The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on [UPDATE3]


You are currently living through a highly complex situation. No, really. Here’s how we see things, currently…


This should come as no surprise, but we’re currently seeing two timelines superimposed — 3d and 4d — which is why people are reporting seeing doubles of things, as well as ETs walking into closets, etc. Sensitive people are getting MORE sensitive, and insensitive people keep speaking from pulpits they don’t deserve. Lots of you are reporting fresh sights and smells… that’s the New Earth. Those of you who can smell the flowers and hear the birds and see the blue of the sky… you are on the New Earth right now. You are also, like the rest of us, co-existing with the tragic 3d earth where people are gripped by fear and having epic problems. Put simply, we’re not allowed to split off and have a great time while all our brothers are suffering right “below” us, vibrationally. At least not yet.

Our current jobs are to shed love and light far and wide, which will leak to the 3d. Until this is done, no one is going anywhere. Bottom line: DO NOT get sucked into the 3d fear machine.


After we’ve done enough, the SHIFT *will* occur, the timelines will split, and one group will go one way — armed with hope — and the rest of us will go another way, off for a grand adventure. It is entirely possible that some will not see the New Earth — the one  you expect to see — until you transition to the next lifetime. This was not clear to us before. Spirit describes all this one way and we have to interpret and translate what it actually means to us on this level. So far, this seems to be the current reality… but this may change. It has already changed about a million times; “The Plan” is quite fluid, which you would expect with over eight billion beings’ free wills meshing all over the place.

That said, we’re all going to have to dig deep and give MORE. Please no griping. We’re not in charge. Don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just telling you what we were told. Hopefully this will resolve in a way that will give everyone the big fuzzy unicorn that they’ve had embedded in their minds for the past decade… but you should really release your expectations, and assume that SOURCE is working 24/7/365.25 for you. In the meantime, we’re asking all those called to become angels for the duration of their stay here, and play that fiddle loudly and with gusto (and in tune) here, in the Twilight Zone.


[FYI: Art lovingly borrowed from Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra at FatCat Art.]


Three lies revealed:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.18.03 PM

  1. There are no astronauts on the ISS. It’s just a bunch of empty million-dollar junk.
  2. There are no Starlink satellites. It’s yet another NASA/contractor boondoggle.
  3. And while we’re at it, there is no Mercury satellite, either. Someone somewhere is getting rich with these fake space programs.
Fake. Besides us ‘knowing’ that this is fake, note the lack of stars. Or space dust. Or time code. Or movement of shadows. Lots of lazy, overpriced animators, though.

They tried to hack our systems to stop us reporting this.


We has another jump yesterday:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.17.24 AM

What we need is a “fast-forward” jump!



Ok, we had another pre-SHIFT blast from the sun:


Got this just in time. The PTW has already taken it down.

There was about eight hours of ship-less non-activity right before that, too. We may or may not feel this energy. We’ve only seen this once.

173 thoughts on “The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on [UPDATE3]

  1. strange question…Why don’t I get what you described?
    (seeing doubles of things, ETs walking into closets, getting MORE sensitive, reporting fresh sights and smells, etc).

    I know I’m on the positive timeline and meditate often, but for some reason I don’t get these amazing things everyone else seems to be getting.

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      1. Ha! I wish they would go away and let me play all day on the new earth, but NOOOOO, they (the 3D bean counters) keep requesting my return into their 3D world to perform some complex technical feat that I can do with a snap of my fingers, but they can’t seem to manage without a great deal of corporate corruption and a whole dump truck full of cash in unmarked envelopes.

        I can get this done before lunch and afterwards go out to the garden and lay that new stone patio for the fire pit. I’m having so much fun without 3D, it seems all be collapsing very quickly. Hope that it is over very soon.

        In case you all were wondering, the Cheeze is from Susie Creamcheeze. She was a space cadet.

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    1. Please take what resonates and leave behind what does not serve you.

      Personally I am keeping away from all the noise, going completely into my heart, knowing and trusting self and honoring my personal process, and when I get sucked into the external energies, then I ask myself; what is THE most important thing I could do to fully support myself at this moment!?

      I Feel & Stay in that awareness with every breath!!!

      The external noises will pull you in because that is its job, just like a Mott to a flame!

      Remembering to trust myself! Knowing Nothing external matters! Other people’s journey/process doesn’t need to be mine!! Nor should it be, nor do I want it!!!

      I don’t have other people’s full picture/storie and at this time nor do I want to get entangled with anyone’s stories no matter how exciting it sound!! I do not consent or desire to have anyones experience except my own!!!!

      I am the consciousness that sees good, bad & pretty or ugly, in its total perfection in its creation with unconditional ♡!

      I personally am the observer and not the absorber!

      With greatest honor & respect to ALL

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      1. @ knowthysource
        “I personally am the observer and not the absorber!”

        Great thing to keep in mind, esp for a lifetime empath… esp these days…


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      2. @ M!! Hallelujah!!

        so maybe i CAN actually leave in peace!

        Sovereignty (or LACK thereof to be more accurate) IS what ALL of this has been about

        It is relinquished left and right at EVERY turn

        EVERYONE all too willing to heed ANY voice saying ANYTHING because they’re “nice”

        like “you need do nothing”


        we made this trip and endured ALL we endured to do just “nothing’

        wow …

        NEVER ever EVER have i made the choice to follow ANY (no matter WHO they are) voice other than MINE?

        and have it turn out as being the best choice for ME

        ALWAYS have i regretted it ~ ALWAYS

        we were ALL given OUR inner guidance

        there was NOT a SINGLE
        of us

        NOT ONE
        (just in case i was not clear)

        that “came” here to follow the guidance of ANOTHER

        again, NOT ONE

        for ANY reason

        and the price for this self betrayal
        and willing relinquishment of our power?
        is being played out on a planetary
        AND individual basise

        for as withIN
        so withOUT

        and yes, it is perfect

        because this lesson IS to be learned PERFECTLY

        the new earth?
        with being less than sovereign?

        i honestly
        do NOT think so

        peace to you
        as i’m certain you DO indeed have it
        by NOT betraying your Sovereign Self

        which when done?
        peace is IMPOSSIBLE to have


        but not peace

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    1. It’s just a figure of speech. You won’t become an ACTUAL angel. Angels are an entirely different extension of SOURCE, here to help ONE (that is, the group us) in The Illusion. “The call” would just be a feeling.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That makes more sense, not that I expected that I could become the Angel 😇

        But what about the timing for the Event/Shift which some off us got, then that timings are maybe more personal timing for maybe some upgrades or gifts ?

        I think I recently got my gift with that beautiful light dance in a sky, it was really something special for me 🙏✨

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  2. On it!

    Thanks for the details Cats n crew. 🌈



    PS So THAT’S why I heard that horse noise RIGHT NEXT TO ME ON THE SOFA 2 nights ago. Whew! 🤣🤣😉🤤

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  3. This may come across as a really strange comment and concern, but I’m a bit worried. Here goes. I have been to service to others for many years. The last 3 were the most intense because I was at service to the Goddess. I had to return a few favors and I will leave it at that. In the last 3 years I have written a book and blogged in many forums and talked to so many people. I can honestly say I have made a difference in many people’s lives. However, it was SSSSSOOOO BORING!!! All my life, as I moved forward, I would see a military jacket (mine) gaining stripes and stars. The other day I saw a pair of golden wings on the jacket. I was like “HELL NO”! Why? Because I’m sick of the boredom! That being said, I have to ask this question. Is it boring being an angel? All you do is service others and you get your balls chopped off. Sorry for the vulgarity but what is it like being an angel? I’m sure that angels have friends but do they have spiritual lovers? Do they get a break or are they minions to source? Yeah I’m sure I sound like S____ right now but from the way I look at it, and from my limited viewpoint, he had a point and a good one at that. Please take this with a grain of salt because that’s the only way we can take this as of right now.

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    1. Strange comment, indeed. Service to what goddess? What were you doing? ‘Return a few favors’?

      First off, you can’t be a literal angel. We were speaking metaphorically, a language few seem to speak anymore. Angels are a totally separate Extension of SOURCE, here to help ONE navigate The Illusion. Some of them have gone bad, and are not worth discussing, because that lowers your vibration. SOURCE doesn’t have “minions.” We are all a tiny bit of SOURCE, even angels. You can’t be a minion to yourself. You can be seriously mistaken, however. Mr Nasty is all about selfishness.

      Second, if you’re bored and wondering what’s in it for you, then 3d is for you, because YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. SOURCE and Spirit are speaking loud and clear.


