Meterage for 8-21 to 8-23-20 [UPDATE5]

Sorry for the delay. Here’s where we stand:

We had a timeline jump yesterday, but we didn’t mention it right away because we wanted to be sure… and because the only corroboration was how all of us felt, which isn’t very compelling to people who only believe meters! Anyway, here it was:

This was apparently part of one of the CME reprogramming blobs.

Other meters are quiet for the moment (that’s what’s taking so long, we keep looking for things and not finding anything), BUT… The CAT Meter (all of us) is detecting that champagne-bubble vibration, so something is happening. Could just be Wave X, could be something bigger. We’ll have to wait and see.

THIS just happened a little while ago, though:

That’s a blast from the portal inside the sun, Portal One, at 4:45 UTC today. No idea how long it will take to affect us, if it does at all. Hard to say with all this energy flooding in.

NOTE: Things are a little slow for CATs at the moment. WordPress has changed (read OVERLY COMPLICATED) the editing tools, and other things, and it’s slowing down these posts. CATs are also almost all very tired, ready for the wave to end. A few CATs have some maladies to deal with, and it’s been challenging. We’re not going to have anything left for The New Earth at this rate.

Perhaps we just need more coffee.


Whoa. Lots of CATs are reporting feeling an UPWARD surge of energy from various CAT locations around the U.S. Anyone else feeling that? It was at 12:17 pm PDT.

There was a sideways “slip” about 15 mins before that. ~AM was in the middle of responding to comments. We’re glad he’s here!


Ok, we looked at this. This was a big portal blast…

…which means one thing for sure, and another thing that’s maybe: That blast will be affecting all portals (with mini blasts, which we’re pretty sure already happened, but there could be more), and… it might be the beginning of The SHIFT. The mini-portal blasts are what CATs were reporting in UPDATE1 and in ~AM’s earlier comments. These are MULTIDIMENSIONAL blasts, which is why CATs reporting the “floor going liquid” and an upward swell, and other effects. This could be a harbinger of a reality-modifying event… or we’re just lame today.


Some meterage now reflecting what some of us are feeling:

And some FLORPS:


Jeez, even the CAT Editors on duty are falling asleep today!


Big energy right now (9:00 pm PDT/4:00 UTC):

We’re having some kind of jumps, but they seem more like boosts. The energy around portals has us so saturated that we can barely tell the difference between a hawk and a handsaw… unless the wind is southerly. 😉

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  1. I feel ya’. I’ve been looking at YouTube Kittens-n-Golden-Retrievers to boost my vibes. And nearly totally eatin’ vegetarian. And lotsa’ water (I mean **LOTSA** water). And tea, but not coffee. So far, I’m surviving – and the YT Kitties are so smile-inducing…. 🙂

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  2. Remember to focus on the changing season, my sweet CATs … you even posted Fall on the blog just now. Changing seasons, changing “times”, changing energies. Everything is in flux. After weeks of searing heat in Arizona, this morning there was a change in the wind; cooler, almost refreshing, so I’m gonna go tend my poor heat-fried patio plants and breathe into the changes. I keep saying “we’re all gonna be fine” and I mean that, so no ONE, or no entity of any type is going to change MY heartmind. thanks for this update/confirmation … I saw it yesterday and said “yep” and then released it. ❤

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  3. Thanks for the update, much gratitude for everything! I feel you and I’m not near a portal, sending Light, Love and Pitchers!~scott

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  4. Hi Cats,
    Would it be alright to send buckets of Light to whichever Cats need it?

    Things are definitely heating up with technology. If there is going to be some kind of shut down, I think it’s coming. Youtube won’t send any videos anymore, I have to go there and look for them. And have to re-sign in every time on the phone. Making it difficult for sure.

    Feeling something alright, I hope it maintains and doesn’t go crazy.
    Steady as Gaia goes for now, turbulence on the horizon for sure.

    Feel better. I’m back on enhanced Turpentine and Sugar protocol, (diamond G) – the parasites are going for it in every direction. The kitchen sink is landing in pieces everywhere, and it hasn’t really gotten going yet.

    If tech does go down – I love everyone here, and my love holds each of us. We’ll find each other thru the ethers.


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      1. I thought I’d seen most things until today.

        As I drove past the church I was married in, there was a woman, early 30’s, dressed in gothic black garb, urinating against the side of the front of the church, laughing. It was busy, a lot of traffic and general public present. She then sat back down on a bench with a man who was also dressed in gothic black garb. They sat laughing together.

        Immediately I heard that outraged voice inside urging me to stop the car and confront them. Then another voice said it’s only a wall, and it’s only urination.

        I believe there is a good possibility it was a statement. No doubt in honour to team dark.

        At that moment I felt sorry for her, to see how far from truth she has become. I said the coursian mantra for her.

        This is why this blog is so important, Cats, do you see the effect you are having on us?

        Thank you all from the bottom of my heart x

        Big pitcher of light coming your way, and Da-da’s!


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        1. Thanks, Mark. And well done. You did the right thing. In reality, those people did nothing. They are merely insane (not crazy, but their minds are unwell). And even they are your brothers, misguided though they are. Even they will come back around to the Light, but… it will take them a lot of extra time. This is what time is for, and they will use it to its fullest extent. It’s rather comical, really, since it’s just a building. It WOULD be more gratifying to see an archangel with a sword appear next to them and give them THE LOOK while they soiled themselves, but we’ll take what we can get. Archangels don’t care about buildings — or places — either. No one place or thing is any more “holy” than any other place or thing.

          You are actually living in the heart of the ca8al (the UK), so you’ll see the oddest behavior, and feel the most intense ups and downs. You’re acting as a lightning rod for SOURCE energy (as are other volunteers in the UK), and your job is particularly challenging.

          Whoa… just felt the floor MOVE as if it were liquid. Talk about an Illusion!


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          1. AM, now when You mentioned that floor move as a liquid, a most off the times when I enter meditation, I have a feeling like I am in a Jell-O, like everything around me is fluid, that is the best I can describe that feeling 😉✨

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          2. Thanks AM, for the encouragement and the giggle.

            Talking about SOURCE lightning rods, can I probe your knowledge please?

            A week ago, my friend and I went to visit 2 nodes along the Belinus Line, The Spine of Albion. We have visited the Rollright stones together before and were gifted visions and crop circles appeared the next day, the energy was off the charts.

            So this time we found the first node by dowsing and then tried to follow the leys but there was a large private estate in the way! We tried to find a way round it. After an hour of slogging up steep, forested slopes and navigating through dense vegetation, we only ended up at the boundary fence of this vast estate…

            We decided we’d better head back and agreed the easiest way was to hop over the fence (despite the insane number of signs warning prosecution to any trespassers), as it wasn’t as dense to clamber through.

            We immediately felt a sense of doom, and proceeded cautiously. After a fair amount of trudging we came upon a rise. As we reached it we both gasped. We both stood looking down into a large, ancient amphitheatre. The rows of seats were constructed in stone blocks, particularly visible behind the thick moss. In the centre, was a large fire pit which had previously been used. There was also signs of electricity being implemented, presumably for lighting in the darkness.

            As I studied a tree with a red reflector nailed to it, and what looked like candkewax dripped down its trunk, my friend made off quickly. There was an obvious escape route near the centre and he headed that way. I followed, sensing the urgency and almost fell into him as he emerged from where he ran into. He explained the path had seemingly, deliberately been blocked and was impossible to escape from. We then headed upwards, further into the estates private grounds to find another way out.

            Eventually we saw a road that looked like an egress point, but we would be visible with no cover to a vast array of buildings before us, some 200 yards. We kept close to the tree line and moved normally. We hit the track and high tailed it out lol.

            When we got back to our cars we thought about how close this amphitheatre was to the ley lines and wondered if it was used for nefarious energy intent. I researched the estate and discovered it had been in the possession of the British monarchy and a British Prime minister.

            We both believed we were meant to stumble upon it and we both believe that our very presence is enough to neutralise the energy there and replace it with positive energy. It is a well documented fact that there has been an eternal struggle between light and dark programming the Earths circuitry with positive or negative intent.

            Soooooo, as in your last comment about SOURCE lightening rods, AM, do you think we done some good. It felt like we did. When my friend asked the same question, I replied “I can prove it, because we were both there”. Nothing is by mistake.


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            1. Cat4, it wasn’t, although I’ve been to Uffington a few years back too. After seeing a dragon fly, and have it land on me in my garden, a sudden gust of wind in my face gave me a vision of a golden blacksmiths anvil. I then discovered there was an ancient megalithic site near Uffington called Wayland Smithy. I knew I was supposed to go there, it’s how these things work, isn’t it?

              Anyway I digress 😉, the site I went to recently was Castle Ring in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. The estate is now used to take large groups of children for adventure training…
              The estate belongs to the Beaudesert family. It is now called Beaudesert Park. When you find it in a search engine, there is a picture of a wooden structure, presumably for climbing on, in the shape of a large triangle replete with capstone and eye! Symbols will be their downfall.

              (I will email you some pics!)


