Find Your Moment: Pink & Purple #1 [UPDATE5]

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Ok. After tonight’s meditation, several CATs saw (with eyes open) pink & purple energy in the sky. More on that in a minute.

We also had a timeline jump earlier today…


…and a bunch of GRBs. (See previous UPDATE.)

If the PINK & PURPLE happen again tomorrow… and then again the next night…

We also saw SOURCE. Which was… naturally overwhelming and awesome and incredibly welcoming and about a million other things. We saw SOURCE TWICE.. then we saw the sky open up with gorgeous jeweled orbs and energy in the distance — getting closer. This is The SHIFT portion of The Event. What we saw could be a precursor, it could be us seeing down the road, it could be the burrito we had for dinner. It’s hard to say. But no matter what, it’s a good sign.

Apparently, The SHIFT will occur after three consecutive nights of pink and purple skies. Guides mentioned that at one time or another, but who knows? We don’t know if this is to be clairvoyant seeing of the energies, or EVERYONE seeing them… but we’re gonna find out.

2020 is certainly more big-hurry-dramatic than any subsequent year, wow.

Now Pay Attention

One commenter had a dream that is important (you’ll know who you are), where they were shown what to do by ETs. We had already been doing this, discovering it via our own Guides, but now we realize everyone needs to do this. It will be easy for some, difficult for others.

You need to find in your mind/memory a moment of LOVE and BLISS/JOY and concentrate on it in your meditations. There’s always one moment in there, somewhere, in your past or present. (Some CATs didn’t have hardly any, having had hard lives, so SOURCE showed Itself to them.) You need to find and embrace that moment, and allow it to buoy you UP. You’ll feel the tingles and see the sights when you do so, it will be obvious.

BE PATIENT in this. It takes time, and effort… but again, don’t strain. G + P + C, then ask Brother J and your Guides to help you get there. Ask SOURCE to help get you there. You don’t have to do it alone. And if you see SOURCE, or the sun through the clouds, or a bright light in your mind, then have it suddenly go out or have something get in the way… that’s totally normal. After all we’ve been through (you have no idea), over the countless eons… looking directly at SOURCE is overwhelming. We’ve worked up to it. But even with a quick glimpse… you’ll have your moment to concentrate on. Movin’ on up.

Leap, Sam, leap.
Keep trying!


Ha! This happened while we were meditating and writing this up:



We had a teeny timeline jump/adjustment/wink around 5:00 am PST:

It’s at 20 Tomsk time; you can barely see it, but we were awake when it happened.

Seems it happened right after this electron flux:



One CAT has reported seeing “pink fluff balls” of energy rolling across the floor (!), that then disappear.

CAT7 also reminded us of “The Joy Exercise“: When you “see” that happy/joy moment in meditation, take a breath, hold it a second, and place the picture in your heart. You can feel it radiating throughout your whole body.


Some Wave X zingers (@ 7:00 am and 5:00 pm PST):


We’re actually feeling something right now, at 7:15 pm PST.


Wow. Strong energies keep waxing and waning. Between the full moon tomorrow, the Saturn-Pluto thing on Sunday, and the CME that’s due to hit between now and then…



…some are already planning to fast for the next 3-5 days. It seems to help — unless you’re hit with the hunger thing. We can only imagine how big the upcoming equinox is going to be. And don’t forget, Lisa Gawlas and some of the M’s saw “something” on 1/15, but no one knows what that is. If you aren’t buckled in, duct tape yourself to something. Be sure to GROUND, and ask Guides and Brother J to enjoy the energies with you. It really helps. And don’t forget to BREATHE…

74 thoughts on “Find Your Moment: Pink & Purple #1 [UPDATE5]

  1. I can literally feel your excitement which is making me feel excited LOL.

    When I stare at the sun, I always see neon pink begin to fill my vision. Interestingly, when in close my eyes, the core of that pink becomes neon light blue, which is “my” colour. Maybe you’re seeing pink psychically, because SOURCE (LIGHT) is so close, like physically staring at the sun (LIGHT).

    Is it okay to think of Angels when I meditate, because my heart feels like bursting when I think of them.

    Glad you stated TLJ’s because I’m a train wreck today, totally fried…

    Mark x

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  2. Sorry to hear about some of the CATs having had hard lives. I could definitely relate, as my life has mostly been heartaches and loneliness. It all would be worth it though if I do make the ascension.