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      1. There is nowhere to go if you’re going to be all about STS. That’s why those certain beings “fell” that one time: selfishness. They weren’t exploring anything, as so many have claimed. They were only in it for themselves. But that’s not how all this works. We are a vast being, not a bunch of individuals. CATs only care about STO and returning to SOURCE. Everything else is merely treading dark waters for treading sake.


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        1. @ AM — you are confused, and you are confusing others, and your perspective is quite low.

          As Magenta Pixie and her angel oversoul group just clarified for you all, Service To Others MUST begin with Service to Self first.
          It is not a this or that cut and dry scenario.

          The SELF must be serviced to the max, before any Source-like Service to Others is achieved.
          It is BOTH. One before the other, in sequence.
          You must be totally SELFISH, before becoming SELFLESS, because YOU are the OTHERS, in “Service to Others”. They are all your projections.
          This reality is a big fat mirror, because
          It is ALL YOU.
          Get it?

          And we are a vast Being OF “individuals”. We are BOTH.

          Do you understand this yet? If you are still having problems grasping this and letting go of your mind-closed 3D fixed concepts of separations, then reading Todd R. Diveny’s books, and watching Magenta Pixie’s videos, would fix that issue in a hurry.


          1. Of course I “get it.” I am not confused in the least. You are the one who’s mistaken.

            Yes, you must start with saving yourself, but one of the fastest ways of doing this is to start seeing the value of the Service-to-Others paradigm. I was speaking generally. This is an open forum and we don’t have the bandwidth to give specific advice all the time. But if you feel like you must be right then feel that way. Do you see how your righteousness is a stumbling block? Talk about projections.

            We don’t want to be right. We just want to help. There is no “reality.” The only thing that’s real is ONE, SOURCE, and Our Memory of SOURCE. Nothing else is real. We are not individuals at all. We are a group being, a collective Extension of SOURCE. You don’t seem to understand this yet. I think you are the one who needs to study, but perhaps with some other materials, and with different eyes.


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          2. Besides, there’s a difference between being selfish, and being service to self, in the traditional ways they’re meant to be described. Being selfish is a moment to moment decision. Making decisions for yourself that make you happy, even if it means disappointing others. Maybe because someone wants you around but you need to be by yourself at that moment. Saying no. And that’s fine because that other person needs to find a place where they’re OK with being alone, and accepting that you need to be alone.

            But service to self is a more chronic way of life, where you not only make moment to moment selfish decisions, but do so at the expense of others, at varying levels of cost. You make decisions less for your own betterment, and more to negatively effect others (i.e. misery loves company).

            Generally speaking, it’s the difference between staying home because you need to meditate after a trying day, and staying home to make someone feel bad, or make them jealous.

            My take anyway!

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  4. Excellent advice interspersed with wonderful art. Just wonderful, and very humourous. Thank you so much for the boots on the ground guidance. You are a lovely lot.🐈😸🤗😊💖💖💖

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    1. Yes, absolutely love ❤️ the cat art and funny cat pic. If I had to choose my
      favorite, which would be difficult, I guess I would select the fabulously, chunky angel cat on the domed ceiling.

      I have smelled things, in my house, that we’re not there (all good scents)
      and the windows were closed. I am the love, I am the light, I am the truth,
      I am.



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  5. Thanks CATs 🙏
    I really appreciate your help to the people [Paladins]
    Yesterday night I heard some music before to go to sleep, it seemed to come from afar…like a circle of people playing instruments around a campfire. 🔥
    It is impossible it was something in this reality.
    Today I had a strange tiredness when I woke up yet
    I’m working hard on trauma and sufferings when awoke and when asleep too.
    They seem to be soul sufferings and now I feel like I can choose if “go with them” or “throw them behind me” and start a new happy life.
    Why should One choose the first one??
    I don’t know but it is not so easy to make the decision for me.
    …Lot of tears…

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  6. Thank you CATs 🙏

    Well, I’m bone tired…but…

    There are blue skies, beautiful blue skies, sometimes pink and purple too and the birds, well, the birds are like a non-stop orchestra here! Can I take that as a good sign?

    I also saw something which made my mind boggle a bit! There was a plane going across the sky. I got the binoculars out and it was a very strange plane! very long and thin, looked silvery. It also looked as if it was ‘trying’ to leave chem trails but could only leave a small tail before they got ‘erased’. Then directly beneath the plane I noticed a group of birds flying around in circles really high up in the sky, would not have seen them without binoculars. It looked like a group of eagles but I’m sure we don’t have eagles in England?!!!

    Much Love and Gratitude to you ALL, this is my home! 🙏❤️🙏

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      1. M6 ❤️ Yes, I know that feeling. If I suddenly awoke on NE, I would smile and just say, ‘Wonderful, could I just have a bit more sleep before I go exploring!’

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. @Lily, birds have been very vocal here, too. One sweet song yesterday or maybe day before, both? (time is NOT very linear to me anymore) was so gorgeous, ALL DAY, don’t know the species, just know if I had thought of it and could have recorded it I wouldn’t have minded it on repeat all day, every day – sometimes air smells great here and the feel of it cool seeping into my room from my one window…Ahhh…
      On the other hand – today there were big sounding helicopters circling and circling – military stuff is usually in the BIG city 40+ min south of us – don’t know what was going on – couldn’t see from my window – truthfully, didn’t look, not that interested… there were sirens, too around that time come to think of it…

      much love, non-threatening hugs to Elsie and long warm ones to you, too, Lily…


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      1. Ahh Kg ❤️ Lovely hugs to you too and your beautiful granddaughter and daughter. Hope all is well and the birds are still singing 🤗❤️🤗

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      1. The Truth Is the Best w/Light/Love. As We stay in the Truth, We Know how to Heal/Improve Self. Peace.

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  7. Today I felt as feather touched my face, it was so real that I looked all around me, but off course nobody or nothing was there, strange ?

    It was not bad feeling, just a brush on my face, but it was strange, defenetly, maybe Blue Avians wanted to tell me that I need a shave 😁

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      1. Yes, I agree, the Blue Avians were the first which popped in my mind as known feather beings, but when I think about it, this fethers were not blue, more like whitish gray, something like that ✨

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          1. Oh, I will, it would be my pleasure, if that happens again 😉

            But it was just a brief moment, strange thing is that I did not felt any other energy around me, so that brief feather brush on my cheek surprised me a bit, I felt it as a tap on a shoulder kind a way, like saying hello ✨

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  8. I just finished putting out feeders for the Orioles and Hummingbirds, suet for the Woodpeckers and Nuthatches, seeds & peanuts & corn for the Goldfinch, Purple Finch, Cardinals, Dovies, Bluejays, Chickadees, Juncos, Redwing Blackbirds, and Sparrows.
    I gave apples to the Horses for a treat. I gave some pickled herring to our Dog for a treat. My Cats are enjoying front row, sunny, comfy perches and cushioned chairs on our screened-in porch to enJoy the Bird activities. We can see the Heron fly in to fish in our pond full of Frogs. We have a mating pair of Redtail Hawks on the farm, and a mating pair of Bald Eagles at the creek. The flock of Wild Turkeys sometimes come by to say hello. I will put out more corn at dusk for my night visitors: Fox, Opossum, and Bunnies. (The Bats and Swallows will be returning any day now to roost in the ole’ red barn. )
    I beamed major amounts of Love and Appreciation to our Hackberry, Pine, Spruce, Maple, Oak trees, flowering shrubs, & bulbs peeking up out of the soil. I beamed lots of Love and Appreciation to our Ash trees bombarded with Ash Borers; they will transform into their next adventure of decomposition knowing they meant a lot to us!
    The group meditation Saturday & again on Sunday was BEYOND MAGNIFICENT!
    I am quite a seasoned meditator, with more than several decades of experience in this body, and am able to go deep and expand to the edges of known universes rather quickly…
    Imagine my surprise and deLight when I joined the group meditation this past weekend…
    My body practically took off like a rocket! I enJoyed how my flayed out hands did numerous contortions and wigglings by their own volition. The multi-rainbowed column of colored light that came from far far above and continued to far far below, and colored the torus around my body, was the MOST JOYFULLY INTENSE sensation I have ever had in my entire life — and that includes the yummiest of food, drink, massages, soakings, sights, sounds, or even exquisite off-the-charts orgasms.
    Then, the multi-rainbow column & torus expanded, widening to include the entirety of Badger Hollow (our horse farm, out buildings, creek, pond, acreage, trees, shrubs, flowers and farmhouse.)
    THEN! The multi-rainbow column & torus MEGA-SIZED, including the entire state of Nebraska, then the entire USA, then all of North, Central, and South America, then the entire Planet, the entire Solar System, the entire Galaxy, then ALL Galaxies known and otherwise, and ALL UNIVERSES known and otherwise,
    Even now, the following Monday, the exquisite sensation continues flowing through my body. The multi-rainbow column and torus are flowing steady, but at a magnitude so I can still function and participate on the New Earth.
    New Earth? Nova Gaia?
    I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU CATS AND M’s and fellow participants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Intuitively, I had started putting large bubbles of Love to surround whoever I become aware of that is allowing fear a place to land, and then leave them to their own Soul to deal with them. Same with the PTW and the pedos, demons, reptoids, anyone who traded their soul, anyone who desires power-over-other, I send a bubble of Love to surround them, and leave them in the care of their own teams to deal with them.

