“Mark of the Beast” and Other Things That Finally Make Sense [UPDATE10]


This is just amazing. We all woke up with it and had to tell everyone right away. No, it’s not what you think.

We have all heard the phrase: “The Mark of he Beast.” We all know what some people think it means. While this has always smacked of… well, alternative thinking… The CATs have always suspected that this meant more than people realized, more than just being a fundamentalist bugaboo. And now we know why.

Again, it’s all about metaphor. SOURCE (aka, what some call “God”) is of course an utter genius.

Wallowing and fomenting in fear (pandemic) and anger (justice) and sex and drinking and drugs… and of course planning mayhem to take advantage of this current “emergency” situation… are the metaphoric “mark of the beast.” And this fake pandemic has neatly sequestered people into either that fear-bus camp — or, the SOURCE/love-and-light camp… which many now know is about being on either a 3d (third density) timeline or a 4d (fourth density) timeline. And we all (The CATs and those who read this blog) have aptly demonstrated where our own allegiances lie.

We realize this sounds kinda crazy.

We also realized this as lots of CATs keep having dreams of various friends and neighbors who choose to leave the path of peace and love to follow the way of fear and anger, etc. We also went out to stores yesterday — maskless — and were surrounded by people locked in utter fear, paralyzed by it, with some even projecting violence in the wake of our naked faces. (It is now in fact illegal in many states NOT to wear a mask, which it wasn’t yesterday.) Of the people we saw, only about 5% who were unaffected by fear and anger. Today marks the first day you can be arrested and fined for not wearing a (fear) mask in public.

It has been revealed to us that this whole thing is a “self-selection process” that has occurred under our very masks noses… with precious few who have actually died from said “pandemic.” All have by now chosen a clear lane: Fear/Anger/Justice or SOURCE/LOVE. And… those who needed to be rescued have indeed been rescued (i.e., those poor kids); most of those who needed to be arrested have been arrested. And all this transpired with very little loss of life (though with massive socio-economic upheaval.)

Those who can SEE will be awestruck by the simplicity and efficacy of SOURCE’s “pandemic” gambit for pre-SHIFT timeline selection. Those who cannot see won’t understand what the hell we’re talking about here.

Regardless, The SHIFT is now actually imminent [see UPDATE2!]. But of course “imminent” to SOURCE could mean anything. Then again…


This happened yesterday, three times. It’s a weird triangular energy pulse from the sun, directed right at us. This was after a long quiet period with NO ship activity.





Ok. Serious news. This happened early this morning. It is SHIFT-related. It started shortly after the above “triangular” energy event. It’s like an energy doorway is opening…

That’s not a glitch. Sorry, these are not exactly in order, chronologically. These are views of the earth’s magnetic field.






Sorry, these darn images won’t line up chronologically; for that, please note the time stamps. Anyway, some of us felt like we had until June/July before The SHIFT proper, but this is looking more immediate.


Here are the latest images:



This has been going on since the 20th.


It is confirmed by Guides. What is going on in the above images is the 4d Earth being “cut out” and away from the 3d, but in a new way.

We are guessing it won’t be very long till The SHIFT.


And now, a small secret. We were told a week ago, as an info tidbit in one of our “envelopes,” to: “Take your people to the New Earth.” We think all the CAT faithful qualify. And lots more, too. 😉


It keeps ramping. This KCor normally looks like this:

This is a pretty normal view, from a few weeks ago, replete with globular ship.

We saw this a little while ago.

This is odd. Lots going on there.

Then we saw:

Note the various ships and portals around the perimeter. It looks like there are a string of ships doing something at the bottom.

Then this happened… and it’s still happening:


Now. It’s like looking down a tunnel.


And the triangle thing happened again, too, right before:


It is literally all happening. This is pre-SHIFT activity in the extreme.


And a Schumann WHOMP is starting…

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.36.01 AM
14 is midnight PDT.


Ok, it’s official: we have a WHOMP. All the portals near us started blasting about 9:45 am PDT.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.18.27 AM

This feels exceptionally energetic, so take it easy. Whoo! The energy is going up and up. If we hadn’t done the energy work necessary over the past ten years, this kind of energy would’ve been deadly.

Of course, since we pointed out such a rich trove of pre-SHIFT data in the above images, that data is of course no longer available for the moment. However, given the frenzied spraying from chemtrails planes over N. CA today (on the 3d layer), it looks like the ca8al is going for broke…

Ok. Interesting. We paused for a deep conversation about something and forgot to update the post, so… looking at the sky now we see only… blue. 😉


So, this is either off the charts or there is zero outside solar pressure:

Density is missing… except for that one little dot.
Note the Dynamic Pressure.

In fact, ever since the above MLSO activity, the density has been… gone:


Might be a really interesting night tonight.


Note the odd IMF delay readings of late:



[NOTE: If you report any of this elsewhere, please reference this site. Fair is fair.]

334 thoughts on ““Mark of the Beast” and Other Things That Finally Make Sense [UPDATE10]


    I’m a nurse, BTW, and have had zero fear (although I’m in the “vulnerable” age group). I wear a mask only because it seems to reduce others’ fear, even though I disagree with the need for them. Nurse-group FB pages are full of posts about all the people we see wearing them incorrectly, which defeats the purpose…and then watching people touching them all the time, taking them off incorrectly–and don’t get us started on the glove thing…!!! Some stores are prohibiting gloves because they give people a false sense of security (as do the masks)–and people are touching things more than they would if they weren’t wearing them, not to mention wearing the same pair all around town. Sigh.

    THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, everyone–and especially the Cats!! My vibe is in a much better place than it would be without this blog…I am so grateful.

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    1. 4uhane, thank you so much for your input from your side of the Universe! I couldn’t agree more with you about masks and gloves and I’m seeing (when I do venture out of my Glorious Happy Cat Bubble for a nano-moment) ridiculous scenarios, all because of fear.

