Just an Observation…

So… is anyone else feeling…?

In meditations this morning, some CATs commented on feeling… expansive… or to use their word: “PUFFY.” After G+P, they connected to Guides and the cords felt “10X bigger: puffier.” They then went on into their meditations and felt increasingly puffed out, “like a Thanksgiving Day balloon!”

Anyone else experiencing this? Be on the lookout. Seems to be a 4d expansion thing. Also, we’re expecting events to accelerate. Some things might start to happen all at once. Stay flexible.

74 thoughts on “Just an Observation…

  1. Yes expansion so if a higher 4 D anomaly occurs or gets cleared, the minions of the lower 4D will probably act out their pain and or dislike for this? Just a thought.

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    1. Everyone Is where They should be, so have Compassion. I sometimes have to remind Myself for Some that verbally attack Me and Others. Peace.

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  2. I feel that energetically speaking, the things are speeding up as we shifted to a higher gear.

    Specially yesterday, I wrote 2-3 posts about that experience, well at least for me ?

    But today at maybe 14:00 UTC I felt strange, but very strong energies in the air, I was not meditating at that time, almost a feeling like I expected that Shift energies would feel, so much that I caught myself thinking, ohhhh boy, this is it, maybe a rehearsal ?✨


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  3. That’s awesome. I’ve been feeling that way, off an on , for a little over a month during meditations. This weird feeling that I’m huge. I thought it was a bleed over from a meditation where I envisioned I was like a redwood. But it has been different. Anyhow. Love it when there are connections like this between others.
    Thanks for all you do Cats.

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  4. That “Big” feeling reminds me of years ago, and a coupla times as a child. I read somewhere (Robert Monroe?) back then, that it could be indicator of imminenr obe, or obe itself. Sometimes it would just be my hand got Huge. And there was a FEELING to it.

    The other day when in meditation and calling on THe One True Source Creator, Source came in HUGE and POWERFUL, and same when i then focus on my Inner Self of TOTSC. I felt Source as huge and it enveloped me too. Kinda like i first felt Source outside me as Huge, then inner me felt it. Tricky to explain. Will be on lookout for more.


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  5. Today I felt sea sick, like the floor was tilting. I had foggy eyesight, too. Then the cable TV went out for a minute, I thought, so this is it. I started to cry, but not for long. That’s the second time in two weeks I’ve tilted, second time for crying. After the tears fall, my eyesight clears and my internal gyroscope stops tilting.

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  6. I’m not the same as you guys. I don’t meditate, or have mantras, Im not “connected” like you all. but I have a feeling around me like I connected to something. You guys state that “whew we are all so wasted from energy from the portal”. But me, I have things changing daily or weekly. I see the timeline jumps, I see the c8bal, I see it all. I feel the energy and today I was walking in my yard and was stopped in my tracks and felt like I was being pulled on… Inflated… It was a very strange and momentary feeling. I check here and see the update. Uncanny. I see the stars move ever so slightly and I know, I can feel it, something big is coming.

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    1. All Are connected, just differing perceptions. Our life lessons are different, so some overlap to Jane, and some overlap to Joe. All for the greatest good of All. Peace.

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  7. I haven’t felt the puffiness yet, but it seems like my connection to Source is stronger, and it is easier to connect.
    Synchronicities are happening all over the place.
    An odd thing though, I can’t stand most modern music lately. Songs I used to like, or at least tolerate, are absolutely repulsive to me now – especially at higher volumes. It just sounds like noise pollution, and it is almost physically painful. My husband loves to blast music, and it never fails to drive me out of the room and put me in a very bad mood. He wanted me to go to a concert with him that was supposed to happen this month, and luckily (thankfully) it was canceled due to the CV panic. I am also a severe introvert (more so the older I get), so the music intolerance plus crowd intolerance would make a concert a complete nightmare for me.
    Is anyone else suffering from music intolerance?
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. Hi Sharon. Yes me. Noises of many kinds are very harsh to my ears. My boss plays the radio all day in his office. It drives me batty. I love quiet and I also sit in another room when my partner watches motor sports etc. 🤗🌈💖