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            2. Mark. I read many years ago about someone who went on Cannock Chase and found steps down to some underground tunnels. He went down them and lights automatically came on as he decended. Then he encountered a being that felt dark and hightailed it out of there! I echo AM’s sentiment, don’t go back. 😳💖

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          3. Well done Mark ❤️

            AM, thank you for your confirmation about the UK and the ca8al, makes sense. I hope I am helping in some way too, always thought there might be another reason to Elsie and myself moving to East Anglia! Perhaps we are both holding light here too?! I hope we are helping…something…

            Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        2. dear Mark

          a big hug ❤️🌟❤️
          and yes this blog is awsome
          it ressonates with me
          I loooooove the ****CAT – POWER****

          love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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      2. Hello CATs and Ms,
        I put yall in a giant Source Light pyramid. The pyramid is full of Source Light with a soap bubble swirling rainbow effect on the outside, and the whole thing spins clockwise. Continuous Source Energy flows into the pyramid at the point.
        This is my favorite meditation. I do this for my loved ones, myself, our living spaces, and anyone else who I am called to do this for.
        I hope it helps.
        Thank you for everything you do for Us.
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      3. If anyone is interested in what Tom Kenyon and the Hathors have to say about TRANSITION STATES INTO NEW REALITIES,
        let me know and I will copy/paste it.
        The info about stepping fully into our creator self when in the void and what to expect as old worlds fall apart, is priceless.
        I am full of gratitude and appreciation to have these perspectives available in this Here and NOW, in what feels to me as impeccable timing.
        Let me know!
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Transition States into New Realities

          A Hathor Planetary Meditation

          Through Tom Kenyon

          Part One

          The Backstory
On April 20, 2011 the Hathors released a Planetary Message entitled: Transition States, which addressed the multidimensional nature of personal and collective transitions.
          Compared with many previous Hathor messages, this one was a cornucopia of insights and detailed suggestions on how to navigate through one’s personal as well as the collective transition states that we were (and still are) passing through.

          On August 16th of this year (2020), around midnight, the Hathors asked me to read the entire message again before going to sleep. They said that they would come to me during my dreamtime with more information.

          The Hathors communicate information in a number of ways, all of them characterized by altered states of consciousness. Occasionally they have come to me in dreamtime but in the past, when they have done so, it was a harbinger of something they considered to be of crucial importance.

          At the end of this message I will share with you my dream. But that dream is informed by the Hathors’ original message so I encourage you to read the entire message before hopping to the end.
What follows is the complete unedited message from 2011

Transition States of Consciousness
          A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
          Chaotic Nodes are clusters of chaotic events. According to the Hathors, Earth has entered a Chaotic Node and, as a result, we can expect ever-increasing levels of chaos—including but not limited to earthquakes, volcanic activity, aberrant weather patterns, ecological distress, as well as economic, social and political turmoil.

          Transition States of Consciousness are what the Hathors call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.
          Perceptual markers are a term the Hathors use to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses.

          The Message
          By their very nature Chaotic Nodes tend to generate transition states of consciousness. Transition states of consciousness emerge when perceptual markers disappear. And when this occurs you enter a null zone in which your old reality no longer exists, or has changed radically, while your new reality has not yet come into existence.

          Due to the fact that you have entered an even more intense phase of the Chaotic Node, we wish to share with you our views regarding transition states, in the hopes that you will be able to utilize this knowledge for your own benefit.

          For our purposes we can divide transition states into three primary categories:
          1) personal transition states,
          2) collective transition states and
          3) physical death.

          Personal Transition States
          Let us turn our attention to personal transition states first, for your personal perception is the pivotal point around which your perceived reality operates.
          Your perception of reality is fundamentally a personal creation. It is influenced by the collective perception of your culture, time, place and circumstance, but fundamentally your perception of what is real and not real is a creation—your creation.
          Your perception of reality depends upon habits of perception, if you are like most persons. You are used to experiencing certain realities in your life and these tell you where you are, so to speak. You wake up in the morning and you look to the clock and the collective perception of time is immediately before you. Your choice to engage this illusion, or not, is a personal one. Indeed, one of the signs of spiritual mastery is the ability to navigate cultural illusions successfully while clearly understanding their nature.
          When a situation in your personal life shifts dramatically there is a tendency for the perceptual markers to disappear or re-organize themselves.
          Let us present one possible scenario.
          If you have worked at the same job for many years you have built your life around the demands of this position. You eat lunch at a certain time. You return home at a certain time. You interact with others in specific ways, tailored to fit the demands of your job.
          If that job were suddenly removed, unexpectedly, those perceptual markers would disappear. There would be no need to get up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, return home at a certain time, and the people you interacted with for the bulk of your waking hours would no longer be available to you.
          This situation is inherently disorienting for most people. Again, the perceptual markers have disappeared.
          The same phenomenon occurs when any radical shift in your personal life takes place. If a relationship that is important to you suddenly ends the perceptual markers of that relationship disappear, and you enter the transition state of consciousness.
          If you have a health crisis and your physical life is affected in radical ways the perceptual markers disappear, and this can be disorienting. You have entered a transition state of consciousness.

          As the Chaotic Node increases in its intensity, more and more persons will experience the shock waves of their old reality crumbling before them. What was certain in their lives is now uncertain. What was solid ground is seen to be no longer solid. We mean this both figuratively and literally.

          There is another wave of transition states that is emerging from this Chaotic Node. It is already affecting many persons, but its affects will spread out in consciousness much like a tsunami.
          This particular transition state has to do with the collapse of the collective lies of your culture. Increasingly more and more of you will see behind the shadow play; you will sense the puppet masters, and although their identities may elude you, you will see with increasing reality that aspects of your culture are a manipulation, a limitation, and in many cases, downright lies.

          The lie that we are speaking to here is not the lie of economics, the lie of wars, or the lie of confining religions, but the lie of your identity—a lie that ensures your imprisonment. This lie is the belief and cultural assertion that you are nothing more than a physical human being and that there are, in fact, no other realms of being beyond your earthy experience.
          The recognition of this lie is a harbinger of personal freedom, but in its beginning stages it can be quite disorienting. This is because multidimensional experiences are so different from your earthly day-to-day experiences. If you find yourself marooned between your earthly and multidimensional life, you have entered a transition state of consciousness.

          Our purpose in sharing this information is to suggest a practical course of action during transition states of consciousness.
          When you personally enter a powerful transition state you might, like many human beings, remain stuck in overwhelm. Many individuals find the shock of realizing that their perceptual markers have disappeared, along with the reality that they assumed to be real, deeply disturbing.
          Due to the fact that time is accelerating—and by this we mean more events taking place in less time—remaining in a state of shock or overwhelm is a psychological indulgence which you cannot afford.
          The essential point we wish to convey here is that regardless of the nature of the transition state, whether it is personal in nature having to do with changes in your personal life, or due to recognizing your cultural manipulation—you are the creator of your reality.
          You may have stories to explain why suddenly your life is bereft, but these are just stories. You may blame other persons, situations, or institutions for your problem, but this is misplaced responsibility. Your stories may be true and there may be other persons, situations or institutions to blame, but when you have entered a transition state of consciousness, you are at the central vortex of a powerful creative process. There is no reason or need to cry over “spilt milk” as one of your folk sayings goes. What is lost is lost. What is gone is gone.
          Now the central question becomes, “What will you do?”
          Will you remain stunned, in shock, in overwhelm, anger and sadness? Or will you step into your identity as a creator of your life?
          To those of you who choose to remain in lower states of consciousness, we have no comment.

          Our comments are for those of you courageous enough and bold enough to step into your identity as creators. If you are one of these, here is what we suggest.
          When everything disappears, meaning the perceptual markers of your former reality, understand that you have entered into a void point.

          A void point is a critical transition between an old reality and a new one. That which was, has ended. Instead of regretting the loss, you accept the void. This is, for many persons, a challenging undertaking, because in the void point there is nothing that can be done. You must simply be a witness to it, and to yourself, for in this no-man’s land there are no perceptual markers.

          Be careful what new markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the Mystery.

          Collective Transition States of Consciousness
          The human collective, from our perspective, is currently like an immense cosmic serpent shedding its old skin, writhing and twisting, scraping off old encumbrances. Some of these take the form of economic turmoil. Some of them are political in nature. Some of them are the collapse and transformation of cultural institutions. And some of these writhings and twistings are related to earthquake and volcanic activity, as well as aberrant weather patterns.

          As natural and manmade disasters increase, more and more of you will find yourselves entering transition states of consciousness. Obviously those who experience an earthquake, volcano or destructive weather directly are the most prone to enter transition states, but those of you who are empathic in nature can experience the brunt of a natural or manmade disaster as if you were physically present.
          Indeed as the veil that separates human consciousnesses from one another dissolves, more and more of you will experience the changes taking place in the world at a visceral level.

          We now wish to address the question of a new creation for those of you who may find yourself in the aftermath of a natural or manmade disaster, such as an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or destructive weather patterns.
          If the destructive force is strong enough, the perceptual markers of your former reality may no longer exist. Your home or place of business may no longer be there. You may find yourself dealing with shortages of food and water, and there are any number of variables that can come together to create a state of shock and overwhelm.

          We wish to be very clear in what we are about to say. Shock and overwhelm in the face of disasters are a natural mammalian response, and, if you are to transcend and transform the moment, you must reach upward to higher dimensions of your own existence, your own being, to those realms of consciousness that are beyond time and space.
          To the extent that you are able to incorporate the transcendent aspects of your being as part of the equation for your survival, you will be able to mitigate the shock and overwhelm.

          The central feature that needs to be identified in the midst of chaos, any form of chaos, is the portal of opportunity.

          This opportunity for survival or for a new life may present itself in ways you do not expect. This is because the perceptual markers are no longer in place and your consciousness may not recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.
          There is a deep-seated human habit, or tendency, that wishes to conform new realities to those of the past. This would be an unfortunate habit to engage in these situations.

          There is much we could say about the hyper-dimensional realities involved in choice making during chaotic events, but we wish to “cut to the chase” and give that which will be most practical. Perhaps some other time we can share with you our philosophical musings about your infinite nature and the infinite possibilities that reside within you. However, for now, let us be a little simplistic and give you a formula to recognize and create opportunities for new life and a new destiny when they present themselves to you.

