Good News + Meterage + Jumps [UPDATE7]

The new CAT phonebook’s here!

Ok, the real good news: The Cavalry has come to the rescue! Lookie.

Here’s the latest blob of weather-warfare tropical moisture that was pushed up to CA a few days ago. This is the same ploy the PTW used before to induce over 2500 lightning strikes in just one day, sparking countless fires and making everyone miserable — killing some. Now watch as the blob is hit with energy and defeated:

So. That was courtesy some very kind ETs (Pleiadians, it looks like) who decided they’d had enough sitting on the sidelines in the weather fight. Please send them some gratitude for this selfless act. (Note: The last image is SOURCE stepping in with some serious Wave X energy.) Anyway, The Cavalry stepped in and now the weather has been reset to normal so fire crews can put the fires out without new ones starting, or existing ones get worse. Many thanks to our higher-order brothers! We’re guessing that they’ll be taking more of a hand when it comes to these things, now. Couldn’t have come at a better time. This was why we were told to stay out of it, so we wouldn’t get in the way.


One more thing… did anyone else have a dream about a huge, vertical, sand-colored object that floated across the sky? Lots of CATs had this dream, and we’re in the process of figuring it out. There was more to it, but we’re gonna keep it to ourselves to see if anyone saw anything. It wasn’t bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was… weird.

The new phonebook’s here!
Good thing because no one uses phonebooks, anymore.


And fresh CME:

There were actually two CMEs recently, but we didn’t report the first one since it was kinda boring:

Meanwhile, some at NASA are suggesting that the latest sundiver comet CAUSED the bigger CME (psst, it didn’t, as you can see in the image; the CME happens first):


Sorry for the relative lack of comms today. CATs are out of sorts today, those who are available. We’re grumpy. Irascible. Uncomfortable. Ornery! Some of us had a little excursion last night (to someplace rare, we’ll write about it) and it’s carried forth some kind of hangover with it… but not all CATs went. Anyway, hopefully this will be gone tomorrow. Ugh.


Hope people don’t mind us tacking meterage onto this post. Saves time. Anyway, here’s a few reasons why CATs were so tired and grumpy today (smoke from fires notwithstanding):

Moe significantly, several of us were up all last night with a special project and we’ve had some unfortunate physical effects from the experience; live and learn. We’re in the process of writing it up.

We also had the stupid TWBs come by last night. [Insert sound of grinding teeth.]


Put simply: WHOA.

The florps are easy, but we’re gonna have to look carefully into what’s happening in that one image. It could also be yet another reason why we were feeling out of sorts, today.


Of course astronomers edited the above images from the data stream. Here’s what they have up, now. Looks a little different:

The’ve completely deleted one set of images from that time stamp and edited previous ones. Considering these observatories and astronomers’ jobs are paid for with public money…


Ok, we looked. Believe it or not, this is portal activity…

…so now you know what CATs experience all the time. Energy zapping all over, ships and entities and stuff coming and going to and from multiple dimensions… all at the same time.

And this…

…is the reptoids trying to force a new timeline — and failing. Again.


Looks like a small jump. It isn’t:

BREATH *SOURCE* through it.

220 thoughts on “Good News + Meterage + Jumps [UPDATE7]

  1. Much gratitude for those beings who assisted! This weather warfare is getting out of control, so thankful they are as fed up as the rest of us. I distinctly got the feeling that hurricane Laura was seeded, but since I don’t watch the news, I don’t know the extent of the damage that was wrought. I’m sending prayers to all affected.

    I generally don’t recall my dreams, so I can’t speak to that. I just have “moments of truth” pop up. But I have noticed the atmosphere has become much less dense these past two days. I’m most definitely grateful for that as well.

    Hope you CATs and Ms are hanging in there okay. I appreciate all you do. ❤ As the old poster said, “Hang in there, Baby!”

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  2. I have a GIF of “lightning” in BLUE flashes all over one of the Hurricanes as it was heading toward the Gulf Coast. Just made me wonder, because lightning doesn’t usually behave like that…ever…as far as I recall.

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  3. How cool is that, thanks everybody up there!!!
    Just had a few wicked storms here in central NY – I hope my poor old doggie at home hasn’t had a heart attack, I just HATE having to be at work and not home comforting him, he really gets terrified and we had 2 storms before I even left for work (thinking the worst was over, stupid me). Lately the storms have continuous lightning and thunder, not like normal, scary! And the poor people in the hurricanes, I can’t even imagine – pouring lots of light around today!

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    1. Interesting, I’ve noticed the continuous lightning and thundering around here as well (AR). The thunder keeps rolling on and on! Wow, the intensity is really increasing lately! What a ride we are on!

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  4. Thank You all benevolent ET’s up there, this time specially to the ones who intervened there 👍

    I almost always say a thank to them at the beginning off my meditation, but also Gaia, brother J, Source and my HS who is keeping itself quite for a some time, at least my previous two guides were sometimes say something, usually few words, short sentence, but my HS, no, nothing, like it is not his business 😂 Me and him will have a long talk about this after the Event 😁

    And now, something completely different, well, maybe not that much as this is a CAT’S blog, soo, a very asleep cat, which was posted on one off my friends Facebook page, and we never talked about the topics discussed here, mostly about electronics as he is also in that field, but what he is posting recently there, but also some links he is sending to me by Viber, is telling me that he is waking up a big time 👍, (this links from Facebook have some expire time, I do not know why, but..):


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  5. Do any of you also feel that the veil is getting thinner? The 5D moments stand out to me so much more (to me they are moments in nature), and also the 3D moments stand out so much more. The latter become quite unbearably to me…

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  6. Great news !!! Was just doin a Pour for you guys (among others) on my long drive home from errands thinkin you guys need a break !!

    Thank you to the Benevolent Friends of The One True Source Creator !! ❤👏❤ And of course Source too, always.

    Looking forward to some more Good News soon. LisaMHarrison said something about the 28th, and a numbers guy on C Ward mentioned the 29th. 😁😁😁😁😁

    Plus, i for the first time mentioned to a v v sleepy friend about Mr T , and things may not be what they seem. Discussion ensued. Was not well received, but somehow i feel good about having done that. He wanted sources. Couldn’t come up with one he would be able to hear. …I was not foolhardy (brave?) enough to mention the energetic stuff. Yet anyway. 😉


    PS Yes I did a Pour for him and his wife after. Both have health issues (who doesn’t?) besides the msm coma stuff.

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  7. PPS. No objects in the sky dream i can remember. But did dream i was living in a gypsy community and was identified as one. Maybe a PL.

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  8. Thank you ET Family for helping us down here, my gratitude holds no bounds. 🙏

    I hope we will meet you one day soon. 🌟

    Love & Light 🙏❤️🌻🌎🌻❤️🙏

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  9. Speaking of good news.

    Two things you might want to try out to help heal whatever is bothering your physical body. From my experience, most issues are somehow connected to oxidation and inflammation, in my case it materializes as psoriasis.

    Ascorbic Acid
    Pure Vitamin C, you’ll find it in the spice shelf at the supermarket, or in any health store at a VERY inflated price. Just mix with water, juice or smoothie and drink. I take a couple of teaspoons a day.

    Coconut Oil
    I’ve been down this road before, but never went all in. Now I’m eating several tablespoons a day of pure cold pressed coconut oil.

    Good luck!


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    1. Thank you Sifoo 🙏 Coconut Oil is amazing stuff! I sometimes use it on Elsie hair/head as she gets this yellow, dry skin on her scalp and behind her ears.