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  3. Oh, I was going to ask what SOURCE looked like, but then I’d imagine it was indescribable.

    I am a little confused however about all this oneness. If I am SOURCE, then I also see SOURCE, every time I look in the mirror in fact. Well, I can categorically say state this morning, that SOURCE looked like he/she/it had been on a three day stag/hen/it party!


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  4. Yes! I’ve been seeing the sun in my meditations for about a month now… Since December 12th. It’s been growing stronger everyday. It feels almost like I’m sitting right in the middle of it, enveloped by the bright, warm golden light. And I feel totally at peace and full of love when I see this. Lately I’ve been imaging that I’m a giant sun walking around in my daily life. I’ll say to myself… I’m a driving sun, I’m a typing sun, I’m a cooking sun… Haha. 😊🌞☀️😺

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    I found this an excellent description of how to accomplish cocreation. Also, I’ve been told that Archangel Metatron is the angel of all light workers and healers.

    Also, I saw in my meditation this morning that the next few days are very important for us to hold the light for the planet. Please remember to visualize massive amounts of light being protected on Gaia whenever you can. I’ve been visualizing the hands of every being on Earth and of those on the ships outside in the atmosphere and those of Source itself being open and sending light to the planet. Good luck staying grounded and protected kids! We are almost there! 😊❤️🙏😻

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  6. Interesting. Some CATs were told by Guides, back in the first few days of January, that some of us (those with “earth core energy”) would be getting energy from not only the upcoming Saturn-Pluto thing, but also energy from: “Earthquakes, storms, and volcanoes.” Seemed dramatic, but since then there was a big earthquake in Puerto Rico, there’s been a (mild) Pacific storm… and now we’re awaiting the stage entrance of the volcano.

    LOTS of us are also seeing things now, live, that we saw in dreams… 5-10 years ago. Closer and closer.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. During Laura Whitworth’s meditation Wed night, I had vivid visions-first traveled through tunnels covered with symbols and drawings into large underground meeting place-lost vision when rec’d message-doh! Then had a sky-view of a new island surrounded by the ocean waters-looking at it made me really happy-thought Lemuria rebirth. the vast blue ocean turned into blue sky through tree tops. I was part of Gaia looking up loving the trees.
      Then I fell asleep!! My human body was exhausted from digging in the garden!!
      Love to All

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  7. I just realized that my Gmail background (which I don’t remember actually choosing) is a pink and purple sky.

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  8. Lots of great uplifting articles on today! Great information on how to hold the light within yourself and use to help yourself and others around you integrate the light, higher frequencies and the upgrades. I had to read all the articles today they were so good! 😊

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  9. Posted yesterday by Jason Estes on FB, “weirdest three days”;


    Tomorrow it begins, as we take today to prepare for one of the weirdest 3 day periods of our lives remember that everything that comes up is coming up to come out dont hold onto the stories that have defined you but rather let them go into the Sun or the Light of God and watch them dissolve into nothingness then from here redefine yourself as the infinite being that you are, tomorrow is a 5pt cellular memory influx and the beginning of the chaos integration for the whole world we have already begun to descend down into the chaos timeline and over 2 billion are already in it holding space so what this means is as we progress down as a timeline into a perfect overlay of it we will meet our aggressive sad depressed fearful hidden parts of ourselves and old friends and sometimes even old family members people who we thought left our life for good will come for a final appearance, so as these shadows dance across the screen of your life thank them for their part they played in making you who you are and then forgive them and send them love and wish them well as they dance off the screen, if you feel emotions begin to take hold acknowledge them and then let them go, choose to be free of the chaos that once consumed you and let yourself float up into the new timeline which will begin on the 12th at approx 2am cst though it will require a sleep cycle(6+ hours) to fully move into it. that being said this is the moment you have trained lifetimes for and it is finally here know that as you let go and move forward you will be faced with more and more till nothing remains, and that this too shall pass ::hugs:: ❤

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  10. I think I have three (close enough type) bliss events – all to do with moments of perceiving energy in nature in someway – a sunset decades ago, in college, viewing north over the Dakota Hogback – had me crying – – viewing a bush with tiny flowers while walking to a therapy appointment and another looking up at a local mountain while bench resting on a walk. Both of those in this last decade… Seeing, but not with vision… awareness of beautiful energy…
    I guess, with some of my life I’m lucky to have those.

