Weekend Meditations [UPDATE7]



We were going to meditate anyway, so we might as well (kinda) join the meditation going on on Saturday; it should surprise no one that we’re going to do ours a little differently.


The CATs and Superfriends and friends are guardians, hence we’re kinda yang-y. That’s just the way it is, so that’s what we’re gonna do. We don’t care about masculine or feminine, we just want to help, and we’ll do what needs to be done. So, for Saturday’s meditation, we’re going to concentrate on standing together as GIANT RAINBOW PILLARS OF LIGHT in advance of the other meditation, and spread light and love from the core of the earth to the edges of the planet’s atmosphere (multidimensionally), to give everyone a safe-and-sane venue to do it in. Then the others can have their meditation while we keep the peace.

We’re gonna start at 10:00 am PDT (18:00 UTC) and go for an hour. You can feel free to join us at that time, or do it anytime before or after and ‘beam’ your meditation to that time.

Like this, but more rainbow-y. Really crank it.

We’ll bring a bunch of SuperFriends and dragons (of all colors) to the party, too. Be sure to turn your energy up to 11, or as high as you can go without transitioning. We’ll see you there.

That’s better.


FYI, the SuperFriends have stopped that other country that had HAARP capability.


This SR meter is actually showing most energy BEFORE the meditation:

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 2.37.07 PM
14 (Tomsk time) is midnight PDT.


Some recent anomalies:

These are very big PORTALS, not ships. (This was an internal miscommunication.)
These are very big portals.


FYI, as per Blossom, these folks would like us to hit the rainbow light meditation button on the 11’s for the next 48 hours. So, everyone please meditate briefly at 11:00 am and 11:00 pm wherever you are, especially for Sunday, as 4/19 is a big ‘team dark’ day, and it will be best for all if we turn the lights up to 11.



Looks like SOURCE has the same idea in terms of keeping the WaveX energy high this weekend:

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 1.42.46 PM


We suspect that that double CME…


…is finally hitting right now, which will make this week VERY interesting… if you’re into that kinda thing:




Could be just a hiccup. We’ll see.


FYI, these were very big PORTALS, not ships (a miscommunication) in this image:


As for the CME glancing blow, it seems to have pumped a bunch of energy into the portal system, which is why CATs felt it. Others probably aren’t feeling much.

139 thoughts on “Weekend Meditations [UPDATE7]

  1. Last night in meditation, I saw rainbow energy dragons of many different sizes, holding large ropes of rainbow light, that swayed all the way down to the core of the earth. Energy was so high it was something. So beautiful. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Thank you Cats.

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  2. Lovely, I cannot wait! Meditation has definitely been interesting lately and having “drop-ins” or what I would call “lookie-loos” based on the glossary… so much multidimensional haze in my field of vision lately and intuition ramping with synchs abounding to the point where thinking about someone has them texting me or expecting one from me…. Thank you for the various mantras/grounding as they have been absolutely invaluable! Had what I perceived as an angel/dragon form over the lake the other day and was stunned by how realized and detailed it was (in the clouds!) Friends who saw it were stunned. Looking at the pictures after this particular image reminds me of a Rorschach blot and was deeply activating. Have also been deeply enjoying the work by Patrick Lenk music on youtube (Chant of the Mystics) and found my inner vision exploding in kaleidoscopic swirls of energy during a brief meditation with that as the background.

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  3. Decided to change order of comment:
    pre-Ps: been inundated by being under a steam roller, flattened… pervasive chest discomfort and sometimes difficulty breathing – has felt ‘the collective’ related rather than illness related – remember mention of grief/ lungs in previous thread, so might? be feeling stuff from world – also intense segments of spine pain 8-12 inch segments (not super long lasting) and under medial shoulder blade points, either side,different times…. other stuff – much dreaming – remember wanting to take this huge ship back to get resupplied, but woman in charge of something (not my ‘section’ of whatever) wanted me for something else… She happened to be in the form of a dog (Jack Russel terrier? – that could do sit-ups???) lots of very involved dreams.

    ***Something struck me the other day when I posted a video – there is a SHORT segment that reminded me of the first group light pillar meditation –

    This is a higher definition video and this segment much clearer and new things seen. From time stamp 1:07-1:11 is a view of a rotating Earth with ‘blossoms’ of golden light in the form of kind of ‘flowers’ coming up from the Earth and what I see newly in this definition is the bands of golden particles going off or coming in to the Earth to the right… Maybe some talented person could make a GIF of that segment??

    Here’s to Rainbow pillar Saturday –

    You can turn off sound and just push forward to time stamps 1:07-1:11 sec.