      Everyone – The other day, my hubby and I cycled into town to pick up a prescription for him from our local pharmacy, which is attached to the health centre. It is in a beautiful spot by the river and on our way there (about 2 miles along the canal path) we saw only brilliant blue skies, wildlife, rivers, trees and it was honestly like being one of the Famous Five! (Well, two actually). Not a single person in sight. Along the canal we saw momma duck and her 8 babies, and a large eel swimming along through the reeds. Earlier that morning I had rescued a beautiful golden slow-worm, putting it in a safe place in the garden so our naughty Twinkle the Star Cat couldn’t divest if of its tail!

      On arrival, I was waiting in the car park with our bikes, while Kim went in to get his stuff, and I was staring up at the sky, in wonder and in bliss when suddenly, a woman appeared from (seemingly) nowhere!

      I was not aware of a single soul until that point, and she shocked me out of my reverie by calling (from a Social Distance!) ‘Scuse me… are you a local?’

      I jumped as I hadn’t seen or heard her. She was not old, more like around 50-ish and dressed in black from head to foot and she held onto a walking stick. I noticed her legs were covered in some kind of surgical leg covering, but they could have been mistaken for leggings.

      She continued to ask me if she could go a certain way by the river – she had come along the roadway (no traffic, perfectly paved) but someone had tried to stop her and sent her back. She was complaining that her legs hurt and she couldn’t walk far so it was a bit of a pain for her having to go back again and walk the other route.

      Without going into a novella or War and Peace, the conversation became gradually darker (is the only way I can describe it). She seemed to be casually engaging in light-hearted banter about the inconvenience of the C-19 issues, but then she became agitated and began a diatribe of fear.

      I very quickly connected to my Source and surrounded my heart in love and asked for her energy to be transmuted (I didn’t want to carry it).

      By now, Kim (hubby) had joined me. He is not the most social butterfly and wanted to get off home, clearly! He stood and listened for a few minutes and then she said something that knocked us both for six!

      She was telling us about a ‘problem family’ who had come from about 15 miles away and what they were and were not doing and how dreadful it was… blah-de-blah.

      Her next words made me reel and I felt quite sick…

      “I’m not Hitler, but these people need putting in a gas chamber! If it were up to me, that’s what I’d do.”

      She went on: ” I’m not religious and I’m not a Christian – but I AM SPIRITUAL”
      WTF??? God help us…

      At this point I simply said, ‘Well bless your heart, and I’m giving you a Virtual Hug but we must be on our way. Have a wonderful rest of the day and don’t forget to look at the Blue Sky! And remember that those who hate most are hurting the most…’

      It took Kim and I the best part of the rest of the day to get our energy back – such was the force of her fear…

      I asked my Source and Mother of All Creation to hold this woman in as much love as possible, and I/we filled our house with light and love and laughter…

      I can laugh about it now, but this is an example of the kind of madness taking over some people!!! It ain’t purdy out there!

      Big love to all… sorry if I had a mini-rant there…

      All better now and the sky is clear blue and beautiful xxx

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      1. You went almost entirely 4d… then got dragged back to the fence. Happens to us all the time. And that was hardly a rant, if you can remember some others who have commented here in the distant past…

        -CAT Eds.

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  2. WOW! Oh my stars***! The magnetopause graphs are absolutely crazy! I’ve never seen 90′ angles ever before – which does look like one side of a ‘doorway’. I am awestruck!

    The “Mark of the Beast” by SOURCE is genius as you say – and I get it……. it does make sense. I too don’t a mask when I go out to the stores and have noticed just within the last week or so the uptick in the amount of people now wearing them. I’ve even seen a few people running with them (ugh!), now that is going tooooo far! The pressure to wear one has definitely ramped up. I do have a bandanna in my purse just in case I’m asked.

    The Bezos mask wearing CAT in Whole Foods – you are Classic! I would have been rolling in the aisle with laughter if I saw you!

    I Love you guys and gals!!!

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  3. Gosh I’ve been all those cats, but striving to consistently be happy cat. It wobbles sometimes. I have all these masks from when I saw this heading our way, early on. But we’ve never worn them. I keep giving them away, and offering them to others who need them for their job, or want them. I do have an occasional wobble toward Justice cat, but then I let it go. It’s over my pay grade to worry about that part. It will be what it will be.
    Lets just say a glance over in that direction is all I need, to know I don’t need to wonder if it will all be taken care of. Nice long path of redemption on that route, and I feel if I care too much about it, I’ll end up on that path with them, so no thanks. Been there, done that.
    Thank you for the reminder though, Happy Cat as we take a hard right, wheels skidding. What a ride.

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  4. Mass movements originate in the etheric realm, filter down to the psychological level, and lastly develop physical manifestation. Currently, the whole “mark of the beast” meme is at the second stage. If the process is allowed to continue, the mass panic created will be used to implement a physical tracking/ID chip and some kind of bioengineered vaccine “to protect the public”. Those so disposed will accept this scenario, not realizing they have been systematically groomed for just this outcome and a future in a lower timeline.

    The key phrase is “allowed to continue”. Hopefully either a direct intervention by Source or an awakening by the wider public will derail these plans. The fact that the CATs saw a widespread Truth breakout + protests this summer seems to indicate that the PTW will be stopped before it goes much further.

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    1. Exactly right, Unknown, and so well said.

      Yes, “allowed to continue”….certain of us just have to keep on watching this with an eagle eye to see possible probabilities of the cut off point (the beloved split)…..and when one can, sees opportunities to insert oneself into this hologram just like a virus, to shift it our way, and FASTER.

      Most promising remote view from yesterday re DJT:


      FLIP THE SWITCH !!!!