          Assuming that you have entered a transition state of consciousness and that you have befriended the void point and are more or less comfortable with the great uncertainty of your situation, this is what we suggest:

          Be curious and expect miracles.
          By entering a state of curiosity you engage an aspect of your mind that is free to move unfettered by expectation. It becomes very much like the mind of a child, and it is this innocence—which is not the same as childishness—that allows you to enter a vibratory state of consciousness, which greatly benefits you.
          By holding the expectation of miracles, you release the power of creation within you, and to the extent that you accomplish this you will find increasing incidences of serendipity, coincidences of benefit and unexpected treasures, whether they be physical in nature or mental and emotional.

          This combination of curiosity about what will happen next joined with an expectation of miracles will move you rapidly from the void point to a new life, a new creation, regardless of what might be happening for those around you.

          During collective transition states of consciousness it is helpful to remember that each person is the creator of his or her own reality, and in the midst of chaos people will make different choices and enter different personal realities.

          Do not be swayed by those who enter lower vibratory realms. You cannot save them from themselves. Look upward and live upward with curiosity and an expectation of miracles, and even in the gravest of situations miracles can, and will, occur for you.

          Physical Death
          One of the greatest difficulties for embodied beings is the transition state of consciousness you call death. This is due to the fact that all perceptual markers, including the five senses, disappear.
          If a person identifies solely with his/her material existence, he or she will find this transition state to be most difficult. This is because what she or he identified with no longer exists.
          Although the physical world continues on, there is no input into consciousness from the five senses. It is as if the world has vanished and the body along with it.

          The great I Am, the central feature of transcendent consciousness, no longer receives information from the body, the five senses, or the external world. This can be deeply disturbing and disorienting for someone who has not directly experienced the other realms of his or her being.

          Metaphorically speaking, you are like a vast tree, a Tree of Life, with many branches and many, many leaves and blossoms, and your current physical existence is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms.

          When a person passes through the transition state of consciousness you call death there are several options. If you are in a spiritual tradition, the central figure of which is a guru, avatar or savior, you can follow the path of this being into the vibratory realm of his/her consciousness. In some religions this is known as heaven.
          If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.
          From our perspective the universe is infinite in nature, and by this we refer not to external space but to the interdimensional realities of your universe, and there is no single being in existence, from our experience, who understands and embraces all that is.
          If, however, you wish to join your guru/avatar/savior in the death realms we have a few suggestions. One is to mentally call upon his/her name. This is an ancient understanding encapsulated in the Egyptian term Ren, meaning name. When you call upon the name of a spiritual being an aspect of him/her is compelled to move toward you.
          If, in that moment of encountering your guru/avatar/savior, he or she deems you worthy, you will be taken by him/her into his/her heavenly realm.
          For those of you in eastern spiritual traditions there are mantras connected with specified deities. Chanting these mantras mentally during death, or in the death realms, has the same effect.

          For those of you who are not part of a spiritual tradition that follows a guru, avatar or savior, then the transition state of consciousness called death offers other possibilities.
          As with the other two transition states of consciousness, the death realm has a void point, and its dominant features are stillness (silence) and darkness. All possibilities exist within the Void, but no actuality is in existence. It is like the acorn of an oak tree. The oak, the giant tree itself, is potentially within the acorn, but it does not yet exist.

          So when you find yourself in the Void, which you will recognize by the fact that you are utterly alone in darkness and utter stillness, know that you are in the central nexus of your creative powers.

          What you choose to create next will determine the course of your destiny and what worlds you will inhabit or realms of existence you will reside in. This is a critical juncture.

          Many persons frightened by the darkness move to the light prematurely. And what they do not realize is that in their yearning they create the light. A portal opens before them, like a tunnel, and they can move into this tunnel of light, encountering those they have known before, thereby entering back into embodiment or other vibratory realms of existence without having fully understood the consequences. This is certainly one option open to you, and one that is often taken.

          Another option, however, is to remain at the void point, residing in the Void itself, becoming aware of your Self as pure consciousness—transcendent to all phenomena.
          If you reside in this state of awareness long enough without the need to create something, you will discover your identity as the great I Am.
          And from this point of awareness you can choose the circumstances of your embodiment. You can choose the worlds you will inhabit or the realms of consciousness where you will reside.

          This latter method gives you the greatest opportunities, though it is the most difficult for most people. And the reason for this difficulty has to do with the fact that most humans find it uncomfortable to not have a body. The yearning for a body and the experience of the material world often draws a person from the Void prematurely.

          In summation, due to the intensifying phases of the Chaotic Node, many of you will find yourselves in transitional states of consciousness. Regardless of what level you find yourself engaged in, whether it be your personal life, the collective experience, or the transition state you call death,
          know that you are the creator of your reality.
          The Hathors
April 20, 2011

          Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
          I personally find this message to be stunningly eloquent and a vast storehouse of information. I have read and re-read this message several times, and each time I discover something new. There is, indeed, much to be read between the lines in this communication.
          I especially liked the Hathors’ statement…
          “Be careful what new (perceptual) markers you put into place, for these ideas and beliefs will be the stars in the new sky of your mind, and you shall navigate your way into these new times by the stars (thoughts and beliefs) that you have placed in the heavens of your own consciousness. So be wise when you go about creating new stars, our fellow navigators of the mystery.”

          At the level of our collective mind, I think our mythic realities are changing. The old stars, those thoughts, beliefs and presuppositions about reality that have guided us as a culture for millennia seem now to be dimming, not to mention that they have led us in directions many of us no longer wish to go.

          The collective ship of our culture seems to be plying through the waters of the Great Mystery with little regard for the sacredness of this planet or life upon it. But even as our collective vessel sails through the Great Mystery, seemingly without awareness, it (the ship) and we owe our very existence to the Mystery itself.
          This very odd duality seems, to me, either amusing or tragic, depending upon what mood I am in, and how connected I am or disconnected I have become from the Mystery itself.
          One of the ironies of our situation is that the crew of this vessel, those who make it sail, through an investment of their life-force, creativity and, in some cases, blood sweat and tears, are no less than you and me, and all the other nearly seven billion humans alive on this exquisite planet. We are—all of us—crewing this vessel, regardless of our personal situation, our life station or our beliefs.

          There are those in the New Age community who say, and have been saying for years now, that we are near Unity, and that the Golden Age is just around the corner. I do not share this perception.

          We are all in the same boat together, whether we like it or not, and it seems to me that our crew is polarized. There are many who insist that the paradigms of greed, arrogance and usurpation are the true reference points for our sextants.

          Others of us, however, are sensing that we are headed in the wrong direction—that we can no longer ravage this planet and its life (both human and other-than-human). For us, there are new stars in the sky of our minds. And we are setting our sextants clearly upon these cosmic beacons.

          How it will all turn out is anybody’s guess. But I am encouraged by a silent mutiny I see happening all around me.
          Many of us crew members, and I suspect that if you have read this far you may be one of them, are silently taking action to turn our collective vessel (i.e. our cultural madness) around or at least slow it down.

          Some of us are pulling out our sextants and are pointing out new stars to those around us. We do this by living the change we wish to see. We do this by having the courage to live by a new Earth-reality that we sense is possible. We do this by extending kindness to each other.

          And when necessary, we do this by standing our ground. I am reminded in this of a grass roots movement in some of the world’s poorest countries to preserve the use of non-hybrid seeds—seeds that produce new seeds when crops are harvested—rather than succumb to international economic interests that would enslave the poorest of the Earth to buy new seeds whenever they wish to feed themselves and their families.
          As I write this, I am nearly weeping at their courage to stand up against the Titans that have set the course for our collective vessel through greed, arrogance and an utter disregard for the sanctity of life.

          As difficult and as challenging as these times are both for individuals and the collective, I think there is hope in the uncertainty that we are facing. I say this because the human spirit has sometimes risen to heights when faced with dire uncertain times.

          If the Hathors are correct, all of us will face numerous transition states of consciousness before our time on Earth has ended. The perceptual markers of our old reality are being displaced. How we deal with the loss of our perceived reality and the old world will determine the next cycle of Earthly existence for humanity.

          And for us individually, what we choose to create in the transition states of our lives will determine the realms of consciousness that are opened to us.

          I wish you, my fellow crew members and those whom you love, safe passage through these turbulent times. But regardless of what happens, regardless of where and in what situations we find ourselves upon this perilous journey, let us remember that we are—above all else—creators of our own reality.
          There are new stars in the sky and new worlds to discover. Be bold. And have a good journey.

Part Two

          And now back to the present…
My dreamtime communication with the Hathors occurred sometime around five in the morning. As the lucid dream unfolded, I physically felt a gentle yet electrical-like sensation at my crown chakra and sensed a rotating sphere of scintillating white light above my head.
I recognized this as what the Hathors refer to as The Sphere of All Possibilities.

          The Sphere is a way to communicate a vast field of information in a very efficient manner. The Sphere contains a near infinite number of radiant points of light. each point of light representing a possible/probable outcome to any situation.

          In this case, the Sphere was a complex gestalt of personal, collective and planetary transitions.
The Hathors asked that the message of August 2020 be titled Transition States into New Realities because we are transitioning into multiple realities simultaneously.

          Within the Sphere at my crown, I saw what was reminiscent of Jacob’s dream from the Old Testament in which he saw angels descending and ascending on a ladder from heaven.
However, in this dream image, all manner of sentient beings (not just human) were moving upward or downward within the Sphere.

          My clear sense of this image was that it represented a mass exodus of beings (both corporeal and non-corporeal) from the lower vibratory realms of existence to the higher realms and simultaneously, another exodus of beings was moving downward into the lower vibratory realms.