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  4. .*. .*. .*.Count me in – I will be there with as big a RAINBOW LIGHT PILLAR as I can muster to spread light and love to earth’s core and to our atmospheres edge!

    So happy to hear the SuperFriends and multi-colored dragons will be there too!


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    1. No, I believe that is where Sophia Love is located. So 1:11 your time. Cats, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m on EDT, so 2:11. ❤

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        1. I tuned – time adjusted – yesterday at 9 something am MT in case something happened household wise and couldn’t tune in at specified time – I got involved with something afterwards and then got a single loud tone – looked at time and was exactly 11:00 am MT which is the same as your 10:00 am PT, so joined in again – did another at ~ 1:30am. today as didn’t get update about continuing til then, did another at about 10:am MT this morning – got a nudge to put my pillar(s), on continuous automatic, a few more were added in other locations – a bit later a Kangeroo ‘photo-bombed’ right in my face, so put another pillar in Ausralia, I think sort of central, got a visual of a LOT of people packed in congregating – not sure where, but put one there, too – I think there was one other something, but have fogotten – one time I saw the whole Earth enveloped in rainbow light…


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  5. I will be joining the meditation
    tomorrow and will be wearing
    a rainbow outfit!



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  6. I always get hung up with the minutiae.

    If this pillar reaches the perimeter of the planet then won’t we be spheres?

    Also, rainbow as in swirling colours or a rigid formation of sequential colours?

    Sorry to be a pain.

    Oh, and it will be 19:00 today for UK I think (BST).




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  7. I love it when you guys give us missions!

    Feels like I’m actually doing something of use, and I get to do it alongside my feline brothers and sisters, and get to rub my energetic shoulders with other royalty.

    Thinking of having a t-shirt made of a large chromatic, growling tiger with an olive branch betwixt its jaws and “CATS PRE-SHIFT PEACE KEEPING TOUR 2020” emblazoned on the back.


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  8. Lily144 here again ❤️

    Wish I could log on using my phone!

    Just read Blossom’s latest. She writes the following which confused me a bit:

    ‘It will be as if you were placed upon another Planet that looks the same yet, feels so different and because it feels so different, it doesn’t quite look the same.
    To clarify … we will be remaining on this Planet, it will just ‘feel’ different?
    Correct. Nobody is going anywhere. There is no need.
    For this beautiful Planet on which you reside will return to her former Glory. No one will want to leave.’

    Does that mean there will be no splitting of worlds, that everyone will make it?

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. I agree, that’s concerning to hear, as it’s yet another contradiction. Kudos for Blossom for pushing back some. But not enough. I also found this to be disturbing…”Are we going to be witness to everything?

      That, we cannot say. For it will be up to the discretion of the ones taking over, as to matters that may well be kept silent forever.”

      I mean…wow. This kinda stuff, and all the ‘soon’s and ‘imminent’s and what not, they’re essentially asking us to swallow the same kind of misdirection that the mainstream media offers. Taking over? Hide the truth from one group, because another group can’t handle it? That’s all they got for the ‘new world’? Oy, OK. Personally, I’m done with all of it. Focus on ourselves, and that’s it.

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    2. That was the first Blossom post that felt “off” to me. It just didn’t feel right. I know it can’t all be rainbows and unicorns but after I read it, that nagging feeling stuck with me.


        1. Haha, CATs! I definitely don’t know what’s happening! I’m just meditating and trying to stay grounded. Working on keeping my vibration high and spreading light. The only thing that feels certain is that I’m supposed to be the calm center for my family. Thankful for this blog and all of your readers/followers.

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    3. Lily ~
      This Blossom message makes me think of an old Dolores Cannon video, where she had a visual (made by an audience member who had this vision) of two Earths, one brighter than the other one, still attached but in the process of separating into two separate Earths. The 3D side wouldn’t know the NE had split off, everything would seem the same to them. The folks on the 4D/5D NE however would see the newness, etc. As I understand it, because you’re ascending with Gaia as the NE splits from the old, you will seem to stay in place but running at a higher vibration (and so invisible to 3Ders). So, it’s a vibrational separation, all in the same place. Once the vibe gets high enough it will be NE, and surely we will feel it and see it differently. [This is my interpretation, someone jump in and clarify!]

      DC also predicted lots of shenanigans involving a fabricated disease and fear mongering before the shift/split. Those in fear would stay on old Earth.

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      1. I read recently about one channeling from Zeta race (from Zeta Reticuli) where they are explaining that there are actually 3 “Earths” in same place but in different density. One where we are is 3D and it is called Earth, other one is in 5D and it is called Terra, and the third one is in 7D and it is called Gaia.

