Just a Reminder

We would like to remind everyone — again — to be civil on this site. If you can’t manage to express your opinion in a kind, adult manner, your comment will be deleted. Same goes for profanity-laced comments. The world has had enough nastiness; there is no place for it on the New Earth.

Please also note that WordPress has mucked up our online editing tools, so things might look a little different until we get things situated — or migrate to a new platform.

22 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

  1. Maybe it would be good to move to other platform, WordPress seems baggy from time to time, and it would be nice to have option to edit already posted comment, it would improve my Grammar skills, on the end, after few editing 😎 Just asking 😉✨

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      1. Yes, that’s definitely my preference:

        ‘a whole other planet’

        Perhaps it is helping some folk to get through this though, having a cause etc…


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  2. Love Love Love ❤
    That’s the whole point.
    It’s what we are.
    It’s where we’re going.
    It’s Source.
    Be LOVE. ❤

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  3. P.S CATs, the blog is acting very strangely. I’ll be reading a comment or trying to leave a comment and the page will just scroll or flip to another post and I will lose everything I just wrote…


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      1. Hmmm, I always thought this blog might get messed with really close to the Shift for some reason, then again, I bet some nefarious types have always tried to give you some trouble just for getting truth out there…

        Love and Thanks for all you do ❤️🙏❤️

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  4. Had a strange body thing happen. Woke up a few days ago with a small bit of dried blood on the back of my right hand. Looked like I had been on a drip, the mark was right on a vein. I don’t remember hurting myself at any point, could be a bite. It’s funny though, my hand has been throbbing and now the mark has turned into a hard blister.

    Hmmm, probably something and nothing but just feels a bit strange!

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Just wanted to share this video. When she speaks without sound, I felt I could understand her, Elsie often does this with me ❤️ I’m very aware it may not resonate, or it may annoy some folk but I found it intriguing , has made me think about Elsie and how she communicates without words all day long…

    Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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  6. A few days ago I stopped being able to ‘like’ comments, it makes sense now that you mention that the blog is being messed with. Love the new updates! Much Thanks to CATS and all commenters for the light you all bring in : )

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    1. Same here, can’t ‘like’ anything anymore, since several days ago. Very frustrating! Makes me feel ‘muted’… Anyhow, I’m still here with y’all, just so you know…😉

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