Jumps/Meterage 8-24 to 8-26-20 [UPDATE2]

We’ve had another jump, this time up to a new energy level. Some people might not make it up the next series of stair steps…

…and we’re feeling like lots of us won’t either! (Most of you will be fine without us.) Anyway, here’s the jump:

Seems we’re still in the middle of it:

This from a few days ago:

A step-up on the 21st.
And these energy spikes right before (or during?) the current jump.

Also seems like a WHOMP is either starting or never stopped from last night, but a lot of that could be CAT proximity to portals. There are telltales:

We won’t know till later.

That’s enough for now. Most CATs are in smokey fire areas, so we need to lie low for a while.


More florps from today:


Looks like we had another upgrade/jump of sorts:

You can see the adjustments leading up to this.

These appear to be upgrades UP from 3d to 4d, preparing some for the next level, you may have felt it. It’s also some kind of timeline jump, too. It’s not fully clear.

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  1. Interesting story if true, I got info to check this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3R-SilvmkQk

    Original poster site is this one: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcPSdUYCaxHk2Dy98r503rA/videos

    Here he is showing that translucent material which he allegedly found near crash UFO site: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JmEE6SJULZ8

    I found this in the comment section off that original poster video where somebody explained (obviously somebody who understand Russian, how he got this material:

    „This guy witnessed a UFO crash. At the crash site, he found alien glass that was hot and cooled for six days. There’s a drawing on the glass, but it’s kind of engraved on the inside. Either a piece of this glass is attached to the phone’s camera, then in the sky you can see alien ships. You can’t see them without glass. So you can just look through the glass and you can see a UFO in the sky. This glass kind of removes reflective filters from ships.“

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  2. Not sure where to include this … whilst in the midst of info disclosure here’s a wake-up call for Australians articulated by Sacha Stone… where there’s a will (freewill) there’ll be a way to jolt the sleepy ones from their slumber … this broadcast will find a way to filter through the corrupt broadcasting system ……

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    1. Goodness, I do enjoy passionate, unvarnished expressions of truth. Gets me in trouble with the unicorns on occasion; low vibe, dontcha know! Whatever. Also, love his beautiful pronunciation of the word ‘echelon’….

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    2. karysma1307 ❤️ Thanks for sharing, righteous anger has a place in all this…I wonder how far this message (and many others) will go… Something has to pierce through the MSM veil en masse unless the Shift is going to come quicker…

      Much Love 🙏🌎🙏

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  3. My, my, my, my,my. Thanks youse ALL for update 2. I have been pruning non-stop for 2 days. Absolutely HAD to get the trees opened up to let in more light! Hmmm. I finally needed to stop! I’m staggering tired. Quite frankly I’m too pooped to figure out what it meant. Must soak my tired feet in epsom salts and then I must put my tired bones to rest.

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  4. The air smells wonderful tonight, flower-full – we’re a bit flower deprived in this duplex complex – used to have a couple lilac bushes – died… and a rose bush at neighbors duplex way past bloom – All we’ve smelled recently has been smoke from fires – here in NM or maybe blown in from Arizona…
    Tonight air very fresh, cool and blossom smelling – it’s BEEN uncomfortable (very) HOT!!! – tlj, maybe… it’s welcome!!

    ❤ to ALL,

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  5. Hmmm, update 2 may help to explain dreams of being stuck in the middle between 2 points, particularly past and future?


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    1. Had a reading with Lisa yesterday; I’m the one with the lightening bolts going into her eyes to upgrade the pineal gland. Apparently I’ll be seeing truth in a whole other way shortly, to the point where I’ll be pushed out onto the world stage to make it known to everyone. Before the end of this year! Hm. I have my doubts about that, but she said my guides were very insistent. Oh, and unlike J’s lovely role, my role is to clean the sewers of the world and flood them with light. I guess there’s a reason why I’m able to view the noxious rabbit holes with neutrality. Still, I have never aspired to sewer work…;)

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      1. Kolibri ❤️ I take my hat off to you! A true warrior of light 🌟 If I could, I would join you in clearing up the mess although somehow I feel I have been given another mission, would be great to know what that mission actually is, seems it is on a very subconscious level, perhaps it is supposed to remain that way and I’m just doing it without realising!

        Okay, I’ll get my straight jacket now! 🙃

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. Don’t be too impressed; haven’t done it yet, but Lisa says it’s coming. And it makes sense, actually. I’ve felt for a long time that part of my role is to be a witness, because I am able to be neutral. Looks like actually doing something about it might be the next step. Not there yet, though. It was quite a reading; Lisa was on fire!

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  6. Adama of Telos : Change is Near

    For now choose your companions well. We see this idyllic world happening for you within 30 of your Gregorian years. Much must be accomplished in that time to change your fortunes. The abolishment of financial systems is key and this is beginning now. The transition will be slow because your people need to adjust to it slowly. We cannot change your world’s fortunes at once – it must be done at a speed that your people can manage the change. That is the delay.

    Galactics and Agarthans can change your world overnight. Your people cannot change overnight. They are too compromised. The change must come at a speed they can manage and assimilate – because they are the creators and upholders of the energy of this change!

    This is why change cannot happen overnight. Those who want change overnight are capable of assimilating those energies so you feel this is going too slowly. Yes, for you but this is a collective process of love shining through your people. The love will come through when the people can carry the frequency.


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    1. Not entirely accurate. The change can happen overnight if it comes from SOURCE.

      Agarthans aren’t going to do anything with the surface population for some time because they distrust the “chaotics” above. (That’s us.)

      -CAT Eds.

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  7. I may not be on here for a bit – could change I guess.. something going on here since that maybe frequency change – and – I have been hanging out with /Brother J and Source energy repetitions and asking If I’m misunderstanding something – it’s a little bit heart breaking feeling – when something was yelled out even my daughters partner gave me a surprised look – my granddaughter brought an over ripe banana into my room (yesterday) and I was bringing her out to look for something better – I’m not to have anything to do with the children’s care anymore, not even interaction?? I’ve been trying to understand – it seems like coming from no where. like she perceives me a threat to them somehow – physically I can’t do what I used to help with since being in the hospital – body, hands not working well and such, but…
    I wasn’t going to go into specifics, ugh… just a bit clueless…

    I’ll continue to do whatever I’m doing during sleep – there have been more people transfers last night – the last dream I had this morning was of these swarms of what looked like very tiny tiny capuchin monkeys, but all white, with ATTITUDE, flying and devouring something – hope it had a positive meaning…
    I’m hoping my mood and understanding can change – I don’t ‘think’ I’m a danger to my granddaughters…
    Sorry for the over sharing…
    : (

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  8. Kg. Sorry you have to cope with this on top of your health problems. Don’t doubt yourself. People are venting at this time. Let it wash over you. It’s not easy being in close proximity to others when we are vibrating at different levels. Cuddle up to little dog. Sending a big hug and love.💖🤗💖

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