    I am way too full of appreciation and deLight living in the multi-rainbowed column and torus of New Earth LoveLight to spend much more attention than that on anything other than learning what to do, how to be to create & experience in these Magnificent new opportunities!
    But then, I am an embodier, anchor, explorer, adventurer, & artist….
    I DO send MAJOR amounts of Love and Appreciation and Gratitude to all the Cats and M’s and Peacekeepers for all you do, and all that you do so the rest of us can begin to play in and familiarize ourselves with the New Energies.
    Big Big Hugs, Big Big LOVE
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. @sparklygoldendiamondrainbowhuebeing

      I could feel so much Love, Light and Joy coming from you! 🙂

      Thank you!

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    2. @sparklygoldendiamondrainbowhuebeing… WELLJEL! (In a good way).

      Thanks for sharing and caring. Talk about inspiring ❤👊🙏


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    3. Geez, and I thought I was doing well just meeting a giant rainbow dragon (named Bandor!). He was like rainbows at night!

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  9. New Gaia post:

    Deserets are encompassed.

    Florets are embraced.

    Light touches are enabled.

    The Children of Light are rescued.

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  10. I feel selfish too: I am happy that the shift did not happen yet because you, Cats and Ms, will still be here (and, also, the people who are commenting and sharing thoughts, support, parts of their daily life..).
    I love your sense of humour, grace and the fact that you share knowledge (I noticed that a lot of it is hidden in the comment section). And even when you scold someone, you do it with style and humour. I like you and I am glad you get to stay a bit more.

    I am sorry I made some spelling mistakes in my last comment: I misspelled the word Orthodox three times. 😦

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  11. I see bright blue skies and hear them birdies almost every day, on top of meditating when feeling called to it, so I guess I’m also on the right track, eh?

    Honestly, I just want a world where everyone can be happy together. There is no “I” in Team, and neither there is one in SOURCE.

    The rest of this pointless 3D drama can go pluck itself, as far as I’m concerned. Hope you CATS are holdin’ out alright!

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  12. “It is entirely possible that some will not see the New Earth — the one you expect to see — until you transition to the next lifetime.”

    So are you saying there’s a chance the world will turn into a total orwellian state in this life, and the ‘new Earth’ that is peaceful will not be experienced until you die and move onto your next incarnation? In other words, it won’t happen for another 50 years at least? I don’t understand what you mean by some, because if some are going to live a dystopian world, then the whole world will be like that, because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


    1. The 3d world will continue to be the 3d world, for those who choose to be in it. Some won’t be able to get themselves out of it because they refuse to change or grow, or they choose to remain ignorant of any of the processes. No one knows when The SHIFT is going to be. We got really close around Easter, but the PTW keep mucking it up. Everyone winds up where they WANT to wind up. If someone wants something better for themselves, then they can work on themselves. Without effort, there is no advancement. We can’t make specific predictions about anything, just observations about where we are in the process. Justice and injustice are illusions.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That’s been my feeling for awhile. All the craziness in the world today is setting up all the things people have been worried about since forever. All the negative events foretold in the Bible, the guidestones, etc. But it’ll just be the ones entirely stuck in that Matrix that need to live it. In regards to the guidestones, all those people won’t be ‘depopulated’, they’ll just be separated from it.

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  13. I just saw this video from Magenta Pixie (sorry if that somebody already posted it), and I felt urge to share it here, it is about our ascension which is connected with destruction off Tiamat, I found it very exciting and truthful, so here it is:

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    1. Ha ha ha ha – that’s hilarious Sierra! 🙂

      I keep smelling warm dark chocolate every now and then, yum! And the birds are very noisy here – well they should be, they’re eating 3 suet cakes a day plus sunflower seed! I just cleared out an area for a new garden, and guess where four of the feral cats decided to hang out… all four corners of the garden – I guess they’ve given it their blessing! We can do it everyone, we can do it! Thanks Cats!

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  14. Crystal clear, azure blue skies in my world, folks… sunshine all the way and so much good stuff happening around me, it’s impossible not to have a golden heart in all of this. I have long since given up on following any predicted ‘timeline’ or event or as Jordan Sather put it, ‘addiction to ‘Hopium’ (false hope, albeit given with the best intentions).

    If you are just willing to love, whether or not it is reciprocated, and for as long as it takes, then I would say you’re pretty much in touch with your Source. Source is only Love.

    I was advised many years ago by a very wise old soul ‘not to make your plans (spiritual, heart or otherwise) known to too many.’ If your only goal is Love, it is right here, right now, in your heart, always and in all ways. Whatever arises from that Love, is your path. Nobody else need even know about it. It’s between you and your Source…

    Love to everyone and gratitude and appreciation to Cats, Ms and everyone else xxxxxxx

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  15. Thank you so much for sharing this. Feels right to me. I am content to be here and beam my Love/Light. I get to enjoy the colors and absolute beauty that Nature gifts each of us every single day. Be well All. I Trust the Divine Plan. We are the Love, Light and Truth. We ARE. ❤️

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  16. Dear Cats,

    You cannot believe how relieved I am to see y’all are still here. I am not surprised at your post. I do know it will all shake out for the best possible for all, but man, what a ride. Sorry for the long post, but I had to get this out.

    The past few weeks have been really rough, involved with still a lot of clearing of nasty energies from the fourth etheric or dimension or whatever you want to call it. I know much of the darkness is gone, but there is still a lot there, and I often end up in it (because I can get out of it) and work as a transformer of dark to light. (Or a “realizer” if you will, that we are all one, all of SOURCE in the end.) Whatever. I have come to the attention of those on the “other side.” So not fun.

    Anyhoo, I often have a hard time doing the mass meditations because I show up and it’s “Oh there she is, we can go get this job done now!” and I get Spirited away wherever. I spent quality time on Saturday morning clearing away toxic green sludge from some remote dungeon. It wasn’t just me, there was also Brother J, both Marys, Michael and Metatron along for the ride. I even dragged in Kali.

    I was so wearied all weekend I didn’t even go online, thus did not realize about any of these 11 meditations. Plus forgot about the signif. of the 19th.

    When I finally got online Sun. pm I thought, ok, I can do the 11 pm cst meditation. But as per usual, I get all set, close my eyes, and there to my left is some dark vehicle to chase down and claim for the light. Once done, I can turn to the “meditation.” Only I get there, and I can tell something is off; there is a huge pillar of colored light, yes, but a dark figure writhing within that certainly should not be there?!?! Next thing I know, it is as if a flip has been switched, and suddenly this figure, the pillar of colored light, EVERYTHING, is being sucked down as if a gateway has been opened up beneath. I just yelled NOOO!!! (big help, yeah!) while before my eyes the entire 4th dimension just disappeared. Gone. Blank space.

    Maybe I was supposed to witness this so there is a record of it. I don’t know. But I went a bit crazy searching around, didn’t sleep that well last night and this morning. Tried to reason with SOURCE to put back at least some kind of 4th dimension for us! When I did sleep had crazy nightmares, and woke up in a place where I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE I WAS. (Energetically I mean.) Of course I was still in my 3D bedroom.

    I have since come to an understanding that through some process the dark was able to accomplish a splitoff of the 4th dimension. There are still ways to get to the
    higher levels, it is just not as easy as before. And they may be more able to get to our energy through dreams than before.

    I am obviously one who is here on the lower earth side of things. That is all right. I know that SOURCE is in charge at the end of the day, and that I AM the Love, Light, Truth, Peace, etc. I will get HOME eventually.

