Good News + Meterage + Jumps [UPDATE7]

The new CAT phonebook’s here!

Ok, the real good news: The Cavalry has come to the rescue! Lookie.

Here’s the latest blob of weather-warfare tropical moisture that was pushed up to CA a few days ago. This is the same ploy the PTW used before to induce over 2500 lightning strikes in just one day, sparking countless fires and making everyone miserable — killing some. Now watch as the blob is hit with energy and defeated:

So. That was courtesy some very kind ETs (Pleiadians, it looks like) who decided they’d had enough sitting on the sidelines in the weather fight. Please send them some gratitude for this selfless act. (Note: The last image is SOURCE stepping in with some serious Wave X energy.) Anyway, The Cavalry stepped in and now the weather has been reset to normal so fire crews can put the fires out without new ones starting, or existing ones get worse. Many thanks to our higher-order brothers! We’re guessing that they’ll be taking more of a hand when it comes to these things, now. Couldn’t have come at a better time. This was why we were told to stay out of it, so we wouldn’t get in the way.


One more thing… did anyone else have a dream about a huge, vertical, sand-colored object that floated across the sky? Lots of CATs had this dream, and we’re in the process of figuring it out. There was more to it, but we’re gonna keep it to ourselves to see if anyone saw anything. It wasn’t bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was… weird.

The new phonebook’s here!
Good thing because no one uses phonebooks, anymore.


And fresh CME:

There were actually two CMEs recently, but we didn’t report the first one since it was kinda boring:

Meanwhile, some at NASA are suggesting that the latest sundiver comet CAUSED the bigger CME (psst, it didn’t, as you can see in the image; the CME happens first):


Sorry for the relative lack of comms today. CATs are out of sorts today, those who are available. We’re grumpy. Irascible. Uncomfortable. Ornery! Some of us had a little excursion last night (to someplace rare, we’ll write about it) and it’s carried forth some kind of hangover with it… but not all CATs went. Anyway, hopefully this will be gone tomorrow. Ugh.


Hope people don’t mind us tacking meterage onto this post. Saves time. Anyway, here’s a few reasons why CATs were so tired and grumpy today (smoke from fires notwithstanding):

Moe significantly, several of us were up all last night with a special project and we’ve had some unfortunate physical effects from the experience; live and learn. We’re in the process of writing it up.

We also had the stupid TWBs come by last night. [Insert sound of grinding teeth.]


Put simply: WHOA.

The florps are easy, but we’re gonna have to look carefully into what’s happening in that one image. It could also be yet another reason why we were feeling out of sorts, today.


Of course astronomers edited the above images from the data stream. Here’s what they have up, now. Looks a little different:

The’ve completely deleted one set of images from that time stamp and edited previous ones. Considering these observatories and astronomers’ jobs are paid for with public money…


Ok, we looked. Believe it or not, this is portal activity…

…so now you know what CATs experience all the time. Energy zapping all over, ships and entities and stuff coming and going to and from multiple dimensions… all at the same time.

And this…

…is the reptoids trying to force a new timeline — and failing. Again.


Looks like a small jump. It isn’t:

BREATH *SOURCE* through it.

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  1. I notice when the Sun came through the window this after noon It Is a “brighter white”. From the florp? Peace.

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    1. Mom said the same thing to me on the phone today – the sun looked a lot whiter when she saw it this morning. And just about one hour ago, the sun broke through the rain-clouds here where I live, and both of you were right – it was shining with the same intensity as if it would at a zenith position, and not settling for the evening along the horizon..

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    1. Oh yeah!! I’m fed up too, I love that you use the medical term “stasis”, which refers to stagnation of blood or some other bodily fluid.
      I’m sick of do this, do that, have lofty thoughts, get out of the matrix, here comes a wave, don’t worry your exhaustion is because you filter the energies, you signed this before coming, stay optimistic and seek your joy no is it going to be that the shift catches him depressed and passes by …… how do we do it seeing all the sh.t that surrounds us ???
      It’s already good to be in no man’s land. Action please !!! ALREADY!!!