      I am pretty sure she has some kind of fungal problem, Candida and have been trying to find something she could have that won’t make her choke. I have oregano oil capsules but they are too big to swallow and the straight oil is pretty bad to take via mouth. I wonder if it could be diluted in coconut oil and rubbed into the feet?

      She has proctitis too so I think there is a Candida problem in the gut. I have this problem but I can take the supplements etc to get control of it and of course dont mind the diet but Elsie would really struggle.

      Hmmm, I am babbling again!

      Hope you are having better days Sifoo ❤️

      Sending a big hug & love

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      1. I prefer the local traditional natural herb / flower / weed remedies – you may like what Canadian ‘Herbal Jedi’ says about GoldenRod….& his dog unexpectedly running by adds a nice effect !

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      2. You could try giving her a spoon of pure Coconut Oil to eat. It’s actually pretty nice when solid/cool, if you like the taste of Coconut I guess.

        There are different levels of problems, but I’m sure most people have some kind of Candida issues because of our messed up diets. It’s very tricky to pinpoint since it affects your health in so many ways.

        Right in the middle of something at the moment; curled up in fetus position trying not to think about how cruel, ignorant and egoistic this world is.

        Some kind of preparation for the next phase, any second now.

        I wish there was another way, how can anyone choose this?

        All I ever wanted was to laugh, love and create together as one; to live in harmony. At times I thought I had found some of what I was looking for; but it always turned out to be an illusion, wishful thinking. It makes me wonder what I am supposed to learn from this life.

        Thank you Lily, you are truly a light in the darkness.


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        1. Sifoo ❤️ Sending hugs on tap to you. I have been feeling similar but it will change, it will get better, ALOT better. It will be okay…


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      3. Hi Lily144…you could try kefir or a powdered probiotic sprinkled into juice or her milk of choice. Kefir made my lactose intolerant child who could only drink soy or rice milk (at the time, only soy had vitamin fortifications) able to tolerate all dairy…even to this day. I gave it to him when he was 8 and he is n ow 22. Also, garlic is an natural antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal. Something I often used to get the garlic in was buttered noodles with garlic powder sprinkled over or in soup. Kids just don’t go for the raw garlic stuff but cooked is another story. It would help you too if you have Candida. Good luck!

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        1. I would recommend trying other fermented foods such as saurkraut, kimchi, kombucha etc.

          Yes, we’ve been drinking Cow’s milk for a long time, but a large percentage of the global population still has serious issues with digesting it. Add the karmic component of keeping cows in concentration camps, manipulating them into producing milk when they’re not supposed to and killing most bull calves.

          I’m not trying to turn this into a religious thing, or guilt trip anyone; just encourage everyone to at least take a step back, reconsider and choose intentionally rather than cruise on auto pilot. The only thing I can say for sure is that I feel better when I eat less meat and dairy, that’s my authentic experience.

          Besides Garlic, Cayenne pepper and Ginger are also very potent and tasty.


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        2. Michelle ❤️ Thank you! I do put probiotics in Elsie’s yogurt (coconut yogurt) and try and get as much garlic in her diet as possible. I think I need to get back into the kitchen and start making our own bread, I think part of the problem is the gluten free stuff, it’s so full of rubbish. I only get it because I have been really run down and unwell myself but as soon as I get my mojo back…😉

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. I’ve been making homemade bread now for a few years. I use a bread machine. And most important, buy organic flower. When people think they are gluten intolerant, what their body is really saying is they are glyphosate intolerant as most wheat producers spray their crops right before harvest the accelerate the drying process. Make your own bread and you will only use about 6 ingredients. Buy organic flour only. Your ingredients will be flour, butter, liquid (I make homemade almond milk from nuts, and add the nuts into the bread), honey, yeast, salt, and vital wheat glutton. As long as I make my own bread, I have no digestive issues.

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      4. You are familiar with Medical Medium yes? Candida is the bacteria that try’s to keep strep and herpetic viruses in balance. You get rid of it and the other pathogens get even more carried away. Yellow flaky skin comes from liver struggling and higher toxicity levels. Low fat and lots of living water each day can help over time.

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        1. It’s never as simple as good or bad. Cell division is good, Cancer not so much.

          Most physical bodies are too acidic; from alcohol, coffee, tobacco, sugar etc; and fungus thrives in acidic environments. From my experience it’s definitely worth a try to push the pH-value in the other direction and take control of the fungal explosion. Chances are it’s affecting your health negatively in several ways, and you need contrast to see it.

          Organic Coconut, Sesame and Olive oil are not like other fats though; I have no indications that they are harmful in any way. Rapeseed oil is toxic GM crap, Sunflower has some kind of cyanide thing going that gets more concentrated in oil. Animal fat seem to cause more issues than vegetable in general.

          These are just ideas, I recommend anyone to try and trust their own experience.


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          1. Sifoo ❤️ Thank you 🙏

            Olive Oil and Coconut are the two fats I use everyday more or less. Coconut is definitely my favourite 😉

            My main vice these days is coffee or tea. I don’t drink much but I think the coffee especially is not good, always feel tired after drinking it and it’s supposed to do the opposite, adrenal glands perhaps…

            Hope today is better for you, sending more hugs your way ❤️🤗❤️

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            1. I’m a total sucker for olives/oil. Which is kind of weird considering I grew up in Sweden where it wasn’t even a thing until I was around 20. Coconut as well, but I don’t use the oil for much beyond eating it raw and as skin lotion.

              That’s funny, I was just about to make an Oatmilk Latte 🙂

              It’s about smell and taste for me, has been for a long time; I don’t even notice a physical effect when consuming on a daily basis. I’ve occasionally dropped it completely, and/or replaced with green tea or even herbal; but eventually I get cravings and fall back into the coffee pit head first. Could be worse 🙂

              It is, thank you. Yesterday was awesome, today more balanced with a touch of sadness. I was already pretty isolated when I got back home after mostly living elsewhere for 10 years, add lack of stable income and the virus madness on top and it’s been more lonely and boring than I would prefer.

              There I go, complaining about loneliness and boredom; I can’t even imagine what a struggle this must be for you with Elsie. I often wish there was something I could do to help.


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            2. is that the Barista Oat Milk you have in your coffee? That is so delicious! I am huge oliv fan too, love them with garlic and chipotle dressing, mmm! Yes, and green tea too, Matcha of course!

              Things are pretty intense here. Trying to keep Elsie happy and okay, seeing to her care needs whilst trying to solve my own health stuff and just keep going…It’s a challenge, definitely!

              None of us really know how we will be in a given situation until it happens. I guess I never knew I had to much strength in me although I have ashamedly had my moments where I have popped! Every now and then our situation can get really stressful and it feels like the walls are closing in, you find yourself at the brink and somehow pull yourself back through again and again…

              Sounds like you have sailed some rough waters too, but you are here drinking oat latte 😊

              We will all look back on these funny (or not so funny) earth lives one day and think:

              ‘What the blooming heck was all that about hey?!’

