“Mark of the Beast” and Other Things That Finally Make Sense [UPDATE10]


This is just amazing. We all woke up with it and had to tell everyone right away. No, it’s not what you think.

We have all heard the phrase: “The Mark of he Beast.” We all know what some people think it means. While this has always smacked of… well, alternative thinking… The CATs have always suspected that this meant more than people realized, more than just being a fundamentalist bugaboo. And now we know why.

Again, it’s all about metaphor. SOURCE (aka, what some call “God”) is of course an utter genius.

Wallowing and fomenting in fear (pandemic) and anger (justice) and sex and drinking and drugs… and of course planning mayhem to take advantage of this current “emergency” situation… are the metaphoric “mark of the beast.” And this fake pandemic has neatly sequestered people into either that fear-bus camp — or, the SOURCE/love-and-light camp… which many now know is about being on either a 3d (third density) timeline or a 4d (fourth density) timeline. And we all (The CATs and those who read this blog) have aptly demonstrated where our own allegiances lie.

We realize this sounds kinda crazy.

We also realized this as lots of CATs keep having dreams of various friends and neighbors who choose to leave the path of peace and love to follow the way of fear and anger, etc. We also went out to stores yesterday — maskless — and were surrounded by people locked in utter fear, paralyzed by it, with some even projecting violence in the wake of our naked faces. (It is now in fact illegal in many states NOT to wear a mask, which it wasn’t yesterday.) Of the people we saw, only about 5% who were unaffected by fear and anger. Today marks the first day you can be arrested and fined for not wearing a (fear) mask in public.

It has been revealed to us that this whole thing is a “self-selection process” that has occurred under our very masks noses… with precious few who have actually died from said “pandemic.” All have by now chosen a clear lane: Fear/Anger/Justice or SOURCE/LOVE. And… those who needed to be rescued have indeed been rescued (i.e., those poor kids); most of those who needed to be arrested have been arrested. And all this transpired with very little loss of life (though with massive socio-economic upheaval.)

Those who can SEE will be awestruck by the simplicity and efficacy of SOURCE’s “pandemic” gambit for pre-SHIFT timeline selection. Those who cannot see won’t understand what the hell we’re talking about here.

Regardless, The SHIFT is now actually imminent [see UPDATE2!]. But of course “imminent” to SOURCE could mean anything. Then again…


This happened yesterday, three times. It’s a weird triangular energy pulse from the sun, directed right at us. This was after a long quiet period with NO ship activity.





Ok. Serious news. This happened early this morning. It is SHIFT-related. It started shortly after the above “triangular” energy event. It’s like an energy doorway is opening…

That’s not a glitch. Sorry, these are not exactly in order, chronologically. These are views of the earth’s magnetic field.






Sorry, these darn images won’t line up chronologically; for that, please note the time stamps. Anyway, some of us felt like we had until June/July before The SHIFT proper, but this is looking more immediate.


Here are the latest images:



This has been going on since the 20th.


It is confirmed by Guides. What is going on in the above images is the 4d Earth being “cut out” and away from the 3d, but in a new way.

We are guessing it won’t be very long till The SHIFT.


And now, a small secret. We were told a week ago, as an info tidbit in one of our “envelopes,” to: “Take your people to the New Earth.” We think all the CAT faithful qualify. And lots more, too. 😉


It keeps ramping. This KCor normally looks like this:

This is a pretty normal view, from a few weeks ago, replete with globular ship.

We saw this a little while ago.

This is odd. Lots going on there.

Then we saw:

Note the various ships and portals around the perimeter. It looks like there are a string of ships doing something at the bottom.

Then this happened… and it’s still happening:


Now. It’s like looking down a tunnel.


And the triangle thing happened again, too, right before:


It is literally all happening. This is pre-SHIFT activity in the extreme.


And a Schumann WHOMP is starting…

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.36.01 AM
14 is midnight PDT.


Ok, it’s official: we have a WHOMP. All the portals near us started blasting about 9:45 am PDT.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.18.27 AM

This feels exceptionally energetic, so take it easy. Whoo! The energy is going up and up. If we hadn’t done the energy work necessary over the past ten years, this kind of energy would’ve been deadly.

Of course, since we pointed out such a rich trove of pre-SHIFT data in the above images, that data is of course no longer available for the moment. However, given the frenzied spraying from chemtrails planes over N. CA today (on the 3d layer), it looks like the ca8al is going for broke…

Ok. Interesting. We paused for a deep conversation about something and forgot to update the post, so… looking at the sky now we see only… blue. 😉


So, this is either off the charts or there is zero outside solar pressure:

Density is missing… except for that one little dot.
Note the Dynamic Pressure.