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    2. The federation of light say the revelations will continue to be small and build upon each other to challenge perceptions. I found this the most interesting…
      “Soon enough, oh, so soon enough, will your KNOWINGNESS OF TRUTH be presented on screens and devices.“
      I had imagined the announcement leading to lockdown would be a big reveal of wrong doing. It looks like all media channels will display information about who we really are. A different type of post than I was expecting. But still some time away.. which does leave a Temporary flat feeling. The gathering in Berlin was huge which is encouraging!
      Those shapes on the latest sun energy picture were amazing! What were they?

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      1. I spent a week with Blossom at a dolphin workshop this past March. In addition to the wonderful dolphins, we had daily sessions with White Cloud. He told us that there would come a point when our devices, TVs, phones, etc, would turn themselves on and ETs would talk to us. He said that it would be undeniably real. I suspect that’s what the FOL is referring to in this most recent channeling. There is also a time coming when the only thing on TV will be a flood of truth about everything that has been going on. It will be in 8 hour segments, repeated 3 times daily, and then a new broadcast for the next day. This will continue for some time. Or at least that’s what White Cloud told us in March. This is the year for truth!

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        1. Reading Blossoms recent post, along with your post Kolibri, strikes a cord in me…
          This will be GRAND!🙌 [gottamakesureIhaveenoughpopcornathometogivetoalltheothers]💖😉

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  2. Today I have felt called to read this again:

    I was a huge fan of Karen Bishop. Until it disappeared. Some say she passed away, I don’t know what happened to her. I only know that her publications went very hand in hand with what I was experiencing.

    What she says of 2010 I experienced in the first person. I know it was so. And this post that I retrieve from September 2014, is as current today, six years later as it was then.
    So delving into what Cat11 said, how can we not be tired of this stagnation ??? We have been like this for years … and it is always for tomorrow …..
    Sorry to be so grumpy today. But despite everything I am still a simple human.


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    1. Hi Christina,
      I used to follow Karen Bishop too, after being
      told about her on one of my trips. Then, after
      a while, I did not see any more from her and
      wondered what happened. We have all waited
      so long for the changes we have been promised
      ……and if anything, I can certainly speak about that, since being about a year and two months from 80, I having been hearing about this for over 60 years!

      All I think we can do is HANG ON, as best we
      can, with the help of our spiritual family, and
      keep envisioning the NE that we all dream of.
      Source willing, we will get there one day!

      With lots of love,

      Coriboy ❤️😊🌈💐😊🌈💐❤️

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      1. Geez,Coriboy, Ya’ make me feel so young! (perhaps I should write a song about that. Oh, wait, it’s already been done) Anyway, I guess we should get points for longevity. Har! I started my quest of growth and spirit consciously in 1971. My was I naive ! Oh well, at least I’ve made it to 75 years, 3months. On any given day I marvel that I’m still here. Cheers

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        1. J, Yes, I agree that we should get points
          for longevity, and at the very least, be considered Senior HCs (Honorary Cats)! The videos of your wonderful
          property always inspires me, and the
          energies from those mountains are
          amazing! I have an affinity with your
          part of the country as I was born in
          Tacoma, but a few years later my family
          moved to San Diego.

          Here’s a double Har! to ya!


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    2. Hi, Cristina, The last I heard from Karen is that she moved to the Asheville, N.C. area and started a women’s ministry. I’ve not heard from her since. Good grief, how the time flies. Thanks for mentioning her. I’ve not thought of her in years.

