Meterage/Jumps for 9-1 to 9-3-20 [UPDATE3]

Ugh. Worst August ever, good riddance. Welcome to September.

We’ve had another CME:

We might feel something on the 6th or 7th.

And… this is fun… the PTW keep trying to create new timelines, and are pumping huge energy ito the process. Look:

And here’s that jump from a few days ago:

Looks like we also had a jump early this morning, starting at 2:30 am PDT:

Showed up on the SR a little differently:

14 = midnight PDT.

We have no real way to show you, but there’s a major weather war being played out right now between the PTW vs ETs and SOURCE and Gaia. Gosh, wonder who’ll win. We of course get to be the spectator-victims in the middle.

We also had two significant GRBs:

In the meantime…


Unrelated to The SHIFT/Event… the mayor of Chicago’s action figure just hit the shelves, already in ‘property defense mode’:

AND… Disney released a commemorative Joe-Biden-Yoda action figure:


Hm. SOURCE is looping us. You know what that means…


Ok. Time is running in a loop…

… and it will till something aligns and we can move forward.

What can we do to help? We’re working on that. It feels tied to something big that will happen soon. Many CATs immediately got that this is Divine Timing being performed by SOURCE… which is necessary for The SHIFT to occur. It could be something else, though… but it SURE LOOKS pre-SHIFT to us.

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  1. Regarding the strange Schumann Resonance for almost 2 days now, maybe it is variant off 3 days off darkness ?✨

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  2. Something has definitely changed. The past 48 hours have been very strange and disorienting. I can’t find the words to describe it, which has become the norm for me. (I dislike speaking now and have a difficult time writing or typing.) In the dream it was like I was experiencing life out of linear time. I was my current 57 yr. old self merged with my 16 yr. old self. I was in a home with my mom and brothers who also seemed to be merged as well. It was a wonderful dream. My mother passed when I was 31 and pregnant with my 2nd daughter, so she never got to see her. In the dream my daughter was there too and was able to see her grandmother. It was like everyone was getting to live the life they were truly meant too and be the person on the inside that they could not show in our 3d world. I had always had dreams with my mom in them until about 3 years ago when I started to wake up. They abruptly stopped and I really missed them. Last night’s dream was a beautiful gift. I hope everyone is feeling well…the energy is crazy!


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    1. That’s so interesting, Brigitteann! Yesterday I felt like my mom and dad were hanging around me all day! It felt really beautiful and I cried a lot during the day, whenever I felt their presence. I went through a lot more release and I was able to let go of all the negative emotions toward them very easily, stuff that had been hanging around in my heart for a long time! I felt nothing but love and gratitude toward them! Amazing! It left me feeling very peaceful and calm inside!
      Hugs to all!

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  3. It’s 9:34pm here in East Anglia UK. There have been planes/craft/something making a real racket in the sky! I am wondering if there is some kind of war going on up there or if they are trying to prevent any Shift happening with there trails…I looked out of my front window earlier and saw a small flash of orange in the sky!

    Could be something entirely different, perhaps not any kind of craft at all!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. I just heard a lovely rendition of the song ‘Lean on Me’ – it made me think… If we all lean on each other then no one falls down – I have a back, front and two sides available for leaning if anyone should have the need…


    Found this song, very soothing/peaceful… artist, Avi Kaplan former and founding member of Pentatonix acapella group – left for family and the stress of constant travel and needed nature…
    vocal range A1 – C#5.

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    1. I had to share this, too – a bunch of relevant songs fell upon me all together – Avi has a beautiful voice in all ranges and seems to me to have a beautiful ‘Earth’ soul, too…


      I had to share this one, too… Avi Kaplan – 'Change on the Rise'

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    2. Kg. Thank you for posting that. Avi has a wonderful voice. If we lean on each other back to back we can prop each other up. I think I need scaffolding lately to stay upright. 😻💖😊

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  5. Had a couple rough days on this energy see-saw, but feeling like Tony the Tiger again. I so related to the comments a bit back about the feeling of not fitting in, always observing, not getting it. Like a sort of saudade, one of my favorite words and most familiar feelings, a bittersweet longing for a past (I have known on some dimension, in some life) and ever striving to find it. Even here—since I am the only one not sold on Trump, mostly due to T’s dismantling of enviro protections, I often feel this not fitting in. But, I AM keeping an open mind that maybe, just maybe, things are not as they appear, and I will finally find my new earth and nature loving tribe. I’d love to start a community of like minded meditators to pool resources to get a lakeside property where LOVE RULES. Anyone else? (Oh you have no idea how hard it was to put myself out there about this.)

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      1. Hi Susan,
        I’m so happy I found your post again. That dream is one I’ve had for years. To be in a place where we each have our own cottages / space / garden – but also in proximity to a larger group of people who are like kin. Who respect and cherish the earth / Gaia. Our own community where we can gather to have fun, but also have space to ourselves. Kind and loving. I have glimpses of it now and then. I don’t know where or when it is, but it is lovely and my heart yearns for it. Love that you put that out there. Angela


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