        If I understood correctly, Terra existed (still exist) in the time off Lemuria and Atlantis and we are again as a species heading again to that 5D Terra ✨

        Not sure if there is a truth behind that, but the story was very complex and very detailed, comments are welcomed, I could post that link if somebody wants to research it in more details ✨

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        1. There are actually zillions of realities, with major motifs. Right now, there are two major ones at our level. 5d will be reachable for us AFTER The SHIFT, but only after we put in some time on 4d. No one is jumping from 3d to 5d. Lets of people claim to already be there, but they’re not. So much disinformation at so many levels. It wears you down.

          -CAT Eds.

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  9. Whoahhh!!! SR has jumped up to 110 and is basically whited out already today!

    For anyone unsure of time you can copy “10:00am PDT” into Google and it should give you your local equivalent. For Atlantic standard time this is 2pm.

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  10. ON IT-IN IT-WITH IT-OF IT-WE ARE ALL ONE-last night in my meditation i came to the realization that if they can effect us with frequencies and programing we can turn that around and mirror it back with focused energy-they probably wont like what happens-and its not violence just using their energy against them with greater cosmic precision-not looking for specific outcomes just returning unwanted items to their owners multiplied by 1 trillion-which now adays is the new needs to fill the bottoms of their linings-on a lighter note-days start out slow and dispersed with gusting winds and increasing uv rates-yet if i go into the flow and let go harmoniously-many things occur in positive outcomes-stopping time and rearranging ionic structures-not focused too much on the big impressive needs to do-just the small stuff that has needed to be done for a long time-and it adds up at the end of the day-one thing i have become acutely aware of is the need to take special precautions against the wind gust and elements within-we take so much for granted like vision and eyes but all it takes a a particle of ?? and the eye is eyeless-and blindness is a tough cookie to chew with no teeth of immunity or protection-blessings to all-meditation incomming-riding the wave/s blending with rainbow bridge into colors of joy and harmony forever and ever-and then again-interesting that we are given many opportunities to learn and as one enters old age one listens better even though the ears dont work as well-:)

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  11. Hooboy. The pastels. Incredible colors in this meditation.

    We started early at 7:00 am and put out some “pylons.” This worked well. As the regular meditation started, some things started to show themselves, all over the planet (and moon) and we drove gynormous light spikes into all kinds of places that needed it. It was so gratifying. So much easier to see them when everything is flooded with light.

    At one point we saw The Event/SHIFT again, so what everyone did in this meditation pulled that in closer. Everyone also got a new upgrade, that you may or may not have noticed.

    Some CATs woke up this morning (early) with new abilities. Wow. We’re not sure how to describe them, yet. We were told not to call them gifts… because we earned them. Wow. What a lifetime.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Lily144 here, just checking in before Elsie has her bath.

      Oh boy was that a challenge! I was determined to take part at the right time. I grounded, cleared, protected and connected then quickly got pulled out by the sound of our indoor guinea pigs deciding it would be a good time to start eating their thick cardboard house!

      Moved to the bedroom, checking Elsie was okay with her books on the way. Settled myself and started again!

      Managed to create my pillar of rainbow light, it was spinning spiralling rainbow light out in all directions, beautiful!

      Then, Elsie started some of her screaming tics, followed by repetitive instrument playing on her toy music box.

      Checked she was okay and moved meditation to the tiny conservatory but could not settle so returned to bedroom again. Put some earplugs in and started over again, just managed to pull up lighthouse and visualised rainbow light swirling out all over Gaia when a cd was thrust under my nose! Went to put Elsie’s nursery rhyme cd on for her and returned to bedroom to try again! With Baa Baa Black sheep blasting out and Elsie behind the door I had to stop again. Realised Elsie was wet and needed a nappy change and decided I was being guided to give up!

      Hope I managed to contribute in some way! Phew!

      Much Love and gratitude to all of you! 🙏❤️🌟❤️🙏

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      1. Thank You for Your help, For Intention Is Most Important. Much Love/Gratitude! For WATL,WATL,WATT, WA! PEACE.

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        1. Christopher ❤️ Thank you for your kind words. Getting an opportunity to meditate at all at the moment is a real challenge. Elsie’s care needs can quite literally be 24/7 at times. I do my best but sometimes it just is impossible, I guess you can only do what you can!

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  12. @CATS. Help. Weird things happening per location. Last month, my check was sent to old address I have not lived at in 4 years. Forced to do direct deposit bc of beer bug. Then, I ordered something and it was sent to old address. I’ve ordered from this place a dozen times past several years with current address. Items lost to old address. Today, my mom gets a notice her car was abandoned and has been impounded. I’m literally looking at it. The car in the notice has all the correct ID, but the car was never in abandoned.

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    1. I had the car thing happen to me as well the cop kept calling me about it I was like listen dude I do not even own a car! LOL Timelines oh brother.