              Much Love, Light, Strength ❤️🌟🙏🌟❤️

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        2. JLK ❤️ Thanks for your thoughts. Yes I heard that colitis/proctitis was due to the herpes virus. Elsie has also ad this yellow on her scalp since birth, just like cradle cap like the CATs said. I was sure it would go away by itself but never did and she is 8 years old now. I’ve been a bit hit and miss with medical medium. I bought two of gis book s and it all sounds so logical but I tried the diet and got worse. The only diet that’s ever helped me is one created by the lovely Gerald Green. It’s very similar to GAPS but without dairy etc…I also tried David Klein which is completely vegan, almost entirely raw and nearly ended up in hospital with severe bleeding. I guess everyone is different but I always appreciate everyone’s thoughts. Hopefully one day soon, food won’t be essential, just for pleasure and we will have bodies that don’t get sick 😉

          Much Love 🙏❤️🙏

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          1. Lily, most everyone gets worse before better with MM from detoxing so many years of accumulation. Best to go slow and steady and make sure the liver can handle the viral die off (which causes more toxicity before less). I am sorry that you are dealing with these issues for both yourself and Elise. Believe it or not cradle cap is also liver related when a liver is small and coming on board. Many of the babies I test for intuitively are born with very overloaded under functioning livers now a days, (caused by accumulation of toxins and herpetic viruses from many generations back) and this contributes to issues like cradle cap not resolving. (No disrespect Cat Ed’s- this is what I do everyday and what I was called to use intuitive gifts for.) And none of this matters bc separation never happened and all of our ailments are based on a false premises. I always hold space with food and herbs for my clients bc it is a huge leap to make when they are experiencing pain and illness.

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            1. JLK ❤️ Much appreciated 🙏 In our situation baby steps are necessary, both of us seem highly sensitive to many things even holistic natural therapies. I run the risk of being bed bound if I detox too fast or have any reaction due to already being exhausted. I find I have to find a real balance otherwise I will not be able to lol after Elsie. She requires full physical/personal care and although only 8 years old is the height and weight of an 10/11 year old… If she detoxes too fast her screaming/self harm behaviours/distress/rocking etc…gets unbearable. It’s all a fine balancing game, improving health whilst being able to carry on functioning. I am her only carer do need to keep myself as ‘tickety boo’ as possible. I so appreciate everyone’s input and ideas though as you never know when something do-able may be mentioned that I haven’t thought of or tried before so thank you so much ☺️

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Sifoo,
      I tried to send you a message today, to the
      email address that you had posted on the
      blog but it was returned. Is that address no
      longer current or that you did not want your
      email address to be public?


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  10. Heureka!
    Love the Space Cat(s) ❤

    4:44 thats what i saw last night ( not into numbers, think i have dyscalcullia).
    Couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning, emotionally involved in some serious thinking, kind of grieving about no personal thing, something from the past that’s stretching his tentacles into present live, about heritage and eternal shame.
    Checked that number and i feel so relieved.

    So much Love and Light ❤ to all of you

    Please, take a look at Berlin this saturday.
    Send them much Light

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    1. How interesting that the ETs are stepping in now. I have a dear friend in Germany that I met during Blossom’s dolphin workshop. She and her friends have weekly channeling sessions with at ET group, and they’re quite excited about the upcoming protest in Berlin. She wrote me this yesterday: “Looks like August 29 is going to be the turning point for all of us. Looks like we will reach critical mass for the new golden age coming. People will show that they are ready. Lots of ‘visitors’ are watching the Berlin event. I guess after that they will be allowed to help more openly.” When I expressed doubt that this protest would make it into the news, she told me that it’s very well funded. They have a helicopter to film from, a rented satellite, their own power source, enough food and water for 5 million people for 5 days and rented flats where people can go to get it, and 50 lawyers! Also, Robert Kennedy Jr. is going to be there (he of anti-vaccine fame), and the whole thing kicks off on 17th June Street. Hm. That’s an interesting number. 😉

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          1. It’s started. My friend sent me a video that I can’t seem to post here of people waving American flags and chanting ‘We want a peace treaty’. The government is sending in the tanks; many, many tanks, and I can post that video, see below. She says that “the organizers want new elections but the people want a peace treaty and a constitution that Germany still does not have. If the tanks intervene, the allies must do something. Then there will be martial law, a constitution confirmed by the people and after 100 years finally a free Germany.”

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          2. Here’s a video from the protest. This happened at about 2 PM Eastern time, 8 PM in Germany. They’re chanting ‘Join us’ (Schliesst euch an):

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          3. Robert Kennedy will be speaking tomorrow, too. Hope he can rest his voice a bit before then! Just skip the first part if you don’t understand German. They’re on 17th June Street….. 🙂

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        1. I watched Lisa M Harrison’s video from Tues. which mentions that something was/is supposed to happen today, the 28th. I also saw a posting for a big rally in London also tomorrow, same time as Berlin. There’s the march on Washington today as well.

          Terran Cognito has an interesting post today by GW Hardin called, “We of the Unknown Universe: Further Secrets of the DNA Tesseract” in which he had input. I have not had time to read the whole thing, but it appears intriguing.

          Thanks to the outside helpers, SFs and Source. We are ONE. ❤ ❤ ❤

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          1. Lauraksmi ❤️ Thank you, I didn’t know about London. I wonder if this is happening anywhere else…

            Feels like we are well on our way to Blossom’s ‘Phase 2’

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Kolibri ❤️ That’s amazing! When I found out about tomorrow’s event in Berlin it stirred something inside me. The same way I felt when I found out about the pirus, I felt really overwhelmed with emotion (which of course I kept to myself!) like my soul knew the sequence of events that would unfold and lead ultimately to The Shift, signposts if you will.

        Sending Love & Light to Berlin


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    I have that final battle scene from Avengers Endgame in mind. All the CATS, Da-da, positive ET’s, Dragons, Angels, Tall Man, Rojer Ramjet and a whole host of awesomeness emerging from portals!

    Sorry, blame hollyweird.


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  12. At least the weather has been calmed down, thanks ETs. Can I ask which ET groups had done this?

    That said, I wish they could do something about these riots- When are Mr.T and white hats gonna finally bring the hammer these degenerates and ESPECIALLY that god d**nmed media!

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    1. He’s guiding to not let things get too out of hand. The People in each area/country have to make the “intent” for positive movement. Then they Will get the full support of the Alliance. We Are The Ones getting the wake up call to Not sit on the sidelines, yet not get crazy or violent. Peace.

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    2. Pretty sure Trump could end it all immediately, but there’s a reason for it being allowed to play out. It will end when a majority of eyes are opened to see exactly who and what [they] are and what [they] are really about. At that point, people will be able to make an informed decision and choose something better!

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      1. @Lore & @Christopher & @Kolibri

        Here a mighty confirmation from the Highest of Highest:
        Universal Father Message, July 5, 2017

        Mine Own,

        Ponder on patternings,
        which are created
        only in Paradise Isle.
        (where SOURCE dwells)

        Ponder the mechanism
        they are rendered
        for seditious use.

        The Key
        to re-patterning
        is Love.

        It is accessible
        by anyone
        sufficiently evolved,
        though locked into earthly energies
        the same as you.

        The Key
        to unraveling
        sedition-warped patterns
        of great-reaching magnitude

        remains at grassroots level.

        Herein is how your Trump works.

        The removal
        of underpining roots
        of noxious weeds
        cannot start
        at the hydra-like head

        for only more seed heads
        will manifest
        while the weed exists.

        Mycelium must replace toxic fungi
        of their own accord
        in their own time.

        So again,
        consider the seditious patternings,
        their manifestation by ones of sedition,
        e.g. pedophilia, money, governmental enslavement,
        and how the patterning
        is restored through Love.

        (Jesus the) Christ designs
        not to address these things via any scribe,
        rather choosing
        to render any of these seditious manifestations
        and considerations
        to the courts of Orvonton.
        (The Superuniverse Nebadon is in)

        That is why
        restoration of patterns
        must be
        in continual initiation
        from entities beyond Nebadon.
        (the Local Universe we are in)

        Universal Father

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      2. My feeling too.

        My theory is that everything is ready for GO TIME in the Justice Timeline, but is locked up waiting for something in particular ENERGETIC to waft over us. Until that Wave hits, the public’s awareness can not fully engage into gear.