  5. Very grateful for the updates! Everything feels different where I am and it’s been so quiet the past few days. I so much want to meet everyone, CATs, M’s and readers. You have all been a lifeline for me! TY! 🌈🌎

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  6. Strange question, what does it mean when a guide appears as a brown bear in a dream,

    I feel the shift is happening in a few months. Had a dream with very obvious meanings to me.

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    1. Anonymous. How strange. I had a really clear dream of a bear last week. I felt he was very familiar and instantly felt love for him. He then started to morph into human form. You post reminded me of the dream. 🤔😌

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    2. Wow… I dreamed of a brown bear last night. Maybe a bear cub? At first I was teaching someone how to protect yourself from bears, then the bear was not interested in being ferocious and was trying to get scratches and love. Hmm…

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  7. Number 5 is so prophetic, maybe one of You was Moses in one lifetime 😉✨

    I hope that “your people” referenced also your forum group, that popped in my mind when I first read it, I know it is individual thing, but still 🙂✨

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  8. There was a massive Wikileaks drop today that is being picked apart and studied. I’m sure there’s massive proof of lots of evil and manipulation. One of the first things I saw posted were leaked doctor’s reports that said Steve Jobs was HIV positive. Hmmm. Does it matter now? I decided not to go down that rabbit hole. Want to keep my vibration HIGH after my 11 pm meditation. So I came over here at 2 am EDT and saw Updates 4 and 5. WOW! I am ready, but can my unawakened children, family, and dog please come along? I have mantra’d the heck out of them. “All is forgiven and released.” WATL, WATL, WATT. We ARE. ❤ ❤ ❤
    Holding the Love, Light and Truth in my heart. Happy New Earth Day! Laura

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    1. @lauraksmi

      Q Research Notables

      There has not been a new dump of any Wikileaks files. The archive in question has been around a while. The same exact thing with the same exact archive happened last year.

      The fact that David Wilcock is pushing it tells you everything you need to know.

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        1. I don’t know why I should be surprised 😲 but now, in addition
          to claiming to be Cayce, Wilcock is implying that he was the apostle
          Luke, King David, Pythagoras and a few other notable figures! Even
          if if were true, which I don’t think it was, it is the kind of thing
          that would be better for him to keep to himself. My spiritual teachers always said that we need to keep our egos under control!

          ❤️ 😲 ❤️🙃 ❤️


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          1. Wilcock was not Cayce, or Luke, or “King David” (there kinda wasn’t a King David), or Pythagoras… or really anyone famous. He did try to get a job with Nikola Tesla in his previous lifetime, but Tesla didn’t want him. His ego is writing checks that his spirit can’t cash.

            -CAT Eds.

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            1. @CATS that lived, speaking of Nikola Tesla, did he build a time machine that he shared with Trumps uncle…And maybe T himself? 😉.


  9. Haven’t read updated comments yet… just noted that the last two ‘blue’ images of update 6 (of sun vicinity) reminded me of the interior of the ‘Deep Space Nine ‘ wormhole tunnel…
    Energies and such explain some very weirdness and physical stuff and maybe Timeline bleedthrough that was alleviated by some questioning and ACIM mantra-ing etc yesterday morning or maybe it was the morning before – not good with time lately – only took a few hrs to re-regulate?? family energy…
    other stuff, too…


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  10. Update 5 ❤️😁❤️

    I knew you wouldn’t leave us all behind 😉 Can piggies and fish come too?! If they so wish of course!

    Am a bit fried after another night of little sleep. Elsie does not seem to like sleep! Numerous nappy changes and another load of washing this morning, please tell me there is no poo on New Earth!

    I keep seeing blue lights around me, maybe it’s fatigue but still very pretty!

    Much Love to you ALL


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      1. Thank you CATs ❤️

        Thank you higher order beings, for being here. Please could I possibly ask you to help Elsie drift off into a beautiful, restful sleep? ❤️🙏❤️

        Much Love ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Lily. That guinea pig art is so lovely. Thank you. The one pic of the actual guinea pig from the back where you can’t see its head, reminded me of a Star Trek tribble lol. Live long and grow lots of fur!☺️ 🖖

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Yes, that is one cute piggy! My Sheltie piggy looks a bit like that although she had a bath and a hair cut yesterday. Honestly, the pile of trimmed hair ended up bigger than her!

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  11. Okay, first WOW!

    Second, yes, please take me and my family. I admit, I cried when I read that, thank you x

    Third, my late dream verifies this. I slept the best I have slept for in so long, so I KNEW something was happening. The first thing I did was to come to this blog LOL. In my dream, I found myself stranded between two forests in open ground. I saw my youngest son alone and I ran to him. As we stood their, a single animal came trotting out of one tree line. It was my animal spirit totem, the fox. She calmly trotted on past and headed into the opposite woods.

    Then a whole menagerie of excited animals came out of the woods my animal guide had originally appeared and stampeded towards us. Because I was afraid we would be trampled upon I sighted a small construction adjacent to the tree line where the animals were pouring out from. We hid in their together until I heard a sniff outside. I peeked and it was only a small harmless cute dog.

    I opened the door and we left the safety of the hideaway and we found man made paraphernalia including documents, designs etc. The animals had been hunted by man in this particular woods. Then I awoke.

    Clearly, one woodland (with man) is the existing 3D, and the opposite woodland represents 4D and above, which is why my spirit animal appeared first and led the way. The ground in between is the separation between the frequencies.

    All the animals are leaving, like Noah and his Ark. The animals are the innocent, the pure, the righteous.

    This is the split ladies and gentlemen, I’m buzzing, joyful, in deep gratitude.