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  3. My stories are changing from walking the dog to things happening while meditating in a bed, well, I am still walking the dog out, but there is nothing special to report from that walks, the friends are still up there watching and observing, I say hi to them, they sometimes respond by blinking with the lights or moving or both, but the things are changing on energetic front rapidly, at least for me 😉

    Soo, last night I came to bed at 2am, wife is asleep as is a dog in front off my room, I start with meditation, at one point starting to feel the energies around my crown and then burst off energy from myself, very powerful, but very raw in nature, just bursting outside off me as a noise in a way. I am hearing my wife near me starting to become restless, I am hear her breathing is as she has a bad dream, I think that she even got up a few times, I am hearing my dog outside off the room also starting to get restless, I am also at a same time hearing the commotion in the other room where my kids are sleeping, and I am bursting energies from me out off control, just raw energy, and obviously disturbing everyone in the house. At one point I am hearing the strong winds outside, I am hearing the sea, the waves, and started to think is this my doing, if it is, what are you doing, lets focus this energies bursting from you to calm everybody in the house, to calm the weather outside, so I started to focus it, to give it more calming, loving frequency, I could feel the wind as almost being outside, energies were subsiding, the weather started to calm done. Positive changes inside, my wife calmed down, starting to breathe normally and asleep again, I could hear the dog calming down and went to sleep again, and the commotion sounds stopped from the room where my kids are sleeping, success, I was able to focus that energy coming from me to something useful, and I think I heard a voice in the background saying something like “He finally got it” 😁✨

    I will put here also today meditation at my parents house where my kids and I went for a Sunday lunch. I was meditating in my parents bed after a lunch as it was empty room, and I felt a call to do it, I entered the meditation, starting too feel the energy around my head, but this time also very pronounced energy at my third eye, and again I started to radiate energy everywhere, just raw, no focus, but at one point I could feel that something change, something intertwine, and noise went away, the energy starting to be harmonious, it was just flowing through me, as some blockade was lifted, I do not know if that was Source stepping in, but I felt great, calm, harmonized 🙏✨


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    1. Just to add one oddity, when I came to my parents house today together with my kids for a Sunday lunch, internet broke down, and they have cable internet, which was working fine prior to our arrival. As being in IT, I reset the router, internet came back, but then it was gone again, so it was unusable, my younger son was sad as he brought his laptop with him to play a game as they have much faster internet then we have back at home. Just a 15min ago, I received the SMS from my mother, in which she is informing me that internet is back and working normally ?!

      Soo, the whole 3 hours we were there, the internet was down, and after we left, the internet is back, huh, that reminded me when in the past I would pass near the street light and it would turn itself off, I did not understood it, but it was amusing 😁

      Soo, energetically speaking, the things are speeding up 👆✨

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    2. Uhhhh, my grammar was just awful in that text, I should in the future first write it somewhere like OneNote, then read it again for myself and correct many grammatical errors first 😣

      I wrote this in one breath, as I just wanted to convey my message, I know that I will not be judged here for such a bad grammar, but as I always stray for a perfection, I feel bad for soo many errors, ughhh 😣

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        1. Thanks, Yes I know it is not really important, but that perfectionist in me is a little bothered with it 👍

          What is your take CAT’S on my experience, is this normal, expected, or too soon, or it is occurring now because we are so close to the Shift, it got me worried for a bit, excited, but little unexpected, soo…. ?

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  4. Do we remember about 1.5yrs ago when several of the Solar Observatories, I think, in the world SHUT DOWN for several days?

    WHAT did (((they))) want burned, buried and covered up in that timeframe?

    UPDATE5 brought that back to mind.

    here is reminder link

    “Stranger things in heaven and earth, then are dreamed of in you philosophy… ”

    Time, it seems, is getting short.