And then the following words resounded through my dreaming mind.
          “You are the magnetic attractor of your own destiny. Do not be swayed by those moving downward. Do not be hypnotized by their fear and contraction into the lower realms. Rise up and take flight into the upper worlds.”

Given the current state of affairs, I found these words to be very poignant and timely. This dreamtime communication from the Hathors is a call to presence.

          For those of us striving to live upward, the dream is full of information about both the exhilaration and hardships of living in the higher realms while many around us seem to be hell bent on moving downward into the lower expressions of the human spirit.

          The last words of my dream also spoke volumes… Rise up and take flight into the upper worlds.
In the midst of the growing global carnage around the current pandemic as well as escalating social unrest, we have before us an unprecedented opportunity (actually I call them FGOs or Fucking Growth Opportunities) to spread our wings, metaphorically speaking, and fly upward even in the midst of chaos.

          Final thoughts

          After my dream concluded, the Hathors strongly suggested that I listen to the Spatial Cognizance Sound Meditation, which was given during my last public Hathor Intensive that was titled Multiverse, before the pandemic shut all public gatherings down.

          This sound meditation is a powerful means to access the openness of the transpersonal self and to our own innate transcendent nature that is not bound by the limitations of time, place and circumstance.

          During my post-dream meditation, the Hathors had me place my attention at my crown center while imaging The Sphere of All Possibilities as a sphere of white light above my head.
If you wish to plumb the greater depths of the Hathors’ insights about Transition States, I think you may find this sound meditation to be both fascinating and enlightening. You can find the sound mediation in the Listening section of the website (, FREE OF CHARGE for your own personal use, under the title Spatial Cognizance Meditation.

And finally, the Hathors asked me to mention the Heart Portal Sound Meditation that they gave in their last Planetary Message. It is, according to them, a tremendous ally for those of us seeking to move upward through the chaotic times that are upon us (and will be for some time to come).
          They suggest this particular mediation because it has a dual purpose as it is a means of spiritual purification and a way to access other realms in the upper worlds.
          You can also access this, FREE OF CHARGE for your own personal use, in the Listening section of the website:
          Blessings to you, your loved ones and all your relations
. May your flight upward be serendipitous and filled with a grace that knows no bounds.
Tom Kenyon
August 17, 2020

          Information Not Directly Related to this Message


          The Multiverse Mini-workshop
In response to the many challenges we are now collectively experiencing, I have decided to post transformational excerpts from various past workshops on this website as digital downloads.
          The first of these is from my last Hathor workshop titled the Multiverse, which I personally consider to be one of the high points in their teachings. The excerpt from this event is called The Multiverse Mini-workshop.

          Due to the financial hardships experienced by so many persons all over the world, I am offering this recording at a reduced rate. And for those who cannot afford the download fee, THERE IS AN OPTION TO RECEIVE IT FREE OF CHARGE.

          For more information about this Mini-workshop and how to acquire it, 
 go to the main menu bar on the homepage ( and click Mini-workshops.

New Addition to the Articles Section

          I have added a new article to the Articles Section called The Upper Rooms. It explores an area of brain performance called the quantum level. And it is related to non-ordinary abilities such as deep intuition, feelings of interconnectedness with the cosmos and other unusual human potentials that are an innate part of your nature.
          The article shares a simple mind exercise to access your brain’s quantum level and includes a link to a free sound meditation that supports this type of inner exploration.
          To view the article, go to the Articles Section of the website (

New Additions to the Listening Section

          I have added three new audio tracks to the Listening section.


          The Heart Portal Sound Meditation

          This is a pure Hathorian sound meditation that effectively utilizes energetic pathways that extend from the physical heart to both “heal” yourself and psycho-navigate the Multiverse.
          I use it often especially in the midst of this ever growing Chaotic Node.

          The Blue Medicine Buddha

          This sound meditation is gentle yet deeply cleansing and healing. I personally find that the sonic architecture of this sound piece is a very potent means to psycho-navigate and experience the pure realms of light and sound, known as the Sambhogakaya in Tibetan Buddhism.


          Songs from the Precipice

          This consists of two songs that I composed on a 1928 Steinway Grand Piano, when Judi and I had to go into lockdown in southern California. It is not typical of the sound work you will find in the rest of the Listening section.
          These were not channeled from the light realms but rather they are personal expressions of my own inner world as the horrors of the pandemic began to unfold.
          The two songs are called Rip Van Winkle and Me and The Bardo Sea.

          To listen to and/or download any of these audio files, go the Listening section at
After you agree to the Listening terms, you will have access to a cornucopia of sound meditations, excerpts from lectures as well as interviews—all of which are free for your own personal use.
          Just scroll down to find the title you are looking for
©2020 Tom Kenyon
          All Rights Reserved

          You may share this message in any format you wish so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way and include this entire copyright notice. Note: This granting of permission to post the message does not apply to sound meditations and/or songs.

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          1. ~ sparklygolden… ~ AH! this is good to reread about now! I remember reading it when it was first posted back in 2011, and how off-putting it felt to me at the time, for I was in no way ready to consider any sort of uncomfortable upheaval at that time in my life. “Chaotic Nodes” ? NO way! LOL….

            So, today the message serves as a terrific tool of reflection so I can ‘see’ the span of change in me over the intervening years… I appreciate the view!

            Thanks for posting this, I’ve taken some bits to add to my thoughts, and also have had a good chuckle at myself to boot!

            love, friend

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            1. friend,
              You eloquently articulated my experience, as well.
              I was not yet ready back then, either,
              and look how far we have come 🙂

              However, Something of their message must have sunk in?
              Since 2011, I have had several void point experiences during upheavals
              where I, somehow, did what they suggested:
              Curiosity, openness to Miracles, and not filling in the void from fear, but choosing to trust.
              Each time, it worked out better than I could have imagined.

              I, too, laugh at myself, often.
              In fact, Tom Kenyon’s email sat in my inbox for two days until I read Denise Le Fay’s
              latest blog, where she mentioned his TRANSITION STATES INTO NEW REALITIES.
              That reminded and encouraged me, so I finally read it.
              So silly we humans can be. 🙂

              Anyway, I feel as Tom says he feels, that
              there’s a timely reason for this reminder at this moment.
              I now feel more ready, and able, for whatever this way comes…

              I truly value and appreciate this Schrodinger other Cat blog,
              and everyone who participates in it from their heart…
              another impeccable timing example.

              Big Hugs
              Big Love
              ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Angela C I have had to go to my subscriptions at YT as well and I am still subscribed but no videos are sent. This started last weekend. More censorship, which really chaps my hide. The Light will win! Knock it off you fools! Accept the Love and be done with all this tomfoolery!🙏🏽🌈💜

      Liked by 10 people

      1. It is definitely ratcheting up to new levels. I like that – Accept the Love you fools. Why put the rest of us through all this as you thrash about….:) Part of the script. Which is tweakable!

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  5. Soo, drinking coffee is OK, good to know, I am drinking it a lot, probably even too much, but hey…, will there be coffee on the NE ? ✨

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    1. If an archangel popped in here and told the CATs to stop drinking coffee, we’d have a good look at him (angels are actually not male or female, exactly) and tell him we’d get back to him. Interestingly, even the coffee you’re drinking is not real. Sure FEELS real, but it isn’t.

      Believe it or not, your mind and WILL are so powerful, you could transform a mug of water into a hot steaming cup of fresh coffee. And NO, no CAT has ever achieved that! Not yet.


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      1. By the way, is there any CAT or M who is a cigarette smoker, often that go hand in a hand with a coffee, well, at least in my country and most former Yugoslavian countries ?

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          1. While at challenge with translation, I really did not get this “sorry” part, sorry for what ?

            I applaud anyone who was able to quit smoking or any vice like that. I was able to quit smoking several years ago, and it lasted for almost 2 years, but then some stressful thing came into my life, and I started smoking again, now for more then a year and a half I smoke this new e-cigarette system called IQOS, and feeling much better then when I was smoking a standard cigarettes, but still, I should quit, I know, I know 😌✨

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  6. Dear Cat´s
    An observation, in the equinox counter it says “32 days”, but when translating the page into Spanish, it says “32 days to go”. Which in Spanish literally means, 32 days to the end…

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  7. Yes, been feeling it too.
    Yesterday was all about internal heat and champange-bubbles.
    Today I could hardly get out of my bed – woke up because my back was hurting like crazy. And though the meters did’nt show a thing, I know it only hurts like that when there’s a surge in energies..
    Hang in there everyone – sending Love to each & All💖🤗

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      1. Yes, Lily. Well, I’m doing the best I can – some days are easier, others a bit more of a challenge, but that’s the way it is.. What matters is that we all keep on going – and we are all strong enough at will and heart to do it✨💖
        Sending hugs filled with Love to you and Elsie💕🤗

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      1. It took a few hours before the pain gave in, but when it did – such a relief!! On the other hand, not a day goes by now-a-days without some kind of physical sensation to the energies, which is ok to show & talk about to my family.. But the hardest part is to handle it among others – it really is hard work to try and look somewhat normal sometimes😜
        Sending you Angela and your daughter hugs filled with Love💕🤗

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        1. Thank you Uli!
          And I hear you, trying to fit (normie) life in around the real (sometimes painful) work…
          Isn’t it absolute relief when it stops, and it’s so sudden too. I wish I understood more.
          But I’m grateful that at least I know what it’s tied to now. When I was much younger and this would happen (36 hours at a time) it was worry on top of pain because I didn’t understand what was happening and why.
          Love hugs back to you while we’re feeling fairly good! Angela

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    1. Dear Uli, Friend of the ‘freight train quilt’, I also
      had a very bad backache and exhaustion, but I
      had friends coming to visit and had to prepare
      everything even though I felt terrible. I hope we
      all feel better soon…..I just don’t know how more I can take!