        To me, there is a delicate, highly balanced dance going on between the corporeal team down here on Earth/Tara and the higher vibe support and defense team above. we are waiting for the MUSIC OF SOURCE to Shift into a new phrase for us all to dance too.

        Victory of the Light

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  13. Thanks sent to all who assisted weather normalcy return, both on and off world.
    I have been building out my new home in dreamtime which appears to be a hidden second story dwelling overlooking the same landscape as seen from “The Sound of Music” complete with river frontage. It also includes many past pets. Cay

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  14. Interesting session which mentions the Shift, in it is stated that up to 40% will be left, I always thought that it would be a much less number, that there will be more awakened at a time for the Shift to happened, but this also proves that it is going to happened very soon, which is in a way good thing for awakened ones, but still… ✨

    Another one also from today which I am about to watch, but it seems interesting, so I am posting the link beforehand 😉:

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    1. I even asked that channeler why is so high number off ones who will stay on 3d Earth, she answered that she was also surprised with that high number, soo… ?

      Maybe only explanation could be if there are more then one ascension wave, the main one after which 40% are left, and few afterwards, I really do not know, maybe that solution is plausible ?

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      1. Actually I got another response, that it was actually a 25% who will stay on 3d Earth after the Event, and when I commented that even that is too much people left to suffer on decaying d Earth, in my opinion, I got this response:

        „”left to suffer” is a limited judgement call on your behalf. They are USING their FREE WILL here. You know if people are really offline their higher self will pull the plug right. What you call suffering is still learning lessons for the soul for that person. I understand all this information is a journey to unfold and add pieces of the puzzle. Your fear for these other people is a block for you my friend. Trust their path is perfect for them and their own team is learning too. Kind regards „

        Which in all fairness make sense, even it is for us still in 3d somewhat hard to comprehend, but it is what it is 😉✨

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        1. Then there is this from today, as someone is listening, excerpt:

          “the Divine plan includes everyone. Source has no intention whatsoever of excluding any parts of Source. That would not be in Source’s best interest”, from here:

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        2. I really do not understand how from what I wrote, pulled out that I am thinking only about myself from some selfish reasons ?!

          I am not sure that you understand why we really came here, do you really think that message from Daniel came out the day after, do you really think that happened by accident ?

          I am sorry that yo feel how you feel and resenting the humans soo much because you had to wait for so long, but don’t you think that a reason for this delay was done for a greatest good in mind, and not for some selfish reasons that you are portraying to be ?

          Who is really been selfish here ?

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  15. I am wondering if there was some kind of big energy event last night, started at around 12:30am UK time.

    I was exhausted but could not sleep. Flashes of light were really intense, there were bright blue lights too which is new, all happening in a dark room with eyes closed. Then my body kept going numb and my heart was going so fast, I really did think I was on my way out. I could not tell if I was breathing or not at one point. Felt as if I was not in my body although still in the room!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Could be worth a try to ask for restful sleep without special effects when you feel like you really need it, it’s not a guarantee but will tip the scales in the right direction. It feels weird down here to accept even the possibility, takes a lot of practice to get through the conditioning, and it has to be sincere.

      My favorite esoteric writer, Henry T. Laurency, wrote something that helps me remember: The thought of blue energy is blue energy.


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  16. To benevolent friends with pure intentions from a Loving heart – Thank you💖

    No dreams of a sand-colored object as I can remember. Yet dreamtime gets more n’ more interesting by each day passing. Wish that I would write them down – but I don’t – probably a reason for that.. But I do wonder how & where I got the deep blue bruises that weren’t there when I got to bed. Normally bruises like that hurt a lot, but theese ones don’t..🤔

    Take care of Love everyone💖🤗

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  17. how many people actually know about the information provided on The Portal? This website here has aimed to support Cobra’s work and provide an overview of that information to help provide a bigger picture that is easily accessible. There are a number of other websites that have provided their readers with every update from Cobra. But how many people have been ready and able to assimilate this huge amount of information? In the greater scheme of things ~ not many at all.
    When The Event Has Taken Place

    How many people do you believe will literally wake up from their sleep when the first steps of The Event have taken place and actually know for a fact what has happened?

    The number of people who will wake up and have a complete understanding of the fact that “we have just been liberated from thousands of years of imprisonment”, will be very few and far between. I am informed that the number here would be approximately 350,000 people. The rest of the 7:8 billion will not have a clue as to what is taking place.


    1. “Cobra” died in 2015. The person claiming to be him now doesn’t say anything worth anything.

      As for how many people are awake… it’s more than that. But really, who cares? There is enough info out there for people to make an informed choice. There are many paths to SOURCE — even for those who don’t know they’re moving closer to It.

      -CAT Eds.

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    What is meant by the ‘Event Flash’ is exactly that – a Flash of Divine energy from the Source, which passes through the Central Sun, and then will be received by the Galactic Confederation {especially Pleiadians} who will in turn give the intelligence to Lightworkers within The Light Resistance Movement. On the receiving of the information the LRM – some 300 Operatives, will make contact with the dark forces to see if they are willing to cooperate. If they are not willing to cooperate they will not be included.

    Update from Nov. 25th 13 It might be interesting for you to know that the Event flash will originate from a certain currently classified cosmic source, travel first through M87 galaxy and then through the Galactic Central Sun of our galaxy into our solar system, where it will trigger the Event on the surface of our planet.

    All of this will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!

    There will be no announcement. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This can happen at any time. When it does we will feel a strong energy.


    1. Sorry, this is so incorrect. The SHIFT will indeed happen really fast (considering all this legwork that’s been in process for years), but there is no “galactic confederation.” they’re not that organized. and NO ONE is going to contact the reptoids about anything; they’ve clearly made their choice known; they will not be included in anything, except their own downfall. and the FLASH will come from SOURCE, via the sun. no fancy plumbing. it will happen fast, though. and sooner than you think.


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    1. Nope. What we saw was an adjacent timeline, where a long, vertical asteroid came very close to the earth, its end pointing at the ground, and for some reason it discharged huge energy in the form of massive lightning into the ground, laying waste to a wide swath of land. It’s not going to happen here, don’t worry. For whatever reason people were calling it “The Sandman” before it arrived. Perhaps it was partly composed of sandstone. It kinda “dripped” material as it went by, before it discharged huge energy.

      -CAT Eds.

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  19. Loved ones,

    there will be a huge demonstration in Berlin tomorrow. Many big people are not very happy with little people wearing masks in school, getting needles into their arms in the future and other questionnable things the government has planned to make us want to change things rather sooner than later =D Robert Kennedy Jr will be on stage, too (makes some Germans very proud, hihi), talking about the “C situation”. Please send love and light to Berlin – should you feel so guided to guarantee a peaceful protest. There will also be a meditation at 11:11am GMT+2.

    Thank you,

    Your fellow German Cat

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    1. I done a half hour or even a little more meditation, and now feel much better 🙂✨

      Actually, in the beginning, I felt strong energies around me, and at one point I felt like something above my heart area, not sure what, entity ?, just run away from me, in very hasty motion, like something frighten it soo much that it was scrambling out off me ? I did not feel like it was in my body, more like in my energy field, is this plausible explanation ?