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      1. Hello Newlynn,
        You know, I just remembered something I used to do when I was younger. My mom put me in a non-denominational private school when I was in my first 2 years of high school, even though we were not really religious. I had never experienced that level of fanaticism before that time. They had mandatory chapel every morning which would include a guest minister. Some of those morning events included fire and brimstone preachers, speaking in tongues, etc. And you were looked down upon if you didn’t participate. A lot of it made me super uncomfortable. I would surround myself with what I used to call my “bubble of sanity”. I would just imagine myself in a sound dampening energy bubble that would also make me less noticeable to those around me.
        So I think I am going to dust off the old “bubble of sanity” when I am in a noisy environment. You are welcome to try it, too.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

        PS~ I mean no offense to anyone who is non-denominational, it’s just not my cup of tea. 🙂

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        1. Hi Sharon. That sounds awful. Makes me cringe even reading about your experiences. No wonder you manifested the bubble of sanity. Well done. Next time I’m somewhere noisy I will give it a go. ☺️ My boss is lovely but has a rotten taste in music. 😳💖

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          1. Hello Newlynn,
            I am actually thankful for that experience because it put me on the path to find what *is* right for me spiritually. Without it, I might not have found this wonderful SOC family that I love so much. 💖🌈🌞
            Have a beautiful day!
            Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    2. Oh, Sharon, I thought it was just me! I’ve always preferred quiet to having music on. In the past 3 months it’s gotten much worse. My husband is also a big music lover and likes to play it loud with the base high as well. He’s been much better at listening to the stereo on a lower volume, so I’m grateful for that. I’ve gotten to the point where all noise, stereos, TVs, power tools, lawn equipment, cars almost makes me physically ill and I won’t be going to any concerts anytime soon! Also an introvert!


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    3. Im sorry, I went through an intense phase of that last year when I could feel every song and the energy behind it, as well as every show program. It lasted for a couple of months and I just worked on clearing grids there that I was connected to. I did have to explain this to my family when it was at its worst. It did get better! Store and restaurant music still annoys me tho at times. Shifting into a yang state helped a LOT with it. 💖✨🙏 If I start feeling annoyed I send out the light. ✅ override 👍🏼
      Hang in there 💕✨

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      1. Hello AOA,
        I never thought about clearing it, I need to give that a try. I probably do need to “Light/Love bomb” the living room daily.
        I think I also need to order another batch of black tourmaline to be placed all over the living room, and program some quartz points to hold the positive frequency of the quiet room, or something. I need to meditate on that one.
        Thank you for the excellent advice!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  8. Interesting that you ALL would bring this up today. I cannot remember exactly when at some point last night or previous night sometime I saw myself get up or rise up to my true size and look back upon a tiny earth. Kinda like the pictures in the story books of Gulliver’s Travels. Methinks WE’RE throwing off the restraints???

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  9. ~ CATs and Ms ~ I know you’ve addressed this a bit over the last couple of years or so, but could you please comment again on the differences among Density and Dimension, and 3d or 3D, 4d/ 4D etc? does the capital ‘d’ indicate one or the other? And frequency?
    You’ve said higher Dimensions are not quickly attained and being a high enough frequency is necessary to survive in them… but that Densities can be raised much more ‘easily’? My wordings, not yours.
    Right now I’m a bit confused and seem to need an ingredient for thought/ understanding.

    Also, how about Time? I think you’ve said Time only exists in 3d (3D?) If Time is only in this general reality we are still aware of, and there are timeline jumps in it… are there timelines elsewhere than ‘here’?

    I can only imagine how you might wrangle the language to explain all this!

    Thank you most kindly for your patient help.


