The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on [UPDATE3]


You are currently living through a highly complex situation. No, really. Here’s how we see things, currently…


This should come as no surprise, but we’re currently seeing two timelines superimposed — 3d and 4d — which is why people are reporting seeing doubles of things, as well as ETs walking into closets, etc. Sensitive people are getting MORE sensitive, and insensitive people keep speaking from pulpits they don’t deserve. Lots of you are reporting fresh sights and smells… that’s the New Earth. Those of you who can smell the flowers and hear the birds and see the blue of the sky… you are on the New Earth right now. You are also, like the rest of us, co-existing with the tragic 3d earth where people are gripped by fear and having epic problems. Put simply, we’re not allowed to split off and have a great time while all our brothers are suffering right “below” us, vibrationally. At least not yet.

Our current jobs are to shed love and light far and wide, which will leak to the 3d. Until this is done, no one is going anywhere. Bottom line: DO NOT get sucked into the 3d fear machine.


After we’ve done enough, the SHIFT *will* occur, the timelines will split, and one group will go one way — armed with hope — and the rest of us will go another way, off for a grand adventure. It is entirely possible that some will not see the New Earth — the one  you expect to see — until you transition to the next lifetime. This was not clear to us before. Spirit describes all this one way and we have to interpret and translate what it actually means to us on this level. So far, this seems to be the current reality… but this may change. It has already changed about a million times; “The Plan” is quite fluid, which you would expect with over eight billion beings’ free wills meshing all over the place.

That said, we’re all going to have to dig deep and give MORE. Please no griping. We’re not in charge. Don’t shoot the messenger. We’re just telling you what we were told. Hopefully this will resolve in a way that will give everyone the big fuzzy unicorn that they’ve had embedded in their minds for the past decade… but you should really release your expectations, and assume that SOURCE is working 24/7/365.25 for you. In the meantime, we’re asking all those called to become angels for the duration of their stay here, and play that fiddle loudly and with gusto (and in tune) here, in the Twilight Zone.


[FYI: Art lovingly borrowed from Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra at FatCat Art.]


Three lies revealed:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.18.03 PM

  1. There are no astronauts on the ISS. It’s just a bunch of empty million-dollar junk.
  2. There are no Starlink satellites. It’s yet another NASA/contractor boondoggle.
  3. And while we’re at it, there is no Mercury satellite, either. Someone somewhere is getting rich with these fake space programs.
Fake. Besides us ‘knowing’ that this is fake, note the lack of stars. Or space dust. Or time code. Or movement of shadows. Lots of lazy, overpriced animators, though.

They tried to hack our systems to stop us reporting this.


We has another jump yesterday:

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.17.24 AM

What we need is a “fast-forward” jump!



Ok, we had another pre-SHIFT blast from the sun:


Got this just in time. The PTW has already taken it down.

There was about eight hours of ship-less non-activity right before that, too. We may or may not feel this energy. We’ve only seen this once.

173 thoughts on “The One Where We Tell You Just What the Heck is Going on [UPDATE3]

  1. Hi All 👋🏻
    I am happy most of the time, but I am exhausted *all* *the* *time*. It’s a daily struggle to find the motivation to start my day. This has been going on for years. It’s not just a physical tired, either. I call it “soul tired”. I usually wake up (sometimes in pain) feeling like I haven’t gotten any rest at all. But I always manage to keep on keeping on. I have so many that depend on me.
    And yes, I connect to Source and guides daily. I meditate (when the babies let me), practice gratitude, do my absolute best to stay in joy and see the beauty around me. I am not depressed, just “soul tired”.
    I need a little boost. Any suggestions?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Hi Sharon. I share your pain. I can only say that recently I’ve added some new micro-nutients to my diet and it’s making a real difference. Selenium, Vit A, Vit D, Zinc, Colloidal Iodine Chlorophyl and CBD oil.
      Added to an all organic diet (from local organic farms) and lots of Berkey filtered water. (with a Fluoride filter)

      I have to say, it may have been physical after all. At least some of it. Oh and sitting in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. You might be surprised. We are so depleted. Intentionally I believe.
      I hope you find your way to at least happiness and satisfaction, if not outright joy and motivation.