    Mark ❤👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙏🦊🐯⚘🌲🌳🌴🍂🍁🌾🌻☕

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    1. Our “taking people” is a metaphoric/guidance thing, not a physical ‘get-on-the-damn-mothership’ thing! Some families are staying because some family members are not ready, and those who are are kindly staying behind to assist. NOT going to the NE is not a punishment. Some are staying to help because it will unravel countless lifetimes of mistakes and karma.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Darn, I was hoping for a new wife, a soul mate, not fair, but still there is a hope that somewhere out there I do have a soul mate 😎

        She (WTI, Wife That Is), is not awake, not even a little, same for a older son, but I have a great hope for a younger son, he is a beautiful soul, my angel 😇

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  12. @ mootzfriend:

    Wow you have much to learn. You may want to learn it fast.

    “Punk. He is perfect immortal spirit, and all is forgiven and released, but it was still a punk ass move to just attack a stranger.”

    They ARE NOT strangers. Your girlfriend and her soul family “punk” partner here, have a Pre-Life Soul Contract agreement with each other.
    In order to experience this situation.

    PERMISSION FROM BOTH SOULS MUST BE GRANTED, PRIOR to incarnating in the 3D matrix game.

    What you should be asking instead, is WHY did she attract that experience into her reality, because it shows all of her current ‘issues’ that need clearing.

    And try and find out from her higher self/guides, who that other soul was, to her, in their other incarnations/lives together. Perhaps he was her child in a former life, and she murdered him. Or simply tortured him physically.

    This is why you do not judge, and you DO NOT REACT.

    Because, from the highest standpoint, you know *nothing*.

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    1. What up high horse, lol.

      Yes, as do you, I am a lifelong learner, same as anyone. Yeah, I get the whole pretentious “Lightworker/Soul Contract Deal” which is such a turn off when spouted from a higher than though perspective, but having lived a life of service to others from the gate, I am good with how I see the world, the gifts it’s brought my life, and know I am where I need to be. I know where I am going, and am. You also may need to learn some lessons quickly, or not. I am no one to dictate another’s path.

      And actually know a lot, like never to judge another’s awareness, or apparent lack thereof. We are all one ❤️.

      Was speaking on the situation in a safe, (mostly) non judgmental place, and see the power of forgiveness firsthand in how things have been here since then.

      Thanks for your perspective, I wish you Peace, the same as dude. One Love. ❤️ Always Civil CATS, M’s and All, please excuse my human reaction. Love all you do for humanity. ❤️

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  13. Hi CATs and Everyone!
    I am a Happy/Cool Cat bcs I’ve always been introspective and with a victim behavior …but lately I’m letting go this stuff seeing the Illusion and recognizing the Dream.

    Update 1: Guys, did You see those two triangles in the coronographs that it seems they outline a merkaba?
    If I remember well, Merkaba energy field allows to move in the space/time…is it correct?

    I’m so excited *.*


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  14. Oh my goodness! Things must be ramping up if I’m actually posting a comment 😂. I have once before and used Pussycat8 as my alias and that same night felt you cats questioning me as to why I used this name! Felt you in my brain space/sub conscious actually asking me where the name came from and have not commented since because I thought that was just plain rude and bad mannered 🤦‍♀️😂 Pretty sure I passed the inquisition though and have just been a reader and sponge of your knowledge since cause you freaked me the f*** out with your invasiveness and freaky powers! Anyways… I’m fully fed up! Sick of the apathy, tired of the sheer stupidity and cannot believe the state of things. I try so hard to have no judgement, to not want and encourage just rewards and feel I am in the justice timeline which I really don’t want to be in but just can’t help being judgemental and having the secret satisfaction of going ha f***ing ha, you are reaping what you sow 😧 Anyways, too tired to really care, ultimately what will be will be and maybe believing I’m non judgemental and an upstanding citizen will equate to something one day cause no matter how hard I try, I just can’t be an a-hole with no feelings. But the reality is that the fact that I’ve actually taken the time to post here contravenes all the bs I have just spoken 😂🤩 oh my, where to begin?

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    1. LOL. It wasn’t us who scanned you, Melissa. Those were your Guides, using an image form they thought you would like. We see them shrugging and throwing up their hands!

      Ok. First thing: no bad language, please. It lowers your vibration.

      Second thing: You look to be on the fence between 3d and 4d. Both paths go to SOURCE, but the 3d one is slooooooowwer and looooonger. Decide what you want for yourself. NOW. Time is running out. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience Justice. It’s just not real. You’re literally judging yourself. Everyone is YOU. You are ALL. We are an Extension of SOURCE in a holographic multidimensional classroom. What do you want to learn?

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. “Decide what you want for yourself. NOW. Time is running out. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience Justice. It’s just not real. You’re literally judging yourself. Everyone is YOU. You are ALL. We are an Extension of SOURCE in a holographic multidimensional classroom. What do you want to learn?” ❤️😁❤️ @The CAT(s) That Lived ❤️😁❤️

        OMGoddess…. ghoosebumps reading your post cat’s
        thank you again for this reminder ❤️😁❤️ ❤️😁❤️ ❤️😁❤️ ❤️😁❤️

        love to all my people here on this special timeline TO GO ❤️😁❤️
        and we people wanna go…. like ein Egypt some thousand years ago

        love Alnilam ❤️

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      2. Is it ever possible to ask my Guides whether they are also shrugging and throwing up their hands with me, please??? 😁

        Anyway, puffcatty and AM, if you are reading this, thank you for the advices to my previous posting (didn’t see any option in each of your reply) Perhaps Spirit needs to SLAP me harder for me to notice them! 😅

        Most of all, is it possible to let us know a day or two before you ALL ascend to NE? And why not a post a photo of you all here, even with a mask (to hide identity) – that would be a souvenir photo to cherish forever.

        Much Gratitude & Love


  15. Morning All… NUDGED!!! this morning upon waking.. two songs to share – the second I will put in a reply to this comment as it came second – so dizzy-ish, woozy right now…
    This song was playing as I was waking a bit ago – to me today, this is Gaia, today, her birthing song (you’ll know the part when it comes) and talking to us. keep listening closely even through the applause at the end – it’s not the end.