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          1. Ahhhh OK then, glad that I was not alone as strange as it sounds 👍

            But as I was feeling great for a last couple off days, even for a hole week, that came as a surprise to me, ohhh well, it is not over until the fat lady sings 😉✨

            C’mon fat lady, let we all hear You sing 🎤🙏✨

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  20. Hi All, I hope everyone is hanging in there, riding the waves, things certainly have been ratcheting up. It felt as though the base frequency of our collective consensus reality matrix, began to rise in late June, early July, at least that’s the first I’d made note of it. The phineas and fern cartoon, floor after floor, earlier this month, and recent graphs, have confirmed this. An elevation in octave or sub densities, but there has also been an evolution of sensory function, and spiritual awareness, a greater sense of compassion, of global community, and changes in the natural world, all life on the planet is pulsing at a higher resonance. It appears to me that while I am seeing with clearer vision, and appreciation, the skies, clouds, trees and flowers, the birds and animals, everything has more richness, greater beauty, higher order. It’s like everything is in 8K high def, full surround, more vivid, fragrant, radiant, and overflowing with Source. Those aligned in heart, with loving compassion and harmony, can hardly tolerate that which is discordant, dark, and opposing order, like poles on a magnet. This increase in frequency seems to have amplified the biofields of us all. When in a crowd or group, the collective resonant energies are stronger, it requires more conscious shielding, even from a distance it can be felt. I sense we’re growing more empathic as well, we often feel each others joys, aches, concerns, especially here on the blog. It’s not at all uncommon to hear of tears shed, in wonder, joy, or mutual chuckles, insights, and delights. Much Love~ scott

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  21. Hello All,
    I just want to share an observation that you might find interesting.
    I live in Houston, so this big hurricane that just came through was a worry from when it was a week away from landfall. Since these storms are so unpredictable, the majority of gulf coast residents prepare. The wise residents prepare early in a calm way, the not so wise wait until the day before landfall and run around collecting supplies and securing things in a panic.
    Two days before landfall it was clear that the Houston area was out of the firing line, so everything went back to normal for my family. But lots of other people in my area were still in a panic. They shut down classes, mail and package delivery, trash pickup, etc.
    The day before landfall, the weather service was calling the storm surge here “un-survivable” 🙄. I can’t even imagine the level of fear the local news networks were pushing (I don’t watch the news). My husband’s parents and brothers (they live in Connecticut) were calling and texting us in a panic asking if we plan to evacuate. All the while life moved along as normal for us.
    I put up Source Light triangles in the area that the storm was going to hit, and sent lots of Love to all those that would be effected.
    The day the storm hit, my husband had to work an extra shift (night shift) because everyone in his department called out of work. Some people here were still frantically trying to secure their property, while I stood outside and watched the beautiful sunset.
    So what happened? We didn’t even get a drop of rain or a wind gust that would topple a plastic patio chair.
    The day after, some delivery services were still not operating and lots of people called out of work again. I got a report that there was no damage to property a little further inland in the direct storm path. Winds there were predicted to be 115 mph or more, but it was only 60 mph. I do not know how the coast faired in the direct path. Hopefully the Super Friends slowed that hurricane down.
    I was amazed at all the panic that was fomented, even after it was clear that Houston was out of the path. It was a real eye opener to see the split between those that followed what they were told and those who bothered to check for themselves.
    Such a strange world.
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. That is so strange Sharon! Glad y’all didn’t get hit badly there. I’m sure that was crazy social behavior to witness. I was getting notifications here in Austin about delays for cable and mail, and we weren’t ever even in the storm path. l was hoping for some rain, but nothing. Getting a little crispy out ✨

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      1. Hello fellow Texan!
        This one definitely felt different… almost like I was living in one reality but viewing another that was an overlay. It was such an odd feeling. And of course the PTW are going to milk every drop of fear they can from any situation, now more than ever. I had no idea that y’all were getting warnings, too.
        We finally got some rain today, and my plants and trees are super happy about that. I hope you get some rain soon.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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        1. 😂 Hahaha yeah I hear ya there with the reality viewing thing… This whole year has felt that way to me! Such a weird year…
          🤗 Stay 💕🌈 ✨

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    2. Nothing up here in NW AR either, a big let-down for me as I was hoping for some rain, we have been pretty dry these last 2-3 weeks… sending light to everyone affected of course…

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        1. Thanks, Sharon! We just did, finally! Not much, but yay!!!!
          Starting to feel like fall more and more, leaves are beginning to change color on many trees now. Big change is in the air….
          With all the chaos and intensity and even the seemingly super slow creeping progression of the event, how lucky are we to experience this on the ground? How incredibly exciting!!!! We are getting so close now! Ooooooh, I am getting so giddy! I am getting this image of all of us holding hands in a big chain around the earth, facing the wind/wave/storm with joyous expectation, hair blown by the wind, joined together by our love and welcoming the huge change!
          I love you guys!

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  22. Hmmm, what were you saying about the veil thinning, increased spirit activity?!

    We have two baby guinea pigs here, one seems to be wheezing so I got up to check she is okay when I heard a loud (what sounded like) a large door swinging shut. Went into the hall to investigate and all the doors were open, no trace of any disturbance, Elsie still asleep…

    Yup we are definitely not in Kansas anymore!

    Just as I type this lots of funny noises going on…

    Welcome to the new ‘normal’!

    Much Love All ❤️🙏❤️

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  23. Hey All!! Gratitude to those with our Actual greatest good in mind and heart who are lending a helping hand. 🙏🏽❤️ Any insight as to any storm shenanigans on the east coast? In the past week and a half there have been a few quick, intense, windy storms in downstate NY/NYC. A lot of uprooted trees, strong winds, steady lightening, and sideways rain. Weirdness all around, staying grounded amidst the uncertainty with the start of the school year here and everything else going on. Perhaps the mayor and governor here have more pressing things to face, or are being be forced to face now that more is coming to Light…

    Thanks for the good news, and may everyone have a wonderful weekend! 🙏🏽❤️✨

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  24. So today, I ventured out to get some groceries. Since it was Friday, the mass weekend exodus out of the city was in full swing. Traffic was terrific. I sorta came and went through the action. I felt only 30% in my body today. Verrrry strange. I feel that I could open the door and step away from what remains of 3d world very easily. Are we actually that close? Methinks yes! As I write these words, there is a solid feeling that is hard to describe, but it is a sense of certainty. So close…….Cheers

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    1. Here’s Saturday update: The colors are even more radiant with a remarkable clarity of air. I’m still barely here, but I don’t seem able to keep myself from almost obsessive garden detail such as trimming tiny branches from magnolias and rhododendrons. A seemingly relentless pursuit for perfection? Last minute details??? Sheesh! Must take nap!

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      1. J,
        I don’t think it’s quite the pursuit of perfection, unless it’s to be in touch (literally) with Nature’s perfection. I find myself doing the same thing in my garden, just a little nip here and there with long periods of just sitting and “being in the garden.” My feeling is the garden loves to be tended and draws me in, directing me to what needs tending. Such as noticing a renegade black-eyed susan runner that I KNOW wasn’t there earlier when I tended that same susan! It feels a bit like impish spirits keep tugging at my jerkin, pulling me in with distractions: “Look, a snip needed here . . . now there . . . a bit of water under this . . . oh, look, watch the birdie!” Just keeping me out there. And I succumb with a glad heart!

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  25. Can anyone tell me if there were one or more STRONG TLJs since about 1 pm the 28th – the extreme weirdness and some out of character-ness (that I posted about the end of the last panther jumps & Meterage postings) has changed for the not as bizarre or hurtful.

    Also, I could use some energy directed to a bit serious condition involving serious location of infection on my ol’ body – no $ available for remedies, so energy help would be ‘helpful’…

    thank you for your time.


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  26. Is anybody else noticing that lately the time is running differently for them, as it is slowing and speeding up, almost as asked to do it ?