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  13. At Home in our 💖s
    Clarity ~ peace ~ grace
    New Earth in within ✨
    What a blissful and beautiful unified field of 💖🎊
    Gratitude 🙏

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  14. The meditation was good. I think there is quite a lot of us on the west coast… I saw a big wall of rainbow light. I mostly saw myself as blue-green light with gold surrounding me. Not sure if that even makes sense. I asked AA Raphael to help heal and I saw green light revolve around the world and pulse… and then there was a green shimmer to the planet.

    I also saw myself as a tree, huge green golden light tree…. i would bring in all the darkness and heaviness through my leafs, branches and feel it go into the earth through my roots, be transmuted and i would release the light back into the world light shooting out of my leaves.

    All during this I had two mantras:

    1) I am Truth
    I am light
    I am love
    I AM

    I am a sentient being
    I enjoy freedom and freewill granted to me by the creator
    I use these rights and stand for the protection of them for all

    Hope you all have an amazing Saturday…


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  15. Dr Rashid A Buttar

    Please listen to this urgent message and call-to-action. Make sure to take this action every time the clock hit’s 11:00 am and 11:00 pm in your own time zone, for the next 48 hours, for a total of 4 times in the next 48 hours. And please, share this with ALL your friends, family and loved ones. Ask them to do the same thing, and ask them to pass this on and pay it forward. With gratitude and blessings!

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  16. The meditation was amazing! I just wrote a very long post and it disappeared in the “sorry this comment can not be posted” … and it was my best comment ever! 😊🌈😉
    And yes, the pastels were gorgeous!
    I saw rainbow bodies and eggs. Rainbow rain, rivers, oceans, and waterspouts of all sizes. Rainbow axitonial lines and rainbow ley lines. Feels like every cell, pore and layer of this planet got saturated with rainbow light. The tones coming from the earth core are absolutely joyous. Heard the song Everything is beautiful…can’t think of the artist. Children sing the first part …brother j loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight….

    The Rainbow bodies!! Amazing. 🌈🌈🥰❤️

    Big humongous Love to All. Thanks for the opportunity to connect!

    ps. I found rainbows in my hair after it turned silver over a decade ago. Still there. Just call me rainbow hair woman. 😇

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  17. After G&P found myself in a pillar of citrine light which became a vortex, funnel of light reaching from the Earth out into space. The tornado of light was created by dragons of various colors. I could feel their joy of flight while in formation as well as the exhilaration of those people riding on their backs. My citrine colored dragon had smooth sparkling small scales which rippled as moving light. Every so often a dragon would disappear as if flying through a portal and pop out in another reality. Mine popped out underneath an opening under a waterfall in a tropical area similar in flora to Hawaii. Those of us on the citrine dragon laughed as we got drenched flying through the waterfall. Only the sounds of nature in a peaceful place surrounded us. Thanks to the dragons and all there. Cay

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  18. I saw a new book of Life begin. I saw the old one get tossed, and shredded by the edge of the lavender beam on the light. But then a crystal popped out of it, and that became the seed for the new book, the new beginning that we all get to create. With each dream of love, with each note of our individual songs, sung in harmony with all that is. And I saw the old book, having layers and layers of light / healing go through it. And healed souls started coming out of it. Some knowing, some very bewildered. All having as much time as they need to heal before joining in the new book, with new parameters. And such beauty and joy and love to explore. It will take us quite a while to get bored again 🙂 Thank you beautiful souls. Turns out today is apparently very important, for what is about to unfold. Cats – thank you, such purrfect timing. As always.

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  19. Thank you Cats for setting the foundations for this meditation. I meditated for half an hour without my mind wandering, which is good for me. There were pulsing rings of rainbow light coming from the centre of the planet. It was a lovely experience. The birds liked it too. It’s 8.30pm in the UK and they are still singing bless their featheryness. 🐦🌈🐦

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  20. That was absolutely gorgeous! I feel I may have messed up the time conversion initially (forgot about the daylight savings, ADT not AST at the moment) so did 30-45mins at 2 and 3 to be safe. During the 2 oclock one I used my muse headset to project my heartbeat back to me as a drum which is a favorite and then used a set of frequencies that have become soothing during the 3oclock one. I felt like I had a few feline visitors during this one and could have sworn I had a jaguar peeking in from above… my little siamese also made her presence known. Interestingly when I “came out of it” she was already awake and starring at me.