    The surroundings of Earth is SO crowded right now – it has been for a very long time, but now!!! and a sense of SOOO many dragons – couldn’t begin to count – a sense of war, but not a justice type war – a war of energy and birthing – throwing off what isn’t needed or desired(thinking of a particular segment of the song.. oh, so dizzy-not dizzy – no right word…)
    The words of song seem, in a way to me – “didn’t want to fall in love(with us humans ) “after the wicked games we played”… and last words she sings, “The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.” – feel that’s now, a bit like, that we choose SOURCE and that choice energy helps her new birth, progression… just my feeling/interpretation…

    About the artist: Diana Ankudinova( pronunciation ‘Dee-anna, last name accent on – din-). Diana was invited to the competition for children left without parental care, “You’re Super! – singing competition similar to The Voice – note: bald judge on far right is, Russian composer Igor Krutoy (who came out of retirement when he heard Dimash sing and now works with him and composes songs to fit his amazing range and talents)- He presented Diana and her adopted mom with, as a prize for winning, an apartment in Moscow so she can continue her studies; she won two seasons. She was abused and abandoned by her disturbed mother at 3 yrs old, eventually adopted by one of her care workers in the orphanage – she didn’t talk until after 4yrs old and singing lessons were recommended to help her speech – with extraordinary results… She is 15 yrs old here…


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    1. The second song is ” Human”
      Last night as preparing to sleep felt a strong desire to send/spread forgiveness to ALL human race – every being, regardless of behaviors of misguidance or insanity or anything else… and use the ACIM Mantra:
      ~~ You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother/sister,
      whole and innocent.
      All is forgiven and released.~~

      The lyrics that will no doubt be the sticking point to most in forgiveness is the ” I’m only human after all, don’t put the blame on me” Humans 1.0 love to put the blame on… Humans, SOURCE.0 can get beyond this with love gratitude and forgiveness…
      Also the words are great situationally – humans always looking for someone else to rescue them or explain away the Universe or solve their personal or world problems instead of looking within and connecting themselves – right, CATs?
      This rendition is very aptly TRIBAL… (I think she is between 15-16 yrs old here)


      Rag'n'Bone Man Lyrics

      I'm only human
      I'm only—I'm only—
      I'm only human, human

      Maybe I'm foolish
      Maybe I'm blind
      Thinking I can see through this
      And see what's behind
      Got no way to prove it
      So maybe I'm lying

      But I'm only human after all
      I'm only human after all
      Don't put your blame on me
      Don't put your blame on me

      Take a look in the mirror
      And what do you see?
      Do you see it clearer
      Or are you deceived
      In what you believe?

      'Cause I'm only human after all
      You're only human after all
      Don't put the blame on me
      Don't put your blame on me

      Some people got the real problems
      Some people out of luck
      Some people think I can solve them
      Lord heavens above

      I'm only human after all
      I'm only human after all
      Don't put the blame on me
      Don't put the blame on me

      Don't ask my opinion
      Don't ask me to lie
      Then beg for forgiveness
      For making you cry
      For making you cry

      'Cause I'm only human after all
      I'm only human after all
      Don't put your blame on me
      Don't put the blame on me

      Some people got the real problems
      Some people out of luck
      Some people think I can solve them
      Lord heavens above

      I'm only human after all
      I'm only human after all
      Don't put the blame on me
      Don't put the blame on me

      I'm only human, I make mistakes
      I'm only human that's all it takes
      To put the blame on me
      Don't put the blame on me

      'Cause I'm no prophet or messiah
      You should go looking somewhere higher

      I'm only human after all
      I'm only human after all
      Don't put the blame on me
      Don't put the blame on me

      I'm only human, I do what I can
      I'm just a man, I do what I can
      Don't put the blame on me
      Don't put your blame on me

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      1. This only a reference for your enjoyment only should you choose to look it up – I won’t put a link…

        Song: Diana Ankudinova – Rechenka (river) 14 yrs old – magical…
        ‘ This is an old wedding ritual song, it’s like a puzzle, it consists of phrases taken from ritual songs. An orphan girl is given to get married, guests come to the wedding on horseback. That is why she sings that there are many guests in the house, and in the yard there are many horses on which these guests arrived. But an orphan girl has no one to bless at the wedding. In ancient Russia, the river was considered the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. And this girl is an orphan who asks for the blessing of her dead mother near the river. Where it is sung in a whisper is like the words of a deceased mother, ‘

        enjoy if you choose…


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  16. Yeah… pretty sure I’m ready now. I feel next to no attachment to what remains of the 3d construct, and it’s starting to hit home that I’ve been made to do this progressively throughout everything that’s happened to me during last decade. In a sense… I’ve never felt quite right for a world such as this one, and I now understand why.

    Bring on the New Earth. I’m excited to see where the SHIFT will bring us next, as long as it’s away from this annoying, depressing clown-fiesta. So VERY DONE with all of this!

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  17. As I was into prophecies yeeeeeaaars ago, I wrote some stuff into my notebook and found them few weeks ago:
    there is a line in the Bible, Isaiah ch 26 line 20: Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. (nerver liked that wrath thing)
    Da heck!
    Also, in Germany there was a prophet named Irlmaier, mid 1950ies, who said: there will be a dark cloud going around the world, burning your LUNGS, but the people are safe inside their houses; and they should not open the doors to anyone or they may die.

    Oh and Mohammed said something like: three days (there were lots of 3-10days stuff over the world) for the portal of repetance and the world will change when the Ramadan is set on a Friday. Guess what tomorrow begins lol
    Aaaah loved that stuff back then

    I think all of this was misunderstood as people tend to see everything as a wrath and bad and negative.