    Yesterday?, the 8th, morning – I think I had awareness of new guide(s) and in the checking all around condition M/P/S health of household members had odd guide input or awareness… daughter, son-in-law, house-guest were described as in stasis mode/stuck? only me and my grddaughter were ‘engaged’ – everyone was alive and walking around later, going through their days, though…

    Also having severe long-lasting, hours long, extreme hunger type stomach type pains – don’t know whether energies or medication related symptoms…

    On a just FYI note – I’d contacted (very UNlike me to contact anyone ) Amanda Ellis about the un-play-able status on her video (Bowie/Elvis) just in case she didn’t do it… She wrote back to me – some peoples have been stealing her content and setting up fake websites pretending to be her – she hadn’t wanted to prevent sharing of the videos though, so she ‘going have a think’ on what to do about the situation – I told her I’d just post her name and video title in the future if sharing…
    Love ALL,


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  11. CATs thank you for the insight..

    The terminology gave me a dejavu type of feeling.. Back in 9/2018 in meditation my body started vibrating from head to toe.. My heart rate spiked very high with a feeling joy and bliss.. i saw a bright white light growing and it was the only thing i saw eyes closed with the constant ‘wham wham wham’ vibration throughout my entire body. I saw a face outlined in the white light and when I thought ‘is this really happening’ it winked and stuck its tongue out all. This has occurred once more that same week both instances lasted around 7 seconds and hasn’t happened since. Though sometimes in meditation my focus snaps and a ‘whiteout’ occurs for a split seconds before ending.. is this similar to what you are describing? at the time i thought it was some sort of contact but it has left me asking questions what exactly was happening

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  12. SO exciting… thank you all for the updates and comments!

    A couple days ago I had something unique happen during a long meditation. In my blackened viewplane a small triangle slowly lowered out in front of me. Yellow, with a black tip pointed down. After slowly descending it stopped for a moment, and then rotated so the point was toward me. That’s when I realized it was a pyramid shape. All of a sudden it accelerated and shot for my third eye and popped me in the forehead. I physically felt it and there was a flash of white lavender light. I reeled back slightly, felt fear for a split second and then immediately was told it was okay. It was definitely a new one for me.

    Also, as many of you know there are multiple mass meditations this weekend. Here is link to one taking place 10:11 pm PST on Saturday, other time zones are listed. There’s more info here:

    Be well.

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  13. My dream time takes me home where I live in well maintained tall buildings, open with balconies. The colors are wonderful:

    I cannot get out of bed today. I’m not sick, I’ve been very active of late, but today all I could do was lay prone in a dark room that is surrounded by thick granite walls and search for imagery of my dreams:

    It appears that many people have seen these sights before, I’ve dreamed of living in this city many times before, especially the building in the lower left corner:

    Last night’s dreams had vibrant colors and water features:

    But best of all was this type of serenity:

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  14. There’s been a few very rough jagged nights, my old grid making mediation hasn’t been effective after being completely fail proof for ten years.

    I switched to a different method, more fluid, more color, with sound, add a Mongolian over chant:

    I guess this is part of the 5D upgrade.

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    1. a trillion dollars a week?

      where did it go? a trillion dollars just doesn’t blend in, let alone 6 trillion.

      6 trillion is roughly about the same as 190,000 years worth of seconds.

      that much money will manifest itself in some fashion. it cannot be hidden on the surface of the planet. even if the money went off world, or underground it would still show up in industry and executive compensation. that amount represents so much power. it’s very difficult to even comprehend how much that means and what it represents.

      that begs the question. where’s the f***in’ money?

      unless the world economy is a ballon with a hole in it that is constantly (attempting to be, anyway) being inflated…

      what do you think Cats?

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  15. @ Cats,
    Is that a vacuum cleaner by Sam’s right leg in your Leap, Sam, Leap gif???

    I think when I ascend, I’ll probably have a vac by my side, and a toilet brush in my hand. :-)))

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  16. hi
    I meditated recently and saw both purple and pink. flowers were blooming in those colors and hearts were swirling around.

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  17. I swear I saw Laura Whitworth’s recent meditation video on the blog somewhere, but can’t find it – if anyone has the link – could it be re-posted?