In fact, ever since the above MLSO activity, the density has been… gone:


Might be a really interesting night tonight.


Note the odd IMF delay readings of late:



[NOTE: If you report any of this elsewhere, please reference this site. Fair is fair.]

334 thoughts on ““Mark of the Beast” and Other Things That Finally Make Sense [UPDATE10]

  1. Hello
    I have a bit of a problem with justice being implied as one of the attributes/choices leading to being left behind in 3d hellscape

    I understand the lust for revenge and inflicting evil (indulging in ,being in such state of being) on those who committed the atrocities is detrimental in this critical time before the shift because of the affect it has and agree it should be put aside until the situation is resolved

    however some of the atrocities committed are unforgivable and those knowingly participating in them will be severely punished, inflicted terrible evil upon, some to the point of nonexistence
    this, while perhaps postponed after the event happens, will be carried out by individual beings in the name of justice and noone in existence has the right to try to prevent that

    Justice is imperative, necessary and will be inflicted in full. I do not believe it is a condition leading to 3d earth, I understand that to be dependent on individual’s approach towards free will.

    What are CAT Eds thoughts on this?

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    1. Justice is unnecessary because this is all Illusion. Not to mention the fact that all people and beings around you are YOU (that is, ONE) and that you are projecting their guilt onto them for something they haven’t done… as they are projecting it onto themselves so they’ll get caught and punished… because of an innate guilt that everyone feels because of something we all think we did wrong loooooong ago. (You can read more about this elsewhere.) But, in reality, no one has done anything wrong. When you kill someone in a dream and then wake up from the dream, did you commit murder? Of course not. But the mind can be injured in these energy exchanges, and karma exchanged, so the mind needs to be healed… which can happen quite quickly when you grasp the meaning. The (synthesized) Coursian mantra (it’s on this site, somewhere) removes your side of the karma and frees you, healing your mind, and beginning the healing process on the people whom you think have done you wrong. By letting the justice thing go you can concentrate on what’s important: your next spiritual semester. Otherwise, you stay where you can learn the lesson you need to learn. It’s not a punishment, but it can be tedious and frustrating.

      -CAT Eds.

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  2. I received a letter from the NHS today telling me I was considered extremely vulnerable due to my health challenges and that I should stay at home, that I should not leave the house for shopping or leisure or basically anything! I was ‘advised’ that I could open the windows to get fresh air or sit outside in the garden if I have one. I won’t type it out word for word as it’s long but it really is a ‘Fear’ doc!

    I am not afraid of going outside but everywhere that Elsie can cope with has been closed: local country park, the woods we like to go to. The only place we can go is a very short walk just around the corner but even that is off limits now due to Elsie’s fear of dogs (there are quite a few!) We have a small garden but Elsie does not like going out there as all the houses that back onto us have loud children playing outside most of the time and Elsie cannot cope with the noise.

    On a brighter note, the night’s sky is PURPLE! We must be close….surely…!?

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  3. Be careful Cats, it looks like wordpress has just shut down kauilapele.wordpress.com in the last hour.

    Not sure what’s happened but is there a place where we can find you if they shut this down too?

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      1. @CATs,
        “All paid up” doesn’t matter to these ca8al outlets, they will just pocket your money and deny service anyways. They have done this to other contentious blogs. Find another venue, and do it NOW.


      2. When you try to access his blog it says shut down due to terms of service.

        Maybe wordpress is getting pushed by the ca8al to censor sites and blogs.

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    1. Chris Beattie. I love Kauilapele’s site. He is a lovely soul and has enough to cope with as he is trying to help his father. I hope this is an error on WordPress’s part. Are they following in Y Tubes censoring footsteps! KP does not deserve this. 😒

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  4. The awakening or Shift can’t come soon enough. Meanwhile, it certainly builds patience and detachment. The newest Big Lie about to hit c8bal headlines:

    Seth Abramson on Twitter: “ATTENTION: A picture is emerging—across 10 major-media investigative reports—of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. as a bribery scandal in which Trump looked the other way on intel about the virus in November in order to placate Chinese lenders and get political dirt on Joe Biden.” / Twitter

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    1. Pfft. Yeah, right. Mr T is maneuvering the ca8al around the chess board and they have no idea they’re in check. Like that “disinfectant” thing. Watch where that goes. Crazy like a fox.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I swear he is a stand-up comedian as well my father watches every briefing and I just laugh at the stuff he says to the reporters faces.