    But SOURCE told them, show them how magnificent simple it will be…

    For the first time in peoples history the whole world is at their homes and have time to decide LOVE or FEAR

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  18. I’ve already Shifted, a bit. The day after my isolationist 40th birthday, also called Earth day–I quit alcohol, cigarettes and Marijuana, after using daily for 22 years. From day one of sobriety, I feel like I’m on the perfect drug: High Vibration. I’ve seen ghosts–or should I say spirits inside my house and multidimensional looking people out the window. I saw two cloaked ufos at midnight, tonight and I could see bursts of Energy–hyperdimensional spider webs shooting through the sky.

    It feels, more than ever like that annoying S-word, that pleadians and guides like to always say–since the 80s–SOON. Now that I can see these things and feel the energy rising, I feel like it might actually happen Soon–the way I use that word., as in weeks, maybe months away. I get the feeling that Source likes the symmetry of 2020–more than the fact I stopped drink-drugging–after 22 years, which I could feel and even hear–never talked to Source before, but now, I’m sure I have–and Source told me:


    [ I think, a funny Matrix reference.]

    Peace out, All You Happy, Cool CATS
    (& Dogs.)


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      1. Sat outside felt a warm energy touch on me and I was sitting in the shade. I just laughed it was like something touched me. Clear skies today in Kansas for once but helicopters off and on buzzing.

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    1. Whoa Lawrence- talk about cutting it close! Happy to have you here and your recent reacquaintance with guidance is a perfect way to join the party.
      Woke up clenching my teeth last night and today has me in the energetic grips of the pre-shift head tingles and body aches. Cay

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    2. @ Lawrence,

      [ I think, a funny Matrix reference.]”

      Love the Matrix: “THERE IS NO S_OON.” reference… 🙂


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  19. Do y’all have any info on what G**gle is up to now, pushing this emergency browser update? What browser(s) do the Cats & Ms use? Of course, if The Shift is in final countdown the question may be moot. After so many years of waiting, I’m cautiously optimistic but will continue the daily mundane, so to speak. 😉
    Thanks for all your help in everything, for giving us this blog and the community, and for all the work you’ve been doing for all of us for so long.
    Much love

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    1. Ha! “Emergency browser update.” That’s similar to our other favorite: “PR Emergency.”

      We use a number of other browsers and search engines, to keep from being scanned (Brave browser, DuckDuckGo SE, and that other one with the funny name, so many)… but really, who cares? Scan away, dummies. They can’t see in our heads (despite trying) and they can really do anything but watch their silly world of control crumble right before them. Hopefully the lessons to come will be enough to make them CHANGE for good. Funny, Scroogle tried to recruit some of the CATs back in the day, when they were only a month old, but they were very cagey in their answers to questions… and then all their minds flashed on the various intelligence agencies who gave them their seed money. (We laughed when they legally changed their parent company name to “Alphabet.”) But at the time, we just nodded and said, “Thank you. You answered my question.” They were quite puzzled about that, and even tracked us for a while (thinking we were SPIES!) before we got behind their eyes and made them stop years later. Their founder eventually had to leave the company.

      And you are quite welcome. 😉

      -CAT Eds.

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  20. Those images are AMAZING, definitely feeling it too. Just WOW and WHooo HOOOO!!!!! Bring it ON!!!!

    Being in NYS I had to wear a “mask” just now to go get cat and bird food – I pulled up my bandana when I had too, but man it’s also HOT and uncomfortable, ugh, I don’t understand why anyone would wear one if not necessary – I couldn’t possibly work wearing one. As soon as I was out the store door I ripped off that bandana – can you imagine what those poor women in hijabs in hot weather must feel like all the time, horrendous. The funniest thing to me is how many people I saw driving solo in their CARS wearing a mask… like the virus is going to sneak in your car window and attack! Or just walking down the street – like fresh air isn’t better for you than your own recycled breath, sheesh! The sheep aren’t thinking… just reacting and badly. My brother and sister are no longer speaking to me because of my refusal to buy into the fear and take the virus scare SERIOUSLY like how dare I go in to my workplace (which is an empty building now) to water the plants (there’s a LOT of them, great windows) – I should just let them all die because I could become sick and make other people sick and blah blah blah …. which is a really great relief because I’ve been tempted to tell them I don’t really like them anymore anyway, but would rather not get into all that, as it’s not going to matter soon anyway… just letting it be and letting it all go. So I’m definitely a happy calm cat, I’m still not working and loving every minute of that, and also every time I think, geez I do NOT want to ever have to back to work, I don’t think I ever will have to, yeaaaaaaaah! I just want to keep the plants alive until someone else is working there again and can take over.
    BTW I even cleaned out my junk and sock drawers for the first time in YEARS yesterday – I feel lately like I’m getting ready to move so I’m clearing everything out. Every time I clean another spot, like my pantry the other day, I feel a whoosh of relief in the house, like there’s another release of old energies and my home is loving it. I won’t need any of this stuff for the NE, so at least my little house will be spring cleaned and ready for some lucky 3Der to enjoy. And I’m sure my gang of outdoor cats are coming with me and my cat and dog too, although I do wonder what happens to all the flowers, do any of them stay in 3D? Would be a very sad world without flowers, but so many people don’t even notice them anyway, so would they miss them? Hmmm, so many questions for when it happens! My spring flowers are all doing beautifully this year, the colors seem more vibrant, and the lilacs are absolutely covered in flower buds, they will be glorious this year. I think nature already knows that something BIG is imminent. Thanks Cats, and all you wonderful peeps – am joyfully waiting for the Event here, head pressure and body aches and all!