    But as much explaining as you are allowed to do, CATS & M’s, as long as you can, will be much appreciated by the Ground Crew.

    May we All be Together One Day,

    Gramma B.

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  17. crazy=always have been always will be-just my nature-yet this lifetime living harmoniously surfing the razors edge-and its a long blade//
    awesome gfx=manythxs the more you give the more you get-just make sure your getting what you need in terms of health and self and not what you what to feel better thing-this week an eye in the sky opener-appears to be a long hot summer with lots of uv blasting and wind lashing-(OUTHERE-way out west)but my meditations continue with special focus at 11am/11pm toward blitz bright and the rest of the time in rainbow harmonies-what i have found is that when your in the flow things go well just dont push too much or too far-and when tired/drained best practice for this old man is down and low and going very slow-since time is void the healing process accelerates as the focused awareness unites self-intution-body-surroundings and harmonies-manythxs– ps the waves of gravity and grace run high recently-any correlations of schuman frequency with the rife materials-and how are the sun and indivual planet frequencies interrelated for the cosmic symphony interplay-???? [email protected]

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  18. be the calm, happy, fun, love and light center..
    i try my best..
    until everybody can hear the bird singing every morning..
    and the blue sky in their day..

    thanks for the guidance Cat’s and M’s, hope that one day I can sit on the sofa and play the furry ball with you guys.. its an honor..

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    1. Just Ground and Protect, then throw a mental cord to Brother J (or the Oversoul/your Higher Self or just “Guides”) and say to yourself: “[name] you are welcome!” and welcome them in… then wait and see what happens.

      -CAT eds.

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  19. “Our current jobs are to shed love and light far and wide, which will leak to the 3d.”

    Unfortunately every time I step out into the world, I get pushed back down.

    In the last week I’ve dealt with white people calling my brown self a “Hitler supporter” because I don’t care to condemn the president, I’ve been pickpocketed, I’ve dealt with eBay scammers (don’t buy anything on there, they’re customer support is furloughed). I can feel the frustration and denigration around me, it’s clear everyone only cares for themselves.

    Pretty much the only way I can make it is to hermit-up and stay in a world of dreams. I never found any supportive people in my everyday life.

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    1. I’m only partly joking when I say I live in an area that would call SOURCE a “dangerous conspiracy theory” because it’s not endorsed by the World Health Organization 🙂

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    2. Oh, you don’t have to GO there, physically, just send light and love to 3d. That’s why 4d is cozied up to it.

      Where the CATs are, we’re viewed with derision because we’re not covering our faces in public they way they wanted us to; instead, some CATs went out wearing halloween masks. This is also a problem, ut a different one. You see, most people don’t know that it’s illegal to wear halloween masks in public, yet they want everyone wearing OTHER kinds of masks. The PTW don’t quite know what to do at this stage.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Unfortunately, as of this past Friday, NY State has made it mandatory to wear masks in public. I had been refusing. So, I went on Etsy to see if I could find something that adequately reflected the utter absurdity of the situation. Didn’t want something pretty, because that would indicate acceptance. Really wanted something inflammatory, but don’t quite have the guts for it. Settled for a mask with a great big handlebar mustache on it; yep, that’s suitably ridiculous…..

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  20. was sharing now caring-found this and now will share rife frequency info –may come in handy and work dandy-my elf will explore so FreX Software DOWNLOAD Access and Registration
    A Resonant Event – Resonance Initiated Field Effects (R.I.F.E.)

    I wish thank Spectrotek for hosting the FreX Software on their servers.

    All FreX software utilizes high performance, machine language optimized Windows ActiveX controls. These programs are not in common use and your Windows Virus Scanner will not know them. You will have to allow your Scanner to by-pass its software blocking functions to access FreX software. All FreX software is scanned and is 100% virus and spy ware free.

    All FreX software is 32 bit, and developed on Windows XP using Microsoft Studio 6. FreX software requires Windows 98SE or higher to run its ActiveX libraries. Recommended operating system is Windows XP. Works on all Windows versions tested to Windows 10

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  21. I would like to share some thoughts…
    About the separation of realities 2 comets come in sync…

    a) (separation is with comets arrival) So the “deep state” tries to create fear with fake viruses, people will be in an negative state when the separation happens…

    b) (Separation at a later time) when Vaccine will remove the spirituality of the people who take it aka the mark?

    So the separation happens at that time?

    I don’t feel fear I trust the Source maybe sadness…

    We live in a simulated reality, I mean I measured the distance of the sun from earth (Using shadow measurements and trigonometry and found it to be 2800km only! Also the earth is flat and there is a dome that’s why they can go to space and they make fake videos. And where AI is fitting to all this? AI controls the alien overlords or the opposite?
    How can this life be a school and a prison at the same time?
    Is there any way people who stay in 3D to fight this?
    Many questions I know… but answers might help people 🙂

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    1. Hm. All timelines will experience The SHIFT… eventually. The only people in a negative state will be those who react with fear to it — and team dark, who fears SOURCE, terribly. Technically, there is no separation, just some are on one timeline, some on others. We are all One. And there can be no vaccine for a cold virus. There has never been a cure for the Common Cold and there won’t be one anytime soon. All will go where they will be best served; it’s not a punishment, per se. Some people simply aren’t ready for a higher vibration yet, and for others it would kill them.

      We do live in an Illusion, but it’s not a good idea to codify it with ideas. Just let it go. It’s not important. Only you are.

      The earth is not flat, though for flat earthers… it is. Such is The Illusion.

      There is no AI. This is an oversold pipedream of the PTW. There are sophisticated programs, but they aren’t true artificial intelligences.

      Life is a prison if you think it is. If you let that go and trust in the process, trust in your Higher Self… trust that you’re actually perfect immortal spirit, whole and innocent, and that all has already been forgiven… and that you’re really a spirit in an illusory machine, here to learn… it becomes a school.

      And there is an excellent way through all of this. Pick up a (used) copy of this book:

      It’s an excellent primer for The Course, which is the curriculum you seek.


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  22. I feel as I am physically in one world and spiritually in another. Many major changes in my life just since March 1st. My lovely husband passed away, I lost my livelihood, my car broke down, and, of course, we are all in lockdown. Geez, give me a break already. I sense all the old is being washed away but I cannot see or sense a future. Now that I am alone all day (except for my dogs–sorry cat people), I am seeing figures come and go, especially in the forest. I put my intention out there and, viola, intention happens. I so want a new world. I am so tired and done with this one but I am sensing a nothingness for the future–a big blank. Anyone else experiencing this blankness? I have been feeling this even before my world tumbled down.

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    1. Sorry for the loss of your husband, Ruth. I too am feeling that “blankness”. I’ve wondered if it means I’ll be passing over before the Shift or before any real change happens here. I feel like everything is going by Divine plan and I have no fear but I can’t imagine what life will be like outside of the 3d pain and drudgery. Hang in there and know you are not alone. ❤

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      1. Thank you so much for your sympathy. The blankness doesn’t feel wrong or weird. It is like everything “physical” is dropping away. I feel, especially with the lockdown, that I/we are meant to go within, live in the present, center ourselves, meditate.

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      1. Thank you. I agree with the “nothingness”. I feel it is the physical dropping away, the distraction of everyday life whittled down to what really matters–love.

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    2. @ Ruth so very sorry for your loss … i know it hurts and the vacancy can overwhelm … just know that those that take up residence in your heart? are there eternally … love is something that neither time nor space nor physicality can eradicate … and it is communicated instantly across all barriers and dimensions.

      i pray that peace will soothe your heart and the love you shared will envelope you and grace sustain you from this day forth … your dogs sense this too

      i’m sure they have tried to comfort you … allow yourself the space to feel what you must feel and if it is nothing right now? then allow it … go withIN as best you can that is where we ALL must go for that is the only place where answers for EACH of us lie …

      will send you love and peace tonight if that’s all right?

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      1. Thank you. You are so kind. Yes, animals are so empathic and loving. I am going within for answers, and most times I get the most wisest inspirations. We all experience our tragedies. I am not alone in this. I feel scrubbed clean, quite honestly. By the way, I had a lovely night’s sleep so that love and peace you sent, worked.

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    3. So sorry for your loss Ruth and sorry you feel so lost.

      I haven’t lost my partner but I have an idea of the “nothingness” you feel. At the risk of sounding condescending or detached, I sense this feeling is to do with the transition between old and new. I could be wrong but it feels right to me.

      If it’s any consolation, dear Ruth, our loved ones are waiting, I know this personally for a fact, but sadly I cannot prove it to anyone else, yet.