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  18. Thanks CATs. I was seeing beautiful bright pink sunsets around Christmas time. Since the New Year, skies have been very grey, so much rain here…Feels like something is being covered up…Or perhaps it’s just Gaia having a good old wash away of all that is old…

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. That’s what I received in the most recent message as well, do what brings you joy, joy and bliss are the path to NE.

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    2. Yes… Same here. I’m being told as well that we must start living and embodying the feeling of NE now. We must be our 5D selves at this moment. The time for preparing is done. It’s time to embody and be. It’s time to completely discount what’s going on in the 3D world and walk around in bliss and joy as if NE is already here… Because it is. 😊🌎🌞❤️

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  19. It is fantastic that I had the theme song from the Jefferson’s playing in my mind the past day or so, then read this latest post. I saw a super bright sun in a recent meditation, then a white light, but only for a moment before it went away. This morning driving out to work the sun shone so brightly, looked like a planet or something. No surrounding rays, just this beautiful orange orb in the Queens sky.

    I also recently saw this rainbow, circular patterned translucent wall in front of me while meditating, which I have never experienced before. I will keep at it, thank you as always for the suggestions and updates! One Love All 🇵🇷❤️

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  20. This reminds me of something similar I did a few years ago when my dog was getting ready to pass away. I was told that if I could get into a state of pure joy when she was ready to go , by raising and keeping my vibration high enough in a state of joy and stay keeping our hearts connected ,I would be able to travel with her and feel and experience what she felt leaving her body. We were so close I wanted to make sure I could. For several weeks beforehand we did a bucket list of all our favorite lakes and trails via the tailgate of the car. When I went to run to the store I would ball my eyes out in the grief I felt.
    This is were my shamanic background personally helped me. Everyday I journeyed with her while we napped.Dreaming and reminiscing of all the beautiful time we shared together for 16 years. The day came and I was able to have the vet come to the house. As we laid there hearts connected and the first shot was given she burrowed into my forehead and she was starting to go I felt it.The 2nd shot maybe 1 minute and she left her body I was with her feeling this complete joy I can’t put into words of her feeling what it was like to leave her old sick and tired body.Such sheer freedom,joy,bliss we travelled upwards it seemed very fast it was 5 or 6 seconds( then I saw my other dog and cat there who had pasted before her)greeting her with such ecstatic joy.Then the connection ended. It was one of the most beautiful and saddest days of my life. Getting to experience that was such and honor and a healing for me at the same time. knowing her pure joy and bliss.
    Kinda same thing this is in a way. leaving behind loved ones but at the same time knowing were your going.Find your joy in the beautiful memories or in the sheer joy of that connetion of what is to come.Either way it takes a little bit of work to Hold the vibration of joy in times of sadness or saying goodbye .But I’m hear to say it can be done and we all can do it !

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      1. I truly felt a strong pull on my personage. Almost went into the portal or not really a portal, but a physical dimension, but remained grounded here. Perhaps that was part of my having the Gaia core Lisa described. I forgot to mention when we talked, I asked if it was new earth or original earth. She replied it was Gaia’s core herself. Don’t quite know what that means.

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        1. Those of us of the Gaia core energy will go with Gaia…. wherever she goes. And she is going to her new “body,” the New Earth… right now, a bit at a time. You are going to the New Earth with her, as are all of us. It’s just a matter of when the final SHIFT takes place. It’s just a matter of time.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. If all those with Gaia core energy are following her to NE, do you have any idea what having moon core energy might signify? Am I going somewhere else? A little nervous, here!

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  21. Was gifted with a beautiful rainbow this afternoon and a red pinpoint rash over my entire back tonight. Whip lash from the detox of GRB energies me thinks. Back to bliss. Cay

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  22. Just now during meditation I also saw a sunlike radiant shape. I felt very connected and bliss. Haven’t felt like this during meditation in weeks…! I’m very grateful. ✨💛✨

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  23. Happy lunar eclipse day kids!

    Check out this site for the times of the eclipse. It will last for about a 4 hour window. It might be a good idea to do some extra meditation at that time… Or at least to visualize sending lots of light to Earth.