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      1. Hello Angela 👋🏻
        I am sure diet plays a part. I try to eat well, it’s just difficult with 6 picky eaters in my house. I need to get some better quality vitamins.
        I have a large reverse osmosis filtering system, and that has been a Godsend! I also put a bit of love infused shungite water in every batch of tea.
        Thank you so much for the advice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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        1. Hi Sharon, I finally logged into WordPress and can see your reply. I really want a reverse osmosis. That is a great help! I’m in an apartment right now so not so possible. The shungite is a great idea too. We’re doing all we can to stay ahead of the toxins aren’t we? Take care. Angela


    2. Hi Sharon,
      I was just listening to Sandra Ingerman who described a sort of ‘ritual’ she says changed her life and helped with her healing process. For ten minutes, every day ideally, but at least a few days a week, shine from your solar plexus, radiating your light into every cell, every atom of your being and just bask within that light. (Picture a sun or star, or whatever light resonates for you.) We do so much living in our heads, and just need to BE our light selves more often. It’s where we’re headed, might as well get used to it. 😉
      Hope it helps, I’m going to try to practice this too.
      xo, Laura

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      1. Hello Laura 👋🏻
        That is such a wonderful idea! I will most definitely give it a try. I will add that to my “Source shower” routine. What I do is imagine my soul reaching towards Source, and feel the Source energy beaming into my being. I only do this for about a minute, so maybe I need to bask longer 🌞. Thank you for the advice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    3. Sharon, I have that tiredness as well. When I do get uninterrupted sleep, I wake up feeling like I’ve been in a battle. In addition to the fatigue and pain upon awakening, I’ve even found bruises on my arms and legs.

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      1. Hello Brigitteann 👋🏻
        Hopefully we will all get some much needed rest after the Shift! I am so ready to lounge on a beautiful New Earth beach in the shade of a big palm with a glass of pineapple juice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  2. i know i’ve been more direct than usual … i guess i’m still coming down the urgency of leaving soon and that won’t have time later to say what must be said

    i trust the lot here know my heart and me well enough to understand ~ ALL i want, ALL i have worked for and dedicated to humanity ALL my life has been out of love

    i’ve told you before
    LOVE is LOVE
    and it isn’t synonymous with nice

    if you are a parent who loves your child
    you understand this all too well

    that being said
    i love you all
    i wish you peace
    i wish you joy

    but most of all i wish you freedom
    and it can’t be had outside of Sovereignty

    just a teenie portion of us “getting” this would unravel the current going ons

    if i DO get to leave here soon?

    i just didn’t want to go without making sure you ALL knew that you had found your way into my heart and that i loved you

    that’s it ❤

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  3. hi Cat’s M’s and all the readers.
    I just smell something that I can’t recall what it is.. it smells familiar tho.
    lately, everything just feels so weird, like the sunshine, the air, the smells.. its remind me of my childhood.. its like something that long gone just come back to me.. oh my, i need to meditate on it..

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  4. Thanks Lily, I woke to Minky on My bed last night, accompanied by a squeak. A Kitten, 4 more followed. I was the assistant on clean up. If I can figure out how to load photos I’ll post. 5 mini Angels. Peace.

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  5. What blew up? Something has happened to the collective since I read the blog this morning. Stop watching the MSM propaganda people.
    Ruth, my heart goes out toy and those living with pain and loss. Call on brother J, guides and Source. They seem to be the only ties to sanity and/or stability at this time.
    If this body wears out, then another will be provided if desired on New Earth.
    Just BE. Be that loving human that gives out of love and compassion for others. That is all that is required. Cay

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      1. @-CAT Eds
        i blew up knowingly the dark construct on Tatooine in Orion Nebula.
        big obelisks in egypt, paris, london, rome are symbols of it.
        dunno about them

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      2. It seems as though everything and everyone is falling apart. Not a literal explosion, but shocking non the less. Cay

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  6. Right on Cats & Ms 🙂 during grid activation on 13th I was told the next 2 weeks are crucial in raising the LOVE vibe HIGH, Im already working at it since its a critical transition for the mass collective & Gaia, deeply grateful you are sharing to give MORE 🙂 thank you for all the twilight zone updates
    Love to All

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