      Mark x

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    4. I send you a big bear hug and ALL ENCOMPASSING Love, Ruth. I am in that blank space along with you, not knowing what physically lies in store after the lockdown, after that, and even after that…

      not knowing if I will continue to even have a safe place to stay? or Food? Health supplements? or my beloved animals and birds and trees and flowers and creek…?

      or even if my miracle body will continue to be habitable? 64 years seems way too young for it to give up now! Or even anytime soon!!! But, some days, it is very challenging to let it do whatever it needs to do without succumbing to fear in any of its sneaky forms.

      Right now, here at the farm, just as with hundreds of millions if not billions of people around the globe, including you, Ruth, we have no income coming in, but still have overhead to be maintained (paid for.) He has been cutting off services and expenses…and I am so very grateful I still have internet to stay connected to you all, and to the two friends I continue to want in my life…it is near unbearable to interact with anyone choosing lower vibrations/frequencies….

      However, I am deliberately CHOOSING to embrace the blankness. I feel that at least I am not unconsciously or fearfully insisting that whatever has been continues…I am actually must more interested in SOMETHING EVEN BETTER.

      So, like I said in a previous comment, I am putting bubbles of Love around each entity I become aware of in lower vibrations, darker vibrations, and leaving them to their spirit teams — then I come back to the blankness…or, now, since last weekend, I come back to bathing in the magnificent multi-rainbow colored column and torus of LOVELIGHT streaming from SOURCE, from the Center of All.

      (Actually, as of today, I have evolved my tactic! I am now surrounding fear consumed people who encroach into my awareness with a bubble of LoveLight, with the intention that the LIGHT part will educate and inform, giving them a greater chance of evolving/expanding their beliefs/mind etc.)

      LIGHT filled with DATA, CODES, INFORMATION…and our new marching orders! 🙂

      Ruth, I, too, scattered the ashes of the body of my beloved husband, as well as my grandparents, mother, father, most beloved of-all-humans-my best-friend sister, and even worse than all that my three companion dogs, cats, and then lost my income, house, car…for two years I slept on friends couches and relied on their love for me to house and feed me…

      …and, then, after all of that, I received a death threat and was given a one-way ticket out of my home state to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.

      I feel that I know first hand what the refugees around the planet are experiencing, and it is harsh.

      I lost my always-reliable-before sense of direction; too much new-to-me sensory input in this unknown land proved very overwhelming for quite a long time.

      A very lonely (and for good reason,) friend of a friend said I could come live here at his horse farm. But before that, I remember looking under bridges while walking my dogs- before they died — thinking that some people actually live there and that, all things considered, it could be me…

      and then, as always, I kept choosing to let go and Trust… my Life, my Team, my Soul, my Source, my Heart… choosing to TRUST LOVE, and,

      I simply refused to let fear have a say.
      And I continue to do so.
      I can be r-e-a-l-l-y stubborn that way. 🙂

      But, in the meantime, Ruth, feel the feelings.

      Thank you for reaching out…it shows you want to heal and LIVE!
      Like you, I am so very very grateful for the Cats, the M’s, the SuperFriends, and all of our fellow readers and commenters…
      it is almost a LIFELINE of sorts….

      And, if I lose the internet access (the nearest library is ten country miles away, too much to walk without a car,) I will be sitting in this multi-rainbowed column and torus of LoveLight, connecting with you and each other of this vibration/frequency, sending you unconditional Love and Appreciation and Joy of knowing that you are, that you BE.

      Will you join me in looking for signs of Spring, one moment, one day at a time?
      The tiniest sprout bursting through the dark into the Light tells us we will be allright…and glad to be alive to enJoy the New Earth and all the magickal miracle
      deLights just up ahead…
      Just keep going!
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. What an inspiring post. I am so sorry for all your loss. It humbles me. I am also so very grateful for all the lovely people in this forum and their wise & loving comments. I am actually a bit grateful for this lockdown. It gives one lots of opportunity to go within. To just be. I walk in my local forest and beach every day with my dogs and this is where I find peace. Nature is the ultimate healer. I love how you mentioned you surround fear-based people with a bubble of love. I am going to begin to do that. Funny, but I am not fearful or afraid of the future. I think I am in blankness. I can’t sense what will be and that is OK. I am working on trusting that the Universe/Spirit will make everything all right. That there is a plan but first, most of my life (partner, work, people) had to drop to the wayside to make room for a new beginning. Much love to all of you beautiful souls.

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  23. What a beautiful post CATs this is why I love you!
    Love all images! Kudos to your designer!

    Blue sky, birds and sunshine over here!… 🙂
    Lets spread more LOVE and Light to all dark corners!
    All is well! 🙂 ❤️


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  24. My Gawd!!!!! I’ve been gone to the big city (Seattle) today to get a desperately needed tune-up on my beleaguered body. The 3d-4d overlay was very very disturbing. I drove past filthy infested tent camps sprawled all over bank plazas where there were none a month ago. These are sub-human living conditions. The benevolent city had installed a couple of porta-potties amongst the piles of garbage. This was 2 blocks from the up-scale professional offices I went to. Then, after my restorative treatment, I smilingly walked out to the parking lot to a dead battery. I gotta tell you, its a wee bit disconcerting to be disabled and stuck in heck-hole Seattle. After more stuff happening which is too tedious to recount, I met my savior in a rotund light being who to quote him used his “bad-ass” battery jumper to start the previously unstartable car. I beat it out of town on the freeway and didn’t stop until I got to the battery dealer where I bought the new battery about a year ago. The diagnosis showed 100 percent battery capacity with the alternator charging just fine. This was one of those obstacles that Lisa was talking about for April, me thinks. When I got back to paradise, I immediately took to my bed for some much needed work. I’m reasonably stable after having had a latte and some cheesecake among the birds and intoxicating fragrances. Welcome to paradise! And, yes I did the personal mantra on everything and everybody through gnashed teeth. (I suspect I will need to a bit more personal work before I achieve sainthood.) Har and cheers!

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    1. A lot of us seem to be experiencing car troubles right now, interesting… I had a leaking tire the other day during my once a week outing to the grocery store. Got resolved real fast with the help of several very sweet people and didn’t cost me a thing because I still had a warranty for it. What could have been a nightmare logistically ( it happened after 5 pm) ended up being only a minor nuisance and I managed to keep up my good spirits all along. Are our cars trying to tell us something? 🤔

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    2. same ‘battery’ thing happened to me a few weeks ago – car wouldn’t start, battery was fine, alternator fine, but battery would not hold a charge…fortunately for me, happened in my own driveway ! ( it is part of this transitioning frequency imbalance that is & continues to occur – my phone, computer & other electronic devices are having more gremlin like quarks than normal, I’m observing that only my organic nature interactions have no issues & are stronger, & seamlessly balanced & positive.) PS. you are blessed to have such a beautiful home, gardens, shrubs & trees…they hold great inspiring energy – t.y. for sharing those pics & videos…..& very sorry for the loss of your devoted furry companion… xo

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        1. Hmmm. Interesting. I had that thought about YATJ. It did not feel right to me. Obviously a correction was needed. (Both in my attitude and circumstances in general) Thanks for this . Always, J.

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      1. My Wifes car, dead battery today, jumped it, drove for 1/2 hr. The bat. tester said it was full. Peace.

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    3. Oh wow. My car battery died just 3 days ago. Weird electronic stuff happening. All of a sudden my printer won’t recognize my computer. Street light in front of my house keeps going out. Electric company keeps coming to fix it, next day, out again. Interesting that so many having the same issues.

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  25. Just finished my 11:00 pm meditation, EDT. I am feeling some peace and resolution of anxiety. For now. So, Cats and Ms, how long should we continue this course of action? Until May 1st, I am thinking. This just ended day was #40 for me in self-isolation. 40 days in the hole. Those of you of a certain age may remember the Humble Pie song, “30 days in the hole.” Plus 10. Here in the upper Midwest/Great Lakes we have had a long string of bad weather. As I was meditating, a thunderstorm passed through, bringing another week of cold, winds, snow flurries and rain. Better to keep us in lockdown, I suppose. But I did get outside in the sun for a long walk today, saw Sun and Blue Sky, heard birds and smelled some hyacinths. Holding on to 4D! For now. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  26. It’s amazing how quiet the world is during quarantine.