    Victory of the Light

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  5. Dreamt of zombie like humans walking within a block walled area in a counter clockwise circle. I saw a man slip under the wall as if sliding into a storm drain in order to join the mass of mindless sheeple/people.I told him he did not have to live that way. He did not seem to hear me speaking to him.
    Many strange short dreams during fitful night of sleep. Often I was telling others that they did not have to live in unhealthy surroundings or bound by another’s beliefs. Cay

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  6. 💖🌈 hello all my friends
    I have visit from California and Hawaii, so no much time
    it’s familly and we will call an invocation
    for Lemuria-New Earth 💖🌈


    In the silence and depth of the Pacific lies an intelligence at the sources that is out of this world, that sets itself in motion when we let go of control and feel connected to everything around us. Then a love field arises, a swarm intelligence that bathes each individual and that each only brings into the community what he feels in himself and what really feels for him. A movement arises, a new development that is born from the silence and vastness of peace.
    do you hear the songs of Lemuria?
    it’s pulling us in like the tide of the ocean

    The islands of Hawaii are the heart of Lemuria and Lemuria is starting to return.
    We wake up there and our memory of Lemuria awakens. Triggered by the light codes that come to us from the Central Galactic Sun.
    Strange that I spent forty days on the Pacific in 1970:
    twenty days from Balboa (Panama Canal) to Yokohama and Kobe in Japan, past the island of Oahu. And back again twenty days. Yes, even then I was allowed to breathe this incredible expanse of the Pacific …
    What a gift!

    At that time I hired on a steamer and did the fast turn Hamburg Japan and South Korea. It was a really adventurous time.

    💖🌈 But the Pacific, which never really let go of me and
    has been calling me for eight years …💖🌈

    In 2014 I was in Maui, Hawaii and the dream has remained ever since. For me this is the 5th dimension. Paradise on earth.

    Tomorrow at sunrise we will celebrate an invocation for Lemuria by the sea. my husband and his children and grandchildren. Rebecca from Hawaii and the others from Santa Cruz.

    We call Lemuria
    … and Lemuria calls us:

    Today we open the field of unity
    We open it through our coming
    through your coming

    We open the cosmic forces of yore
    the unity of MU
    and we call you
    for our mother Gaia Terra

    May in all beings that are in connection with Lemuria
    the spark to be sparked
    so we call our luminous ancestors AUMAKUA

    May the journey begin
    May the doors and portals open
    and the kingdoms
    of all levels and dimensions expand
    from here to infinity
    to home

    The spark returns
    forms a bridge to NE 💖🌈

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈 💖🌈

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  7. Been feeling very strong waves of energy coming up from my feet for the last 24 hours. My legs are vibrating. Not felt this for years. I’m presuming that my body gradually accommodated the energies when the vibratory feeling lessened in the past. However I’m wondering if we are experiencing extremely strong waves for it to start up again. Anyone else feeling it? 🤔💖

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  8. The florps have been continuously reminding me of Mr. Spock’s scanner on the original enterprise… (No bloody A, B, C or D!)

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  9. Guys, I’m curious what are your thoughts on XRP? Charlie Ward has talked about Qanon and Trump recently, and he said he has connections who say that the Quantum Financial System will be implementing XRP, and XRP will be a gold-backed asset worth at least $2000 dollars in the future. Do you think he is being truthful?


      1. XRP = ‘Ripple’ Cryptocurrency

        XRP is a central banker coin…. i’m not a huge fan of that coin, but anything is possible with them trying to make their ‘token’ more appealing to the masses after they bank bailout again…. lol


    1. I’d rather go with what the incredible CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends have said:
      “Cryptocurrencies are bottom-line created by alphabet agencies and the cabal to do nefarious things.”
      “AVOID cryptocurrencies as they’re ALL manipulated by clandestine/alphabet agencies around the world. Now you know.~M5”
      “People keep going on about cryptocurrencies. Are they worth investing in or will the Shift render digital currencies unusable/irrelevant/pointless?”

      I remember when these “cryptocurrencies” were starting to “come out”, my intuition was going “ahh, the c8b8l/toidreps have created something to suck the sheeple in” and I also thought “not for me”!


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        1. Thankyou very much CAT(s)!

          I knew the answer to this young man’s question, and I knew that you wonderful CAT(s) and M’s had posted answers to the “question of cryptocurrencies” previously.