    Just example, there are many for a last few days, mostly is a feeling that time is somehow running differently compared to my internal clock and because off that I am noticing this discrepancy.

    Just yesterday, I was baking pizza, and I had like a fem minutes (2-3), to turn 180, as my stove does not provide heat equally, it is a round one, cheap, but at a same time I wanted to do a dishes, in the dishwasher was a clean, and the kitchen sink was full with dirty ones, so I started emptying the dishwasher so I can put the dirty dishes in it, and as my pizza was in the stove I was looking at a watch, but every time I looked I had more then enough time, it get to the point that I dealt with the dishes and got bored waiting for the time to turn pizza.

    As if I needed more time, and I got it, somehow, it is just one example, it is hard to explain, it is more like a feeling that it is something wrong with a time flow, I hope that also means that we are close to the…., I am even not going to write it, feel the blanks yourself ✨


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  27. New Gaia Portal announcement:

    Pessimistics dissolve.

    Higher Energies come in to the midst.

    Petrifications are crumbled.

    Awakenings accelerate.

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  28. Grumpy, yes. Yesterday was odd. Still feeling into today. At one point the different kind of stillness yesterday was overwhelming. Like something was thrown into the air, in slow motion, and just waiting for it to hit now. And today, is distinctly odd still. Thick with something. I’m sorry I’ve been out of it. Love to everyone, and so glad to hear about CA, and that Duganknows is back and recovering. Angela

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    1. We had that same “still” and “thick with something” moment here yesterday morning! It was profound! You described the feeling very well, Angela!

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    1. I think it’s funny that the Germans are revolting against the Nazis this time. Apparently Merkel is hitler’s direct descendant.

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  29. @CATs – I sent you a link to a photo that I copied to my personal photo files, so should be safe… through the MEOW tab – if that didn’t work let me know how else to send to you or email me a way to send it, please… 🙂 code word is ‘magnificent’ 🙂


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  30. Thur. and fri. Were different feelings than I felt before. Similar to purge yet no purge. Came and went with no rhyme or reason. Oregano oil and lots of water eased the ill feeling, so I still got work done. Slightly dazed today, yet lots of Light vibes for All. Peace.

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  31. I know I live in So.Cal. which is the crazy capital of the world, but we even hit a new low unexpected behavior here in a suburb of Ventura County. Some one relieved themselves on the side walk in front of my house Thursday night. My first thought was that a dog being walked was sick. That was until I found the paper towel used for toilet paper beside it. Ugh! Can anyone say Salmonella, Shigella or hepatitis? No, I do not live in San Francisco or down town L.A.
    Then this morning there was the sound of screaming with the thud of a car accident impact on the corner. It was a domestic dispute of a wife chasing and ramming her husband’s car after finding out about infidelity. By standers stopped physical altercation with a warning as we waited to see if police needed to be called.
    Just saying to watch your surroundings as the cosmic rays/ energetic waves are making people lose there minds. Cay

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  32. Been talking to my friend in Germany about the protest in Berlin. Shockingly, their media is busy telling outrageous lies about it (who could have guessed). Also, internet service is very slow and and some cell phone providers have cut their service. She sent me several videos that people have managed to post on Facebook, but they’ll probably be taken down quickly. I’ll put a few here for you.
    Although the protest has been very peaceful, police have been brutal and arrested people arbitrarily, closing streets to trap people. A few were crying and actually joined the people, though. The lawyers have had to go to the highest court in Germany twice today to stop the police.
    Four million people are in Berlin and several million more are trying to come, but the highways have been closed so that they can’t enter.
    Here’s a video of Robert Kennedy Jr’s speech:

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    1. Hi Colibrì!
      Thank you for posting some info about this manifestation.
      I’ve tried to find something on internet but I’ve just found a four lines “new” that says that what is happening in Germany are riots against coronavirus restrictions 🤦.
      But… Why is Kennedy J in Berlin and doing this?
      I’m putting a puor of light on those manifestations. 🙏

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    2. @Kolibri, Thank you so much for posting this videos from your friend in Germany. Yesterday I was searching for reports from there and London and not finding much that wasn’t mainstream reporting. So much censorship. I hope the world-wide awakening continues! ❤

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      1. You’re welcome. It feels important. This is what my friend told me today: “There was only one Swiss live-stream left today. They did everything to sabotage it. Lots of police, lots of nasty stuff, highest court still hasn’t decided what’s right or wrong. Meanwhile police forced the organizers to carry everything away…. The purpose is obvious. Quite a few organizers and Journalists have been arrested, some have been treated very brutal. On the other hand thousands of people are still at Brandenburger Tor, are debating and at one point when the police started behaving very badly they started singing the German anthem for a few times Usually we don’t do that cause they say your are a nazi if doing so.But it was very touching to see. People remember who they are.”

        She also sent me a photo of burned out cars and little cobblestones littering a street in Berlin; Antifa was there last night, too, and the police of course were not. And the stones were magically there waiting for them.

        Their supreme court just upheld the decision to shut the protest down, unfortunately, but the organizers say they’ll put another one together soon.

        Finally, she sent me a long video of the organizers packing things up earlier today. It defeated my modest German skills, but maybe somebody here is more fluent than I am!

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    1. A very short video of the people trying to storm the Reichstag. The German people are trying to get into the house of the German people, as it says on the building. Those black, red and white flags you see are the old, and hopefully new, German flag. There is another video, which I won’t post, of the way the police responded. It wasn’t good, and it looks like the people are trying to calm the police down. My friend also sent me videos of similar protests today in Canada and Israel. All look peaceful, unlike the ‘peaceful protests’ we’ve been seeing here in Kenosha and elsewhere.

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  33. Had some strange dreams again.

    I was walking around with this tiny small white circle with what looked like a black nuclear symbol on it although it had 4 triangles, not 3. I was staring at it wondering what the heck it was when suddenly I was sitting next to a hospital bed. My brother was lying there really unwell. I worked out that the circle I had on my fingertip was a chip and my brother had been given the vaccine with this chip in it. I was desperately looking for herbs/natural medicine to help get it out of his system.

    At one point, for some reason I touched the circle with the tip of my tongue, not sure why!

    Does anyone know if there is a symbol that exists like this and what it means?

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you all, who had Germany on the brain this weekend. ❤
        I’m still drained emotionally, cried a lot, but will manage to get myself together.
        Looking at the sky to get the glimpse of a dragon…❤

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  34. Update 3, the TWB’s Urggh, sorry to hear that they paid a visit, hope you’re all okay? Will they never get the message?!

    Update 4 = Wowzers!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  35. CATEds~Divine Mother outpouring energy to DNA helix in 2nd image. May Love Light and joy replace the grumps and mission fuzz~With Love~scott

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  36. I notice when the Sun came through the window this after noon It Is a “brighter white”. From the florp? Peace.

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    1. Mom said the same thing to me on the phone today – the sun looked a lot whiter when she saw it this morning. And just about one hour ago, the sun broke through the rain-clouds here where I live, and both of you were right – it was shining with the same intensity as if it would at a zenith position, and not settling for the evening along the horizon..

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    1. Oh yeah!! I’m fed up too, I love that you use the medical term “stasis”, which refers to stagnation of blood or some other bodily fluid.
      I’m sick of do this, do that, have lofty thoughts, get out of the matrix, here comes a wave, don’t worry your exhaustion is because you filter the energies, you signed this before coming, stay optimistic and seek your joy no is it going to be that the shift catches him depressed and passes by …… how do we do it seeing all the sh.t that surrounds us ???
      It’s already good to be in no man’s land. Action please !!! ALREADY!!!