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    1. @kt1111

      Thank you for posting. I so wish I had your freedom from the “work monster,” but instead it has followed me into my “home shelter experience.” Since we are all able to do so, everyone at my workplace is working remotely, still clocking in and out at their regular work times. We work on whatever we can, which is unfortunately a lot, and participate in “Zoooom” meetings. Thank SOURCE it is only part time! Nuff said.
      At least I have been taken off some of my more stressful 4D guard duties, after having a bit of a berserker meltdown last night. Too much of a large lioness type energy for my own good! I needed to be pulled back a bit. So now I am @ a better place with more help. (If you have never seen one of the Archangels in action, it is truly a thing almost past belief!)
      I am also glad to see by the Updates that some of the things I was experiencing about the 4D seem to have some basis in Truth. Not so crazy after all.

      I live in Hope, in Trust, in Knowing.

      SOURCE has this.


      Gramma B.

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  21. Last night I had the soundest night of sleep I have had for a very long time. I knew instantly upon awakening that something was happening, so the first thing I did was consult YOU guys LOL.

    I was right.

    I had three dreams regarding the “SPLIT”.

    1st: Dreamt seeing the grey sky and mentioned to some female magicians that I hated grey so we removed it and underneath the skies were bright purple.

    2nd: Sat down with a group of military guys. They looked kindly, older and unshaven, a little unkempt. They were all going on a run to some woods. They asked me if I was ready for an adventure. I mentioned I was tired and hadn’t slept. The leader looked a little sad. Then I said “OK” and asked for some water first. He gave me some gladly, although it looked dirty (3D water). My thirst was quenched and we were ready.

    3rd: I found myself standing in an open field between two forests. My youngest son was 20 feet away from me. I noticed an animal trotting out of the far woods and heading directly for us. I ran to my son to keep him safe, but as the animal came closer I could see it was a large fox. (The Fox is my spirit animal guide, sometimes he shows up in dreams to tell me things). Fox walked straight past us and towards the opposites forest and disappeared into the treeline. Then a whole herd of different animals emerged from where Fox originally did in the opposite forest and stampeded towards us.

    We quickly moved out of the way and allowed them to pass over the open ground and head into the opposite forest. I took my son into a small hut for safety until this finished. Eventually I heard a sniff outside and I opened the door to find a cute little dog. We walked into the forest a little where all the animals had left and we found human things, tools, documents, plans etc. We knew the animals were being hunted by men, the energy of these woods was the same we know as predatory and patriarchal.

    Then I awoke.

    Fox was showing me the time to choose is upon us all.


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      1. You mean become an observer to this circus? Well, I think I’m doing okay, considering I’ve been a little reactive in the past.



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    1. Jeez. I’ve been thinking to this movie for the last 2 days. Last time I watched it, it was more than 25 years ago.

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  22. I can’t remember the last time I saw a chemtrail in the sky above my home in the Sierra Nevadas

    I have been enjoying very deep blue skies and fluffy white clouds 🙂

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  23. Okay, this morning as I was surveying the newest planting area I was struck by the need to quickly go to my favorite nursery once again to get 1 more dogwood tree and some more philadelphus. Done! After getting home and reading update 8, I realized that I will complete this NE place now! Don’t ask me why, I just co-create here. On another subject entirely, I found myself helping Tom Hanks, of all people in my dream state. I don’t know what that was all about, but it felt important. It certainly took me by surprise. Hmmmmm…….

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    1. @J… I don’t know for truth about TomHanks true energy or path – you can find many alternate views spread around, but just wondering, esp after my last night all inclusive ACIM mantra-ing whether a part of T H’s inner self desired to be different or cleaner, esp after playing Mr Rodgers in the movie (no, haven’t watched and I’m hoping Mr Fred Rodgers was truly how he appeared to be…)


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        1. @M6 – I don’t care… no emotional response at all… Don’t really know anything about tom hanks or anyone else except he was in a lot of movies. I was just responding to J’s experience and doing the Mantra was exactly what I did do, directed towards every being on Earth, the night before, then went to sleep no further attention given – felt directed to do, so as in spreading love vibration and forgiveness – whether anyone was affected by that was not my concern, only their’s… doing it was… for me…
          sorry if you were offended by my response to J…

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          1. M6- further… as far as doing the Mantra the night before – I was following my guidance… isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing… more of – isn’t that what you guys have been saying?
            I will continue doing so – it’s taken me a long time to trust my inner knowing and guidance – I’m not going to stop listening, now…


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            1. @CATs Eds, yes, I understand – I only do that mantra when I feel called to and only for as long as that feeling persists, I have no doubt Source and Spirit can work anything in a nanosecond or less – perhaps any prolongtion is me wanting to give whoever a chance at awareness and an opportunity to reach out for it if they choose – I really don’t know – I just follow the energy… thanks for your response… I almost did a ‘my old turtle act’ and pulled my head back into my shell to decide to stop posting… old pattern, took a bit (ok, more than a bit) and help NOT to do that – THAT feeling lingers, but I’ve asked for help to let that pattern go – must be a deep one…


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      1. Kg, Koko, the signing gorilla 🦍 liked Mr. Rogers, and I think
        she would have been a good judge of character.



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  24. Exciting NEWS! BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKIES FOR DAYS! AND My sister, who thinks i’m going to hell for not going to church, was telling me our Endocrinologist is offering blood work to see if we have the “beer bug” antibody. I said, no thanks. Fight conformity, don’t do it. She said what if my company said I have to have it to go back to work. Then her manager said he didn’t see how that would help. I said, don’t waist the $. Then we talked on the vaccine and I said, don’t get it. and SHE AGREED! She said No WAY am I getting it! I am floored. BLUE SKIES AND MY SISTER AGREED NOT TO GET VACCINE AND AGREED NOT TO GET BLOOD WORK WITH NO ARGUMENT!

    WOW WOW WOW! 😀

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  25. Second time posting have been a reader for years and I mean years since I was 21 I believe that was 7- 6 years ago when I began my awakening I know choose I higher calling and existence and consciousness I have always resonated with that. This blog and cat’s have helped a lot along the way.