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    1. We use little d for density, big D for dimension. You have to toss out some science (a lot of science, actually), because they’re wrong about a lot of things, but of course think they’re right. It’s why so many CATs left science (and other fields) and never looked back. However, we were also confused by the dimension thing, and had to ask the SuperFriends lots of questions (they were a little exasperated!). Basically, a different dimension is SO different that it has completely different physical laws. We use the word “dimension” for length and width and depth, and some claim time and space are also dimensions… but everyone else in the multiverse uses this D word differently. Going from one time to another takes virtually no time/energy at all, but going from one DIMENSION to another can take a million years, it’s so different. It’s not so much a different dimension as it is a DIFFERENT PLANE OF REALITY. What people are usually talking about is vibrational density. Lower vibration — literally how fast you’re vibrating — vs higher vibration. (That ringing in your ears is ONE singing all the pitches all the way up past your level of hearing, singing all the notes and harmonics of your living vibration, from 4d up to near-infinity. This is our actual NAME. It is SOURCE’s name. This is why we meditate on it, since it’s who we really are.) Anyway, we’re ideally vibrating faster and faster, from Third Density vibration to Fourth Density vibration, but people get confused because they’re thinking of us as MATTER. There is no matter. This is all illusion. YOU are real though, but you’re spirit. And while you’re actually vibrating INFINITELY with SOURCE right now in a non-local realm, you *think* you’re in *this* local realm, and THINK you’re a body, one that’s vibrating much slower. (You are a non-local being having a local experience.) You could, in meditation, vibrate right out of your body and kill your body — but the real YOU would live on. As for time… time is experienced differently at different densities/vibrational speeds, and in different dimensions. You won’t fully understand until you’re at that place looking back. But no one is going to go from 3d (third density) to 5d (fifth density) right away; they’ll ALL make a pit-stop at 4d along the way. That said, big jumps HAVE happened, but they’re extremely rare. One time (ONE TIME), the Second Buddha went from 4d/5d to 6d… then to 9d… in a couple seconds… and MELTED the 3d rock he was touching. His handprint is still there. His body at that moment went WHOOSH. Gone.


      Ok, how’d we do?

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. That was a great discourse on the 3d/3D -4d/4D density – dimension confusion, thank you CAT Eds! It was a question I too had wondered. Vibrational rate can change here on planet earth (per individual) depending on the individuals rate of vibrational density whereas when you cross over into a different Dimension the whole fabric of space and time changes. So would I be correct instating that the ‘Super Friends’ are existing in another dimension somewhere within our local universe and/or beyond and when called upon are instantly here?

        I wanted to also give a heartfelt Thanks to the Pleiadians who put the kabash on the PTWs weather induced California’s wildfires. With all the added stresses to life dealing with this Covid business people did not need the added stress of torrential wildfires!

        Much Love to ALL

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        1. Higher vibration also means you don’t get sick. It was impossible for Brother J to contract any illness or disease, since his vibration was so incredibly high. If you were vibrating fast enough, and you could see J, you’d see him GLOW. THAT’S what CATs aspire to.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. I kind of think of it all as non-spatial non-linear, existing in the here and now, yet at a higher vibration, frequency, light, resonance and harmonic structured order. It’s like an overlay, but as you elevate in light quotient, you’re vibrating faster and losing density, along with the sense of self and separation. I did say think, I still get stuck in linear when I ground laying down. lol scott

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      2. thanks, CATs and kittens. I’m going to borrow this for my personal archive. I get it, but sometimes my human head brain gets confuzzled about the d/D conversation. I KNOW it, but I keep forgetting – sometimes – although not as often as I used to.

        I’m going back to my cat tree for awhile; I’m not done with the latest adjustments yet. 😀 Love and Light to ALL parts of the ONE.

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      3. That was awesome. Thank you so much- that’s the most clarity I’ve ever gotten
        out of that particular discussion! 🙂
        I’m already looking forward to the conversations I’m going to have about this
        with my local meditation group. I’m pestering my hubby with it right now but he does seem a little intrigued…
        ❤ Erin

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      4. ~ CATs ~ Champion word wrangling!! That is what I was angling for, THANK YOU 🙂

        And the included link is an impressive compendium of ‘light’ reading to boot.
        Love, friend

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      5. CAT Eds.
        This is an excellent discourse. You might want to put it into the glossary so you can copy/paste in the future or refer to it. Just a thought . . . 😁

        Everlasting gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all you do. I don’t think I’d be sane here now without this blog! [That presupposes a current level of sanity . . . 🤔]