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  21. I had an interesting dream tonight.
    I had to bring 3 different kind of cats to a certain location… But these cats kept disappearing on me and running away from me in a funny playful way :)))
    At first I was just frustrated why would they do this to me? I was doing a favour for them…They need to be at this location… But than I just enjoyed my time looking for them, finding them and holding them while bringing them to this location… 🙂 It was like a silly game for me and cats. :)))
    I woke up in a very good mood 🙂
    Were you CATs in my dream last night ? 😉

    Love you ALL,

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  22. Wow! Whole body still buzzing. Loved the energy and visuals from Terra’s core to the edge of Terra’s atmosphere. Breathing was tough. Alternated between peaks of gasping for air and sublime troughs of peace, tranquility and gentle breathes. Also, at one point I felt my body begin to float upwards. Did a quick grounding to stay Local.
    Peace and Love to Everyone!

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  23. I was able to join the meditation, I visualized the rainbow pillar off light coming from Earth core and it transformed into toroidal shape in rainbow colors all around the Earth and I was watching it from the space, huh, strange, but beautiful ✨

    I stopped with the meditation briefly, came back and it seemed that rainbow toroidal energy swirling around Earth is still there where I left it without additional effort from my side, like somehow subconsciously I was mediating even I dropped out off it, is that even possible ?

    I do feel strong connection to space, which was evident yesterday about which I wrote the post, but seeing the Earth today from space makes me wonder, was that my conscious drifted out in a space, or I was looking the Earth through some others eyes, does not matter on the end, it was beautiful 🙏✨

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    1. I was seeing similar rainbow toroidal shapes as well, coming from each of our pillars and joining in this giant swirling, streaming rainbow light structure covering the planet. It felt very active, it had a life of its own. I went off in the meditation to connect with my green dragon, leaving my toroidal structure in place, and it was still there just like yours when I got back from my meditative excursion. Very cool that we both had such similar images! When I was off with my dragon, I discovered that I could sort of direct it/him to blow rainbow light at an area or people. It changed the area in a way, the light layered itself over the land, covered everything, people were sort of enveloped by it and either welcomed it, loved it, throwing their arms up in joy, or rejected it, like oil repels water the light then wasn’t able to touch them, they stayed in a bubble of their own environment somehow. Flying around and blowing rainbow light felt very joyous and fun, like when you try out a new toy on Christmas Morning. It felt very good to connect with you all!
      Hugs! ❤

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  24. Dear CATs, thank you for welcoming me. Appreciation for everyone here, and for the participation in fulfilling this Heart’s Desire of our New Earth… However this happens to come about, it feels that we have begun to make ‘home’ in a vital or revitalized Earth. :-))

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  25. We don’t “believe” in the the SF. They’re here. We can see and communicate with them. They’re higher order beings who like us are here to help. We see new ones all the time. Everyone will see beings like this in the future, at the next level.

    The pain you’re feeling is the same pain we’re all feeling, too. It’s *constructive,* not destructive; growing pains, if you will. Best thing to do is BREATHE through them. We think “SOURCE” on the intake and exhale through ground. We have no way of stopping the energy coming in. No one could stop it. If you could see what it’s really doing, you’d never want it to end… but we wouldn’t mind not having any more pain either!

    -CAT Eds.

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  26. Thank you @cat’s and @all here on the board

    I yesterday didn’t came here but thie night I meditated with the light pillars over the United States and Europe. But especially over the States and Washington. I will repeat it today with the rainbow colors. This night I used golden pink.
    Thank you for this usefull information and all your love and guidance that’s awsome!!!

    I am with y’all and I see y’all as my special friends. It is an honour to be in your group now for some while and my confidence was growing and growing. I really trust in you 🐦🌈🐦🐦🌈🐦🐦🌈🐦

    God bless you all

    Love Alnilam❤️❤️❤️

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      1. @lily144

        thank you my dearest friend
        I allways read your post about you and little Elsie
        you both are a sunshine for our world and I feel it in my heart

        big hug and much love Alnilam❤️❤️❤️

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  27. Today is the Christian ortodox Easter, many countries in Europe are celebrating it, as well as Christians ortodox dispersed around the world. Maybe one day, once and for all, both Easters (Catholic and Ortodox) will fall in the same day.
    Happy Easter!

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  28. Hi CATs!
    I joined the pre-meditation yesterday.
    I saw huge rainbows coming from the centre of the Earth and going to the moon. 🌈 So powerful! 🌐
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the “real” meditation…the first one was too strong for me and I fell asleep.
    I gave my best.
    I would like to be stronger!!
    I Loved the rainbows 🙏
    Peace and Love to You All 🔥

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      1. I appreciate if you could enlighten me as to what could have happened during my meditation for this Peacekeeping Duty.

        Initially, I hesitated to join this peacekeeping duty meditation as I know that I don’t belong to the ”Call of Duty’’ League, like most of you here . The most I see with my mind’s eyes during meditation is bright or purple color. So, rainbow colors, pillar of light, turn energy up to 11 are way beyond me!