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    2. The federation of light say the revelations will continue to be small and build upon each other to challenge perceptions. I found this the most interesting…
      “Soon enough, oh, so soon enough, will your KNOWINGNESS OF TRUTH be presented on screens and devices.“
      I had imagined the announcement leading to lockdown would be a big reveal of wrong doing. It looks like all media channels will display information about who we really are. A different type of post than I was expecting. But still some time away.. which does leave a Temporary flat feeling. The gathering in Berlin was huge which is encouraging!
      Those shapes on the latest sun energy picture were amazing! What were they?

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      1. I spent a week with Blossom at a dolphin workshop this past March. In addition to the wonderful dolphins, we had daily sessions with White Cloud. He told us that there would come a point when our devices, TVs, phones, etc, would turn themselves on and ETs would talk to us. He said that it would be undeniably real. I suspect that’s what the FOL is referring to in this most recent channeling. There is also a time coming when the only thing on TV will be a flood of truth about everything that has been going on. It will be in 8 hour segments, repeated 3 times daily, and then a new broadcast for the next day. This will continue for some time. Or at least that’s what White Cloud told us in March. This is the year for truth!

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        1. Reading Blossoms recent post, along with your post Kolibri, strikes a cord in me…
          This will be GRAND!🙌 [gottamakesureIhaveenoughpopcornathometogivetoalltheothers]💖😉

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  37. Today I have felt called to read this again:

    I was a huge fan of Karen Bishop. Until it disappeared. Some say she passed away, I don’t know what happened to her. I only know that her publications went very hand in hand with what I was experiencing.

    What she says of 2010 I experienced in the first person. I know it was so. And this post that I retrieve from September 2014, is as current today, six years later as it was then.
    So delving into what Cat11 said, how can we not be tired of this stagnation ??? We have been like this for years … and it is always for tomorrow …..
    Sorry to be so grumpy today. But despite everything I am still a simple human.


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    1. Hi Christina,
      I used to follow Karen Bishop too, after being
      told about her on one of my trips. Then, after
      a while, I did not see any more from her and
      wondered what happened. We have all waited
      so long for the changes we have been promised
      ……and if anything, I can certainly speak about that, since being about a year and two months from 80, I having been hearing about this for over 60 years!

      All I think we can do is HANG ON, as best we
      can, with the help of our spiritual family, and
      keep envisioning the NE that we all dream of.
      Source willing, we will get there one day!

      With lots of love,

      Coriboy ❤️😊🌈💐😊🌈💐❤️

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      1. Geez,Coriboy, Ya’ make me feel so young! (perhaps I should write a song about that. Oh, wait, it’s already been done) Anyway, I guess we should get points for longevity. Har! I started my quest of growth and spirit consciously in 1971. My was I naive ! Oh well, at least I’ve made it to 75 years, 3months. On any given day I marvel that I’m still here. Cheers

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        1. J, Yes, I agree that we should get points
          for longevity, and at the very least, be considered Senior HCs (Honorary Cats)! The videos of your wonderful
          property always inspires me, and the
          energies from those mountains are
          amazing! I have an affinity with your
          part of the country as I was born in
          Tacoma, but a few years later my family
          moved to San Diego.

          Here’s a double Har! to ya!


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    2. Hi, Cristina, The last I heard from Karen is that she moved to the Asheville, N.C. area and started a women’s ministry. I’ve not heard from her since. Good grief, how the time flies. Thanks for mentioning her. I’ve not thought of her in years.

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  38. My stories are changing from walking the dog to things happening while meditating in a bed, well, I am still walking the dog out, but there is nothing special to report from that walks, the friends are still up there watching and observing, I say hi to them, they sometimes respond by blinking with the lights or moving or both, but the things are changing on energetic front rapidly, at least for me 😉

    Soo, last night I came to bed at 2am, wife is asleep as is a dog in front off my room, I start with meditation, at one point starting to feel the energies around my crown and then burst off energy from myself, very powerful, but very raw in nature, just bursting outside off me as a noise in a way. I am hearing my wife near me starting to become restless, I am hear her breathing is as she has a bad dream, I think that she even got up a few times, I am hearing my dog outside off the room also starting to get restless, I am also at a same time hearing the commotion in the other room where my kids are sleeping, and I am bursting energies from me out off control, just raw energy, and obviously disturbing everyone in the house. At one point I am hearing the strong winds outside, I am hearing the sea, the waves, and started to think is this my doing, if it is, what are you doing, lets focus this energies bursting from you to calm everybody in the house, to calm the weather outside, so I started to focus it, to give it more calming, loving frequency, I could feel the wind as almost being outside, energies were subsiding, the weather started to calm done. Positive changes inside, my wife calmed down, starting to breathe normally and asleep again, I could hear the dog calming down and went to sleep again, and the commotion sounds stopped from the room where my kids are sleeping, success, I was able to focus that energy coming from me to something useful, and I think I heard a voice in the background saying something like “He finally got it” 😁✨

    I will put here also today meditation at my parents house where my kids and I went for a Sunday lunch. I was meditating in my parents bed after a lunch as it was empty room, and I felt a call to do it, I entered the meditation, starting too feel the energy around my head, but this time also very pronounced energy at my third eye, and again I started to radiate energy everywhere, just raw, no focus, but at one point I could feel that something change, something intertwine, and noise went away, the energy starting to be harmonious, it was just flowing through me, as some blockade was lifted, I do not know if that was Source stepping in, but I felt great, calm, harmonized 🙏✨


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    1. Just to add one oddity, when I came to my parents house today together with my kids for a Sunday lunch, internet broke down, and they have cable internet, which was working fine prior to our arrival. As being in IT, I reset the router, internet came back, but then it was gone again, so it was unusable, my younger son was sad as he brought his laptop with him to play a game as they have much faster internet then we have back at home. Just a 15min ago, I received the SMS from my mother, in which she is informing me that internet is back and working normally ?!

      Soo, the whole 3 hours we were there, the internet was down, and after we left, the internet is back, huh, that reminded me when in the past I would pass near the street light and it would turn itself off, I did not understood it, but it was amusing 😁

      Soo, energetically speaking, the things are speeding up 👆✨

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    2. Uhhhh, my grammar was just awful in that text, I should in the future first write it somewhere like OneNote, then read it again for myself and correct many grammatical errors first 😣

      I wrote this in one breath, as I just wanted to convey my message, I know that I will not be judged here for such a bad grammar, but as I always stray for a perfection, I feel bad for soo many errors, ughhh 😣

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        1. Thanks, Yes I know it is not really important, but that perfectionist in me is a little bothered with it 👍

          What is your take CAT’S on my experience, is this normal, expected, or too soon, or it is occurring now because we are so close to the Shift, it got me worried for a bit, excited, but little unexpected, soo…. ?

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  39. Do we remember about 1.5yrs ago when several of the Solar Observatories, I think, in the world SHUT DOWN for several days?

    WHAT did (((they))) want burned, buried and covered up in that timeframe?

    UPDATE5 brought that back to mind.

    here is reminder link

    “Stranger things in heaven and earth, then are dreamed of in you philosophy… ”

    Time, it seems, is getting short.

