Meterage for 8-17 to 8-20-20 [UPDATE11]


Where were we? Oh, yeah… being roasted alive.

Since the previous post was getting too long, we’ve branched into this one, hooray.

We had a significant timeline jump in the night, and a CME:





This one looks to hit @ 18:00 UTC on 8/19.

Now, here’s the CME before that:

This one looks to hit @ approx. 06:00 UTC on 8/20 — which is after the one that was already launched… so does one speed up another and become a super reprogramming blob? No idea.

We also have three CMEs before those two, but in two different cardinal directions. Some of these were BIG ships exiting Portal One, but some are reprogramming… really, we won’t know till we know. It’s important to keep some schmoes in the dark, so we all get to be in the dark for certain news. The good news is, on the NE, we will always know what’s going on, along with when, who, why, and how.

In the meantime… try to relax.


UPDATE-1 & -2

Ok, we’re moving that one update here so we can add to it… answering a bunch of recent questions:

  • YES, those are DUMBs being eradicated in OZ, and that is the source of that lockdown
  • Yes, U.S. Dems are angling to cause vote-by-mail mayhem to stall U.S. election results so Nancy Pelosi becomes President. This won’t happen, of course, but that’s what they’re trying for. What a nightmare that would be.
  • Some of the recent CMEs are actually from enormous (Neutral) ships exiting the sun, going to various bases in the solar system. ETs continue to jockey for position for post-SHIFT earth 1, earth 2… etc.
  • Some psychics are saying that the toidreps in the UK have vacated… but they’re still there. There are far too many psychics setting too little protection and allowing all kinds of Neg/Neut disinfo to propagate. Very annoying.
  • The electrical storms in CA are being directly influenced by all that SOURCE energy pouring into the state, as well as elsewhere. This process brings more SOURCE to whatever it’s pouring on and we fully support that.
  • YES, that recent Iowa “derecho” storm was due to weather warfare. However, that was BEFORE the most recent timeline jump.
  • Some people who claim to be in the know are saying that the good guys are going to do a *limited* disclosure, instead of full disclosure. To an extent we are all limited… and it would be too overwhelming to be fully in the know (at least in this 3d body) for most people. However, with so many timelines playing across all this, it will be All of the Above. People will see what they want to see, as usual.
  • The PTW are really pulling out all the stops. Check this out:
    Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 2.35.38 PM
    This is a current image as of 8-17 @ 20:11 UTC. Note the cold air mass at the top-left and the warm air mass lower right. The PTW are trying to pitch these two air masses into each other to create tornadoes across the country. Volunteers pls imagine COLD grounding rods plunged into the lower right air mass.
  • A commenter noticed this enclave just north of GITMO. Note the name of the development:
Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 11.46.53 AM
A little bit of truth in plain sight.
  • All is as it should be.



A florp:




This is the sun flexing its multidimensional muscles, getting ready for the next stage.


And another CME:



Here comes the spike:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 12.25.51 PM


Someone asked us about these odd quakes…

It’s interesting… sometimes we’re not allowed to see things for our own protection. These are such things. They are being done by the ca8al for selfish, greedy reasons. We’re seeing lots of oil in these regions… but can’t get specifics. Hm. Perhaps these are negatively shielded…


Ohh. Now we get it. The ca8al was blowing into places to try and hoard something, perhaps petroleum that was inaccessible without a huge environmentally harmful charge placed somewhere.

Btw, please remember that that CME/reprogramming energy supposedly hits around 8-20 00:00 UTC (if it’s going to) — which is about 5:00 pm PDT. Might want to go into a brief meditation a few hours early and set some good grounding cords (Lily, be sure to do this for your daughter, it might help).


We’ve had another of what we call a FLORP:

Each FLORP is the sun ratcheting up energywise and dimensionally, moving upward vibrationally rung by rung to the next level… when it will split when the earth splits.

Now, check this out:

Here are the past nine CMEs off CACTUS. Note the regularity.

Eighth is the octave… hm.


FYI, these recent quakes…

…were DUMBs being taken out.


We’d collected these, but not got around to posting. Here are a few Wave X charts from the 18th, when lots were getting roasted; the meter seemed to have been down before that:

Anyway, Wave X has whacked that tornado plot, so… thank you, SOURCE!

Also, we have a new countdown widget that we’re going to experiment with… right here:



  hours  minutes  seconds


Autumnal Equinox 2020


This is good. Thank SOURCE for subtitles, they are speaking spanish WAY too fast for us!

As for the energy last night… we’re trying to find out what happened, if anything:

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  1. It’s sooooo soooo quiet – I asked Brother J to be with me and SOURCE and this started repeating…
    SOURCE be with me, SOURCE be in me, SOURCE work through me – guide me, to BE, I AM, I BE, I WIll, I BE, I AM…..

    My head is swimming, so tired…


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  2. Well today the “helmet of knowledge” is gone. Apparently I’ve received the necessary downloads. What I received is anyone’s guess at this point. Integration and processing will now ensue. I was think back through the mists of time to when the helmet was present for longer periods. It was the early 2000’s and I could feel it on my head for days at a time. I was told then that my brain circuitry was being re-done. (I guess that explains a lot!) Har! On another topic altogether, the cooling rains continue. What a relief. Again sending the energies to wherever they’re needed.

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    1. Hmmmm, J, now when You mentioned the helmet, interestingly, today when I was doing some repairing on my laptop, suddenly I felt energies on my head in a form off ring over my head, but it was partially also going over my head, not a helmet per se, but on that line 😉

      I had that feeling often during meditation, more as some kind off the energy crown, but otherwise very rearly, wonder what was that about, maybe I received some new download, ohh well…. ?✨

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  3. I’m done.

    Sleeping is nice but waking up and realizing I’m still here is not as awesome.

    Who signs up for something like this anyway? Trying to help while always being hated and blamed.

    I just can’t care anymore, mostly going through the motions to make time pass.

    Thankfully, time seems to be speeding up which means mushroom season is right around the corner.


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