      With love to all, ❤️🌈😊💐❤️🌈😊💐❤️


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      1. Oooh yes, THAT freight train quilt…!😅
        I know exactly what you mean – it’s so darn hard to look and act hunky dory among others, when we so easily feel even the slightest shift in the energies now a days… But I do hope that your friends brought you joy, made you feel better and that you got to laugh with them💞
        Coriboy… if you have made it this far, made your way through all the struggles.. then you know you will make it even further, and that is waaaaaay further from this moment of now. And if I can feel how strong you are – then I hope that you can feel that too because you ARE that strong💖💓 I think we need to teach our bodies how to transform that freight train quilt into feeling all soft and comfortable✨😉

        Sending you a big hug filled with Love and Encouragement💕🤗

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        1. Uli, Before my friends arrived I
          wondered how, since I was feeling
          so bad, I would be able to have an
          enjoyable visit. Then, when we all
          started talking and laughing about
          some things, the energy shifted, my
          back stopped hurting and we had a
          good time. Thank you so much for
          your encouraging words….I will
          remember them when I am feeling
          down. I am also going to start softening that freight train quilt and,
          who knows, in time it might become
          my favorite!

          With lots of love,


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      2. Oh Coriboy, I don’t like when it lands on something like that. Taking all the fun right out of it. I hope you were able to enjoy your friends anyway.

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  8. As Angela suggested, I have setup Light Pours for all CATs, M’s, AM, Everyone her on this blog, Light Taps and Buckets on constant. Please just turn it off when you like 😉

    Phew, I might step under the light shower with you for a bit!

    Much Love & Light 🌧✨🌧

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  9. So good to hear from all you cats. Last night Had a hard time sleeping last night, got up and it was like the floor turned liquid, almost fell over. Nice to know it is not just me. Having lots of rain here on Vancouver Island past 2 days & had a terrific lightening storm the likes of which we have never seen here. I feel it charged up the energy here (I believe the whole Island is a minor vortex. The Island is sitting on piles of phantom quartz crystals so we are really vibrating here. Grounding every day & sending out love & light to all.

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  10. Greetings, Yes I felt an upsurge in energy and a nice mood lift around that time. Thanks for the confirmation!
    I am not sure about anyone else but I really felt like I was being fried during the New Moon [Tuesday evening]. All the CAT’s have my sympathy/empathy living near portals. That was only one evening for me but whoa I am glad to be back into a more normal overtired state. ; )

    Coffee – yes please. : )



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  11. good evening everyone
    I’ve been following you for a long time, but I’ve never written anything.
    I am a psychic fortune teller curator, lately I am not in good health and I avoid using my humble “powers” I am afraid of calling evil around me.
    I hear attacks very often in the night (as if a dark presence touches me and hurts me I also have terrible nightmares) I am afraid that it will hurt me and my family and my pets especially my beloved dog, even my mom very old woman feels attacked and she has never had paranormal experiences I do not know if it will be possible for you but you can check what is happening around me and in my house also
    I would need you for a little healing help, under normal conditions I would never have asked for help I do not want to disturb but I am very tired, my immune system is not responding well The medicines I do not tolerate and it seems that the treatments I am doing do not have effect.

    I greet you wishing you every blessing and good

    Thank you so much

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    1. There Are buckets of Healing/Love/Light there, on pouring. Rest, lots of spring water from Source, ground/protect often with the Best of every Thing. Peace.

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    2. Hi estella,
      I can only say some of what I do….if it helps you. I use a mantra – one in perpetuity for every Now moment. And the same each night as I go to sleep, usually the most vulnerable time.
      “Source, Love – surround in protective Grace:
      This house, all interior and surrounding area for a radius of 99 miles in every direction. Surround in protective Grace (list yourself, family, pets, vehicles, places of work, co-workers, extended family, friends, Cats, Cat bloggers, etc.)” I end mine with “I am available as needed, in every Now moment for the highest good. Love guide me True.”

      You can also add specifics if you need to – nothing infringes on free will, etc. Make it your own. And also KNOW that you are a light like no other. You have Source given power that cannot be infringed upon if you acknowledge that. Claim your sovereignty. And know that you are also guided by more than your here and now self.

      Acknowledge that as well, and it will guide you when needed. It’s faster than the speed of light, if you get out of the way. When you release your inner knowing that you are more than the fear.

      And personally, I would avoid calling on your powers, until you are stronger in your knowing. And even then set protections for yourself, there is quite a lot circulating at the moment.
      I hope others chime in as well, giving you ideas so you can get creative with your knowing. Love, Angela

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    3. Estella. I have set a shower of light pouring over your home. With regard to the nightmares I use the Cat’s mantra which works really well. “Only those that have my actual highest good in mind and at heart are allowed in my dreams”. Say it with force and determination in your voice. I am sure you have had enough of having your life messed about with like most of us. Go forward without fear and let the dark know permission is denied for them to interfere with you in any way. 💖💖💖

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    4. Estella,
      I like the protection mantra before bed as well but can always revert to the “Begone! Go back to where you belong!” forcefully and determined should the need arise. Cay.

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    5. Dear Estella,

      Clear your space with incense and the intention to cleanse, then surround with sea salt to protect. As others have said, you must forcefully tell any entities to Get out and stay out! Fear feeds them, so do your best to hold up your light into their faces and just say NO! They must go to where they are better served. Try the “you are a perfect immortal spirit brother…” mantra on them as well.

      Some people put a big white quartz under the bed (this must be cleansed in sunlight from time to time), and obsidian is said to be very protective. Ask these stones for their protection. Also let your own protective instinct for your loved ones strengthen your fighting spirit — love conquers all — it’s the strongest force in the universe! Use it, it’s your birth right! Blast your space with light!

      Everyone here is with you in spirit — all One — connect with our energy when you need more support, we’ll be there!

      Much love,


  12. on the FLORP pics it can be seen mosty straight lines leading away at about 9:30 and 11:00 in top left quadrant. Are those normal? Are they photographic artifacts or was Something there to be captured?

    And, if you please, define is FLORP just funny word you use or has it some acronymous meaning?

    Thank you.

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    1. ~ cloud radio ~ If you went back several posts and looked for those blue solar images, you’d find the CATs stated they were going to call this sort of activity a FLORP from then on… I have the impression it is a made up word to express what it feels like the sun is showing, which they couldn’t find an existing word for offhand.

      Perhaps someone else can further clarify this? I like the word myself, and find it highly descriptive! :-)))

      love, friend

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        1. I love the word FLORP – to me it also could describe that thing cats do as they walk across the room and quickly go bonelessly limp into/onto the floor – lifelessly seeming, unconcerned with your concerns… except for the eyes – if they dain to leave them open…


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  13. Yup for sure. It was 3:34 pm here EST when I crashed. Just now coming out of it. yikes. My legs felt so heavy like the black hole kind of a weight. Uncomfortable head pain, had to stop working and laid down.
    I hope everyone’s good. It never got awful, but it was noteworthy.

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  14. Champagne bubbles and liquid floor today. Are our hearts mini portals to Source? It would seem that may be how our presence affects others in our immediate vicinity by proximity alone.
    Sending Cats a Source light shower to wash away the smokey air from singed fur. Cay

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  15. Feeling that nudge to post… – have had two presences return closer to me today that I sort of removed myself to a bit of distance from, in a way though If I didn’t cut it off I knew they were still around… now they are closer – I don’t feel like going into detail, but wonder if it does mean something – family members have had meltdowns today – I could only help marginally – my body beyond the extreme exhaustion feels a bit like having had an encounter with a steam roller – those too young will have to look that reference up – and my insides feel as if dissolving in acid from insides out… but also sort of have this deep, calm smile feeling, too –
    I guess take what comfort you can from the smilage and just note the rest…

    Love to ALL,


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  16. My daughter says the core has been blasted clear out. Huge clear out of darkness. To me it feels like I could throw a baseball and it would sail for miles and miles. so clear

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  17. Here is a video called “The Aliens are Coming This September” from a woman named Brenda Weltner who uses temporal markers from the Book of Revelation to predict future events. She gives an exact date for the first shift based on this. She claims it will be at the end of September, 2 weeks after some kind of “alien invasion”. We will soon see whether she is correct or not, this is pretty tight timing!

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  18. Hi, Ruth, Nice to hear from a neighbor up north. The front has been negatively tilted in your direction. Rain a little slow to reach us in the N. Cascades. Only 1/4 inch so far, but what a blessing. Another topic: I almost commented on this last night, but I’m glad I waited ’til tonight. As I was sitting on one of the benches savoring the rain, I defocused my vision. What was revealed to me was the absolute illusion of what my eyes were seeing. It was kinda like what Jodie Foster saw on the beach in the movie Contact (at least I think that was the movie since it was a long time ago) Anyway, I felt that if I reached out and touched the scene I was seeing, it would distort to my touch since it wasn’t real. Just another rambling comment. Woo-woo!

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    1. As a WOW! moment: As I was thinking about what I saw, I connected the dots. The lessons in ACIM are literal! Lesson 28 “Above all else I want to see things differently” is a series of changing one’s perception. It works!

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  19. Wowzers for today…!!!! I don’t think my ears can ring any higher than they are now. I also totally crashed around that time this afternoon. All day I’ve been seeing a portal of light open up in my field of vision, then I try to focus on it and it dissapates. This has happened before, but not quite this large where it blocked my view. This morning I got the meditation memo to relax… as well as buckle up, lol. OK 😂 Im so excited 😀!