    Thank you


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  26. Okay ALL, Now it gets really funny! As I was quietly contemplating my navel whilst enjoying my post-nap latte, I happened to look up at the large hemlock tree that shelters one of the bird feeder areas, and what should I see on the trunk the literally photographically clear image-life size- image of a female lion. My gawd! I’m shocked. As I drove by it in my cart, the eyes followed. Methinks a new guardian has presented herself! Now that I’ve seen her, I can’t un-see her. What a kick. (Other than that, I know nothing) Cheers and a hearty Har!

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  27. Event horizon? Suddenly dusting off old dreams again, like they might be possible somehow. Something shifted for the better.

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  28. What’s your opinion on Dolores Cannon, the 3 waves of volunteers and soul imprints (fake memories of past lives vs real reincarnations)? How accurate is her work?

    It makes sense that someone who is living a 3d life on earth for the first time would need a past life imprint just to be able to function here. How could anyone function here without any prior experience or any frame of reference for this 3d realm?

    If you’ve addressed these questions in a previous post please post a link to it. I haven’t been following the blog very long so I may have missed it. Thanks.

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      1. Huh, interesting, I was wondering what you all thought of Dolores Cannon yesterday, Im wary of hypnotherapy but intrigued but her work 🧡

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  29. Oooooh, those updates, that Schumann! The Sun! Sourceness, getting goosebumps!

    I’ve managed some sleep, thick with dreams but waking up not remember anything other than a residual feeling that A LOT happened! Woke up blooming exhausted. Felt as if I had been running a marathon!

    Thank you CATS. Thank you Everyone!

    Love & Hugs ❤️🤗❤️

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  30. Here’s a bird story for you…This morning one of our dogs pushed the back door wide open as she came in from the yard. We didn’t notice until we had a little birdie in our living room! My husband left the door open and left the room to allow her to find her way out again. It was still early, I was still in bed, he came to tell me and we rested some more with our doggies right there with us. I sort of dozed off, only to be awakened by the bird fluttering around my head! Instead of flying back out it found its way all the way to our bedroom at the other end of the house and practically bumped into my head!. A wild kerfuffle ensued, trying to keep the dogs from eating the little thing…nothing like a good adrenaline shot to wake you up 😂…The bird allowed me to catch her, protect her from the dogs, and I set her free. She was a Tufted Titmouse. Aside from the huge metaphor of the bird entering our house, here is the animal totem meaning according to shaman and medium Quornesha Lemon:
    “When the Tufted Titmouse appears to you in your dreams, waking life, visions, or synchronicities it is a message/symbol that your life is about to change. The prayers that you are speaking over your life are heard and the Tufted Titmouse is a reminder that blessings are forthcoming. It is a symbol of faith. And an encouraging message for you to keep it.
    The Tufted Titmouse is a message that help is on the way. If you’ve been working diligently towards a dream, know that a budge is in line for you to breakthrough. Anything is possible when you are serving a higher calling/purpose.”
    Well, there you go! I thought you all would enjoy this…
    Hugs and love for all y’all!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

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  31. time for u knew you thread-pretty intense-last update just confirmation for me of what i experienced and moved with-soon and now are relative just as is time-


  32. My spazzy mind has been needing guided meditation of late and I popped on the new Dispenza love one this morn. So it begins and I do my usual(summarized) light beam from the cosmos connecting through me to the center of the Earth thing, which then becomes the lighthouse shooting light around the globe which I always do now. Anyways, out of nowhere the lighthouse started shooting out hearts of love. Next thing I know I’m dropping heart shaped love bombs on cities and continents that explode into millions of hearts of love, and then just showering the Earth in them. It felt really lovely to do and recommend that visual, not necessarily that specific meditation, if one feels so inclined.

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  33. I love the catstronaut image.
    Every time I see it I hear
    “Ground control to Major TomCat”
    …ten, nine…
    And may God’s love be with you.

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  34. Is anyone else seeing points of white light with eyes closed at night? For a few days now when going to sleep at night I have dots of white light, like stars on a dark background. Just curious. Cay

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    1. Hello Cay 👋🏻
      I see them sometimes when my eyes are open, but not when my eyes are closed. They are not eye floaters because there are too many of them, and the “sparkles” move independently. They are not a sign of an oncoming migraine. They sort of blink and move like tiny fireflies. I have no idea what they are, but it is pretty cool to see!
      Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  35. Weary today, yes. World weary. I made another flying trip to my favorite nursery again today to rectify a wrong cultivar selection. I couldn’t remember yesterday and bought the wrong variety. The good news is that I got several of the variety that I really wanted in the first place, but was unavailable at first purchase. (I blather on) However, the main reason I was there was to mantra the whole place and everyone there. They were very busy. One of my favorite clerks was Very stressed out and worried about the large number of people there almost all who were wearing masks. A real uptick in mask usage. Sigh! I gave the clerk special reassurance. My task was completed. Gardener has been suffering from both an ear-ache and a tooth-ache. She, too received special attention. I think I need a nap! It’s been a busy morning.

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  36. Just saw this “SpaceX Starlink launch” from my balkony (10:11 pm here). It was the most impressive sky movement I´ve ever seen on the night skies. Like a pearl string of lights in the night, nice
    What this for real?

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      1. I noticed spaceweather keeps telling people no it’s not aliens but people just seem to know in their gut something is off about it.

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      2. Thank you for the reply CATs
        I´m not that into Pleiadians but it was a nice show tho

        I´ve shared your site as a “link I visit daily” on my own blog, is that okay for you guys?


      3. I wonder why the confuse us by adopting a configuration that can be interpreted with a fearful event. Why not lose the ambiguity by creating a shape?

        Maybe the pilots aren’t that good…



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