        Anyway, I decided to join and said ‘’I want to join CATs Peacekeeping Duty meditation’’. What seemed like 10 mins of meditation to me, when I opened my eyes to check time, 50 mins has already passed. I’m sure that I didn’t fall asleep as my head would have nod off and that would have jerked me up. I was still sitting in an upright position when I opened my eyes. And I saw nothing with my mind’s eye, not even bright/purple light, during this meditation.

        So, my question is: Where did my 50 mins go? Can our mind go blank during meditation for no reason?

        Btw, if it’s not too complicated to explain, what does ‘turn energy up to 11’ mean? 😁

        Wished that I had stumbled upon this blog during my younger years!

        Much Gratitude & Love 🙏 🙏 🙏

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  29. Hi rainbow warriors!

    Something in Blossom’s latest caught my attention:

    “To clarify … we will be remaining on this Planet, it will just ‘feel’ different?

    Correct. Nobody is going anywhere. There is no need.

    For this beautiful Planet on which you reside will return to her former Glory. No one will want to leave.”

    This does not correlate with our beliefs.

    Can anyone elucidate further please?



    P.S. On strict quarantine now, think I have C virus. Had to call emergency services in the middle of the night, I couldn’t breathe properly LOL. Fun here isn’t it… 🤨

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    1. Mark,
      Take care. We need representatives of the Divine Masculine (Yang) Warrior for balance in this current reality. Rest now. Cay

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    2. Good observation! That’s why I stopped listening to her some time
      ago. I don’t know, with whom she is in contact, but for me it doesn’t feel right… that’s of course just my personal opinion!

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    3. I planned on staying to clean Gaia. Whether I was messy in past lives or not. I Am A Creator, Soo, It Will Be. Peace.

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    4. @ Mark. Really hope you knock it on the head quickly. If you have them or someone can get them for you take big doses of vit C, vit D3, zinc, vit A. Colloidal silver and I’m also atomising a mix of oils, oregano, cinnamon, clove, rosemary,francinsense, and eucalyptus. Or you could inhale over a bowl. Sending healing bless you.🤗🌈💖

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      1. Thanks guys for the well wishes and learned advice.

        After careful consideration, much soul searching and constant channeling of the upper, higher, ultra, lofty realms, I’ve decided to gargle rainbows!

        We’re warriors of light, takes more than a global pandemic (vaccine BS/economy crash) to keep this one down.

        Fetch me my shield of light, sword of truth and fluffy slippers of stealth, lets sally forth for our collective freedom!

        Mark (kicking covid up the proverbial)

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        1. Mark. You certainly made me chuckle. You can be a daft bat 😊. Keep it up. By the way, where can I buy the slippers of stealth and do they do them in purple! 🤔🌈

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  30. I remembered my final dream this morning and it seems very synchronistic as I JUST read the news headlines about a mass shooter in Nova Scotia this AM (who I guess they have now arrested).

    My dream a few hours ago: Daytime, urban/residential area…There was a group of pre-school kids and a female teacher outside. I was there too. I had an inner flash of DANGER! so I told them all to hit the floor (as I did). They seemed to trust me so they did and I told them to follow me and move exactly as I do and be fast. I moved like you see those Marines in basic training where they have to move on their stomachs through mud under barbed wire so they are moving on their elbows and knees. So I did that and they followed me to a safer spot. We got there pretty quickly. I looked and there was a guy who was now about 50 yards away but he was shooting an automatic rifle at us. I sensed the bullets were not accurate because of the distance so I leaped up, drew a handgun, aimed calmly and carefully and fired a shot. I hit him each time somewhere in the trunk and the 4th shot put him down. I turned to check on the kids-they were all fine. I turned back and he was gone but there was a regular looking car speeding away with several people in it. I assumed they scooped him up and fled.

    Before I logged onto the internet and saw the news I was going to come on here and share and then say ‘keep your situational awareness up’ but I guess I don’t need to with what happened in the news this morning. Obviously my dream was somewhat symbolic not literal because kids are at home these days not out on pre-school excursions.

    Probably a good time to be on the look out for psychic attacks too.

    Be well everyone!

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      1. Couldn’t they make their sacrifices in another place? Not saying I want that but what is it about the US that they want it here so badly?

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        1. I think because the entire world looks to us, the USA. If they can put us into fear and division, other nations will see their power. If we fall, everyone follows but they’ve already lost. We’re merely watching movie. Just my feeling.

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      2. Cats, I wanted to ask about the staying home from school and the white hats and TD being desperate.

        Does that mean some of this staying home is for our protection?

        Thanks for any help 💜 and for all you do for us.