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  5. Hello Cats & Ms thank you for all the updates 🙂 synchronicity … after the 19th grid activation I kept hearing the song Here comes the Sun, then on 23rd grid activation the Ascension pathway/doorway to the New Earth was fully secured & in place, the SUN is connected, the Golden Thread is restored. So while the ca8al where busy focusing on ‘passover’ we were all busy ‘crossing over’ the Rainbow Bridge to New Earth 🙂 Gaia’s Magnetism is shifting almost there few more days … keep the Love Vibe High.
    Yes I strongly feel a Shift June/July, the next gridwork scheduled will be completed around that time & if my senses are correct it will complete that which was started in July 2019 … Christmas in July the Birth of Christ Consciousness & Seeding of the New Earth 🙂 all a work in progress & divinely timed hallelujah its been a remarkable achievement. As a part of my mission I can say Akhenaton & Brother J are pretty chuffed about the work done extending their Love & Gratitude to us All

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  6. Well I know the one thing that has been quite noticeable in recent weeks are the birds – in particular the song birds. There are a lot more of them. We (my family) also had an experience last weekend. At the dinner table I had this sudden urge to say “sshhh!” So all shushed – and there was absolute silence. Even the clock (battery powered) had stopped ticking. My mate and I look at each other – eyes wide – obviously thinking “OMG IS THIS IT?!” We all run outside – the absolute silence was everywhere – for just a few brief moments – then all was back to normal. And it wasn’t just something to “hear” but to feeeeel. It was like being in zero point/no “time”. It was – perfect.

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  7. Okay, I’m going to write this before I forget (again!).

    Every night, about 10 minutes after I turn the light out (doesn’t matter if it’s midnight or 3am!) and settle down to sleep, I hear a child (or children) crying or talking, usually crying. I check the video monitor to make sure it is not Elsie and this particular sound has never been Elsie. When I’ve checked the monitor, she is fast asleep.

    This has been going on for a long time now. I am wondering if it’s spirit or if I am picking up on something completely different. It doesn’t usually bother me but for some reason, last night, I heard it and got quite anxious. I pulled my arms in under the quilt as I have had my hand grabbed in the night before, although I do not think that was anything to do with this situation. I’ve also had something pressing down on me in the night (when we first moved here) but again, I don’t think this is related to the child/ren’s voice/s. This house was built at the end of WW2. I clear and protect every night so would be surprised if there was anything here but then again, those Modigliani looking beings seemed to feel quite at home wandering about!

    I’m not scared but just curious really!

    On another note, Elsie fell asleep straight away tonight! Could not believe what I was seeing after night after night of insomnia! Perhaps those Higher Order beings really have been helping out in many ways!

    Thank you!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Sounds could be from the other timeline.

      You had your hand grabbed?? Wonder if THAT’s a timeline thing. Hm. Might want to do a quick meditation and put some extra energy into that protection scheme. Let us know if that happens again.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. I don’t higher order beings would “grab” anything.

      As the CATS said, more protection is a must.

      About a year ago I was in between sleep when I saw a huge black crow swoop down and try to pull me up and out of bed into darkness. I awoke fully feeling my hand being clenched tightly and my arm raised, but I had resisted. Pesky night feeders…


      P.S. I still love crows.

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      1. Mark ❤️ Thanks for your comment and Wow! Glad you still like crows! No I don’t think it was Higher Order Beings either. It was a while ago, before I really understood how to set protection. I seem to get beings that are up to no good, attempting to come into my dream state these days but this is becoming less and less now I set intentions and ask J, AAM and Guides/team to assist me with my dreams. This is certainly turning out to be a very interesting life!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  8. CAT Ed’s ❤️ Thanks for your reply. The hand grabbing happened a couple of years ago. I was woken up by it, quite a shock at the time, I kept all lights on for a while afterwards! I’ve had a few episodes of sleep paralysis too. Hasn’t happened since though so hopefully I am doing my protection correctly!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. CAT Eds, Wow that’s incredible. I did have a session with Lisa about a year ago and she thought it was a guide trying to get my attention but I was going through sleep paralysis around that time so it could be that my fear took over and saw it as malevolent rather than harmless. I’m not sure a guide would have grabbed either though so it’s still a mystery! I think my shield works pretty well though so hopefully nothing to worry about now!😉

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Some of the CATs had serious health issues and were healed on six separate occasions, heart, lungs, liver, etc. It wasn’t always comfortable. Those CATs were clearly supposed to stick around for their various missions.

          -CAT Eds.

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