    Good luck everyone! This amazing weekend is just getting started! Whee! 😊😺❤️🌞🙏🌎

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  24. 1/10 am… A difficult night, so much pain of various sorts and physical difficulties – there were times a part of me felt like it would gladly have died…
    Pretty constant asking/inviting help/sharing, breathing SOURCE, mantras, grounding, visiting those good energy life points(as best I could) – The intense hunger pain feeling was not only in stomach but also heart area – may have been the hardest to endure… most easily remembered anyway…
    Had 2? disturbing detailed, most likely meaningful dreams this morning, but not in sharing mood about them at least at this time… not being guided to either…

    I feel inclined to fast – right now anyway, even with the ‘hunger’ going on… I’d have to NOT take this diabetic medicine as you HAVE to eat 30 min after or risk dangerously low bld sgr. It won’t kill me to not take it for a day or two… I’ve gone over 6 mnths without medication before (the diabetes was a side result of severe thyroid disease, and ongoing, over 40 yrs ago). We’ll see hoe it goes – will ask for guidance with that…

    Hope y’all doing better than I am/was,


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    1. Dear Kg
      Sending you calming, nurturing, careing Energy. These fields of Plasma shall bring you love, light, health and whatever you need to be better soon! If you feel a warm touch on your shoulder, that could be me, I am with you. NiSha

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      1. @NiSha, thank you – I may have indeed felt your essence after reading your reply – much gratitude…


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  25. Thank you everyone for the links to Laura’s Wed meditation – with such abundance perhaps I should do it for every posted link… 🙂

    After the difficult night I listened to Guidance as far as eating – just did some morning intermittent fasting then ate in the afternoon – – After doing some child care I’m taking it easy and reading – grddaughter has turned nocturnal again this week making some things harder, some things easier.

    Love to ALL,


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  26. I guess seeing purple and pink during meditation with eyes closed doesn’t count? 😄 And a few times I saw an “eye” looking at me, which looked like my eye though!

    Wished I could do a fasting this week! I already did a 3-Days Fruit Diet last week, just to give my body a break from eating meat after the festive season!

    Is there another mass meditation other than that of Cobra that I can join? 😉

    With much GRATITUDE and LOVE for this blog 💝

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    1. Well… those CATs who reported in today got peckish (on the 10th) and had big lunches after eating virtually nothing last night. Some are still planning to fast on… Sat or Sun, but there’s nothing specific. We’re playing everything by ear, too tired to do group meditations or rope each other into group activities. We also have jobs, so dealing with the brainwashed exec masses has had its impacts. All but one of us fell asleep yesterday in the middle of the day, some right at their desks (luckily co-workers know who and what we are)… AND most of us were AWAKE all night the two nights previous… except for those who have been having the exact opposite reactions. We keep trading Wave X symptoms back and forth. Are we there, yet?

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That’s why I often wondered how in the world that you CATs and Ms are able to live a normal life as zen as possible!

        Much Gratitude indeed!!! 💖


    2. A few years back I was meditating, I saw the “eye”, asked for clarity. Then it came so close I moved back(startled)only to realize it was My eye. Peace.

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      1. I would be just as startled had it moved towards me! That “eye” that I saw just looked at me without expression and then disappear. Just didn’t know what it meant. Didn’t thought of asking for clarity then.

        Anyway, good to know that I wasn’t the only one who has seen “own eye” during meditation. 😁

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          1. I must say that I’m a bit lost here: What “show” are you referring to?

            If you are referring to what I see during my meditation, not much except sometimes seeing purple and/or pink and a few times “my eye”. After G+P+C, I just sat in silence to empty my mind hoping to have any connection with my guide – ZILCH – that sometimes I wonder whether I really have one! 🤔 More often at the end of my meditation, I just feel tingling in the body. I guess that I have a long way to go with my spiritual journey!

            I really admire many of you here with your spiritual experiences/connections and I enjoy reading the comments. But I’m unable to tick “LIKE” 🤷

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            1. We’re All here learning lessons, observing the show. Dont take it hard, observe as best as possible. There will be good/bad, it is Yours to perceive. I learned to stay away from tv/most media, a definite “show”. When I spend time alone or meditate, I usully get better answers/thoughts from inside of Me. Peace.


  27. I couldn’t keep my eyes open this afternoon, so decided to listen to Laura’s Wed. meditation – about 3/4 through? got a winner of a headache on the right side temple/temporal lobe area – fun –
    Toward the end though had a feeling in my core of ‘home’ – not feeling NE home, but the energy at my center felt like true home? my true nature? not sure how to say the feeling just whatever it was was truth, for me


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