  31. Felt an overwhelming urge to snooze right at the time for the meditation; but I’m pretty sure I was there in one form or other, this one felt important to me.

    Spent some time counting sheep, checking the herd for stragglers to see if there’s anything I can do to help. But it seems like people have made their choices, and most didn’t have what it takes. Some don’t even remember me, can’t decide if it’s lack of awareness or diverging timelines; I remember everything and everyone. It used to make me feel sad; but it seems like I’m slowly losing my feelings, everything feels more and more empty, quiet and peaceful.


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  32. FYI, the SuperFriends have stopped that other country that had HAARP capability. Yay. PS my friend in NZ saw the hotizontal rainbow IN THE SOUTHWEST. So amazing you can see it SW in both hemispheres!

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  33. Today did the 1:11 med w/11:00 intention. Saw many strange images, yet the one I recognized was gentle blankets falling/covering over old timeline activities. As if now they are gone, blank screen image. Peace.

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  34. I forgot to mention, here’s a manifestation doozy for anyone who appreciates them.

    Shortly after I posted about making a t-shirt to commemorate the CATS suggestion of becoming rainbow pillars of light I saw it…

    Went to a grocery store and a young guy stopped wheeling his trolley to allow me to pass. I thought that was kind, then I noticed his t-shirt.

    It pictured a large smiling cat holding a large rainbow from paw to paw I kid you not! I chuckled with the universe 😂

    Of course, if I shared this with most people they would shrug at best.


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  35. Connected briefly at 11:00 am and felt overwhelming love and light coming from people of the planet!
    ❤️❤️Love and Light to all of us and to our planet Gaia! ❤️❤️


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  36. I had seen the Update 4 video late last night online elsewhere and was ready to participate and did so here at 11 am EDT. When I connected, I did so directly to Source and got bright white light with sparkles while I repeated the mantras over and over. I tried to visualize rainbow colors but kept getting the intense white sparkles. Later connected to the AAs for requests for protection and healing of the oppressed. At some point I fell asleep and had a vivid dream in which I was visited by an old friend, a retired doctor, whom I haven’t seen for two years ( but got an email from yesterday) showed up at my back door, told me that I was depressed and to “snap out of it” because “you have work to do.”‘ I have left out many of the vivid details for the sake of brevity, but I guess I got the essential message. I rarely have vivid dreams, or even vague dreams that I remember small bits and pieces of. I will be doing meditations on the 11:00s for the next few days as often as I can. I have work to do. ❤

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  37. A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother who is 98 years old had a fall and although she managed to get help it was two hours before the ambulance reached her. They took her in and treated her for fluid on the lungs. She is recovering well and is allowed home tomorrow.

    The hospital have said today that she had coronavirus. The funny thing was that they kept quiet about it up until now, and she was not isolated. My family believe what they have been told. They are furious and blame the hospital for being irresponsible etc…

    Not sure what to think to be honest but am just glad she is going to be back in the comfort of her own home, sounds like she’s had a bit of an ordeal. If anyone feels like they may like to send her a bit of love and comfort, that would be lovely! ☺️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Perica above posted a video and a Dr. Buttar was one of the 3 on there. I listened to a different video of this doc where another man was interviewing him, a little over an hour long, and it was an excellent video. He said all docs should be furious and speak out because they were being told to put down any death as c v and he also spoke about the false positives on tests and said anyone that had a flu shot or any other type of flu would test positive because the markers on the virus were similar. Very informative of the crimes and fraud that are going on.

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      1. Well, lets hope we get to experience the New Earth with no ‘systems’, no insanity…Just a caring, loving compassionate world.

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  38. Mass shooting in Nova Scotia, Canada today. Probably the usual suspects. Shaking my head. See you at the 11 pm meditation. ❤

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    1. “The rampage “appears to be at least in part, very random in nature”…

      OMG!….This is so sad :((( …..Why?…… How can we STOP it?…
      Enough is Enough!
      I am extremely sad… :(((
      Love and (((((HUGS)))) to all families of the victims…. ❤️🙏

      Will join you at 11pm meditation too!

      I hope you are all well!


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  39. I experience nearly the same and it’s driving me nuts! The worst are the headaches, just when you think “wow, a day without pain”, an hour later they kick in… every other day, without any rational reason… frustrating! Let’s see, if a shared pain is a pain halved 😀

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  40. CATs, an odd thing just happened to me. I was watching a documentary and there was an old movie clip of a man smoking. The odd part was just a second before that clip I smelled tobacco smoke very clearly. When the clip stopped, the odor went away. Could this be some sort of gift?

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      1. I have tried to log in to the blog and I get this:
        “This blog only admits invited readers.