    Getting closer ✨✨✨💫

    Hang in there 🤗 ✨💞om all

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  20. Thank you Cats and everyone. It is reassuring to know there is an explanation for how I’m feeling. The floor being liquid is spot on😹😹
    Anyone else felt the need to withdraw from the world? I’ve even struggled with this site
    SE England feels like a war zone some days as light and dark try to settle their differences
    Lilly, I’d love to move back to East Anglia, for me it is home
    Look after yourselves everyone. Now where is that coffee?

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  21. Hello All,
    If you have the time, could you please send some healing energy to my youngest daughter, 1 year old Cuddlebug? She has been having some intestinal issues. Thank you so much!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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      1. Hello Angela,
        Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response, we have been busy with storm prep. Cuddlebug is slowly getting better – all the Love helps a lot! Have a joyful day!
        Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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  22. It’s early morning here, after 3 am EDT, but just caught wind of a possible nation-wide protest planned for tomorrow by Antifa masquerading as Qanon supporters and planning violence. Can you check on this Cats and Ms, please? Some video currently on twitter with #savethechildren. Probably to discredit the upcoming Repub. convention next week. In the meantime I’m sending pours of Light to all areas of the U.S. to stop any more violence. We are Love, Light, Truth, ONE and PEACE. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  23. Hi CATs and Everyone! 🌈
    Yesterday I saw the floor like it was liquid too, I was confused and I thought I needed some food LOL.
    I was on a train and out of the window the floor looked like 🌊🌀🔄➿.

    P.s. I don’t drink coffee, it acidify the body. 😁

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    1. Yes, that’s why lots of CATs tend to switch things up and go to tea. Or yogi water. Ideally we (that is, those CATs who do this, there are several of us) try to maintain a slightly alkaline environment.

      Interestingly, coffee isn’t having the same effect for us it once did (which we know sounds like the hallmark of drinking too much!). We are drinking it less and less, though the smell and IDEA of it are still attractive. It’s part of letting go of the Illusion. This is why it’s so important to ask Brother J to enjoy whatever it is you’re consuming/doing/thinking, as he helps to free your mind — and thus make you closer to mastering — the Illusion.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I am down to coffee about once weekly even though I still love the fragrance. I am drinking Yorkshire Gold tea daily for years in the morning. Coffee is more of a dessert beverage now or when I need a dose of Chaga mushroom powder. Cay

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          1. I like the complex black tea flavor. The black teas commonly found in the U.S. seem sharp and bitter, though lighter in color. I also grow spearmint for an herbal tea which is sweet without honey or sugar. And fresh lemons for hot lemon water as a good way to start the day and hydrate. Cay

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            1. Mmmm spearmint tea is so lovely! I found a make of night time tea that I used to have as a child. It has a picture of a teddy bear on the front wearing a nightgown and sitting in front of the fire with a lovely cuppa! Can’t believe they still make it. It has spearmint and other herbs in that I cannot remember but I bet fresh spearmint is gorgeous!

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


    1. We don’t think he’s a “lightworker,” per se. He’s currently trying to do the right thing, which n this climate is good enough. The term “lightworker” really means nothing, since it has so many definitions. He needs to keep his anger in check when it comes to dealing with other countries. Still, considering the constant open attempts at assassination from all sides… it could make anyone grumpy. He needs enlightened feline advisors.

      CAT Eds.

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        1. I’m not sure about this particular session. I have a lot of respect for Suzanne however, I take everything I read with a grain of salt until I find corroborating evidence. This is stored in the “lets wait and see file” Man that file is crowded, however time is on my side, I watch, listen and learn and live…

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  24. I really think the CATS and their friends here will appreciate the information coming from Jason Estes as well. Starting at around 41:00 he offers his take on the Event, the when and the how. He also says the flash will come from the Sun codex, and explains how we’ve been prepared for such a thing to happen, and how our galactic friends are going to help shield us from the worst of it (he doesn’t mention them often). He doesn’t give an exact time, actually says it hasn’t been 100% decided yet, but he thinks Feb is the best chance. That being said, there is still a lot happening up through that day, especially in October and November. Surprise surprise, I know 🙂

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    1. Frankly, we don’t care about The Event anymore. It happens when it happens. It will come from SOURCE. SOURCE is in charge of the whole thing and we’re just going to wait patiently and live day to day. For the record, we want no shielding. Let’s just get this over with.

      -CAT Eds.

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  25. Hi CATs, Ms, AM, lovely blog folk family friends ❤️

    Hope you’re all feeling better today. Total whompage here, could barely get out of bed this morning although feeling like things are easing a little bit…for now!

    Have been having the sensation of the ground moving/swaying underneath me, time being very still then suddenly speeding up and both together! I was washing up looking out the window and had a surreal almost twin peaks slow motion feel with what I was doing all the while watching birds fly across the sky as if on fast forward!

    So much dizzyness, night time nausea.

    Have bought some lovely sparkling juniper water, no sugar, no nastiest, gorgeous with a slice of lemon! I’m thinking of ditching the coffee, the idea if it is better than the actual experience lately!

    Feeling hungry now so thought I would cheer Elsie up with Pizza and Fries. I was just sitting down enjoying the rest. The smell coming from the kitchen of food cooking is very strong but just for a few seconds it stopped and I got a waft of what smelt like the most beautiful flowers!

    Much Love to ALL


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    1. Hi Lily, we’ll take the respite for now right? It sounds like lovelier moments for you and Elsie, even in and amongst the yikes!
      I call it the sideways slide. Suddenly out of nowhere things will lift and slide, like I’m in a large ocean swell. I had a lot of that before the big hit the other day. Lots of oddness in general too. I do believe Kansas is in the rear view mirror.
      The flowers sound like a nice visitation. Love to you and Elsie. We’ll take these lovely moments.

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  26. Was that another TLJ overnight (last 10 hours)? I felt dizzy in the early morning, but seem better now. There appears to be a rainbow lightening bolt on the Schumann. Is that the manifestation of the Update 2 portal blast? Woah!

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  27. Love coffee ☕ so much, but in January I had to give it up as it was throwing some things off with my health, gut health, hormones, etc.

    NUTMEG 💫 powder is my new replacement ~~ every morning two cups with an 1/8 tsp, some cinnamon, cayenne powder and stevia. Nutmeg is a natural anti depressant and gets the blood moving in the brain. Plus, it also reminds me of Christmas ✨

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    1. Allow SOURCE/Divine Energy to work through you, with you. Do things calmly. Do things serenely. Or just walk away. Don’t try to force anything to happen. Be gentle, because insane forces and energies are acting through so many people right now. Take solace in small things.


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    2. Janey,

      I seem to have some sort of shields up most days, and the craziness doesn’t affect me because I know this process has to happen. But if I’m not feeling well (on extra whompy days), my shields can go down and the enormity of it all hits me — and a few times I’ve felt a freak out coming on. Out of desperation I mentally searched around inside myself and found an energetic anchor at the core — I do have to blindly swish around inside a little while to find it, but it’s there and when I can latch onto it, it settles me down (grounds me I guess). I think overwhelm can kick in when we’re not properly grounded, so whatever works for you to get there, physically and mentally — deep breaths, visualizing, prayer, bare feet in the grass, what have you — it can save the day. Everything happening has been foreseen, with a wonderful outcome awaiting — yes it’s crazy but it’s “meant to be.”

      Caroline Myss discusses the big picture of what we’re going through in this video. I hope her advice and perspective gives you some solace.

      (You can speed up the video to save some time by clicking on the cog wheel icon.)

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    3. Hi Janey,
      I’ve been seeing beautiful Gaia images, gardens, beaches, water and sunlight – and pasting them right over the ugliness that’s here now. Copy and paste. Over-write. I’m tweaking my blueprint designs for my cottage and garden, and picturing myself there. Visualizing is so powerful. Like riding a bike. Where you’re looking is where you’ll go. That’s why they are trying to hard to engage us in the madness. So we create that path for them, thinking we have no choice.
      Have you noticed the many options for doomsday scenarios being dangled at us? No thanks. Create beauty at will! They will harness our creator energy for themselves no more.

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      1. ~ Angela ~ I agree! our imagination is a most powerful tool. Love the simple suggestion: “Create beauty at will!”

        Also, I really see how much love you share around so freely here on the blog, and share your inner experiences, and generally continue to make yourself a wonderful ‘neighbor’. THANK YOU.

        love and a warm hug to you!

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        1. I agree, Angela, you are a shining light and I so appreciate reading your comments , thank you for being you 🙏❤️🙏

          But wait, Friend, how about you? You are also a shining light and bring so much positivity and beauty here too! Thank you too 🤗✨🤗

          And while I am at it, thank you to everyone here, we all have our parts to play in these EXTRA ordinary times! 🙏🌻🙏

          So much Love, So much Light ❤️💠❤️

          We are Love, We are Light, We ARE ONE WITH ALL ❤️🌎❤️

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  28. Just goin’ through the motions this morning. I suspect I will TTMB early today. It’s always reassuring to see others are experiencing similar symptoms of this process. Oh, BTW, an even inch of rain fell on the farm overnight. Ahhhh! What a blessing for this time of the year in the PNW

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  29. last night I woke up with a lot of worries and negative thoughts
    I called on brother J -the Christ and told him to help me to carry all this burden, cause I am no longer able to carry such heavy weight anymore, I am tired.
    And then the holy spirit came into me and I felt the confidence, trust and LOVE. I felt like being huged ❤️🌟❤️ and slept well until this morning…. thank you Christ ❤️🌟❤️

    love Alnilam ❤️🌟❤️

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      1. Christ comes from the Greek word χριστός (chrīstós), meaning “anointed one”. The word is derived from the Greek verb χρίω (chrī́ō), meaning “to anoint.” In the Greek Septuagint, christos was used to translate the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Mašíaḥ, messiah), meaning “[one who is] anointed”.

        love Alnilam 🙏❤️🙏

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        1. Yes, much has been lost. The original meaning, 12,000 years ago, was “Spirit-anointed” which meant “inhabited by Spirit” and referred to all spirits “in-carnated” into bodies of flesh. It was later dumbed down to mean just one special spirit-body-insertion.