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        1. @ Delfina Gasoido 2020-08-31 at 10:55 pm Cristina

          Thankyou lovely Lady!

          On NE, I volunteer to be the Librarian/Research-Kitty! (oh gawd, what have I signed up for…*wink*)

          (I really need to sign-up for a wordpress account…but I have no idea what to “call” myself)


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    2. I’ve never felt the need to get into the cryptocurrencies. I feel we won’t use or need them in the future.

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  10. OK, back with one dog walk story 😉

    Soo, we went out, the weather was very bad, thunder were occurring thru the clouds, but there was one lighted part off the clouds emanating some white light, the shape off that light was a strange one, and more I looked at it, more it looked as a dragon, there was a tail, body, wings, I could even recognize the head and to my best educated guess, it was a dragon, but then I could see the white round and very bright object showing itself from the clouds, my first thought was that it was a moon as it was that bright and that big, but it started to move through the clouds and then I was not sure anymore that it was a moon ?! I stopped and looked it straight, just to be sure that the clouds are not moving in front off a moon, but no, the “moon” was moving rapidly ?!

    As strange as it sounds, is it possible that my dragon changed its shape to a white bright ball, well, I do not know what to think, maybe someone who knows more about dragons can explain if that is a possibility ?

    And off course, on the way back, the rain started too pour soo heavy, that I was wet in a seconds, I am blaming that dragon if I catch a cold 😎✨


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      1. Well, if that is so, I saw a humungous one the other day! At first it looked like a cow but on a second take I thought, ‘nope, that’s a dragon’!

        Much love ❤️🙏❤️

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  11. WHOA!!! just took a peek at today’s Schumann, maybe that’s why I passed out from mid-afternoon to about 9:30 pm MT with ‘little dog’ plastered against me… whooo…


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  12. The Schumann looks funky from 6 to 9 am GMT then there looks like a TLJ at about 10 GMT 8/31/20. It’s currently 12:30 am EDT. Around the time of the “black line” I nodded out for a bit while listening to Simon Parkes’ most recent update. I am currently feeling wiped out and will TTMB. Maybe it’s the energy, though maybe it’s the last bit of my home made blueberry/rhubarb pie causing a sugar crash. Another week begins. So Grateful for the Love, Light and Truth that we share! We are One. ❤

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  13. Woke up pouring with sweat from a nightmare of an evil German nun force feeding us poisoned food. Ironically my father just started dating a former a German nun who owns a bridal shop. Anyway maybe I can blame it on all the timeline jumps. 🌝

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  14. So according to Penny Kelly, The shift isn’t happening any time soon (or at all).
    It seems to confirm a feeling i’ve had, which is that we are all staying here, but the world will have no more secracy and there will be a global peace.

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      1. I watched few of her videos, I liked the ET part, she have a good knowledge off Pleiades as it is in line with some off my knowledge, but also the way she is talking about that, also fits what I know about them.

        But when she talks about the future events, I have a feeling that she is talking about some old timeline which is not going to enroll, I am getting the feeling and images a relict from old Orion wars, maybe that was the time when she first got here, but things changed a lot after that, it is like she is stuck in a time, well, I am getting that when she talks, I do not know if I am right about that ✨

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  15. 8/30 felt like timeline jump city ✨ holeeey cow. Seemed to go way back to past pattern for a purge then went back up ❣️t.g.

    So far past 5 or 6 days have been most intense physically, sheesh gotta be close to something 💯🌈✨


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  16. Happy Belated Birthday, Amanita! I hope you had a blessed day with your family and your new bundle of joy!!!

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    1. Thank you. I am just seeing this message now. I got the best early birthday present (a healthy baby) and had a delicious meal with my family. It was the best birthday I could have asked for. My new bundle is a sweet baby, a very welcome addition to the family, and an absolute blessing.


  17. Looks like Kiruna’s having a bad hiccup again… anyone else feeling it?😕 (UTC 20:50:01)

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