/2, Lisa G and two of the M’s said they saw:

    – earthquake
    – storm
    – volcano

    “…and then something on the 15th.”

    Well, we had the Puerto Rico earthquake, a “surprise” Pacific storm, and now this today:

    More pink & purple skies perhaps? Or… well… some of the CATs saw Edgar Cayce sleeping, just now, while thinking of the 15th. He predicted a specific something coming up out of the ocean at one point…

    -CAT Eds.

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  21. ugh – early 1/13 ams – body things ramping up – I hope to get to sleep soon and avoid feeling ‘some’ of it… Hope your bodies copperate with y’all tonight/…

    much love,


    fyi – my keyboard 'n' and 'y' are misbehaving, so if I don't proof read well enough and catch them all I may display some absent letters and creative spelling. 🙂

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  22. I was wondering if any of you CAT’s are watching comments at the moment?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
    I do not think the comment from ‘Want to make Gee? Try Turnkey”
    should be posted to this blog…


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  23. Hi guys,
    I just got a call from my daughter (she did go to work this morning) – she’s being admitted to the hospital – think head related – she does/has always gotten migraines – doesn’t care for Drs or hospitals, so being admitted to one means it’s really bad one or something else.
    Wouldn’t mind some kind energy sent our/her way, today?

    thank you,


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