          -CAT Eds.

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          1. wow Cat Eds.

            this means so much for me
            I always was asking myself what is all about the meaning of Messiah
            thank you for this very deep explanation…

            we are SOURCE and pure SPIRIT
            my husband learned ancient greek language- also he is allways telling me
            that we are Spirit, yes and all is SPIRIT.

            love Alnilam 🙏❤️🙏

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          1. Yeah, there’s something missing in the translation. It’s because these were all basically ancient agrarian/desert languages. I’m getting that it had to do with the ersatz “glow” that some advanced spiritual people had — and people could see — in the olden times (Moses, for example, GLOWED), and was later imparted to someone else in ritual by pouring a similarly colored (gold) oil on their heads.


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  30. First walking noise down the hallway nobody there upset my dog cat was asleep everyone else gone for an errand. Then wild red copter buzzing the roof then the street over and over. Then a white plane does the same over the roof. Then a huge red heart ballon goes over the roof and morphs into a donut orb in front of me. Well, the reality sure us busy today lol.🤣

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  31. Wow, last night was intense! Agitation, headache, sore eyes, all 4 dogs running around in circles quite literally late at night…and this morning it feels new and different, beautiful birdsong, serenity in the garden, and I had the most wondrous prayer and meditation this morning! It seems like I was able to let go of a lot of baggage, HUGE aha moments, new understanding and knowing, wow! The Holy Spirit is working overtime for us right now! So grateful for this last download!!!
    Love and blessings to all of you!

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  32. best wishes to all…
    very little if any sleep last night so much going on in body besides someone not doing something they said they would which caused some very difficult things for me – I understand why, but was hard living through – worse because it felt like I had been intestinally and maybe bloodstream poisoned all night – with attendant symptoms. tried to ‘share with Brother J’ a lot and repeat mantras – had to just leave the tab open for reference or wing it because of memory probs.
    Things are a little better now – I’ve gotten a little sleep, may see if I can do more – I’m not sure how I’ll do if things get worse and worse – I guess I’ll have to get my Chinese water buffalo part out and just keep plodding – I’ll try to find that inner smile I felt yesterday – too wiped out right now..


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  33. I’m back amongst the semi-living.
    I was able to get some segmented sleep this afternoon/evening… had a series of dreams all with me and ?ME, I think… me was giving ME information and something about some changes – felt like it should have been the other way around – the ME was in the ‘sort of guise’ of a person that HAD been a health helper and teacher to me, but I think ultimately wasn’t good for me – well, I suppose that she was for a time – that part wasn’t the energy of this person in the dreams – I think just a role identification thing… won’t go into details as most are gone, but it felt encouraging and positive… the thing that is staying with me now is that toward the end of dreaming I was going to let an animal into the house, or whatever it was, and it was out in/on a porch or garden room? at first I thought it was this beautiful black Lab that had a ‘character role’ in a British tv series I’d been watching, but then seemed to be a black panther (like the one in the new postings occasionally) with intense eyes staring at me – I believe he could have come into the house, seemed available, but he just sat there, staring grumpily at me, being rained on slightly… You are all welcome to interpret THAT part… 🙂

    Be well, ALL

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  34. Hello lovely members of this blog,

    I am in California, one of the fortunate beyond the scent of fire, and only a slight coloring of the air from smoke. This is my experience today. I’d like to share it with you.

    “World Exploded Into Love” 3 minutes of nourishment for the soul


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    1. Unprecedented News /2

      August 24, 2020

      THIS WEEK 

      IS SEALED 
      WHICH ENDS IN 3010.
      THIS WEEK 
      DONE FOR YOU, 

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    1. The last try, hope that it will not show as a 6-7 off a same post, but there is admin to sort it out, I hope, sorry in advance 😉

      Interesting dream from this morning 🙂, and I am saying the morning, because I woke up and then went to sleep again 🙂

      I was at some farm helping in some construction wood work on a barn on one farm, but there were some strange animals there, different then on Earth, so it was similar to Earth, but I was not on Earth, it was some other planet, it had a lighter feeling to it, less technology, different air, but similar, people were friendly 🙂

      I was among friends, at least I felt like that, and there was few other people who came there, and one off them was talking about some person, and at one point he asks me if I knew that person, and I answered Yes, I knew him, but that guy was suspicious that I knew that person and came toward me, I pull back few steps and raised up in the air, and start floating in the air, circling a bit, everybody looked me strangely as this was not normal, but they were thinking that I jumped in the air as trying to explain that. I used my intention and came down to the ground, this was not normal for me either, but I was angry at me to coming down, thinking why you done that, flying was so nice, now you were not going to be able to repeat that. But I used my intention and I went up and up, I could hear them calling me in amazement as this was obviously not normal to be able to do by anyone. I smoothly went over that barn looking them, I was also surprised, but extremely happy about it, and I started screaming out off a joy that it finally came back to me, like realization that I knew how to fly, but I just forgot how to do it 😊 Like a Petar Pan, maybe there is a more to that story that we realize 😉✨

      Now, thinking about that, it did not feel like a dream, more like a memory from some other life. But even I was a part off that group on that planet, I felt that I do not belong there, like I came from some other place to be there for some reason, maybe to help ascension there, maybe for some off us here on Earth at this moment, this is not our first ascension situation, maybe we had many relieved out there, but we just do not remember, maybe we are even now some kind off ascension specialist, and we are moving from a planet to a planet, from one life to another to help the ascension process where it is needed 😎✨


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        1. Yes I like them a lot, but this one was a different, more like a memory coming back then a dream ✨

          I saw that one other post with this dream also came out, so please delete it if it is not a problem 😉

          Thank You ✨

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    1. Ohhh, I was faster this time around, I will give You Lisa if You give me Blossom, for the Laura, we can throw a coin 😉✨

      Laura, if You read this, it is not that bad as it sounds 😉✨

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      1. Hmmm, let me think…Blossom has been in my meditations and Laura has been in my dreams witnessing the Event with me. Naaaaa! I think lets carry on seeing who gets their first, it’s fun and takes the mind of all that out there! 😉

        Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            1. Ohhh Kiera, I am aware that there will be no money involved on a NE, it was just a figure in speech from non English person, but You are right, will have to come up with another way to settle the score, hmmm, I will have to think about it 😉✨

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    2. Okay, you 2. (you know who you are,P &L) I’ve thrown in the towel as far as beating you w/our favorite bloggers.(L&B) You live too many time zones east of me for me to be awake. So there! Anyway, there is most definitely Fall in the air here at the farm. It was in the upper 40’s F. here this morning. Had to don my long johns, sweater, down vest and knit cap. It certainly beat the 100 degree day we had here last Sunday. Still enjoying the blessings of the rain. Sending some cool moisture to youse Cats and Ms who live in Cali. (thank goodness the smoke is staying south for now. My friend in Denver said the air is horrible. From their fires and from the smoke from the Cali. fires. It’s traveling on the back or west side of that deadly hot air mass over the SW. Ugh! Gnash teeth!

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      1. J ❤️ Perica usually gets there first, I think we are behind him by one hour!? 🙃

        So sorry for all the folks/animals/life in California, T is sending aid now I heard? Sending Cooling Light Pours…

        Much love ❤️🌧🙏🌧❤️

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          1. Ah, but I am also busy with Elsie’s morning routine although sometimes it is quicker than other 🙂

            It was unusual for Blossom to post at the time, it’s usually in my email in the early hours ☀️

            Much Love ❤️🌟🙏

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  35. Ohhh well, after this try, I gave up 😉

    Interesting dream from this morning 🙂, and I am saying the morning, because I woke up and then went to sleep again 🙂

    I was at some farm helping in some construction wood work on a barn on one farm, but there were some strange animals there, different then on Earth, so it was similar to Earth, but I was not on Earth, it was some other planet, it had a lighter feeling to it, less technology, different air, but similar, people were friendly 🙂

    I was among friends, at least I felt like that, and there was few other people who came there, and one off them was talking about some person, and at one point he asks me if I knew that person, and I answered Yes, I knew him, but that guy was suspicious that I knew that person and came toward me, I pull back few steps and raised up in the air, and start floating in the air, circling a bit, everybody looked me strangely as this was not normal, but they were thinking that I jumped in the air as trying to explain that. I used my intention and came down to the ground, this was not normal for me either, but I was angry at me to coming down, thinking why you done that, flying was so nice, now you were not going to be able to repeat that. But I used my intention and I went up and up, I could hear them calling me in amazement as this was obviously not normal to be able to do by anyone. I smoothly went over that barn looking them, I was also surprised, but extremely happy about it, and I started screaming out off a joy that it finally came back to me, like realization that I knew how to fly, but I just forgot how to do it 😊 Like a Petar Pan, maybe there is a more to that story that we realize 😉✨

    Now, thinking about that, it did not feel like a dream, more like a memory from some other life. But even I was a part off that group on that planet, I felt that I do not belong there, like I came from some other place to be there for some reason, maybe to help ascension there, maybe for some off us here on Earth at this moment, this is not our first ascension situation, maybe we had many relieved out there, but we just do not remember, maybe we are even now some kind off ascension specialist, and we are moving from a planet to a planet, from one life to another to help the ascension process where it is needed 😎✨