    I live in a semi-urban area about 10 km outside a medium-sized city. Usually there is traffic noise blotting out the sounds of nature from 7 am to at least 10 pm, but thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, this obnoxious sound is now ALL GONE. Except for “essential services”, that is pharmacies and grocery stores, businesses are all closed, and all their patrons and staff are stuck at home and off the roads.

    When I step outside now, it is like being way out in the woods on a camping trip. There are frogs and crickets, pine needles rustling in the wind, and waves lapping on the lake in the distance. I hope NE is quiet like this!

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  27. “After we’ve done enough, the SHIFT *will* occur, the timelines will split, and one group will go one way — armed with hope — and the rest of us will go another way, off for a grand adventure.”

    So far, there is no such thing as “enough”. It must be a catalyst that does it. They’ve drained some of us to not yet death for the past decades, we’ve woken up now millions of lightworkers to add to us, and it is still not “enough”.

    The Higher Self can keep you trapped in this middle 3d/4d/5d nightmare for a decade, no problem, even when your human self tries its mightiest effort to ESCAPE and tip to the other side, slide into 5d, throw off the HS shackling you down.

    So this is nothing new for the rest of us, and what your guides are telling you right now — is not helping.

    Giving “more”, has not done it. They have got a stopper on this Earth split event and are delaying it for their own agendas — other than a higher and higher harvest of humans, I still don’t know what it could be, that they continue to choose to indefinitely delay this hell.

    “and one group will go one way — armed with hope — and the rest of us will go another way, off for a grand adventure.”

    There are 3 groups involved. The one group beyond yours.
    These are the lightworkers who have graduated this reality and have been held trapped here so far in order to drain them purely for the sake of the collective — will be exiting this matrix entirely and allowed to choose which reality OR realities they wish to experience next, with full dispensation of Source and full freedom restored to them for their terrible sacrifice of agreeing to lock themselves into this ascension hell.

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    1. Could there perhaps be something you’ve been missing? You seem very much keyed to an outcome. The CATs have been doing this for just as long as you, but we’re not despondent. Perhaps it is you on whom SOURCE is waiting to make a connection?


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      1. The thought has struck me. That maybe ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for’ is meant more in the individual sense than the collective. That maybe nothing happens in my perspective of reality until I’m ready for it. It’s very complex, the idea that we all play roles in each others dreams while at the same time having our own unique experience of everything, including time.


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    2. Pleasehelpus is tired and exhausted … most of us are … we all go through different stages at different times …

      and it’s why i say to listen to NO ONE Pleasehelp us .. you know if you have “given” enough or not …

      i know of NO ONE who has “Given” and “GIven” who has NOT experienced despondency other than having NOT given ALL they had to give …

      EACH feeling we have?
      IS to be acknowledged
      THEN released

      to FEEL upset like UNKOWN did
      and NOT STOP
      check IN
      check IN
      check WITHIN

      to see what lessons and gems are offered there
      because someone said to just do a mantra
      did NOT serve an “iota”
      (haha i made a funny) 😀

      ALL experience serves
      and ONLY we know
      or CAN know what that is

      i know PLEASEHELP us ..
      and i’ve felt it too
      and i’ve felt it til it was MY time to release it

      and you are right
      these HIGHER SELVES have zero qualms of keeping us here indefinitely

      so … we need to go WITHIN
      there the answer to our peace lies

      others? have an answer to THEIRS
      NOT ours

      it is ending …
      soon …

      it was going to be by May 15th a week or so ago
      (NOT TRYING TO PREDICT ~ for ME it was)

      and i surprised even myself at just HOW FREAKING elated i was
      but but but but “something i didn’t do yet ….”

      well … there were books i was to write
      BUT dug my heels in when my son transitioned

      BUT … it is NOT MY NOR YOUR task to take responsibility for another
      NOR WAKE them UP

      our lives should have done just that already

      IF they were ready
      and quite obviously
      even amongst the “light” group

      the basic, basic, Sovereignty lesson
      is still a mystery and hurdle to acknowledge much less jump over

      GO withIN and stand your ground

      when i “felt” it?
      i was a flurry of activity
      no time for this or that
      lots of goodbyes to say

      and then …?

      i absolutely AGREE
      they put a “cork” in it

      ok …

      well …

      the message is going out for that as well …

      they can do AS they will do
      but they CANNOT continue

      to make choices
      AND have US experience the consequences

      AND ALL THE WORLD OVER HAS ALLOWED them to do just that
      if they would just be honest

      WELL … NOT me
      NOT anymore

      i intend

      THAT ALL REPERCUSSIONS be experienced SOLEY and EXCLUSIVELY by their source

      i have enough to do with bearing the repercussions of MY own choices

      and the sooner others STOP taking on the repercussions for the choices OTHERS make? the sooner this will end

      and not a moment earlier


      that is WHY we are on Justice
      at least a huge big part of it

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    3. We could not have said this any better ourselves. We are definitely the outliers in this equation and it has been nothing less than brutal, but we are certainly at the divergence point.
      It’s refreshing to read the sentiments of another like us. Thank you

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  28. Speaking of ETs going into closets- What was the deal with our pleadian friend? I don’t think Im comfortable having ETs watching me sleep lol.

    Also, I’m OK staying on 3D/4D Earth. I just want them to stop pussy-footing around with this arrest thing. My city is trying to force a mask rule and I get irrationally angry when I feel my personal freedom is threatened. My form of rebellion is not going out but that isn’t really productive either.

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      1. Thank you, CAT Eds.!

        I feel a bit wobbly with Joy that so many are here and posting today! I so need the reassurance of the presence of the supportive beings…

        Still not sleeping well; I realize I seem to be in some “Guardian” position near this denuded portion of the 4th Dimension, helping keep the way to the now more “secluded” part that our Galaxy is in clear. If that makes any sense. But it’s just me most of the time.

        I have always been the “lone wolf” type of person, which is odd for a Leo, but whatever. But it does wear on a person doing this solo work on the “other side” night after night for years without being able to mention it to another living soul.

        It SO helps in my “knowing” that I am NEVER alone! The strength returns.

        So a huge Thank you and Hug to everyone posting and encouraging. You All help so much!!

        Gramma B.

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    1. @ Lore … i agree! i have made it extremely CLEAR that i do NOT want ANYONE “watching” me


      but sweet Lore, your feelings are NOT irrational
      they are your guideposts

      listen to them and see what they are!!

      ACIM specifically says (and i’m paraphrasing but almost directly quoting)

      “when your feelings and your actions are out of accord?
      a part of you WILL BE OUTRAGED
      the part of you being ignored
      and quite reasonably so”


      and you SHOULD be
      (and i really seldom ever use the word “should”)

      i’m saying there is nothing unreasonable ABOUT your anger
      i’m kinda saying there IS something VERY VERY unreasonable about people NOT feeling outraged


      well ,…. if THAT is NOT “too hot”?
      the ptw will happily “turn up the heat”

      and we KNOW THIS

      dear Lore see what your heart says and don’t invalidate your feelings
      WHERE are they coming from?
      what is being afronted?
      you are kind and good so if this afronts you, there IS a reason

      as to action?
      oh there is PLENTY

      a huge big discourse on:
      “OUR RIGHT TO OUR BODIES IS OUR OWN! and IF WE LET THEM TAKE THIS? for “whatever” reason? WHAT do you BET they will NEVER give it back? HOW are we to explain what WE are ALLOWING to our children?”

      i bet your feelings could come up with a pretty good paper on this

      and that paper CAN be emailed to

      (don’t want to go there? FINE ~ TONS of people you DON”T know)

      city council
      pastors ~ EVERY single one of them in your city ALL the way up to the STATE

      CIVIC organizations ~ their president, chairman

      in your city? WHAT businesses are closed?
      i bet THEY are unhappy! make a list and make sure EVERYONE of them gets your paper

      oh … to do?
      there is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS

      cheer up ! glad you rested! LOTS to do my friend! ❤

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      1. PS Lore

        it wouldn’t hurt to throw some facts around like that the hospitals in every city received DIRECTIVES to list the virus as cause of death even if the patients had NOT been tested (use anything BUT G…e to research this please)

        SO the numbers are off, AND that is lying

        BUT even if they HAD tested?