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  10. Oh yes!!
    I have felt it, but it is not something only now.
    As a child I used to play before going to sleep with that feeling.
    It’s like getting huge and misshapen. Sometimes it is the whole body, sometimes it is an arm that stretches to infinity, it reminds me of the Boomer gum ad.
    I remember a few months ago in meditation feeling so great that I thought, oh my God now I have to go back, how am I going to put all this in that little body of mine? 😉
    (by the way when I have a fever, which is seldom, I also have that feeling of making myself huge, fluffy and almost infinite)

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  11. As a mere mortal I have noticed nothing except an increased capacity to get things done recently, and time moving forward at almost an alarmingly fast pace in one perception.
    I have observed my parents at 70 finally thinking on and altering behaviour and not reacting to triggers. Something I never thought I would see. And it is Amazing to see! Recognising a path is there to be a better person! And I have also been working on my own reactions . Why is it so hard to be a good person? There are no lessons and guidance I guess, Jesus tried to teach us and his lessons were distorted, so mainly we have to find our own path and figure it out…unless we are called to or syncronisticaly given help from source, by those who come into our lives, and the experiences made availiable. I am just realising I can Be grateful for the opportunity to have these Difficult experiences, as it really is sometimes the only way to wake up to our selves and how we are. Bloody complex though, to see the obvious 😂
    I hope this is happening for many other mortals like me, as it will indeed improve society and hopefully lift the masses a little higher. ❤️

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    1. But you’re NOT mortal! You better get used to it, because your spirit is immortal and indestructible. You’re going to be around… forever. Let that sink in.

      (Brother J taught reincarnation, but it was edited out of the bible.)

      -CAT Eds.

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  12. Yes, its weird / expanded / limitless / dreamy all at the same time. Things feel .. shifted, more open, I feel like I have no boundaries, I am an expansion of my field but I’m out at the edges of the expansion, while being still and centered in the presence of the middle of this being… language can’t quite touch it, aye 😉 As soon as I touch back (via something electronic) into the polarity of the unfolding madness of duality in this country NZ, it throws me, but I come back faster than ever before to that still, centered heart-space. Rapid change afoot!

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  13. Well, The few short meditations I have been able to do things have felt different, it’s like my energy field/aura has expanded and It all very fuzzy and vibrating! You post made me think of the stay puff marshmallow man!

    Its been very difficult to meditate recently due to an increase in screaming from beautiful Elsie! Stars at 3/4am and goes on and on…She is getting very intolerant. If I blow my nose or cough she will scream, even if I go into another room and shut the door. Everything is setting her off, lots of anger and frustration. Just ordered more ear plugs and am looking at homeopathic medicine…I have felt like I am losing my marbles recently with the noise, very high pitched, very, very loud goes right through the bones!

    Hopefully it’s a phase….

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  14. Dream time was interesting. I was sitting on the edge of my bed singing a Kinks song, think it was ‘Waterloo Sunset’ or ‘Days’.

    Then a huge rush of energy surges through me and I keep shifting from solid, to something….other?! Perhaps plasma! There was light and energy, parts of body moving changing, whooshing! There was no pain just this energy, motion, transformation. I was morphing, really hard to put into words! I was also shifting between being conscious and unconscious and at time it felt so so real, so incredibly powerful. I remember thinking

    ‘okay here we go!’

    Much Love ALL 🌟☀️🙏☀️🌟

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  15. Yes,
    feels like we all let go The Old.
    Yesterday I was bitterly crying…guess I released a whole mankind.
    Today I feel powerful, strong. Might be preparations.

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  16. I haven’t had that floaty puffy feeling in a long time. I went through a lot of that in – if I remember correctly (because time is so slippery) – 2010 and 2011. Walking was an interesting experience; as though I was walking on a plate of jello. And nothing was stable at the time. And when I lived in Washington State, I had a vortex in my kitchen. Every time I walked in there I felt eight-feet tall. “Life” is so much fun 😀 Maybe I skipped the puffy memo this time? We all are so different. I HAVE had floaty days this week; but I always navigate around them and continue on. It’s sort of like “oh, here it comes again” …

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  17. More TLJs this morning? I slept in small amounts over night and woke up early. I was energetic and optimistic then, but now, noonish, I’m exhausted and crabby. My heart is fluttering. The Schumann looks like some rainbows have jumped in for a visit.