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  36. Just a short referencing to another song repeating morning today, every multiple wakings – I guess I won’t share the song(s) specifically as seems it may only relate to me and not the ALL of us WE… the nudging didn’t extend to specific song sharing here…
    A strong clear reference to the two artists of one song, but the main repeating song was by someone else – they were both mid ’60’s songs – could be viewed as troubling subjects, but that was NOT the energy that came with the song repetitions – again, may just be related to my journey or whatever – If you are to0 curious to take not knowing – I’ll put the artists names here – easy to find I suppose – I don’t think either had any other big ‘hit’ songs than these were for them…
    The main song that repeated lyrics was by – Barry McGuire – 1965
    and Zager And Evans, clear artist reference – (1969?)
    Happy Utube searching if you so choose… 🙂


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    1. @Kg, you and I are clearly of the same vintage! I knew the songs you had in mind by the name of the artists. I don’t want to have them surface in my dream space tonight, as I am now listening to 852 Hz music to prepare for this evening’s meditation. We really didn’t know how much turmoil we were signing up for when we chose to arrive here in the 1950s, did we? The 1960s were crazy, and now this–but I hope we at least get to see and experience the denouement! ❤
      [We did get to grow up with some great music, though, didn't we?]
      We Are One in all things. ❤ ❤

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      1. @lauraksmi – ha, indeed, I snuck in before the ’50’s being a ’49er – yes, no need to look to the lyrics, but it was interesting that there was no negative feeling to the subject matter of the songs as if the meanings or the ’emotional charge’ of the songs were now different and could be seenin a different, ahem, ‘light’! 🙂


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            1. Here’s my personal experience.

              It all started with a prayer to Yaweh. He instantly tried to possess me, I resisted.
              Later, a dark mist surrounded me in a dream, and it told me to CHOOSE, and I prayed to God for salvation.
              I had a kundalini experience, woke up and all my chakras were working.
              I was ecstatic that I could finally understand the truth contained in the New Testament.

              I made the mistake of saying the word ‘Ego’ to myself. An ego attachment blocks the crown chakra.
              I lost my guidance, my purpose.
              I tried to raise my vibration back to how it was.

              I found out about Solfeggio frequencies.
              Through experimentation I found they produce energy blockages in the chakras they are supposed to be associated with.
              I would’ve been better off not listening to them, bc I lost a lot of energy.
              Going to sleep healed me up though. That’s one thing I can recommend.

              I discovered Solfeggio Mirrors, and recovered all my spiritual abilities and higher emotions.
              They are: 147hz, 258hz, 369hz, 471hz, 582hz, 693hz, 714hz, 825hz, 936hz.
              147hz – feet
              258hz – knees
              369hz – root chakra
              471hz – sacral chakra
              582hz – solar plexus chakra
              693hz – heart chakra
              714hz – throat chakra
              825hz – third eye chakra
              936hz – crown chakra

              Sad you can’t listen to more than one!

              Chakras are energy vortices that are supposed to rotate clockwise, sending higher vibe energy upwards.
              Solfeggio Mirrors rotate clockwise on a frequency wheel, but the Solfeggio frequencies rotate anti-clockwise on a frequency wheel.
              So what happens when chakras are forced to rotate the opposite way from how they were designed?

              Every chakra above the one that had been targeted by Solfeggio was starved of energy, and the one that had been targeted was also blocked.

              Food for thought:
              Why would businessmen promote 528hz? Why would the church also promote the Solfeggio scale?
              528hz damages the solar plexus which is responsible for willpower. Consume. Obey.
              A blocked solar plexus chakra is associated with feelings of shame. Hence the church.
              I suspect the Ca8al might have hijacked the New Age community. Haha 528hz=love?

              Alas, not many people know about Solfeggio Mirrors. There’s next to no information about them. Can awareness be boosted by making a tab about them, like the repeating numbers? Only if someone on the CAT team decides to test them out in comparison to regular Solfeggio and see if it makes any difference…

              “Jibe with the vibes” I love that saying lol!


            2. Yeah, that name is not really SOURCE. SOURCE is SOURCE, and has no name (that you can pronounce).

              You might want to ask Brother J in to be the bridge for you. He makes things so much easier and predictable.

              -CAT Eds.

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  37. There was a change this morning when touching upon my daughter that there was an opening or allowance to receiving help or cleansing of certain things that have badly or required? for her own reasons for some time – I have no idea specifically – but was allowed to work with Brother J in a certain way and a touch of Mother Mary and SOURCE light pours to cleanse/flush out some effects of certain occurrences and associations/ programing, by herself or others – This is all new and hasn’t been allowed or open to before – all energetic, not talking of any of it. I’m happy there is hope for less pain for her living – of all kinds… – checked in with other family members, too. each is in a different state…


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    1. ~ Kg ~ this is welcome news! Thank you for continuing to send your messages from your unique life. It feels to me like you are growing shinier and shinier with each one. And ‘bigger’.
      love, gentle hugs, and shared laughter,

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  38. My ears are ringing (as usual, since a child) but today instead of a tone or tones, it’s many! Like a symphony. Definitely different. A sign perhaps?

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      1. I love that! ❤❤❤ Happy dance!
        *And when I typed that I knew an M would answer me, it was as if a psychic connection was made. More Source. 😉Thank you for that oneness!* ❤❤❤

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  39. Strange skies tonight. Very dark clouds but underneath, it looks like, if the clouds were suddenly parted they would reveal a deep kind of neon blue…

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Yes, I really resonate with the time stamp of The Event that’s given here. In fact, on the date of 12-21-2012 I had the firm believe that that portal day would take us directly into 5D, but it makes sense to me now, that that was the starting date and that 8 years later, it will actually will happen, come to fruition. Thank you for sharing this!


  40. So tired today. Had to nap for 2 hours and woke vibrating within, repeatedly. If this is the effect of increased energetics I may sleep through it all. Perhaps I have a lot to process. I will take sleeping any day over that jaw clenching, electrical shock sensation. Cay

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    1. Cay ❤️ I could have posted the exact same comment, wow, the electrical buzzing, vibration and the ‘jaw clenching’ have to keep reminding myself to release the muscles in my jaw!

      Have been getting this internal light flashes in my vision at night too, I think it’s getting stronger!

      Is this the new norm?!

      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  41. Seems to be to share here tonight checking into energies with family members living with me – my daughter, just monitoring, but there does seem to be a slight sense of change in interactive energies with her – her partner required a more delicate touch due to happenings with his family and previous partner, and some other traumatic things, but he has been more open with our interactions the past two? months with the help of my canine assistant who loves to give him neck snuggles and excited paw tappings when he comes into my room. He needs a more gentle approach with SOURCE light ‘therapy’, so as not to overwhelm?
    The two month old new girl is different, most of her interactions are/will be not to do with me it seems – she has a different role here, but she received a SOURCE light bassinet to soak/float in, on constant refresh rather than buckets of light pours and granddaughter #1 who has had an occupancy exchange a while ago (I keep checking on that – just in case I’m insane – but I’m familiar with such things from my life… anyway she received Source light butterfly wings…with added rainbow energies.
    My own energies are less painful at the moment and the under-smile and inner calm are here at the moment, though there were rougher times during the day – I have a feeling things will just have to be taken on a moment to moment basis from now on, letting previous moments go as we get through them as best we can…

    Much love to you ALL as well, as you are also my family,


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  42. I know the CA fires are real, but what started them? One PG&E worker was found dead in his truck. Was he somehow involved?

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    1. I saw a lady post Online her son in law was digging trenches to protect his property and they saw lasers coming down to earth starting fires, and they filmed it. There was no film shown and I don’t know how much validity there is to her claim. As always with online media it isn’t possible to fact check. It was on the dreaded twitter. She seemed like a run of the mill ordinary non hysterical person. I don’t know if this could be dry lightening or something artificial? Or if anyone else has heard news?

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    2. Yup, very real, but the cause is from weather warfare. Unfortunately, several countries have HAARP now, so it’s difficult to determine who’s doing what; they don’t realize what they’re doing — or what the cost will be to them (on many levels). Unfortunately, given the demands of 3d AND 4d co-existing — while one-half is sizeably upgrading — the SF can’t affect one without impacting the other. We were also instructed to “let nature take its course,” as both SOURCE and Gaia are also involved at this point, and we’re not at those meetings. We have been told that Gaia has some surprises for the HAARP crowd now that she’s existing more at 4d, but can pull strings at 3d.

      That PG&E guy died from a heart attack. The Wave X energies were too high for him.

      -CAT Eds.

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  43. Phew! I’m back on the good tasting coffee timeline this Monday morning. What I didn’t say was that for the previous 2 days, my lattes tasted like dreck (or worse)! I was privileged to witness a very special event this morning. I was standing in the garage w/ latte in hand when I checked our latest swallow babies. That bold first-hatched bounded out of the nest, took some pretty cute shaky steps and then proceeded to take his first flight! He flapped around (accompanied by his mama and ultimately came to rest on the top of the car 2 feet from where I was standing. A great deal of chattering ensued, I offered much encouragement and he flew to the adjacent light fixture where he proceeded to preen his feathers proudly. Clearly things are in divine order. Very Fall-like this morning with fog and marine layer.

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  44. Is this 5G thing true??











    BE SAFE.




  45. Hello Angela,
    Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response, we have been busy with storm prep. Cuddlebug is slowly getting better – all the Love helps a lot! Have a joyful day!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗


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