        “Test” for the virus?
        (it is called RT-PCR)

        the inventor, Kary Banks Mullis , specifically said it was NOT to be used to diagnose a virus or infectious disease

        here is a great article

        another excellent article with this direct quote of his:

        “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

        here is the link: (but there ARE MORE)

        i also recommend hearing David Icke’s interview with Real London. it has been taken down multiple times. should be on their website or on Project Avalon Forum the bottom of first page of “i’m worried about David Icke” thread .. 2nd to last post.

        someone there downloaded it

        ok … love to you and all ❤

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        1. @iota
          Thank you for the encouragement and validation! I’m glad there are people that have passion to do the right thing, but I’m honestly just sort of jaded about all of this. Even if I sent an email to someone that cared who’s to say they themselves have no choice? Maybe I will email the mayor but I have no expectations that this will go anywhere. I also know about the labeling fraud going on in hospitals right now. Another reason for the supposed “white hats” to hurry it up..

          It all just makes me frustrated and tired of people. When I was born my mother tells me that It was like I was absolutely livid to be alive. Hated to be touched, couldn’t communicate, would scratch and claw(my poor mother). It took years to finally acclimate to this planet but I still feel like I don’t belong. It’s demoralizing to feel like the only one around to “get it” even when I have people that support me… A little off tangent but thank you for advice. 🐰

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          1. @ Lore! That’s funny! “Livid to be alive” had to laugh 😂
            Except i “get it”
            Oh how id love to say “just can’t relate”

            Im only now feeling this way though.. The whole “it is NOT our responsibility to wake others”… Yea… That was a reminder for ME

            Ive lived my life “taking on” that responsibility … But it’s not helping them.. And yea.. The futility can overwhelm.

            BUT .. NOT going to disclose cuz of unfriendly eyes here.. However ive managed to “Stir up” a whole city or two in my day and draw attention they thought was going to fade away and get things done hahaha!

            The deal with emails or calls is EACH one counts AS 100. For the other 99 they figure didn’t. So 10? Counts like 1000

            That’s just an fyi – NOT call to action.

            You and i not “feeling” it? May be a signal to “let it be”

            You can tell by now that when i “feel” it? It just comes rolling out lol!😌

            You do or not as YOU see fit my friend! I just didn’t want you to feel disempowered is all! 💗💗


  29. I’ve felt like an impartial observer or outsider most of my life but now I seem to be finding my ‘tribe’ I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you
    My busy mind means I often struggle to meditate but I did the 11 o’clock ones and they were amazing
    I had rainbow light pulsing round & round the planet then came the dragons. Loads of them. Then the unicorns, lead by one who gave me a hug just like my last horse used to (we shared a life for 34 years and he was amazingly spiritual and ‘taught’ me to heal)
    Keep up the good work everyone and thank you
    Love and light

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  30. Oh dear Cats!!
    perhaps it is that I am lost in the translation.
    This message has made me feel depressed. Perhaps I have not understood it correctly.
    I live in a rural environment. I have my garden, my flowers, my 3 dogs, my 11 cats and a wonderful choir of birds that I feed daily.
    The skies are cleaner and bluer than ever.
    The sun is fantastic. In fact I take out my deck chair and meditate under it, impregnating myself with all its strength and power (don’t worry, I take my orthomolecular products so that it doesn’t hurt me, I’m very white skinned).

    In these times of collective fear, I seem to be on the sidelines, I surprise myself. I am serene, calm and hopeful. With an overwhelming feeling of love in my heart.
    I feel like I just want a source, justice is not for me. It would hurt me to hear about the atrocities committed, especially the children in those underground “concentration camps”.

    I have lived in hermit mode for many months, not only now because of the “bug”. Interacting only what is necessary out there in that crazy world. But taking my Light and love to everyone I meet.
    The mantra is my center, always present, even more when I have to go out, I recite it while I drive, and while I walk the aisles of the supermarket, the bank, the post office or the place where I am.

    And now they tell us (I don’t kill the messenger, all my appreciation and gratitude to you, cats) that we are going to have to continue here. Mixed with that 3d quagmire ??

    If where I live now is the New Earth, I have been in it for months. What worries me is not being in it, what worries me is that this 3d trash, at some point may violate my sanctuary … to say the least.
    Crimes, atrocities ….. the more we have to see / hear it.
    I’ve had enough of this damn game, yeah, I know it’s a game. Nothing is real and that’s why I want to leave it: GAME OVER for me, please !!!

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  31. I woke suddenly at 3:03 am MT ; had been dreaming of Dragons – the Dimash song ‘We are One’ was repeating in my head- mostly? just that line, but in his voice…

    – going back to sleep, perchance to dream…

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  32. Okay that was weird!

    Just sitting with Elsie on the sofa, looking at my phone, realised I had just missed the 11am meditation. Realised it would be impossible to go into a proper meditative state as Elsie is with me so just sent some love to Gaia and humanity from my heart space, peaceful thoughts etc… Then a coloured mist came around us and passed on my side! Elsie didn’t seem to notice, engrossed in her ‘Bee Bright’ dvd!

    Wonder what that was!

    Reminds me, I saw some really tiny little white orbs floating around d the garden the other day and I think it was later the same day that I saw very large blurry orbs also in the garden!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🌟❤️

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  33. Had a fascinating night.

    I was having a restless night (as usual) and I managed to sleep but awoke in another body. I was in a strange city, futuristic, but it was empty and somehow I sensed the whole place had a consciousness of its own. I cant remember details which is so frustrating, but I knew I was from another race, extraterrestrial. I wouldn’t have said I was devoid of emotion, but rather learned to manage it extremely well.

    I knew everybody had left to embark on some kind of mission of a critical nature. I had returned injured but alive. I had a sense of revenge but no emotion was attached to it. The entire floor where I stood was some kind of galactic star map. I could see an object, minute, moving fast and my awareness followed it and enlarged it. Then someone else appeared in the room (a female pilot), she too had returned from this mission injured, but had more difficulty controlling her anger and sought to seek revenge immediately. As I walked around, I was concerned I would be discovered as I knew I was not this being, just occupying its outer form. I thought of the word Pleiadian but I could be way off. I did envisage the “Engineers” in the film Promethius, we looked similar.

    Then I awoke. Several minutes later I fell asleep again. This time I was in what seemed to be a large control room. It was something to do with a galactic alliance. The feeling was positive. There was a male figure in blue uniform. He allowed me to ask questions, to start to remember things, things I used to know before I incarnated on Earth. It was all very familiar. At one point I looked around plant life and identified different plants. One was called “Phantid” or something like that because it resembled a preying mantis. Then this figure remarked about the time I allowed a preying mantis E.T. to *enter my mind and gently chided me for being so willing, as according to him many of them do not have my best interests.

    There was so much information I sensed I recalled, yet I could not drag it back past the barrier into this reality, Grrrrrrrr! I knew what I had experienced in both “dreams” was very real, particularly after discussing previous events during the dream in such clarity. These types of dreams have a different quality, and I always refer to them as my “special dreams”. I have been shown facts during them which I can later verify and also shown future events which have come to pass. They are anything but dreams.

    What I find amusing, is that this proves the life we live now is all but a dream because I am being gently woken up in what we term as a dream and not waking reality. Why? Because while we dream “here”, we are more our true selves, and we can handle our multidimensional truth far greater than if we experienced it during so called “waking” reality. Its all topsy-turvy, remarkable really. This is why this experience, incarnating here on Earth is seen in awe, because it’s so convincing. Imagine being an outsider being told to come here you will believe you are totally cut-toff from SOURCE. It must sound utterly terrifying… and indeed, it can be.

    Even my wife is now having “dreams”, with repeating themes of spiritual beings showing her things and telling her things, things which she has confirmed when awake. My wife refuses to believe in God or Angels, but it seems she has little choice not to, as so will humanity soon enough.

    We are all waking up.


    *Had a special dream where a silhouetted figure wished to mind meld with me. He refused to show himself as I intuited I would have been in shock, but I could clearly see it was a mantid shape. The next thing I knew I was seeing a large circle that consisted of many concentric rectangles of differing sizes. These rounded blocks would light up and dim at seemingly random times. I immediately intuited it was some kind of locking mechanism to get inside my mind. I allowed the mantis to unlock it from my original consent and then I found myself in a huge silver cylindrical space craft. In the craft I saw countless floating strands of human DNA. The being seemed to be imparting that he was using our DNA in some way, it did not feel at all negative.

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      1. I normally do, but sometimes… Zzzzzzz.

        I forgot to add, when i did awake i had pulsing pain in my heart chakra and it felt like something large lodged in my throat, like my throat chakra was purging.


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        1. When unidentified ETs come to you in dreams, say NO!

          [Note: Folks, set protection before bed and get in the habit of asking beings to identify and reveal themselves fully. If something won’t tell you its name or show itself, tell it to go elsewhere, where it can be better served.]