        It does not seem that you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you may want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.”
        I must to go by iPhone

        Will it be an attempt at censorship?


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      2. Thanks, it felt more “special” than my first comment described. I kind of zoned out for a second after glancing away from the tv, then the smell, then glance back and it was just a scene in b&w of billows of smoke. All happened in less than a few seconds. Thanks again, I’ll meditate on it!

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  41. Defeating./turning dark entity with youngins to light

    Song, they joined the team
    Cause im fhe second top guy
    Balls of light from hands

    Elves in a school, we whisper our names, heard one say their name

    Happy Monday All!!! So grateful to have participated in the meditations this weekend, though each time I ended falling into the deepest sleep, with technicolor dreams. I really need to take better notes, lol.

    So I was with a group of people trying to complete a scavenger hunt, had a very Dark Tower-ish vibe to it. One of the clues was about some kind of portal in a gas station. We got to this barn type thing, where all sorts of light was emanating from it. One of the group went in (“oh shit, here we go”, I remember thinking), and we followed. There was a being (Randall Flag type) in there at one end, shooting negative energy out at us, and it became kind of like a dodgeball game, where we were deflecting the energies. This being said, “what did you think you can bring them against me cuz I’m the number 2 in charge”?. “Dude, I thought you were the number 1?”, I said to him and the game continued. It was a stalemate.

    Then, someone (me?) said, “NO FEAR! DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO!”, and these kids, who I am not really sure were kids, stepped up behind us, raised their hands, and began to sing the most beautiful song, in such a harmonious tone. I don’t remember the words, but we who were in the front felt this surge of energy through our palms, these balls of light started flowing. We just let it flow, and stopped playing defense. The colors going on with the tones were amazing! It was like the rainbow light I visualized in the meditation, and the picture that went with this post.

    The barn lit up, and this being then jumped down, transformed to another being with a uniform on, thanked us, and we all shared this amazing group hug. He was now a part of our team (again?, he seemed to know the “kids”), we left the barn and I presume we went to seek that number one. It was all so effortless and marvelous.

    Later on (another dream or I’m just forgetting the in between parts) I was doing a school visit. In the hallway were two faculty members talking amongst themselves, though I could hear them. They were talking about how there were Elves, and one said, “shhh….we whisper our names here”, and I heard one say/send their name, though I cannot recall it now….or the rest of the dream. I can still feel the feeling of that calm, but powerful energy surge though…awesome.

    Thanks CATS, M’s and ALL, for all you do and all you are. WATL, WATL, WATT, We Are! One Love ❤️💫

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  42. Didn’t mean to post them up top, and clearly need to take better notes, 😂 but no accidents. One Love All! ❤️

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  43. Can anyone help with a dream that I had last night? In the dream, I was looking at myself in the mirror, fixing my hair for work, and noticed that on my hairline the skin was a very different color, like no color at all, no tan, and it almost looked like a line, I kept trying to part my hair to fix it, and it came looser and looser, falling lower, until it was like I was seeing my eye beneath the line and suddenly it was a cover that had been on my face, a mask that was painted with a face, the consistency of a thick tissue, and I peeled it away, slowly, and my face was actually under the tissue, but it was bound to my skin near my lower cheeks and chin and I was wondering how I was going to fully remove the residue of it from my skin before I had to go….
    very odd….

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  44. FYI, note that there’s some internet weirdness afoot, in terms of accessing this site. We suggest everyone either restart their browsers, or better — reboot their systems. We have noted that the Brave browser works with the site better than Firefox or IE. Also note that lots of comments were going straight to trash, we have no idea why. We’re fishing them out.


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    1. FYI, Edge on my Windows Phone works normally, I just had to enable third party cookies to be able to like the posts, but I done it few months ago, and after that I do not have any issues 😉

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  45. Dreamt I was trying to lead small children down a very steep hillside to safety. I had to show them how to slide on their bottoms leaning back against the hill. There was a huge energy producing wind mill beside the building from which they emerged. Hair raising dream but all turned out well at the end. Cay

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  46. @ michael

    thank you so much for your advice on biotin.
    Do you know how biotin is called in europe?
    Can you give me an idea of how many pastilles 10.000 microgram are?
    Or is this a powder?
    thank you

    PS: find your icon very pretty: quite dancing and whirling around and
    rhythmically rotating. The number 4 is the base number of Earth. The
    olive-brown colour is a stable, vital, grounding one. The 4 arrows are
    vibrant with life and can dynamically expand into a Universe.


  47. Second day of the ‘energy wozzies’ not sure what else to call it. Dizzy without moving physically and just a knowing that there is nothing wrong but definitely off. Fasting does not appeal this time around but neither does food. Listening to what is being called for and isn’t that always what is being asked of this experience?

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