    Terran Cognito has had a few interesting posts the last few days. Yesterday’s is called “Some thoughts on this journey” and talks about Earth’s real history. He also gives some details of what he, HATJ and others have been doing in recent years regarding the financial system. https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/2020/08/some-thoughts-on-this-journey.html#more

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  18. Sending a BIG thank you to all that helped me with energies – infection improving – this is only the second time in my LONG life I’ve had this type of volcano infection – the only other time was right after (can’t remember when? a yr or two ago?) a previous CATs etc announcement about big body or energy changes – the last time felt it was maybe related to expelling dark experiences and poisons, some literal that I, my body, experienced in this life – took a long time to reduce and heal – this time with all your help and a lot of Brother J & SOURCE it’s reducing a lot faster.
    Some other positive changes and openings to receive help has happened with my family, esp my daughter, who has NOT been open to such things before.
    Other things happening that I’m being un-encouraged to share.
    Weather happily cooler and being entertained by a favorite sound – dry crunchy leaves scurrying around the sidewalks, chased by much ‘winds of change’ in the local climate today – very Autumn-y…
    Also if you are feeling acertain way, just wait – things seem to be in very fast flux – feelings, emotions seem to shift and change in very quick succession now…

    All be well,


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  19. Dear CATs and Ms! I have a question. My very sensitive son has been experiencing “flashes” and sounds at night, again last night around 1 am CDT. He described these two last night as very loud, crackling sounds, sort of like a plasma explosion or electrical explosion, not a bomb sound with a very quick lightning like flash of light, his whole body shook because it startled him so much, as he was lying in bed. Sometimes he sees geometric shapes, sometimes it’s just flashes of light. What exactly is he experiencing? I would love to be able to tell him more precisely what’s going on there…
    Your continuous help and support for all of us is so, so very much appreciated!!!
    Hugs for all!!!

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  20. I was feeling amazing during the week of Lion’s Gate and maybe a week or two after that, I still felt wonderful. My body was much stronger than usual. I felt connected to love and I found myself crying (in a good way) for no reason except that I felt that something wonderful was coming, even though I didn’t consciously know what it was. I felt awestruck and humbled.

    But for me, things did a 180, and especially yesterday and today I am just stuck in bed, unable to move. Everything hurts. I know my guides and angels are here, I’m just miserable.

    I saw in an ascension group that I am in, that many people were having the same problem yesterday. I don’t know what is happening to cause that.

    I sure hope to be back on the Bliss side of things soon.

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  21. Well, We’re now into the water energies of September as Lisa calls them. I’ll be interesting to see how this month plays out. I suspect that it shant be dull! Cheers

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  22. Serious case of purging going on right now.

    Big yellow/reddish fullmoon, but I usually get the worst reactions a few days later. Feels like I have a fever and I just dreamt about burning down half my ex’s village using gasoline. Sort of wish I could take credit for the idea, what they did was really nasty; but I’ve long since decided to cut them loose.

    The good news is that I called in sick for the rest of the week, which feels a lot better than I imagined. Having a choice when to get out in public and meet others is nice, especially at times like these.

    Time is difficult, but I feel like something big is right around the corner, we’re talking weeks.


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  23. I’ve felt the expansion numerous times, it is like puffing out from 5 -20 times bigger. It feels like meditations are reaching new heights at times. I was coming out of meditation recently, and it rocked my body, don’t recall that ever happening. Sunday I was in an elevated state most of the day, that was very pleasant, as we have been getting amplified/roasted. The TLJ early Mon. had me asleep until 11 and it’s been busy since then. Much Love~scott

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    1. ❤ Wondering if it’s possible to get too high while meditating.
      When getting in, at first i always walk the same landscape (wide horizon, some hights, a few trees), at some point i know I’m there and plug in (putting a cable inside the soil).
      Plugged in i rise up. Sometimes in my suit or in a small spacecraft or as a pillar of light. And there i am floating, full of joy, rising into space, higher and higher…
      But it happens that an inner alarm system tells me to stop and go back to earth, while i know i could rise more.
      What does it mean? ❤

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