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. MUST say NO! ~~ please!

            our consent must not be so freely given nor obtained

            Sovereignty! ❤

            you are absolutely precious Mark! would be VERY upset if bad things happened!

            fabulous dreams that are not dreams … wow! ❤

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  34. Ahhhhh! What a joy to wake up here on the farm. The marine layer tip-toed in last night so it is cooler and cloudy this morning. The subdued light enhances the colors of the vivid rhododendron blooms. The eye-popping electric red of R. Taurus outside the living room windows are at least 10 feet tall, covered with thousands of blooms. The fragrant R. Kimberly are now about 5 feet tall and absolutely covered with innumerable fragrant pink blooms. (I gave the names so they can be googled since someone put the drone into a dogwood tree and broke 2 propellers. Har!) There is the biggest grey squirrel who has taken up residence in the garden. He is almost as big as a small cat. Don’t know where he came from. The red squirrels and native squirrels are half his size. The multitudes of birds are happily bellowing their lungs out in appreciation of spring and the bountiful food supply. All and all, it’s a “fine large morning”. (And I’m not setting foot off the place today!) Cheers!

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  35. I am feeling a profound sadness today, had it since yesterday, I don’t think it’s to do with your post, though I did think oh well a bit longer, it came on before that, maybe just picking up a general sadness. My guides have tried to cheer me up with gifts of flowers and free hair bands, which is most appreciated

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  36. What a gorgeous morning! Blue sky white clouds! Spring is finally here!

    On the other note …
    What happened to oil today?! Why is it crashing down to minus territory? Does anyone know?
    CATs do you know?
    Is this part of the bigger plan?

    I hope you are all well!


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    1. Too much oil. No one using oil as much as before The Burp. All oil tanks full, worldwide.

      There are currently too many plans going on for us to view any of them. It looks like a giant mess. Only SOURCE could figure this one out.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. @-CAT Eds
        yes, too much oil because of the greed to rape this planet resources
        and make obscene profits with them.
        Oil belongs in the Earth, just like the gold and all diamonds
        they stole for their crowns.
        I see it as a shattering process, before Free Energy steps in.

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    2. Yes June, the oil drop is planned as part of the money restructuring, getting off the petrodollar. The money from the fed reserve has been moved to the treasury and everything will change. X22 Report on yu tube has 2 types of videos which explain things. One is the financial changes report and the other is the geopolitical report. Excellent info in my opinion.

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  37. This may be insignificant but this is the CATs blog so…right before awaking this AM in my dream state I saw a cat at my feet in front of me looking up at me with a look in his/her eyes like it was trying to get my attention. My visual detail memory aint great about dreams but it looked a bit like this cat

    except the markings were more sharp/defined and different…a little less house cat looking than the cat in this photo

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    1. LOL! That’s a look of “You’re mine baby!” Not a bad thing. Remember, we don’t choose our cats, they choose us. But, if you get a couple of blinks with that look…well, then, you’re loved! Even if it’s on the other side of this place where you got that look. Maybe you’re getting ready to have a real cat come into your life. They come in and out of mine all the time. I’m down to only one that’s a full timer. That’s the way they are. Just my opinion.

      The Dog Lady (Who has and loves cats too!)

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  38. Hi All 👋🏻
    I am happy most of the time, but I am exhausted *all* *the* *time*. It’s a daily struggle to find the motivation to start my day. This has been going on for years. It’s not just a physical tired, either. I call it “soul tired”. I usually wake up (sometimes in pain) feeling like I haven’t gotten any rest at all. But I always manage to keep on keeping on. I have so many that depend on me.
    And yes, I connect to Source and guides daily. I meditate (when the babies let me), practice gratitude, do my absolute best to stay in joy and see the beauty around me. I am not depressed, just “soul tired”.
    I need a little boost. Any suggestions?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Hi Sharon. I share your pain. I can only say that recently I’ve added some new micro-nutients to my diet and it’s making a real difference. Selenium, Vit A, Vit D, Zinc, Colloidal Iodine Chlorophyl and CBD oil.
      Added to an all organic diet (from local organic farms) and lots of Berkey filtered water. (with a Fluoride filter)

      I have to say, it may have been physical after all. At least some of it. Oh and sitting in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. You might be surprised. We are so depleted. Intentionally I believe.
      I hope you find your way to at least happiness and satisfaction, if not outright joy and motivation.

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      1. Hello Angela 👋🏻
        I am sure diet plays a part. I try to eat well, it’s just difficult with 6 picky eaters in my house. I need to get some better quality vitamins.
        I have a large reverse osmosis filtering system, and that has been a Godsend! I also put a bit of love infused shungite water in every batch of tea.
        Thank you so much for the advice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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        1. Hi Sharon, I finally logged into WordPress and can see your reply. I really want a reverse osmosis. That is a great help! I’m in an apartment right now so not so possible. The shungite is a great idea too. We’re doing all we can to stay ahead of the toxins aren’t we? Take care. Angela


    2. Hi Sharon,
      I was just listening to Sandra Ingerman who described a sort of ‘ritual’ she says changed her life and helped with her healing process. For ten minutes, every day ideally, but at least a few days a week, shine from your solar plexus, radiating your light into every cell, every atom of your being and just bask within that light. (Picture a sun or star, or whatever light resonates for you.) We do so much living in our heads, and just need to BE our light selves more often. It’s where we’re headed, might as well get used to it. 😉
      Hope it helps, I’m going to try to practice this too.
      xo, Laura

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      1. Hello Laura 👋🏻
        That is such a wonderful idea! I will most definitely give it a try. I will add that to my “Source shower” routine. What I do is imagine my soul reaching towards Source, and feel the Source energy beaming into my being. I only do this for about a minute, so maybe I need to bask longer 🌞. Thank you for the advice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    3. Sharon, I have that tiredness as well. When I do get uninterrupted sleep, I wake up feeling like I’ve been in a battle. In addition to the fatigue and pain upon awakening, I’ve even found bruises on my arms and legs.

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      1. Hello Brigitteann 👋🏻
        Hopefully we will all get some much needed rest after the Shift! I am so ready to lounge on a beautiful New Earth beach in the shade of a big palm with a glass of pineapple juice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  39. i know i’ve been more direct than usual … i guess i’m still coming down the urgency of leaving soon and that won’t have time later to say what must be said

    i trust the lot here know my heart and me well enough to understand ~ ALL i want, ALL i have worked for and dedicated to humanity ALL my life has been out of love

    i’ve told you before
    LOVE is LOVE
    and it isn’t synonymous with nice

    if you are a parent who loves your child
    you understand this all too well

    that being said
    i love you all
    i wish you peace
    i wish you joy

    but most of all i wish you freedom
    and it can’t be had outside of Sovereignty

    just a teenie portion of us “getting” this would unravel the current going ons

    if i DO get to leave here soon?

    i just didn’t want to go without making sure you ALL knew that you had found your way into my heart and that i loved you

    that’s it ❤

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  40. hi Cat’s M’s and all the readers.
    I just smell something that I can’t recall what it is.. it smells familiar tho.
    lately, everything just feels so weird, like the sunshine, the air, the smells.. its remind me of my childhood.. its like something that long gone just come back to me.. oh my, i need to meditate on it..

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  41. Thanks Lily, I woke to Minky on My bed last night, accompanied by a squeak. A Kitten, 4 more followed. I was the assistant on clean up. If I can figure out how to load photos I’ll post. 5 mini Angels. Peace.

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  42. What blew up? Something has happened to the collective since I read the blog this morning. Stop watching the MSM propaganda people.
    Ruth, my heart goes out toy and those living with pain and loss. Call on brother J, guides and Source. They seem to be the only ties to sanity and/or stability at this time.
    If this body wears out, then another will be provided if desired on New Earth.
    Just BE. Be that loving human that gives out of love and compassion for others. That is all that is required. Cay

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      1. @-CAT Eds
        i blew up knowingly the dark construct on Tatooine in Orion Nebula.
        big obelisks in egypt, paris, london, rome are symbols of it.
        dunno about them

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      2. It seems as though everything and everyone is falling apart. Not a literal explosion, but shocking non the less. Cay

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  43. Right on Cats & Ms 🙂 during grid activation on 13th I was told the next 2 weeks are crucial in raising the LOVE vibe HIGH, Im already working at it since its a critical transition for the mass collective & Gaia, deeply grateful you are sharing to give MORE 🙂 thank you for all the twilight zone updates
    Love to All

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