    Victory of the Light

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  40. Dreamt of zombie like humans walking within a block walled area in a counter clockwise circle. I saw a man slip under the wall as if sliding into a storm drain in order to join the mass of mindless sheeple/people.I told him he did not have to live that way. He did not seem to hear me speaking to him.
    Many strange short dreams during fitful night of sleep. Often I was telling others that they did not have to live in unhealthy surroundings or bound by another’s beliefs. Cay

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  41. 💖🌈 hello all my friends
    I have visit from California and Hawaii, so no much time
    it’s familly and we will call an invocation
    for Lemuria-New Earth 💖🌈


    In the silence and depth of the Pacific lies an intelligence at the sources that is out of this world, that sets itself in motion when we let go of control and feel connected to everything around us. Then a love field arises, a swarm intelligence that bathes each individual and that each only brings into the community what he feels in himself and what really feels for him. A movement arises, a new development that is born from the silence and vastness of peace.
    do you hear the songs of Lemuria?
    it’s pulling us in like the tide of the ocean

    The islands of Hawaii are the heart of Lemuria and Lemuria is starting to return.
    We wake up there and our memory of Lemuria awakens. Triggered by the light codes that come to us from the Central Galactic Sun.
    Strange that I spent forty days on the Pacific in 1970:
    twenty days from Balboa (Panama Canal) to Yokohama and Kobe in Japan, past the island of Oahu. And back again twenty days. Yes, even then I was allowed to breathe this incredible expanse of the Pacific …
    What a gift!

    At that time I hired on a steamer and did the fast turn Hamburg Japan and South Korea. It was a really adventurous time.

    💖🌈 But the Pacific, which never really let go of me and
    has been calling me for eight years …💖🌈

    In 2014 I was in Maui, Hawaii and the dream has remained ever since. For me this is the 5th dimension. Paradise on earth.

    Tomorrow at sunrise we will celebrate an invocation for Lemuria by the sea. my husband and his children and grandchildren. Rebecca from Hawaii and the others from Santa Cruz.

    We call Lemuria
    … and Lemuria calls us:

    Today we open the field of unity
    We open it through our coming
    through your coming

    We open the cosmic forces of yore
    the unity of MU
    and we call you
    for our mother Gaia Terra

    May in all beings that are in connection with Lemuria
    the spark to be sparked
    so we call our luminous ancestors AUMAKUA

    May the journey begin
    May the doors and portals open
    and the kingdoms
    of all levels and dimensions expand
    from here to infinity
    to home

    The spark returns
    forms a bridge to NE 💖🌈

    Love Alnilam 💖🌈 💖🌈

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  42. Been feeling very strong waves of energy coming up from my feet for the last 24 hours. My legs are vibrating. Not felt this for years. I’m presuming that my body gradually accommodated the energies when the vibratory feeling lessened in the past. However I’m wondering if we are experiencing extremely strong waves for it to start up again. Anyone else feeling it? 🤔💖

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  43. The florps have been continuously reminding me of Mr. Spock’s scanner on the original enterprise… (No bloody A, B, C or D!)

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  44. Guys, I’m curious what are your thoughts on XRP? Charlie Ward has talked about Qanon and Trump recently, and he said he has connections who say that the Quantum Financial System will be implementing XRP, and XRP will be a gold-backed asset worth at least $2000 dollars in the future. Do you think he is being truthful?


      1. XRP = ‘Ripple’ Cryptocurrency

        XRP is a central banker coin…. i’m not a huge fan of that coin, but anything is possible with them trying to make their ‘token’ more appealing to the masses after they bank bailout again…. lol


    1. I’d rather go with what the incredible CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends have said:
      “Cryptocurrencies are bottom-line created by alphabet agencies and the cabal to do nefarious things.”
      “AVOID cryptocurrencies as they’re ALL manipulated by clandestine/alphabet agencies around the world. Now you know.~M5”
      “People keep going on about cryptocurrencies. Are they worth investing in or will the Shift render digital currencies unusable/irrelevant/pointless?”

      I remember when these “cryptocurrencies” were starting to “come out”, my intuition was going “ahh, the c8b8l/toidreps have created something to suck the sheeple in” and I also thought “not for me”!


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        1. Thankyou very much CAT(s)!

          I knew the answer to this young man’s question, and I knew that you wonderful CAT(s) and M’s had posted answers to the “question of cryptocurrencies” previously.


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        1. @ Delfina Gasoido 2020-08-31 at 10:55 pm Cristina

          Thankyou lovely Lady!

          On NE, I volunteer to be the Librarian/Research-Kitty! (oh gawd, what have I signed up for…*wink*)

          (I really need to sign-up for a wordpress account…but I have no idea what to “call” myself)


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  45. OK, back with one dog walk story 😉

    Soo, we went out, the weather was very bad, thunder were occurring thru the clouds, but there was one lighted part off the clouds emanating some white light, the shape off that light was a strange one, and more I looked at it, more it looked as a dragon, there was a tail, body, wings, I could even recognize the head and to my best educated guess, it was a dragon, but then I could see the white round and very bright object showing itself from the clouds, my first thought was that it was a moon as it was that bright and that big, but it started to move through the clouds and then I was not sure anymore that it was a moon ?! I stopped and looked it straight, just to be sure that the clouds are not moving in front off a moon, but no, the “moon” was moving rapidly ?!

    As strange as it sounds, is it possible that my dragon changed its shape to a white bright ball, well, I do not know what to think, maybe someone who knows more about dragons can explain if that is a possibility ?

    And off course, on the way back, the rain started too pour soo heavy, that I was wet in a seconds, I am blaming that dragon if I catch a cold 😎✨


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      1. Well, if that is so, I saw a humungous one the other day! At first it looked like a cow but on a second take I thought, ‘nope, that’s a dragon’!

        Much love ❤️🙏❤️

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  46. WHOA!!! just took a peek at today’s Schumann, maybe that’s why I passed out from mid-afternoon to about 9:30 pm MT with ‘little dog’ plastered against me… whooo…


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  47. The Schumann looks funky from 6 to 9 am GMT then there looks like a TLJ at about 10 GMT 8/31/20. It’s currently 12:30 am EDT. Around the time of the “black line” I nodded out for a bit while listening to Simon Parkes’ most recent update. I am currently feeling wiped out and will TTMB. Maybe it’s the energy, though maybe it’s the last bit of my home made blueberry/rhubarb pie causing a sugar crash. Another week begins. So Grateful for the Love, Light and Truth that we share! We are One. ❤

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  48. Woke up pouring with sweat from a nightmare of an evil German nun force feeding us poisoned food. Ironically my father just started dating a former a German nun who owns a bridal shop. Anyway maybe I can blame it on all the timeline jumps. 🌝

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  49. So according to Penny Kelly, The shift isn’t happening any time soon (or at all).
    It seems to confirm a feeling i’ve had, which is that we are all staying here, but the world will have no more secracy and there will be a global peace.

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      1. I watched few of her videos, I liked the ET part, she have a good knowledge off Pleiades as it is in line with some off my knowledge, but also the way she is talking about that, also fits what I know about them.

        But when she talks about the future events, I have a feeling that she is talking about some old timeline which is not going to enroll, I am getting the feeling and images a relict from old Orion wars, maybe that was the time when she first got here, but things changed a lot after that, it is like she is stuck in a time, well, I am getting that when she talks, I do not know if I am right about that ✨

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  50. 8/30 felt like timeline jump city ✨ holeeey cow. Seemed to go way back to past pattern for a purge then went back up ❣️t.g.

    So far past 5 or 6 days have been most intense physically, sheesh gotta be close to something 💯🌈✨


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    1. Thank you. I am just seeing this message now. I got the best early birthday present (a healthy baby) and had a delicious meal with my family. It was the best birthday I could have asked for. My new bundle is a sweet baby, a very welcome addition to the family, and an absolute blessing.


  51. Looks like Kiruna’s having a bad hiccup again… anyone else feeling it?😕 (UTC 20:50:01)

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